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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> a wet wednesday here in the bay area. this is just the soggy start of a parade of precipitation. hope you like that description. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis. i do. and i'm grant lotus. we take a live look now side in the bay area. >> some of the roadways and they were slick this morning. this afternoon. you see the richmond center fell bridge. >> the camera lens there all wet san mateo bridge next to that upper right. the bay bridge toll plaza, lower left and of course, the golden gate bridge bottom, right. just a a
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wet day all around here in the bay area that really intense rain today. but it was falling in a lot of places are. yeah. much needed for lawrence, you correct. if the other person parade of precipitation. you said it's a it's organized yes, really disorganized. so there's there's a ton of moisture some subtropical moisture kind of flowing overhead. >> but not a real good trigger to get that rain out of the sky. so occasionally, you see those pop-up showers around the bay area. a whole lot of cloud cover on and off all day long and then occasionally see the rain moving in, slick out there toward the golden gate bridge right now with more rain to come. in fact, we're seeing some more showers just develop. and we see these bands may be a little more intense. i think as we get tonight and tomorrow you see some of the precipitation come on shore right now. but nothing really well organized. here comes rolling into the bay area throughout the day today. and now just beginning to pick up again. you see some of bands begin to move in along the peninsula. now as the showers and a half moon bay headed into san francisco stretching across the bay.
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this what we're going to see with this type of system. occasionally you can get some moderate to some heavier rainfall. but most of this is just going to pop up showers on and off throughout the evening tonight and through the day tomorrow and so far we're get some night totals out of the how about that over an inch of rain in campfield san anselmo almost an inch of rain. santa rosa over half an inch lesser amounts in the san francisco 61700. so in richmond and oakland just a little bit more than a drop in the bucket. but there's plenty more to come and a big storm possible this weekend. we'll talk more about that a few minutes. thanks, lauren saying kron four's here to help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood where ever you are just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. >> that will take you to the spot where you can download the kron 4 mobile app there. you'll find live radar, current conditions and what to expect in the coming hours and days up today. forecast from lawrence is well, it's all on your mobile device now to another big story we're flout following out of florida, new developments, major developments tonight in the search for brian laundry.
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investigators found human remains in the wilderness park where they've been searching for weeks. brian entin brings us the latest. >> a major development in the manhunt for brian laundrie, the fbi confirming that human remains have been located in the reserve behind me. the carlton reserve in florida where they've been searching for laundry for more than a month at this point. the fbi is not saying for sure that the remains are laundry. but they do say they also found personal items in the same area items. they do belong to brian laundrie both a notebook. >> in a backpack. it's been an interesting day here in florida started early this morning when brian laundrie's parents, chris and roberta came out here to the reserve and started searching for their son. and according to their attorney, they are the ones who first discovered the personal the backpack in the notebook. they loaded police and then the investigation began and there are dozens and dozens of fbi agents inside the reserve behind me. they say they'll be investigating here at the swap for at least
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the next several days. >> in north port florida. i'm brian entin. >> and back in the bay area. the los gatos mom accused of hosting drunken parties and forcing on intoxicated miners appeared before a judge this afternoon in san jose. it is the first time that we're seeing shannon o'connor in person after deputies brought her back from idaho. the 47 year-old mom kept her head down for most of the hearing and today a judge denied her bail and issued 15 protective orders forbidding o'connor from coming in contact with alleged victims, including her son, the santa clara county district attorney called o'connor a criminal. >> there's nothing cool about getting teenage children assaults on one someone who does these things. it's a parent that does these things. it's reckless irresponsible in
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criminal. >> o'connor will return to court in december to enter a plea kron four's. theresa stasi was following up on this case will have more tonight. coming up, our primetime news beginning at 8 o'clock. >> and big news in the scott peterson case. the judge making several decisions today. the first being peterson can keep his attorneys. the second when he was transferred to a san mateo county jail. there will be no bail. eliminating the chance he's released. peterson was sentenced to death in 2005 for murdering his wife lacey and unborn son connor today. we also learned that he will speak at his re sentencing hearing which is set for december 8th. the district attorney has confirmed that lacey's family will be present and will be allowed to make statements. children ages 5 to 11 will soon be able to get a covid-19 shot pending federal approval and the shots are expected to be widely available at. >> county run clinics. it
