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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 19, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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conversation to bring you the news. i didn't realize there are people watching and listening to james. it is 06:00am not just me watching us a lot of you who are joining us this morning. thank you for joining us here on a tuesday yes. on our last dry morning before the web ever really well, for the whole 7 day. right. is that right? might be a break saturday you're saying, but not much friday into saturday. there's that little break there. so friday morning will start to see rainfall tapering off. you got your friday afternoon that you got your saturday during the day, saturday night rainfall returns. that's the only other prayed for talking about other than today. so you definitely want to enjoy today as much as you possibly can. >> after this. we've got our much needed rainfall, which is only a good thing at this point. it's also nice to see it spread out like we're going to be talking rather than having a ton of rainfall in one day your view outside what we've got this morning is some clear conditions. definitely our driest commute that we're going to have this week aside
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from yesterday. so definitely enjoy these dry conditions. what we got him half moon bay looks nice and clear at the moment. skies will be partly cloudy today generally increasing cloud cover towards the afternoon ahead of the cold front that brings us our additional rainfall tonight, current temperatures range anywhere from the 30's 40's to 50's saint helene and fairfield each in the upper 30's currently with some low 50's in areas like alameda and san francisco, oakland, you'll at 49 right now. so definitely get the jackets ready to go stepping outside and get the is ready to go for tonight and the rest of the forecast. john, thank you for that. we do have a hot spot this morning. this is out in pleasanton to southbound 6.80. >> that connector ramp to 5.80 east. now, this right near saint patrick's way and down the road. so i would suggest taking that to try to still stay on that eastbound if you're trying to travel that way again, southbound 6.80, that connector ramp to 5.80 east saint patrick's way would be a good way to exit and then
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to don't erode detritus continue traveling eastbound a little under 12 minutes heading into the city. no major issues or delays. that's the good news. a little 5, 1880, also heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive a little under 14 minutes for you. there. and in the south bay, we go to check on things. a little uptick in traffic about 30 minutes as you're heading towards menlo park. darya james, back to you. thank you ray 6. '02, and breaking news overnight. a big fire damaged several businesses in a strip mall. a lot of damage. all happening in mountain view was about 10 o'clock last night. >> and this morning, cropper sarah stinson has a firsthand look at some of the damage left behind. sarah. >> yet still really dark outside. but you can see this entire strip mall is just kind of drowning in water caused by that fire fight. of course they need to put out the flames. but now there's not only fire damage, but there's also water damage we try and frighten us up for you can see this strip mall, but we also have video that you can see.
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>> showing the damage pretty clearly take a look. when firefighters arrived around 10 last night. they saw massive flames and in the video, you can see some of the damage in the aftermath from that 5 businesses are damaged here at 9. '03, el camino royale. there is a metro piece. yes, massage parlor couple restaurants and those are all damage from this fire. this strip mall is next to a hotel rent enterprise, rent a car so thankfully, the fire didn't continue to spread into those businesses. know mountain view fire says the flames extended into an addict of the commercial strip causing a 2 alarm fire. firefighters dropped a ton of water from aerial water hose trucks. no one was injured. the cause of the fire unknown. but that's still being investigated. hopefully we can get a hold of the fire department and see where they're at with the investigation. but this morning as the sun comes up,
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it will be more about assessing the damage. hopefully none of these businesses are a total loss because when you have that much flames and that much water combined. it could be a total loss. we just don't know. once the sun comes up we'll have a better idea to have a report for you in about 30 minutes with an update i may have for now. send it back to you in the studio. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> at 6. '04. we're also following breaking news out of san jose where 8 people are without a home now after a fire broke out in the early morning hours. this was on south sunset avenue at about 3. this morning. so while you were sleeping, firefighters were called out after several trees caught fire and then that spread to a the cause of why those trees copper in the first place is still under control to carry cesium it. and you can see how close the trees are homes all that smoke when it's that engulfed. >> like in the end, the firefighters are there. it's it's amazing that those people got out, you know, and as we're talking about this, you
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know, one fire this morning. we're also taking a moment to remember what happened 30 years ago today. the oakland hills fire devastated the bay area. 25 people died. >> many more were injured. in fact, more than a 100 more were injured. yeah. and you look at this videotape from 1991 and. >> it brings back vivid and scary memories and a lot of lessons that we've learned since then, a lot of improvements in firefighting. kron four's will tran is in oakland. taking a look at the look back with us. i will. >> we are in front of station 7 where it 8 o'clock this morning. we will talk to the assistant chief with the time was on the front lines as a firefighters. so we will get firsthand account of how scary the situation was. and this was a game changer because it sounds strange to say, but they were not on the same page at the time fire hoses did not match up from city to city and county to county turning a disaster to something that was probably bigger than it should
