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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 18, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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have a some decent conditions lee for the next john mother nature is giving us what we need and when we needed to because those showers did arrive a little bit later yesterday. hopefully by that point, you are all settled and able listen to the rainfall outside. >> from the comfort of your warm home and it has cleared out by the time we're leaving for work this morning. so conditions out there are actually pretty favorable for the morning jog or just to be venturing outside to get the day started your view outside of san francisco is nice and perfectly clear at this point. there's definitely a few spots of clouds and just a couple of sprinkles lingering above san jose up in the diablo is east of the south bay. aside from that. we've really calm down now and are in for a really sunny but cool rest of the day. 40's 50's for most of our current temperatures of blaring exception being san jose at only 37 degrees right now. so layer up this morning. keep a couple of those layers on hand into are cool afternoon reyna john, thank you for that. still have a couple hot spots out there this morning. we've been
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tracking. >> a lot of them. so this one is in fairfield, southbound, 6.80, north of march euros. so that's traveling down one lane. they're currently close. so you can still get through that. we're seeing delays so 80's just adjacent to that could go ahead and take that as opposed to being stuck in that traffic down a los gatos northbound 17 south of south santa cruz avenue. we have another traffic collision there. one lane blocked and we are seeing delays through about lexington hills area a little under 30 minutes. it looks like we have a traffic hazard on the bay bridge. not an accident, though. but we are seeing an uptick and drive times as you're heading to that fremont street exit. and in the south bay, we have some delays from the earlier accident. all lanes are open northbound 87 at one. oh one. daryn. james, back to you. thank you, brandon. >> so the breaking news this morning former secretary of state colin powell has died at the age of 84 from complications, from covid-19, a 4 star general and the first black secretary of state rose through the ranks. >> and ended up on both sides
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of the aisle at times. you can see him here with hillary clinton. madeleine albright and he served under george in their cabinets as well. and so well respected. by republicans and democrats alike and just devoted his life to service his family is thank you and that they will miss him so much. and thank you for your condolences and condolences are pouring in all around this country to say thank you. rest in peace. colin powell, age of 84. >> also this morning, happening right now we have thousands of people across the bay area. as you can see here without power because of the rain storm that came through last night. cropper sarah stinson is live right now with the details. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, we're still trying to get ahold of pg e's. they can tell us any update as to when power is going to turn on, especially now as we head into the later part of the morning when people are actually starting to wake up and unfortunately starting their monday without power live here
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in crockett on kimono street. we can see a gas station completely out of commission because no power and then you can see this intersection, an example of many intersections across the bay area right now where the traffic lights are completely out and that means you have to stop like it's a four-way stop sign and safely get through that intersection. some people are doing it. some people are not. >> and this is what you're going to see because there's a huge power outage across the bay area 21,000 nearly 21,000 people without customers. now let's take a look at the pg outage maps. you can see all the customers who are without power. you can see the green is the smaller outages in orange and yellow are the bigger outages. most of the customers affected our customers who live in the east bay. 11,700 plus customers waking up this monday morning without any power. not fun. now let's take a look at why we're dealing with this month because of the rain you may
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have seen it may have had to walk out in the yesterday afternoon. it kept raining in some areas throughout the night and even into this morning and that rain caused some damage to pg e power lines and pg e power transformers calling some of them to spark. there's video of one in the mission district where it was sparking. you can see that's not an isolated case that was happening at places all over the bay area and then that rain just damage a lot of their equipment. so causing the outage. so now they're working on fixing the problem, getting that power back up and running so people can go about their day. but. >> if you look on the pga out its website. we're not seeing very much look so far what it would say, at least for where i'm at right now in the crockett area that powers not going to be stored until 8 o'clock tonight. the sky just drove by me here at crockett. he yelled, hey, did you hear the school had to shut down today because the power is the man died, not surprised because without power. are
