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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 20, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for waking up with us on a rainy 05:00am. yes, you know what, first thing out of the house. smell. the rain could use little bit. took the time to smell it because it was rare. i >> what maybe got more of us than i did because out when i woke up in the in the livermore valley. east bay didn't see a whole lot. i saw the road was damp. so maybe it just happened on sleeping, but i didn't get much of it on the way. and i didn't get when though. okay. i was feeling that so maybe they'll be some catch-up rain for you late. they're on. what's the word on
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this morning's rain is it still building or is it leaving or what's what's the word? so we've got a little wall ahead of us and that rainfall we saw really kick in the year yesterday late in the day. i know i slept through most of it myself. >> and then what we're going to be looking at for much of the morning ahead of us is a few isolated sprinkles here and there. but for the most part, the heaviest of rainfall is going to work its way out of the picture for a bit. we are going to see some light showers continue through your morning commute. but much of the wet roadways that were in the midst of as a product of last night's rainfall rather showers that are actively following a looking outside right now at the coit tower conditions out there are wet but pretty calm at this moment. you do see a few light showers holding on in parts of the east bay, especially. we'll zoom in on the tri valley where we do have on and off light sprinkles and this is nothing more than sprinkles right now for most areas and also some light sprinkle stretching from oakland down through fremont all the way south to milpitas too. so we do still have some active spots. but really we have started to diminish rainfall
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potential. as for solano county, this is the area that's being the most of our rainfall at this moment from fairfield on over towards rio. vista being one of those areas where you're actively seeing some lighter showers now as james noted. it is a windy morning. we're going to see the southerly winds pressing through the bay throughout the course of the day enough for wind advisories actually to be in effect. so it's breezy. it is slick it's cool and it is windy. so you want to layer up the rain jacket obviously coming in handy and then underneath that that light sweater, too 50's for most of our current temps. it's a cool start to what will remain a cool pretty cloudy day today. right now. john, thank you for that. all right. we're looking at your highways and bridges. >> a lot of them pretty wet this morning. so definitely want to take your time as you're driving a little under 9 minutes to make it into the city to that free must exit as you're traveling. we had some earlier accidents and issues. a lot of those have been cleared up. but again, hoping that it stays that way. the first rain of the season. unfortunately, lot of people get out there don't realize how slick things are a little
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under 8 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond across towards sandra fell. you could see how damp it is still over there head in a cross towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes for your drive time and checking out the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city a little under 22 minutes with slick conditions starting james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. 5. '03. and today the los gatos mom accused of throwing wild parties for teenagers is going to be in court. you know, we've been tracking her story. 47 year-old shannon o'connor. >> you see your image there. she was extradited from idaho to the bay area yesterday and is now being held at the santa clara county jail. her bail is set at 10 million dollars. she faces dozens of charges ranging from providing alcohol to minors to endangering the health of the child to assault. analysts say her court appearance could set the tone for the entire case. so for will take a listen. first. >> her body language in court is critical tomorrow. and because of wine because you're
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making an impression, not just on the court but on the community and the people that may come to judge. you as jurors. >> investigators are also working to determine if she was holding similar parties while she was there in idaho. >> it's 5. '03, and another big story that we're following in and out burger in san francisco forced to close because it was not checking customers for proof of covid vaccine inside you can go indoor dining is no more. the restaurant, though, says that with the city is making them do. >> is in their minds discrimination with the kron four's will tran live in san francisco with more on this will. >> they might as call the restaurant out and not in a note because in is not an option. you can see it right behind me. this location should open up in a few hours from now. they actually had to temporarily shut down because the city of san francisco said if you're not going to enforce the mandate for vaccinations. those cars that you have to provide before walking in
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indicting. well, then you cannot stay open for business. so they temporarily shut it down in and out said we don't have a problem with your mandate. we put up signs to tell people you have to have your vaccination card. but that's where we draw the line our employees are there to serve the customers. make good food according to them and not be the vaccination card police. that's not their job. they're not in the business of doing that. and that's why they fought very hard against this to the point where they had to temporarily shut down. they reopen saying ok, let's make a compromise for them that they will continue to serve burgers but they will not allow you to eat inside. so take a look at your screen. this is a statement that they sent to us and they are still in their own way, standing strong by their beliefs. they say we refused to become the vaccination police for any government. we fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose
