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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ bong! ♪ bong! >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> the storm door is opening this sunday night. the first rain of the wet season. it is here. the roads are slick. but it is exciting to see rain back on the radar. thank you so much for joining us here tonight. kron, 4 news 8 o'clock. i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall right now. you can see right there, the radar lit up in green, which means the bay area. much of it getting a much needed soaking tonight. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight, which a look at the areas seeing rain right now and. >> tracking even more on the
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way. yeah. 3 storms after this one. so this is just a little the main course will be the atmospheric river next thursday and friday. >> but one storm added time finally tracking some wet weather not drizzle but actual rain right now over the bay area storm track starting to shift to the south and east drying out for ttose of you in the north bay. but noticing some moderate downpours right now as the cell inching towards woodside throughout the san francisco peninsula. widespread light steady rain, though, throughout the san francisco peninsula and even most of the east bay as well. starting to notice more shower activity. for those of you in the south bay, the storm moving from the northwest to southeast. so expect to see the peak of the wet weather within the next half hour to hour or so for those of you in the south bay futurecast for though, going to track the wet weather sticking around through 9 and even 10 o'clock tonight before we start to dry out and clear out shortly
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before midnight. and we're seeing impressive rain totals with this first storm. more than what we were expecting within the last 24 hours. most of us getting about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. these the additional amounts we're going to get from now through around 10 o'clock this evening. so we are seeing storm after storm for next week's forecast starting wednesday, the middle of this upcoming week. this is going to be the first of 3 storms arriving for most of this upcoming week even through next weekend. more coming up on updated rain totals with the approaching storms in just a few minutes. jonathon just seen. back to you. >> if this does become a something mandatory, then i will homeschool my child or look into which i'm currently doing looking into moving out of the state. >> a student walkout across the state is planned for monday. parents who are against vaccine mandates for their school age children planning to keep their kids
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out of school on monday. many bay area. parents have talk to kron 4 about their opinions on this vaccine mandate that could be coming in. a lot of them are think they will take part in those walk outs. that's our kron four's. gayle ong spent the day talking with parents and even a teacher who say they will both. >> take part of that rally goes live tonight in the newsroom with the reasons why they say they want to take part in this bill. >> jonathan and justine we had parents reach out from contra, costa santa clara and sonoma counties just to name a few parents i spoke with say they should that it should be their choice to decide if child should receive the covid vaccine. i also spoke with a science teacher who supports the walkout. >> if this mandate go through. it will be devastating to our school system. phil johnson is a teacher at ponderosa high school in eldorado county. he plans to participate in a statewide school walkout monday in response to governor gavin newsom's a vaccine mandate for schoolchildren this mandate, especially in kids is a complete government
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overreach and that governor newsom is playing politics with our children. the biology teacher of 21 years points out the cdc is reporting of low death rates among children with covid earlier this month. the state enacted the nation's first covid vaccine mandate for school children. governor newsome aiming to have all students in 7th through 12th grades vaccinated by next fall. once the shots gain final federal approval for everyone 12 and over. >> newsom said the state will require young students ages 5 to 11 to get the vaccine once approved. i was serious. >> not even. consider from a child. soon as i heard consider that being a choice for being a mandate for the children in schools. i see is that these are looking at home schooling this parent who wants to be anonymous has a student in the liberty union high school district in contra, costa county and plans to walk out on monday were not. >> a totally against the vaccine. we're just not ready
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right now. we just need more information. we need more data, especially for the younger. younger generation and for younger females that they're also planning to walk out. >> amy smith who has a 6th grader in the morgan hill unified school district in santa clara county. the parents make the choices for medical freedom for their trip, for children and that we have body autonomy. it's my body. my choice. and so we just hope that, you know, the school districts here, the parents and know that there is an overwhelming amount of parents that are not happy with this mandate. >> governor gavin newsom expected backlash when he announced the mandate at the time saying there will be exemptions for held or religious reasons. i reached out to the governor's office and state superintendent for comment about the walkout, but they have we have not yet heard back in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news gill, thank you. today. america's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci. >> said that the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine should have included 2 doses