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they really going to function. so much to drive to the school waiting to get a call back from p g me. so a lot we hope to learn before my neck. >> all right. to the power, go out for sarah. i i don't think it's weather related, though. yeah. we'll reconnect. it's are here in a bit. but obviously she's following that story, the thousands without power now they're in crockett after yesterday's storms again, you know, at least it's not dark out and then slight. so you go, we will be checking in with sarah later on this morning. right now we want to check in with kron four's will tran because today there are some parents and students that are walking out to protest covid vaccine mandates for kids. yeah, they don't want them for their students. least not mandated. they want that choice for themselves. kron four's will tran in santa rosa. >> with the story. well. >> it might be more of a sick out. then walk out because they said that they would be here sometime this morning. so far we don't see anybody showing up at district headquarters. but they're
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here. if they do show up. but really they trying to send a message to sacramento more specifically. governor gavin newsome saying as you mention, james, they would like that choice. they don't want to be told to have their kids vaccinated the way it is right now. governor gavin newsome alike kids between 7th and 12th graders to be fully vaccinated by next fall and with the continuing research, if it gets government approval, he would like to see kids between 4.11 years old. also vaccinated. he says the science is there that he wants the schools to be safe. the kids to be safe and society to be safe. but many people believe that they are not safe from governor gavin newsom and what they claim is his overreach. >> if this mandate goes through. it will be devastating to our school system this mandate, especially in kids is a complete government overreach and that governor newsom is playing politics with our children.
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>> and that person that you just heard from is not just a parent, but he's also a biology teacher who's against backed vaccine mandates. they're also talking many parents are talking about possibly even moving out of california altogether. so the kids don't have to get the shot. they're also considering homeschooling. we are here. we see district employees show up. but so far no parent or child is showing up. and again, it's not just santa rosa. it's across the state. and if they're not here and they're protesting. there's a good chance james and area. they are protesting from home as a sickout because if they don't show up that also hurts the district financially back to you. >> thank you. well, meantime, if you want your kid to get a shot they can because happening tomorrow, the city of berkeley and the berkeley unified school district are opening a covid vaccine clinic for anyone over the age of 12 tomorrow. the clinic is a berkeley high from 11:00am to
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06:00pm and then wednesday at the berkeley technology academy. there will be a clinic students under the age of 18 have to have a signed parental consent form. >> breaking news from overnight we have 2 people dead after a crash on highway 2.37 in santa clara. that happened about 1045 last night between the junctions of lawrence expressway and great america parkway. you can see where the icon here is on the map. 5 cars were involved. the victims were found in separate cars. the people in the other 3 cars suffered only minor injuries. 2 lanes had to be shut down for a couple of hours while they dealt with the scene. but it's all been reopened this morning. also in the south bay, 18 people without a home. now after 2 separate fires broke out in san jose. the first one was at an apartment complex in the area of north 5th street in east saint john street san jose fire department tweeted out these pictures from the scene. 8 people were displaced in that fire. fortunately none of them were hurt. a few hours later, though, firefighters were called to a house fire on south 13th and east santa
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clara streets. nobody hurt in this one either. but 10 people were displaced. you can see the response here in these photos, both fires are under investigation this morning. >> happening now. cal fire is conducting a prescribed burn in sonoma county. it started this morning just about an hour ago, west of magic mountain road and south of kid creek the fire crews are going to burn a total of 40 acres. and as the should be done by 9 o'clock tonight. so if you're in the area and you see smoke. the smoke should be visible in large part a sonoma county. so don't be alarmed. then again, a controlled burn that got out of control in santa cruz county is burning and it's a 140 acres so far. but it is 60% contained. so they're making some progress on the u.s. try to fire, which is near watsonville it jumped containment lines on friday and cal fire says even though this fire is still threatening structures and power lines. the evacuation orders were reduced from warnings down.
