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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. now 61 weather resumes tonight as we take a live look at our kron 4 stormtracker. the rain is expected on and off for the remainder of the week. >> so get ready for heavy rain, possible flooding and gusty winds. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. we waited a long time and starting tonight. >> the showers are expected to move in in about 2 hours. plus, a wind advisory goes into effect. then as well. >> for parts of the north bay, san francisco peninsula and bayshore. so let's start with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow about what we can expect to see tonight long it's just the opening part of the game here is we're going to see a series of storms.
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>> rolling into the bay area in the coming days. you want to be prepared. haven't seen storms like this for quite some time and that storm coming this weekend that could be a special one. so overnight tonight, things going to change. we've got storm system knocking on the door right now. in fact, it's kind of already cracked open the door a bit in parts of the north bay. the clouds beginning to lower outside right now. and the winds are starting to pick up. so yeah, this storm system, it's coming on shore. not much to stop. and now the jet stream kind of lowering now you see the front making its way in the far northern california. they're already seeing the rain crescent city rica. they've been to the rain. you see some areas start to get some yellow and some orange here, though, some heavier bands that are about to push on shore. but now we're starting to see some of the raindrops show up in the north bay. how about northern sonoma county making their way into moran. look at the cell that just off the coastline. the doppler radar just beginning to pick up on that. now some heavier amounts of rainfall about to move on shore in the north bay. so that's going to be spreading across the entire bay area overnight tonight not only
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that this system generates a pretty impressive wins. you're going to some gusts 25 maybe 40 miles an hour, maybe an occasional 50 mile an hour gust along the coastline over the mountain tops blustery conditions. expect some tree limbs to possibly come down. maybe some power outages around the bay area and a whole lot more rain to come. we're going to break down the storms, let you know when you respect him in your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thank lawrence alluded to there's when storms come power outages often come to pacific gas electric says it's taking steps to minimize the number of its customers who may end up in the dark and also working to speed up restoration time kron four's. dan kerman live for us in the east bay hills with the details. dan. >> well, as you can see behind me a bad combination power lines and very, very, very big trees right now we don't have the winds. we don't have the rain, but it could be coming. and that's why steps are being taken to reduce that possibility of outages. >> the roar of the chainsaw.
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and the snap of tree branches were a familiar sound in the east bay hills tuesday afternoon, regular maintenance done all year round will help storm caused outages. >> and while the tree trimming these crews hired by pg and e redoing may reduce storm related outages. there are no guarantees. >> with extreme wind and very stormy conditions. you can sometimes vegetation making contact with lines are damaging equipment. that's why pg and is bringing in additional crews from various locations, including yosemite and grass valley to help restore bay area power if needed. the areas that are going to see the most impact to be the east bay, south bay and peninsula. >> and of course you want to do what you can to prepare for a possible outages as well. the best first step get that flashlight ready and make sure you have fresh batteries live
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in the east bay hills. dan kerman kron 4 news dan, thank you for that comment for you. always stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood where ever you are use the camera on your phone to scan that qr code. it will take you straight to our mobile app that you can download and there you can find live radar current conditions and what to expect in the coming days. plus up to date forecast from lawrence. all of that right there on your mobile device. >> san francisco police believe there are about a dozen car burglary crews responsible for most of the smash and grabs in the bay area and they want your help to catch them at a news conference this morning. mayor london breed and police chief william scott unveiled a new cash reward up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the vehicle break. ins the city is also looking to use that reward money to target the organized criminal operations which are driving the problem. >> we have seen throughout
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investigations that much of this is organized. not all of it. but a significant part of it. and the most damaging part of it is organized. >> we're here to target everyone involved in these crimes. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. >> the reward money is being paid for by private donors in san francisco's hospitality and tourism industries. the fund has about $225,000. so far. >> a home in fairfield which neighbors say is illegally being used as a short-term rental was recently vandalized and it allegedly happened while it was occupied by renters kron 4 sleeping all tells us neighbors want solano county to step in and regulate the troubled home. >> earlier this month clip meals surveillance cameras captured a person approaching his neighbor's house in fairfield green valley community. then 16 minutes pass. and that same person is seen leaving the property.
