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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 20, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on wednesday. october, the 20th rate of harvey. thank you so much for waking up with thie bright and early this morning, you're probably still just like in the sleep out of your eyes. well, if you're like me last night, maybe you fell asleep to the soothing sounds of that pitter patter rain on your wind chill. she'll our meteorologists. john stable waking up with us this morning. early as well to give us that forecast. good morning, john. while you sleep in your they let this have
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slept in my car i have a good cars on a lunch break exactly all those i've known for a good lunch break. net we're looking at a nice one out there today. >> i love falling asleep to rain out there as well. the sound of it. pretty nice. as long as you don't have to venture out and do it right. but i know now it's morning fits are going to have to be stepping outside this morning and we are going to be looking at some slick conditions on roadways. so just give yourself that extra few minutes even though rainfalls really settled down for a lot of areas. roadways are still wet. you can actually see that right here. >> on the golden gate bridge. just how wet the surface of the road is that does make for slick conditions, especially when it's one of the first rains of the season. you know those oils, the grease. it is accumulated on roadways. mixed in with that rain and it can make for some extra slick conditions. so a good excuse to maybe leave a little bit early this morning. a view at radar does show some activity
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lingering across the region. now any sort of rainfall. we're still holding on to is really light stuff. it's just a light sprinkle at this point, including a marine county right down the east bay shoreline. you're still looking at some light showers along routes such as like a 80 in 6.80, to 80 there on the peninsula as well as portions of one. oh, one still in the midst of some lighter showers once you head up in the upper elevations of the santa cruz mountains. it gets a little bit more intense and then into eastern solano county. we're also seeing some light showers between fairfield in rio vista. this morning. if we zoom out across the region. a lot of that heavier stuff is actually exited out into the central valley. we're about to see some snowfall picking up in the sierra nevada. so that does mean slick conditions in the sierra. but some very welcome precipitation up there. winds are certainly a factor mostly out of the south this morning. that is going to be making for a breezy cool feel to it as you're venturing outside. so it's wet. it's cool. it's breezy. definitely bundle up as you venture out there this morning. the rain
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jacket getting some use these next few days. 50's and 60's for current temperatures. a little more mild than we had been yesterday and as we work our way through the day today. we're going to be holding on to the 60's pretty much all day long. just a few light showers this morning, a midday low from the rain. that's not to say we won't see a few light sprinkles in there. it's just decreasing a bit and then we work our way into the afternoon. rain will gradually increase, especially toward sunset tonight setting us up for some more rainfall just around the corner which i've got plenty more about still to come, tom, thank you for that. i'm glad you mentioned just how slick it is out there had a really difficult time getting out of my driveway up the hill this morning. >> so please give yourself extra time. take it slow as you're driving now, not seeing any major hotspots. we do have a couple of accidents out there like one along 8.80 northbound south of 23rd avenue in oakland. another one further down in milpitas that 6 80 northbound at 2.37 at that 6.80 connector ramp. so
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again, seeing some accidents, you can see the bridge stamp from the overnight water we had in the rain a little under 10 minutes for your drive time this morning, san mateo bridge your head in a cross towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes for you. there. let's check out the richmond. sandra fell bridge wow. still very slick and wet. definitely give yourself more time. still say in just 10 minutes as you're heading across. but definitely leave the house earlier this morning, the golden gate bridge. let's check out conditions there. still wet and slick about 20 minutes into the sea. now, when the storms come power outages often follow right after that pg. and e says. >> it's taken steps to try and minimize the number of its customers who may end up in the dark crews were out in the east bay hills yesterday trimming trees that could fall directly on to power lines because of the strong winds. workers have also been washing power poles. now they hope to prevent the rain from turning and dust and debris that were seen accumulating during the dry spell into mud power lines
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can also cause power outages. >> it won't prevent them all together because there can always be situations where there's heavy gusts of wind or limbs. just go flying. but as long as we're keeping the vegetation away from our from our lines and making sure we're following all those regulations. >> pg e says the east bay south bay and peninsula regions are most likely to -plose power in the event of a storm. people should have flashlights fresh batteries handy just in case because you never know. california's drought emergency is expanding to include the entire state. governor gavin newsom issued a new executive order. >> to at 7 counties to that declaration. san francisco was among the list of counties that are now experiencing severe drought conditions. the order also give state water officials permission to enact mandatory regulations. now this means officials can ban wasteful water use like washing cars cleaning sidewalks and feeling fountains as well as pools.