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just like the pfizer and moderna vaccines. what the advisors to the fda felt is that given the data that they saw very likely this should have been a 2 dose vaccine to begin with everyone who received that first dose of j and j who are 18 and older should be see that. so i think that's a very good thing. fauci says that everyone who received the j and j vaccine will be eligible to receive a single booster vaccine. once it's approved. >> a decision on a and j booster vaccine could come from an fda panel in the next few weeks. right now kron 4 dot com. you can find the latest covid-19 information, including mask guidelines and vaccine information just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. >> now to the east bay were contra costa county sheriff's deputies are saying a man was shot and killed last night in bay point deputies responded to willow pass road shortly after 5.30 last night and they
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found 18 year-old man. well, panetta dead from gunfire. he was on the ground in front of the store. another victim with minor injuries was taken to the hospital. no details on the suspect have been released anyone with information is asked to call antioch excuse me, bay point police new at 8 o'clock. we're getting our first look at video from an officer shooting from milpitas that injured a suspect. >> this is video sent to us from a kron 4 news viewer the shooting happened friday afternoon. new the milpitas square shopping center. police say an officer tried to stop as car suspected of being stolen. investigators say the driver of that car started firing at the officer. the officer then returned fire hitting that driver at the end of the video, you can see the officer shooting back at the suspect as he then locked himself inside of that car. we've learned that the suspect was treated at an area hospital and is now in custody. so far police have not released the name of that suspect.
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>> and now police have made an arrest and recovered the vehicle involved in a recent carjacking when officer tried to pull the vehicle over. they say the suspects refused to stop and then a chase followed until they got to an intersection where everyone inside the car, they say tried to make a run for it. but they did make it all 3 people that were inside this vehicle were arrested. investigators have not released any information. the suspects. meanwhile, san jose police are looking for a motive along with a suspect in a stabbing and shooting. >> that injured 3 men that happened overnight on him. police lane 2 men according to police were stabbed. one of them with life threatening injuries. a 3rd man was shot. investigators say his injuries also life threatening. stay with kron 4 as we stay in contact with san jose police to get more updates as they become available. >> today marks a tragic reminder of the destructive power of earthquakes 32 years ago today that the loma prieta earthquake took the lives of more than 60 people and
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injured thousands more. the 6.9 magnitude quake left behind some 6 billion dollars in damages, destroying homes, cars and more. >> and even causing part of the bay bridge to collapse. a bay area doctor who lived through that day told camila barco that the state's response to natural disasters has improved. since then. >> there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about my situation awareness on the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. >> ucsf doctor james specht's questions how the bay area is prepared for natural disasters. it's not. >> any longer going to be 2448 72 hour period where there won't be. service is available. it's going to be up to a week or longer. 32 years ago. he was working at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland. >> when he got a call. the cypress freeway collapsed and crushed dozens of cars and drivers and it's at that area where.
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>> 2 children were extricated from a crushed vehicle. that's a team of doctors and firefighters found a 6 year-old boy trapped in a car. >> his legs were pinned. but that's hunt in the middle of broken concrete and and bt did the kids right leg. the whole team of us were in rescue mode. so we were really thinking about. >> the environment around us. although the structure was shaking. >> the boy survived since that time that says the bay area is more prepared for earthquakes. he says communication between agencies and the infrastructure has improved. >> so there's been a lot of retrofitting of portions of the highway. some structures tuesday betts tries to avoid stopping under freeways. >> and he encourages people to be aware and have a plan. >> considering earthquakes happen in california without warning. it is really an issue of looking back.
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>> and seeing what we did at that time. but much more important. we're going to prepare ourselves in the future in oakland, camila barco kron 4 news in the next half hour. we will talk live with a stanford university professor. >> about the lessons learned from loma prieta. and if the bay area is better prepared for the next large earthquake. >> that's the sound of cameras clicking as former president bill clinton walked out of the hospital this morning with his wife the former secretary of state by his side. the 75 year-old former president spent 5 nights at the university of california irvine medical center for treatment of a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream. doctors say his fever and white blood cell count are now normal return home to new york to finish a course of antibiotics. clinton was admitted to the hospital on tuesday night after saying he didn't feel so great. he
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was in southern california to attend events on behalf of his charitable foundation. so much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock, including. >> more than a dozen american missionaries kidnapped by street gangs in haiti. they're desperate call for help in the new efforts being made to try to safe. >> also fire and ice. the firefighters are battling the caldor fire are now facing new challenges. and we're tracking a weak storm sweeping through the but 3 more storms will follow this one details ahead on a key coming rain totals with all the wet weather heading our way in the bay area in just a few minutes.
