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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you're watching kron. 4 news. >> these parents and to along the way they went about this an involved. the community in a way. >> now attend some families in these bay are outraged over a local school district's proposal to close nearly a dozen schools. the cry to keep those campuses open and how the district is responding tonight. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm grant lotus in for ken wayne and i'm pale more. the hayward unified school district says as many as 10 schools could close officials point to declining enrollment and a lack of money as reasons behind the possible shutdowns. and tonight parents and teachers and hayward are not happy and they demonstrated for their cause tonight. kron four's dan thorn was there. he joins us live from hayward with more on what happened. good evening. debt.
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>> well, grande pen. the school district is mulling restructuring over several issues because of most notably enrollment. but there was a rally and a march that was held here tonight against the school closure plan. parents, teachers and students telling us they do not want this to happen and they're hoping that the district's hears their pleas to reconsider. field park taken over by demonstrators wanting the hayward unified school district to pull back plan to close schools. the group made up of parents, teachers and students wanting their voices to be given accurate information and a lot but and what's more concerning is then there was teacher voice in the >> crystal chu is the 6th grade teacher at east avenue. elementary. her school is one of several facing closure or consolidation over the next few years. the district in
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their initial proposal cites low enrollment, aging facilities and a budget shortfall as reasons to make changes. >> teachers argue the district and the board need to hear more from the people affected by these decisions. we are asking and the district i'm on give time for meaningful families students. the group took their rally to the district's administrative offices tuesday night. many holding signs reading save our schools, a district spokesperson told kron 4 last week. >> tough decisions are ahead with declining enrollment expected to continue and covid-19 making things worse. the changes will need to be seriously >> hoping that board members here home and that the board members feel i'm like, oh, this is not a done deal because the community has not been heard and they put them on their and start to listen to the community members.
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>> well, the district says that they are not planning on laying off any teachers in any of their proposals. the board is expected to vote next month. reporting live in hayward. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a lot of interest in that vote. thank you, dan. meanwhile today. dozens of educators in the pleasanton unified school district held a rally outside the district office. they're calling for smaller class sizes better pay and more resources for their students. more than 98% of the members in the pleasanton teachers union have voted to authorize a strike if their demands are not met. district officials have not responded to today's rally. >> millions of american children could start getting the pfizer covid vaccination as soon as next week. an fda panel is recommending the covid shots for children aged 5 to 11 in a major step toward ending the pandemic data from pfizer showed its vaccine
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czar. 4 children are nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic infection even though the children receive just a 3rd of the dose given to teens and adults infectious disease. experts say the data show the vaccine is clearly say and parents should not be worried. >> but what is the 10th leading was in the top 10 leading causes of death and children in this age group. and so i would not hesitate to get my children vaccinated. we will be ready to be able to start shipping the vaccines to providers offices, doctors offices, pharmacies community health center. and as early as the fda issues. its regulatory action so that when that cdc makes its final recommendation. parents would be able to bring their kids to get them vaccinated. >> the cdc's advisory committee is meeting early next week. the shots could be approved for children by next friday, november. the 5th. meantime, local health officials are already planning
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the rollout of the covid vaccine for children today. marin county health officer doctor matt willis said the county is aiming to vaccinate 15,000 children aged 5 to 11 in the first month after the shots become available. that's about 75% of the county's children in that age range. the county plans to hold 6 weekend vaccination clinics and a dozen individual one-day clinics at schools across marion county. meanwhile, doctor willis summer and also revealed some pretty interesting numbers today on covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths. >> in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. and according to marin county's latest data over the last 3 we're talking about in the age of delta unvaccinated people. we're roughly 15 times more likely to get covid. 49 times more likely to be hospitalized due to the virus and 30 times more likely to die from covid complications while 81% of marines total population is
