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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 20, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> is the first significant storm of the season. the rain started last night expected to continue for but week or so. you so the bay bridge there roads have been it just kind of the drenched for most of the day. kron four's, charles clifford shot this video c drove around the bay area today. not a patch of dry pavement in sight. make sure your wipers are good to go. yeah. here's a look at the radar right now as you see patches of green moving around. and lawrence is calling this a very disorganized. >> parade of precipitation. it really is. i mean, we're just seeing some light showers kind of. >> on and off. but really kind of muck up. if you're driving home, right. things are kind of ugly out there on the
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roads. you see those clouds flowing in right now. more that rain kind of just rolling on shore disorganized. you're seeing these pop-up light showers around the bay area, but certainly can make a mess of things up there along many of these the 3.81. oh, one, you name it. the 80 the 8.80. >> it's pretty wet out there in spots will be careful if you're traveling out there on the roads this evening starting to see some of them making its way into the south bay. now we have seen a whole lot in that direction. but now picking up on some scattered showers there and the east bay continues to be a couple raindrops as well. this really just the beginning. i want to show you this long range forecast model. you can see this train of moisture that is ahead up in the bay area disorganized. but it's going to keep things unsettled wet throughout the night tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, cc rolling on through. but then on the backside, all of a sudden we start to see this forming this is near next main cold front that's going bring some hfavier amounts of rain late on thursday night into friday. here comes by friday morning. heavy rainfall in the morning and i think we get to the back so that cold front will probably see some sunshine. the better part friday and then your next storm system
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comes in on saturday that one doesn't look too strong, but it gets reinforcements in a hurry with that main event that's sitting off the coastline. and there you go. that is the atmospheric river event that we've been talking about bringing some very heavy rain. a very gusty winds starting in the afternoon on sunday continued overnight sunday and into monday and we're talking about impressive totals. maybe another storm system now moving in the following tuesday. so think staying very unsettled and very wet around the bay area packed into one look at the long-range forecast all the way to that following saturday just before halloween. there you go. the possibility of more rain on the way. all right, lawrence, there is a substitute teacher shortage here in the bay area. >> as kron four's haaziq madyun reports some school districts in the east. bay are taking measures to attract teachers to fill the void. >> sunday's bay school districts are experiencing a bit of a challenge and recruiting teachers and their substitutes were definitely experience a crisis not just here in oakland but throughout the state and across the country. the second vice president of the oakland education association. chaz
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garcia says the education profession was already struggling to recruit new teachers. >> then covid-19 happened. making it even more challenging we've watched a trend in education there has been a teacher shortage brewing. and so just like with everything else covid has exasperated that teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession across california schools are being hit hard by a shortage of substitute teachers feeling substitute teacher vacancies as such a priority in the fremont unified school district. >> there's a promotional video dedicated to it on their homepage. the substitute shortage is coming to a critical time as we support our students and their return to in-person learning and its teachers. we need time to cooperate develop new skills and take a day off when needed in terms of education, continuity, chaz garcia explains that in the teaching profession there is no winging it when it comes to subs being prepared to continue the daily
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lesson plan, especially when you're speaking about elementary. is that we have multiple subject credentials. so are certified to teach the subject as a teacher bashing teacher. >> and what i'm out i need plan. and so you don't necessarily have to have my level of expertise haaziq kron 4 news. >> happening this weekend. california attorney general rob bonta is encouraging californians to safely dispose of unused unwanted or expired. prescription medication vontaze partnering with oakland's police chief leronne armstrong and other local, state and federal officials to participate in national prescription drug take back day. that's the saturday october 23rd to effort aimed at providing a safe convenient and responsible way to get rid of prescription drugs while educating the public about the potential abuse of prescription meds. >> amid this pandemic. the opioid epidemic has become a severe challenge for all of our communities. covid-19
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lockdowns too economic devastation, overdose deaths soared last year across the nation. we saw a 30 percent increase in drug overdose deaths compared to 2019. today's action to encourage participation in take back day is part of my ongoing effort to fight the opioid crisis and hold accountable. those who perpetuate it. >> communities across the state will be collecting the unwanted unused or expired prescription drugs this saturday. it's from 10:00am to 02:00pm. it is free and anonymous to find a collection site near you. you can head to our web site. we've posted them on kron. 4 dot com more than a dozen people are facing drug trafficking charges after a major drug bust in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. >> investigators seized about 12 pounds of drugs like fentanyl and other narcotics which came in from southern california. some drug trafficking organizations there. the supply made its way
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to street level dealers in the tenderloin did drugs. they're very lethal and one drug recovery advocates says that getting him off the streets actually may have saved many lives. >> and that's a practice been widely circulated in the tenderloin. so, you know, but more importantly, that's 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl. that's not going to reach the streets and that's a 12 and a half pounds of fandom all this not going to contribute. 2 more overdose deaths in the city. >> records from san francisco's medical examiner's office shows more than 700 people died of overdoses in 2020 and a preliminary report shows more than 500 people have died through the end of september. so far this year. >> hundreds more families in the east bay will soon be getting guaranteed income oakland is opening up la cations in phase 2 of its program. and this next phase which starts today. 300 additional families are going to be chosen the program provides $500 a month paychecks to certain families
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for a period of a year and a half earlier today oakland's mayor libby schaff doctor crowd for about how the extra money will help people. >> we are accepting applications from anywhere in oakland. from extremely low income individuals who have a minor child in the household and 300 of them will be receiving $500 a month. no strings attached for at least a year and a half. and we think that is going lead to more employment, more less stressed, more self-sufficiency for oaklanders. >> 500 bucks a month. real money in order to be eligible for the program. you must have at least one child in your household and make no more. then the income you see on your screen. applications are now open and will close midnight november. 3rd, see have some time. we have a link to the application on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> stepping up to help out with the continued supply
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chain issues. governor newsom's plan to end shortages and slowdowns. >> and get ready to go travel to and from the u.s. is expecting a big bump when a top travel destination says it will be ready for the return of tourists and ice rain so far. but there's all whole lot more rain to come. we'll talk about the forecast and rain totals. >> for your neighborhood. coming up next. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year.
