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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 18, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. good morning. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking news story this morning. former secretary of state colin powell. >> has died at the age of 84. we're told it was due to complications from covid-19. he had been fully vaccinated, but apparently had contracted the virus. nonetheless. and
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this morning his family reports that he has to come to that illness again dying early this morning at the age of 84 colin powell, of course, the n% first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff when he was appointed back in 1989 a role in which he saw the u.s. invasion of panama. later, the u.s. invasion of kuwait to oust the iraqi army in 1991 again, serving both republican and democratic administrations in his long and storied career. you may remember, though, that his reputation did take a hit back in 2000, 3 when he worked for the un security council and made the case for the u.s. war in iraq claiming that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. that was one of the lowest points in his career but has worked long and hard since then. obviously in many different roles. and today we are remembering his life and career as we're hearing from the family this morning that he has passed due to complications from covid-19. >> 6. oh, one is the time right now. and thanks for joining us on this monday morning. weather is going to
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be a big story because it started raining yesterday. but we do get a little break today and tomorrow. john has more on the forecast morning. yeah. a nice sunny day today. tomorrow, looking good too. and then more rainfall after that. >> but last night's rainfall certainly a welcome sight to see and it stuck around for many areas through our overnight hours still looking at just a couple of sprinkles hanging on for a couple of spots here in the bay area. a view outside at your radar right now shows you a little bit more activity up in the sierra nevada at the very right end of your screen as for the berry itself starting to quiet down. let's take a look at a couple of spots that you may run into just a couple of showers still hanging on that includes the altamonte pass. if you're traveling down 5.80, east of livermore. we're heading from tracy on over towards the tri valley. watch for some wet spots. there. we do have wet spots along 6 ad 80 after morning showers that have since cleared out much of that activity. now sitting up in the diablo is just east of san jose and still looking at some light shower activity as well in the santa cruz
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mountains including a ride along highway 17 between san jose out towards santa cruz. this is especially true in los gatos right now where you're in the midst of some light rainfall currently we saw mountain view and sunnyvale in the midst of some light showers about 20 minutes ago. those areas have since cleared out now, as for current temperatures right now we're sitting in the 40's and 50's for most of the region. light jackets coming in handy today, even into the afternoon with the sunshine that we do have temperatures still remaining cool enough that you'll want to stay nice and warm santa rosa, you were in the 30's moments ago. now you're back up to 40 degrees right now. so we do have a hot spot for you this morning. this is in burlingame. >> 82 or also el camino real northbound and southbound between broadway and carmelita avenue. all lanes. there are currently closed, but again to 80 or one o one r really good alternate for you if you are traveling along this area heading into the city looks like the meteor lights on a
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little under 14 minutes for your drive time there to make it into the city. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes for your drive time there and checking on conditions along the richmond. sandra fell bridge a little under 9 darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. and let's get back to the big story which is as we're talking about the weather. it started yesterday with a rainstorm and. >> now we've got power outages. yes, and that's what's really affecting primarily the east bay as we wake up this morning kron 4. sarah stinson live for us there with the latest on the outages that we're seeing. sarah, good morning. >> yeah. it's extremely dark out here in crockett and live here on pomona street where you can see cars rolling through this intersection here. you need to stop when those street lights are out south like it's a stop sign and see that person didn't rolled right through you really got to take it slow out there. look for any hazards in the road. and then as a as you just saw need to stop at where the street lights were and where they should be turned back on soon. hopefully. but
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what we're seeing on the pga web site for this outage is that areas like rocket could see the power out from now until 8 o'clock tonight. so be aware as you head out the door. let's take a look at the pga me power outage map. you can see there's a total of 21,000 customers without power. the green circles are smaller outages in the orange and yellow are the bigger outages. most customers are in the east bay and that's about 11,700 plus customers without power right now and take a look at video of a power pole sparking in san francisco's mission district says kind of the problem that we're hearing about across the bay area and that is these power lines either being damaged or sparking. they're seeing arching as well. so you can be pretty dangerous. so keep your eyes out for that down on the peninsula. there's nearly 8,000 people or customers, rather without power and the power's out due to this rain that we saw yesterday afternoon in went into the night and even into this morning, as john was saying,
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so it's cause some issues for pg e's power poles. >> and so they're out there with their crews working to fix the problem. the vix, those damaged power poles that were seen across the bay area. so this morning said heading out the door, make sure you take it slow not see any rain out here in the east bay. >> we're on that anymore. but definitely seeing, you know, of those either the flashing traffic lights or no traffic lights. so be extra cautious will keep an eye on this power outage for you and let you know we have here in the updates. when you go to the pg e website. it shows it could be out until 00:00pm tonight. live in crockett. sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you, sarah. and 6. '06. another big story happening today with parents and students walk out of sorts. schools to protest covid-19 vaccine mandates for kids. yeah. these walkouts there across the state and there are people who. >> want to make their opinion about vaccines known kron four's will tran is live in santa rosa with the latest.
