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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sk of serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. >> all right. we're going to go live right now to a live press conference in oakland regarding a shooting at the year. today. the oakland police department responded to the 1700 block of castro to investigate a shot spotter activation about 1 o'clock pm. upon arrival officers. 2 victims. both suffering from gunshot wounds. one victimdwas
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transported to the hospital. suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. the other victim unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. our preliminary investigation indicate that. 1 o'clock pm the victim was. at the gas station. filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several individuals that begin to rob him of his belongings. during a robbery. at some point. shots were fired. and both victims sustained gunshot wounds. the victim in the hospital is currently in stable condition. in serious condition. this investigation is ongoing. we continue to look for the suspects involved in this incident. we obviously that today's is really something that is impacting our entire see our community. is a tragic situation. but then another senseless crime that happened in our community. and unfortunately.
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2 people are seriously injured. one fatally and one fighting for his life. with that. i'll take a couple questions. >> mean, you're not saying who the victim was. but we come from that. is there any reason to believe that he was targeted for either his past work as an officer work in the cannabis. >> and then with not at this time. i think our investigation is ongoing as early an investigation. we're looking at every motive. everything that might have led to this particular incident. so nothing's off the table at this point will be looking into everything. >> how many assailants were there. >> we're still confirming that we know right now that we see 3 individuals as what we initially see. but we're obviously is early investigation and we're still looking to make sure that that is all of the suspects involved in this case, there are people that we can for there is a black vehicle that we have seen. we are not giving up the specific details on that vehicle right now. but
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there is a black sedan that we are looking for. >> when when it's appropriate to release that a surveillance video we will be at least that video. not at this time, though. we are obviously looking for those responsible for this and that video is key to our investigation. the video is very clear. high quality video we clearly see this incident unfold. we obviously see the unfortunate incident that occurred. we also the the things that happened prior to the actual robbery. so we know that to focus the victim in this case. i think the video has been very clear, very helpful for instance, of as this investigation so far any been made at this point. we have not made any arrests at this point
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>> and >> well, i think it's still early investigation to determine who did what we are looking at the video we're examining all of the evidence. our technicians are looking all everything that was recovered at the scene of the crime. i think we'll have more clarity in the days to a fire. not going to confirm that at this time. i think it's still i'm not going to confirm that. he is a former police officer. he's a retired officer, but we we know he is lawfully able to carry a fire. keep >> make them that. >> well, this highlights the violence that we've seen in this city this entire year.
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we've seen so many tragic situations. we've seen so many people lose their lives as a result of violence. again this today, again, shows you know, how brazen these these individuals involved in this activity can be. and and and it's unfortunate today that we have to stand before you talk about one person is dead and another one that is really fighting for his life. >> i'm charges. it doesn't. it doesn't appear to be a carjacking at this time. it appears to be it. it appears to be a robbery as what we see. >> and the reports today involving >> not that i'm aware of. but we're early in the investigation and we're going examine everything related to his vehicle. we just that. i don't have an update on his
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condition except that he's in stable condition and still in critical condition of all >> all right. chief leronne armstrong their opd is chief talking about the shootout at 17 think castro at the chevron that involved former oakland police captain or see joyner who was well known in the community. he said joiner is now in stable condition. but he also said he's fighting for his life. he's out of at highland hospital shot several times shot 4 times. according to a one of our sources are kron four's. dan thorn. he is covering this breaking situation. he's going to have much more coming up on kron 4 news at 6. >> it is a different picture on the roads this evening. not quite as wet today but don't worry, more rain is on the way. lawrence is here with the latest guys. i think tomorrow morning's commute could be a little bit ugly out there. we've got. >> a cold front coming in. that's going bring some heavy rainfall around the entire bay area tomorrow morning timing