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>> all right. happening right now. pg and e reporting a number of power outages as rain continues to move through the area. here is a live look at the outage map. from the utility company. some areas seeing large outages right now. folks in pleasanton reporting some 6900 customers without power. south san francisco seeing just under 3,000 customers in the north bay valais how seeing a large number of outages right now we're seeing numbers in the area 1800 customers in the city of 1700. exactly. richmond. also seeing about 6 outages impacting some 1900 customers as well. and more
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and more of these outages are starting to trickle in as we're starting to see more rainfall through the bay area kron 4 has reached out to pga need to try and learn more about these outages. we're going to bring you updates as soon as we are able to get more details about exactly what's happening and when the lights will come back on for these folks. right now we want to talk with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez about the storm where it is. who's getting rain now one is going to move on and also. >> this is just the start of a very wet week. >> yeah. i mean, we're going to get really spoiled our wet season officially starting in the bay area. and this is just a sneak peek of what's to come. this storm is on the weaker side only bring us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less starting to dry out for those of you in the north and even downtown san francisco as the storm shifts to the south and east throughout the east bay and now making its way towards the south bay. but there is a cell that has formed bring some pretty heavy downpours in the redwood terrace area and even just south of woodside. so just a heads up there. if you
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are noticing gusty winds and also heavy downpours. it is because of that cell. but we are tracking 3 storms after this one. the next one arriving tuesday night, primarily impacting those of you in the north bay as it starts to shift to the south and east by wednesday morning for the rest of the bay area and then by thursday night, another storm, this one a possible atmospheric river bringing us widespread moderate downpours for most of the bay area until we start to dry out by friday night. but then the 3rd storm arriving saturday night all the way through sunday with some lingering showers expected by monday as well until we start to dry out from all this wet weather officially a week from tomorrow. let's take a look at rain with these upcoming storms. it looks like the one from late tuesday into early thursday that could bring the north bay upwards of an inch and a half of rain for the rest of the bay area, about half an inch of rain or less.
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certainly need it. all the storms will actually put an end to the fire season for parts of the bay area, especially when that atmospheric river rolls through details ahead on your microclimate monday outlook tracking a cooler and drier forecast to start your work week before all this wet weather arrives by the middle of this upcoming week. jonathan just seen back to you. thank you so much. debris several go to developing news now in haiti where a group of 17 missionaries from a u.s. based organization have been kidnapped by a gang. >> among the kidnapped. our 2 year-old child and some elderly people. the group of missionaries was on its way back home saturday from building an orphanage when they were taken in an area east of the capital of port-au-prince. a senior american official says the u.s. is in touch with haitian authorities to try and resolve this case. >> the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol says it plans to seek a criminal contempt referral for former president trump stafford steve bennett our washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson has the latest.
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>> good evening. the january 6 select committee could soon take a vote to lock up. former president for steve bannon for failure to help in their investigation. we just simply blew us off. you can't do that. california congresswoman zoe lofgren says congress has the legal right to issue subpoenas to help in their investigation. there was a there was coordination we can already see that and there was support to this. >> lofgren says the committee has one goal to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6 and to make sure it never happens again. that democracy is at risk from people who would like to overturn the constitution. illinois republican congressman adam kinzinger who sits on the committee has this message for other witnesses who refused to comply. don't think that you're going to be able to just kind of walk away and we're going to forget about your not kinzinger doesn't rule out that the committee could call former
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president trump in for questioning. that's not necessarily something we want to do up front. but if yes, piece of information, we need was certainly well, former president trump claims the information the committee wants is protected by executive privilege but president biden is unblocking the subpoenas. >> i hope that the committee goes >> on tuesday, the committee will vote on a criminal contempt for if it passes it then goes before the full house for a vote reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. >> tonight. we're learning new details about a deadly plane crash near san diego last week that killed 2 people and destroyed 2 homes. now the newlywed couple who lost their home in that crash has returned. >> to see the damage left behind. they did find a few important items in the rubble. reporter liberty zabala tells us what was discovered in the destruction. >> boxes packed up with anything they could salvage.