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well. >> darya james, i'm in front of the office of education in sonoma county where we expect parents to show up in a couple of hours from now. they want to send a message to governor gavin newsome believing he did not hear. there are concerns when he said that he wanted kids next fall between 7th and 12th grades to be fully vaccinated and then with the ultimate goal of having kids between 4.11 years old to also be vaccinated because he says the science proves that vaccinations are safe, not just for the kids but for the entire community. and that's why he is doing this. he does acknowledge that he did plan for a lot of push back from parents who say, you know, it's ok for maybe them to get vaccinated. but now you're talking about my child and that may be going too far. that might be an overreach by the government. >> to make them have their kids become vaccinated. the
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bottom line is at this particular point. it is still being looked at by the fda. so governor gavin newsom is still watching and see how that plays out. but it looks like eventually. >> according to him if he gets his way, the kids will be vaccinated before they enter the schools at least by next fall. all kids again between 7th and 12th grades. we've got a chance to talk to some parents and they're using the my body, my choice, especially when it comes to their kids. >> the parents make the choices for medical freedom for their trip for children. and then we have body autonomy. it's my body. my choice. and so we just hope that, you know, the school districts here, the parent- and know that there is an overwhelming amount of parents that are not happy with this mandate. >> now, i can tell you, governor gavin newsome. he's not 100% rock solid about is explaining that. yes, he does understand that there could be
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some health exceptions and some religious exemptions. but other than that, he wants to be have the kids fully vaccinated now, i can tell you it's not necessarily james and darya a walkout. there are some parents that we heard throughout the state. that plan just to keep their kids at at home and not be on the lines and that in of itself could hurt the school district as well because when united school, that means that you're not counted as being there. and that means as far as government funding. that's why they take attendance because they didn't know how much money that the school districts will get when it comes to the government. so there are many ways that they're doing this. but we do expect the parents to start being here at around. maybe 90 minutes from now. and of course we will have reaction. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check back with you later. will. >> well, 6. '09, is the time. and today the city of berkeley and the berkeley unified school district are going to open a covid vaccine clinic. >> and this is for anybody over the age of 12. it starts
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tomorrow at berkeley high school from 11 to 6. you get shots there. and also at the technology academy. they'll be giving shots on wednesday. you do need consent, by the way, for students who are getting their shots. >> well, breaking news from overnight. 2 people are dead after a crash on highway 2, 37 down in santa clara happened about 1045 last night between the junctions of lawrence expressway in the great american parkway. 5 cars were involved in total. the victims were found in separate cars. the people in the other 3 cars suffered only minor injuries 2 lanes had to be shut down for a couple of hours, but they have since reopened. and also in the south bay, 18 people now without a home after 2 separate fires in san jose. so the first fire was at an apartment complex in the area of north 5th street and east saint john street san jose fire department tweeted out these pictures from the scene. 8 people have been displaced in that fire there. nobody was hurt. thankfully and then a few hours later firefighters were called to a house fire on south 13th and east santa
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clara street. you can see the pictures here. nobody was hurt in this fire either, although 10 people have now been displaced. there. both fires are under investigation. >> 6.10, and today and tomorrow. cal fire's going to conduct prescribed burns in sonoma county that will be happening west of magic mountain road and south of kids creek where fire crews will burned 40 acres. this is supposed to start at 7 o'clock this morning. so less than an hour and they should be done by 9 o'clock tonight. so if you do see smoke in that area which she probably will as county do not be alarmed. the estrada fire in the santa cruz county area. that's a 148 acres now it is 60% contained. this fire. it started as a controlled burn near watsonville but got out of hand jumped containment lines on friday and cal fire says the fire is still threatening structures and power lines and said the city of a wildlife habitat even though the
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evacuation orders were changed to warnings over the weekend. crews have made significant progress on the wildfire that's burning its while has been burning for about a week in southern california. this is in the coastal mountains. and you can see the fire, it hard being drops here in santa barbara. this fire. it's 78% contained right now. it started last monday and so far it has burned nearly 27 square miles. it is still threatening about 400 homes and other structures. >> well, we have new video out of the heat is now showing the moments during an officer-involved shooting. it happened on friday and a crowd for a viewer sent us this video from across the parking lot at the milpitas square shopping center in kind of make out what's happening here pete is police say an officer tried to stop a car that they believe was stolen. the driver in that car ended up opening fire on police and that's when officers fired back. hitting the shooter that shooter was treated at a hospital and is now under arrest. in the south
