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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 19, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning and that the countdown begin. >> one day left and that's today. that it will be dry. so get out. enjoy it. i love how we talk about like like you won't be able to function it rains like it's the last time you can walk a dog today. yeah. we what we talked about in those terms because sometimes the stuff sneaks up on people. and if they plans and that word outer light minute. you got to get that stuff. don't drive. you know, leave your house earlier. it's raining. it takes longer. i admit i don't might melt. i've got a couple errands this week that i plan to do later in the week. but i'm going to push him in doing today. i had a
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drop some stuff up the post life of late. anyway. probably what's wrong police to go there's wrong with at a little bit >> to the drive of today is the day. yeah, absolutely. get out there save the doubt for later on this week. tomorrow, thursday friday, really the rest. the forecast is going to be better napping whether today's your productivity day. so definitely those errands out of the way. the longer dog walk all the things that, you know, you want to do your view outside this morning is showing you really clear skies. and some really calm winds there on the flag above pier 15. this is the way you want to get out there and enjoy things. not so much when it's raining outside, then you can hunker in there and take it a little bit. he's here. radar does show these dry conditions. cloud cover, generally increases later today. but rain doesn't arrive until well after sunset tonight. 40's and 50's for most of our current temps, although there are a few 30's on the math lake in fairfield and saint regardless of where you're at. you want to bundle up. it feels chilly out there this morning. definitely
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colder than it was yesterday. down 9 degrees from yesterday in oakland and fairfield. >> ray to tom, thanks for that. we do have hot spots out there. this one pleasanton southbound 6.80 that connector ramp to east. both lanes were closed. now one lane is open so you can get through there. we're also seeing another accident popped up. this is out of the les hill eastbound 37 it skaggs island road. it looks like 2 lanes er are blocked a good alternate would be 12 if you're trying to get around that a little under 18 minutes travel into the city this morning. no major accidents or issues on the bay bridge. we are seeing an uptick in traffic here along the san mateo bridge a little under 25 minutes as you're traveling across the air down here in the south bay, we had an accident one. oh, one. northbound north of helier avenue in san jose up tomorrow like jon and arya and james all mentioned is going to be really wet. please take your time as you're driving tomorrow. tarin james, back to you. good advice. thank you, ray 8. '02, and breaking news from overnight. there was a
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massive fire that damaged several businesses in a strip mall. yeah. broke out in mountain view about 10 o'clock or so last night crews. >> were there all night long proper sarah stinson got there really early this morning to check out the damage for herself. what are you seeing, sarah? >> fire crews remained here into the morning and now fire investigators have arrived. you can see their truck behind me. they're going inside taking pictures trying to figure out the cause. you can really get a better idea of how much damage has been caused by this fire that big gaping hole in the roof caused by the flames that were roaring last night. take a look at video we have of the damage inside there's about 5 different businesses in this strip mall. and unfortunately none of them can return to business today because they have all of this damage to deal with the owner of the strip mall was here apparently last night. i just talked to the chief of the mountain view fire department. he said that of course, this is
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devastating. but they look forward to, you know, renovating and rebuilding and moving forward from this. not an ideal situation to, you know, be told, hey, come down here. you're strip mall is on fire and now the damage is very bad. the fire department suspects that it's going to cost at least $500,000 to fix this roofing in all the damage within these 5 businesses. now they're investigating the cause. but last night it was just really about getting the flames under control and preventing them from spreading into the nearby businesses here. this is 9. '03, el camino royal. there's a hotel next door. there's an enterprise rent, a car. so they're making sure that it just was contained here. they got the flames down and they did that by using the lateral trucks, the fire control from above to just get that water down and stop the flames from spreading. now let's hear from the fire chief who talks about
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this fire and potentially the cause. >> the >> the fire chief diaz. he said that when this happens in strip malls and it starts in that area. it just spreads so quickly through the other part of of the other stores in that strip mall. so just continues to spread now the fire, as i said, still under investigation. they don't believe at this time that it is suspicious. but of course they're still investigating and they're trying to make sure they have a confirmation of where it started and how it happened. so they haven't released what they believe it to be. but they believe it started in the middle. and as you heard just continued to spread now it's all about recovering trying to figure out how much it's going to cost to rebuild. unfortunately