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have been because they could not fully attack it. they couldn't even communicate on the same frequency, the same system. here's video from back in 1991 this fire actually started the day before with a grass fire which the fire department thought they put it out completely and then it just kicked up and then raced through the oakland hills. by the time it was done, guys, 2800 homes were destroyed. more than 440 apartment complexes units went up in flames. he talked about the destruction as far as lives more than 150 people were injured. 25 people killed. it changed the whole landscape of this area to the point where they couldn't even come up to this certain areas because cars are blocking the roadway. they were blocking the fire hydrants. the ambulances could not even come here. anything that could go wrong. did go wrong, including, as i mentioned, they can even plug in the hoses because they did
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not match. now they learn from it. they move forward with it. we got a chance to talk to a firefighter over the weekend. here's what they say about the lessons learned. >> highlight the great things that have come about that terrible tragedy, which is government. a community partnership. the relationship that we have now with the north hills community association, fire safe coalition. the establishment of our core and search emergency preparedness programs has been instrumental for us to ensure that what happened 30 years ago with the loss of 25 boxes and happen again. >> okay. so let's talk about what they did moving forward. they actually during the fire fighting efforts skies. they actually had to call in nasa to help out nasa ames in mountain view. they actually have the look down on it from space to see some of the hot spots. i'm sure they use it now. but back then they actually had to get nasa involved a look at the hot spots to tell the firefighters
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which were some of the hottest areas go there, attack that location and then go from there to try to put out the fire. it took them 4 days to control the fire weeks to put it out completely. you know, we covered fires all the time on neuse and james story. i don't know what a 3 alarm or for a line. but i know a big fire when we see it, when we say 5 alarm fire, it looks huge right with all the resources. they say the equivalent by the time this fire was over. it was a 107 alarm fire. >> just to just to pat yet to put in perspective how much firefighting equipment was thrown at that fire will that was a massive undertaking. thank you very much. time now is 6 and here's a big story. the fda is expected to announce it is okay to mix and match. >> the booster shot that you get. for example, if you got the moderna vaccine, you could get a pfizer booster study found people who originally got the j and j shot and then
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they got the moderna booster. they saw their antibody levels increased call for spoke with ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong about what this could mean when you're looking for a booster. >> flexibilities. the name of the game. and rather than stick to the same company. recommendation hopefully if endorsed by the cdc allow americans to get whatever is convenient. but i know that some people may have had a bad reaction to maybe they you know, the try a different kind of vaccine. nevertheless, when you mix and match from both studies in the uk as well as recent studies from the nih show that is both safe and very, very effective. >> so he's not saying you have to go out of your way to get the same one. and you have to go out of your way to get a different one mix and match is fine. same in. same is fine. the fda could authorize the moderna booster as soon as this week. and kids in san francisco who get vaccinated.
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could they get a shot to go to college for free. look at a full ride at san francisco state san francisco mayor london breed just announced this program where anybody who lives in san francisco and is 12 to 17 who gets shot is going to be rolled in a drawing and then they're going to choose 10 winners. >> and winners are going to get a full four-year scholarship. >> to san francisco state university. you can first enter this coming monday. and you have until november 13th to get a shot. we should know and you're like, well, my kid already got the shot. children 12 to 17 who already are vaccinated. they can still enter the drying. we have all the rules about the dry and details on kron 4 dot com and as a parent, i would say go out of your way to make sure that you register your kid in that drives. that is quite the prize get a shot, to have a shot at free college about that. >> 6.10 is that i'm speaking of getting vaccinated berkeley high school is going to be
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hosting a covid vaccine clinic for anybody. >> over the age of 12. it starts at 11 o'clock this morning and last until 00:00pm tonight, there will also be clinic tomorrow at the berkeley technology academy where students under 18 years don't forget have to have a parent consent form signed. so make sure you have that in order to get your shot. state employees. by the way, are not getting vaccinated despite a vaccine mandate. the vaccination mandates been in effect since the beginning of august, but state employee vaccination rates apparently are still below the state average state health department data, in fact shows that there are several agencies that have less than half of their workers vaccinated right now. and that includes the employment development department and the department of forestry and fire protection. >> a bus service for roughly 1400 berkeley elementary school students is suspended this week excuse me because of a covid exposure. more than 11 drivers and a dispatcher in a schedule or were all reportedly exposed to covid.