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bay. a woman accused of hosting drinking and parties for minors is expected to be brought back to the bay area. shannon o'conner is being extradited from idaho. she's accused of buying alcohol for minors and then luring them on social media to her house as she hosted parties at that 4 million dollar home that is where the teenagers say that she pressured them to have with each other. oftentimes without their consent. >> it's 6.13. and still ahead, we want to show you the sketch of a man who's wanted for a stabbing in the east bay. and we're going to tell you more about the shocking attack. and the generous 6 committee is going to move to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. we'll tell you can temps that is we're going to tell you why. plus, after the break. crews in this year are taking down burned trees trying to make it safer for the roads as we. >> coming to week where there >> coming to week where there
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i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 6.16 and we've got rain and they got snow. check out this is a live shot. yeah. this is eastbound 80 of the king ville. you can see snow definitely on the shoulders of the road. the roadway itself is nice and clear. but we had a good little bit come down yesterday and more is expected this week. so crews are working now to prepare for what could happen. mudslides could happen along highway 50. we've got kyler kirby now with the story.
6:17 am
>> chartres grinding into chips as the u.s. national forest service works around the clock to prepare for heavy >> the terrain left scorched from the caldor fire. most of the work so far is to keep drivers on >> hazard trees are a majoh issue, especially with this wind event want to make sure that the hazard trees are mitigated. come down so that they don't fall across roads, trails things like cull businesses say they're grateful for those efforts. >> i'm definitely thankful to have all the crews out here makes me feel really a lot better about they're still going to be a lot of obstacles like landslides and mudslides when the water does come in. >> and that's exactly what crews are working to prevent from happening, but living in this area over a says it's not something locals are prepared for especially after something wildfire that comes through. >> you can expect there's going to be landslides just
6:18 am
because of the way that it works and it's going to slough off everything into the road. so yeah, we're just kind of like not just the way and in the meantime, goes, it is asking tourists and residents alike to be patient. it's going to take a lot of precept. >> to put this out and it's going take a lot of manpower and continued work to to get it to the n. >> and yes, we're grateful for the workers and the good news out there. also just grateful for the rain. nice to have it coming down. love it. love the rain, love. the snow will take both of it for sure. the sierra nevada in the midst of some new snowfall that is still lingering up there in the slopes, even as the bay area starts to dry out your view of 80 darya and james showed you another view a second ago. just a snowy is really any route up into the sierra will be so definitely take it slower if you're heading up that direction, snow does linger up in those slopes, although it's starting to show signs of waning here in the bay area. definitely looking at a calmer rest of the day ahead of us. just a couple lingering sprinkles over the out about as well as into blows up of san jose. and
6:19 am
then a few isolated sprinkles up in the santa cruz mountains as well as just east of highway 17 up in the santa cruz mountains. you can see that we do have some of those snowy areas remaining in future cast up in the sierra nevada bay area looks dry through the day today and full sunshine both today and tomorrow during daytime hours tomorrow night into wednesday morning showers return. stay with us. into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. all bringing rainfall potential as we see an active set up in the rest of this forecast. so days like today and tomorrow where we do tap into some sunshine should be taking advantage of get outside. enjoy that sunshine the cool feel to it will make you want to keep the jacket or the sweater on. but overall pretty pleasant next couple of days. once we start working our way into this rainier time of year, which of course i want to stress here. so thankful for you. you just got to time those outdoor times. right. and today is a good chance to do so. oakland at 63 but laos 65 today. they are very warm. a spot that you and
6:20 am
center fell 68 degrees for the high tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today. just a sunny tuesday night into wednesday is when rainfall returns. and as you can see in your seven-day forecast once it gets here, we remain pretty unsettled with chances of showers after a tuesday, the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot. we've been talking about police activity. >> along 82 or el camino reale northbound southbound between broadway and carmelita avenue are closed. all lanes. there. but to 80 right here. one woman be good alternate for you to take. this is out in burlingame. you're trying to get around that. >> heading into the city a little under 15 minutes of traffic picking up their little bit 5, 1880, if you're traveling along moving pretty nicely at this hour as we head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 15 minutes. the richmond sandra fell bridge picking up tetley just a little under 9 minutes for your drive time. and that's leaving with a look at the south bay along one o one heading towards middle park
6:21 am