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back vaccinated. visitors. the governor says that beginning on november. first. it is now safe for fully vaccinated. people to resume nonessential travel to the governor's announcement comes nearly 2 months after he asked travelers to avoid hawaii because the covid case counts were surging. well, now he says the case counts and hospitalizations have declined to the point where the islands are ready to. welcome back travelers. united states could soon be seeing a boom in international travelers. airline booking site kayak dot com reported a 48% increase in travel searches to the u.s. on monday. the surges in response to the white house's announcement last friday that it would lift covid travel restrictions for fully vaccinated international visitors beginning on november 8. caltrans is launching a new statewide initiative to clean up all that trash along our freeways this morning. the agency. >> devised a plan announced it to invest in all 58 counties.
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across the state. this will pay for litter collection along with community engagement and education to help try to reduce the problem much of the funding will go directly to cities counties tribes in transit agencies to clean up streets and public spaces. still to come, we are tracking the storm. this latest one. >> not too severe. this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar right now. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking this how to prepare for tomorrow morning. get the kids off to school. if you have to go to work. but he's looking ahead to 2 bigger
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>> welcome back. as we take a live look outside right now at a very wet san mateo bridge to your left and then to your right, our radar showing a a lot of green out there and the hustle home here on a wednesday. those headlights headed from the peninsula to the east bay. a buddy taking it slow. >> and that's a good thing. you the reminders. you see all the tweets right from all mi bless your heart you know, put your headlights on on logo because the oil's released out of specially those for storms. yeah. of the season kind of bring that right up to the surface making it. >> that's just look out there. we're going to see a series though. he's going to really watch things all around the bay area around much of the state right now. you can see mainly just scattered light
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showers. nothing too heavy around much of california. again, these are very warm storm, snow levels running at about 9,000 feet. so that's above. well. the mountain passes. that's why they don't have snow advisories up there. the meantime, though, where costs continue see scattered showers along the peninsula stretching across the bay in the south. a couple light showers trying to push their way into san jose. now and milpitas and fremont the east bay. you're seeing some of that rain, too. we're going to see more of that on the way, though, kind of unsettled here for the 24 hours or so, then we're going to get some heavy rainfall. you see this stream of moisture that continues to roll into the bay area. so nothing real heavy, you'll see some moderate amounts of rain. occasionally and then it will dry out of course, mostly cloudy skies and then as we get ready for the following day. we're going to see things change. in fact, here comes the cold front. you can already see this set itself up here. the rain line probably lift throughout the day tomorrow. and then here comes the cold front dropping to the bay area that's going to bring another round of some heavier amounts of rainfall. i think that coming early on friday morning. i think that commute could be a little bit. wet may
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move through just before the main commute. but otherwise looks like things will be pretty slick early on that we may see some sunshine by friday afternoon. then we get ready for the weekend. and after that mean atmospheric river event likely to roll on in rainfall totals. want to show these to these the forecast through tomorrow evening expecting maybe about a half an inch in the pacific a little more in other parts of the bay area. but generally light beneficial rain around the bay area. then things begin to pick up as we get into friday that rain as that front moves through that we start to talk over an inch of rain in some parts of the bay area. then on saturday night even more so. but things really get going with that atmospheric river event. all depends on where it set itself up right now. we're looking at more than 5 inches of rain between now and next monday morning in santa rosa over 3 inches in san francisco, maybe as much as 2 and a half inches of rain in san jose that would be an impressive amount of rainfall for this time of year says thank you, lawrence. the governor newsom is signing off on a new executive order. >> to help with the supply chain issues distribution a
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slowdown at several ports along the california coast, mostly in southern california. now the goal of the executive order is to directs state agencies to find more ways to clear california ports that are backed up the order will require several state agencies to develop short and long-term solutions to supply chain district disruptions as well as allow state owned properties to be used to short term. a shortage for us for shipping containers storage. i guess that is what we need to say once they're removed from the ships. part of what is causing the supply chain issue in backlog at the ports of la and long beach. >> is a record shortage of truck drivers. the american trucking association says the industry is down some 80,000 drivers right now. and they say that's about 20,000 more drivers that they lost during the pandemic. so they were already down 60,000 prepandemic. now they're down 80,000 drivers truck drivers
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move the majority of the nation's goods. but many have retired or they say left for better paying jobs with better working conditions and industry officials says then making the ports and their employees work. 24 7 will not matter if there are not enough drivers to move the freight across the country. for your money tonight. expect higher prices on proctor and gamble products as the company tries to combat inflation. the companies announcing an increase in prices for 9 out of 10 of its product categories. this includes a price spike for baby products. feminine care products oral health skincare goods and more procter and gamble is blaming supply chain issues for the. increase prices saying the labor and material shortage just making a dire and they say they have to jack up prices to help offset operating expenses. if you've been shopping at costco lately. you may want to check your labels the fda is issuing a recall for a pre packaged soup sold there.