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for the people who rent in a strip mall its business means they have to pause business and kind of just wait till they do rebuilt here. so it's definitely going to be a devastating time for them for now, reporting live in mountain view. sarah stinson back to you. thanks a lot ask tough. >> also following another fired to second breaking news story this time out of san jose where 8 people now without a home after a fire broke out early this morning on south sunset avenue was about 03:00am the firefighters got on scene. they say trees, several of them caught fire in front of a home and then those flames eventually spread to the attic of that house right next to it. the cause still under investigation. they don't know why those trees caught fire in the first place. and 30 years ago today we saw a lot more catch fire. the oakland hills fire storm which killed 25 people. >> and injured more than a 100 others. see in the video there. how intense those flames were back in 91 that firestorm still fresh in the minds of many today kron
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four's will tran is in oakland for us up in the hills as we remember that catastrophic day. well, more than a day. will it burn for a long time and what it taught us and how it changed. firefighting. >> it was a game changer. in fact, this was not around back in 1991 day, specifically built this fire station because they needed to be here in case another fire rips through this area. we will talk to the assistant fire chief coming up at 9 o'clock is in route to talk to us. and he was actually on the front lines at the time as a firefighter will be interesting to hear his personal account when he saw the flames up close and personal and boy, did he and many other firefighters see it up close and personal. it was a game changer because amazing, as it sounds that everybody was on the same page at the time. even the fire hoses from city to city county to county did not line up with the fire hydrants. so even when they got to this location, they could not plug in and start.
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>> fighting the flames. now it's an industry standard they're also on the same wavelength as far as communication back then, they were not so. >> it made catastrophic situation even worse. more chaotic because they had to learn as they go. how horrific was this fire guys. by the time it was over. 2800 homes went up in flames. 437 apartment units. more than 150 people were injured. 25 people killed. it was so bad that the embers actually flew across the bay and landed in san francisco at the niners game that day. it actually started the day before with a grass fire that was not completely extinguished and then on october 19th 1991 it started in the race through this area. there are lessons that they learned from it, unfortunately took a horrible disaster for them to learn. >> highlight the great things that have come about that
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terrible tragedy, which is government. a community partnership. the relationship that we have now with the north hills community association, fire safe coalition. the establishment of our core and search emergency preparedness programs has been instrumental for us to ensure that what happened 30 years ago with the loss of 25 boxes and happen again. >> and that was berkeley's fire chief. anything that could go wrong that day, guys did go wrong, including there are so many cars on the streets at the time. it is very narrow and windy as you go through the oakland hills. as you know, there were so many cars blocking the path of ambulances and fire trucks through this area and some of the cars are actually parked in front of the fire hydrant. it took out power, took out power to the pumping stations because if you live in the oakland hills, you need those pumping stations to bring water to this location. also by the time it was over as far
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as the price tag, i mean, you can't put a price tag. obviously on lies. but as far as the damage 2.5, 6, 2, 0.5, 6 billion dollars in today's money back in 1919, 91 it was estimated at one 0.5 billion dollars. keep it here. 9 o'clock. we will talk to the assistant fire chief. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. i'm sure today's pressure to him. >> and for most people because he was on the front lines. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well. >> 8.10, right now and here's big story as you're wondering about a booster shot. the fda is expected to tout its okay to mix and match. >> covid boosters. for example, if you got a moderna, you could get a pfizer booster. they did a study of people who originally got the johnson and johnson shot and they found if they got the moderna booster, they saw other antibody levels increase. the fda could authorize the moderna booster as soon as this week. and as you know, they already authorized the pfizer booster.
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so everybody can get whatever shot they say is most convenient for you with all provide protection and kids in san francisco who get their covid shot could get a free ride to college. we're talking 4 years for free at san francisco state. san francisco mayor london breed announced this new like his lottery is what you call it for. people living in san francisco age 12 to 17. if you get your covid shot, you enter into a drawing and they will pick 10 random winners who were get a full four-year scholarship to san francisco state university. again, all you have to do is get a shot. you enter starting next monday. and you have until november 13th to be vaccinated. and by the way, if you're a 12 to 17 and you already have your shot. you could still end to the drawing. we have the rules on kron 4 dot com. and happening today. we have berkeley high school hosting a covid vaccine clinic for anybody over the age of 12. it starts at 11. it goes until 6. they'll also be a clinic tomorrow to at the berkeley technology academy.