about 29 minutes daryn. james, back to you. >> 6.20 right now and national news. the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol is going to vote tomorrow to hold former president trump and political adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress. that's going make headlines. our dc correspondent kelli myers joining us live with the latest now. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, daryn. james. well, the chairman of the committee says bannon has, quote, declined to cooperate. but bannon believes he doesn't have to disclose the information to the panel because he believes he's covered by executive privilege. >> we just simply louis off california democratic congresswoman lofgren says testimony from steve bannon could help the select committee get to the bottom of what happened on january 6. there was coordination we can already see that as the first shot over the bow. it's very real. illinois congressman adam kinzinger. one of 2 republicans on the committee says the vote is an important
6:22 am
step in finding the truth. i think the president has made it clear that we need answers to this. and i think, you know, the vast majority of americans agree. president joe biden is making clear his support of holding people like bannon in contempt. i hope that the committee goes but that could come down to the justice department who says it will make its decision on the law and facts. a lawyer for bannon says he will not be complying with the subpoena. adding that the documents, the panel is looking for are covered by executive privilege. kinzinger adds the committee's move could be a warning to others as us to anybody else coming in front of the committee. don't think that you're going to be able to just kind of walk away and we're going to forget about you or not. >> right now. the vote is scheduled for tomorrow night. if it passes, it will go to the house floor for a full vote reporting live here in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> all right. thank you. kelly. 6.22 is the time. coming up after the break, a group of missionaries from the u.s. are kidnapped by a gang in haiti. and now u.s. officials are trying to get them back home. we'll have the
6:23 am
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>> 6.25 and jury selection begins today for the 3 men charged with killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. gregory mcmichael, his son travis and their neighbor. william bryan are accused of shooting and killing arbery while he was out on a jog in february of 2020. the murder shocked the nation when video came out showing men jumping out of a truck and chasing and shooting
6:26 am
arbery up to a 1000 people are in the jury pool because it could be hard to find impartial jurors. after all this pretrial publicity. the 3 defendants are also facing federal hate crime charges. the trial is set to begin in february. >> developing news that we're following this morning. a group of 17 missionaries from a u.s. based organization have been kidnapped now by a gang in haiti. now among the kidnapped are a 2 year-old child and some elderly people. the gang was identified as the 400 gang. the group of missionaries were on their way home actually from building an orphanage on saturday when they were taken in the area. can t a that's east of the capital of port-au-prince. a senior us official says that the u.s. is in touch right now with authorities there locally to try and resolve this case. >> i'm will tran live in santa rosa, where today at this location and locations across
6:27 am
the state. many parents and students want to send a message to governor gavin newsome that they're against vaccine mandates will break it all down for you in a live report.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> 6.29 right now. and i'm going to tell you a few things that you might want to remember okay. that i will. what i remembered when i kind
6:30 am
of so i grab the puffy this morning because it was a little chilly. remember that ok. remember that? and i was preparing for the rain. yeah. and i got all the cushions out from okay. i was very excited about that. and then i realized i forgot the cut like the rugs like i have some rugs that are not quite, you know, they're not like a foot rather distant those got left out. >> okay. well, make sure you bring him in before the rest of the week because i think we have a whole lot more rain coming our way. yes. so today you could leave them in the sun get dried out, right. just for that. good chance to drive back out today and tomorrow but whose picture to and before the sun goes down on tuesday because that's when the showers push right back on and great to be talking so much rain in the forecast, of course, what that means is you just got to be ready for these changing factors in your forecast. hopefully you're prepared for last night before the showers came down looking out there at the east bay hills camera. this one situated right. but berkeley you can see some of the low clouds we have overhead for the most part, though, the rainfall that we had yesterday
6:31 am
as really since tapered off across the region. there's only a couple spots hanging on to a light sprinkle or 2. that includes in the santa cruz mountains. the very southern edge of the peninsula as well as the blows east of san jose in those higher elevation areas. aside from this. we're looking at a quiet rest of the day ahead of us. couple of slick spots lingering on roadways after some showers last night. current temps are mostly in the 40's to 50's santa rosa, though. you're the noticeable exception on the map at 38 degrees. and don't forget the jackets this morning. definitely need them today even into the afternoon. reyna. thank you for that. still currently watching this hot spot over in burlingame. so again. >> highway 82, northbound and southbound between broadway and carmelita avenue. all lanes are closed because of police activity. so one o wanted remember run adjacent to that are good options for you. there. head into the city a little under 17 minutes from the east than not seen any accidents are hazards calling the bat causing the backup there at the bridge and 5, 1880 also moving along pretty