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to patronize their business. this is clear governmental overreach. an intrusive improper and offensive. so. they have just basically straddle the line. it is open. we will get reaction from in and out customers. it's a very popular restaurant. of course we'll try to get their reaction. i'm sure with the rain guys, people like the inside. and with the cold weather. but for now that is not an option. not trying to be funny, but they are called in and out. but for now, let's just call them out. burgers just one question. don't know if you know this yet and i haven't tried to go into my local in and out. is it just this one. >> because there's one of her encounter their children county, for example. is it is all the change. it seems to be cross at all. the chains in san francisco. this one obviously is a very prominent but that that statement was released. it was not just for the fishermen's worth of us are all locations. >> but this one obviously very popular. a lot of kron forces down the road. let's put it this year. a lot of car for
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employees have been to this location well. >> all right. thank you very much. well, all right. in other headlines this morning. we've got california now with the lowest level of covid-19 transmissions of any state in the country standout their yellow. the cdc lists. california is the only state with the moderate level of community transmission and that means that our state is reporting between. >> 1049 cases per 100,000 people. yeah. so that's a really low level. and this morning we're learning that sonoma county. >> is considering loosening its mask requirements because case rates there have improved so much, which is good news. conference. camila barco is live in petaluma with the details of what they plan to do. high camilla. >> good morning, guys. yeah, this could happen soon. but it's not a done deal yet. the county's public health officer says that they are considering a lifting of the indoor mask mandate. some specially in areas where folks would be able to verify someone's
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vaccination status. so that would include places like an office in gyms and fitness centers. religious gatherings as well. as college classes. however, you will still need to wear your face coverings at any grocery store or bar in sonoma county. now, people who aren't vaccinated would still be required to wear a mask indoors in. >> any of the public spaces i just mentioned. but sonoma county, along with other bay area counties if you remember agreed that they would lift the indoor requirements that if 80% of the county's total population is fully vaccinated and they reach the moderate or yellow tier defined by the cdc. now as of tuesday, 68.6% of the county's entire population has been fully vaccinated. but according to the county's health infectious disease expert about 56,000 county residents who are eligible for a covid shot. we need to get vaccinated to reach that 80%. so there's
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still thousands of people here in sonoma county that we need to get vaccinated in order to lift the indoor mask mandate and darya james, health experts argue that this might not even until after year. so this may be a while to this is in effect. this looks sonoma county might be on its way to lifting that indoor mandate. back to you guys. >> ull right. thank you very much. camila and more covid newswise looking good. the governor of why wellfleet welcoming back visitors now beginning november. first saying it is safe for fully vaccinated. people to resume non-essential travel or maybe you consider a vacation. essential the governor announcement. it comes nearly 2 months after he asked everybody to stay away from hawaii. all the tourist police stay out. he said because the covid case count case counts were going up. now he says those counts and hospitalizations have gone down to the point where the islands are ready to welcome you. in the bay area man shot
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by police in milpitas last week has died. he's identified as michael nelson junior the shooting happened in the milpitas square shopping center last friday kron 4. a viewer sent us video from across the parking lot and police say they approached nelson after they identified that the car he was in was stolen. they say he eventually began shooting at them. police returned fire and nelson was injured. he went to the hospital where he died yesterday. he was on parole. turns out for prior convictions for identity theft. police say they do plan to release the body cam video as soon. or as the investigation is continuing. so we'll let you know when that happens. more than a dozen people now facing drug trafficking charges after a major drug bust in san francisco's tenderloin. >> neighborhood. fact. you can see here what they confiscated about 12 pounds of drugs like fentanyl and other narcotics which came from currently southern california. some drug
5:11 am