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fully vaccinated which is the highest rate of any county in the state. willis says there are people who are still not vaccinated, who should make note of these disparities when deciding whether or not to get vaccinated. >> another bay area in and out restaurant location has been shut down because employees were not checking for proof of covid vaccination. this is the now empty restaurant in pleasant hill earlier this afternoon, contra costa county health worker suspended the restaurant's food permit because the business was not complying with the health order from the county. they say this spot has been fined 4 times before permit was suspended. you might remember the in and out at fisherman's wharf in san francisco was recently closed for the same reason the county has released a statement saying they do not believe that a private company should be forced to discriminate against its customers calling the vaccine mandate. quote, intrusive improper and offensive
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customers we talked to say they support the mandate. >> to say they couldn't follow the protocol. that sounds like pretty same. >> really was looking forward getting into actually. i totally agree. they have to to follow the rules. cracked the week. >> to keep everybody safe. >> contra, costa county health officials say in and out lows, patients have and san ramon have also been notified that they are violating the health order. tonight, a critical vote from the alameda county board of supervisors about an hour ago they signed off on a move that. >> the mayor of oakland and the a's say should help keep the team in the east bay. the resolution supports a tax revenue plan to help pay for that waterfront ballpark project kron four's ella sogomonian has been sitting in on the meeting. virtually the meeting went on for well about 9 hours today. so so big picture, what does this mean
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for, you know, the chances that the a's will stay. >> but the conversation continues the motion approved 4 to one and it proposed ballpark to be built at the howard terminal over by the oakland port. the only no vote coming from alameda county board. president keith carson. now, this doesn't mean that it's going to be built for sure. but independent committee will be formed and the a's will pay for them to work and for yet another study on the possible economic and environmental impact the resolution. now paves the way for the county to opt into a non-binding tax district that the city of oakland plans to create for the team's proposed 12 billion dollar waterfront stadium. the money would also pay for surrounding infrastructure like parks and housing. the tax district collects the city's share of property taxes that are generated from that project for 45 years to cover construction costs. they say that no public funds would be used to build or operate. the proposed ballpark, the city and the a's have acknowledged that a commitment from the county would be necessary to push this project forward and
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tonight oakland mayor libby schaff ecstatic. she pushed the county to take this up and released a statement calling this an historic action saying that the vote supports a financial framework that will produce incredible community benefits including 18 acres of new public parks along the waterfront desperately needed affordable housing and great union jobs and all while protecting our taxpayers from the mistakes of the past and keeping our port thriving an active, the city and county now stand to earn 10's of millions of dollars in new revenues from an underutilized piece of land revenues that would never exist without the development of the future. waterfront ballpark district. so overall a city staff report shows that the project would generate more than 16 million dollars. annually in property sales and transfer tax revenues. it would then go back to the county. that's far more than the $70,000 a year. they're getting a tax revenues now for the county that they get from that site. grant. >> all right. well, a lot of the a lot to kind of digest i
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think what stands out to a lot of people. it is. this is a non-binding. agreement so the county can basically you know, back out at any time and they're still a lot of hoops that it seems like the team needs to jump through from an environmental impact study standpoint. so any intel on where the team stands tonight after this vote. now. >> well, if it's an indicator, there hasn't really been any public comment from the a's at this time after this vote. so i don't know if that is meeting something whether they're still excited to move forward and staying in oakland. but again, as you mentioned, it's non-binding. so that means that the county can make like a chip and dip. it any point. so we'll see if that's enough to have them stick around. >> yeah, i guess if if they hadn't voted to support this. the a's would be be at least now there is hope that they could still stay so we'll stay tuned. all right. thank you, ellen, for that update. and
