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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 shots ring out at a gas station in oakland, killing at least one person. police say one of the men behind the gun was a former police captain, thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne oakland. police say former captain or c joyner is
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recovering from gunshot wounds tonight. investigators say the gunfire broke out this afternoon. it was at a gas station at the 1700 block of castro street joyner was rushed to the hospital. four's. dan thorn is live in oakland tonight. he joins us with the very latest on the investigation. dan. >> well, pam and catherine joyner has been listed in critical, but stable condition here at highland hospital tonight, oakland's police chief telling us that joyner was shot several times has at least 3 men attempted to rob him this afternoon. but joining returned gunfire and shot and killed one of those men. security video shows the moment a group of 3 men attempt to rob a former oakland police captain. >> or see joyner was seen being pushed around at a gas station pump before drawing his own gun and opening fire. the victim was. >> at the gas station. filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several
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individuals that begin to rob him of his belongings. during a robbery. at some point. shots were fired. and both victims sustained gunshot wounds. this happening at the chevron gas station on the corner of 17th and castro in oakland joyner killed one of the men before being shot several times co 3, order. >> if you're on they want to go with that again. order here hopeful the former law enforcement officer was later taken to the hospital rushed to surgery and was then moved to the icu. joyner was the former leader of oakland's anti violence program called ceasefire from 2013 until his retirement in 2019. evidence markers were found spread out near the gas pumps with the shooting took place monday afternoon. the area cordoned off us investigators swarmed the scene. the identity of the attempted robbery suspect has not been released. the chief calling this another senseless act of violence in oakland. >> and that a difficult day in
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the city of oakland. fortunately, this represents 115 homicide of the year. investigators are right now in the process of reviewing that security video from the gas station at the time of the shooting. >> they are also looking for a black sedan in connection with this crime. so far no arrests have been made. reporting live in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. jan, thank you for that update tonight. >> we are joined now by kron four's grant lotus to give us a closer look at that surveillance video that dan was talking about and show you. >> what happened at that gas station today. >> katherine pfaff just really upsetting. you know, very disturbing. a chilling is so many so many sort of sad words that you could use to describe this and we will show you the video again. it's really one of the main pieces of evidence. the police have to go in to see that car. 3 guys get out too. >> wearing a black one wearing red. >> and the 3 of them just
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surround to former captain joyner and it's tight group for kind of a long time. 1015, seconds. at one point after presumably they're getting his phone and wallet. and what have you. something falls on the ground. one of the robbers bends down to pick it up. and that's when people start to scatter the door opens and this is joining right here. and then here's where we freeze it because you can see at this point is when he pulled out the gun. we didn't see any from any of the 4 individuals up into this point. we posit here because honestly, it's extremely graphic. what happens but out of kind a run you through it. it appears that former captain joyner shoots this guy in the red and shoots this guy in the black. first the red, then the black, the other individual. you see him. he has scampered around. he. i think thought this whole thing was over. this is the getaway car.
