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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> our top story, 5.30, many people are worried about kids in the u.s. says vaccines are still not available for children under the age of 12. our washington correspondent basil john reports his plans are in the works too vaccinate this at risk population. >> federal officials say the belief that kids are safe from covid-19. is wrong. the myth that children don't get sick. >> is. >> disproven by the facts. health and human services secretary xavier becerra says there are a number of children who have been hospitalized by the virus and some have died. kids are part of the unvaccinated right have been exposed to coronavirus in the past. >> and if you're not vaccinated, your risk of getting the bad complications of the viral infection itself. health experts like doctor claire bogart with children's national hospital say even though kids handle the virus better than adults. there are many safety measures to take. we really need to practice social distancing. the wearing
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of masks hand washing so that we can protect those more vulnerable bowl guard says the fight against the virus could change in the next few weeks. the fda will be needing to. look at the data that pfizer has presented on the 5 to 11 year-old beau guard says the fda may recommend a slightly smaller dose vaccines for children providing protection to the kids in those around them. as a population, we will we will get closer and closer to that herd immunity. we've all been talking about after approval. it will be up to parents and guardians to take action once we get the word, it's ok to vaccinate 5 to 11. >> let's take that every child above the age 11 get vaccinated reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> new research shows that september had the most covid-19 cases for children. the american academy of pediatrics says nearly 252,000 children were infected with the coronavirus over the course of the pandemic you're talking about some 6 million
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children who have tested positive in here now to discuss with the latest data means. >> its chief of pediatric infectious diseases and global health at ucsf doctor theodore real well, doctor thank you for being with us tonight. do you attribute that simply to school being back in session in september and not all states requiring masks. >> i think that's part of i think it's also largely driven by the variant that has the effect across all age groups for really seem to perfect, i think kids as well. >> so are you seeing a difference in california's numbers as verses of the rest of the country. >> but we have i mean, i think this search was felt ever and create kind of across the the western states really predict the they're much better than others. she made in the southeast are some much bigger surge book and go for. but really in kids we were quite really effective. yeah. i just want to follow up with them. we as we're doing a story tonight about him in a protest
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for parents and you don't like the mask and the vaccine mandates. >> here in california. is that going to you effect are good numbers down, down the road. if we don't get. you know, kids participating. yeah. i mean, absolutely. i mean, i think in california and in particular in the bay area. >> we have throughout this pandemic and toward more numbers in kids and then across the country. and that is i you know, driven by our practices as well. as patients that are that old all the ben and i feel like it's a case of doubling down on what we have benefited from what we've shown has has worked our area to help us, you know, continue to navigate that. well. pick up on something that you at the end. the last frame, just a kind of double down a point if i could, which is, you know, we have spent we have been lucky with this pandemic that about the fact that middle. >> it is not the senate and throughout the country and traffic california in the bay area. we still do see cases of
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kids this last surge with a reminder of that's where we had kids on ventilators and a of the bay area. >> that's something that we don't want to see. >> do you fully expect the pfizer vaccine to be available for children this calendar year. and if so, what would you say to a parent who what may be hesitant to vaccinate their children even though they got vaccinated they want to kind of wait to see how it plays out with with the a wide amount of kits. >> yeah. so i think the with the data was submitted to the fda. there going to be reviewed on october 26. and i think a lot of the details will be publicized a few days before that. i don't want make light of the fact that these are new vaccine that we need to pay attention and we need to look at data carefully. but once we do have the safety. did i do think we should the accident as kids as young as a young. and that permitted and supported by by because keeping kids out of the hospital is one thing. keeping
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kids in schools is another. and really the best can do this is to have everybody vaccinated. everyone in the home and keep our schools and kids and teachers and >> you know, perhaps this is just of a residual of the early days of the pandemic. but if there was this notion that, you know, covid-19 only really affected. the elderly and people who are immunocompromised and there was a notion that the young. if not immune. they just weren't going to be affected. you think that that is a carry over in people's thinking. >> it is. and you know, again, it's still true that kid overall do better. it's just we can't take that less is 0 and you know, there are, you know, 16 kid, the weak side across the country over september and even though when the last search now is down by a bit. we still had a 130,000 kids across state with infection. and you know, up to 2% in some states are hospitalized for. this is not
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0 and it's important we have to keep those things. you know, in mind that even though it left. still a significant burden on children as what would be your position on kids wearing masks in school settings and. >> in sports settings, you know, under 12 outside. you think that it is a place where given our numbers in the bay area. kids still need to be wearing masks outside on the playground. etcetera. >> you know, i think i think it depends on a lot of things. and you know, i had to put out. but i think a lot of these come down to the local setting the specifics of the sport because of the age and following kind of what the school's plan dark. and i think different schools and even sports groups have really developed their own kind of strategy. i think, you know, when people are outdoor and space more than 6 feet for most of the time. you know, i'm for real outdoor kind of not direct 15 each other sports. i think, you know, masking has less of a role. and but it's much more critical for for places where we have a lot of 50 this up their circulation. mike indoor sport. >> you know, i would like to give a little shout out to 8
