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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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opt into a tax district. the city of oakland plans to create for the athletics proposed 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark district at howard terminal. the money would pay for affordable housing parks and other infrastructure back in july, the oakland city council approved a non-binding term sheet for the project which included plans to form the tax district. the tax district would collect the city share of property taxes generated from the project for 45 years to cover construction costs. but no public funds would be used to build or operate. the proposed ballpark, the city nba's have acknowledged a similar commitment from the county would be necessary to push the project forward. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us if the county votes to opt into the tax district. it is tentatively agreeing to help reimburse the a's over time. >> for upfront costs of building parks, affordable housing and other
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infrastructure associated with the project overall, a city staff report states. the development of the project will generate more than 16 million dollars. annually in property sales and transfer tax revenues for the county for more than the $50,000 a year in tax revenues. the county receives from the site right now. i know that we are in the middle of the pandemic. >> but let us meet this moment to literally transform a part of our city that has in the collected that has been sealed off from public use. keep in mind the county's resolution would be non-binding, meaning the county still has the option to opt out down the road this. well, the oakland have been to explore potential stadium sites in las vegas. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. it's 95 a contra costa jury has found the danville police officer andrew hall, guilty of assault with a firearm. >> for the 2018 deadly shooting of an unarmed mentally ill man, a lot or are
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related. but the jury deadlocked on a second count of manslaughter. prosecutors say hall used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force when he shot are belated 9 times as our bill you see video here drove from police during a low-speed chase. but hall's lawyers argued he feared for his life. meanwhile, contra costa county district attorney diana becton reacted writing, quote, deputy halls actions were not only a crime, but they tarnish the badge and they harm the reputation of all the good hardworking police officers that work for our community with regards to the voluntary manslaughter count. we will take the matter under review to determine the appropriate next steps hall is also accused of shooting and killing this man tyrel wilson in march of this year and that case is still under investigation. take a quick look now around the bay and
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east bay. police in piedmont are asking for your help to try to find these 2 guys who they say robbed a woman and tried to steal her car. they're right there on the screen. the incident happened on saturday in the area of magnolia avenue in el serino avenue. the woman was sitting in her car when 2 suspects approached the car displayed a gun. they told the victim to get out of the car which she did and she fled the area and left her belongings behind the suspects took her items and fled on foot. if you have any details in this case. you're asked to call piedmont police. meantime on the peninsula, the san mateo county sheriff's office is looking for for women in connection to a. >> halloween store robbery. police describing the suspects is one hispanic woman. 3 black women. police say that they entered the spirit halloween store on el camino real around 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon with a small dog. the suspects got away with about $250 in merchandise. but before fleeing the store in a white infiniti sedan. police say one of the suspects push the person in the store. if you
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have any information, call, the san mateo county sheriff's office. in the north bay. it is back remote learning for students at mill valley middle school after the storm damaged several classrooms there. other schools in the district are reopening. but some repair work will be happening like 3 or tree removals and water damage assessment. school officials will let parents and students know if more closures are going to necessary before 07:00am each school day. >> crews in fairfield will be spending tonight and tomorrow. cleaning up the rockville hills park. it is set to reopen at some point tomorrow night or the following morning. crews will be removing fallen trees from trails. the closure will also give time for the trails to dry out. so they are more easily passable. >> hey, we certainly need to dry things out. in fact, starting to add up some of the totals from all that rain that we've seen over this past week
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and they're simply amazing. look at these numbers around the entire bay area san francisco. how about that over 7 inches of rain. usually this time of year we had just under an inch. your 787% of normal. how about san jose over 2 inches of rain that's 432% of normal oakland. yeah. you're 673% of normal over 5 inches of rain. santa rosa. amazing over 10 inches of rain. 802% of normal hayward 600. 45 1% normal. and how about a little more 746% of normal. so a great start to the wet season. let's hope it keeps going as we are in a lot the new year. and usually we keep things dry or so got a long ways to go out there tonight. got some clouds up above. there's a slight chance we could see a few showers moving across the bay area for tonight. most of very light. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. you see that weak frontal system moving in right now. mainly headed toward far northern california and the pacific northwest. we're drying things out for the most part in the
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bay area say drying out. i mean, just a chance a couple scattered light showers mainly to the north. so tomorrow. got some partly cloudy skies and temperatures going to warm up nicely. and i think by the afternoon, yeah, you're in the mid 60's in the san francisco upper 60's in oakland. then we start to break out some 70's in some of the valleys santa clara valley looking about 72 in san jose. lot of 70's inland by tomorrow afternoon. there's that weak cold front that's trying to get our way. but right now it's going to stay to the north. in fact, high pressure. we'll continue to build in as that ridge settles in that will being some nice dry weather and some much needed dry weather to the bay area. looks like that will continue for the next few days this week it gets a little bit iffy as we head toward halloween. but overall looks like more dry and warmer weather. few more clouds come away thinking slight chance of showers on saturday. then a chance of more clouds looking a little now all right, eli, it's well, regardless of the recent rain state leaders say they are moving forward with their emergency drought response. zavala explains what point state leaders say that they're going to re evaluate
