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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 21, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> well, good morning thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news here on thursday inching just a little bit closer to friday october. the 21st right harvey, thank you for waking up with this bright and early this morning hoping that he slept well last night. so it's really well. i was a very wet and slick commute into work, though our meteorologists entre. well, he's been updating us the past couple of days about this change in weather. good morning, john hay, the rain again as the change in weather. definitely in full effect. now, we've been looking at those showers during overnight hours.
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>> and they'll continue off and on throughout the course of the day today too. so anticipate bringing the rain jacket bring the umbrella as you do leave the house. if you have a pick that up already from the sound on your window outside your view outside right now is showing you the low gray that we do have that's the mist and the rainfall that's currently making its way through san francisco at this time. you can see it is an active start to the morning on satellite and radar. and if we zoom in on a couple of key areas right here. you can definitely see that rain falls a bit more widespread than it was yesterday. on the peninsula up highway one as well as 2.81. oh, one from san mateo through the city of san francisco. we are actively looking at some light to moderate shower activity right now that stretches across the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge on over into portions of the east bay from san leandro on up through oakland. even up along highway 24 and some light showers as well. drowned concord and walnut creek. some light sprinkles a little bit further north from there. overall, we
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are just looking at some cloudy conditions. a lot of that energy that we saw last night in the form of widespread and at times pretty good rainfall has now shifted out into the portions of the sierra foothills. we're still looking at relatively high elevation rainfall. but as we move into tomorrow night. a lot of this is going to become really, really blue. and that's what we're going to see. some snow stacking up there in those higher elevation areas. winds will continue to be out of the south today and breezy at times, although not as excessively windy as yesterday was, it's windy. it's cool. it's wet and it's grace. you do not want to forget those layers and especially a waterproof lair as you venture outside 50's and 60's for current temperatures. alameda fremont berkeley each at 61 concord dublin and livermore 59 will oakland are most mild spot on the map this morning at 64 very wet tarmac out there. it s f o this morning. it looks like things are going to be staying that way to over these next few days. so time to get the rain jackets out for sure. a rainy and wet
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morning. we'll still have some on and off showers into the afternoon and then rain really increases during overnight hours tonight. that sets us up for a very heavy rainfall morning tomorrow right around this time, which will be breaking down for you and the rest of your forecast back over to irena. don, thank you so much for that. so like john mentioned, very slick roadways. look at that. the bay bridge heading into the city this morning. conditions. >> still very slick as cars drive by water gets kicked up there. i'm not seeing any major hot spots. when i am seen accidents in the east bay like one along 80 southbound south of hamburger road in oakland and we have a dis able. looks like tractor trailer along 8.80 as well. that southbound south of jackson street in oakland. also in the city, 80 eastbound at 4th street looks like there's a traffic collision there as well. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge. is your head across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes still want to take your time. the richmond center fell commute a little under 8 as you're heading out of richmond across towards center fail. but again, damp
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conditions yet again. so looks like the water may still be coming down there in that area and the golden gate bridge, although we're looking at clear skies we're looking at a wet dense bridge yesterday we saw drive times. but to 40 minutes again, take your time as you're driving. we'll have more on this coming up next. but for now, let's get back to the news. the wet weather has knocked out power to hundreds of people in the bay area and newark still dealing with more than 500 outages the air in livermore that numbers down to a 126 san francisco has about 82 customers without power. and more than 304 down in san jose. now, again, the rain we're getting is putting an end to the fire danger, but it's created a brand problem. tow truck drivers are now bracing for a busy few days. a slick streets are causing more crashes out there. kron four's jonathan mccall has a message for drivers. >> as mother nature looks to drench the bay area with much needed rain. you know, the rain is coming in a little bit and. it is getting a little
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bit more hectic out on the streets here the day luge for days is also expected to bring on a flood of car crashes on bay area highways and roads. >> oscar monroy says that his team at auto towing in san francisco is already deep in calls for service. >> so yeah, we we are getting a lot more phone calls. you know, accident. why says breakdowns, you know, people driving a little too fast for him. the u.s.. >> he says he expects to be swamped in the coming days as more rain moves into the area. >> were supplied up a record. you know, we all the trucks are equipped for everything to go. right now we're 17 drivers in right now. >> chp says they're bracing for a rise in the number of car crashes in the coming days. they say that poor tire maintenance in speed often lead to many of the crashes. see during what weather they're urging drivers to give their cars a basic maintenance check including looking over tread depth on tires and
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windshield wipers officers say that a lack of tread on the tires makes a difficult to break in the rain. chp says if there are crashes, drivers should expect to see high. we shut down for a period of time to clear the scene which could trigger backups and delays. monroy says if you are in a crash. >> always put your hazards on that that the number one. don't stand outside of the car. all we know time is trying to push a window. >> and warns drivers to pay close attention on the roads in order to avoid even more tragedy here week. >> it's not a safe job. we're going to charge on the side your home. >> that was jonathan mccall reporting for us. so stay with kron 4 news for the latest weather in your neighborhood. go ahead, take your phone out scan, this qr code. we have a special section dedicated tracking the rain over the next few days over on our website. kron 4 dot com.