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year-old haleigh who is in quarantine right now because she was exposed to covid in the classroom after having moved from san jose to michigan. so for the kids that you know, do get you know that this little girl is in quarantine. and suffering the consequences of that not able to go to school. they're all these other effects. you know that that are going to be coming down the line there. missing school not being with their classmates. obviously the rules are different in different states. >> yeah. i think you pick up a really important point, which is it's not just. you know, we've we've done well with schools and actually not had much from missions for that. i had feared when we're kicking delta variant that the good news, but the challenges if we still get cases coming in, then those shut down those classes but couldn't quarantine because like that we have kids vaccinated and the whole homes that made that means left cases in the community putting less pressure on schools, keeping
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no, not just our economy but our schools open and kids away from pointing. and of course, kids to get vaccinated are also often have different court and are able to put it in sometimes after exposure. >> all right. doctor well, we have to leave it there. appreciate your time. he is the chief of pediatric infectious diseases and global health at u c sf. have a good night. thank you, doctor. but we're going 70th. >> all right. there's no place for like home for the holidays but make sure that you're being covid conscious while you're there. the new guidelines from the cdc. and a strike may be avoided for now. how hollywood is trying to stay in production as crews demand better hours. but demand better hours. but first, your air pods
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and protect against vision loss. holidays. apple is unveiling a slate of new products, including new mac book computers and upgraded air pods. >> analysts say that the computers are going clued upgraded led displays. an hdmi ports among other features. the new air pods are expected to have longer battery life. that's good. new ear tips and shorter stands the new product offerings come amid a global chip shortage that has tangled apple supply lines and reportedly caused the company to slash production of its new
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>> holiday season is right around the corner. and after a lack of celebrations last year. why you may be ready to bring your family and friends back together again. come on. down. but the cdc wants you to keep a few things in mind so
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that everyone stays healthy and safe victoria saha has what you need to know. >> as we near our second holiday season during the covid-19 pandemic. many might be ditching their zoom links used together virtually for a plane ticket. instead this year. the centers for disease control came out with the new guidelines for this holiday season. they say on top of getting vaccinated. make sure you have your masks handy when traveling or sharing laughs indoors with family. mary brooks has family from all over coming to visit for the holidays. but she's making sure everyone stay safe as possible. we have been really on the family members that have not been vaccinated. >> that is just what we all should do, i believe. and as she travels frequently, she says safety is her top priority. i've notice dow. >> that they're more and more people that are traveling even from beyond that point. i'm always trying to get like to see in the tone and the other
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passenger, though. and for mom shana cragg, the recent flight from southwest cancellations is making her rethink their holiday travel plans. so normal 45 minute flight turned into like a 4 hour travel day with the kids. southwest airlines issued a statement on the more than 3300 flight disruptions citing out of place aircraft and strain on a cruise. >> travel may return to pre pandemic levels next year. a survey from vacation. rental company evolve found that almost 80% of people are moving forward with plans to take a trip next year. >> and as travel increases, there are some changes in the way people are booking trips. the average trip will likely be longer 5 to 7 nights compared to travel during the pandemic, which was roughly 4 nights on average. many travelers are also booking longer trips because they say they can work remotely and 58% of travelers are planning to while they're traveling explore the outdoors. >> travelers are also ready to get back to see a u.s. news
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and world report survey found that almost 25% of people say that they already booked a future voyage more than 80% of past cruiser say vaccine requirements are important but just 9% or against vaccine policies. even people who have never been on a cruise before say that they would be willing to book a trip. only 4% of previous cruisers say that they would never sail again. >> all right. weather time. and boy saturday is felt like summer. and then sunday, we had that rain. here we are monday and it's cool out there and we're eyeing a chance for hopefully a lot of rain in the next several days. yes, sounds like a they're just lining up out. yeah. i've been looking for to make it a forecast like this for about year feels like maybe a couple years. they are really lineup out there right now. couldn't tell by this nice live shot, beautiful shot. >> over coit tower. a nice evening here in the bay area. rainfall. yeah. i'm not a huge storm that came just past 24 hours, but still 1100 sin. the
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petaluma santa rosa a check in the 70700 center in san anselmo 8, 100's in the san francisco lesser amounts in oakland and sunnyvale 8, 100's of an inch of rain. but there's a lot more on the way. want to show you this long range forecast model. you see we've got that next. storm system off the coastline. and here we go. put that into motion that starts to move in by tomorrow night and wednesday expecting some rain around the bay area. then behind that kind of just unsettled wet come a southerly flow of rain continuing to keep things wet and unsettled right to wednesday and thursday to then another front moves in on friday. bring another round of rain and behind that, guess what, we've got yet another one that coming through by saturday night that moving in the north bay first and then maybe the potential for a real atmospheric river event that we're going to tap into some of that subtropical moisture and really bringing a lot of rain toward the bay area that comes in right there late sunday night in the monday, some very heavy rainfall forecast during that period. across the entire state.