6:32 am
nicely has had across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for you to make that drive. it's a little slow along highway 4 appeared, you're traveling from one 60 to conquer to 42 it'll take you about 29 minutes to make that drive and in the south bay about 30 minutes as you're heading towards menlo park from 85 darya. james, back to you. >> and at 6.30 to some breaking news to share with you this morning. former secretary of state colin powell has died at the age of 84 due to complications from a covid-19 infection. now, we were told by his fan or from his family this morning that he was fully vaccinated but that this was a breakthrough case. he was at walter reed medical center, receiving treatment when he succumbs to his illness this morning and that word coming out from the family on his official facebook page. we are getting some reactions and responses this morning. here is a quick a message from congresswoman barbara lee. you can see there she writes, quote, my deepest condolences go to the family and loved ones of general
6:33 am
colin powell. he was a trailblazer serving as the first black secretary of state general powell served this country with decency integrity and showed respect to everyone he encountered, may he rest in peace and power. >> time now 6.32 and today some parents and students are going to walk out of their schools to protest covid vaccine. yeah. when it comes to students. now these walkouts are expected all across the state, including a handful of locations here in the bay area and kron four's. will tran is live for us up in santa rosa, where we are expecting parents to demonstrate today. well. >> just last tuesday night said that wrong because they're not protesting the vaccines necessarily. it mandates right. and it is spotty and it's sort of like all around the country around the state. and, you know, you're fighting the season. santa rosa happens. be one place where some people are doing. and we heard from some of the parents that are behind this demonstration today saying we are not.
6:34 am
>> anti-vaxers, right. we are just concerned that there hasn't been enough testing yet on what long-term effects might have on younger children. and so they'd like to see more data come out the freedom and they want the power. they want the decision in their hands with that vaccinate that you and i think we may wished will's live shot. will you with us areas? >> yes, so james and areas so walk out. but in this particular case is a drive to because we're in front of the office of education of sonoma county. so it's basically the district headquarters and not a school. but we do expect for them to show up in an hour. 90 minutes from now to send a message not just to the school district but more specifically to governor gavin newsome that they are against the vaccine mandates, believing that it is their choice for their kids and not the governors that they believe that the governor has overstepped his legal authority to do so. the governor is relying on the science that up to him. he would like to see kids between 7th and 12th grades fully
6:35 am
vaccinated next fall with the eventual goal of having kids between 4.11 years old. also vaccinated saying that it makes it safer for the schools and for society at large. but there are many against him. in fact, they're not just parents, but there are also some teachers. here's a biology teacher explaining why he's against the mandate. >> if this mandate goes through. it will be devastating to our school system mandate, especially in kids is a complete government overreach and that governor newsom is playing politics with our children. >> a lot of the parents, james and darya. they're using the money. >> worst connection with the worst connection with your mike today will. but thank you. i'm glad you got out. most of the report and you get the just we've seen this going on for almost 6 months or a year so. ever since the
6:36 am
vaccines became available today. all right. 6.35 is the time right now. other news that we're following is in the east bay pleasant hill police are looking for a man who was responsible for a violent stabbing and we have a sketch conference believe took off takes a look. a white man possibly in his late teens to early 20's standing 5 foot 8 with a husky build and shorter dirty blonde hair. >> is believed to be the suspect pleasant hill. police say allegedly stabbed a 23 year-old man at around 1030 wednesday night. >> investigators with composite sketch of the man yields leads. think we're dealing with a lot of young emotions. >> and i think that obviously big mistakes were made. but we're here to investigate it to the fullest extent that we can sergeant david down, says that around 1030 that night. at least 3 people in what was believed to be an older model white 4 door passenger side driving down the 3,000 block of putnam boulevard through 8 to 3 skate boarders passing by
6:37 am
downs says the eventual 23 year-old victim through something back, hitting the car and that's when the driver jumped out ran after and the fact that we are asking for the public's help for any exterior surveillance cameras. >> in footage that people might have at their homes or businesses specifically in area of putnam boulevard. the victim was hospitalized and was rushed into surgery. police say he is currently in stable condition. mayor susan, no act encouraging the public to keep emotions in check. please. you know, this is a welcoming city. >> it's a great small town feel city and we want to maintain that and tracking the suspect down will help. >> in pleasant hill phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> 6.37 the time in the south bay san jose. police say 3 victims of a stabbing and a shooting are expected to survive there in the hospital this morning. the attack happened early sunday morning on him. poli lane just south of downtown san jose police say that's where they found 2 men with stab wounds and one man who'd been shot again,