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>> a reminder students under 18 have to have a signed parental consent form in order to get vaccinated state employees. by the way, apparently not getting vaccinated like they should. despite a vaccine mandate that's been in effect since the beginning of august state employee vaccination rates apparently are still below the state average state health department data shows that there are several agencies that have less than half of their workers vaccinated. and that includes employment development department and the department of forestry and fire protection. >> time now is 8.12. and coming up. >> this mom from the bay area accused of killing teen parties is going to be coming back to the bay to face charges will tell you more about what should be on trial for. and then another smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco. but this time the victim was held at gunpoint while they stole his stuff. we'll hav
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>> 8.15 is time right now look at the snow in town. there's more where that came the roundabout. yeah. this is i think i take this when i go it northstar or go to north this is 50 at myers and you can see there's some decent snow on the ground. and according to john, we're going to see. >> a whole lot more of it throughout the week. we were talking. you said earlier feet. does anybody know how to drive around about. by the way. and these coasters, lots
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of them. but there's not so many around here. i was just like chevy keeps going keep it haha. oh, well, it's worse when it's slippery. so right now looks like good. >> good good traction out there. it's dry on the roadways, at least by not for long, of as james is mentioning. we are looking at feet of snow up there. so it's going to start really gradual snow will stay at higher elevations initially by sunday night into monday morning. that's when really going to get the big snow. also, if you're heading up into the sierra this weekend. >> head back early. and all of that and it's all about getting there before the driving is powder and then getting back to kuz friday and saturday. late friday afternoon. perfect driving weather saturday starts that way. >> sunday is when it gets dicey so we'll playing head back sunday. what just earlier, the better earlier, the better. it's still going to be rough all day long on sunday. but it's better earlier on a first tour sunday night into monday. you don't want to be on the roads too much, especially not in the sierra. >> i 80's definitely going to be snow packed, especially
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into early next week, too. gradually more and more snowfall up. there is a nice thing to see as of today. good driving conditions. you can see the sunshine overhead from the sierra nevada right back here to the bay area. cloud cover gradually increases into the afternoon for us here in the bay, setting us up for our first of this round of showers that will be pushing in tonight into tomorrow morning. let's track it all in future cast. so today gradual increase in cloud cover. good day for errands. good day for stepping outside rainfall doesn't arrive until well after sunset tonight really coming in around midnight this evening across the wider bay area. it will start pretty good. with areas of moderate to even isolated pockets of heavier rainfall by tomorrow morning it becomes a bit more isolated. you have off and on showers through your wednesday on into your thursday. and for the most part staying pretty light on both of these days. nothing super heavy. but the thing here is we're going to be looking at it continuing over a matter of days and that's where your totals begin to stack up at least it's not
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all coming down at once. we're spreading it out, which is good. has a chance to soak into the ground a bit thursday continuing to see those areas of rainfall picks up at times we do have heavier pockets in there that i don't forget about now tomorrow and thursday are some lighter showers. for the most part really kicks into gear thursday night into friday morning could see some heavier rainfall pushing in friday afternoon. as i told you just a second ago, we clear out better travel weather saturday to start. we start with those clearing skies. but saturday night rainfall pushes back in and sunday night into monday morning is looking likely to bring our heaviest of rainfall from this extended events here. so a lot to break down a lot to digest. there. hopefully you got all of that because it is going to be a busy next couple of days. 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline. 60's for your daytime highs. for most of our bayshore cities. but we are talking a fair amount of 70's and today's forecast. so it's a comfortably. cool one. just make sure you bring the light jacket, the sweater with you. i've been using those good