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>> they say that this exposure did not happen on school campus on any grounds, school grounds. and that they are continuing bus services for students with individual education plans. they get regular bus service. and despite the disruption for everybody else. school officials say that does school attendance has been normal. so kids are figuring out their way around interruption. >> 6.12 is the time. we'll take a quick break. but still ahead, the mother accused of throwing teen parties is coming back to the bay area to face charges will tell you what she's looking at when she gets here today and the nation continues to mourn the loss of general colin powell will have a live report from capitol hill on the legacy he leaves behind and clear skies out there this morning. are dry commute into work for now tonight into tomorrow morning. that's going to change as rainfall arrives. rainfall arrives. >> the
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>> it's 6.50 right now. and apple has a bunch of new products, including upgraded air pod. yeah. and for the first time in 5 years we've actually updated the mac book computers as well. the company says its new thinner bottles will be faster with a longer battery life. several popular port connections to or coming back, including an hdmi port and an sd card slot which a lot of people are complaining was gone in the latest versions. the touch bar on the top of the key port who was replaced with a standard set of keys. analysts say these features some changes that
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never really caught on with apple users. >> there was so many complaints about the mac. you know, mac pro users were like, what about you forgot about us and now all of a sudden apple's delivering industry-leading performance and efficiency for their pro users with max. >> okay. you like i do well, yeah. in fact, i was and i'll go running, get my ear buds and check them out. these new want disposed of a longer battery and they're shaped a little differently and they have a little yeah. i i'm fit fine and seemed to last find so on. but with the global chip shortage and shore, supply log. and going to add the supply. so apparently they had to slash production of the new iphone 13. so if you're in the market for that would be fewer of those to get if that's on your longer to get one. if that's on your list of things you need to get. i have that? well, i don't mean that you don't need one right get over to the weather center. >> siri are.
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>> far beyond what apple's got right now. good morning, john and my android that is another world for of another world for us is what we're about to be stepping in to come tonight, which is rainfall. and a lot of it and it's staying around for a while to after such long hot, dry summer and winter for that matter of last year. it is nice to be starting off this season with a long spout of rainfall ahead of us. it's going to be a nice little break for sure. from where we have been a look outside at coit tower. it is dry out there right now. if you need a day to get outside, do some errands do that extra long dog and just enjoy a dry day. today is your chance to do it as after today. it is pretty consistently rainy from this point forward. i'll show you that your future cast our first system is right along this frontal boundary right here which descends into the bay area starting tonight ahead of that increasing cloud cover gradually into the afternoon and evening tonight after sunset will start to see
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showers in the north bay after 8 to 09:00pm after 10:00pm to 11:00pm for the rest of us and then showers continue into your morning commute tomorrow morning. so expect a slick one. as you start your day on wednesday often on rainfall continues through wednesday on into thursday to pockets of heavier rain and there. but most of us keep it light both of these days and then comes friday with some heavier rainfall to start the day. we'll get a bigger picture set up here. you can see zoomed out the system that starting tonight into tomorrow leading during rainfall on into thursday, too. then comes friday with that push of moisture during your friday morning commute. we dry out the rest of the day on friday stay dry through much of the day on saturday. saturday night into sunday. another push of rain and then sunday night into monday is likely to bring the heaviest rainfall to the bay. so we're talking rainfall from tonight all the way into next monday right here. what an extended round of rain, something we certainly do need. nice to see it spread out, but also nice to see a dry one ahead of it.