6:38 am
they are expected to survive. and investigators are working right now to try and find out who attacked them and why. in the east bay antioch police have confiscated a ar 15 style rifles and a glock pistol from a trio of carjackers over the weekend. we have pictures of the car that was stolen from concord before it was recovered by police in antioch officers there in antioch tried to pull over the vehicle. but the driver refused to stop. in fact, led them on a chase through antioch until they ultimately stopped near the antioch golf course on lone tree way and then took off on foot. police, though, were able to catch up with them. they arrested those carjackers and they were found with those guns. also in the east bay contra costa county sheriff's deputies are still looking for a killer who murdered a man in bay point. it happened on will pass road saturday night. the victim died was 18 year-old man. well, he was shot in front of a store. another victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. police haven't released yet
6:39 am
any description of the shooter. >> 6.38 and tomorrow is 30 years since the oakland berkeley hills fire storm that happened in this is video from 1991 25 people died in this fire storm and also a 150 people were injured more than 3,000 homes and other structures were burned and this was considered one of the worst. most expensive fires to ravage california at that time, dozens of first responders community members, families and victims. they gathered to remember those who lost their lives fire officials want neighbors to recognize the lessons that we learned on better preparing for wildfires. highlight the great things that have come about that terrible tragedy, which is government. a community partnership. >> the relationship that we have now with the north hills community association, fire safe coalition. the establishment of our core and
6:40 am
search emergency preparedness programs has been instrumental for us to ensure that what happened 30 years ago with the loss of 25 boxes and happen again. >> because of the firestorm fire departments have made massive improvements there communication their response times. their strategies to this day. the cause of the oakland fire storms in berkeley and oakland still not known. >> we'll take a break. it is 6.40. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news after an emotional week. the raiders get a decisive divisional win while on the road. we'll have highlights of the game coming up in a moment. and the forty-niners will be back at practice today after their bye week and they are prepared for the possibility of their third-string quarterback to start this coming sunday. we'll have the update. and after showers late yesterday into the evening last night. we are starting to see conditions coming down and clearing out now as looks nice and dry, we're going to stay that way through the day today. lots of sunshine staying cool in the 60's. >> your forecast. >> and we have a hot spot
6:41 am
along el camino reale in burlingame. we're keeping a close eye on police activity there. also look at traffic is building near the bay bridge will check out your drive times when we come back. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> 6.43 and we get a break today from the rain. well, it's win win. yeah. because we get rain which we got yesterday. we'll have more and we get a break. >> you can't be got a little
6:44 am
bit of this weekend. but i'm just really glad it's feeling like fall finally is my favorite time of year. oh my gosh. >> feeling like fall. yeah. you know, you love and i only like pumpkin when it's in a cookie jason, our executive producer from the song spice cookie. it's like a slender muffin when a zing haha. >> i know john was turned in his earlier. good morning, john. he outdid himself because i thought the 5 chocolate chip cookie cookie is less money. i add different types of chocolate for the best. public i love it. you guys. you know, i'm i'm so down for pumpkin. whatever. i'm definitely feels like fall. so get yourself the pumpkin drinks, do whatever you got to do to stay warm today. it is actually going to be a pleasant fall day today. we saw the showers yesterday those of since exit in the region now. now what we have ahead of us is a sunny and dry day. so monday and tuesday are going to bring the sunshine. still some jacket where the conditions but just be ready for that cool feel that today is going to bring. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning is showing the clearing skies
6:45 am
overhead starting to see a little glow as the sun during our pre dawn hours right here is about to peak over the horizon radar shows those quieter conditions for the bay having yet to quiet down for the sierra yet. still some snow up that direction. couple of sprinkles do linger right around the top of 6.80, near son old. otherwise. the bay has dried out. as for the sierra, we have snow packed roadways along highway 50 as well as i 80. so if you're heading that direction anticipate some really slick conditions. futurecast shows the drying that we have today and tomorrow then come tuesday night into wednesday. the return of rainfall looks to be a bigger event wednesday morning thursday a few showers and then friday brings another push of widespread rain that sets us up for more rain into saturday and sunday. so wednesday thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, all bringing at least chances of showers and some pretty good rain in the middle there. so definitely enjoy our dry conditions today, the sunshine that we have. it's something that don't want to take for granted because we're seeing a little less of it in this forecast ahead of us.