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references for what you should wear as you're stepping outside lately and a good chance to wear fall attire before the rain jackets come out and cover all of that up as soon as tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a touch cooler than today but not a huge difference wednesday and thursday. bring those on and off showers. friday has heavy rain in the morning possible clearing into the afternoon. staying dry in the morning on saturday for for rain pushes back in and then sunday night into monday, the heaviest of all the showers we have right now. tom, thank you for that. so we have a new hot spot that just popped up. this is up here. >> in the toledo area. so 7.80, eastbound ramp to 80 west. they just close that down because of an accident and emergency the air so that alternate would be georgia street because that runs adjacent as you're traveling along there to 29 the other hot spot we've been talking about in pleasanton southbound 6.80, connector of 5 in the east. one lane there is open as you're traveling heading into the city a little under 20 minutes for your drive time
8:20 am
there. another accident in oakland, westbound east 90th avenue that one just popped up. good alton around. that would be a a tv. you can see that slow as well. and heading across towards the peninsula a little under 25 minutes leave you with a look at this other accident in orinda westbound 24 just east of saint stephen's drive during james, back to you. thank you, ray. >> all right. so check this out. a mass, a big mess and a lot of damage left behind after a smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco once again, we're talking about this. that's the damage trauma to the person australian musician. >> who was held at gunpoint as he watched thieves stealing his stuff. that's the other thing. crawford's taylor per second has more on exactly how all of this happened. >> shot we know was dyed 3 armed suspects when tony smash-and-grab spree in san francisco on friday. plaintiffs. then. >> we heard life gloss breaking and we were like 5 feet away from from the rental car that we had was trillion singer-songwriter clinton
8:21 am
kaine says. >> he and his team just arrived in san francisco to film a documentary video for his new album coming out in december. he quickly stop for lunch near filbert in fillmore streets in cow hollow when the suspects put up to cain's rental car and shattered the windows once cain and his team realized what happened. they chased after the suspects but were stopped right in their tracks. the suspects pulled guns on them just like right. he it's very new to my face. i like really >> want to risk anything and we were just on the ground my hands rise and they were saying why that try anything dump or anything on cain says he was paralyzed with shock. >> once the suspects drove off. he quickly realized how much was taken and such a short amount of time. carving are going to have stolen. >> like $30,000 worth of camera equipment that's not even the worst thing. the worst thing is that like 3 days worth of content as far as the dock documentary for the album. those. because
8:22 am
everything was on the memory cards and all that stuff is when the a witness shared this exclusive video with us on friday. >> saying the suspect seen in this black audi were breaking into cars near filbert and pierce streets just moments earlier. and then emptying out the storm banks keane confirms this is the same getaway car in seem suspects who robbed him and his crew but that those are definitely then jokingly cain said he's never coming back to san francisco. but in all seriousness, he said it's going to be very hard to come back here after what he's experienced. >> san francisco police say they are investigating this case and several others that may be connected in san francisco, taylor kron 4 news. so we're staying home. >> the kiddies 22 said the worst thing was that they took all of, you know, he's not going right now. >> the were at the worst thing would have been had they gotten hurt. yeah. i mean, i can't even somebody said they were 5 feet like which is where i am now to the screen that close to these robbers who then had to make a crazy.
8:23 am
reminder that just you know what, it's not worth it. you know, just i hate to say these break-ins happened all the time. it's not worth your life video, but never know how it's going to play out. so better safe. >> and sorry. we'll take a break here. 22 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news drought concerns in california. look at this. >> it should be a drier ground than there is right now. we've got really bad drought conditions fact. the driest in nearly a 100 years. talk more about that in a moment.
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>> 25 and in the south bay, a man is in the hospital unconscious this morning, not because he got into a car accident which he did. but because he was attacked after a fender. yeah. the attack are still on the loose this morning. police are looking for them. >> the victim's tells us a bit about the person who was hurt in all of this. again, just a fender last friday in san jose. robert carbajal or cut her bottle was driving when he was hit by a woman in another car. she then drove off and he followed to try and get insurance information. they ended up down to dead-end street. and at that point she refused to hand over anything but instead made a phone call and just minutes later, the 2 men arrived and ended up attacking him. and you can see the swelling to his face. he has fractures to his head and his eye socket and his wife talk kron 4 about how this is just this is horrific. >> pretty much use a fender.