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going to take your phone out scan. this qr code on your screen because we're making sure you have the up to date latest information on the weather conditions in your neighborhood with live radar or on kron. 4 dot com. you can use a camera again tusk. and that's going to take you directly over to our web page. we're talking about nothing but weather in the forecast. more than a dozen people are facing drug trafficking charges after a major drug bust in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. san francisco police and federal authorities teamed up to do it. officials seized over a dozen pounds of drugs. plus 3 fire arms, 2 high capacity magazines. kron four's taylor is actually has that story for us. >> together. federal authorities in san francisco police seize 17 pounds of illegal narcotics including 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl in a large east bay truck bust investigators say the drugs came from southern california drug trafficking organizations. we're book sourcing, fentanyl and other
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narcotics to mid-level traffickers based largely in the east bay and in oakland, they say those traffickers then supplied street level dealers in san francisco's tenderloin district pumping substantial amounts of fentanyl into the neighborhood largest open air drug market in the united the tenderloin in any given time. >> on 8 to 10 different street corners. you have anywhere from 8 to 15 dealers selling also in the same product. they're all selling illicit fentanyl. usually in a powder form. sometimes are counterfeit pills that look like oxycodone. they're also selling methamphetamine, crack cocaine and powder cocaine as well. former addict and now recovery advocate tom wolf. >> does the opioid and drug epidemic all too well, especially here in san francisco. he was once homeless on the streets addicted to fentanyl and heroin but got clean 3 years ago with this large east bay drug bust and now 10 suspected drug traffickers facing charges. in addition to 8 who have already been charged who says many lives have been
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saved distributors that they busted for selling what they call color-coded fentanyl. >> so all that was coming in different colors. green ink as a way to denote who was coming from and sometimes to denote the strength of actual product. and that's a practice been widely circulated in the tenderloin. so, you know, but more importantly, that's 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl. that's not going to reach the streets and that's a 12 and a half pounds of fandom all this not going to contribute. 2 more overdose deaths in the city. sfpd says 12.5 pounds or 5.7 kilograms of fentanyl. >> is enough to theoretically kill 2.85 million people with just a small dosage of about 2 milligrams considered a lethal dose records from the san francisco medical examiner's office show within 700 people died of overdoses in 2020. preliminary report shows more than 500 people have died through the end of september so far this year. they need to do 2 things that need to do a lot more to reduce demand for the drug. >> as well as doing what they can to curtail the supply. >> that was taylor is actually
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reporting for us now this drug bust was the result of years long investigation. the charges specifically related to the finan all seizure were made into complaints both filed last week. they were unsealed yesterday. one of the complaints describes a conspiracy allegedly run by 2 brothers. one of them in alameda, the other one in berkeley. the second complaint is centered around the second organization allegedly headed by a man in oakland. well, the last battles mom accused of throwing wild parties for teens is set to appear in court today. 47 year-old shannon o'connor was extradited from idaho to california yesterday. she's being held at the santa clara county jail. her bail is set at 10 million dollars. she faces dozens of charges from providing alcohol to minors to endangering the health of a child to assault. analysts say her court appearance could set the tone for the entire case against her. >> her body language in court is critical tomorrow. and because of wine because you're
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making an impression, not just on the court but on the community and the people that may come to judge. you as jurors. >> investigators are also working to determine if she was holding similar parties in idaho court documents reveal 12 teenagers were in the home when she was arrested. over in the east bay. there's a new proposal to close 8 schools in the hayward unified school district over the next 3 years. officials say while some of the facilities are aging poorly. the biggest reason for the closure is due to declining enrollment. now the district is built to serve more than 24,000 students. but only is about 18,000 students currently enrolled. >> why if the district has been thinking about closing more schools for years and years. have they not come to the community and said. >> help us that figure this out. we have over 900 million dollars in facilities needs. we are facing a 14 million dollar budget shortfall and
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that's directly tied to declining enrollment. >> the proposal is far from a done deal and must be reviewed by the school board and cannot be approved until a vote is held on november 17th. turning to our coronavirus coverage. california now has the lowest level of covid-19 transmission of any state in the country. the cdc lists, california as the only state with moderate levels of community transmission. that means the state is reporting between 10 to 49 cases per 100,000 people. well, 7 states are in the next level up sustancial true mission, which is highlighted in the orange. now the rest of the country is still recording. high transmission rates. those states are what is color right behind me in the red there. and our restaurant located in san francisco's fisherman's wharf is open again after being shut down last week it was closed because employees were not properly. checking for customers vaccination documentation. in a statement in and out said it properly
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posted signs of local vaccine requirements. but we'll not strictly enforced and adding, quote, we refused to become the vaccination police for any government, end quote. although the restaurant is open indoor dining is still unavailable. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news wet weather is making it harder to clean up the caldor fire. what fire crews are doing now to get ahead of future storms. >> plus a home in the north area in the neighborhood. why they are saying that. housing is becoming a nuisance. there.