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that's what big development in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus. the fda has authorized to covid-19 booster shot. well, also approving the mixing and matching of vaccines, meaning if you're eligible for booster, shot, you can get one from a different brand. then the one that you initially got the first time the fda has authorized a thermador to shop for seniors. also others at high risk for severe covid and at least 6 months after their last shop for the johnson and johnson vaccine. the fda says people who got that one should get a second dose at least 2 months after their initial vaccination. now the announcement makes 10's of millions more americans eligible for boosters. and the white house also pressed the lo mein vaccine mandate for federal workers and contractors more than a 100 million americans who work with the federal government are going to have to be fully vaccinated by december 8th. that includes the airline industry where staffing
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shortages are already causing long lines and flight delays across the country. however, officials say the vaccine mandate will not cause any disruptions to government services that people depend on. >> agencies have the flexibility necessary to enforce the mandate without impacting critical operations. and we all know getting more people vaccinated and vaccination requirements are very effective tools. we'll celebrate the path of the pandemic. >> a plan by southwest airlines to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave has put on hold this week after a big demonstration outside the company's dallas headquarters. some workers say they would rather quit. then get the shots. roughly 4% of san francisco city employees are not vaccinated. the deadline for workers in high-risk settings to get the shot was one week ago yesterday. mayor london breed says 46 active duty police officers 28 firefighters, 43 deputy shares and 224 health care workers are all of vaccinated. the
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city is now holding due process hearings with those employees after which they could be terminated employees who do not work in high-risk settings have until november. 1st to get the shot or else. they also run the risk of losing their jobs. mask mandates will be leaving california schools any time soon. that's all according to the state health and human services secretary. he says in a statement that this isn't the time to let our guard down, especially as we approach the winter months, many children in schools are still not vaccinated. california has accounted for less than one percent of all school closures nationwide despite about 12% of the nation's public school students. for your health when the pandemic hit mammogram screenings were delayed across the country that resulted in some women getting a diagnosis of cancer much later than they should have. and through screenings rates have continued to rebound as kron four's. noelle bellow reports, doctors at center health hope
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this new technology. we'll get even more women examined. >> a few moments of discomfort that could save your life. >> taking care of my sister is a cancer survivor. and every year not require necessarily, but. requested that i do every >> lissa gunned run is a patient at center cpm sees center for women's health care on wednesday. she received a 3 d mammogram kind of goes around you when you're in the mammogram machine. and so it gets all of these different views and kind of put together this 3 d image of your. so it's really great at seeing through tissue better than standard. 2 d mammograms. the technology is the new standard for all patients at sutter's health center. >> co-director of the center doctor and pellet is hoping after a year where 31% of women either delayed or missed their mammograms that screening rates will continue
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to rebound really? understandably, a lot of people have put off. >> preventive measures and things like mammograms and other cancer screenings 75% of women who were diagnosed with cancer in the last 6 months of 2020 had annual screening mammogram tests delayed due to the pandemic. and we know that coming in earlier for mammograms leads to earlier detection and less treatment and hopefully better outcomes. so we're really encouraging people to come in and not delay their screening. women should begin annual screening mammograms at age 40. >> but if you have family history or other risk factors like dense. one might be necessary sooner. maybe the difference between finding a cancer when stage 0 or maybe you just need surgery or possibly radiation to moving into stage one or stage 2 or you might need chemotherapy in addition, the surgery radiation doctor pellet is a cancer survivor herself diagnosed at age 37 after finding a lump at home when it had gone away in 2 weeks. i went and got a biopsy and was
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stunned to find that it was invasive cancer. she's almost 4 years out now and hopes by sharing her story. it will encourage all women regardless of age to self check their and see their doctor if they find a lot of people worry about what's going to happen if you get diagnosed with cancer. >> we know if you're treated early should do really well in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> following her own diagnosis, doctor and created a new misek to the procedure for women diagnosed with cancer. coming up on next wednesday night, noelle bellow takes a closer look at the technique that's helping patients regain confidence after surgery. well, still to come on the kron 00:00am morning news it is love life week in the city of oakland. why community activists say they hope this message will be the one that helps in gun violence will have that story when we get back from break.