8:27 am
that no one was hurt in. you would think he was in the coulee region. the injuries he received. and these guys, no one should deserve anything like this, especially my has been. >> and they want to find whoever did it. that's why i mean, they're showing these pictures of him in perfect health and then juxtaposed with him in the hospital with it being his face is just. >> you know, shattered. so this was in the area of summer court and jackson avenue of san jose. if you live in that area, if you heard anything, we saw anything. maybe you have video on your security camera front of her house that might be helpful. police want to talk to you. >> time now is 8.27. and still ahead, a deadly fall during a concert at chase center will explain what happened.
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>> it's 30 is the time right now. and we're taking a nice look at blue skies with some clouds over san francisco looks good. now these clouds don't mean business, right. that's a different kind of clout. i don't know what to call the rain clouds all how about these clouds like the director get a little have a different john. yeah. these are all very non-threatening, ok. that's a fair weather cumulus. not even that. these are some low level stratus right the old stratus what's it look like stratus yeah, it's just nice little white puffy is very inviting looking
8:31 am
for sure nothing that's going to result in any rainfall today. today is about the only day can be saying that, though. >> after today we work our way into what is again, a very wet weather pattern. and honestly a wetter weather pattern that we've seen in a long time tomorrow. thursday friday saturday, sunday and monday. all bringing rainfall to us. we will get breaks in there from time to time which will be breaking down your full forecast. this morning, though, it's just nice and dry. some blue skies piercing through some of those low clouds and a push in across the bay cloud cover will gradually increase towards the latter part of the day. you'll notice skies getting a little gray towards the late afternoon 40's and 50's for current temperatures. san francisco and alameda each in the low 50's. well, fairfield and saint our last 2 spots holding on to the upper 30's right thank you for that. we've got 2 new hot spots that just popped up in the same area pretty much so this is out of the >> you have 7.80 eastbound that ramp to 80 west that connector ramp is closed. so
8:32 am
good all to that will be georgia street to highway 29, the other hot spot is 37 eastbound east of skaggs island road and filet o good alternate would be to hop over a highway 12 to try to get around that. we've got this hot one here all throughout the morning. in pleasanton southbound 6.80 that connector ramp to 5.80 east again, one lane there is close. the other ones open a little under 18 minutes as you make your way into the city. so things are busy along the bay bridge. and here in oakland, westbound east 98th avenue. you've got an accident. one lane. there is currently blocked, would say would be a good alternate. but look at that just is backed up as we're seeing along 5.80 as you're headed across towards the peninsula a little under 27 minutes and under westbound 24 just east. a saints team has dropped another delay, an accident. we'll have more on this busy tuesday morning but oranges. back to you. thank you. >> so 30 years ago today the oakland hills fire storm cut thousands in the east bay by surprise. as we saw flames ripped through the hillside. so many houses went up in flames. 25 people died and the
8:33 am
images and memories of this firestorm are still visit. kron four's noelle bellow takes a look back. >> the sites. >> and sounds of the burning oakland hills. 30 years ago tell the story. best. it all started. october 19th, 1991 when a small brush fire broke out near the caldecott tunnel oakland. firefighters called in 5 alarms to fight the flames. and by that evening, crews believed it was under control. we had reasonable that the bar with >> but the region was parched in the 5th year of a drought at the time and strong winds fanned those remaining members overnight, causing flames to explode back to life. we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this news. both major brush fire has erupted in the oakland hills. >> by the next morning. the fire began racing up the hillside of north oakland and
8:34 am
southeastern berkeley. it was a firestorm with 50 mile an hour winds that reduced homes in its path to rubble before you knew it. there were flames everywhere. but then we left their apartment public. it was completely surrounded. the plane powerless against the fast-moving flames of thousands were forced to flee their neighborhoods down tight windy roads to safety in some areas. firefighters even ran out of water and flames are coming into the cars as we're driving out some refused evacuation orders and tried to save their homes themselves. winds finally died down the night of the 20th. but the fire wouldn't be fully out for another 2 days. >> her house is safe. i mentioned that i mentioned the feeling of mentioned there. it's lady is looking at >> people returned to the area. happy to be alive. but devastated at all. they've lost 3,000 homes and buildings
8:35 am