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>> i will. welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. hopefully you slept. well, and maybe that rain helped contribute to that really good night's sleep. peaceful. we were talking a job earlier just about the weather in the wet conditions about how occasionally al, you know, just sleep in my make that mistake for the last break. but again, rain. it was very difficult for me to get out of my driveway this morning. it was so slick at to at to slowly drive. >> so i'm hoping that you give yourself more time this morning to get to wherever you need to go and that you're not in a rush because this is these are conditions you don't want to play with first rain of the season. right. exactly. one of the first rains of the season that comes along with some extra slick conditions on
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roadways. >> just because by this point in the year. you've got all these oils and just all that material accumulated on roadways and once you start seeing some rain on the roadway. it lifts a little bit of that makes for some extra slick driving conditions. so typically your first couple rains of the season is kind of a washing effect on our roadways and that could actually make it extra extra slick out there. so just a heads up as you do get out there on road rays roadways. rain is exactly right. conditions out there are going to be slick today and also a little windy. look at the flag above pier 15. here is really pushing to the because we have the southerly wind making its way into the region showers. for the most part are moving in this northerly trajectory. and as you can see, for the most part bay area. rainfall is really, really light right now. so we are seeing light sprinkles up and down upper elevations of the peninsula and then along highway one as well. a couple light sprinkles and upper elevations of marin county as well as light showers along the east bay
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shoreline north bay. you've quieted down san francisco, you've quieted down heaviest of rain out into the eastern portion of solano county but really aside from this. the heaviest of rainfall has exited. we are going to be looking at light showers hanging on through the day. and of course, we'll keep you updated on the movement there. but we're going to see a midday law in our rainfall staying cloudy staying cool often on light showers. but today is going to be on the lighter side of things as we were talking yesterday. we're starting slow and then we're really ramping things up gradually through this rainfall event. so today is one of her lighter events as expected, you can see outside that we will have these light sprinkles here and there through the afternoon nothing super heavy for the most part, you may see a couple spots of moderate pocket popping up in the east bay towards 11:15am. still very light. there's your midday law before rainfall intensifies towards sunset tonight will really start to see it picking back up, especially for the north bay, some on and off showers through the evening tonight heavier pockets at times into
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tomorrow morning and tomorrow generally comes along with rainfall a bit more widespread. this is at one 15 in the afternoon on thursday. you see pockets of heavier rain and they're definitely more widespread than today's rainfall. tomorrow night at 07:00pm some heavy rain pushing into portions of northern sonoma county, which really are going to be our big winners as far as rainfall totals go by the time it's all said and done. friday morning, a push of heavy rain and this is going to come a long before your morning commute on friday. but it is going to have an impact on us because of the fact roadways are going to be a really wet by the time you bark on them into your friday morning commute. so let's a look at the bigger picture for you here today. showers are for the most part. pretty light. tomorrow's moderate shower activity. but then tomorrow night into friday, our heaviest rainfall of the week after that friday dries back out in saturday stays pretty dry. at least initially saturday night rainfall pushes back in and then sunday comes along with showers through much of the day sunday into monday as when rainfall really settles in for
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us and that's when we're going to be looking at our rainfall totals really on the rise. so through the course of the day today. this is by 01:00pm today. rainfall totals will be pretty light for most of the bay area, a little more significant further north in the bay tomorrow by the afternoon. you start to see those totals on the rise. still nothing substantial for most areas just yet saturday, a nice and dry one. as you can see here, totals, not moving all that much, then we get that rainfall that pushes through on sunday into monday and you see how those totals were really skyrocket upwards. areas like santa rosa nearing 7 inches of rainfall by the time we reach midweek next week. you remember what we saw last year during the entire season that was only around 12 inches of rainfall. so for some parts of the bay area. this is exceeding. half yeah. last year's rainfall totals for the entire season. 50's 60's for your daytime highs near the shoreline today and then we'll be looking at 60's for your daytime highs right along the bay shore