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>> back to the kron 4 morning news at 5 for you now 04:15am, i'm reyna harvey. thank you for waking up with this bright and early on, this wet thursday. it's going to be wet for the next few days. so we just better get used to it and also drive safe as you're leaving the house. i left a little earlier this morning. drive a little slower this morning. if you just think of those 2 things. the earlier drive slower. be safe for all of those things are meteorologists on tribal joining us this morning to tell us where the rain is coming down now how long it's
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going to stick around how heavy it is. all the hard questions thanks, hayes rain nhat we are looking at the conditions out there today that will be very rainy indeed. so good advice there. just taking a little bit slower. >> and hey, even if you're leaving late, just come to work late. that's ok, you got a good excuse today, which is the weather that's always the number one thing to blame it on. you can look outside this morning and see some of the gray skies that we do have across the bay area. >> this the evidence of the rainfall that's falling right over the east bay currently although conditions are not as rainy as they were last night as you are going to bed. we had the super heavy widespread rainfall. this now shifted out into the central valley in the sierra foothills. still very active morning for the bay, including some showers in marine county, solano and contra costa counties zooming in right on the core of the bay. we do have a lot of rainfall in san francisco down highway one as well as a few showers from san mateo up to sfo and right on over into the east bay alameda and portions of oakland. also in the midst of this rain. as you can see, the bay bridge, especially
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that western span is looking at showers right now. second system on our doorstep. this one is going to impact us with our heaviest of rainfall in overnight hours tonight. so today, much like yesterday will see some off and on showers on into the afternoon ahead. we will see pockets of moderate even heavy rainfall towards the afternoon. so unlike yesterday where it quieted down quite a bit towards the middle of the day today is going to say a little bit more unsettled and i would definitely keep the rain jackets and umbrellas with you tonight. things really kick back into gear and by early tomorrow morning we have this frontal boundary pushing through along with that dose of heavy rainfall and also some strong winds. this is 06:15am tomorrow morning so far early risers. this is a push of rainfall that is going to affect your morning commute on into your friday morning after that will dry out for much of the rest of the day on friday. getting a break into friday night and early saturday before showers make their return to saturday afternoon. so today showers
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mostly moderate tonight into tomorrow morning. some heavy stuff. then we get a breather on friday afternoon into friday night. saturday afternoon showers arrive again. and the heaviest of rainfall arrives on into sunday and monday. that's when we could actually seems some negative impacts from all this rain because as totals begin to continue to add up. you're going to see more and more saturated ground and a lot of that water is not going have a chance to soak into it so easily. we'll start to get some standing water on roadways. a lot of runoff as well. any sort of flooding potential especially high into sunday and monday. now 60's and 70's are your highs across the bay area today. little bit more a little bit warmer than yesterday. a little bit more mild burlingame at 73 saying carlo 75 south bay temperatures mostly in the low 70's today. well, across the east bay looking at temperatures in the low to mid 70's berkeley and richmond in the upper 60's while walnut creek and danville each at 76 upper 60's to 70's as well across the north bay and tell you to the coast point raise in the upper 50's. here's a
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look at your next 7 days. today is easily the warmest of this forecast. cold fronts tears through early tomorrow morning along with that heavy burst of rain and that cools down temperatures saturday. we see rainfall returning into the evening after a bit of a break friday night into saturday, sunday, monday. our heaviest of rain tuesday starts to bring things clearing out. and by next wednesday, there's a good dose of sunshine. but i think by that point we'll have earned reyna. >> john, thank you for that. right. if you are traveling across 84 eastbound east of university avenue in menlo park. there is an accident there. so we're keeping a close eye on things. also look at what the bay bridge is. as you're heading into the city a little under 10 minutes. but you definitely want to take your time as you're driving. so we have some traffic hazards in the east bay. 8.80, southbound south of jackson street in oakland the right lane. there is blocked and you got an just behind that along a southbound north. the 5th avenue in oakland. so if you're deciding whether or not to take 5.80 or 80. i don't