trafficking organizations there. the supply then made its way to street level dealers in san francisco's tenderloin district. the drugs are very lethal and one drug recovery advocates says that getting them off the streets may have saved a number of lives. >> and that's a practice been widely circulated in the tenderloin. so, you but more importantly, that's 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl. that's not going to reach the streets and that's a 12 and a half pounds of fandom all this not going to contribute. 2 more overdose deaths in the city. >> records from san francisco's medical examiner's office show more than 700 people died of overdoses in 2020 and a preliminary report shows that more than 500 people have died through the end of september. so far this year. we'll take a break. we're coming up on 5.12. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a comedy special stirs up controversy at netflix will tell you why the special. >> is prompting workers to stage a walkout today. more on that to come. plus a man files a complaint against the chase center after going to a
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>> this tell me if you hear anything. >> those are minor wiper blades. i can see. don't listen. and there's no smearing look at that. brand new baby. i just got that when you're told you yesterday about kuz need to get you told me. i said one when it's sprinkled, i was noticing a big supposed to happen. you said that was the wipers. all can i see all. let me tell you. oh, it's fantastic. so that was in the morning. i was so proud of gonna give you that. all right. like that. i got to take my nan good right. my you said years wipers because the video i sent and they were going for. >> goes up. we're going to get but. >> but i've since he's been after a little more rain and that they don't make that they're so very light. and i
5:16 am
did use the wipers even i didn't john. i mean, it was very sprinkling on the golden gate bridge just a little tiny spring. and you know, you've got some good wipers when it's only spring klee and still silas it really has died down. and that's the way it's going to stay for much of the morning. the rainfall that we saw during our overnight hours now giving us way to just a bit of a low. it's going to be light sprinkles for much of the remainder of the day and then rainfall kicks back into gear later on this afternoon on into the evening hours tonight. are really going to notice an uptick in how widespread and how intense it becomes at times looking out there this morning. some light sprinkles over the east bay hills agai it is really nothing more than light sprinkles this morning showing up on radar. we definitely have activity just enough to get the roadways, keep him a little bit wet. you can see some light sprinkles there across the portions of the east bay hills down to blows. well, as right around the carquinez right over the richmond. sandra fell bridge to. we've had a little pockets of rainfall that stayed with us for the past couple of hours here. cold front from
5:17 am
yesterday. resulting in the rainfall we had last night. our next system is working its way towards us as we work our way on into the evening tonight you'll notice rainfall becoming a bit more widespread again, couple light sprinkles this morning into the afternoon. look at what happens post sunset tonight. you really start to see rainfall picking up in pockets of heavier rain, especially in the north bay during our evening hours leading into thursday morning. tomorrow it will be on and off showers again. but picking up steam a little bit more compared to today. moderate pockets in there at times mostly staying on the lighter side again for your thursday thursday night into friday morning. we really see a push of what's going to be most significant rain of this workweek friday at 02:30am. you see those heavier showers beginning to push in by 05:00am. the start of your morning commute for earliest of risers. you really start to see that rainfall picking up. it dies down. later on in the morning. but we'll leave roadways wet as you do leave for work on friday. so let's spell it all out for you here. lighter showers today rainfall
5:18 am
a bit heavier tomorrow. the heaviest of it, though, at least for this week will be early friday morning after those showers clear out late day friday into saturday. a nice stretch of dry weather to enjoy the start of your weekend with saturday night rainfall pushes back in stays with us into sunday and then sunday night into monday will bring the heaviest rainfall in this forecast by that time you'll really start to see our rainfall totals climbing upwards very fast by friday evening. most areas of the bay below an inch of rainfall. as for the north bay a little heavier than that. but then we see sunday night into monday kicking into gear and look at what happens to those rainfall totals will move well over 2 inches of rainfall from now intel the middle of next week and then areas like santa rosa could see nearly 7 inches of rainfall from the systems. once you add them on top of each other. so this is a lot of rain to be talking here at least to spread out over about a week's time rather than all at once. 50's 60's for your daytime highs in sf as well as along the coastline and then
5:19 am
we'll be talking daytime highs. mostly in the 60's elsewhere foster city down to redwood city just below 70 degrees. san jose at 66 east bay temperatures cool enough to keep the jacket and the sweater on hand. i keep the rain jacket in the pack with you. even if as you're leaving the house, it's nice and dry. that's not to say we will have light sprinkles of the day. and then that rainfall picking back up tonight, showers possible each of your next 6 days before we dry things out into tuesday of next week. and as i mentioned, our heaviest of rainfall is looking likely sunday night into monday thank you for that. things are slick and wet out there. we do have an accident out in oakland westbound 24 just east of tunnel road. >> not seeing much of a delay as a result of that accident traveling into the city a little under 9 minutes. the bridge is slick and wet. definitely want to take your time as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for you to make that drive. and in the south bay. well, things are still wet. a 27 minute drive towards menlo park daryn, james, back to you.