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they were orders. they reduced to warnings over the weekend. and then there is the fireworks. we're covering in southern california. this is the one happening in santa barbara, this has been burning for about a week and the update is it's 78% contain. >> dallas. all fire started last monday it's burned nearly 27 square miles. and right now is threatening about 400 homes and other structures. >> well, we have new video out of pta showing the moments during an officer-involved shooting. so here's the video. this was on friday in a crowd for a viewer sent us this video as they were across the parking lot at the milpitas square shopping center me the camera towards where all of this was happening. an officer apparently tried to stop this car that they thought was stolen. the driver at that point opened fire on police officers fired back. that's when they hit the shooter who was then taken to the hospital and treated. that person is now under arrest. in the south bay woman accused of hosting
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drinking and parties for minors is expected to be brought back to the bay area. shannon o'conner is being extradited from idaho. she's accused of buying alcohol for minors and then luring them on social media too. house parties inside of her 4 million dollar home that is where teenagers say they were pressured to have often times against their will. >> it's 11 and still ahead, we have a sketch that the police want you to see man. they're looking for who stabbed a skateboard or in the east bay. we'll have more on that story. and the january 6 committee is going to move to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. we'll tell you why. plus, after the break. crews in the sierra are taking down burned trees because they want to make sure that the roads are safe with the weather that we're facing this weekend. john has more on that. yeah. even though we're coming down temporarily tomorrow, tuesday night starts another round of wet weather that's going to
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take us all the way into the upcoming weekend. so enjoy a day like today. upper 50's at the coast. some low 60's elsewhere. >> more in that rainy forecast. still to come. and tracking a few hot spots this morning and we're also seeing reports. >> accident on the bay bridge and a traffic hazard there as well. that's contributing to the uptick in drive times. we'll have a look at that once we get back from break.
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>> it. 14, we've got rain. they got snow this live look at how this is up to 88 kingville and you can see thick i know a lot of snow on either side. luckily the roadways nice and clear. but this is what it looked like after all, that snow came down yesterday and now in anticipation of the weather for the rest of the week. crews are preparing for what could be mudslides along highway 50 at sets to its that artery towards south lake tahoe that was really impacted by the caldor fire. we've got kyler kirby with more on that part of the story. >> chartres grinding into chips as the u.s. national forest service works around the clock to prepare for heavy >> the terrain left scorched from the caldor fire. most of the work so far is to keep drivers on >> hazard trees are a major issue, especially with this wind event want to make sure that the hazard trees are mitigated. come down so that they don't fall across roads, trails things like cull
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businesses say they're grateful for those efforts. >> i'm definitely thankful to have all the crews out here makes me feel really a lot better about they're still going to be a lot of obstacles like landslides and mudslides when the water does come in. >> and that's exactly what crews are working to prevent from happening, but living in this area over a says it's not something locals are prepare for, especially after something wildfire that comes through. >> you can expect there's going to be landslides just because of the way that it works and it's going to slough off everything into the road. so yeah, we're just kind of like not just the way and in the meantime, goes, it is asking tourists and residents alike to be patient. it's going to take a lot of precept. >> to put this out and it's going take a lot of manpower and continued work to to get to the end. >> so we appreciate all the hard work in preparing for the rain, you know and the and the bad things that rain can
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bring. but fact is this. we can appreciate the rain to win race we need it undermines the we need it. we sure, you know, whole lot of it. it wants. a whole lot of it to come back from that and really the bulk of the week is going to be rainy and that's what we need to see is some extended around rain here and there. nothing like a crazy torrance and then dry against isis to spread it out right right. what's happened and i love this view of the diamond peak. this morning's great kind of makes me feel cold. even standing in front of but hey, you know, skiers love to see that as well. something that. >> all of us in the bay area are going to benefit some snow up in the sierra nevada. some rain here in the bay very, very welcome sight. just be mindful as you do head up in the higher elevations conditions are very slick up there this morning. still looking at snowfall hugging the slopes and some new snowfall still coming down at i 80 as well as highway 50 and as you saw in the story just a second ago because of the caldor fire and that very recent burn scar. there are
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concerns of landslides debris flows, right. above 50 itself and that's why all those precautions are being taken, especially right around or burn scars. now here in the bay area conditions of really calm down. now. couple of sprinkles do remain above san jose in those higher elevations. aside from that. we're looking really dry the rest of the day today and tomorrow will be our sunny days with good conditions for venturing out getting errands done. maybe a little yard work tuesday night rainfall pushes back in and stays with especially into wednesday morning after that, some on and off showers into thursday rainfall likely to pick up friday. but our biggest rainmaker in this forecast doesn't come until sunday. that's looking like the one that could really be resulting in some widespread even moderate to heavy spots of rain, 50's 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as along the coastline. pretty solidly 60's everywhere else in the paper league game at 65 foster city down to redwood city mid 60's for you today. south bay daytime highs 60's as well with san jose right at 63 not