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obviously will be monitoring any and all developments between the a's and the city of oaklald. now the county of alameda. you can use your phone here to scan the qr code on the screen that will take you right to our digital page on kron 4 dot com where you can track the fate of the a's. >> as you can see, the cleanup efforts still underway after sunday's historic rainfall. crews spent the day clearing trees and power lines and replacing transformers. this is in the santa cruz mountains. the aftermath of sunday's storm continues to be felt all across the bay area. and according to pg, e as many as 630,000 people or customers lost power because of the storm and you can take a look at the current outage map, things are getting better pg and e says roughly 900 customers in san mateo county. >> more than 1100 customers in santa clara county are still in the dark tonight despite
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the frustration of not having power. some people we spoke with say they're just thankful that they see and hear workers in their neighborhoods. >> i get all night long. and all i can do is think of bless you for reading a chainsaw. to give me back electricity. >> pg and e says this is the biggest service related impact they have seen since october of 2000, 9 pacifica state beach is still closed. the san mateo county health department contest the beaches water for possible contamination. >> city officials say so much rain fell over the weekend that it overwhelmed the sewer system, causing it to overflow with the linda mar pump station. the overflow cent untreated sewage into the pacific ocean. the beach will stay closed until the health department approves a tested water samples there is no timetable right now as to when it will reopen. >> all right. looking at the weather here and boy, sunday. what the wettest days in san
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francisco history. pantages it is then stopped right. did not stop it was pretty where cause problems. i know that after all those dry days that mean desperately needing it was it was relaxing. if you didn't lose power and that could kind of enjoy the idea of it. we've got the kids out they were jumping in the going wild there. they love didn't. and this is a live look tonight from our camera that is on sutro tower that lovely shot of san francisco and knowing him the way we do our chiefmeteorologist loved it too every bit of it. you know, i just settled in. i was in watch the raiders game and they literally kicked off. and i watched the girls are receiver. come back like this and that was the power's her something. my power's out for 6 hours. but hey, all is good now that storm. >> has moved on through and what a storm was 4th wettest day on record in san francisco in over a 150 years. that was some kind of storm and look at
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the totals. i mean, this is incredible for october. how about this over 7 inches of rain in san francisco. that makes it over a 1000% of normal for this time of year. san jose over 2 inches of rainfall. that's 540% of normal oakland over 5 inches of rain that 771% of normal santa rosa 869% of normal at over 10 and a half inches of rain over 5 inches of rain in hayward 645% normal and 746% of normal at over 5 inches of rain in livermore on. that's how played out around the bay area. of course, these numbers can jump around quite a bit early in the season. we hope the rain continues to come and looks like it will fact, we've got a storm system up to the north, kind of a weak one moving on through right now. most the rain up far northern california up toward the oregon border, but otherwise just some light showers in that area. high pressure will start to take over as high pressure takes over here, the next 24 hours that is going to take the jet stream well, to the north, we're going to get
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a nice dry out period, at least for the next few days. temperatures outside right now. still holding in the 50's and the 60's out there here comes a front. it's going to continue to cruise on by behind it. here comes a big dome of high pressure building in that is going to set the stage for a nice warming trend. really, we need a few dry days here. we're going to get here, but it's not going to last this is not one of those big dominant blocking ridges that can really shut off the rain. we're going to see that rain possibly return as we head toward next week. we'll have more on that in your 1010 coming up, a few minutes. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, despite the recent rainfall across california state leaders are moving forward with their emergency drought response. >> the state's natural resources. secretary says it is not nearly enough rain so far and reducing water use is still going to be key moving through the next several months. >> we're going to need several more of these record breaking storms this winter to get back to normal and the climb out of drought. so the key messages, every bit of rain and snow is helpful to the drought
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conditions that we face. but more than ever californians have to step up and conserve water because we're still very much in the drought. >> yes, we are. and state water officials are keeping monthly tabs on water use with the next report set to come out within the next few weeks. the most recent report showed california is reduce water use only by about 5%. that's compared to the same time last year when state leaders are aiming for 15%. >> now to another big story we're following contra costa county jury has found danville police officer andrew hall, guilty of assault with a gun in the 2018 shooting of an unarmed mentally ill man. a lot of mirar belated. however, the contra costa county jury deadlocked on a second count of voluntary kron 4 say that the second talked with several legal experts today about all of this. she's live in our newsroom tonight with more on what happens next. taylor.