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neil later learned the home was spray painted with this message. a veiled threat for the occupants to leave or else a nightmare for the runners during an. and they should have had a gun through that. neal says the victims were a large group of out of towners who rented the house online. he says their tires were also slashed. >> the home is a point of contention for neil and other neighbors in the he says the homeowners remodeled the house with the intent of using it as a short term rental with as many as 10 beds inside and over time neal says the loud parties and debris renters leave behind have become a nuisance. to be clear, this rental is illegal. if they did not have a permit. they were denied a permit in april of 2021. >> and they thumb their noses at the board of supervisors who voted to deny them that permit. that vote came after at least 120 neighbors signed a petition requesting he denied. >> supervisor. jim sparing it
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was the only one on the board of supervisors to vote to approve the permit, though. he says if the home is in fact be rented out. the homeowners are breaking the law. i don't think county can just look the other way doesn't think that the great people in the community are very concerned about it. and so. >> we need to take whatever legal action the solano county sheriff's office confirms it is investigating the vandalism. >> the homeowners could not be reached for comment in fairfield phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> the last battles mother accused of hosting drinking and parties for minors is now back in the bay area. shanon o'connor was in custody in idaho. but she was extradited today to santa clara county. the mother had moved to idaho with her 2 sons o'connor is accused of buying alcohol for minors, then loring them on social media to house parties at her 4 million dollar home. that is where the teenagers told authorities she pressured them to have sometimes against
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their consent. the santa clara county district attorney's office says o'connor's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. she faces a number of charges ranging from endangering minors to assault. her bail is set at 10 million dollars. well, forced to is following up on this case. she will have more tonight. coming up in our prime-time news starting at 8 o'clock. >> new information tonight after 2 people fell during a concert at chase center in the city. a concert goers now filed a complaint over safety concerns. and we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding each of those falls kron four's, maureen kelly has the details. >> a night that was supposed to be a joyous gathering for fish. fans took a tragic turn after it now appears one fan jumped from a balcony to his death. that's according to sapd based on evidence. they've gathered so far in what is still an open investigation. san leandro resident. erica, much says the man identified as 47 year-old
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ryan prosser of new york landed 4 rows in front of where she was sitting. i thought someone. >> threw chair from like 88 so loud. >> and then. >> realizing was not a chair and it was a person. he was draped over the chair with his head laying in one aisle and his feet in the row behind him. like to me. so those really scary. second man also fell a little later during the same event. >> and landed on another concertgoer. both men sustained non life threatening injuries. according to police. another attendee sitting in the nosebleed section says it happened as the man was walking down a set of stairs. >> and missed his footing i basically knew that that would happen eventually because i was terrified go down the stairs. >> gripping handrail. and it will start. i suspect that building might be built to code that if the coat is not
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safe, that it needs to be changed. >> architect andre mendell attended both back to back this shows at the chase center this weekend. monday night he filed this complaint with the department of building inspection. >> citing what he believes to be unsafe guardrails. he says he noticed them the night before the fatality. when i first arrived at my seat. i almost fell over there that guardrail because of the conditions that's just very as a last step. that's hard to see. and rails very low. the san francisco department of building inspection says they will be sending an inspector out in the coming days to follow up on the complaint. a spokesperson for the warriors says the chase center is a safe state of the art facility. >> that was built and is operated in accordance with all applicable safety requirements governing facilities of its kind. maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> coming up in and out burgers. violate health orders in san francisco is now being punish what they were forced to call why they were forced to close their dining. plus
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several east bay schools at risk of shutting down for good. what needs to happen for these classrooms to have a chance to continue lawmakers have decided whether or not to hold a close ally of former president trump in contempt of congress. >> we'll have details ahead.