5:20 am
>> thanks a lot, right. it's 5.19 in national news today. the house considers a vote too president trump's former adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress. we've got our. >> kelli meyer joining us live in dc to explain what happens next. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, guys. well, the house is already setting up a vote in the house for as early as tomorrow. and pass out of the committee last night and lawmakers on that committee say that boat was quote, unanimous bipartisan determination, both republicans and democrats say they're determined to see this through. >> so it's a shame mister bannon has put us in this position, but we won't take no on on tuesday night, the house committee investigating the january 6th attack. >> took the first step towards getting answers from former president trump adviser steve bannon. we really must abandon has information relevant to a pro mister bannon has no legal right to ignore the committee's lawful subpoena
5:21 am
every member of the committee to republicans and 7 democrats voted to hold bannon in criminal contempt of congress for refusing to testify. he clearly. >> has evidence about what took place and he owes that evidence. united states congress. banon says that evidence is protected by executive privilege and says he is unable to cooperate until that's resolved by the courts. members of the committee are rejecting benin's claim. >> this information should not be subject to any privilege at all. house lawmakers are moving quickly on this that passed out of the committee last night and now it moves to the house floor for a vote. >> if it passes, which is likely to do so with democrats in control of the house. it will go on to department of justice who will decide whether or not to pursue charges reporting live here in washington. i'm kellie meyer. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much, kelli. time now is 5.21. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a school district in the east. bay is thinking of closing down some
5:22 am
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but our here, we are just getting started. in the east bay, there's a new plan to close 8 schools in the hayward unified school district over the next 3 years. now, this is a big move in. officials say the biggest reason for it. >> is due to declining enrollment. the district is built to serve more than 24,000 students. but there are only about 18,000 students currently enrolled.
5:25 am
>> why if the district has been thinking about closing more schools for years and years. have they not come to the community and said help us that figure this out. we have over 900 million dollars in facilities needs. we are facing a 14 million dollar budget shortfall and that's directly tied to declining and roman. >> yes. so the proposal has to be reviewed now by the school board and cannot be approved until the vote on november 17th. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis.
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watch me!
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>> and there's a look at the russians i was in red and i win over the golden gate. i swear to you. i did not connect the fact that it was raining when i walked in today and i said first of all, i i wear my boots that i thought i wouldn't mind aging the come back. james. i said i'm gonna wear these today to remind you. yes, and i said, james, what song was stuck in my head this morning. >> good on did it. and you know what, that's from singin in the rain. >> how weird is that? i don't know. that's been seen in the rain helped apropos right your head this morning. yeah, good
5:29 am
morning. and we're all singing in the rain this morning. we are waking up to what conditions all around and more to come, although i don't know how much more we have on tap for this morning's find out. yeah. i thought this was a whole thing like for forever. that was going announce 2 next monday. quiet. let it go. stuck in my head. so that's going. that's because i play that and it was like >> don't the backing. that's what mother nature is doing now. hold it back anymore. but we are getting a break from the rain over the next couple of hours here and midday low ahead of which is something i did talk about yesterday was that rainfall would pick up last night and then die down through the day today, which is exactly what we are seeing rainfall does pick back up tonight and we will get a couple more laws in there, too. >> so don't expect a constant daily news. we get our little breaks in there. the most notable being friday afternoon into saturday morning. as for current conditions, we are looking at some misty areas out there. that's the way we're going to stay for the next few hours. couple of missed the spots here and
5:30 am
there. but nothing really to write home about at least during daytime hours today. you can see the light showers there on the peninsula as well as that are inland portions of the east bay just a couple of sprinkles here and there with more noticeable really is the wind that we do have out of the south pushing on into the bay. this will contribute to a cool feel to this wet day. so just make sure to keep the jackets on, bring the rain jacket with you. not that you'll need it for most of the day. but we will have a couple of isolated sprinkles pushing over head on into the middle of the day that you want to be prepared for 50's for most of our current temperatures oakland at 59 degrees dublin at 57 while vallejo at 54. i've got more about rainfall picking back up later on today. and of course, the heavier showers that are just around the corner all. still ahead, don t for that. we have a lot of problems along highway. 24 this morning. several accidents. >> so westbound 24 just east of tunnel road in oakland. another one. 24 eastbound east of a comic, a tunnel in orinda and one other one 24 westbound just west of milder road.