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people's health care providers. your doctors also at some schools kron four's rob fladeboe bringing us up to speed on plans for the rollout in the south bay. he is live tonight. rob, what's the plant? >> well, that's right. grant and vicki, the approval could come as soon as november. second or 3rd within days of that, the vaccine will be ready to go into a. millions of arms on a very broad scale, including here at the county's largest mass vaccination site. let's take a look. santa clara county covid-19 vaccination sites like this one at the fairgrounds are being made ready to vaccinate a significant portion of the county's children ages 5 to 11. >> who could be eligible for the shot. but the first week of november, the county has requested enough of the lower dose pfizer vaccine for as many as 167,000 newly eligible children. everything else is ready to go pending federal approval says clinical lead
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bethany burleson. we have separate clinical areas inside each site just set aside for the children here. >> and that first we're going to have it by appointments and as the demand decreases will have it available for walk ins and drop san jose unified school district is also making plans to provide the vaccine to as many as 11,000 students ages 5 to 11 partnering with county health district is expanding mobile vaccination clinics at schools continuing to target specific areas where vaccination rates are lagging says the district's katy we're adding additional pool. i'm not a weekly basis. >> and you know, again, targeting where we know that high number of you then that could be eligible for the vaccine that, well, as community members who are already eligible. all federal regulators will meet over the next 2 weeks the safety and effectiveness of giving the vaccine to as many as 28 million children nationwide. >> pediatricians and pharmacies will likely be giving the shot too plans
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include making the experience a little less scary. and we have team set aside that are sending out. >> play areas activities to distract the children from the actual. reason why they're coming here, which can be very scary for for a lot of the children that we want to make a fun experience for them. >> health officials are also a guy thinking that perhaps the very young being eligible now might somehow inspire unvaccinated parents to get vaccinated. it should also be noted that this this age group 5 to 11 years old generally applies to those in kindergarten through the 5th grade. but there's also a number of 6th graders that will be eligible because they have not yet turned 12. that number is expected to get smaller as the year goes on live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. the food and drug administration has given the thumbs up to giving covid-19 booster shots to those. >> who initially received the moderna and johnson and
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johnson vaccines. this follows last month's approval of boosters for pfizer recipients. the fda authorized a 3rd moderna shot for seniors and others at high risk from covid-19 because of their health problems or jobs or living conditions. 6 months after their last shot for j j's single-shot vaccine. the fda says anyone no matter their age can get a second dose. at least 2 months following their initial vaccination. the fda is also allowing people to get any brand of booster regardless of which vaccination that people got first our first in kerman spoke to infectious disease experts about this mix in match approach and about a new variant that out there starting circulate. he joins us now live in san francisco. dan. >> that's right, vicki. you know, if you go to your near his pharmacy like this one. you don't necessarily have to get the same vaccine. you initially got. that is what has been signed off on by the fda infectious disease. experts think it's a wise decision. the fda says no
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matter what covid-19 vaccine you initially received your booster can be whichever one. you choose pfizer, moderna or johnson and johnson. >> it's a reasonable approach infectious disease. experts say not only does this flexibility make it easier for those at risk to get a booster. >> but a recent nih study found for recipients switching to pfizer or moderna is not only safe but may afford greater protection against the virus with jnj of look like a boost for something other than jj during their pfizer might work a little bit better in terms of higher antibody levels. >> in the meantime, increased concern about a new variant surging in the u k it's called a wife or 2 and it's a member of the delta family. >> the fact that it's increasing in temple in the uk makes us just want to be attention because again, it's like the storm coming and
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that's what i moved out to. right. it was happening in india and we saw it increase and increase and increase i think right now is just watching it. >> if this new variant makes people sicker is more transmissible and makes the vaccine less effective. that's a problem. but right now there's no indication any of those boxes can be checked. we've been. humbled so many times by covid and by sars covid 2, the virus that causes covid that. >> i could never be confident in making a 100% predictions. except to say that with everything we have to watch it. >> now before running out here near is pharmacy to get that mix and match booster. keep in mind, these recommendations have to be signed off on by a cdc panel and the cdc director that could come as early as thursday. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. i don't want to put. >> the money. the new side only to have to deal with the same problem.