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northern half of a california, even rain all the way down to southern california behind that. another one on wednesday. so this all comes together. we're going to see some very impressive amounts of rain. fact forecast models, light amounts of rain through wednesday evening that things start to pick up, especially to the north as we head through the weekend. everything changes by monday. we're talking almost 10 inches of rain in santa rosa, between now and between now and next thursday of the following week. why a lot of heavy rain all around the bay area that would bring an end to the fire season. that is great news. meantime, tv and film production crews are back at work today. but the option to strike is still on the table there. >> union an agreement with producers over the weekend. but it could still be rejected. variety is reporting that many union members are saying that they will vote against the deal when a formal vote is held in a couple of weeks. the agreement includes retroactive pay increases of 3% turnaround periods of no less than 10 hours and the inclusion of diversity and equity initiatives. more details are going reveal to union members in the coming
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days. >> disney is delaying release states for several upcoming films, including a handful of marvel titles. the 5th indiana jones movie with harrison ford will be delayed almost a year until june 2023 and the black panther sequel wakanda forever is pushed back several months from next july back to november of 2022 other marvel films that are impacted include doctor strange sequel to marvel's and thor love and thunder. the decision was reportedly the result of impacts on production and not a change to the company's distribution strategy. well, marvel may be getting delayed, but that lead is back. another take. >> the caped crusader is hitting theaters early next year. we'll go behind the scenes of the dark knight's latest mystery right after the
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and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) >> a new trailer for the batman. just dropped. it already has more than 18 million views. 18 million. here to break it down for us is entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier. kevin vicki and grant. it is robert pattinson's turn as the caped crusader and he told us what he expects from the gritty new reboot. what can you tell us about and i think it's going to be really roberts back and is no laughing matter. italy's second year as a crime fighter. so he still raging from the death of his parents. his foes. >> all day know as the riddler
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and unrecognizable. colin farrell as the penguin. >> so we kravitz's selina kyle aka catwoman in the circus is loyal butler. alfred and jeffrey wright as commissioner gordon house robert pence's version of the caped crusader different from previous ones. we've seen roberts do in what robert does. you know, i just tried to given gordon things. and you know, he did his batman thing. you know, this batman will focus more on his detective side as he uncovers his family linked to corruption in gotham city. >> but. >> it will still be plenty of action and of course, the >> and tune in to e t tonight for our interview with jason today because before his big snl returned will next season be the last season of ted lasso. we'll tell you what he told us. we hope not for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. real say it's not so. that wraps up kron 4
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news at 5. thanks for being with us. keep it here, though. a lot more news ahead is coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6. as we say hello to. >> catherine and pam moore. all right. grant vicki, thanks to you both. we're coming up next, a 6 o'clock, a lot happening. the nation, of course, tonight is mourning the passing of former secretary of state colin powell. >> lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle. remembering the impression he left in washington, dc and also free college for certain lucky vaccinated students. that's the now being offered in san francisco. >> officials trying everything they can think of to get more people vaccinated how you can try for that price. i'm catherine heenan i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> broke so many barriers and those areas are not easy to break by any stretch. >> now at 6 flags at the white house and federal facilities
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all flying at half-staff marking the death of general colin powell and president biden calls a patriot of unmatched honor and integrity. good evening, everybody, and welcome. i'm catherine heenan. thanks for joining us. i'm in for ken wayne tonight. >> and i'm pam moore. colin powell was secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the first black person to hold those positions. his longtime aide said that he had been treated over the past few years. for multiple myeloma, which is a type a blood cancer that suppresses the body's immune system died today at the age of 84 because of covid-19 complications and our washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us live from washington, dc with the latest. just say. yeah. good evening. to you, catherine. and have a president biden himself called powell a dear friend and a patriot. >> and said he will be remembered as one of our great americans and many others no matter their


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