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temperatures today will remain cool. so even if it's not actively raining when you are stepping outside of points. make sure you do keep those jackets in those sweaters on hand. just keep bundle up. we are really in the midst of fall now. and you just want to make that you're so sure you're keeping yourself dry as well as nice and warm a look ahead in our next 7 days does show showers potential each of the next 6 days starting to calm down after next monday. right now. tom, thank you for >> well, a vote to hold former president trump adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress is moving to the house floor. the house committee investigating the january 6 attack at the u.s. capitol unanimously voted to hold bannon in contempt of congress after he denied a subpoena. kelli myers joins us now live to explain what could happen next. good morning, kelly. good morning. well, the house is already setting up a full vote on this for tomorrow. >> lawmakers on the committee say the vote was quote, a unanimous bipartisan
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determination, both republicans and democrats say they're determined to see this through. >> so it's a shame mister bannon has put us in this position, but we won't take no. >> on on tuesday night, the house committee investigating the january 6th attack took the first step towards getting answers from former president trump adviser steve bannon. we really must abandon has information relevant to a pro mister bannon has no legal right to ignore the committee's lawful subpoena every member of the committee to republicans and 7 democrats voted to hold bannon in criminal contempt of congress for refusing to testify. he clearly. >> has evidence about what took place and he owes that evidence. united states congress. banon says that evidence is protected by executive privilege and says he is unable to cooperate until that's resolved by the courts. members of the committee are rejecting benin's claim. >> this information should not be subject to any privilege at all. and house lawmakers are
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moving quickly on this it just passed out of the committee last night. it's already heading to the floor tomorrow. if it passes, which is likely to happen with democrats in control of the house. >> it then could go to the department of justice will decide whether they'll pursue charges reporting live here in washington. i'm kelly meyer. thank rena for that report. kelly. >> all right. well, still to come, we get back from break. we'll have more stories coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news.
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>> well, the u.s. army has closed its investigation into the killing of a fort bragg paratrooper from southern california who was found decapitated in north carolina. 21 year old enrique roman martinez disappeared in may last year after a camping trip with 7 fellow soldiers on an island off of the north carolina coast. well, his partial remains later washed ashore near the camp. the army closed its investigation after claiming it could not find any forensic evidence in connection to his death. lawmakers are now asking the pentagon's inspector general to look into whether that investigation was flawed. a new baby report has concluded there were sweeping failures that fuel the arson fire that destroyed the u.s. has. richard in july of last year,
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according to the report, the massive five-day fire in san diego was both preventable and unacceptable. one sailor has been charged with setting the fire. the report also lists 3 dozen officers and sailors whose actions contributed to the ship's loss. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, california wants to redraw its mask. >> we'll tell you what you can do to make sure your represented fairly when we get back. hello. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news a time for you now radar. v, thank you so much. >> for joining me. and our meteorologists john stable this morning. we're of early. john has been tracking the weather for you trying to get started my biggest advice. if you're heading now give yourself a little more time. it took me a little more time to get in this morning. and you just want to be safe. good morning, john. yes, a good advice reyna because we do have very slick conditions on roadways. >> rainfall may have tapered off for a lot of areas at this point. but roadways are way. and one of these first rains of the season. does come along with those extra slick conditions from all the accumulation of oils during the dry summer months. lot of that gets lifted when it starts raining and you'll get those very slick conditions on these first rains. and of course, we're not accustomed to driving in it anymore. it's been so dry lately. your view
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outside at the golden gate bridge is looking nice. we do have clear enough of skies. we are looking at wet conditions, especially on are bridges that will make you want to slow it down as rain was mentioning radars for the most part showing some pretty calm conditions at the moment. there's a lot of green showing up. this is indicating areas of light rainfall that we're still in the midst of this morning. and you can see some of those light showers stretching from hayward fremont down through milpitas as well as along the grade on up into the tri valley livermore as well as dublin on over towards the peninsula. all these areas looking at some light showers highway. one is very wet this morning as his 92 is. you work your way from half moon bay over to san mateo and then looking at a light area of rainfall as well. a little bit further north in the bay over the richmond center fell bridge crossing mill valley is in the midst of some light sprinkles to its eastern solano county that has our heaviest of intensity rainfall at this moment. just some moderate rain. what you move over from fairfield to rio vista. but


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