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>> nearly 15,000 containers of 5 ares kettle classic clam chowder with an cured bacon. part of the recall. the company says that can customer reported finding a large piece of hard plastic. and one of the containers which are sold to to a packed. no illnesses or injuries were reported. but anyone who has the soup is being urged to return it to costco for a full refund. >> a number of netflix employees walked off their jobs today in protest of the entertainment giant's handling of complaints over that dave chappelle company special. erin myers is in hollywood tonight with the latest on the controversy netflix trans employees and hundreds of supporters held a rally and walk out today. >> outside of the streaming service's epic building headquarters. we just want to make sure that these entities are being held accountable. >> and actually provide change better the community that has been dealt trauma. this in protest of the company's choice to air day chapelle's
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new netflix special. the closer. >> which many of said is transphobic and wanted to see pulled. when i see a special that's no spitting hate and knocking down my community and it doesn't make it does hurt directly netflix, co ceo and chief content officer ted sarandos said creative freedom was one reason they kept it and then it didn't cross the line into inciting violence. but some say it should at least come with a warning. i do think the discussions have a warning on it that he's got transfer. ab are in it so that people have the choice, whether they watch it because trans people like me can get treated by this into a speakers said they would like to see more trans representation at netflix, including on screen and in the boardroom. >> while most round support of netflix employees. some counter protesters say they may not like what chappelle said but are worried about free speech being hindered lots of comedians take a job that everyone if it's an equal opportunity destroyer. you aay not like what he has to say. but don't listen. you don't get to silence his voice netflix released a statement saying we value our trans colleagues and allies and understand the deep hurt
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that's been caused. we respect the decision of any employee who chooses to walk out and recognize we have much more work to do both within netflix and in our content. >> you know that he >> it's not all destroying bathrooms and stealing school property. one tiktok user shows us how he's using the
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>> and california content creator is using tiktok to try to do some good. but he's going to tell you that he sees the one actually getting all the rewards salvador rivera has his story. >> mine is this is what i is and i have a full-time tick tock created. is more honest who is originally from chicago has been living in san diego for the past 4 years. kind of this go around in different areas. of southern between san diego, los angeles. an just pick random vendors to give them a $1000. more dollars makes money by giving it away to street vendors all and often been overlooked. and i think with my videos were kind of shining a light. >> on some of the struggles that they may face some of the hardships that they face as well. so i kind of interactive them kind of asked them, you know what their story is, how they are how they've been, you know. then we just surprise
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$1000. it's always kind some of them are very heartfelt. the money. more on gives away. >> comes from endorsements and his 1.3 million followers on tiktok. >> we just collect the money and raise it in. go around distributing it to the most part, many of these street vendors do believe it's a joke. like a prank because it's not every day that someone just walked up to a $1000 or they think there's a some sort of catch lego like, well, what do i got to do. but i would let them know that there's no catch. this is just a gift that we we raise between the community. i just want to give it shore appreciation for the first time that i did it with a it was the most beautiful feeling on the world like in the world. you know, the vendor that i gave it to. he was just so grateful and. >> i knew in that moment that i want to do it over and over again. but it's the most beautiful feeling in the world and i wish i could describe it. i wish, you know, everybody liked experience that one day. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us. great story to end on there. kron 4 news at 6 is next, though. so stick around.
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pam and catherine are here with that. all right. grant vicki, thank you so much. coming up, at 6 o'clock. we are tracking the storm in the bay area. the wet weather causing slick roads and power outages. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will have all the details to help you prepare for the much needed rain. >> also covid booster shots. they're getting a boost from the fda. we've got details on several new authorizations. i'm ca
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now it's 6 o'clock stormtracker 4 really lit up tonight, a series of storms. >> are beginning to make their way into the bay area. you're looking live radar. and at the golden gate bridge tonight. rain is just the first of several showers that. >> we are expected to see this week. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne and i pale more. this is the first big rainfall in more than a year and we have live team coverage tonight. kron four's gayle ong is live in the east bay tonight as pg and e crews wait on standby for any word of possible falling trees or power outages. and we also have kron four's chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. he's been tracking the showers. let's start with lawrence. >> for a look at where that rain is right now. yeah. guys.


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