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>> well, this case still has several important and pivotal decisions to be made. >> first. there's the sentencing of hall and then whether or not the prosecution will retry the voluntary manslaughter charge. >> it's hurtful to the family. but in terms the social dynamics on. i think is a positive statement that police he was convicted of the use of firearm. >> john burris is an attorney for the family of lot of mirar who died in 2018 after being shot by danville police officer in june holt on tuesday, a contra costa county jury found hall guilty of assault with a firearm. but the jury deadlocked on the second charge of voluntary manslaughter. prosecutors said whole used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force when he shot are billie dunn 9 times as our believe drove away from police during a low-speed chase. believe it was unarmed at the time and suffered from mental illness. however, holmes lawyers argued that he feared for his life on the victim's family was hoping for a voluntary manslaughter
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conviction for says the outcome on tuesday is significant. very positive that he was convicted. >> use of a deadly weapon. i use of a firearm which is extraordinarily important so that to me another good clear message that here. that you can be convicted if you improperly use your firearm. i'm taking up or didn't lie good place even if you're a police officer. now many are waiting to see what happens next for the sentencing of home criminal defense attorney paula canny breaks down what could happen would be granted probation. >> or he could be sentenced to prison. and if he's granted probation, he could serve up to a year in the county jail. and if he's sentenced to prison. >> the maximum time he could be sentenced to is 17 years and their ranges within that time period that the court could determine to sentence him to the prosecution could retry the voluntary manslaughter charge kenny thinks it's unlikely. i don't
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think that the prosecution's going to retry the manslaughter charge for the reasons that i said it's an expensive trial and super stressful. and in terms of a punishment, they don't get significantly more time. >> he's felony charges were made against haul nearly 2 years after he shot are believed to criminal justice activists have called this a case of delayed justice, the consequences that it has. that's because hall. he's also accused of shooting and killing terrell wilson in march of this year. hall is on administrative paid leave as this investigation is still ongoing. live from the newsroom. taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor, thank you for that report tonight will san francisco district attorney chase of today's father has been granted parole. that's after spending 40 years in prison for his role in the 1981 robbery was left a security guard and 2 police officers dead. >> david gilbert was part of a radical group called weather underground. they still one 0.6 million dollars from a
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brinks armored truck, even though gilbert was unarmed. he was charged with robbery and murder since people were killed in the incident. he was serving a 75 years to life sentence until governor andrew cuomo of new york shorten that sentence before he resigned last august. the state parole board granted gilbert's released last week and he will be freed next month. >> meanwhile, tonight dean is responding to 2 former prosecutors who resigned from his office earlier this month brooke jenkins and donned a bean have since joined the recall group safer sf without to dean. so it's called members of that group say while bodene ran on a progressive platform. his actions have been extreme and radical but dean's office sent us a statement today. it reads in part, quote, we're disappointed that former staff members have chosen to politicize their departures and spread misinformation about buddy all criminal cases are complex and certainly there may be disagreements on
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process but twisting those disagreements for obvious political purposes does nothing to make our city safer or improved the pursuit of justice. >> still ahead tonight, tiktok and snapchat facebook at you, too. the social media companies in the spotlight tonight as senators grill executives on the safety of children on those sites. plus, after being closed for 2 decades, which bart stations could seeing soon see their restrooms reopened and why. that's good news and the tragedy at a movie set in new mexico takes another reports revealing what the gun was being used for before the fatal shooting. those stories and much more coming up.
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>> man in texas has been arrested after punching a truck driver in an apparent road rage incident. stephen sar was captured on dashcam swerving. his suv in front of the truck and then stopping his vehicle in the middle of the freeway gets out of his suv opens the door. the semi. throws a punch at the truck driver nailing him in the face. he was later arrested and is now facing multiple felony charges. police say he was out on bond in connection with another road rage incident where he allegedly fired a shot gun at another
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driver. newark police ever arrested 3 teenagers, including a minor in connection to multiple armed robberies across the bay area they have released this image of one of the suspects. police say their investigation started back in august after 2 different convenience stores in newark were robbed at gunpoint. according to police, their investigation connected, the suspects to other robberies in santa clara san mateo and alameda counties. newark detectives partnered with other local law enforcement agencies and arrested the suspects last week. they face several charges including robbery and unlawful possession of a ghost gun. >> new details tonight in the deadly movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. there are now reports that the gun accidentally discharged by the actor have been used earlier in the day. by crew members for target practice with live ammunition. the coroner's office in new mexico still trying to determine what kind of projectile killed the