have been destroyed by those flames and by the end 25 people have died first responders. among them officer group penske's body was found a few yards up the road. >> his radio still in his hands, his body shielding that of a child who also died along with 5 others. he was trying to leave the safety. >> many who fled had to leave their pets behind a lucky few were reunited. >> what was going through your mind. >> and >> it sent not great. >> 4 years later is the neighborhood started taking shape once again. a memorial wall was the 2000 hand painted tile mural still stands 30 years later at the rockridge bart station in oakland and those who survived the fire storm of 1991 still visit today and the beautiful view i had. >> that i enjoyed until the
8:36 am
day of the fire. i lost 30 years of journals. i lost photographs some survivors call it the most defining moments of their life. >> because of the firestorm fire departments have made massive improvements in communications response and strategies over the years to this day, the cause of the fire is still unknown. and while bellow kron 4 news. >> it's a 36. and today the los gatos mother accused of hosting drinking and parties for minors is expected to be extradited to the bay area to face charges. shanon o'connor was arrested last week in idaho. she's accused of buying alcohol for children, luring them on social media to house parties at her home. and that's where the teenagers say that she pressured them to have sometimes against their consent and now she faces multiple charges ranging from endangering minors to assault. >> concert turned tragic at
8:37 am
the chase center as one man fell to his death and 2 other concertgoers were also injured in a separate fall. this happened sunday night during a phish concert. police were alerted that a man was injured in the arena. and when they got there first responders confirmed that he died from that fall. police haven't found any evidence of foul play. the other fall involves 2 victims were one man fell to a lower level and hit another man. both were treated for their injuries. developing news in san francisco. 3 members of the san francisco school board or board of education will face a recall election early next year. the elections are for board members alison collins, gabriela lopez and found moliga the election is set for february 15th. the recall comes after some parents expressed frustration with the school board on a number of issues from in-person learning to efforts to rename some schools. the election is expected to cost the district about 8 million dollars. but the school board. president says that's actually a waste of time and money because only
8:38 am
months after that actually have a general election. >> 8.37 we'll talk about the rain that's headed our way well, and the santa cruz mountains sonoma county as they're worried about possible flooding because of wildfires that burned the area leaving scarred charred earth that could really be problematic. santa cruz counties watching the area around the czu lightning complex fire and in santa rosa, they're concerned about the fire that broke out there as well. that was the glass fire. so the burn scars, if there's too much rain, of course, that could end up with flooding and mudslides and so they're warning people who live in those areas to just be alert. be careful and know that that could happen and to take precautions. happening now. there's a prescribed burn under way in sonoma county. it's state who we told you about this yesterday. this started again this morning at 07:00am near the west. well west of magic mountain road and south of cave creek. that's the area that they're burning until 9 o'clock tonight when all is said and done between yesterday and today, they'll have charred
8:39 am
about 40 acres on purpose as fire control. >> we'll take a break here at 8.38, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news steph curry and the warriors start the new season on the road tonight against the lakers. we'll hear from coach kerr about the matchup coming and what he thinks about it also that mountain lion that we told you about yesterday that forced a lockdown of 2 elementary schools up and running park. well, they caught the cat will tell you how that all played out.
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>> we're back in a 41 new this morning, a gang in haiti the kidnapped, a group of american missionaries is now demanding 17 million dollars for their release. they say they want a million dollars for each person that they're holding that includes 12 adults and 5 children. these missionaries were in haiti to help build an orphanage are actually working to come home over the weekend when they were kidnapped. the gang that took them is known in the area for kidnappings and ransoms. a senior us official says they're working right now with local officials to try and secure their release. we'll keep you updated on their progress in east bay contra, costa county animal services is looking for homes. >> for these old dogs and a lot of cats to what happened was they went to a home in danville. and a hoarder had at least 70 dogs and 24 cats. in their home some of them were really malnourished. and in such horrible physical shape that they actually had to
8:43 am
euthanize the poor dogs and cats. but there are also many, as you can see here who are healthy and now need homes so contact. the animal shelter. and animal services in contra, costa county, if you can help.
