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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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convinced everybody against me. she feels like she won. the audience was dead against me. [mocking tone] i am accused of using the racial slur. now you're on the hit list. >> i would love to have a relationship wit >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> remember rain after a little appetizer sunday. the main course is nearly here. as you can see here on stormtracker 4 radar coming off. foot is said to be the driest year in nearly a century. the whole bay area is set to get wet. great news. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis over the next few days. part of the bay area could get a few inches of rain bringing some much needed relief, of course, from the drought and the wildfire conditions. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with.
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>> what we can expect. boy, oh, boy. this is huge. you know, this is probably the most impressive set of storms i've seen in october my career with i'm pretty old says so that's giving you an idea and no, it doesn't look very, very impressive. so. >> the first few storms not going to be gigantic. it's going to be wet. but we'll see that rain coming through. but this one that we're looking at possibly coming in over the weekend. that is some serious stuff. so this is kind of the opening round here. you see the rain begin to move in to parts of northern california. the pacific northwest. finally the storm door has opened up and it looks like it's going to stay that way for some time that rain now making its way into your weekend. crescent city and beginning to push a little bit further to the south. in fact, in the north bay northern sonoma county now begin to see a couple raindrops move on there. and of course, there's a lot more on the way just off the coastline. there's plenty of rain that come in fact, this rain line is going to drop down to the bay area tonight. and then i think it's going to stall out. that's good news for us. that means all that moisture will get the
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southerly flow of moisture continuing to just pump to the bay area on wednesday on thursday, maybe nothing really or unorganized. but it's going to be enough to bring more showers on and off through that period. so a very impressive looking frontal system. now supported by a strong jet stream on the backside of it. that is going to be pushing through for tonight. bringing us a lot of rain here in the bay area continuing to drive south throughout the night. tonight and tomorrow models pick it up onto, although the models will start having some trouble. there are so many systems that are going to be rippling through the bay area in the coming days. it could be hard to track each one at least in the long range forecast. but here we go overnight tonight to see the rain moving in by 9 o'clock. the heavy rain just north of santa rosa and then overnight that begins to slide for the south. so by 1 o'clock, parts of the southeast starting to get some of that rain, too. and then it becomes more of that showery weather. i think throughout the day tomorrow kind of on and off throughout the day. hit and miss that is going to continue through thursday as well. but we'll start to pile up some impressive numbers. these are going to continue to be these waves of moisture just come in right off the pacific in the bay area to
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bring more rain. so by the time it's all said and done. we're not measuring in just small love, measurements of rain. we're talking inches of rain for all parts of the bay area will break down some of those totals coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence and of course with the storms often comes power outages set pacific gas electric taking steps now minimize the number of who may end up in the dark and to speed up restoration time kron four's. dan kerman is in the east bay hills with more on that part of the story. good evening. debt. >> well, good evening to, you know, right behind me you can see large trees as well as power lines. not a great combination for the storm. but the utility in the area taking steps to make sure they can minimize any sort of problems with the rain coming. crews hired by pacific gas and electric were in the east bay hills tuesday afternoon, trimming trees that could fall into power lines during a
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storm and cause outages. it won't prevent them all together because there can always be situations where there's heavy gusts of wind or limbs. just go flying. but as long as we're keeping the vegetation away from our from our lines and making sure we're following all those regulations. it helps prevent those sorts of outages from occurring. >> the genie says work like this is routine throughout the year. storm or not. they also been washing power poles. so the rain doesn't turn the dust and debris that accumulated in the mud which can also trigger outages. we also have crews that are gearing up for the possibility of restoring power pg e says the areas they expect the most impact from this series of storms. >> the south bay peninsula and east bay. so they're bringing in extra crews to those areas. >> so for example, in the east bay. we have crews that are currently driving from areas like you. some of the grass valley and other parts of the
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state to come and support those crews since we expect more impact. i'm here in the bay area. >> as always, you want to do whatever you can in terms of preparing for the storm. make sure you have flashlights ready as well as some fresh batteries just in case live in the east bay hills. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you dan and kron. 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood wherever you are. she's the camera on your phone here to scan. this qr code will help you download the kron 4 mobile app where you will find live radar current conditions and what to expect in the coming days and up to the minute forecasts from arts. it's all on your mobile device in san francisco car break-ins and burglaries are way up compared to previous years. >> pictures and video of people brazenly smashing windows and stealing from cars sometimes in broad daylight, they've been going viral and now the city is announcing a new plan to get this problem