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cinematographer helena hutchens. the assistant director allegedly yelled cold the gun which signifies there are no live rounds in the weapon. but as baldwin hers, the gun went off killing hutchins and wounded. the director behind her. the district attorney says she is not ruling out the possibility of criminal charges in san diego today. the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a neighborhood earlier this month we reported on this did not respond to an air traffic controller who asked him several times to gain altitude. that's according to a new ntsb report, both the pilot and the ups driver on the ground were killed in that crash. 2 other people are still in the hospital and at least 2 homes were destroyed. that plane took off from yuma, arizona. it was supposed to land in san diego. it's still unclear what exactly caused the plane to crash. >> new tonight at 10, a significant victory for the
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widow of kobe bryant and her ongoing legal battle against the la county sheriff and fire chief today a judge granted vanessa bryant's request to have both men answer questions under oath about photos of her dead husband and daughter gigi wright says county sheriffs and fire department employees shared pictures of human remains following the helicopter crash that killed the lakers legend their daughter and 7 others in january of 2020 bryant is suing los angeles county for invasion of privacy and negligence. >> next at 10. it could be the first step in preventing certain types of cancer. the vaccine trial offering new hope tonight. >> and a strong nor'easter pounding much of the eastern seaboard will talk about that and your 1010 coming up next. and social media apps under a microscope representatives from tiktok. >> snap chat. you too. all of the hot seat on capitol hill battling back against
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accusations. their companies are harming children. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> you cannot trust big tech with your kids. and so america. not frost these apps with here. children. >> lawmakers in the u.s. senate today taking aim at social media apps like youtube snapchat and tiktok today they argue these apps are creating
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more harm than good in the lives of children. >> and they accuse the companies of not taking any action to change things. letting these negative effects take root in children. our washington correspondent basil john has more on what the lawmakers are demanding. >> tiktok snapchat and youtube were in the hot seat as lawmakers question. the tech companies on their influence on kids. and so america. not frost these apps with here. so connecticut senator richard blumenthal says after the recent leak from facebook. social media companies need to show how they will keep kids safe. >> market where the competition is to protect children. not to exploit them. >> tennessee senator marsha blackburn shares those concerns and questions the goals of the social media giant's you have children on these platforms that are too young to be on these platforms and you allow it. >> to continue because it's money.
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>> all 3 companies said they have taken steps to protect children and emphasize the apps like snapchat are not for those under the age of 13 we are developing new tools that will give parents more oversight over how their teens are using snap chat, massachusetts senator ed markey wants full cooperation from big tech on legislation protecting teenagers data. senator we'd love to talk to you a bit more about the top business. and this is this is just what drives us crazy. >> we want to talk. we want to talk. we want to talk to spill. spent out there for years and you still don't have a view want. we like your approach. however, i think the piece should be included is a better way to verify age across the internet. youtube also agreed on the direction of the marquees legislation. >> and despite the actions taken so far, democrats and republicans want to see more reporting in washington. i'm basil job. >> all together tiktok snapchat and you to have more than 3 and a half billion
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active users and analysts say a large portion of those users are minors. meantime, democrats are racing to try and reach a deal on their social spending and climate change package before president biden leaves for europe. this week where he is expected to call for stronger international action against climate change. but the climate provisions plus paid family leave and medicare expansion are just some of the key issues still under negotiation and there is no consensus yet on how to pay for the plan. some senate democrats have suggested a billionaire. >> they don't get a paycheck every month. instead they just sit on piles and piles and piles of stock and other valuable assets for which they pay no taxes. the last thing we need to do is to pile on with another. >> massive reckless tax and spending spree. we will not let the perfect they the enemy of the good. >> though the president is
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hoping to tout the spending bill abroad. the white house as a global leaders understand the large scale deal like this one takes time, adding that the president can still engage and the best domestic negotiations without it. there is a new plan in place to try to ease some of the supply chain congestion in california. >> the ports of los angeles and long beach will now start finding shipping companies whose cargo container stay at marine terminals to law containers set up for truck. transport will have 9 days before fines begin rail transport containers will have 3 days once the limit is reached firms will be charged. $100 per container that fine increases by $100 for each subsequent day. they're out there. the new rules go into effect on monday. other news now more than a month after hurricane ida's remnants in the northeast. >> really wreaked havoc. that area of the country is now battling yet another major
10:35 pm