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>> $30,000 worth of damage. and nobody they can hold responsible the uninvited guests who are responsible and how this couple is trying to keep it from happening again. >> plus, who's going to substitute for the substitutes, the struggle. some local schools are facing. >> and we'll $100,000. be enough. law enforcement officials are weighing in on a new initiative to stop crime on the streets of san francisco. >> and more rain and bigger storms headed our
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>> welcome back. a live look at stormtracker 4 radar on the right, you see light showers throughout much of the bay area, the southern portion of the north bay lot of the east bay parts of the south bay. and then on the left. there you have. >> folks and harrison headed to the bay bridge slick outside tonight. yes. licon the bridge was a little bit slow heading into the city as it was raining and it's going to be the same, i heading out chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> joins us now. besides said the slick roads. yeah. got to wet skies. oh my goodness. yeah. i mean, their lineup out bay. now to the peninsula. yet you're seeing plenty of that in the half moon bay all the
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way down into the santa cruz area and then across the bay, the hayward oakland. you're seeing some light rainfall as well in the san ramon pleasanton toss ahora conquered. you're seeing some light showers in hercules as well. we'll see more of that overnight tonight. we'll see these little impulses. you'll notice right here. here's all the moisture. here's that train of moisture that precipitation that vicky was talking about. this is a little subtropical moisture. all that is working its way up in toward the bay area. nothing really well organized a trigger, heavy rain. there will be brief ripples in the atmosphere. you get some moderate, some amount of rain coming through along that line, but it's going to be on and off throughout the day tomorrow and then we've got a real cold front coming in. this was going to be dropping in as we get into late on thursday night into friday morning. that will be a heavy rain event. but just see it right here. you've got the showers outside kind of scattered fairly light this. where orographic as we start talking about mountains really kind of have an a factor into this precipitation is they tend to squeeze out more moisture in these kind of systems. you see that scattered throughout the
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evening hours continuing in the north bay and into early tomorrow morning to maybe a couple pockets of heavier showers you see there in the north bay as well. then as we head through the morning, we do see a train of moisture, possibly see a little ripple in the atmosphere. some heavy rainfall moving into san francisco about the middle of the morning. then the rain line begins to shift a little bit further to the north and focus toward the north and then here comes your main cold front that will bring some heavy rainfall into friday morning and more this weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. in a few minutes. all right, lawrence and we go to high country now where last night's storms helped extinguish remaining hot spots in the caldor fire zone. but the. >> wet weather present some different challenges for fire cleanup efforts. crews are still trying to repair damage to the eldorado national forest caused by flames and big bulldozer equipment. heavy rain over the next several days could send loose debris into waterways and onto roads. one soil scientist says that preventing landslides within the burn scar. a scar is a very tall pasch.
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>> a 200,000 acre fire 1000 hard to make a dent in the amount of our ocean sediment that's going to be delivered at her career and that's coming in is going to create a really dangerous situation for every 50. >> eric necedah also tells us the toxins in the soil from burned structures. our yet another concern since heavy rain can spread that hazardous material. >> even as it rains. california leaders are moving forward with their response to the drought. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the next steps. state officials are taking and some of the concerns they have with this incoming rate. >> the debt. so the challenge that we face with this trapped right now. our reservoirs where a lot of our water supply is how many are at their love, their lowest level in 40 years. california natural resources. secretary wade crowfoot echoing the governor's call for californians to conserve water in a second year of drought, the entire state now under a state of emergency after
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californians conserved about 5% of water in august compared to the same time last year as opposed to the 15%. governor newsome requested. >> crowfoot says the order to conserve water is still voluntary, not mandatory californians are moving in the right direction and we're seeing increased water conservation crowfoot says over the next few months, the state water board will decide what wasteful uses of water should be banned during the drought and it's going to do so. based on a lot of analysis and likely some public hearings. and so that process is going to really play out the rest of this year in the early next year. and then we'll be in a place if the drought persists and we don't get really strong precipitation this to prohibit those wasteful uses heading into 2022. >> with wet weather set to hit the northern part of the state over the next several days. state leaders say that much appreciated rain comes with the risk for which they're preparing. i want to ask everybody to be vigilant. >> not only to conserve water because we're in a drought. but but do be cognizant of.