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so this is your for warning right here. if you need to do some work outside. today is the day to get that handled 60's and 70's for your daytime highs freeman through hayward in the mid to upper 60's, pleasanton and livermore very close to 70. well, danville up to concord actually reaching the low 70's toledo 66 degrees. well, santa rosa down through mill valley each in the 60's as well. looking ahead in our next 7 days. you can see just how review things become off and on showers starting tonight, lasting through thursday widespread rainfall friday morning that we dry out friday afternoon into saturday afternoon. saturday evening rainfall returns stays with us for much of sunday and our heaviest of rain sunday night into monday reyna. john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot. we've been following this is out in pleasanton. so southbound, 6.80. >> that connector ramp to 5.80 east. now both the lanes are blocked one lane just opened up. so again, you could just wait it out and travel through or you could go ahead and accident bolinger canyon and
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go to adult the road and try to get back on 5.80, but now they've opened a lane. i would just wait it out. if you can. we also have another accident out in pleasanton 6.80, southbound north of council will drive causing delays. so we're keeping a close eye on things. there traveling into the city this morning. they just turn the meteor lights on so little under 14 minutes for you to make it from the maze. 2 that free much texan a little under 9 minutes via the richmond center fell commute and let's check out the golden gate bridge about 19 minutes into the city. diane, james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get on a national news now, condolences are continuing to pour in from republicans and democrats alike. >> remembering the life and service of colin powell. yeah. and this morning kellie meyer joins us live from dc to share. >> some of those tributes. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, guys. will the political world was really brought to a standstill with the news of general powell is passing both current and former presidents republicans and democrats and leaders both at home and abroad all had
6:21 am
something to say about the late statesman. >> this morning. washington is remembering the life of general colin powell not only a dear friend, a patriot one of our great military leaders animal will be, he says. >> president joe biden speaking at the white house monday reflected on the retired 4 star generals impact. this is a guy born son of immigrants. >> in new york city raised in harlem. the south bronx he rose to the highest ranks. only the military but also in areas of foreign policy and statecraft. >> powell advised 4 presidents. one of them former president george w bush who said in a statement he was such a favorite of presidents that he earned the presidential medal of freedom twice. powell made history as the first black secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of state antony blinken says pao's reputation ran across the globe surgery. palos beloved here at state department's history. >> the season consulates around the world.
6:22 am
>> both blanket and defense secretary lloyd austin say powell was a mentor to them. he always made time for me. >> and i can always go to him with tough issues. he always had break council. >> powell died at the age of 84 due to complications from covid-19. his family says he was fully vaccinated, but he was also battling multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that weakens the immune system. president biden says pal's death doesn't mean the vaccines are working. wasn't that you've got graduations are good. >> to a very serious underlying condition. unfortunately, didn't work >> and president biden has ordered all federal flags be flown at half-staff through friday in honor of general powell reporting live here in washington. i'm kelly meyer. thank you. thanks a lot, kelly and i just want to share another quote because spent the day remembering colin pollen pulling up like his philosophies and things that
6:23 am
he said. and here's one of my favorites avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. that was so eyes. all right. 6.22, is the time. we're going take a break. >> coming up on the prop 4 morning news, a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning 2 schools on lockdown after a mountain lion sighting. well, as you can see, the big one. they caught the big cat will tell you how it all went down.
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>> 6.25 in the south bay. a man is in a hospital unconscious this morning after being attacked. >> after a car accident. yeah. the attackers are still on the loose this morning. now the victim's family says that he wasn't hurt in this fender accident last friday in san jose robert car because his name. he was drivine when he was hit by a woman in another car. she drove off and he followed her to a dead-end street. now she refused to hand over her insurance information, which is what he was asking for and then she made a phone call. and minutes later, 2 men showed up and attack carbajal and you can see in the pictures there on the right, the level of beating that he sustained. in fact, his brain is swelling. he has a fractured eye socket. his head as also fractured as well. he's in pretty bad shape this morning. take a listen. >> pretty much use a fender. that no one was hurt in. you
6:27 am
would think he was in the coulee region. the injuries he received and these 2 guys, no one should deserve anything like this, especially my husband. >> anyone is and if anyone knows who these guys are. they're trying to find him. the dad tack happened in the area of summer court in jackson avenue. >> and police are hoping right now that maybe you somebody in the area, maybe somebody with a hug, a security camera showing the street would come forward and offer some of that might help them solve this crime. we'll take a break. it is 6.27. >> up next on the kron 4 morning news, another smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco in the victim was held at gunpoint by the thieves will have the story just ahead. >> i'm reporting live in mountain view or 5 businesses at a strip mall have been damage from a fire that happened overnight. i've got