storm. a big nor'easter is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to much of the region in new jersey. heavy rains flooded streets while strong winds knocked out power for thousands of people. >> these crews will lead safe conditions in which to work. so restorations could be delayed if wind and rain conditions make it dangerous for them to be up in a bucket. >> the national weather service issued flash flood watches for nearly 30 million people and several states could see between 2, 6 inches of rain by tomorrow chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now. he's been tracking the system and joins us with the latest. and largest. this is not the storm that we had here on sunday know. this is a completely different storm, but they're going to feel the effects of the storm that we had that is going to be another major storm across the northeast in a weekend. right now they got their hands full. you got nor'easter rolling in and that is bringing with it all that moisture off the atlantic and pumping it right back in
10:36 pm
across much of the north eastern half of the u.s. but you see yet the core low spin right off the coastline. you all that moisture streaming back on shore from the northeast and that's bring with of that heavy rainfall. they've already seen 4 to 6 inches of rain in some parts of the northeast and continue to see more heavy rainfall out there and go along with that. some incredible winds gusting over 50 and 60 miles per hour, especially near cape cod. it is just been unbelievably windy. you can be certain that trees are coming down and power lines. and of course those power outages as well. now, the storm system that moved through our area start to make its way across the plains. and so they're getting some active weather. you see this fine line right here, right down the plains. a tornado watch is still in effect, but they begin to big-time mail size inch hail making its way across the plains this evening and some damage from some of the winds bringing down some power lines and some trees there. this is going or mix, though. now with some of the moisture coming up out the gulf and then it's going to head toward the eastern seaboard that is going to be another large storm as
10:37 pm
we get in toward the weekend. we get back out west and things are kind of quieting down. we've got some showers in far northern california. but most of that, it's fairly light outside. so tonight. yeah, we've got a few clouds out there right now and more to come. but i think as we head to the day tomorrow. we'll start to clear things out, especially in the afternoon. i mean, some warmer temperatures on the way 50's and 60's outside right now some cloudy skies here's your long range got the showers there to the north. those will continue to move through that high pressure takes over the jet stream starts to lift and then we've got another week system kind of clips the bay area's we get to saturday, slight chance of a couple light showers on saturday. but then a more impressive system comes in come monday. so this is good news instead of seeing a big dome high pressure building in. we're seeing more of a progressive pattern that allows the storm system to come in. not only that one, but then maybe as we get into thursday and friday of next week. we've got another storm system coming in. so that's great news for all of us were hoping this continues as we like to get a little bit of a break in between some of these storms right now that looks like it's going to happen.
10:38 pm
meantime, though, tomorrow. no rain to worry about a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. we're up in the 60's. a lot of 70's and many of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon. some beautiful weather outside. then the next few days. well, the temperatures going to warm up very comfortably as we get the weekend that slight chance of showers. don't forget this weekend. it's halloween that is a really important weekend for whether those kids out there, trick or treating don't want to see those customers. also, of course, you need yours too and mind you be a that hey, thank you. well, sunday storm, but almost 3 feet of snow to some areas of the sierra and there's no snow on the ground for at least one area ski resort to open early. >> palisades tahoe formally known as squaw valley will now open this friday. the last time the resort opened in october was in 2004 palisades will be open fridays through sundays until daily operations start on november. the 24th and with winter just weeks
10:39 pm
away. other tahoe ski resorts are also preparing to open their doors heavenly open a november 19th sierra at tahoe will also open next month on the 25th kirkwood opens december 3rd and homewood opens on december. the 10th. other news tonight. bart is planning to reopen restrooms. >> that have been closed for some 20 years at some of the busiest stations on the system. officials say restrooms will reopen next february at the powell street station in downtown san francisco and at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. they will be staffed with attendance for at least the first 3 months to ensure they're being used safely and properly restrooms at 10 of bart's underground stations have been closed since 9.11 because of safety concerns. now officials say their reopening them as part of the plan to try to encourage riders to return. >> new tonight at 10, a pioneering first of its kind study which has an incredibly
10:40 pm
important aim to test a vaccine that will prevent one of the deadliest forms of cancer. researchers at the cleveland clinic has started the first phase of a trial to determine how strong of a vaccine dose patients with early-stage triple negative cancer can tolerate the clinic hopes the vaccine. if successful will be given to women to prevent the cancer from developing entirely. this study is expected to be completed next september. >> so to come in sports, the warriors get another big lift from their bench is they try to stay undefeated tonight in oklahoma city. they get up for the game against a bad team. sports director jason dumas says highlights and reaction double fist bumps when we come back. >> getting more and more calls with concerns about changes in birth certificates. there are plenty of women to kick your. >> and is it discrimination or protecting the integrity of the game. the growing reaction
10:41 pm
over a new restricting transgender students participation and high school sports.