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>> indoor dining has been
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temporarily closed at an in-and-out burger in san francisco over covid-19 protocols. a san francisco department of public health says employees at the fisherman's wharf location were not properly checking proof of covid-19 vaccination from customers. and because of that, the department temporarily closed the restaurant altogether restaurant has since reopened except for indoor dining. in a statement in and out says the store properly and clearly posted signage to communicate local vaccination requirements. but it continued to say the company fiercely disagrees with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business. >> several schools and hayward may be close. and over the next few years for several reasons. declining enrollment is one of them force has the money and talked with a school official about some of the other major problems facing the district. >> any initial proposal for school closures and new boundaries to better serve students in the hayward unified school district. we
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are built to serve over 24,000 students in this district. >> and we currently have. roughly 18,000 students. >> the projections are that declining enrollment will continue. that is one of several findings of the district's own two-year data driven study behind the proposal to close 8 schools in hayward over the next 3 years. another major finding aging school facilities. some that have been around for 80 years says 8 usd spokesperson. the only sea we have over 900 million dollars. >> and facilities needs. we are facing a 14 million dollar budget shortfall leading into the next school. year and that's directly tied to declining enrollment. >> enrollment, which is tied to state funding was already trending downward prior to covid-19 the facts will officials say over the past 2 years, 2000 students have left a word. we know as part of our
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analysis that. >> of those families that left the district in the last couple of years. about 2 thirds of them left because they left the bay area completely this month. a series of community town halls will give parents teachers and students a chance to be a part of the conversation. >> rob is teachers and students are local. 4 months old and click on a roll for months. i am a student at east avenue. get along because there's so many different options that we can do. >> the hayward unified school district will present the initial proposal to the school board on november 17 madyun kron 4 news. >> a in haiti was kidnapped. a group of american missionaries is now demanding 17 million dollars for their release. that is 1 billion dollars for each of the 12 adults and 5 children held among them. an 8 month old baby. the fbi and haitian police are in contact with the kidnappers in an effort to secure their release
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without paying any ransom according to authorities, the gang that took them is notorious for kidnappings and extortion. the missionaries were taken over the weekend after leaving an orphan is they were building near the capital of port-au-prince. a canadian citizen is among the adults being held hostage. >> the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol is formally recommending a criminal contempt charge against former trump aide steve bannon kron four's. catherine heenan is here with the very latest catherine. yeah. the committee members did vote unanimously tonight to go after a ban on 4 criminal contempt of congress and this after he openly defied a subpoena. the next step the entire house will take a vote possibly as early as thursday. this is all rooted in the fact the committee investigating the attack once a wide range of white house documents and wants testimony from people like bannon who reportedly made statements suggesting he knew ahead of time that there
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would be chaos on the day of the capitol attack saying things like all will break loose. bannon's attorney has argued in part his client doesn't have to testify because of executive privilege is a former trump aide an argument shot down by the committee. meantime, the blanket refusal to play along has been making committee members and other democrats very angry. he just simply louis off. >> you can't do that. they attacked this building. they wanted to overturn the election and people should be liable if we don't hold those people accountable for really trying to take down the government of the united states. >> that it is a dereliction of our duty. >> it has been suggested that this is really less about bannon's testimony then about making an example of him pressuring they hope other trump-friendly witnesses to cooperate after the house vote. the matter will go to the justice department, which is not yet indicated whether it will prosecute can. thank
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you for that. singapore has now been added to the cdc's very high travel risk category. >> the nation moved up from level 3 to level 4 this week. this comes after singapore officials loosened covid-19 restrictions destinations that fall in the level for tier have had more than 500 cases per 100,000 people in the past 28 days. other countries in the same category include turkey, ireland and the u k the cdc recommends of wait to travel to those countries unless you are fully vaccinated. >> southwest airlines workers have until december to get vaccinated against covid. but today the airline announced that unvaccinated workers will not have to worry about being put on unpaid leave southwest originally planned to put on vaccinated staff on a plate on paid leave after the december deadline. the company is now dropping that plan and letting unvaccinated workers waiting on exemptions to get paid the airline is subject to the biden administration's order