5:31 am
looks like the right lane. there was blocked and that's an overturned vehicle at this time. i'm not saying much of a delay looks like traffic is still free flowing. however, it's early. let's hope they're able to get that cleared out enough time. down here in the south bay one. oh, one northbound south of 80 south. you have an accident here. so we are seeing a slight delay along one. oh, one headed into the city. things are wet this morning. a little under 2 minutes for your drive. time to make it to that fremont street exit a little under 14 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula and in the south bay. let's look at things because of that accident were seen a slight to uptick and drive times about 29 minutes towards menlo park, but 8582 no major issues started james, back to you. thank you, ray. a big story this morning. netflix workers are staging a walkout in support of trans employees. they are and they're protesting. dave chapelle's new comedy special, which they say. >> is transphobic. we've got kron 4. sarah stinson live for us at netflix headquarters in los gatos this morning. >> sarah.
5:32 am
>> that's right. employees at the los gatos headquarters and also down in la and hollywood will be walking out this morning standing up against their employer netflix asking and demanding them to better support trans and non-binary employees. of course, as you said, the outrage also stems from the dave chappelle special and it's just continued ever since. >> that this been going on for weeks now. and especially after netflix fired a trans employee who actually helped organize this walkout in response to dave chappelle's comedy special. the closer employees were outraged when they saw that special calling it transphobic netflix claims the employee disclose confidential financial information about what it paid for. the special chappelle says in the show that gender is a fact among a lot of other things for weeks now, there has been a battle with a netflix and it's coming to a
5:33 am
head this morning. many who work at netflix were disappointed with how the cosio ted sarandos dealt with responding to his employees, concerned about the special in his original e-mail sent to employees. he said the chappelle special but not cause real world harm and not everyone will agree with content put out by the platform since then, sir said in an interview with the wall street journal. he regrets not showings more humanity in his response and compassion towards his employees who are truly upset by this employees say the company continues to put out harmful content towards the trans community and it must stop today. so there will released a list of demands ahead of this walkout asking netflix to adopt some of their measures that they put out a few of those include hiring more people of color and trans people creating more trans positive content and even another idea putting put out there's a disclaimer up ahead of those titles saying that there's transphobic content inside that title. now
5:34 am
there's many more demands in their list that they put out and they'll be out here. you know, walking out they're they're banding together rolling into netflix, hoping that this will actually create. >> some real change. i reached out to some of the organizers of the walkout hoping to get an interview with them. also reached out to reporter with the verge is really been on top of this of this morning. we hope to kind of get you more of an inside look into what these people, these employees want from this walkout for now. reporting live in netflix. sarah stinson. >> back to thank sara 5.34 is the time in the east bay. a woman's body was found in the oakland hills. >> police say she had at least one bullet wound. that body was found on redwood road right near pine hurst road. the victim hasn't yet been identified. but we'll keep you updated on this story as we get more information in the north bay. a home in fairfield that neighbors say is illegally being used as a short-term rental. >> was recently vandalized. it happened. this home is in the green valley neighborhood and hear surveillance video. we
5:35 am
can see a person walking up to the house and then several minutes later seen running away from the home. the home was spray painted with a message that was a threat. to the occupants to leave. and neighbors say that loud parties at that home has became become a nuisance and now there's a call for the solano county officials to step in and regulate this home. >> to be clear, this rental is illegal. if they did not have a permit. they were denied a permit in april of 2021. and they thumb their noses at the board of supervisors who voted to deny them that permit. i don't think county can just look the other way doesn't think that the people in the community are very concerned about it. and so. >> we need to take whatever legal action. >> the sullivan county sheriff's office is investigating the vandalism the homeowners couldn't be reached for comment. >> a san francisco. police say that the man who died after a fatal fall sunday night during a phish concert at the chase