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under control. hopefully san francisco is now offering up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for these vehicle break-ins. the city hopes that this reward will not only help solve crimes but also pursue the groups can to to the problem. >> we have seen throughout investigations that much of this is organized. not all of it. but a significant part of it in the most damaging part of it is organized. >> we're here to target everyone involved in these crimes. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. >> now, once an arrest is made, the case is then turned over to the district attorney who will decide what if any charges will be filed. the reward is being paid for by private donors in san francisco. hospitality and the tourism industry. new information tonight after 2 people in separate incidents
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fell during a concert at chase center in san francisco in a concert goer has now filed a complaint. >> over safety concerns. and we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding each of those falls, one of which in may have been intentional. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> a night that was supposed to be a joyous gathering for fish. fans took a tragic turn after it now appears one fan jumped from a balcony to his death. that's according to sapd based on evidence. they've gathered so far in what is still an open investigation. san leandro resident. erica, much says the man identified as 47 year-old ryan prosser of new york landed 4 rows in front of where she was sitting. >> based on that trajectory. there is no way he felt kuz of how far he came out. second man also fell a little later during the same event. >> and landed on another concertgoer. both men sustained non life threatening injuries. according to police.
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another attendee sitting in the nosebleed section says it happened as the man was walking down a set of stairs. >> and missed his footing i basically knew that that would happen eventually because i was terrified go down the stairs. >> gripping handrail. and it was and i was worried about people drinking. a lot of people are being up and dancing and it just wasn't the type need for that as an architect of fish than a dedicated warriors fan and a citizen of san francisco. i feel like it's important for me to bring this to the city's attention architect andre mendell attended both back to back this shows at the chase center this weekend. >> last night he filed this complaint with the department of building inspection citing an unsafe guardrail. he says he noticed it the night before the fatality. me and my friends were sitting in the front row of the balcony. >> and on several occasions we felt physically i'm safe up there and it just seems apparent that the guardrails felt a little low and the staircases seem very steep for
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the elevation above the court that they're at. >> the san francisco department of building inspection says they will be sending an inspector out in the coming days to follow up on the complaint. a spokesperson for the warriors says the chase center is a safe state of the art arena that was built and is operated in accordance with all applicable safety requirements, governing facilities of its kind. maureen kelly kron. 4 days. >> indoor dining is temporarily closed at an in and out in san francisco over covid-19 vaccine protocols. the san francisco department of public health says that employees at the fisherman's wharf location were not properly. checking proof of covid-19 vaccination from customers and because of it. the department temporarily closed the restaurant altogether. well, the restaurant has since reopened except for indoor dining. in a statement in and out says the store properly and clearly posted signage too. communication communicate, the local vaccination requirements. but it continued to say that the company fiercely disagrees with any
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government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business. california now has the lowest level of covid transmission of any state in the country see this yellow kind of stands out right. >> let's california is now the only state with moderate levels of community transmission. that is defined as having between 1049 positive covid cases per 100,000 people just 7 states are in the next here, including illinois here. that's the substantial transmission level and the rest of the country still red high transmission rates with more than 100 cases per one have 100,000 people in those locations. now, tomorrow the fda is expected to announce that it's ok to mix and match covid booster shots. for example, if you've got the moderna vaccine initially you can safely. they say get the pfizer booster, the study
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found that people who originally received the johnson and johnson vaccine and then got a pfizer or moderna booster. one of the mrna ys. well, they saw the antibody levels increased dramatically more than if they got the j and j booster. here's ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong about what this could mean for people looking to boost their immunity, flexibilities the name of the game. >> and rather than stick to the same company. recommendation hopefully if endorsed by the cdc allow americans to get whatever is convenient. but i know that some people may have had a bad reaction to maybe they you know, the try a different kind of vaccine. nevertheless, when you mix and match from both studies in the uk as well as recent studies from the nih show that is both safe and very, very effective. >> currently booster. shots are authorized for people 65 and older as well as anyone working or living in a
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high-risk environment like a classroom or hospital long-term care facility. many places as well as folks who have underlying health conditions. >> coming up with the news at 5 is your wallet getting lighter things just getting more expensive how supply chain, slowdowns and shortages are hitting us here in california. >> plus, several east bay schools are at risk of shutting down for good. needs to happen for these classrooms have a chance to continue north a rental property recently vandalized. but that might not be the only illegal activity going down. we'll explain just ahead. >> and we have been in short supply of rain for quite some supply of rain for quite some time. that may all come to an before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you,