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cody and courtney campbell didn't know what they would find sifting through the rubble. hard. >> our family helped us with a lot of it i think for the most part, they took the reins and we were just kind of the emotions are. >> every which way every direction. it's kind of tough to describe the couple just got married last december. >> the home. they just moved into 5 months ago now completely destroyed. but a symbol of their love survived in the ashes speeches. i mean. >> there's >> no words to describe like why. one thing is burned versus, you know, something else that, you know, makes it out, ok, there are a couple of items that, you know, means so much to us to have them is. >> it's something that war will cherish forever. they found cody's wedding ring a photo and the letter he wrote to courtney on their wedding day. i can't even explain the emotion that came over us when we found the and then shortly after i think we found the letter. >> but it was it was
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incredible for the campbells. the plane crash may have destroyed their home. >> but only strengthened their marriage. no school. >> hopefully the hardest thing that we have to do in our lives, but it at the end of it. you know, we're going to come out of this incredibly to the point where, you know, you're everyday cuts in your bumps in the road are going to look like. you know, nothing to this. >> liberty. zabala reporting for us tonight. >> still ahead tonight, a shooting on a university campus has killed one person and injured 7 others. the latest on the investigation.
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>> welcome back, everyone. homecoming events turning deadly in louisiana this weekend. that's because an early morning shooting on the campus of grambling state university ended with one person dead and 7 others hurt. only one of the injured victims was a student reporter. be. >> has more now on the investigation. >> 2 people gunned down multiple people still recovering from gunshot wounds this homecoming weekend at grambling is now shut down. >> a mass shooting on campus. 8 people shot. one fatal don't grandma state university homecoming weekend in this video taken moments after you
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can see a crowd running for safety and others picking a victim's carrying them out of the line of fire. this chaos has now canceled homecoming weekend, you know, for sure one is critical. >> and the other 6. at this point, we had the this day we had we do have a suspect this shooting is the second shooting in just a few days. >> another shooting took place on wednesday where one person was killed in another injured. it is only one student that was a in the shooting last night. >> shooting wednesday morning. our team tonight, late >> that who who have created these situations, >> that's not why we're here. this is the time of year where visitors from all over the
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country come here to ground to celebrate homecoming with them. >> now this is an ongoing investigation and we'll make sure to keep you updated. >> as valley be reporting for us tonight. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. the men charged with shooting lady gaga us dogwalker earlier this year is set to face a judge tomorrow morning the charges he now 32 years since the loma prieta earthquake is the bay area prepared for another large. one. we will talk live with a stanford university professor to get answers. plus, 30 years after the deadly oakland firestorm. we will take you to the event held today to remember the victims killed in the tragedy just in tonight just moments away with the rest of kron 4
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>> with the anniversary of the oakland berkeley fire storm approaching this week. the community came together today to honor the 25 lives lost during the 1991 fire kron 4 sailors hecke has more. >> dozens of first responders community members and families of victims gathered here on sunday to pay tribute to the lives lost and to also recognize the lessons we learned and how we can better prepare ourselves for these fires. >> tuesday marks 30 years since the oakland berkeley fire storm that killed 25 people injured. 150 others and destroyed more than 3,000 structures. >> mary brantley. grant.
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>> should make neary and her sister internet mcherry garbin say their father louis mcnary junior was one of the victims of that fire. they say their dad died. a hero he really passed away in part to the fire as a hero. >> he had a home there. he was able to actually get out. but then a neighbor was not able to get out. he went back in trying to save him. that's when he lost his life first responders and former colleagues also honoring their fellow heroes. >> open. police officer jon gruden ski and opened fire battalion chief james riley. we were dispatched immediately back to that area. >> report of firefighter down and we got back or turned out to be chief for genetic his hand in hand. and the woman he was living out of her house.