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out free overnight tonight, scattered showers right now. and then here comes that cold front right around 4 o'clock in the morning or so started moving across the bay area heavier rain moving on through with this front than what we've noticed today. it will be a shorter time period, though it's going to move through the morning hours start to clear out as we head toward the afternoon. then as we get in toward the evening, things kind of quiet. it will dry out as the rain will come to an end. but then as we get to saturday start to notice some changes in by saturday morning. maybe a couple light showers in the north and then it kind of picks up as we head in toward the evening hours. again, most that fairly light. but watch what happens here on the models as we get into sunday starting at 5 o'clock in the morning. look at the colors beginning to change maisie amounts of rain begin to move in with the atmospheric river in the north bay and then that slide further to south, but still by 11:00am most that hung up in the north bay with extremely heavy rainfall. but the totals they're going to just be impressive with this kind of system. so, yeah, we're watching out for the possibility of flooding now across much of the central part of the state here. and if you plan to head to the high country be prepared. the latter part of the weekend sunday into monday. we're
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going to get that sierra cement type of snow. it's not going to be real cold system. so snow levels above about 8,000 feet or so. but we're talking maybe 2 to 3 feet of snow by monday evening, guys, back to you. that's great. lawrence. thank you very much. and stay with kron 4 for the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can always scan this qr code. it will take you right to a special section on our website where you will find. >> things like live radar forecasts and current conditions. that's kron. 4 dot com kron. 4 mobile app is a great way to stay righties for its fans time to talk about the warriors. a season got off to a great start with a win in la tuesday night. >> so 82 out. here we go. now they got the home opener tonight down the road to for sports director us joining us live there from the floor. jason. i know everybody so excited. >> jagr and it might be a gloomy outside. it's been raining off and on all day,
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obviously. but its electric in here in the chase center. you can feel the energy in here. people are excited and get this grant. it's been 2 years since chase could really be filled at capacity to be exact october 24th 2019. that's only almost 2 years to the day. so people are ready to get back in here impact this building and get this. there's been a lot of lows over that two-year period. there's been a lot of injuries and some of the players are still dealing with those injuries liked klay thompson. and then there's been a lot of losses. there's been some trades. and of course, there's that pandemic. but up to this point right now as it stands today, there's a lot to cheer for and the warriors. they look really good and they showed it on tuesday night. they went into the staples center a very rocky atmosphere and they beat the lakers, a team that is supposed to win an nba championship. they're loaded with hall of famers lebron james anthony davis camillo anthony russell westbrook. but
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it didn't matter. the warriors used a team basketball coach that felt like the strength in numbers era and they pulled out a win behind contributions from everyone. now they want to do the same thing tonight against the other la team and we talked to want to ask. i know, anderson and steve kerr and they are ready to feel that electricity here in chase center tonight. >> it's always fun to play at home. i mean regard to what team you play for us on the plane for me is it's a lot much more just because this is my house, you know, so my family will be here. my friends will be here. donation will pack the house you know, covid was a hard time. so it's just fun to see the nba back. see people back in the was crazy staples, but that's what we play this game for him. and it's just, you know, to have fun with i'm super excited man and can't replace energy is so important it's so there's a
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connection between our players and the fans and and so i i can't wait for tonight in 10. the whole season just knowing we're going to have some semblance of normalcy on through. >> well, steve kerr mentioned that energy special night for the nba as well. this season marks the 75th anniversary of the league. also the 75th anniversary of the warriors. everybody will be wearing. the church right here. a couple warriors legends on day play staff rick perry will chamberlain. >> wear a special jersey and also have the 75th year logo at the center of court. >> now we have some players out here warming up. we got andre iguodala right here in the corner. and then we also have andrew wiggins taking jump shots right here. so they're getting ready. it's going to be a fun night here at the chase center of course, we'll have all the coverage
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leading up to tip off and post game highlights postgame reports right here from chase center. but for now, that's all i have. i'm jason dumas for sports. have all the fun will b ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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after a relentless light rain today around 2 o'clock this afternoon, the sun peeked out a rainbow. >> kind of say they're stretched across the hills and central marin county. we want to give credit where credit is. do you actually shot this yourself. beautiful get. keep me. yeah. the letter he were exchanged. i love weather. yeah. i love the weather whether you're going to be loving a it's because we've got plenty of that coming, guys. it's going to be just. >> a tremendous series of
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storms rolling in. we've already seen the rainfall already are next front. you can see off the coastline. notice the direction here, almost a parallel to the coastline. so it's going to be kind of one that moves through see it right here as we take you through time heading into tomorrow morning. the commute just after 05:00am look at that heavy rain stretching across the bay area into the south bay. but continuing all the way up into the north bay. but this could be kind of a quick moving storm because of the way its approach, the coastline almost parallel the coastline so kind of moves out. and by the middle of the day will probably start to dry things out a bit around the bay area, maybe even a couple of sunny breaks. then things change again as we get into saturday morning, you start to see the showers moving into far northern california then picking up kind of throughout the afternoon and by the evening, a few more showers out there and then we get ready for that atmospheric river event. and here goes, i want you to see the way it approaches the coastline instead of coming parallel the coastline. it comes in perpendicular. so you start with that rain. but you don't see the caboose of the storm until maybe monday. so that means we could see a whole lot of rain. look at that as it