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> 6.30. jewelry said yeah, i mean, just because of that. >> a car accident attacks are is what's all new got the one coming up here about part. which happen all the time. and this one had a twist tell you about. that in a moment. it's all bad news he thinks if you just take it down to your life waking up this morning. nothing's going wrong for you
6:31 am
because you just woke up. yeah. and i think it's going to be a pretty good day. it's another clear day before the rain comes for you to get things doctor, we're preparing for it. we've got john with more on the timing of those showers. take out. yeah. the timing of it arriving tonight means that today is the day to take advantage of all the good things that mother nature is going to offer a switch. >> the rainfall is certainly one of those good things may just interrupt ship. the next couple of this morning. nothing's going to interrupt you out there. it is clear it is dry and it seems not even that windy. so you can see from your berkeley hills view. a very inviting looking morning. definitely get out there, do what you need to do today get all those errands done and then you can lay low and enjoy the rain not worrying so much about venturing out into it for the rest of the forecast. skies are clear out there and will remain that way through the day with mostly sunny to partly cloudy conditions. our current temperatures show range of 30's in the north bay to 40's and 50's elsewhere cool enough regardless of where you're at for the jackets this morning and keep in mind had much as you have over the past couple of days on into the afternoon. reyna
6:32 am
john, thank you for that. we do have a hot spot. we've been for covering for the past. i'd say 40 minutes or so. >> out in pleasanton. so again, southbound 6.80 that connector ramp to 5.80 east. at one point it was all completely closed down and open up one lane so you can get through there. if you'd like to do that. another accident. 6, a southbound north of castle drive in pleasanton. so we are seeing a delay along 6.80 as you're heading into the city this morning. a little under 16 minutes as traffic starts to build no accidents. we had an earlier hazard. slows down a bit. the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 11 as you head into richmond and the golden gate bridge about 19 minutes into the city. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. and today it is los gatos mother accused of hosting drinking parties for minors. she's going to be extradited to the bay area to face charges. shanon o'connor. we've been talking about this story. she was arrested last week. >> in an idaho suburb just outside boise accused of buying alcohol for minors in luring them on social media to house parties at her home where she used to live in los
6:33 am
gatos and that is where teenagers told authorities that she would often pressure them to have to drink in front of her legal experts say the investigation is just getting started. >> this investigation is at its infancy not at the end. and i think what will be done next is reverse engineer her social media history and also look at her cell phone. what will be very concerning to da's is whether she's trying to dissuade these children from telling their parents. >> yeah. and so that's the charges that she could face range from endangering minors to assault again. she is expected to be brought back today. we'll see where this case goes. >> time now 6.33 and breaking news overnight. there was a massive pire that damaged several businesses in a strip mall. yeah. this was in mountain view, about 10 o'clock or so last night when the flames were first reported proper. sara stinson live at the scene for us this morning with the aftermath of it all.
6:34 am
good morning, sarah. >> yeah. there's unfortunately a ton of water damage and of course fire damage from the fire that erupted overnight. fire crews got to work here on camino real and they really got those flames out. and then now it's all about assessing how much damage there is in seeing how this fire started in the first place when most likely only businesses were closed. so still waiting on that information. but take a look at this. video-you can get good look of the damage that they'll be seeing more of when the sun rises this morning. now the fire crews they got here at 10 o'clock last night when they arrived, they saw massive flames in 5 businesses are damaged here at 9, 0, 3, el camino real. there's a metro p c s massage parlor. a couple of restaurants. the strip mall is right next to a hotel and enterprise rent a car. so at least the fire didn't continue
6:35 am
to spread into those businesses. mountain view fire says the flames extended into the attic of the commercial strip causing the 2 alarm fire. firefighters dropped a ton of water from aerial water hose trucks. now, no one was injured. so that's good news. but the cause of the fire still unknown that is what's going to be continue to be investigated and also what will be continued to be looked at is the damage. how much damage. how are these businesses going to move forward or any of these a total loss or can they rebuild and fix things from here. we'll have to see again, we'll know a lot more when the sun's up and people are out here looking at the damage you can see in the video just how bad this fire really was just thank goodness no one was hurt. for now reporting live in mountain view. sarah stinson. >> back to you. yeah. all right. very curious to see what that looks like once the sun comes up behind you there. thank you. sarah. 6 35 and at now to this crazy car break-in story that turned into a guns
6:36 am
situation. it was the first time that this australian musician had been in san francisco. he was filming he was filming a documentary about his music and his car got broken into and and he was told at gunpoint to leave the robbers alone as they took off with this stuff. kron four's taylor. the second has the whole story. >> shot we know was dyed 3 armed suspects when tony smash-and-grab spree in san francisco on friday. plaintiffs. then. >> we heard life gloss breaking and we were like 5 feet away from from the rental car that we had was trillion singer-songwriter clinton kaine says. >> he and his team just arrived in san francisco to film a documentary video for his new album coming out in december. he quickly stop for lunch here. filbert in fillmore streets in cow hollow when the suspects put up to cain's rental car and shattered the windows once cain and his team realized what happened. they chased after the suspects but were stopped right in their tracks.