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there's a driver in the driver's seat here. so you have essentially 4 suspects total one getting in 2. still here. one driving. this guy gets shot at it. hard to tell if he's hit, but he's well enough to run around to the car. and he gets out of there. this guy get shot and goes down to the ground. and this is the individual that after the suspects realize that, you know, there was a shooting that was going on. you had another individual. believe this guy run back around and that is when the shootout ensues. you have former captain joyner who is over here. here's where he got shot. multiple times and eventually. the other suspects tried to drag this guy away. but it was a lifeless body and they left him there and. yeah,
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red shirt, black shirt. they get in the getaway car which speeds away. so, yeah, the whole thing transpires in less than a minute, but extremely disturbing here right in the middle of the afternoon at the chevron station where captain joyner, which is there to fill up on gas kron 4 dot com is where we have posted that video. if you would like to check it out for yourself. pam, catherine, back to you. all right, grant, thank you very much. >> now to new mexico where police say actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman when a prop gun that was supposedly filled with blank somehow misfired. a man of the film's director was injured. it happened on a movie set as crews were shooting a new western called rust. the 2 people shot both taken to the hospital where 42 year-old haleigh not hutchence died. she was the film's cinematographer director. joel souza is hospitalized. there's been no update on his condition. this movie is being
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shot at a ranch outside santa fe. police say they are not pressing charges at this point, but they are still investigating. >> now to our other big story of the night. more rain is on the way. we are getting a break from the wet weather tonight. but it was certainly coming down hard earlier today across the bay area from santa rosa to pleasant hill. >> of course, the wet weather coming dangerous driving conditions. the chp says slick roads might have led to this. this was a head-on collision between a recology truck and an suv. this was on highway one in pacifica happened about 11 this morning. shutting down both lanes for about 3 hours. 4 people, including a toddler, were taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash still being investigated. >> one of the vehicles did cross into the opposing lane of traffic at the time. it was not raining with the roadway was wet. so we believe that may have been a factor in this collision when that first big
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rain comes with its own oil. that's on the ground list. it all up and then becomes very slippery for drivers. >> the advice, the chp always give slowdown, particularly when roads are what good remember simpson, even stronger storm is now headed our way and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by you guys. i think tomorrow morning's commute is going to be a mess. we've got a storm in the timing. just not good for morning commuters as we're going to see that coming in early on. so here we go. we've got yet another storm approaching the bay area today. nothing really will organize. but what you produced a lot of rainfall. >> in certain parts of the bay area. cloudy skies out there right now. little fog mixing in lot of moisture in the atmosphere just rich and moisture. now. but look at this. over the past 48 hours we've seen over 8 inches of middle peak. there in marion mount tam over 6 inches of rain. samara fell over 3 inches of rain, san francisco over an inch of rain pacific almost 2 inches and oakland.
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only a quarter of an inch of rain. and that's because they fall in that rain. shadow saying with the santa clara valley. but we're going to see bigger changes coming our way and they'll get the rain to don't worry about that. the storm system now just off the coastline, getting a little bit closer now beginning to see some of the showers clip, northern parts of sonoma county but the heavier bands still have a ways to go overnight tonight, eureka getting in the rain showers. the heavier bands still sitting just off the coastline with that main cold front and the bay area. for the most part staying dry. now after a very wet start to the day. but then that rain line started shift northward as the low begin to dig to the south off the coast. so we're going to see some changes coming our way here it is. by tomorrow morning. well, that front, would, you know, just on time is going to roll in right for that morning commute and bring some rainfall will be heavy at times across the entire bay area tomorrow morning. but the good news is kind of a quick-hitting system early tomorrow. so i think this comes through in the morning. we may be done with most of that by about 9 o'clock or so. maybe seeing some rainbows, maybe a little sunshine behind
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that. but models picking up on that as well. now, get a really good look at this one. i want you notice how this is along the coastline. this is more parallel, the coastline, more of a typical front approaching the bay area. so come for the coastline. there you go. by tomorrow morning just after 5 o'clock in the morning. rain around the bay area. heavy in spots. but then by the middle the morning, it's gone kind of a thin front, the kind of moves through, right. it was parallel to the coastline as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. not a bad afternoon. we have such a moist flow. we may still see some light drizzle along the coastline. but behind that we've got another system that's developing. that will bring some showers into saturday and then we get ready for the main event that comes now on sunday morning. the time is picked up a little bit and look at that train of moisture notice how comes in toward the bay area. it basically comes almost perpendicular to the coastline. so if you can imagine a train on the train tracks. here is your engine. the caboose is way out near the hawaiian istands and all that moisture still has to run through the entire bay area. and so we've got a long period of rain that's going to be falling and that's all that
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subtropical moisture. so that's what makes this one an atmospheric river event and could produce 3, maybe 5 inches of rain over the mountain tops. we're talking 5, 8, maybe 10 inches. so debris flows around some of the burn areas flash flooding. very likely at least sunday night and into monday. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, meantime, people in the north bay are bracing for the larger storm system heading our way that lawrence was just talking about. >> and the city of santa rosa is reminding residents to be ready, especially those who live near the burn scars from last year's wildfires kron four's. gayle ong shows us how people are getting ready. >> here in santa rosa, the sandbag station is free and available 24 7. all you have to do is fill the bag up yourself. this santa rosa resident filled up thursday night to prepare for the heavy rain expected this sunday. >> with us, trying to make sure the home gym drown. you know.