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too different in the east bay either pleasanton as well as oakland right at 63 degrees touch warmer than the rest of us across the north bay with are very warm. a spot in the bay being sandra fell at 68 today tomorrow's daytime highs a little warmer than today's. we're going to keep those upper 60's to low 70's around all the way through friday. wednesday brings us our next chance of rain should really be saying tuesday night into wednesday morning. thursday, light showers expected friday and saturday keeping things relatively light with likely our heaviest of showers on sunday. reyna found. thank you for that. that's going to be nice break from things. all right. we're starting with the bay bridge in terms of a hot spot because we had an accident near the toll plaza. >> it looks like we have a stalled vehicle near that treasure island accent. so those things are contributing to the delays now as you're heading into the city a little under 27 minutes to make it to that from a street exit. another hot spot right here in fairfield, southbound. 6.80, north of march euro. one lane
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is closed. 80 would be a good alternate if you're not trying to wait in that down in los gatos. you have another hot spot. northbound 17 south of santa cruz avenue. and we are seeing delays all the way down to about lexington hills here in oakland. you have an accident along 8.80 southbound just south of market street. so we are seeing delays along 8.80, and is still pretty slow long, 5.80, as well. no accidents. there. but would not recommend taking that as an alternate route daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 20 in national news. the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol votes tomorrow to hold former president trump's political adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress. also washington correspondent kellie meyer. >> has the very latest now from dc. >> good morning. the chairman of that committee says bannon has declined to cooperate but fan and believes he doesn't have to disclose the information. the panel wants because he's covered by executive privilege. we just simply louis off california
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democratic congresswoman lofgren says testimony from steve bannon. >> could help the select committee get to the bottom of what happened on january 6. there was coordination we can already see that as the first shot over the bow. it's very real. illinois congressman adam kinzinger. one of 2 republicans on the committee says the vote is an important step in finding the truth. i think the president has made it clear that we need answers to this. and i think, you know, the vast majority of americans agree. president joe biden is making clear his support of holding people like bannon in contempt. i hope that the committee goes but that could come down to the justice department who says it will make its decision on the law and facts. a lawder for bannon says he will not be complying with the subpoena. adding that the documents, the panel is looking for are covered by executive privilege. kinzinger adds the committee's move could be a warning to others as us to anybody else coming in front of the committee. don't think that you're going to be able to just kind of walk away and we're going to forget about.
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you're not right now. the vote is scheduled for tuesday. night. if it passes, it goes to the house floor for a vote. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> it. 21 is the time. coming up after the break, a group of missionaries from the u.s. kidnapped by a gang in haiti. and now u.s. officials are trying to get them sent home. we'll have more on the story coming up. we're back 24 is
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the time. some breaking news for us from rohnert park where police there on the scene in the area of the 5 creeks trail and krain creek trail just east of eagle park. >> and the evergreen school apparently a mountain lion spotted on the creek path. so there you're there are advising you to avoid the area right now till officers have had a chance to clear it a fish and game has been they're sending some of their agents there as well. evergreen and lawrence joins middle schools are currently on lockdown right now into a day. ken, again confirmed that that that mount line is no longer in the area. so keep it to the kron 4 will update you as we learn more. >> 8.25. and today jury selection begins for the trial of the 3 men charged with killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. gregory mcmichael his
8:26 am
son travis and their neighbor. william bryan are accused of shooting and killing arbery while he was on a jog in february of 2020. the murder shocked the nation when that video came out showing men jumping out of a pickup and chasing and shooting arbery. >> up to a 1000 people are in the jury pool because it could be difficult to find impartial jurors considering all of the pretrial publicity with this viral video coming out. the 3 defendants are also facing federal hate crime charges. the trial is set to begin in january. some developing news that we're following us officials are working this morning to free 17 americans who were kidnapped over the weekend. they are members u.s. base missionary group and they were they're building an orphanage in haiti when they were kidnapped 12 adults and 5 children. they were taken on saturday as they were preparing to come home. the gang that took them is notorious for kidnappings and extortion. a senior us official says that the u.s. is
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in touch with local authorities and trying to secure their release. >> will tran live in santa where we expect parents to show up at district headquarters here and across the state. they are protesting. governor vaccine mandate for their kids will break it all down for you and have reaction and a live report.