6:37 am
the suspects pulled guns on them just like right. he. >> it's very new to my face. i like want to risk anything and mean, we were just on the ground hands rise and they were saying like that. try anything, don't put anything on cain says he was paralyzed with shock. >> once the suspects drove off. he quickly realized how much was taken and such a short amount of time. carving are going to have been stolen like $30,000 worth of camera equipment that's not even the worst thing. the worst thing is that like. >> 3 days worth of content as far as the dock documentary for the album. those. because everything was on the memory cards and all that stuff is when the bags a witness shared this exclusive video with us on friday. >> saying the suspect seen in this black audi were breaking into cars near filbert and pierce streets just moments earlier. and then empty. now the storm banks keane confirms this is the same getaway car
6:38 am
in seem suspects who robbed him and his crew but that those are definitely them. jekingly cain said he's never coming back to san francisco. but in all seriousness, he said it's going to be very hard to come back here after what he's experienced. >> san francisco police say they are investigating this case and several others that may be connected in san francisco, taylor kron 4 news. >> well, it's 6.38 another big story we're following this morning. a concert turned tragic at the chase center after one man fell to his death and 2 other concertgoers were injured in a separaee unrelated fall as well. this all happened sunday night during a phish concert. police were alerted about a man who was injured at the arena. first responders got there and they determined the man fell and died from his injuries. police haven't found any evidence of foul play. kron 4 spoke with one woman who was there at the concert. here's what she had to say. >> there was a definite shift as that break when folks started to kind of notice. they're kind of some like waves of whispers of like
6:39 am
what's going on. i think it's going to be interesting to notice about the knees and just like sense them in a different way. after kind of being in a space where there was an emergency and a tragedy. >> the other fall involved 2 victims. in that case. one man fell onto another both have been treated for their injuries. well done. other developing news story this morning out of san francisco. we have 3 members of the san francisco board of education now facing a recall election early next year. the recall elections are for board members. allison collins gabriela lopez and moliga. the election is set for february 15th of next year. the recall comes after some parents expressed frustration with the school board on a number of problems from in-person learning to the effort to rename some of the schools and other issues as well. so the election is expected to cost the district about 8 million dollars for the school bosrd. president released a statement criticizing the election as wasteful because it's only months before a general election. >> time. now 6.39 and we're
6:40 am
going to get rain. so santa cruz in sonoma counties are concerned about burn scar areas where there were wild fires. santa cruz county is watching out in the area of the czu fire and the santa rosa fire department. they are monitoring how the rain might affect the area where the glass fire burned. a lot of land. the county and the fire department are urging people who live in these areas be prepared because it's a lot of rain comes and it's all money and scarred from the fires. and that could be mudslides and it could cause flooding as well. today is the second day of a controlled burn. a prescribed burn in sonoma county. we told you about the first day yesterday. so do expect smoke in the area just like yesterday the start this at 7 o'clock this morning, west of magic mountain road and south of kidd creek road and they should be all finished with this 2 day burn at 9 o'clock tonight when they're done, they will have burned about 40 acres. it's 6.40 right now and i want to show you this is a dramatic
6:41 am
rescue where a neighbor is saving a guy from his burning apartment. incredible. this is in san francisco's forest knolls and you can see that apartment was he was definitely trapped in fire is shooting out of the window here and somebody was smart enough to pull a car up, use a ladder and rescue the guy. fact, i think i could see 2 guys helping in that rescue amazingly, everybody's ok and fire officials say that this fire was caused by smoking and that's what sparked the flames. james. >> all right. in the east bay. we have contra costa animal services now trying to find forever homes for dozens of pets that were taken out of the home in danville and the number of animals that were rescued is staggering, at least 70 dogs and 2 dozen cats were rescued from this home. it was a hoarding situation. the owners have way too many animals for the property. the animals were medically evaluated in sheltered. some of them were in such bad shape that unfortunately they had to be put down. but the rest are
6:42 am
receiving care right now at that shelter. and again, they're looking for their forever homes right now. if you think you can help. there's so many calling you think of 70 dogs in many of them are are are fine and now looking for home. the really want to be loved. >> 6.41. >> and you want to see them outlined. we're looking for yesterday. they found it in own apartment. we told you about this. yeah. this an update to that story that we told you about 2 schools having to be locked down right now because it was during the early morning hours, kids were still arriving for school. so they search for the animal that turns out that mount line was captured because it would had a tracker on it. a tracking collar. so fish and game had already known about the big cat. they were tracking it. and there you see after they started it. he took a little nap and then they took the cat to wildlife refuge to be evaluated and they're hoping they'll be able to release it back to the wild soon safe or safer that way 6.42. is the time. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> we're all talking about the rain that's headed our way. but that's not going to do anything about the drought and you're going to be surprised when you hear.