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>> police in florida working the gabby petito case now say that they made a key error are early on in the investigation. they say while officers were monitoring the laundry family home after petito disappeared.
10:44 pm
they thought that brian laundrie returned to the home on september the 15th, but it was actually his mother in the baseball cap. you see here, this was days after laundry had already escaped to a swamp where he was later found dead. north point police acknowledged the departments. mix-up was a quote, costly mistake. but they claim it's unlikely the confusion actually change the final outcome on the case. new tonight, texas governor greg abbott has signed a new bill into law that many are calling a loss for transgender athletes. a polarizing topic in the midst of a really polarizing year for texas. several hot button issues playing out there. >> this latest law bans transgender students from playing in sports that do not align with they're gender listed at birth markie. martin has that story. >> this week, texas becoming the latest state were transgender students will only
10:45 pm
be allowed to compete on sports teams that align with the gender listed on their birth certificate. governor greg abbott calling it a legislative move. he says protects the integrity of athletics, the new law receiving fierce backlash from democrats and lgbtq advocates because the texas legislature has been pursuing these bills. >> a 150% increase and suicide has occurred in the lgbtq community. predominantly of transgender kids because their government does not care about them earlier this month in a marathon hearing before the texas house. sunny bryant and 8 year-old transgender girl pleaded with lawmakers to stop the bill in its tracks. why are you attacking me? >> and really great and let a friend. i love tree and love for a like baseball soccer and gymnastics. but it's not total opposition. it affects all
10:46 pm
332,000 girls. >> currently playing l sports in texas. supporters of the law say it's needed to protect girls teams from transgendered players who might be bigger faster and stronger. we've heard from you. i also that they're getting more and more calls with concerns about changes in birth certificates and males competing in female sports. ethan evans ii know is a transgender man. he tells news nation the law is unnecessary because so few trans athletes are competing in texas. he also disputes the trans girls will have a competitive advantage over their female teammates. i would say that there are plenty of strong women who were. >> assigned female at birth cisgender women who are stronger than men. and so. to say that, you know, one body is stronger than another body. i mean, i can tell you that there are plenty of women to kick your. and there are plenty of women to kick my. the fight for transgender
10:47 pm
issues and equality also making recent headlines outside texas. i say what i said. boy, i heard what you said. comedian dave chappelle under fire for comments made in his netflix special. the closer. >> in which lgbtq groups accuse him of dangerous language that could cause harm to members of that community chappelle sharing he would meet with trans netflix workers but will not bow down to cancel culture to the transgender community more than willing. >> to give you an audience. she will not summon i'm not bending to anybody's the >> i haven't says chappelle should reconsider it matters. >> when you are influencer. when you have a platform you need to choose your words carefully. he knows this. this is nothing new to him. but instead he's choosing to use that platform for violence. and so if he is now on the
10:48 pm
receiving end and it's getting pushed back is getting flack is getting feedback that, you know, we want you around here, but that's that's a direct consequence. the language that he used. >> markie. martin reporting there for us tonight, a reminder dave chappelle is going to be performing at chase center in san francisco next thursday, november 4th there will be a screening of his new documentary untitled and chappelle will take the stage after that tickets go on sale tomorrow. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> warriors out and a flyover state today. a quick matchup with the thunder before 8 straight right here in san francisco. the thunder might be the worst team in the league. but they came to play tonight. there are steps stretching 1st quarter shy out. shea gilgeous-alexander probably their best player
10:49 pm
night. 3 right there. he had 30 late in the first step moving without the ball doing what he does 3. but okc up 11 at half-staff at 23 little shirt. quarter. dubbed turn it on damian lee, huge game off the bench hits this 3 to go to warriors are within a point next possession. otto porter. for quarters. that one is good. a few seconds later porter and staff to another 3. and the warriors by 5 in the jordan poole. he didn't shoot well, start again to the rim. that his 3rd of 3 straight layups later on more from the gov. as damian lee he had a great game 20 off the bench to 92 2 minutes later, andrew wiggins gets tough bucket might have gotten off with a push off with pair. 21 points. 3 steals and a block warriors