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>> well, the bay area received a decent amount of rain this week. firefighters and public works employees are bracing for the atmospheric river beginning sunday for us right now. it's been beneficial where their wedding systems. >> they're spaced far enough apart to allow some of the water levels to help alleviate some of the ponding. but yeah, our eyes right now are on what this weekend could bring the storm could bring potentially significant rainfall and gusty winds. >> paul o and all the assistant fire marshal, the santa rosa fire department says residents should take advantage of the low in the rain. >> clearing leaves needles debris from not just your gutters. along the roof lines, but all around property. >> so the water can flow what without says burn scars in the higher elevations are areas of concern for mudslides and debris flows. but preparations have been done ahead of time. cities like santa rosa counties all across the bay area do a lot of preventative maintenance throughout the year to make sure that we do get these. >> wedding rains that our systems flow like we want them to float. city officials are urging residents to take advantage of this and station.
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>> it will be available throughout the rainy season here in santa rosa. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> you can stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. it will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app. and you'll find current conditions live weather radar and up today, forecast from lawrence at this location. >> now to our coronavirus coverage, 10's of millions of americans can sign up to get a moderna or a johnson and johnson. a booster shot beginning tomorrow. that's right. a cdc panel voted unanimously to recommend the boosters and the cdc director doctor rochelle walensky authorize the extra dose late today. >> the agency recommends people stick with the same vaccine. they already receive but says it is okay to mix and match when it comes to the booster shot depending on your preference or availability.
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this decision comes as a new study finds the pfizer booster which was approved last month is more than 95% effective against covid 10,000 people who had received 2 doses of pfizer took part in the study half were given the booster while the other half got a placebo 5 people who got the booster ended up catching the virus while 109 people in the placebo group. got it. the study did not describe the severity of the infections. it also remains unclear how long the booster will be. effective but infectious disease experts are hopeful. one thing that we know about booster says they will temporarily stratified east. the question is do they fundamentally. >> increase your ability to form t cells and b cells which are long lasting memory cells that will protect you in the future. and that's a question that we need more data. >> right now. only certain groups are eligible to get a
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booster shot. it is not clear when the boosters might be made available to the general population. well, let's turn to something fun. steph curry put on quite a show tonight and the golden state warriors took care of business in their first home game of the season. for the first time in a year and a half fans got to watch the warriors in person at chase center and con for sport direct's or a sports director. jason dumas was there. he joins us live from chase center. jason, a. >> that had to be a fun place to be tonight. >> and catherine, tonight's game takes the as far as my chase center experience coming here for 2 years now. in fact, the warriors first regular season game here was october. 24th 2019 and tonight was the best game i've been to in terms of energy. obviously a lot has gone down over the last 2 years were in the middle of a pandemic. fans were in here for a while. the
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warriors had a really bad team. their first here here because of so many injuries no staff, no today. really felt like the debut of the chase center and the fans atmosphere and the electricity in here was really hard to explain. you just had to be here. steph curry just started off the game. he scored 25 points in the 1st quarter. >> and when i tell you, it was deafening in here to place felt like it was shaking and then obviously the clippers made their comeback. but that's what happens in basketball is a game of runs. but this warriors team they're resilient. they share the basketball and everyone gets involved. and you know what they also have arguably the best player in basketball and steph curry and he was the hero for them tonight. 45 points. 10 rebounds is showing why he is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play this game. there's not much else you can say about this guy and it just felt
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night at oracle a couple years ago. but it's here across the bay at chase center. and this is going to be a fun team. guys. and if it's the right is just starting, though be in sacramento on sunday taking on the kings. but hey know they beat both teams down in la. we all know la thinks they're better than their northern california. rep brother. and so that's always good when you get to beat la in the meantime, but. >> we will have another post game report later in the hour. we were hill front. hear from steve kerr. kylen mills will bring you some highlights, but for now live at chase center. back to you guys. all right, jason, that's what i expect. we'll see a lot more coming up later in sports. thank you, jason. >> san francisco building inspectors. meantime, say chase center is safe and it meets all of the code regulations. >> this after 2 concert goers fell in separate incidents during a phish concert. that was that this past sunday, one of them died. san francisco police say they believe a new
