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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 a civilian employee working as a community service officer with the san jose police department has been charged with gun crimes. he's accused of making social media posts advocating killing cops kron four's rob fladeboe has more on the story from san jose. >>san jose community service officer dennis shevchenko is on administrative leave after being arrested this week and charged with possessing illegal guns, including an assault weapon. shevchenko is alleged to have made anonymous post on the web site gab known for its far right extreme ideology said police chief anthony mata at a news conference friday. >>these posting kurds and solicited violent acts against people who do not share the
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extreme views of the author of the post and included advocating. the shooting of police officers after serving briefly as a sworn police officer in 2013. >>the 40 year-old shevchenko was currently working as a civilian community service officer assisting with traffic control and other non enforcement duties but did not have standard police officer authority alerted by the fbi's bay area, joint terrorism task force police also found a loaded handgun in ship chagos locker at the south san jose substation. >>this incident is unfortunate and i am extremely disappointed. that an employee in our organization. they have harbored and spread these hateful messages. the chief says there's no indication so far that shevchenko was planning to act on his views. >>the gilroy resident is out of custody and charged with 3 misdemeanors thus far the ongoing investigation will look for other employees who might be harboring similar india, allergies.
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>>i strongly condemn extremist ideologies and hate which have no place in this community. and will not be tolerated just department. >>community service officer applicants have long subjected to background checks, but until last year when the policy was updated. they generally did not include screening measures designed to identify and eliminate candidates with extreme views. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>all right rob, check this out we haven't seen this for a while and we love to see it fire danger in oakland. it is not extreme so very high. not even high. some moderate. it's low how low can you go oakland's fire department tweeting out this picture saying during this has been great visit so far we love for you to stay the weekend apparently rain is listening. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now talking about something called bomb but genesis sounds biblical
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something else guys this is going to be maybe an historic storm moving into the bay area. >>this could be really something else into friday we're going to see some rapid intensification maybe become what's called a bomb cyclone. that's when that area of low pressure deepens so much within a 24 hour period and begins to roll along the coast like clouds out there now the rainfall totals over the past 72 hours impressive over 10 inches of rain middle peak now 8 inches even mount tam samara fell 3 and a half inches of rain san francisco, almost 2 inches of rain oakland now that had hardly any now over an inch of rain and still quarter of an inch of rain in san jose and a whole lot more to come. fact we've got flash watch is going up in yellow across much of the bay area along the peninsula we're watching out for the possibility of some flash flooding and the burn scars in particular we're likely to see some debris flows in those areas that means you said we're heavy rain coming in and then it's going to pick up all that debris that was left over
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wash it down the hills watching out for the goal is and some local streams and creeks there also that continuing in the north bay in the samara fell san anselmo petaluma all the way up to santa rosa and guerneville that's stretching across to sonoma the napa valley and then we've got flood watches in general instead of a flash flood which watch which is a rapid rise. this is a slower rise and some of the tributaries that's going to go in effect the areas in green in the you're going to see some very heavy rainfall as well in fact, this weekend could be one of those special weekends now we haven't seen much in the way of snow. that's because this is a very warm system that's been rolling in and that's get the snow level about 8,000 feet as we get late sunday into monday on the backside of this storm system all of a sudden some cold air chutes in we could see one to 3 feet of snow across the higher peaks. i think even some snow possibly down lake level by monday night guys back to you. well buckle up okay, thank you large will the rain.
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>>they have let up for a bit today but we're preparing for the next round continues pg e employees give us a tour of there facility today here while showing us how they're preparing for the storm. they call this the yard and fremont where they keep a lot of the equipment they could need to fix storm damage. they're also keeping employees on standby ready to spring into action as needed. >>this is really an all hands on events we are prepared we're going to see lots of blue trucks out in the field and we will be working around the clock until all our customers are if and when we experience those outages. >>also asking customers to follow their lead and be prepared. they say make sure you the flashlight with fresh batteries. the power does go out keep the fridge and freezer doors closed to keep your food cold as long as possible. and they say just be aware if your power goes out it could be a while before it is back on.