6:46 am
something we're very thankful for the rainfall that we need to see san carlos in woodside each at 66 south bay temperatures also mostly low to mid 60's. same for you in the east bay today hayward and fremont each at 60 to oakland at 63 north bay temps are among our warmest are very warm. a spot today being center fell at 68 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures will be a little warmer than today's tomorrow. the most pleasant of the forecast for a jog for some outdoor work wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday are not bad days. you just got to work around the rainfall that works its way back in bring the umbrellas, bring the rain jacket suffer. anything done outside later. your forecast tom, thank you so much for that. all right. we are actively following this hot spot out in burlingame. >> police activity along el camino reale. and so northbound and southbound are closed between broadway and carmelita avenue. now it's right in the center of once you could go ahead and take either of those if you're trying to travel that way a
6:47 am
little under 19 minutes into the city this morning. the of the bay bridge 5, 1880, moving along pretty nicely. there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 13 for you to make it across towards san rafale, the san mateo bridge a little under 15. so things are picking up and in the south bay, we got a check on things along one o one heading towards menlo park from 85 31 minutes. no major issues along 85 again, we are keeping a close eye along 82 like i mentioned, daryn james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot of 6.47. and let's talk football. the raiders student miss gruden know apparently not their first game since he's been ousted. we have a rich. >> such a now taking over that job as they face the denver broncos at mile high stadium and it all went their way. first series of the game. let's check out derek carr going deep here to henry ruggs. wow. yeah. that 7. nothing raiders. >> touchdown. how about that? ok, now to the 3rd quarter. we've got kenyan drake out of
6:48 am
the backfield takes a look at it. he just found the whole went right through to the end zone. 24 to 7 raiders at that point with the biggest winning by final 34 to 24 this mark davis obviously happy with what he's seeing on the field out. let's hear now from in the interim coach about how talk about it all. >> certainly it's emotional for everybody, right. so i think they did a good job. this bunch of grown men handling or emotions throughout the week. put it in perspective when it was time to go play. the game is a job for for all of us and and again, they seem to do really, really good job with we'll see what goes on from here. we'll see the consistency that we can have going on. i think that will be the challenge roles. best part for me was to go to get on the grass and the most the worst part news figure out the hits there's a button on there and pressed on the talking. want to go to bourbon myself press that and back in the day, in the words that we know and old, the all eyes on him. yeah. levelheaded. yes, just like the players under the pressure. and next, they'll
6:49 am
take on the eagles next sunday kickoff at one. '05. all right. now let's talk about 49 ers because they just had their bye week so they didn't play. but. >> now they're back on the practice practice field preparing for the colts at home come next sunday. of course, the question is who's going to the quarterback. think going to give us the answer now no, not yet. will it be he still hurt could be the land. trey lance. >> is maybe he's still hurt. maybe we'll see the third-string quarterback nate sudfeld start next sunday. questions are in the air. he grew up in modesto by the way, she did know we've got kylen mills now with more on his story. >> sot fell right through the hands. a simple web stare. >> forty-niners third-string quarterback nate sudfeld is in his first season in the red and gold. but he's no stranger to northern california. sudfeld was raised in modesto and graduated from modesto, christian high school. the indiana university grad was chosen by the washington football team in the 6th round of the 2016 nfl draft stock aitken i mean, is that every
6:50 am
kid's dream right now sudfeld went on to play 4 seasons with philadelphia eagles win a super bowls. the backup for quarterback. nick foles in 2018, kron four's spoke with seinfeld's parents before that big game. they said he doesn't shy away from a challenge. the stage is not bigger than where nate is that he's calm. >> he's relaxed. he's ready to go do things with purpose. and you do things with a frame of reference that says, you know what, we have incredible opportunity. i'm gonna make the best of hopefully he'll make the best of the opportunity. should it come during the forty-niners game head coach kyle shanahan said this week that he is no doubt sudfeld will step up whenever that time comes. to have made here. he was ready to go and his numbers call for sunday's and ready to go. every week. >> it is big of a pro's. again, so his numbers call for sunday and i'll be ready. >> well, that was colin mills reporting kickoff for this coming sunday night's game at levi's stadium against the colts is going to get 5.20.