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york man deliberately jumped to his death from an upper level and less than an hour later, a second man. felt somehow from an upper level and was injured not clear how that man fell. other news tonight. there is growing pushback from local leaders after local political leaders after it was announced that georgia representative marjorie taylor greene is expected to visit the bay area. she will join in a fundraiser with the san francisco republican party november 6. that will be in san mateo county organizers say the exact location will be released 48 hours before the event, san mateo county supervisor dave can keep. it is not happy saying in a statement that the local gop should consider shutting this event down. it might turn into a safety problem as it is sure to drop progressive minded protesters who will want to shut her down. green spreads misinformation, he says and lies about covid, which we've declared a public health crisis in san mateo county and
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now to other news and a live look at the u.s. capitol tonight where earlier today the house voted to hold a longtime trump ally and former white house strategist steve bannon. >> in criminal contempt of congress. the vote came after bad and refuse to comply with a subpoena to testify before the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol. the matter now goes to the justice department which will decide whether to pursue the criminal case, democrats are urging attorney general merrick garland to prosecute see bad. and but garland has yet to reveal what he will do. >> department of justice will do what it always does in such circumstances apply the facts and the law and make a decision consistent with the principles of prosecution. >> if bannon is prosecuted, then convicted, he could face up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. >> still ahead tonight,
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finally some answers after a california family mysteriously died it all but not on the summer hike. what we are learning from the mariposa county sheriff's office. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> new at 10, 2 dozen congressional california democrats led by south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren. they want homeland security to close 3 ice detention
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facilities across the state. they are in yuba san bernardino and san diego counties, lawmakers arguing they're in bad condition and say they're a waste of federal money. they also point to a federal court ruling that found that the facility and san bernardino had inadequate covid safety protocols. 147 contracted the virus. they're the biggest outbreak in any us detention facility. >> prison and opera those are 2 words you don't hear in the same sentence very often. but you're going the 2 worlds have collided for production at the san francisco opera house this month and kron four's ella sogomonian. there's a here to explain. that sounds like a great idea. well, the performance takes place inside of a prison. and that's why real-life inmates were invited to showcase their talents at the war memorial opera house in san francisco. it's on display in the lobby are many paintings and drawings that go hand-in-hand with the theme of this performance, which is freedom injustice and political persecution.
10:25 pm
>> people are so capable of deep change. and it's really hard. were carol, new board has been helping inmates at san quentin prison get through that hard work and find a sense of self through art these paintings are a gateway to self expression, but those behind bars in a 4 by 9 cell desperately need as former inmate isaiah daniels tells me is how we interpret and respond. >> to the world and the people around us. because it's those emotions that determine the quality of our life and i gave my quality of life by understanding what was in finding myself out. arson corrections or any kind of art find us up and help. >> his piece is now hanging in the lobby at the san francisco war memorial opera. house alongside many others that service portals into the minds of many who are serving time at san quentin prison. the opportunity came in tandem with the performance of beethoven's one and only opera
10:26 pm
titled fidelio, which is a to freedom a story about a woman who infiltrates prison was disguised as a man to set free her wrongfully imprisoned husband, thereby standing against injustice, find some way of bringing the voices of those who are incarcerated. >> into the very space where we're presenting this opera. so that people would actually take this not only is a beautiful artistic experience, but as a direct connection to community and to the voices of those were too often unheard. >> some of the artists who have since been released were able to see their work on display wednesday night among a group of 150 community members. their paintings will be up through the run of the opera. fidelio, which ends next saturday, october 30th. >> so you can catch the performance and anybody can also see the exhibit for free in the lobby. it's titled. we shall be free. we shall find peace that's happening tomorrow next tuesday as well as saturday. and pam and catherine, the art teacher briefly sought the start of