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>>for help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code middle take you to download our kron 4 mobile app you'll find current conditions live radar and update forecasts from lawrence and much more. >>other news now we're continuing to follow a big story from new mexico where actor alec baldwin, fired a prop gun and accidentally killed the movie's director of photography, you know just an absolutely tragic story. >>new details are shedding some light on a problematic set before this tragic accident are justine waldman joins us now with the latest on that justine. >>well this deadly shooting is just the latest incident and what we're now learning was a highly contentious movie set not only were crew members protesting working conditions but we're also learning to this evening that the incident that killed the movie's director of photography was not the first mishap with a
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firearm on set the la times is reporting there have been 3 prop gun mishaps before. and 2 on saturday, one was last week an unnamed sources telling the times there was quote a serious lack of safety meetings on this set safety was apparently a huge concern here 6 hours before this fatal accident. several crew members walked off the set citing concerns over their working conditions as for the shooting itself. we do know that actor alec baldwin was the one who fired that prop gun a spokesperson for baldwin says a prop gun with blanks misfired film and tv weapons especialistas saying, but using blanks are the standard and they're shocked to hear that this happened because of all the safety protocols that do exist on movie sets. nowadays. >>weapons to check a bounced check before banks and put into the weapon. there are lots of otherprincipals and slice i mean this is awful
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that's for the and myspace has been on the search for the senate. we want to speculate as to what happened 2 to 6. >>so tonight, it's not clear baldwin was performing at the time of the shooting or how many rounds were fired police are saying they're still investigating what type of projectile was discharged from that and how live in the newsroom justine waltman kron 4 news. >>thank you just teen right share company lyft says it received more than 4,000 complaints of assault in a 3 year span. lifts first safety report that has been made public reveals between 2017 2019 360 of the complaints were allegations of rape. back in 2019 lyft and uber pledged to share rider safety info uber releasing its first report that same year but lift hadn't shared any safety information until now uber's 2019 report revealed nearly
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6,000 assaults in 460 rapes over a two-year period. both companies claim more than 99 0.9% of rides occur with no safety incidents. >>u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the texas abortion law on november 1st. they say that they'll decide whether the federal government has the right to sue over the law, but they stop short, blocking it that law went into effect in september bans abortions once cardiac activity is detected usually around 6 weeks and before many women know that they're even pregnant justice sonia sotomayor was the only justice writing she would have blocked the law now. it might cost more to stay warm. the new inflation concerns on capitol hill as the winter months approach. >>world again we have some tips to help you get the best tips to help you get the best bang for your
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♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >>all right lawrence vicki, some people go chasing waterfalls not i beautiful, i'm looking for rainbows it's not that yourself. yeah, a little video iphone video. 2 consecutive days while found rainbows wow where where is the part of just lawrence sounds like we struggle when it comes to you can see come right to the point did she go right to around.
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>>hey guys another story this weekend we've talked about the rain but there is going to be a significant wind event too. >>the kind that's going to bring down some power lines, some trees, you know we've had a long dry summer then you get a storm like this and yeah you better be prepared time to get the flash light the candles get ready you're likely to lose power in some spots, especially along the coastal areas and over the mountain tops that's where we'll see the strongest winds here the futurecast wind gusts a forecast model this goes out starting at 4 o'clock on sunday morning saturday doesn't look too bad. but sunday as that atmopheric river event starts to roll in you can see the southerly winds start to kick up along the coastline, we're looking winds of 40 plus miles an hour along the coastline, some stronger winds over the mountain tops as well and then as we head through the day it really ramps up and look at the colors we're talking winds gusting over 50 maybe 60 miles per hour near the coastline look at almost the whole bay area this is rare in the purple section, those are winds gusting over 40 miles
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per hour of course those areas along the coastline over the mountain tops are the ones we have to worry about most those are exposed to some of those winds so as you might expect a high wind watch being posted by the national weather service, the entire bay area continue into the central valley, so you might want to clean up the yard tomorrow is out there clean up some debris to make sure that blows around and can cause some damage something to watch out for we usually don't see with us events this strong but this one could be unique. all right out there you can see a nice part of the clouds no rainbows there but a little sunshine, nice little storm rolling through early on this morning adding some impressive totals over the past few days and there's plenty more to come things quieting down a bit right now on saturday doesn't look too bad in fact saturday we're going to see a weak system kind of just slide in bringing some more scattered showers especially toward the afternoon. and the evening, but it's not going to be rain out on saturday. the focus probably a little further to the north that all changes we get into sunday, we'll show you here we head through time and the rain starts to begin
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to move in. there you go the showers late saturday and then here comes that event on sunday 05:00am that heavy rainfall moving through and then by the afternoon sliding further south all that heavy rain little rain shadow effect in the san jose value can see that there then things begin to settle down on the backside but that's not until monday. so there's a big game this weekend guys we've got the forty-niners we've got the cold in prime time 5.20, if you're headed to the game bring all that rain gear i would leave the umbrella behind winds gusting probably 30 to 40 miles per hour for the game. thank you lawrence, a major earthquake in california with likely knock out communications for days or even weeks that finding is part of it. >>a new report from the u.s. geological survey which analyze big quake scenarios along the bay area's hayward fault line seismologists a magnitude 7 quake would damage or knock out power to cell towers. that would delay the reporting of fires and calls
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for medical help. the study said a big quake would also disrupt transportation in the region for possibly years because of damage to freeways. bridges and light rail. it also noted that property damage would be extensive. >>and as temperatures drop americans could see a dramatic rise in keeping prices. the u.s. energy information administration reports that with higher energy prices in the colder seasonal forecast. households could see heating bills jump as much as 54% from last winter senators from both sides of the aisle say that they are worried that americans will be struggling to make payments as many are already dealing with inflation and other financial burdens brought on by the pandemic. >>it's a and it is going to be more expensive if your heating bills goes up. 50 to a in even more a month that that that cuts into your ability to buy food or to travel.