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just streams on shore taking really the in the north bay to start with. but this is going to spread all across the bay area, bringing very, very heavy rainfall. the kind of rain we probably haven't seen for maybe a couple years locally. how about rainfall totals look like this for the first storm system coming through tomorrow morning. yes, going to be a nice little soaker with some brief heavy rainfall in the morning, but nothing too bad. then as we get the beginning of a sunday morning, at least just after midnight that front will of come through bringing some more rain. dad of the totals and then it starts to get a little crazy because these rain totals looking incredible as we head the middle of a monday and in through wednesday we're talking maybe 5, maybe 6 inches of rain and some place in the north bay, maybe as much as 7 inches of rain and that's not including the mountain tops. maybe another 10 inches of rain on the way for them, guys. wow. all right, lawrence, stay with kron 4 for the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code. >> and you'll be taken to a special section on our website. you find things like live radar forecast and current conditions. >> the cdc has linked a
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nationwide salmonella outbreak to fresh whole onions. the zonings of sickened more than 650 people across 37 states, including 9 people in california. the case numbers are expected to increase. they say is more people reported illnesses. the affected red white and yellow onions were imported from mexico and distributed by pro source in idaho. they were sold to restaurants and grocery stores on the specifics are on kron. 4 dot com. >> never too late to give a warm welcome home. coming up, check out the program that honors veterans with visits to the memorial built in their honor. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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chicken, beef, roasted garlic, sauteed onion. with better than bouillon the possibilities are endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon. don't just make it, make it better. >> veterans from across the country are traveling to dc once again after the pandemic grounded honor flights for some 18 months. the nonprofit gives all expenses paid trips to those who served during the world war 2 korea and vietnam war era. so. >> they can visit the memorials honoring their service jessi turnure has the story. god bless united states a hero's welcome. thank for a 122 veterans at the memorials dedicated to honoring their service and sacrifice that big strangers at the national mall asked for photos and shook their hands and brother while some families celebrated generations of military
5:55 pm
service in dc together. >> this honor flight from columbus, ohio gave those. he served during world war 2 korea and vietnam era is an all expenses paid trip to reunite with those who survived and remember those who didn't roll joy to be out here today, bill lawson served in the navy during the vietnam war. a time when he said many returned home to a much different reception being cursed and spat on. and i think this is just a wonderful way to show we appreciate every military person the pandemic grounded, all honor flights for 18 months. >> precious time for some veterans who are hoping to take the trip but passed away before they phil jackson was the only world war 2 veteran on this honor flight. >> he served in the navy where and a gun turret come carter had trying hold their shape. at 96 years old. jackson still has vivid memories of the war
5:56 pm
but was first reluctant to make the trip back to the memorial that honors at very oh yeah. for veterans voices. i'm jessi tenure. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. good to see them going back a lot more news ahead coming up on kron 4 news at 06:00pm or catherine heenan are here with a look ahead. >> and vicki, thanks to you both. kathy and i are coming up. and at 6 is a lot happening we are following breaking news out of oakland where retired police captain or si was held at gunpoint and shot several times. opd just wrapped up a news conference. we will have the very latest live in a report at the top of the hour. >> and we're tracking the next round of rain headed our way. this break in the wet weather is not going to last for long chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow is telling us to brace for 2 more storms and the next few days. >> i'm catherine heenan. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news for a
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>> they want to go that again or charge your on your all times. >> breaking news tonight at 6 retired oakland police captain or c joyner held at gunpoint while pumping gasoline in oakland and was shot at least 4 times. we're told. thanks for joining us. i'm pam moore. and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne joyner shot and killed one person during that incident today. it all happened about one this afternoon at the chevron gas station on castro and 18th in oakland and not too far from 9.80. >> joiner is hospitalized. he's in the icu. kron four's. dan thorn joins us live from highland hospital. and and what what do we know tonight. >> just heard from oakland police chief leronne armstrong who says that joyner is right now in serious but critical condition here at highland hospital. he was shot several times today on him involved with at least 3 suspects in this


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