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>> 29 right now. all what a nice shot shine and everything. >> beautiful day for a walk along the see what he's doing there. what says jogging james slurs, the and that's not where the mountain lion in which lot of this. that's up and running patt or in marin county with the coyote is that i saw its biggest german shepherd i don't know what because they're clearly not getting they were well fed. we've got great weather out there. john, for anybody wants to be out about this morning that just watch for the wild like we should be good to go the nature haha basically it sounds like it. >> the nature by my house was nice and quiet last night, though, i think the rain scared everything the way we do have lots of sunshine making its return. so it's nice to see everyone getting back out there pretty quickly after what was or overnight showers. it was so nice to go
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to sleep to that. by the way. i hope you are well slept this morning for your monday, your view outside at berkeley is looking nice and blue skies are going to stay this way all day long today. you can see those blue skies reflected in radar should be no surprise with your look outside and our. bark and arrow camera that things are looking quiet at this point. 40's and 50's for current temps. aside from santa rosa, which is sitting at a cool 37 definitely bundle up this morning and keep bundled up into the afternoon. we're staying cool through the more aboup that in the rest of your forecast. rain is keeping us updated on the roads where we sit now rain and we have a lot going on that accident on the bay bridge is clear now. but again, we still have a traffic hazard and accident. all of that contributed to the delays. >> we saw on the bay bridge. so a little under 25 minutes. some other hot spots are looking at in fairfield, southbound 6, a north of washing your oath there. one lane currently closed. so 80 would be another good alternate for you down in los gatos northbound 17 south of south santa cruz avenue. we have a traffic collision. one lane currently closed there and we are seeing delays due
8:32 am
to about lexington hills along a 80 southbound south of market street that accident just cleared. but we are seeing delays along 5, 8880, for that matter. so things are pretty slow as you're traveling to the maze and a little under 50 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula daryn. james, back to you. >> it's a lot rage, 32 and the breaking news this morning. former secretary of state colin powell. the first black u.s. secretary of state and a top military officer has died of complications from covid. he was 84 years old and his family released the statement first to let the world know that he had died at walter reed national medical center. he had treatment there. they said he was a remarkable and loving husband father grandfather and great american and the great american part, you know how he served his country for his entire life. and you can see from both sides of the aisle there. us clinton that he was with and
8:33 am
for president clinton as well as serving under well, here's barack obama. he served under both of the bushes and that's why we're seeing all kinds of political statements coming saying that they he will be missed. yeah. in fact, we heard this morning from congresswoman barbara lee can see her tweet there on the screen she wrote in part, quote, my deepest condolences go to the family and loved ones of general colin powell. >> he was a trailblazer serving as the first black secretary of state's general power served this country with decency integrity and showed respect to everyone he encountered, may he rest in peace and. >> time now is 8.33 and we're seeing some parents and students a display. their dislike of covid that a vaccine mandate by basically a sick out there not go to a sickout or maybe even a sick in a city and as they're expected to congregate. >> all across the state in various locations and up in santa rosa as well. and that's where kron four's will tran is standing by for us this morning. will.