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>> in the north bay. a home in fairfield which neighbors say is illegally being used as a short-term rental was recently vandalized this allegedly happened while occupied by renters crowd forcefully to go reports that neighbors what solano county to step in and regulate this troubled hole. >> earlier this month. clip meals surveillance cameras captured a person approaching his neighbor's house in fairfield green valley community. then 16 minutes pass. and that sase person is seen leaving the property. neil later learned the home was spray painted with this message. a veiled threat for the occupants to leave or else a nightmare for the runners and they should have had a gun
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through that. neal says the victims were a large group of out of towners who rented the house online. he says their tires were also slashed. >> the home is a point of contention for neil and other neighbors in the he says the homeowners remodeled the house with the intent of using it as a short term rental with as many as 10 beds inside and over time neal says the loud parties and debris renters leave behind have become a nuisance. to be clear, this rental is illegal. if they did not have a permii. they were denied a permit in april of 2021. >> they thumb their noses at the board of supervisors who voted to deny them that permit. that vote came after at least 120 neighbors signed a petition requesting he denied supervisor. jim sparing it was the only one on the board of supervisors to vote to approve the permit. >> though. he says if the home is in fact be rented out. the homeowners are breaking the law. i don't think county can
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just look the other way doesn't think that people in the community are very concerned about it. and so. >> we need to take whatever legal action the solano county sheriff's office confirms it is investigating the vandalism. >> the homeowners could not be reached for comment in fairfield phellipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> tonight. investigators are trying to find out what caused a massive fire, which nearly destroyed a strip mall here in mount view. you see some of the damage, a much different picture than when firefighters arrived at the scene around 10 o'clock last night they saw a massive flames roaring from the building's roof. an el camino reale near crestview drive to fire reportedly started in the middle and then spread throughout the vatican to other businesses took fire crews about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. there is now extensive fire and water damage which is displaced several businesses ranging from a massage parlor and a salon to a restaurant. >> the building is a significant there's about 4
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businesses. >> that the interior actually is okay. but the structural integrity of the is is compromise took to the building and he was here last night. >> has he has he done. >> well. they feel devastated by what has that, you know, go forward and and rebuild. >> mountain view fire estimates the damage at least $500,000 and with rain in the forecast crews plan to cover up the gaping hole on the roof there and then eventually create a plan to rebuilt. >> people are without a home in san jose. after an early morning fire there. this happened on south sunset avenue. about 3 o'clock. firefighters say several trees caught fire then spread to the attic of the home. the cause of this fire is under investigation. moving on to the weather. now we're taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero as we see some clouds looming off in a distance rain clouds.
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>> rain clouds. they are here. maybe not the actual rain, but it's not far behind chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. when you think we'll start to see the wetness. i think about 8 o'clock, maybe in the north that we start to see it there and that will take over night to get the rest, the bay area. but this just the beginning of a series of storms will be rolling in. >> out there. the clouds have been gathring. we've seen the wind picking up, moving up out of the south today. that's all the setup for the storm system that's off the coastline. now, here's the long-range forecast model. the european model. watch what happens. is our first storm just off the coastline, moving on shore bringing a round of rain for tonight, tapering off more showers throughout the day tomorrow and thursday. that's going to continue to pumping all that moisture up out of the south. you can see these waves of rain moving on shore. it will dry out. the more waves of rain come in. then another organized storm comes in on friday night. we'll see it right there. that's going to be a pretty good soakers of moves on through. but the main event is going to come over the weekend. we've got another quick hitter that's going to drop in on saturday evening. you look at your time. they're 8.45. you see the rain begin to move into the bay area and
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then the big event comes in on sunday. the timing on this is moved up just a little bit this. the one we're talking about the atmospheric river. this where we could see inches of rainfall just from a single storm. and there it is. you begin to see the set up and look at that rain and moisture racing across the pacific. so you've got all that moisture that's going to be moving on shore and then there's going to be amplified by the front coming on the back side and there you go. you can start to see a lot of colors developing around the bay area around the state. i think that event is going to take the better part of sunday and maybe through the first part of monday before this thing begins to settle down on the backside that looks like we'll catch a little bit of a break as the rain line is going to shift a little further to the north of the rain totals. they're going to oppressive. look at this around the state that first or maybe half an inch in the ben lowman lesser amounts in a san francisco. but then we start to have some totals there to thursday. you see over half an inch in the san francisco. then we get toward the weekend. you start to see 3 inches plus in mendocino and then we get into sunday everything begins to change, right when that atmospheric river moves in. look at that.