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see anything along don't see anything happening along 13 or 24. but does have a couple of issues this morning and san francisco 80 eastbound at 4th street in san francisco. the on ramp. there is a impacted by a traffic collision. so we're keeping a close eye on that. but doesn't look like we're seeing much of a delay here in the city from that accident. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for your drive times. so conditions are looking nice there of steel, pretty slick and wet like yesterday. so take your time as you're driving the richmond. sandra fell come you look at that water still coming down. it's on the camera there. a little under 9 minutes for you there. and let's check out the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes as you're heading into the city slick bridge conditions. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's get back to some of our top stories. in national news. the white house is unveiling plans to roll out the coronavirus vaccine for
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kids. the biden administration saying kids ages 5 to 11 could get the shot just as soon as at the fda approves, all of that. kelli myers brings us that story. >> so children could be able to get the covid-19 shot over the past several weeks we've been working closely with governors pediatricians pharmacies, community health centers. rural health centers and other vaccine providers to prepare for this moment. places from pharmacies to pediatricians offices will get 25,000 specially packaged doses reduced for kids ages 5 to 11 will be ready to vaccinate kids. doctor anthony fauci says vaccinating such a large portion of the population could have an even bigger impact on reducing the spread of the virus. if we can get the. >> overwhelming majority of those 28 million children vaccinated. i think that would play a major role in diminishing the spread of infection in the community. according to the american academy of pediatrics
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6 million children in the u.s. have been infected. 1 million of them since early september. >> health officials believe expanding the vaccine outreach will help protect more kids and their parents. >> in the era of delta children get infected as readily as adults, too. and they transmit the infection as readily as the adults do. >> hill. that was kelly meyer reporting for us. coming up next to the kron 4 morning news veterans across the country are now able to catch a full paid trip to dc more about the nonprofit making all of this happened. veterans
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from across the country are traveling to dc once again after the covid-19 pandemic crowded honor flight for 18 months. the nonprofit gives all expenses paid trips to those who served during well, we're too korea, vietnam air is so they can visit the memorials honoring their service. jessi tenure has that story for us. god bless united states a hero's welcome. thank for a 122 veterans at the memorials dedicated to honoring their service and sacrifice that big strangers at the national mall asked for photos and shook their hands and brother while some families celebrated generations of military service in dc together. >> this honor flight from columbus, ohio gave those. he served during world war 2 korea and vietnam era is an
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all expenses paid trip to reunite with those who survived and remember those who didn't joy to be out here today, bill lawson served in the navy during the vietnam war. a time when he said many returned home to a much different reception being cursed and spat on. and i think this is just a wonderful way to show we appreciate every military person the pandemic grounded, all honor flights for 18 months. >> precious time for some veterans who are hoping to take the trip but passed away before they phil jackson was the only world war 2 veteran on this honor flight. >> he served in the navy where and a gun turret come carter had trying hold their shape. at 96 years old. jackson still has vivid memories of the war but was first reluctant to make the trip back to the memorial that honors at very oh yeah. for veterans voices.
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i'm jessi tenure. >> alright, so go ahead and take your phone out scan, this qr code because for more stories honoring our veterans. all you have to do is like i mentioned scan that coke is it's going to take you directly over to our website. we have an entire page dedicated to veterans voices. well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the first real break in the brian laundrie case in weeks. >> what officials are saying in a live report.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news on this october reyna harvey, thanks for waking up with us this morning. slick and wet conditions. that's the name of what we're experiencing today. so like i've been telling people you want to leave the house earlier and drive a little slower because we all want to be safe and get to where we're going this morning and our meteorologists on keeping us informed on the weather. i see some green on the map. are we still seeing some sprinkles out there this morning. yes. still some rainfall out there this morning. rain at definitely more than even what we saw yesterday. so that does add up to a slick morning commute. >> give yourself that extra time this morning. maybe get that routine in gear a little early so that you can drive to work without the feeling that you need to be rushed as you're getting onto roadways looking outside at our berkeley hills camera. you can see that rain misty. look that


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