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>>democrats are hoping the department of health and human services will be able to step in and lend a hand new york senator taylor brand is requesting the department quickly distribute the assistance funding already approved in the pandemic relief package is some republicans are also calling for more relief funding, agreeing that the sooner this relief goes out the less financial strain americans will face. >>just in time for halloween, a famous haunted houses hitting the market the house featured in a nightmare on elm street is up for sale unlike the the street really isn't actually called elm in the house is not in ohio. >>this right here in california. it is the original home on genesee avenue in la where the 1980 for halloween classic was actually filmed sot still looks similar to how it did in the movie except the bright red front doors been painted black some of the listing photos even feature freddy krueger.
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watch me! >>double scooter with 3 wheels instead of 2 is popping up around town rich demuro took it for a spin in today's tech
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smart. >>between public bikes and pays you go scooters options are expanding to get around town people are using it to commute to work. i make a quick trip to the grocery stores as well as for recreational purposes as now a new choice this is our 200 it's an electric scooter with 3 wheels instead of 2 and is meant to provide another form factor, another mobility options too. sir folks with different abilities and the front the scooter is making its debut in santa monica the epicenter of shared mobility you scan the code here, this is a qr code that unlocks the bird it was here that bird made its debut several years ago with dockless scooters you read by the minute and lead anywhere when you're done. >>since then cities have taken a more commanding role in the rules surrounding these devices offers more balanced doesn't need to expand chris grant is an operations manager for spin owned by a subsidiary
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of 4 there's a lot of way lower very tragic. don't have to worry about learning how to learned about like that you can just hop on and don't know you use a smartphone app to unlock the scooter spin also offers a way to text requests so users can ride even without a smartphone or credit card. safety first rentals cost a dollar to start in about $0.35 a minute to write these 3 will scooters are made by 9 bought segway typical bike people that you're coming their way so they were really proud of here is making currently crews up to 10 miles an hour there. we go. >>i think up to speed there definitely a little bit easier to maneuver understood or because you're not really balancing 2 wheels or 3 just one more way to get around town. what's important is that we're providing inclusive. and then providing another option for folks to get on is transportation. >>looks like fun that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >>thanks for being with us
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this hour but stick around for kron 4 news at 6 talking about a little bit of a break in the rain right now live look here at the golden gate, the biggest storm that we have seen in quite some time though is on its way a flood watch is in effect for some parts of the bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the timing. >>plus new surveillance video shows the tense moments leading up to the robbery and shooting a retired oakland police captain or c telling us and more and ken wayne are up next with kron 4 ne your eyes.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, a break in the rain for now. but more is on the way. stormtracker 4 shows a series of storms moving into the bay area this weekend. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for sunday. heavy rain could lead to debris flows near recent burn areas, including areas with poor drainage. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. there is a 100% chance of rain this coming sunday. when have we said that pedestrians and drivers alike are urged not to cross flooded roadways, as does one of the many safety concerns. you need to be aware of. >> let's take a look at the current conditions. this is a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. and look at those thick heavy clouds around the tower of the bridge. our chi


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