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ben lowman, this all works out. they can get that nice southerly wind that comes of that moisture. they could see over 10 inches plus of rain across the santa cruz mountains. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, real rain. well, the coming rain does have parts of santa cruz and sonoma counties. little worried. >> about possible flooding in areas that were burned by the wildfires recently santa cruz county. now watching how the rain could impact the czu fires burn. scar. the santa rosa fire department is following suit. they are monitoring how the rain could affect the glass fires burn scar. the county in the fire department are urging people living near these areas to be prepared in the event of a flash flood or mudslide. the los gatos mother accused of hosting drinking and parties for minors is back in the bay area. shanon o'connor was extradited from custody in idaho to santa clara county today. she is accused of buying alcohol for minors and then loring them on social media, house parties enter 4 million dollar home. this is
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where the teenagers told authorities that she pressured them to have sometimes against their consent. santa clara county district attorney's office says o'connor will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. she faces multiple charges ranging from endangering minors to assault. her bail is set at 10 million dollars theresa is following up on this case. she'll have more tonight. coming up in our prime-time news starting at 8 o'clock. >> gang in haiti that kidnapped a group of american missionaries is demanding 17 million dollars for their release. that's 1 million dollars for each of the 12 adults and 5 children involved. the fbi and haitian police are said to be in contact with the kidnappers in an effort to secure the release without paying any ransom according to authorities. the gang that took them. he's notorious for kidnappings and extortion. the missionaries were kidnapped over the weekend after leaving an orphanage where they were building. new structure there
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right near the capital of port-au-prince. >> no one should deserve anything like this, especially my has been. >> still unconscious as he recovers in the hospital. how a minor traffic incident and in a vicious attack. less supply means higher demand. plus, steeper prices. why you
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>> for your money. tonight. the supply chain backup has prices just surging across the board groceries and electronic goods are getting more expensive. it's you probably noticed many folks now worrying that these rising prices could actually be the new reality. >> and those cargo ships stuck at sea. so many of them we're just adding to the backup that is making life more expensive. christina pascucci as more on this worrisome inflation situation. >> well, maybe you've noticed the rising costs for stable items, things like toilet paper or diapers. and sadly this is hitting low income families. the hardest with us inflation at its highest level in a decade. it's some of the one thing ever happened here could deal with it and work through it. this father has already been saving to make ends meet. but the rising cost of everyday products is making things tough. got to come back and all, you going out and stuff like that. it's been nice everywhere you go. prices are increased even at bath and body works. the price of
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candles have gone up even so what's causing this? here's david steinberg, the head of zeta global. a data company that has billions of data points or consumer behavior. tremendous amount of demand because of covid. >> and you've got scarcity for a whole host of reasons. also originally because of covid and now we're dealing with probably the largest supply chain disruption in american shouldn't say history. but since certainly world war starting a little bit to see products here on shelf that you've got hundreds of ships sitting off the coast of california specifically those ships can't get in and unload. you know, stores are raising pricing, proctor and gamble. the maker of tide detergent and crest toothpaste announced today it will start charging more for razors and certain beauty products being a smart consumer is mission critical if wal-mart and target. >> had large inventories of certain products that might not be the traditional brands you buy. you know, meaning
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pampers versus another ran. it might be time to try another brand. >> and that was christina pascucci reporting zeta global says the other issue is the continued computer chip shortage that is impacting things like video game systems, cars and possibly the holiday shopping season. next on the news at 5 classrooms may be closing in the east bay. the major challenges. one school district. >> is facing right now. plus, you got your halloween. a plan set yet, but we've got some tips to help you get ready and keep your kids safe and remembering the destructive fire storm ravaging the east bay. we're looking back at the dama
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