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8.45 right now and take a look
8:46 am
at this fish again, found that lauer looking for yesterday the one that forced the lockdown of 2 elementary schools nearby killers yesterday just in case you're alarmed rights. they this is one they already knew was out there. th y had a hit, a tracker on his if you can make it out in that shot there. but he's got a little tracker on his neck fission game knew all they are able to track him down. they darted him with a tranquilizer. >> give him a little map there where he they checked him over. make sure he's healthy and now they're hoping to build a release him back into the was so big. >> and that was a big catch. good that the kids all got in school and sheltered in place and the safe for everybody. california is reporting its dries your nearly a century. we're talking about rain that's on the way and in the meantime, we're looking back at the rain that we've had. and it turns out that last year up until october of this year. we barely got 12 inches. that's it. that's about half of what we typically get. >> in any given year. in fact, the last time it was that bad. you gotta go back to 1924
8:47 am
right now. 87% of california is under extreme drought conditions, which is a second to. we're still here in the bay area course we're seeing a bit of both extreme and exceptional drought and the way that we're getting this storm actually, giannis says the best way you don't because you think. >> i would think i'd be like. >> just let up eyes. and no, that's not the way to get the rain you needed to seep in slowly, right. exactly. especially with all the cars. we have to the last thing you want is a heavy downpour to get inches and inches of rainfall in one day. >> is not a good thing. too much of a good thing too fast. so spreading it out like we are is actually really good news. we're starting things relatively light tomorrow as well as thursday friday. we'll kick it up a notch friday morning and then especially sunday night into monday. that's when we've got our heavier stuff expected and we certainly do need it because as we've been talking about drought conditions have just ever expanded across the state. the worst category of drought, which is that deep maroon groups, most of the bay area that's exceptional. and
8:48 am
in the lighter red, that's extreme drought your second worst category. it's certainly not just us across the state of california either but really much of the western us in general. so we all could use some rainfall, especially us back here at home. and we're getting it. so today, get out there, take advantage of what will be a dry day. greg cloud cover gradually increases over the course of your afternoon. setting us up for a mostly cloudy finish to the day and then rainfall really arrives. well after sunset tonight won't be until after 08:00pm to 09:00pm for the north bay which will be our first bought to tap into it after 10 to 11:00pm for the rest of the bay area and then through the rest of the evening into early morning hours of tomorrow. expect widespread light to moderate rainfall 05:30am. tomorrow. starting to see taking its back a step a little bit. but it will resurge at times on into your wednesday. as you can see into wednesday evening, isolated pockets of moderate rainfall popping right back up on into thursday, more of that, too. so this is your prolonged light rainfall. that's kind of in and out over the next couple of days really picks up
8:49 am
again thursday night into friday and then our best dose of rain, at least for the work week is going to be friday morning. you can see the big picture set up here. so there's your lighter showers wednesday and thursday. rainfall picking up into friday morning right here. it's going to be a wet commute friday morning. but that then things dry out the rest of the day on friday. saturday starts dry saturday night rainfall picks back up and that sets us up for the big finish on sunday. night into monday which will be this heavy rainfall that will have to start your work week on monday. so we've got some wet commute ahead of us today is not so much that way. 50's and 60's for your highs near the coast 60's for most of our bayshore cities, although we do have some low 70's on the peninsula from foster city down to redwood city temperatures in the south bay. mostly mid to upper 60's. today. it's another cool fall day. great for the sweaters in the light jackets before you pull the rain jackets and umbrellas out from this point forward so no mats 66 today antioch. it's 71. while santa rosa through mill valley each in the 60's tomorrow's highs a
8:50 am
little bit cooler. but the biggest change is obviously going to be the rainfall that returns thursday. we continue that rain friday. we start with it before drying out briefly friday afternoon into saturday saturday night rainfall returns and sunday into monday being the heaviest of it. reyna. john, thank you for that. and yet a busy morning. all throughout the morning. multiple hot spots. these 2 will tell you about. >> right in the same area. 7.80, eastbound that ramp to 80 west that connector ramp. it's that alternate would be top on highway 29 to get around that. the other one, 37 eastbound just east of skaggs island road all lanes there. blocked on the eastbound side. so highway 12 will be a good alternate for you. there. also some other accidents if you're accidents there. 5.80 westbound east of 9 8th avenue and then 8.80 northbound north of high street in oakland. so again, both highways pretty impacted at this hour. a little under 19 minutes as you make your way into the city right now and in the south bay 8.80, southbound south of