5:36 am
center jumped to his death. that man has now been identified as 47 year-old ryan pros are of athens, new york. police say less than an hour after that incident, a second man also fell landing on another concertgoer below both of those men sustained long life threatening injuries. a local architect who also attended that concert at the chase center has now filed a complaint with the city's department of building inspection over what he says is an unsafe guardrail. >> me and my friends were sitting in the front row of the balcony and on several occasions we felt physically i'm safe up there and it just seems apparent that the guardrails felt a little low and the staircases seem very steep for the elevation above the court that they're at. >> officials say they will inspect the chase center in the coming days to follow up on that complaint. a spokesperson for the warriors tells kron 4 that the venue does meet all relevant safety guidelines. they did not have any concerns over the warriors, home opener. this thursday.
5:37 am
>> time is 5.36. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news pg any is out there trimming trees. i've seen him around my neighborhood to try to protect power lines ahead of bigger storms that were due for this week and the warriors have a win. what a great way to start this season with steph curry cullen a triple-double, i think. and a huge lift from the reserves too. it beat the lakers that's and that dose of rainfall last night leaving us wet this morning, even as showers taper off, we're going to see a midday lowell in the rain before showers do pick up towards the latter part of the afternoon and into the evening tonight. >> time to get out for you and your forecast. >> and doesn't help that our highways roadways and bridges are slick and wet this morning. we are seeing some traffic colli
5:38 am
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>> it's 5.40 and san francisco's board of supervisors is buying 2 buildings to support housing. the board approved the purchase of lou. a hotel and the providence and they're going to be turned into housing for the homeless. the move is all part of the mayor's homelessness recovery plan. mayor breed wants to create 1500 permanent supportive housing units so far the city has bought or leased 714 units. >> well, in the east bay, the oakland city council has unanimous unanimously approved a proposal to support a lawsuit against ghost gun
5:41 am
manufacturers. vice mayor rebecca kaplan introduced the proposal, the lawsuit seeks a court order to stop companies from shipping. their products into california ghost guns are firearms that are built from kits. they don't carry any serial numbers and make some hard for police to trace if they're used in a crime. captain says the guns undermine the entire system of gun safety laws. there is a similar lawsuit in los angeles. we'll take a break. it is 5.41. we'll be right back.
5:42 am
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the time pg and e taking steps now to try and limit the number of outages during storms this week as we know, we've got wave after wave of wet weather and wind down here on the east bay hills here you see them trimming trees. >> and that they're worried would fall directly onto the power lines. if we had really strong wind. yes. so that's the worry and workers have also been washing power poles as well. they're hoping to prevent rain from turning some of the dust that connects that collects on the line and the degree to from sparking, which can it can do sometimes when it creates kind of like a muddy consistency on the power lines after the first few rain. some they explain. >> it won't prevent them all together because there can always be situations where there's heavy gusts of wind or limbs. just go flying. but as
5:45 am
long as we're keeping the vegetation away from our from our lines and making sure we're following all those regulations. >> everybody still working from home. just we're going to get this is normal now. but out. >> east bay, south bay peninsula. these are the areas that are most concerned about when it comes to power being knocked out. so what do in the flashlights always have that stuff ready. and i realized that if the flashlights are all in the garage and the power goes out doesn't help i can't know was going on. so i've got to get the flashlights. >> do i have time is the question in and should john, we'll answer that as far as wind and rain go. and so because we've got a new look at snow in the sierra. >> this is our live look at camera 88 kingville. you can snow to let dry. so it's not active. drive the roadway so caltrans doing a great job. keeping it clear that might get a little more challenging, though, later in the week. john, when we're talking about what feet upon feet that are expected to fall yeah. especially come sunday into
5:46 am