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trying to get her to safety when a power down. struck the on sunday, the north hills community association hosted this event to remember the 25 lives lost. >> and also reflect on the lessons learned the tunnel fire, also known as the open berkeley fire storm in the oakland hills fire was considered one of the worst and most expensive fires to reach to california at that time and became the first of the mega fires in my in you know, it's a modern but it did become a basically a turning point. were we as the fire service. >> needed need to change our ways and how we manage fires. we communicate with each other and how we manage resources. and that really that that became a turning any legislation maybe of the it's a command system that's now required by law to use as a result of the 1991 part because of the firestorm berkeley fire chief abraham room on an open fire chief reginald freeman say. >> fire services have made massive improvements in
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communications response and strategies highlight the great things that have come about that terrible tragedy, which is government. a community partnership. >> the relationship that we have now with the north hills community association, fire safe coalition. the establishment of our core and search emergency preparedness programs has been instrumental for us to ensure that what happened 30 years ago with the loss of 25 boxes and happen again. the 30th anniversary of the oakland berkeley firestorm is on tuesday. october 19th to this day. the cause of the fire is still undetermined in oakland to love the psac ii kron 4 news much progress has been made on the caldor fire cleanup and suppression repairs. >> the blaze continues to consume acres of unburned forests and is providing stubborn where the containment line is not secure. several crews spent the day preparing for this on coming storm and that heavily damaged area of the caldor fire. >> and reporter karla kirby shows us the damage crews are up against along highway 50.
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>> crews have been out here for hours cutting down trees and removing debris on the mountainside just about highway 50 near pollack, pines preparing for the gusty winds and wet weather ahead. >> chartres grinding into chips as the u.s. national forest service works around the clock to prepare for heavy rain. >> the terrain left scorched from the caldor fire. most of the work so far is to keep drivers on >> hazard trees are a major issue, especially with this wind event want to make sure that the hazard trees are mitigated. cut them down so that they don't fall across roads, trails things like local businesses say they're grateful for those efforts. >> i'm definitely thankful to have all the crews out here makes me feel really a lot better about everything. they're still going to be a lot of obstacles like landslides and mudslides when the water does come in.
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>> and that's exactly what crews are working to prevent from happening, but living in this area over a says it's not something locals are prepared for, especially after something wildfire that comes through. >> you can expect there's going to be landslides just because of the way that it works and it's going to slough off everything into the road. so yeah, we're just kind of like not as a way and in the meantime, goes, it is asking tourists and residents alike to be patient. >> it's going to take a lot of precept to put this out and it's going take a lot of manpower and continue to work to get to the end. >> crews will be working out here really until they can to but will continue to do as much as possible before the rain starts. >> kyla kirby reporting for us tonight right now, the kron 4 dot com. you can find more information for fire season scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you'll be taken to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> now let's take a live look outside at our camera here in
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san francisco. there's the embarcadero the storms kind of rolled through the north bay and parts of the peninsula. but it's still raining in the east bay tonight. and we're also want to check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to see how this storm is translating in the sierra tonight. yeah, because this storm is actually turning into snow showers for this as it inches closer toward south lake tahoe. >> even getting reports of some thundersnow with this storm. so let's take a look at radar for we are tracking right now with stormtracker drier conditions for the north bay and now starting to dry out for parts of the east bay, specifically along richmond and berkeley. but the san francisco peninsula also tracking that drying trend as well as the storm shifts to the southeast primarily impacting those of you in the south bay right now. but let's take a look at this because these rain showers turning into snow showers over donner summit. this is going to be the big weather story tonight
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for this year during the overnight hours lingering snow showers through monday morning before you start to dry out early monday afternoon. so we do have a winter weather advisory in effect right now through 5 o'clock monday and also snow totals actually inching a little bit higher than yesterday. 4 to 8 inches above 7,000 feet. >> and one to 3 inches below 7,000 feet even through the lake level. watch out for those gusty winds as well. 70 miles per hour or less cool dry air mass, though, in the low to mid 40's until we rebound in the mid-fifties by tuesday. just jonathan, back to you. >> marissa, thank you. new developments tonight on a deal to avert a strike that threatened to shut down tv and film productions variety reports that many members of this union say they will vote against the deal when a formal vote is held several weeks from now, productions will proceed as normal as the union prepares to vote. the new deal will include retroactive pay increases of 3% every year.