8:51 am
north bascom avenue and 2.80 north bound north of south 11th street in san jose. so we do have accidents there. another one out in sandra fell, one. oh, one southbound south of 3rd street. so looks like we're pretty impacted on this tuesday morning. daryn, james, back to you. thank you a 50 member. i told you how adults don't have enough well, the warriors have fun just playing for fun. >> yet now it's getting real. now. these games mask the regular season kicking off on the road against the lakers. we've got kron four's, jason dumas with a preview. >> what we're going to expect. good morning, everyone. the warriors had one final practice yesterday before the real thing begins tonight. stephan company. >> had a scrimmage before boarding a plane for los angeles. they will take on the lakers tonight. they were 5 during the pre season and they have a number of new faces who played really well, steve kerr said he's excited what this group can accomplish. >> just really excited vatican a great groups really fits
8:52 am
together. well, you know, got a lot of lot of spacing. lot of the guys who know how to play can pass the ball you know, we're just trying to take care of all the details right now. but i think it will be a really fun group to coach. i i said come and that attorney general was, you know, we want to set the center. you know, we want to come out and. >> to be aggressive from the start. so read this in pre season or this first game we want to, you know, set the tone early, you know, get our identity early and bill for air. >> that's your look at sports. back to you guys. there's more sports. and this is pretty crazy story. san jose sharks forward evander kane. >> has been suspended because he gave a fake covid card to the nhl 21 games totaling what 1001.6, 8 million he's it comes out of his salary. yeah. now the league doesn't have a vaccine mandate. but
8:53 am
vaccinated players enjoy fewer restrictions than unvaccinated players. so. >> so we wanted to show he was accidentally a car. so the nhl, as we know, is already investigating him for alleged domestic he's also been cleared of gambling allegations that were brought up a little while ago. >> he released a statement. he apologized to his teammates saying he made a mistake with this fake vaccine cardi regrets his decision. he also said that he will take part in counseling during his suspension so he's the team's without him now for the next 21 53. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> 8.55. and you know, it's getting close to the holidays when they're breaking out that well, we're not the skates yet, but they're breaking out the ice. hours in you can see here in san francisco. they're beginning to assemble the outdoor rink out at union square. there are several special events throughout the holiday season in general admission is $19 that includes your tickets sold online only so make sure that before you head out to like skating. >> i like could here's what i i listen to the happiness lab which you can't do. you don't block a podcast. so they say funter attention. look at fund take a fun inventory like let's say what do you like, james, you don't like skating. you're like, i don't know, science mind hot chocolate and
8:57 am
whatever. so think of what you like and do that i like anything that does involve competition, ok. i like i hate teams. i'm and i team win or lose think so. but i like watching yes, i do not. but you know what you like and do it just for fun. that's the point. get a shot. hit the ice rink, by the way, opens up november 3rd, so. >> you get to enjoy that if you think that something fun. >> stopping is not fun with state's, by the way, just basically running into someone. yes, a 57 right now. we've got lots coming up ahead in the next hour, we're going to look at what happened to a strip mall that caught fire a lot of damage, but nobody was hurt on there. and then we're also following the latest. who is the bay area remembers the oakland hills fire storm. we're going take a look back 30 years ago today. >> what we learn.
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> look for something fun today just sharing the definition with james of love it. >> a state of playful connected flow. look for that. i don't know. you're having fun. if you're lost in the moment something yes, and it is truly 5. this is all right. and you know, john, does the forecast. but for money and for fun when he's get paid for this. whether he just loves it. and if you jumping and skipping hubble's and rain that'll decide your week for job. i'm enjoying finally talking about something when needs yeah, even though i


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