8:34 am
>> the way shaping out. james is probably more of a sick out. then a walkout today because we don't see any parents yet and they said that they would be here, which is why we drove all the way to santa rosa to be at this location. but so far we have not seen them. so they probably will be keeping their kids at home in protest. they say they're not necessarily against the vaccine. they're against being too old to get their kids vaccinated by governor gavin newsome. the governor. if you had it his way and he says that he wants children between 7th and 12th grades to be vaccinated fully vaccinated next fall. and once everything gets approved, if it gets approved and the science is there. he also would like to see kids between 4.11 years old. also be vaccinated. he believes in the science is always talked about that. but many parents out there saying. don't tell us what to do using that monitor of my body. my choice specifically, of course, when
8:35 am
it comes to their children. >> i was serious. not even. consider from a child. soon as i heard consider that being a choice for being a mandate for the children in schools i see is that these are looking at homeschooling were not a totally against the vaccine. we're just not ready for right now. we just need more information. we need more data. >> the battle lines have been drawn. james and jury and the fact that many parents are talking about home schooling, their children if they are forced to vaccinate their kids. >> we just got most of the details there from will talking here about the governor vaccine mandates that these people, some of them are opposed to wanting to get the word out this morning that they would prefer to have their however, like many other
8:36 am
vaccines. this one is mandated time now is 8.35 in the east bay pleasant hill police are looking for a man who stabbed another man who was an escape for. let's take a look at the sketch of the attacker. the police are looking for. they want you to take a look at this. it's a husky built man. he's in his early 20's clearly has short hair. but that's about it for the details of the suspect. all we know is this happened last wednesday and the victim was riding a skateboard, somebody in a car threw eggs at the skate border. so the skateboard or through something back at the car. that's when the driver of the car got out ran chased the victim stabbed him multiple times and then got away the victim. the skate boarders expected to survive his serious injuries and the guy in the car. so they're looking for some think we're dealing with a lot of. >> young emotions. and i think that obviously big mistakes were made. but we're here to investigate it to the fullest extent that we can get was
8:37 am
some bad decisions made that escalated into something that didn't need to be get things look like they might be escalating walk away. >> all we have to go on. now is the police sketch. however, the police are hoping that maybe somebody who lives in the area has us a home surveillance system. you can look at that. and if you have any image of the attack or the car that he was driving. they'd like to take a look. >> in the south bay san jose. police say 3 victims of a stabbing and shooting are expected to survive there in the hospital this morning receiving treatment. this attack happened early sunday morning on him. poly lane just south of downtown san jose. that's where police say they found 2 men with stab wounds and one man who'd been shot again, they're all expected to survive. investigators are now working to find out who attacked them and why. meanwhile, in the east bay antioch police have confiscated a ar 15 style rifles and a glock from a trio of carjackers over the weekend. so we have pictures of the car that was stolen from concord before was recovered by antioch police officers there in antioch
8:38 am
tried to pull over the driver of that stolen car. but instead they led police on a chase that stretched through portions of antioch before ultimately stopping near the antioch golf course there on lone tree way. people inside then jumped out and ran off. but police were able to catch up with them. so they've now been arrested and that is when officers found the guns. >> contra costa county sheriff's deputies are looking for the person who murdered a man in bay point. it was on willow pass road saturday night that 18 year-old manuel penei a to a was shot and killed. he was in front of a store and there was another person who suffered minor injuries and went to the hospital. we only know the location of where this shooting happened. we do not have a description of the shooter at this point. 8.38. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news it's 30 years now since the deadly oakland fire storm. we're going to talk to members of the community and see how they're remembering those who
8:39 am
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>> and we're back a 41 is the time some breaking news, rather park police are on the scene right now in the area of 5 creek trail and crane creek trail just east of eagle park and evergreen school. there was a mountain lion that was spotted there in the creek path. and so now you're being told to avoid the area. police still need to clear it fish and game has been called. so they're sending some representatives out evergreen elementary and lawrence jones, middle school are in lockdown right now. kids not allowed outside until they get the all-clear from police that this mountain lion is no longer there. >> 8.42 and tomorrow it will be 30 years since the oakland and berkeley hills fire storm that happened. this was back in 1991 25 people died in this fire storm that also injured a 150 people and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. this is one of the worst and most expensive fires to ravage california at the time dozens of first responders and community members and families of the victims gathered