monday. so i know it's going to look into icing to drive up there on friday and saturday because roadways are still going to be so good. but your drive back on sunday could be on the dice year side, especially if you're leaving later in the day. so just make sure to plan around these weather factors as you do make your weekend plans. this morning. you're north on the weather center forecast is showing calmer conditions not just for the sierra but also back here at home we saw some overnight showers last night. a lot of that activity has tapered off now we are in the midst of a few light sprinkles along the coastline and half moon bay as we're also seeing a few other spots across the bay area. showers are really move down to the central valleys in the sierra foothills. as for the bay itself. little bit on the calmer side, you see those showers just south of half moon bay as well as in portions of solano county. most of us are nice and quiet right now. aside from the winds that are moving in from the south and to the bay area. our next system will be steering its way. our direction come tonight that will result in an uptick in our rainfall intensity. so light on and off sprinkles throughout the course today of
5:47 am
the day today really our lightest of rainfall that we're going to be seeing out of the system is what we're expecting for the day today. so starting things off on a relatively quiet. now. now in the evening hours tonight. rainfall will pick back up, especially after sunset for the north bay, are in up into sonoma counties looking at those areas of widespread rainfall on into thursday. rainfall will remain moderate to light on and off showers through the day picking up on into thursday evening and thursday night into friday is when we'll see this next push of what will be our most significant rain, at least of this week. we have one more significant shower on into next week. that will get to in a second. but this is going to make your friday morning commute. pretty, pretty slick. big picture set up lightest of rainfall today. showers pick up just a touch tomorrow. tomorrow night into friday morning bringing the most significant rain of the week. and then we take a step back friday afternoon into saturday looking dry saturday night rainfall picks back up again. sunday looks to be a rainy one and sunday night into monday will bring the heaviest of
5:48 am
rain to the bay area as well as the heaviest of snow fall to the sierra nevada totals remain pretty light up until that point. look at what happens, though, as we make our way into early next week. rainfall totals across the bay area really skyrocket. areas like santa rosa could approach 7 inches of rainfall just over the next week. that's half of what we saw during the entire season last year. so this is a big system, especially for north bay neighbors. as for temperatures will be in the midst of 50's and 60's this afternoon near the coastline. half moon bay at 62 for the daytime high today. burlingame at 68 degrees foster city and down to redwood city. all just below 70 degrees for your highs. south bay temperatures mid to upper 60's san jose 66 and pretty much the same for the east bay. keep rain jackets with you. even if it is going to be dry in the midst of the day. i want you to be ready for those isolated showers as they move overhead. and i also want you to be ready for rainfall. that will kick into gear again tonight. tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer. showers will be
5:49 am
more widespread friday. we start with the rain, say goodbye to it into the afternoon saturday. we start with the sunshine and say hello to the rain again towards the latter part of the day, sunday and monday being our rainiest reyna. john, thank you for that. so we have some issues along highway 24, we're looking >> accident here. westbound, west of powder road. looks like there's an overturned vehicle or the vehicle on its side. anyone nonetheless, it's causing a delay as you're traveling along 24 through a red on the westbound side looking at the richmond, sandra fell bridge the camera. you can barely see anything. look at that. so it is coming down in the richmond area. >> definitely taking your time this morning. as you drive a little under 8 minutes making your way across towards san rafale that again, conditions are very slick and wet. we have a few water droplets, as you can see here on the bay bridge a little under 11 minutes from the east bay to the city to that 3 months to exit highwayfour start to pick up a bit. about 17 minutes as you're traveling from one, 60
5:50 am
along to 2.42. but again, you definitely want to take your time because things are slick and in the south bay we go. we had an earlier accident there that since been cleared about 37 minutes along 1, from a 5 to menlo park 8582 to 80 no major issues or delays darya james, back to you. >> thanks, rhonda. time now is five-fifty the warriors win in their first outing of the regular season against the lakers. even sweeter. yeah, absolutely. steph curry lighting it leading the team to victory. he had a triple-double. we kron four's. jason dumas with all the highlights. >> good morning, everyone. what a way to start the year for the dubs. let's go down to hollywood dubs lakers at staples and before game, steph curry just showing off. he hit 4 straight shots from the logo unreal for anyone. but we're jaded with steph kanye used to it pick up the game late 1st quarter. we got to craft the step to get through the lane, finishes. the dubs, though, down 6 at the half 3rd