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the story explains that she hopes whoever comes out to this really and reflecting in coming to the terms of the forgotten population behind bars are just people who need support too. >> and they intentionally invited a lot of community people to come in who may not normally go to see the opera, but to see the opera and to see this. art went displaying there. >> and that was the message from the san francisco opera. they really want to make sure that everybody feels welcome in that space and that upper is for everybody that's a great story. thank you so much. thanks a >> all right. take a look at this. the world's biggest triceratops skeleton that even got a name. it's not as big. john. it has sold for nearly 8 million dollars at a paris auction house. the enormous skeleton estimated to be more than 66 million years old was found in 2014 in south dakota. the triceratops is known for the 3 horns on its head. big john is named after the landowner where it was found
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and it has been certified by guinness world records. >> take down with one punch. the armed robber who was no match for a marine veteran. >> and the clouds are rolling in the rain could be a big issue with the commute tomorrow. we'll talk about that forecast is next. >> and coming up next, the search for brian laundrie ends after human remains matching his dna were
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another big story tonight. the nationwide manhunt for 23 year-old brian laundrie is over. >> authorities are confirming that the human remains discovered one stay in a florida reserve are hints. those remains and a backpack and a notebook believed to have been belonging to laundrie were found yesterday in a florida wilderness park. they were in an area that had previously been under water. andres parents are now under more scrutiny as police say they seem to know exactly where to find the body. but the laundries a family attorney is denying they did anything wrong. you know, it's not about knowing specifically where to go, chris and roberta want to win the ball again. >> to search for >> they started at the beginning of the preserve. it just so happened that that's where brian was. >> a dog handler and a former police officer says it is highly suspicious that cadaver
10:32 pm
dogs might have missed the remains even if they had been under water at the time laundry was a person of interest in the death of his girlfriend. gabby petito while the couple was on a cross country road trip. and brian laundrie's body, not the only one discovered by authorities during the monthslong search for him and for gabby petito. at least 9 bodies have been discovered during that huge search across the country since september. the investigation has also renewed a lot of interest and other missing persons and in domestic violence cases. the most recent body found was that of 22 year-old, emily ferlazzo and a case with chilling similarities to petito's ferlazzo was reported missing by her parents monday after her husband to joseph told her parents she had not seen her since saturday. he later confessed to shooting her and dismembering her body in their camper. >> authorities now know what caused the mysterious deaths
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of a young family from the bay area. this is their picture. they died back in august while they were on a hike in mariposa county. investigators say allen chong jonathan garish and their one year-old daughter meet you all died from hyperthermia and probably dehydration kron four's taylor bisacky has more. >> on thursday. investigators disclosed details of what caused the mysterious deaths. a young family from san francisco after they were found on a remote hiking trail in mariposa county, in august. we have determined. >> the official cause of death and our pathologist has complete completed his report based on the autopsy, our investigation and a multitude of toxicology results. the cause of death for jonathan garish. lunch on. me to chime garish. has been determined as hyperthermia improbable dehydration. did to the
10:34 pm
environmental exposure. the family was newer to the mariposa area, having just moved there from san francisco during the pandemic. >> mariposa county sheriff believes they underestimated the elements that day on august 15th during their hike on the heights cove trail trail in this area. >> drop severely in elevation and as well as the hike started off at 75 was 74 degrees. by the time they got down walking the roadway before they hit the trail. it's already chop too 103. so yes, it definitely puts traded. >> he says the family was hiking with an 85 ounce water blatter backpack which only had a small amount remaining when the bodies were found. the sheriff says they were wearing shorts and tank tops with no heads or she protection made you the one year-old was carried in a backpack. the family was just over a mile and a half away from completing the 8 mile loop trail when they died and
10:35 pm