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flooding risks and take action and pay attention to your communities as they communicate what we can do that protect ourselves from flooding as well. >> california is set to spend about 5.3 billion dollars over the next 3 years on drought response and long-term water projects at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> law enforcement officials tonight speaking out after san francisco announced it's now offering up to a $100,000 in reward money for info leading to arrests and convictions when it comes to car. break it. it's kron 4 brought you that announcement yesterday c chief bill scott there, mayor london breed. now many people are wondering if the incentive is really enough to deter crime. today we spoke with the local law enforcement officer who says the real problem is that laws surrounding these crimes are not tough enough. the public's appetite. >> to aggressively prosecute people who commit property crimes isn't really there. all right. we stay see it on the
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news and they they don't like it. but they'll voting laws that are apartments again, well-meaning altruistic laws keep folks out of jail and you know, maybe a great reasons for that. but we also with those laws need to appreciate the fact that they come with consequences that if we're going to the being law abiding. we're going to say what you there's not a lot of consequences. even if you do get caught this is to be expected in. officer savage they're specifically talking about prop 47. >> which reduced the penalties for many property crimes be 3.92, which increased police officers criminal liability for use of force. >> unused unwanted or expired your chance to get rid of any extra prescription drugs. you have hanging around your home and destruction at an east bay winery who are rather what the owners say is responsible for $30,000 worth of damage. and
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what is believed to be the sandra fell bridge there. so many water droplets on the lens there you can hardly tell and a warning here near the rain is causing some wet roads for your commute this evening and into tomorrow morning as well. lawrence karnow will have more on your rainy weather coming up in the forecast. wild pigs strike again. this time ripping up a couple's lawn in livermore and they can go at it come forcefully to go spoke with the owners of cedar mountain winery where these pigs have been digging it. >> for the first time in the 8 years. linda and earl all have lived in this home wild pigs have used their lawns to feed. this is probably the only green soft grass around live behind cedar mountain winery in livermore the business they owned together. the winery has been mostly untouched. but the couple says barry hogs have been taking chunks of grass out of their lawn for going on a week now frustrated upset and just.
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>> you know, looking at this and saying, ok, we're eventually going to have to deal with the old say this damage is a direct result of the drought. the pigs are simply desperate for food and they're running out of places to find it. they're hungry and they wouldn't be down here. it's a pleasant dry. and you know, a car ends up in the hills after attempting to repair the grass themselves. the pigs returned only to cause more damage, which now totals about $30,000. so the olds will wait until they settle on a plan to keep the pigs out. the only really good solution is fencing. >> to me that that solves the problem for every has spread a mix of chile and fish oil and fumes cheerios along the landscaping to repel the pigs. the couple is also working with the state department of fish and wildlife to file a wildlife incident report kerry and if they are granted a depredation permit. they could possibly higher trappers to kill the animals. i'm trying to everything i can animals. linda says she has only seen
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the pigs once adrift of 5 but she says a neighbor has seen as many as 22 peaks in the area. >> in livermore all kron 4 news. >> that's mess. up next, finding teachers. what is being done here locally to try to help get kids the education they need and where you might be able to help and make some money. plus the ceo of netflix now says that he mishandled the backlash of the dave chappelle special that some believe is transphobic. we have the latest on that netflix employee walkout today. and right after the break, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the up to the minute forecast is barry the minute forecast is barry brac your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff
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>> is the first significant storm of the season. the rain started last night expected to continue for but week or so. you so the bay bridge there roads have been it just kind of the drenched for most of the day. kron four's, charles clifford shot this video c drove around the bay area today. not a patch of dry pavement in sight. make sure your wipers are good to go. yeah. here's a look at the radar right now as you see patches of green moving around. and lawrence is calling this a very disorganized. >> parade of precipitation. it really is. i mean, we're just seeing some light showers kind of. >> on and off. but really kind of muck up. if you're driving home, right. things are kind of o


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