6:43 am
>> just how dry it is. the vice president came to california in one area just to point it out. and steph curry and the warriors starting the new season on the road tonight against the the plan for real or pre season. we'll talk to coach kurt. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good.
6:44 am
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6:45 am
>> we're waiting for the rain. and in the meantime, getting a certain like report card on our dress. >> and good. yeah. in fact, the driest year in more than that. well, nearly a century.
6:46 am
each year. the western regional climate center measures, water levels between october first all the way to the end of september of the next year and they take a look what turns out this past year. the state total less than 12 inches of rain and snow. all together for the whole year. that was it 12 inches actually a little less. yeah. less than half the average. and you know what i remember when it was that low. do you now. the last time james was back in i remember that was a dry years back when you're knee high to a grasshopper. >> that's right. 87 1% of california apparently under extreme drought conditions right now. >> vice president kamala harris saw it firsthand. >> yeah. so here she is walking up to mead lake mead, which is actually the largest reservoir in the u.s.. and it doesn't look so big anymore. does it looks like a lot of beach. >> of all the western states. 90% of the western states are facing some level of drought.
6:47 am
so when we look at what's happening here. we know this is about this lake, but it is about a region is about our nation. >> and so the vice president is pushing for more investments to try and fight climate change. fact that a big part of the president's bipartisan infrastructure deals will seek to make any headway on that. but you look at these pictures. there's a i see that they're trying to solve it with the whole infrastructure but. >> say that my my solution was not going to work. that was mine didn't cause just a i was like free know where we're going to go to areas that did have a lot of rain by bottles of water like florida or new york or remember when it was and then you would come back and import bottles. we'd all do that as we traveled and little by little we're part of the solution burning all that jet fuel to bring bottles of water. but so you're saying that i don't think it's feeling out out. keep thinking. let's go back to their center where john is keeping an on the drought. it would definitely be a start at
6:48 am
but we definitely need mother nature to come through for us. >> and that is something that's actually going to happen in this forecast. and what a nice thing to finally be talking about. you're nor weather center forecast may be getting wet, but we are still in the midst of that drought is obviously we were just talking about. you can see in the deepest of red that extreme category of drought, which is the exceptional category gripping much of the bay area. really most of the state at this point and also a lot of the west coast. you can see stretching all the way up into the pacific northwest. the northern rockies, the western great plains and most of the western states being affected by at least some form of drought. so that's why we're talking rainfall these next few days. it is so welcome. today is going to be a dry one ahead of tonight, showers that make their way along this frontal boundary which is pushing on across the region resulting in that first dose of rainfall. the first of many doses that are going to be very widespread as we make our way through this forecast. heavy rainfall at times into our evening hours tonight.