there was no reception in the area. the determination of death comes after the family was originally thought to have possibly died from toxic algae in the area. however, that was later ruled out from the beginning. investigators have said there was no indication of foul play a real tragedy and. >> you know, it affects us as well. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >> not out of the 4 zone forecast. we did get a break from the rain today. but future cast for showing another big storm system will be moving in. >> tomorrow morning. yeah. let's check in with the busiest man in the department chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, definitely track shoes on now. we're going to be busy for a while. this may be the biggest storm we've seen in october in quite some time. we're going to see all works out. but in recent memory this will be one of the biggest in a while out there. now, though, we are catching a bit of a break. a lot of clouds in our skies. the rainfall moving mainly to the north of the front getting ready to move on shore for tomorrow morning. you see some
10:36 pm
of the starting to clip the northern sonoma county. but the rest, the bay area remaining dry now overnight tonight things are going to change his a high-resolution model showing you a little bit closer up. look, as we get in toward tomorrow morning. you see the first part of that front moving through about 4 o'clock in the morning in the san francisco and then the bulk of the front on the backside, moving a little bit later. but as we head toward about 7.30. still some lingering showers out there when you for the commute, it's just going to be kind of a mess. but it's not going to stick around. i think we get the backside. we'll see some rainbows by about in the morning and then really kind of drying out to the day, but it may be moist enough that we still see least drizzle along the coastline. then we get into saturday. some showers picking up again in the morning and scattered showers throughout the rest. the bay area in the afternoon and then we get ready for the main event. this is going to be some kind of storm as we head in towards sunday. the timing on this has moved up a little bit. that makes me feel a little bit better use the storms are going to happen. they start to back off some weapon. now they're moving it up and look by sunday morning. 05:00am you're already into some very heavy rain around
10:37 pm
much of the north bay. then of slides and drapes itself across the entire bay area just about by 2 o'clock in the afternoon. look at san francisco. that is a large storm that is moving through the bay area that will continue to bring impressive rainfall totals. so this next storm tomorrow morning. not so much. just an ice storm. but if you're in the commute now it's going to kind of a mess out there. rain again, as we head in towards saturday and then sunday the main event. look at all the colors. i mean, it's simply amazing. over 6 inches of rain expected in santa rosa by our models over 3 inches in the san francisco that would be incredible. downtown lesser amounts of the santa clara valley. but everybody is going to get it. and over the mountain tops. what we've already seen. 8 inches of rain. we could see significantly more rain again. maybe another 8, maybe 10 inches depending on how fast the storm system moves through. but yeah, what a sunday and monday there's going to good to have the break in. but doing so we can, you just a nice little break. but boy, this one we're going to hunker down. okay. yeah. thank you. public works crews in contra, costa county took
10:38 pm
advantage of the break in the rain today to. >> clear up storm drains and water channels workers use shovels to remove trash and debris carried by the recent storms. they say routine maintenance like this is essential to keeping the rain water in the streams and the canals and off of the roads. >> so trying to protect property along with you know, these cars are moving pretty quick up here and all it takes is couple inches of water for somebody to go by and hydroplane lose control. >> these crews made about 20 stuff in the east bay today from san ramon to martinez to brad. would the next step will be removing tall grass and the creeks so that the water can flow freely. >> this week's rain apparently will not to do much to give a boost to the bay area's water supply. the lexington reservoir near los gatos. is that just 18% full. all of the reservoirs and santa clara county are down to a combined 10% of capacity. the santa
10:39 pm
clara valley water district says it's going to take a lot more than rain to help. >> we really need a good snow pack because that's 30% of the state's storage. and this year it all sunk into the soil and it did run off and it didn't go into the rivers. >> and of course, you know, they're still telling everybody to conserve water last month. the state recorded only a 5% water use cut to the governor is asking for a reduction of after burning for more than 2 months. the caldor fire is now fully contained and has burned nearly 222,000 acres. it forced the entire city of south lake tahoe to evacuate. crews say people might still see smoke because flames will continue to burn within the containment lines, probably well into winter. the cause of this fire is still being investigated today. millions of people across california stop for the great california shakeout san
10:40 pm