6:51 am
it's 6.50 right now after the break, some students in the state of california are struggling to read at grade level, you'd be surprised how many can't read at grade level and how one bay area author is trying to help.
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
6:54 am
there's a state report that shows some alarming data about our local schools and kids reading half of our students. don't read great level. apparently not and 8 of the bottom 10 school districts are here in northern california. so that includes districts in san mateo, santa clara sonoma, alameda and contra costa counties. >> some of these districts reporting as low as 18% of their students that are actually reading at or above grade level. so in an effort to get more young kids to read. we have bay area author nikki cooper wanting to give away now thousands of copies of her book. it's called chocolate covered courage with blessings on top and it aims to connect with young readers on a personal level. >> the illustrations are yet the characters are related. all. >> they get to see. >> characters who looked like they be quite even re act like
6:55 am
them become the heroes of their own rights by having courage to make good choices even when it's scary and uncomfortable, which we all can relate to. it. and when that connection is made between reader in their it was their self and since i'm working this. >> 1000 copies of her book pretty generous this book, by the way, are sold barnes and noble and target. but if you'd like to help cooper donated 1000 copies to students across the state. you can do that. you can donate to her gofundme e page called for the joy of reading. it's funny. as i woke up this morning, i thought to myself. >> you know what, you should go out and be kind to your best friend today. and by saying that i met you. >> you your your best friend. do something good for yourself today. i don't care because money or not. it could be just anything to something nice for yourself, ok, 6.55 right now that's called self esteem, the comp for morning news and there's a walkout that is happening. kind of a coordinated thing around the
6:56 am
bay and around the state. we're going to show you why some students and parents are protests protesting vaccine mandates. >> and we are also continuing to follow breaking news this morning. former secretary of state colin powell has died. we'll have the latest details coming up at the top of the hour. >> and be ready for a cool feel today. showers may be cleared out. but daytime highs only in the 50's to 60's, cool and breezy at the coast with highs in the 50's inland areas. still not that much different than our coastal spots. only low 60's. so get the jackets ready to go. your forecast is ahead.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday morning when we have learned the former secretary of state colin powell has died at the age of 84 from complications. >> with covid. and we've been hearing reaction from many of his family and friends this morning. in fact, it was his family that first told the world about his passing. they put a post up on his official facebook page again, remarking on the fact that he had been fully vaccinated that encourage everybody to get vaccinated this happen to be a breakthrough case that he contracted covid-19 and again lost his battle to it this morning and the colder colin powell, the first black u.s. secretary of state a 4 star
7:00 am
army general. he was. >> the chairman of the military joint chief of staff under president george hw bush in 91 there was a gulf war lead the u.s. forces led expel the iraqi troops from kuwait at that and we've really shown him with democrats and republicans alike serve and ministrations from both sides of the aisle. and that is the thing is he was so well respected by all of washington dc a mile of the military. and by this country and for his service. and yeah. so last officially held a post as tucker state back in 2005 and since then has enjoyed private life. >> and spent much of his time doing charity work and helping organizations, especially when it comes to this nation's use and education and leadership areas with all of the you know, the great presidents that he worked with throughout history for this country and we thank him for his service and. >> condolences to his family this morning.


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