10:50 pm
win one o 6.98. therefore, no, they come back to the chase center for 8 straight. let's hear from steve kerr and damion lee after the game was fantastic. i thought jamie was kenny atkinson just called a rock >> for a preview. old-time baseball every game and gets couple >> just rock in every way. pride myself on being ready. just a matter of. and the right but agreements there right great teammates. airlines of powering. go out there and be aggressive try to make plays, obviously to contribute to wins. but just a matter of saying aggressive saying confidence. >> the sharks looking to bounce back. they took on it. the predators second period timo meier. he flicks it in and they cut that deficit to one. now just under a minute
10:51 pm
to go to sharks looking to tie this one up, but they can poke through. on the other end. an empty net goal and that would do it. they fall 3 to one 2nd straight loss. but they'll come home and play the canadians on thursday. >> world series game one braves astros, 3rd inning braves already up 3. adam, ball. first take this bad boy on a right to left. 2 run homerun. it is 5 to nothing breeze. 8th inning. yuri he drives it to left. it looks like it's going to get out the park. it doesn't. he tries to get to. but guess what. he is gunned down at second. that's just the type a night it was for the astros. they lose 62 game 2 tomorrow night in houston. all right. after a look at sports. we'll be right ♪ i see trees of green ♪
10:52 pm
♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> we'll look at this. a lively livestock tradition has returned to madrid more than a 1000 sheep and goats recently marched through the spanish capital for the traditional festival of trans you ments. it was canceled last year for the first time in 27 years because of the pandemic, but not only is the event a big party. it is also seen as a protest. trying to make sure that people think about
10:55 pm
protecting the land for livestock to graze on rather than building a bunch of homes and roads. well, iphone users can now store their covid vaccination cars inside the apple wallet. you first need to update your iphone to the latest software. 15.1 then go to the states digital covid vaccine record web site and request your personal qr code. the state will text you a link and that link will prompt you to add it to your apple wallet. tap the link in your digital car will be saved to your phone. you can pull up your vaccine card. simply by opening the apple wallet app or quickly pressing the side button on your phone, twice. netflix's squid game has taken the world by storm and it is even helping some adults relive their childhood. >> one of the figures from the show appeared at a park in seoul this week. the giant robot doll made its debut on the first episode of the series. visitors have been
10:56 pm
gathering taking selfies with the doll and adults are playing games at the park like. green light which is featured in the show. according to park officials, the figure will stay there until the end of the year. and check this out. hover bike. did hit. this is really cool created by japanese startup is now being sold. look at that thing. it's called the x theresa mo limited edition. i hope i'm saying that right as a conventional engine with 4 battery powered motors and can reportedly now fly for 40 minutes at more than 60 miles an hour. and it can be yo-rs for the low low price of just $680,000 if you're able to get your hands on the regulations about flying it in japan are pretty strict. its regulations in the u.s. are still not
10:57 pm
clear and that looks awesome. that's all we need. know but still star real life. yeah, how cool would be on the men. >> yeah, that us up and that is the exciting stuff to come up there tonight. we do have some clouds rolling in. there is going to be a change in the weather pattern high pressure building in temperatures. going to be moving up in the 60's and 70's by tomorrow. good time to cruise in on that and you thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us, everybody. good night.
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♪ ♪ >> the alec baldwin shooting investigation. >> loose ammo and a fanny pack like this. >> why he says he turned down a job on the set. >> i had a terrible feeling about this one. >> what a piece of plexiglass had prevented the death? >> then, baldwin's payback. >> this is disgusting and despicable. >> and here we go again after this and this. >> how the family that saw a wall of water


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