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daily rest periods of 10 hours without exclude exclusions as well as the adoption of diversity equity and inclusion inclusion initiatives. the international alliance of theatrical stage represents roughly 60,000 movie and tv production >> the man charged with shooting lady gaga as dogwalker earlier this year will be in court tomorrow in downtown los angeles. james saxon is facing assault with a deadly weapon charge for shooting ryan fischer. fisher was walking the singer's dogs in hollywood on february 24th when he was shot in the chest and the 2 french bulldogs were stolen. 4 others are charged with the conspiracy to make money off of goggles prize pups including jennifer mcbride and mcbride claimed to have found the dogs. police say in an attempt to collect the half a million dollar reward. >> next in sports. the raiders under new leadership tonight, take care of the broncos in the mile high city. kate
8:39 pm
rooney has the highlights from denver. up
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, it's been a challenging week for the raiders to put it mildly the resignation of head coach jon gruden after his e-mail controversy. the first game under interim head coach rich bisaccia so that game today in denver at mile high stadium felt like a critical one to
8:42 pm
win if this club is going to be able to move on and salvage the rest of the season. so could this be a step in the right direction. could decide let's find out a series of the game. derek carr goes deep to henry ruggs. he makes a nice adjustment in double coverage to make the catch spin to get into the end zone for a 48 yard touchdown that made it 7. nothing raiders and suing broncos possession. teddy bridgewater escapes. the russian hits tim patrick who goes in for a 20 feet. 3 yard touchdown. so we've got a 77 tie. maybe this is going to be a slugfest. but after that, the raiders started to roll a little bit cart. this time winds kenyan drake out of the backfield. what a beautiful pass for the 31 yard touchdown that made it 17 7 raiders and that wasn't the last time these 2 can actually go to the 3rd quarter draped once again out of the backfield and into the end zone. 24 7, the score. he's doing a little dance. and
8:43 pm
you know what mark davis like that looking pretty happy. there is davis. onto the 3rd quarter late bridge water trying to make something happen. scrambles and gets stripped by solomon thomas. he's the former 40 niner. you remember that ball recovered by denzel perry and the raiders defense was excellent forced bridgewater turnovers. that particular one a good one. that resulted in josh jacobs scoring from just 3 yards out 3110 raiders and that it's about as pumped up as you're going to see mark davis get deservedly so has the silver and black go on to win 34 to 24 just want a really important one for this club that stopped the acela breaks his first win in his first game as raiders headcoach through. at first talked about the come to an offense kind defense and then for them to have a whole week uf practice. >> to some degree sense of normalcy a little bit. i think
8:44 pm
probably certainly it's emotional for everybody, right. so i think they did a good job. this bunch of grown men handling or motions throughout the week. put it in perspective when it was time to go play. the game is a job for for all of us and and again, they seem to do really, really good job with we'll see what goes on from here. we'll see the consistency that we can have going on. i think that will be the challenge for all of us. >> right now they're in a pretty good spot. raiders are tied for first in the afc west with the chargers. that's it for sports. more news coming
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>> welcome back, everyone. today marking 32 years since the loma prieta earthquake. that's how many years it's been since a dramatic earthquake interred in the forced of instance marks state park in apt us. and if you are here. >> you definitely remember where you were, what you felt that an ingrained in everyone's mind and we want to talk a little bit now about the lessons learned from the bay area's biggest earthquake with professor and agn. she's with the school of engineering at stanford university. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron. 4 news in prime time. >> thank you for inviting me. of you remember where you were. and it sounds like everybody. i put a post on instagram, facebook twitter today asking people to share where they were. >> it's not something that people can forget. but we'd also don't forget the lessons learned from this quake how things changed in may be. how quakes are studied how we prepare and what we can do to be ready for the next one. >> we have learned a
8:48 pm
tremendous amount about. how are earthquakes occur. how the waves propagate from the zone to the location where our structures are. and i'm not only about buildings but it would be buildings and bridges in what hangs substance electrical substations. some. we have a much much greater understanding of what are the forces that are coming to our to our infrastructure. and we also have a much greater understanding of how various types of structures be hate. we're able to model them much better because we have the tools to be able to analyze them. you know, thinking about. where we where back in 1989 in terms of our knowledge and what we have today. i have
8:49 pm