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requiring all employees to be vaccinated. employees have until november. the 24th to finish their vaccinations or apply for an exemption. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside right now at sfo with things are quiet at4the moment, but it's going to change pretty soon. change for the better. we hope chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tell us that we're finally looks like exciting fire season. you could not pay me to leave the bay area this i mean, we've got a series of storms in your right. can i mean, that's probably the most significant thing we've been talking smoke and fires and drought. >> all season long. and now finally, this looks like it could be and the fire season, not an end to the drought, but an end to the fire season as we're going to see some significant storms roll in clouds are now lowering over the golden gate bridge and around the rest. the bay area, the rain not that far away. you see it rolling in to northern california to begin with those storms start to really get themselves together. now and some of the beginning to make its way into the north. and how about that
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doppler radar picking up some moderate to some heavier amounts of rainfall in northern sonoma county and all this is going to be spreading to the south throughout the night and it's tomorrow morning and then we're going to really just kind of keep things going. here's our long-range forecast and this was really impressive. this first storm system coming through tonight going to kind of stall out over the bay area, at least the flow is going to stall out of the bay area. that means we'll see all this moisture continue to work its way through our skies. so even as the main cold front begins to dissipate. we've got all that moisture that continues to pummel right to the bay area bringing more rain on and off through wednesday and thursday. you can see these waves of energy, they'll be breaks in between these storms and then another storm system. it's going to come in on friday. that looks pretty well organized at least on friday morning. tapering off to scattered showers by the afternoon. another storm system moving in. by saturday night and then we get ready for the big storm. this probably going to be the major event and this will be they atmospheric river that really get things going here. we can talk about a significant amount of rain. see how its lineup. it's not coming
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horizontally. the coastline is coming and perpendicular. look at that train of moisture, all that some tropical moisture that is going to be pushing on shore. so once this gets going on sunday, it may not stop until monday. and that means we're going to see a significant amount of rain. all that heavy rain drifting all the way down the south. the point conception snow across the higher peaks. we're going to count rainfall in not just hundreds were going to count inches, maybe as much as 10 plus inches across some of the mountains. this is some kind of series of storms coming our way. we'll keep you updated. of course, right kron 4. all right, lauren, thank you for that. sweeping failures may have fueled the arson that destroyed a navy ship in san diego. >> coming up, why dozens of officers and sailors may be to blame. >> and the midair miracle. everybody on board survived. this fiery plane crash in texas. what we're learning about the moments before the plane went down.
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dozen officers and sailors whose failings either directly led to the ship's loss or contributed to it. authorities say no one was seriously hurt when an airplane bound for boston ran off a runway and then caught fire. this happened this morning in brookshire just outside of houston. the faa says the plane was carrying 21 people when it rolled through a fence and caught fire while trying to take off from houston executive airport. the only reported injury was a passenger was some back pain. investigators are still looking to into exactly what caused that crash. >> 30 years ago today. a historic blaze for ever change tell the east bay looks at response to wildfires tonight. we are taking a look back at the deadly oakland firestorm. plus snow piling up in the sierra mean ski resorts could open sooner than expected. how that could also bring businesses surrounding communities and get ready for several days of rainy weather. we are tracking the first series of storms moving into the bay area right now it is still off the coast, but it's
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>> 30 years ago today, a fury of flames caught thousands of people in the east bay hills by surprise today. the images and memories of the oakland firestorm are still vivid. kron four's. noelle bellow takes a look back.
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>> the sites. >> and sounds of the burning oakland hills. 30 years ago tell the story. best. it all started. october 19th, 1991 when a small brush fire broke out near the caldecott tunnel oakland. firefighters called in 5 alarms to fight the flames. and by that evening, crews believed it was under control. we had reasonable that the bar with >> but the region was parched in the 5th year of a drought at the time and strong winds fanned those remaining members overnight, causing flames to explode back to life. we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this news. both the major brush fire has erupted in the oakland hills. >> by the next morning. the fire began racing up the hillside of north oakland and southeastern berkeley. it was a firestorm with 50 mile an hour winds that reduced homes in its path to rubble before you knew it. there were flames everywhere. but then we left


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