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the steps they're taking. >> recent storm soaked many parts of california, the state's natural resources. secretary says it's not nearly enough. we're going to need several more of these record breaking storms this winter to get back to normal and the climb out of drought. so the key messages, every bit of rain and snow is helpful to the drought conditions that we face. >> but more than ever californians have to step up and conserve water because we're still very much in the drought. >> despite the recent atmospheric river wade crowfoot says the governor statewide emergency drought declaration is still in effect and reducing water use is still going to be key moving through the next several months it's all systems. go on drought action. >> ineluding working with local communities to reduce water usage by 15%. and to plan for the worst, which would be a 3rd dry water year. crowfoot says state water officials are keeping monthly tabs on water use with the next reports that the come out within the next few weeks. the
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most recent report should californians reduced water use by about 5% compared to the same time last year when state leaders were aiming for 15% growth but says an easy step. people can take now is turn off outdoor irrigation systems. >> our outdoor plans are laws. do not need more water. and if we actually unplug or turn off our irrigation off. now that we're in the wet season. we'll continue to improve our water conservation number and say precious water for the coming dry period. i asked crowfoot at what point state leaders will re evaluate their drought response. it will be, you know, several more months of understanding how much falls this winter before we we would consider what's next on our drought actions in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up after the break. very officials are warning homeowners about a real estate scam called fraud explain what criminals are doing and how you can protect yourself.
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online and get delivery for no cost. >> in warren county district attorney is warning people about a real estate crime that is happening all across the state. it's called deed fraud fraudsters trick homeowners into signing over the deed to their property. usually to strangers which then allows them to steal millions of dollars in property. they can also get a loan on that property and sometimes without homeowners even knowing the marin county da and county clerk's office says the county
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will be taking extra steps to prevent it from happening to people. there. >> every time a d gets recorded. my office will be sending you a letter. this letter will notify you of the document that was recorded in my office. not only will you get the letter but you will also receive an official copy of the recording so that you can determine whether or not you signed this document. if this doesn't look legitimate, please contact your local law enforcement or the district attorney. >> here are some tips. they have for preventing this kind of fraud check with the county's office to make sure that there are no deeds or property in your name that he didn't know about. have a lock mailbox have someone watch your house if you're going to be out of town for a long period of time and don't let your mail pile up. >> still ahead, how close lawmakers are to finally passing the president's agenda, including
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>> democrats scrambled today to determine how to pay for their sprawling spending plan. they're hoping for a deal soon and also the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill kron four's catherine heenan is here now with details. boy, catherine, this has not been easy. increasing pressure along with the white house. lawmakers are hoping. >> for a deal before president biden leaves the country later this week for a series of meetings in europe. so they wanted to happen soon. the president has been trying to sell the benefits of his legislation, including child
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care help health care expansion tools to fight climate change. reaching a deal has become a battle between progressives and moderates both sides, though, say that they might be closer than ever to a deal. democrats today, including bay area congresswoman jackie spear. we're again making a pitch to get something on the books. we will not let the perfect. >> enemy of the good. we are committed here to make sure that the infrastructure bill and the build back better plan are going to create really important jobs for americans. we've got we've lost one 0.5 million women in the workforce. we're back to 1988 numbers. it's in part because of child care and the lack of universal pre care. >> the last thing we need to do is to pile on with another massive reckless tax and spending spree. they did not have a mandate to do that. the acting like this is the new
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deal roosevelt had massive majority or is the great society lbj had massive majorities. she's a 5050, senate three's a majority in the house. the american people are not asking for any of this. >> democrats also pushing a new proposal to tax billionaires. but that's been getting complicated meeting with a lot of resistance that might not happen. meantime, the size of the build back better deal has dropped dramatically it's not clear whether progressives will agree to that lower dollar figure. just last democrats are going through the same painful dancer long talks, lots of deadlines. only to emerge without a deal pushing it all back to this month, vicki and grant. >> sacramento man walked
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through waist deep flood waters to rescue a kitty cat. as you saw there, skip campbell's is name and his wife. they were home and they spotted the animal getting carried away by the flood waters. campbell jumped into action when he noticed the cat struggling to stay afloat. >> that was really right about there. just bobbing up and down, trying to get about race. i and i was just real careful because it does drop off about 3 feet away format. that's where it drops into the creek that. >> but that was very brave. that could be dangerous for that gentleman. the couple they still haven't decided if they're going to keep the little kitty, but they say that they have rescued cats before. and though they have kept them, you know, i understand cats don't really like the water. >> they need a good name, right. like it's coming thunder. it's going to be some good weather name after i a good for those guys stepping in to get the animals to their affected by the weather as well. we saw that all around the bay area. everything