8:43 am
yesterday to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. fire officials want neighbors to recognize the lessons that we learned and how to better prepare for fires. highlight the great things that have come about that terrible tragedy, which is government. a community partnership. >> the relationship that we have now with the north hills community association, fire safe coalition. the establishment of our core and search emergency preparedness programs has been instrumental for us to ensure that what happened 30 years ago with the loss of 25 boxes and happen again. >> the fire departments have made massive improvements. >> over the years in their communications response and strategies. >> to this day, the cause of that huge firestorm is unknown. >> it is 8.43 will be back with you and more
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i drop off and pick up my kids from school
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so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 8.46 right now. take a look at the weather and we get a break today, which is great. if yesterday for some reason took him by surprise. i got ready with a pillow yeah, i brought a man john said was going to rain. so i was ready for that. or you but if you're not ready. what teams will your got wet. i know. okay. i have 2 days now to try out to remind myself to get those inside before the next round of wet mother nature is
8:47 am
looking out for you this next few days. so just get those pillows out in the sunshine, let them dry out. but before tuesday night comes, got to bring him back indoors because you're north the weather center. forecast is looking wetter than not. and that's exactly what we need across the bay area. >> now this morning. little bit of cloud cover remains at half moon bay. honestly, overall, though we are clearing out. nicely got some sunshine making its way down to the coast as we are also seeing across the rest of the bay area. lots of sunshine expected through the day today. a little snowfall does still remain in the sierra where we saw a good amount of it last night. just a couple of sprinkles in the hillsides above san jose. that's about all we're holding on to at this point today and tomorrow are dry days tuesday night into wednesday morning. showers do return likely to stay with us into thursday friday. some light rainfall saturday will continue. that with our best chance of significant rain coming on sunday that could actually be quite the system that passes through the most significant of the season so far. now
8:48 am
today's daytime highs mostly in the 60's couple of 50's near the coastline oakland at 63 conquered. you'll be at 64 nevada, one of our warmer spots at 67 today. tomorrow wednesday, thursday and friday, our daytime highs at or warmest will be hovering right around 70 degrees. pretty comfortable fall weather today and tomorrow. the best chances for outdoor activities wednesday on into the weekend do anticipate a chance of showers. at least every single one of those days reyna. john, thanks to that. we had a busy morning so far. several hot spots like this one out in fairfield where one lane is closed. >> southbound, 6.80, north of marsh. you're owed 80 would be a good alternate if you're trying to steer away from all of that traffic there down here in los gatos north down 17 south of south santa cruz avenue. we've got an accident. one lane. they're currently blocked. so you're seeing delays all the way down through lexington hills heading into the city where we had an earlier issue traffic accident that's since been cleared. also that traffic hazard that was near the treasure island exit both of those off the bay bridge. so
8:49 am
now little under 22 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell bridge and across towards sandra fell a little under 11. and as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 14 minutes daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's talk. >> football. the raiders moved on. yes, that is moved off of jon gruden. and won the game. their interim head coach rich. >> the was able to get a win against the denver broncos at mile high stadium. pretty impressive for the first came out without gruden first series of the game here. derek carr. >> going deep to henry and that made it 7. nothing. yeah. >> and then the 3rd quarter here we are kenyan drake watching this run. he finds the hole through makes it all the way to the end zone to join 24 to 7 at that point. and the the raiders would win by a final 34 to 25 davis is up there and the interim coach. all eyes are on him. >> certainly it's emotional
8:50 am