6:49 am
good timing for it as we're all going to be sleeping by the time this rainfall becomes widespread across the bay area. then we work our way on into wednesday off and on showers continue wednesday into thursday. friday morning comes along with another push of rain before we have our second dry spell friday afternoon evening on into saturday morning. big picture set up shows you the system's independently pushing through. so first of all, tonight into tomorrow morning. our first dose of rainfall. we'll see off and on showers through wednesday into thursday, friday comes along with some widespread rain, potential of some isolated spots of heavy rain. we dry out into friday afternoon stay dry into saturday afternoon before saturday evening into sunday. and next advance of rain. and then sunday night into monday, what looks likely to be our heaviest dose of rainfall. so a lot to be talking about in the days to come today is your dry want to enjoy as much as you can 50's and 60's at the coast 60's and 70's elsewhere millbrae at 66 saying carlos at 71 redwood city right at 70
6:50 am
degrees 60's. pretty solidly for the south bay as well as for most of the east bay livermore and pleasanton each at 69 today oakland at 66 danville up to concord in the low 70's while pittsburgh in antioch each also in the low 70's today. now here's your look ahead of next 7 days. we haven't seen a forecast like this in way too long. and so even though it's not the best one for getting outside this is the forecast. we need showers into wednesday and thursday heavy rainfall friday morning drying out friday afternoon into saturday saturday into sunday rainfall returns and the heaviest of your forecast will be sunday night into monday reyna. john, thanks for that. so we are seeing too hot spots along 6.80. >> southbound, 6.80, that connector ramp to 5.80 east. both lanes were closed. they were able to open up one of the lanes so you can get through on to eastbound and 6.87 north of castle a dry. we have an overturned vehicle there. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling heading into the city this morning. a little under 18
6:51 am
minutes, no major accidents. we had an earlier hazard there that slows down a bit. but that was clear very quickly off the bridge a little under 14 minutes to make it across as you're heading towards sandra fell also getting a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. a little under 15 and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge into the city. about 20 minutes starting james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.51. and today it's for real. it is for real yeah. the regular season getting underway with the warriors are going to be taking on the lakers down in la crosse. 4 is jason dumas has a preview. >> good morning, everyone. the warriors had one final practice yesterday before the real thing begins tonight. stephan company. >> had a scrimmage before boarding a plane for los angeles. they will take on the lakers tonight. they were 5 during the pre season and they have a number of new faces who played really well, steve kerr said he's excited for what this group can accomplish. >> just really excited vatican a great groups really fits
6:52 am
together. well, you know, got a lot of lot of spacing. lot of the guys who know how to play can pass the ball you know, we're just trying to take care of all the details right now. but i think it will be a really fun group to coach. i i said come and that attorney general was, you know, we want to set the center. you know, we want to come out and. >> to be aggressive from the start. so read this in pre season or this first game we want to, you know, set the tone early, you know, get our identity early and bill for air. >> that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> exciting stuff news citing suffer and there's more in sports. that is not so exciting. it concerning. yeah. san jose sharks forward. evander kane is suspended for 21 games. he's going to give up more than a million and half dollars because he gave the nhl a fake vaccine cards. yeah. now the league doesn't
6:53 am
have a vaccine mandate. but vaccinated players have fewer restrictions. >> then unvaccinated players and the nhl was also investigating cain for an alleged domestic assault incidents. cain has also been cleared of gambling allegations as well. he's been in the hot seat for a little while. he released a statement apologizing to his teammates saying that he made a mistake decision. he also said that he will take part now in counseling during his suspension. >> time. now 6.53. we'll be >> time. now 6.53. we'll be right back. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪
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and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit >> 6.55 and bay area news getting closer to holidays. all we're going to be ice skating. so it does come you can see they're starting to put it together. construction on the outdoor rink underway as we speak. there are several events scheduled throughout the holiday season union square now. all the buildings around it. general admission, by the way, if you want to take the kids are just go skating yourself. tonight is about 19 bucks and notice the skate rental. so that's the time on the ice and your skates tickets are sold online only so don't think you get to show up throw few bucks in know and you need time frames and stuff because i remember this was before covid even because it's kind of small. and, you know, they don't want to. if they only sell. so trying pace, you know, which is yeah. other it's going to be open on wednesday. november 13 see how to skate or your own risk. so i want to know
6:57 am
you as an ice can you tell me how do you stop. correct. you run wall, run into the wall. 6.56 right now coming up in the next hour, we'll tell you about a fire that destroyed a strip mall that everybody is ok. >> we're going to take a look at the damage is and the businesses that were affected by that. plus, here we are remembering now. 30 years since he opened fire storm and a lot has changed an
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> we are on tuesday. another dry day that we have before the rain cats all of that's right. then it's all over then. then it gets a little damp. forest gets very fall-like for the next handful of days after that john's been tracking it for in that. when you put it that way, it's not as like, oh, hold on the reins if it's going to be a little a little damp going to well, let's find out how intense are the showers will stand us. will rain. but like how strong question, tonight, tomorrow on into thursday. some lighter stuff friday morning. going to be heavier and the heaviest is saturday night and then again on sunday night into monday morning. monday morning actually. >> could be a really rough commute for a lot of the bay area. so at least we're starting on the lighter side of things. we work our way up in this more


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