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really changes. we saw those clouds will and that storm that atmospheric river. now we're catching a much needed break. still some clouds out there slight chance of a few showers to the north temperatures today running right about the average 65 degrees in san francisco 67 in oakland 67 degrees in san jose 65 degrees in livermore 66 for a high in concord. but the 8 degrees much cooler than normal in santa rosa. here's the forecast model showing the most. the rain that is moving in right now with another cold front headed to the north. some of going to continue to roll in the far northern california slight chance a few light rain drops in parts of the north bay. but otherwise you kind of get the sense of high pressure building in through the day tomorrow. the clouds going to dissipate. you could see a lot of sunshine to much of the bay area that could send temperatures up to warmer levels. i think we're back in the 70's and many of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon and then over the next couple days, we've got some pretty nice weather on the way numbers in the san francisco tomorrow. 65 downtown about 67 degrees in the mission. a little cooler along the coastline, but not bad should be mostly dry couple patches of fog 68
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degrees in millbrae and mild 68 in burlingame. if i'm a little sunshine as you make your way into foster city at 7071 in mount the about 71. also in san carlos, the south bay should enjoy a nice day with plenty of 70's in most spots there. nice and warm inland, you may see some ground fog early on in the morning hours. but that should give way quickly to some sunshine and temperatures very comfortable about 72 degrees in little more 72 in concord, 68 degrees in berkeley and in the north bay, those temperatures soaring to about 74 in fairfield, 70 degrees and later on about 75 in sonoma closer to the coastline. still some very nice weather outside numbers in the 60's and the 70's and looks like that trend is going to hold over the next couple days gets warmer weather on the way on thursday, friday. a few more clouds coming a slight chance of a shower. but still unsettled as we get into saturday. of course, sunday is halloween. all those trick or treaters get their costumes ready, get ready to go right now looks partly cloudy little spooky clouds moving in overhead right now. we're going to keep things dry case back to a line says one thing
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mr katie. >> cat 5. yeah, very all right. after the break. we'll get a sneak peek of tom hanks is new movie and how diversity improves movies performance at the box office. tom hanks
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new post apocalyptic road film. finch is coming to apple tv. plus on november. 5th and entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier has your exclusive sneak peek it.
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>> hey, vicki and grant. i am standing outside the secret life of pets ride at universal studios. hollywood. it's fitting that we're here because in toms, new film he's surviving armageddon. with the help a four-legged friend. >> the bond between french and goodyear. it's one that is based on deep affection. and constant understanding. who doesn't love a good dog. >> we're totally getting castaway meets wali vibes from time. but instead of wilson, the volleyball he has his pup and a robot named jeff trenches, an engineer and he has built a robot to help take care of goodyear hill you have a when word of this massive storm comes on the got to pile into the family rv and take off. >> to the promise land out west. first year.
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>> tom shot finch one year before the pandemic and the very timely an inspiring message is we all need love and friendship. >> it is not human to be alone because in company we find companionship. >> believe in you >> and tune in to e t tonight for alyssa milano exclusive. she's talking all about her new memoir. sorry, not sorry and she details her charmed feud with shannen doherty for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> all right. kevin comedian, dave chappelle is responding now to backlash from his latest netflix special saying he is willing to meet with the lgbtq community and other critics. but only under certain conditions. >> to the transgender community more than willing. >> to give you an audience she will not summon i'm not bending to anybody's you cannot if you have not watched my special from beginning to
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end. you was come to a place of my choosing. of my choosing. >> chappelle has been criticized by some for taking aim at jewish people people and the transgender community in his new comedy special on netflix. the closer last week. some trans employees and supporters at netflix took to the streets to protest the company's decision to allow the special to remain on its streaming platform. >> a new report says tv content created by diverse and minority writers also featuring diverse actors is really resonating with audiences during the pandemic. the information was part of ucl is diversity report that covered statistics between 2019 2020. the study tracked racial and gender diversity in key categories. those included social media engagement and ratings. turns out scripted broadcast shows that credited at least 31% of its writers to people of color had the
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highest median ratings. some of those popular shows include bet he's first wives club and hbo. max is doom patrol. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. a lot more news is coming up on kron 4 news at 6, pam moore and catherine heenan. they're here now with a look at what is coming up. >> all right. grant and vicki, thank you both. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock, the bay area still recovering from the storm over the weekend. thousands of people remain without power including several businesses on the peninsula that are still recovering from the closures during the pandemic will have the latest. >> also the effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase abou dean heating up 2 prosecutors have quit his office who are now supporting the recall. we'll talk live with one of the former assistant d-a's and have reaction from office.
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a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive. so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. the day's business. >> will be 3 days business this week. one day last week. yes, a lot of money. we're not going to get compensated. people are still trying to you money from what they've lost over the last year and a half. >> now at 6 in the dark for a 3rd night in a row. some businesses on a busy strip in burlingame are still without po


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