for everybody, right. so i think they did a good job. this bunch of grown men handling or emotions throughout the week. put it in perspective when it was time to go play. the game is a job for for all of us and and again, they seem to do really, really good job with we'll see what goes on from here. we'll see the consistency that we can have going on. i think that will be the challenge roles. best part for me was to go to get on the grass and the most the worst part news figure out the hits there's a button on there and pressed on the talking frank, want to go to bourbon myself press that and back in the day, in the words that we know and buttons. >> think, you know what i would yeah. we didn't have all of it can be confusing, but he did a great job look forward to this coming sunday kickoff us one o 5 and nb plan eagle say will. and we're also tracking the latest with the niners to, as you know, that in play this past weekend. it was their bye weekend, but they're all back on the practice field today preparing to. >> face the colts who's on that face the colts. that's the question. that is the question is going to be jimmy g. is it going to be trey
8:51 am
lance, both are nursing injuries. if neither is ready to play. we could be looking at a 3rd straight quarter. yeah. nate sudfeld could start this sunday. he grew up in modesto covers kylen mills takes a look. >> sot fell right through the hands. a simple web stare. >> forty-niners third-string quarterback nate sudfeld is in son in the red and gold. but he's no stranger to northern california. sudfeld was raised in modesto and graduated from modesto, christian high school. the indiana university grad was chosen by the washington football team in the 6th round of the 2016 nfl draft stock aitken i mean, is that every kid's dream right now sudfeld went on to play 4 seasons with philadelphia eagles win a super bowls. the backup for quarterback. nick foles in 2018, kron four's spoke with seinfeld's parents before that big game. they said he doesn't shy away from a challenge. the stage is not bigger than where nate is that he's calm. >> he's relaxed. he's ready to go you do things with purpose and you do things with a frame
8:52 am
of reference that says, you know what, we have incredible opportunity. i'm gonna make the best of hopefully he'll make the best of the opportunity. should it come during the forty-niners game head coach kyle shanahan said this week that he is no doubt sudfeld will step up whenever that time comes. also here. he was ready to go and his numbers call percent isn't ready to go. every week. >> it is big of a pro's. again, so his numbers call for sunday be ready. >> that was kylen mills reporting kickoff for sunday night's game at levi's against the cult is 5.20. we'll take a break here at 8.52. will be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
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invisalign. now and we're talking about the report card that just came in for our students. statewide and found that a lot of kids are not reading at grade in fact, about half of our schools. >> half of our students don't read at or above grade level. fact 8 of the bottom school districts were found right here in northern california. and that includes districts in san mateo, santa clara sonoma alameda and contra costa counties. and so now we are hearing from a local author because she wants to address. >> the 18% of students that are reading at or above grade level. but it's the rest almost like 80% that are not.
8:56 am
and she's got a book. her name is nicky cooper and she wants to give away a 1000 copies of the book. it's called chocolate covered courage with blessings on top because she hopes it will help young readers gain skills to read and self esteem. >> the illustrations are yet the characters are related. all. >> they get to see. >> characters who looked like his speech by then and even re act like them become the heroes of their own rights by having courage to make good choices even when it's scary and uncomfortable, which we all can relate to. it. and when that connection is made between reader in their book it was their self-esteem and sense of the word dean us. >> you can buy the books at barnes and noble and target. but what she'd like to do is to give the books away. like we said, a 1000 books and so there's a go fund me page and it's called for the joy of reading. that's where you can donate to the fund to give all those books to kids. it's a
8:57 am
56. and coming up in the next hour. speaking of kids, some kids and parents are staging a walkout or a sick out. >> in their schools because they want to protest vaccine mandates will have the latest on that. and also continuing to follow the breaking news which is the death of some former secretary of state colin powell. we'll have details of what happened to him and the next act. >> and today we are going to be looking at dry skies. so no worries about the rainfall we saw last night that has since cleared out 50's at the coastline. low 60's for pretty much the rest of the bay area. all that sunshine isn't going to keep you out of your jackets, though. keep tho
8:58 am
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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. well, at 9 o'clock. you miss the rain. yeah, but you also just woke up in time for a mountain lion that they're worried about a roaming around rohnert park right now. in fact, couple schools are in lockdown right now as they're searching the area right near the 5 creek trail and krain creek trail. >> area just east of eagle park. you can see evergreen elementary in march. jones. middle schools are right nearby. so both of them are under lockdown right now for the safety of the kids. a wildlife fish and game officials have called to the area. they're searching for the animal now. and making sure that it's no longer around a threat to anybody in


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