francisco mayor london breed was one of the dozens of people to participate in the drill at the san francisco main library today. >> everybody stop for a minute to drop, take cover and hold on acting as though a real earthquake was taking place and then afterward. they talked about the importance of being prepared for earthquake and knowing what to do when one hits. >> we also want to make >> want not only >> things to keep in mind include ways to communicate with family and close friends in the event. the power is out and cell phone towers are down and also having a family plan is key designate a place for everybody to meet in case communication is not possible. >> still ahead, never too late to give a warm welcome home. take a look at the program that offers veterans free visit to the memorials built in their honor. plus in sports. the lawyers host the
10:41 pm
clippers in their home opener. cotton mill shows us how they fared. plus, a live report from the say center coming up. >> economic cost. the health care cost. the generational impacts of our neglect. were not deny that reality. we're taking some responsibility. >> and the governor taking a big step towards wait. winding down california's oil production. why he says it is so important. the u.s. coast
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guard rescued a fisherman did it in the middle of the night. this was 200 miles off the alaskan shoreline infrared cameras caught the scene. an emergency helicopter was used and uphold the man to safety. that's what you're seeing here. he was badly injured after being penned by a crab pot on the board. the boat had been on happened just before midnight tuesday. the man was airlifted to a nearby hospital. there is evidence now to suggest that the coast guard got several reports of a possible oil spill off the orange county coast earlier than anybody knew new documents obtained by the associated press says the coast guard asked local authorities to investigate reports of a leak about 15 hours before they finally confirmed that there had been a spill. the coast guard is saying it did not send a boat to search for the spill at the time because it was limited by
10:45 pm
darkness. they say they didn't have the technology to detect it. >> governor gavin newsom drilling down on safety as he moves to ban new oil and gas wells near homes, near schools and other populated areas throughout california people who live near oil and gas drilling sites are at risk of a number of illnesses. and governor newsom says buffer zones will help the more than 2 million people who could be in danger. lauren aleister in los angeles county with the details. >> today. wilmington resident and activist ashley hernandez showing me the oil drilling operations just behind the boys and girls club basketball court where the local high school for the off and pump jacks next sports fields her community uses for recreation. one of the issues that we have with a lot of our community spaces and creation and sacred spaces that we have the proximity of oil drilling. and so we we are dealing with major health issues. she has been pushing for change and is applauding governor newsom's announcement today. it's about
10:46 pm
public health. it's about safety. the governor proposing regulations that would prohibit new oil drilling. 3200 feet from homes, schools, hospitals and other sensitive locations 3200 foot set backs in this proposal. are the most aggressive in the united states. the rules would also require pollution controls and prohibit read rolling when it comes to existing wells. according to a spokesperson for the american lung association. the research tells us that oil and gas operations. generate toxic air contaminants that threaten health. >> in a number of ways. he says that includes asthma for ashley hernandez. i was that kid that always had nose bleeds. the oil industry expected to fight the proposed setbacks, ceo of california, independent petroleum association. in a statement claiming the new rules, quote, will result in more climate. non compliant crude being tankard into our crowd imports from saudi arabia and iraq who are totally exempted from
10:47 pm
california's climate programs. opponents, also claim californians will lose jobs elected officials today responding to that concern. we're working on a plan to support these workers in the oil and gas industry and help them transition. >> 2 good paying jobs in clean energy. >> meantime, as oil spill cleanup efforts wrap up in southern california. wildlife rescue groups are at least a rehabilitated birds back into the wild yesterday. officials released 6 birds treated for oil contamination. so far, though, the groups have rescue 32 oiled birds in all. >> but nearly 80 have died. experts will study the dead birds to determine the exact cause of their deaths. they are also continuing to monitor the wildlife in that arms county area of the spill. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> putting on quite the show
10:48 pm
in their home opener. the dubs hosted the la clippers with a full capacity crowd for the first time since early 2020 to chase center. we go fans eager to see warriors star steph curry. he greeted the crowd before tipoff welcome, everyone. back for the net new season and then got to work 3 minutes left in the first a floor. general with the stepback. 3 goes the dynamite warriors up 3425 moments later staff with the handles and traffic pulls up nails the jumper 3625 jobs and steph is paul, that he had 25 points in 12 minutes in the first 2nd quarter action forward andre just give you paul george take to the other way for the one-handed slam dubs lead by 19. let's take another look at this one. that is a thing of beauty. but here come the clippers. reggie jackson finds marcus morris in the corner.