to say that we have made in my monumental we design our stuff to too much stricter standards than they were at the time. a lot of the buildings have been retrofitted. it. stanford university, for example, has had a very intense program since the loma earthquake actually started before that on the piece that i play. but it was intensified after gentleman p at the plate and stafford has retrofitted or taken down some structures that were considered unsafe like the mayor was the undergraduate student library. we survived the earthquake, it to engineers that it was not safe and it was taken down there. several other buildings, including the all the engineering building that taken them. but for somewhat different reasons that just that way. i so. having all the
8:50 pm
understanding heavy develop the knowledge over the years. i think we're in a much better position. we asking somewhat different questions today and the questions that we're asking is how quick t can we recover from an earthquake. what are the things that we want to do to not only make are building stronger but all the entire infrastructure around it to be stronger senate. we can get power back. we can get water back. our gas lines will not be stopped. it. all of these questions. being rays today to 2. make it more. resilient for community to recover from an earthquake such question and not as i there was an earthquake this
8:51 pm
size again. >> today right now, would we see the same kind of damage that we saw 32 years ago or is that infrastructure changed enough that things are more stable. well, on one hand we have strengthened may buildings. >> the new buildings a liking to the farm much better. however, we have to remember the of the buildings in the bay area. they've built prior to 1989 to lower standards. so i do expect to see considerable amount of damage to structures. do we also have to remember that these very expensive to existing buildings. so we can't we all even though owners have attempted to. increase the strength and redesign of great their structures. we have built 8 there is still a very large stock of building stead are. vulnerable and will potentially be damage in in
8:52 pm
particular, we are as a structural engineers were very concerned about structures that have open floor us what we call sub story these are the test was that to bp. you don't still have wide open areas for garages and the top of the structure receiving won't give you week. first floor. in addition to does structures. it wheat loma prieta in subsequent earthquakes. we learned that's. reinforced concrete structures step would be able to pry 1971 1971 right. what i vulnerable to design was such that it does not meet the kinds and cindy structures are very called them in on chain
8:53 pm
structures. these type of structures that are very vulnerable. 2 there is an initiative in san francisco. that identified all the structures that it a large number. any people take a considerable amount of effort and time to strengthen, then it's just very expensive process as a result, it will take time professor asian with a stanford university. thanks so much the time and sharing your thoughts with us. >> on this anniversary. we greatly appreciate it. thank you very much for inviting me again. thank you. so with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
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for your health tonight in the plant-based race, fast food chain mcdonald's is expected to release its new mcplant burger in 8 american restaurant next. pop people get their hands on the new mcplant. >> created as part of a partnership with beyond meat's mcdonnell says the meatless burger patty will contain peas, rice and potatoes. the mcplant has already has that hit and some international markets, including sweden, denmark and the united kingdom. put a little cheese on it and some special sauce and you want build the tell different even though the difference right. >> along some of that dot from yesterday. meanwhile, here's a cool way to get that plant based burger. check out this unique drive-thru experience fast food lovers in germany can now get their fix courtesy
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of the muck boat. it's a mcdonald's restaurant placed on one of the city's famous canals just paddle your way too. the big donald's jetting tie up your boat and place your order with the kiosk right there on the dock workers will bring your food out to you for a perfect picnic on the water, not included in the happy meal. the flotation device you may actually need to get home after a few big macs. try to keep it real here on kron 4 news at >> real what is real thank you for joining us here. during kron, 4 news 8 o'clock tonight. you're still pick in our primetime coverage tonight. going to take a look at the radar. we start kron 4 news at 9 right after this.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on now. and i've got to enjoy it while it lasts because as you can see now from our kron 4 radar. the rain has moved on. but the storm door is open for this week. >> thank you so much for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waldman of jonathan mccall. but in a few short hours, the rain here has been causing some very serious issues here in the bay area. >> we're talking about plenty of accidents happening right now on a number of roads and that number likely to grow as well. so let's go straight out to the weather center as we ke


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