5:51 am
quarter, jordan poole nails. one of his for 2nd half. 3 pointers. he finished with 20 points lakers on the break now, anthony davis finishes it. he was good. 3311 for him last night. now it's lebron's turn off the rebound. one man fast break. i think is year 18 for him still doing that. 34 in 11, but they wasted a good night staff on the bench. the doesn't matter. they retake the lead and jordan poole is going have a big year. stepped excited. all right. now stepped back in the game. what we get in on the action. he was just 5 for 21 had triple-double 2110 10 8 career triple-double late in the 4th great ball movement leads to kill shot. andrew wiggins does up 12. they win one, 21, 1.14, their route. whole bench outscored the lakers back up. 55 to 29. let's hear from steve kerr and draymond green after the game on that debt
5:52 am
from there. back the bench. and when you go out there for the first time every year opening night. just some nerves in and you've got to get. >> we'll get over that first time i did not recognize the team i was watching and they were not the team that i watched the last 3 weeks in camp second. i thought that's who we floor spacing ball movement getting nothing so different. so really we got a lot of and we've got to see is a lot that don't. well. so a good thing for us. that. >> the note tonight, some guys go up tomorrow or thursday maybe other you know, so. it does good for some think bode well for us. >> all right. that's a look at sports back to you just to think of all the sad celebrities of the lakers lost james corden's. so we. >> wills. was there. >> sure the beads. >> they were all rooting for
5:53 am
the wrong team. sorry. >> with the warriors coming back to san francisco for their home opener tomorrow night. you can get. >> the ferry to the chase center. the ferry service is being offered for. >> home games. the oakland and main street alameda ferry terminals will connect directly to the chase center and drop you off. that is sent a 15 minute walk from the arena. but i don't think that the stars from la who want to see the lakers will be coming here for that because we're not playing lakers and our debut. 5.53 it's whole
5:54 am
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tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> 5.55. you wake up the snow. the rain we're in the mood for fall and halloween are and it's supposed to be a fun time for kids and families when halloween comes around. but this time of year could also be one of the most dangerous too. don't forget the consumer products safety commission is reporting that about 3600 people ended up in the hospital over the last 3 years because of how a wiener elated injuries. how did they get injured? >> carving pumpkins. one what else outdoor decorating opening up on the ladder to hang allergic reactions like me with something us. not yeah. things like that. and candy experts recommend leaving the pumpkin carving 2
5:57 am
news. >> battery operated lights for jack leonard said putting candles and there's some people get burned and give them a tip about the of about pumpkins. he was just just draw the face. still can't get a little mark urge. you can have a lot. have a whole lot of fun without all that going to crack the dead has to clean out. yeah. >> coming up in the next hour, it out is pushing back against san francisco's vaccine mandate mandate and closing their doors to customers altogether for indoor dining. >> plus, netflix employees planning on walking out today. we'll tell you why they're demanding the company support transgender non-binary employees better and a local county. now considering getting rid of its mask. mandate will tell you why. officials it all to improving covid-19 rates. 4 super bowls. six afc championships. you? award-winning customer service. up to 30% off your auto insurance with safepilot. made for the military community. and... who else? that's all. usaa. only for the military community.
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6:00 am
>> 6 o'clock right now and well, while you were sleeping, there might have been a lot of rain and maybe there's still some this morning we had around one come through. now we're preparing for rounds. 2, 3, later this week. we're going to walk you through the timing of all these storms coming up. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> morning. feel like say wake up and smell the coffee. it's the rain. it's still i woke up. and when you head to the car school work. wherever you're going when you go out just just give a big inhale. enjoy the for the smell of fall. i haven't smelled that a


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