10:49 pm
he sinks the clippers go up by 2 a minute ago warriors down one damian lee to curry for the lead clutch curry doesn't again 45 points for the mvp and it is rocking at chase center. 3.7 seconds to go dubs trying to hold onto the lead. veit box misses the free throw its bottled. paul george throwing up the last minute shot that won't go and that will do it. the warriors. hang on to win one 15, one 13, a gritty effort by golden state and our own sports director jason dumas was there to watch this all unfold. jason, joining us live now. how would you sum up that 4th quarter that was exciting. >> wasn't exciting kyle. and i mean, this is the loudest i've heard this building in its 2 years in the warriors actually played their home opener. their regular season opener to open this building. just over
10:50 pm
2 years ago to the day was been to probably about 4050, games over that span and nothing was like the atmosphere tonight. it almost felt like a recharge chase center because of this. so much that has happened over the last 2 years where whether it was cause of the pandemic. fans can come weather is clay getting her staff getting hurt players getting traded. the buyers were never right until tonight. this is why they built this building. the fans came. they really showed out who who else but steph curry gave them a treat 25 points in the 1st quarter. 45 in 10 for the game. there were several instances where he walked to the crowd and told them to get louder. you could tell it was a special moment for him. a special moment for this organization and draymond green been around in 10 years. steve kerr has been around him 13 years and you're still not used to some of the things that he does is that amazing. and they summed it up tonight after the game.
10:51 pm
>> steph curry. was courage. you know, there's never been anybody like him. so those last 2. threes were and then i think our fans had a big part in this. when i did the energy out, there was incredible. so i want to thank everybody for coming out. and so great to to feel that energy for the first time couple years. great basketball game. he didn't miss a shot to the issue around. you've got news com. but he couldn't miss that. we shot the still unknown so? it's incredible player. >> there's so many adjectives you can use for staff and honestly, i'm tired of using i can't think of anything else. but just to say we've got to appreciate what we're watching. i mean, this is one of the best basketball players to ever live and when you get
10:52 pm
to see that on a daily basis. you just got to appreciate it. they're packing up the chase center right now. this place will be making from warriors basketball until next thursday. when they play the memphis grizzlies, the team that ended their season last year on sunday. they'll be just 90 minutes up the road in sacramento taking on the kings now piling it's still early but this team is to know and there's a good feeling around this team. hopefully something special is growing. but obviously they got to take it game by game reporting from chase center, jason dumas scrum for sports. >> all righty. thank you, jason. looking snazzy the turtle neck. he was too. all right. the forty-niners back in action on sunday for the first time in 2 weeks. today that he was preparing for the colts at practice in santa clara the quarterback situation remains a big question mark, veteran qb jimmy garoppolo was limited in practice again today still recovering from a calf strain rookie quarterback trey lance
10:53 pm
set out again with a left knee sprain that left third-string quarterback nate sudfeld to take reps with the first team today. head coach kyle shanahan said he's optimistic. rob lowe will be available to start on sunday. rob lowes teammates said they're only behind >> jim has done a great job. one. the new i think he was a little nervous after the game when he was emotional that it was going to be a little worse than it was. i think once he found that really she was back his normal self. but he's he's handled everything with tremendous humility and grace and as great of a teammate could i don't think anybody could have handled it better. that's why you tip your cap and you're just so excited to play with a guy like that because he is the perfect example of what to look at in terms of mental toughness and and blocking out the noise and being a professional and these last couple weeks is just continue to do the same thing. he's always done. >> the sharks looking to go 3 know to start the season taking on the ottawa senators second period sharks down by
10:54 pm
one logan couture with the fancy flick. the sharks tied up one want later in the second erik karlsson to kevin labanc on the power play and he turns the red light. san jose takes the lead and they go on to win their 3rd straight game 2 to one. the final score. they are back in action tomorrow night looking to improve to 4 now on the season
10:55 pm
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>> a marine veteran was in the right place at the right time to stop an armed robbery at a gas station in yuma, arizona. the marine was talking to the cashier. 3 men came in with one with a handgun. the that grabbed the gun restrain the robber. the other 2 suspects fled. >> yeah, they were not expecting to run into a marine okay. lauren to talk about we talk about all the rain get ready. gusty winds, likely power outages. gusting 4050, maybe 60 miles per on sunday. all right. thank you, lord. thank you for being with us tonight. everybody have a good evening.
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