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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. we have know you thought. you know, he was so we were just really, really shocked that would happen. >> no. at 9. campbell family says that they are scared to let their cat roam free after they say they found out that someone shot with a pellet gun during a routine out. that's where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at non, thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall. the family says that their cat isn't the only one in the area that appears to have been also justine waldman, kron president harry spoke to the family about their captain why they're confident that the shooting. >> happened really close to their home.
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>> the family tells me they used to that lucifer. the cat room. this neighborhood all the time. they say that he was well loved by the neighbors and would always come home. but now after he was hurt, they believe, possibly by someone in the neighborhood. they don't let him out as much. >> scary to think that somebody in the neighborhood right here is shooting catch jennifer and mike payne described their cap lucifer as a lovable rascal that these x-rays show he had a very scary experience. they believe it happened right in their neighborhood was shot in the back legs. so he was like running away when he was shot. the pings took lucifer to the vet a few weeks ago after he came injured, vet believes he was attacked by a coyote. they did some x-rays to make sure didn't break anything. and found these pilot bullets. they were surprised to find the pellet >> well, it behind his and
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they said had been healed. so he's likely been a couple months probably they say they had no he was shot in the last few months. >> they had loose occur since he was 6 weeks old he is now 3 years old. this has been his only home he would wander the neighborhood. but always stayed close the stage for the few blocks from the house. so we know for sure it happens. >> you know, one or 2 blocks over from our house that the most they say they find this even more shocking because lucifer is a friendly cat. everybody loves them and he makes himself at home everywhere. he can actually open front doors that there's a lever. so that's what he's made so many friends and you leave your house and watch he can open the door in time in this upper is made a full recovery, but they're keeping him closer to home. they say he isn't the only cat in their neighborhood here. campbell avenue and the santa mosques expressway that has been hurt recently neighbor also their on that. down the street from this year and another cat has
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disappeared. recently. the pings tell me that some of their neighbors aren't letting their cats out as much as well. >> they say the vet tells them they can't remove those pellets from their cat because ore damage now that it's healed in campbell amanda hari crowd for in the south bay tonight. milpitas police are investigating an officer shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. >> investigators those officers were trying to pull over a suspected car near the milpitas square shopping center when this all went down. detectives say that during the stop the driver inside started firing at officers officers, then returned fire hitting the driver officers were eventually able to pull the driver out of the car. medics took the driver to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries. investigators say the officer involved was not heard neither were any bystanders. so far police have not released the name of the officer or the suspect at this point. so with kron 4 for updates as they become
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available in the east bay alameda police have confiscated more ghost guns last night. so far. not a whole lot of details have been released about exactly where they found the sleeves batch of untraceable guns other than they were found in the hands of criminals. according to alameda police. >> alameda police are also needing help tonight, finding this person here who they say may have information linked to a shooting that happened friday night around 11 on santa clara so now they're asking anyone who may know who this is to contact alameda police immediately and deputies in alameda county are seeing brightly colored fentanyl on the streets tonight and they're warning parents that the drug could be attractive to children. this is a photo of a recent drug busts everything they confiscated. it was earlier this week. also in hayward that the police department found similar colored fentanyl in that city. police say some of the drugs that they found look like chewing gum, which
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is why they think kids might be attracted to it and fentanyl is a deadly synthetic opioid that is extremely dangerous. it's up to 40 times more toxic than heroin which increases the risk of an accidental overdose. >> take good look at your screen to 9 pleasant hill. police say they need your help, trying to find this man connected to a brutal stabbing the scene happened wednesday after police say the suspect in the victim got in some type of argument. the stabbing left a 23 year-old badly injured kron four's recall has the latest. >> pleasant hill police putting a face to the description of a man who allegedly chased and stabbed him and wednesday night. crime was regis and severe and spiraled out of control very quickly it was some bad decisions made that escalated into something that didn't need to be sergeant david down says that around 1030 that night. at least 3 people. what was believed to be an older model white four-door
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passenger side, driving down the 3,000 block of putnam boulevard. 3, 3, skateboarders passing by downs says the eventual 23 year-old victim through something back. >> hitting the car and that's when the driver jumped out ran after and the fact that he received several stab wounds from the edge instrument. he went immediately into surgery. fortunately after the victim was hospitalized. he was stabilized and is expected to survive. his serious injuries things look like they might be escalating walk away. mayor susan, no act pleading for the public to maintain control and the situations it aybar's with potentially helpful surveillance video. >> come forward maybe people have heard through friends about people that may have been involved sergent downs sharing a vague description of the driver white male late teens early 20's. >> about 5, 8, with a stocky build. he's short for shorter. >> dirty blonde hair and a lot to answer for in pleasant hill
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phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> switch things up right now to talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at downtown san francisco from the sutro tower camera. things gorgeous absolutely picture perfect today couldn't ask for a better day. but the changes are on the way for the last half of the weekend. >> tomorrow is going to feel a lot different than today. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on the rain. that's coming for sunday. yeah. we're tracking some light scattered showers that could actually give us some moderate rainfall as well for the 2nd half of your weekend. very clear dry conditions out there right now. a perfect starlet night in the bay area. no marine layer in sight. but we're going to see an increase in that cloud cover arriving sunday morning as the storm to our north inches closer. so let's track this storm hour by hour because we are going to get some measurable rain. so no, not drizzle but actual rain making its way into the
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bay area bringing us some light to moderate downpours. for those of you in the north bay still dry for everyone else in the bay area starting out around 3.30 for your sunday afternoon. but then by 5 o'clock early sunday evening. that's when the san francisco peninsula is expected to see some moderate downpours, even impacting downtown san francisco. pretty dry, though, throughout the east bay and even south bay. but as i fast forward to about 6 o'clock for your sunday night. that storm track going to shift to the south and east bringing moderate downpours for those of you in the east bay still relatively dry in the south bay. but you're going to see some light scattered showers by around 7 to 8 o'clock for your sunday night. and then that storm is going to exit just as quickly as it came bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area. but the storm door going to remain open, especially for the 2nd half of this upcoming week we could see 2 to 3 storms making its way into the bay area, one of which could
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be an atmospheric river. more on that. in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon just steam. back to you something to another rally held today for the man killed by an fbi agent last month. family and friends of jonathan cortez gathered in downtown oakland to demand answers. >> about what happened to him. kron four's, gayle ong has the latest. the shooting happened almost one month ago and family members say there are still unanswered questions. >> family and friends of jonathan cortez rallied in downtown oakland saturday afternoon with a list of demands. cortez was shot and killed by an fbi agent in east oakland last month. the fbi says an agent shot court has on september 13 shortly before 03:30pm. the incident happened on fruitvale avenue. federal authorities say cortes was armed and wanted for several warrants. i love my brother. i will never get to see this person ever in my life. told
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somebody i dearly love. family members are demanding answers as to what led up to the shooting. still have not received an answer from them says is not the person involved into the released video >> we want answer that one. not a deal to be released. i want to know we were really want is for them to release the names of the agents that did it. >> released the names of the day saturday. to give a family piece earlier this month. the fbi released a statement saying in part, quote. >> we do not comment on an fbi agent status. the review process is thorough objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances. >> the oakland police department and the alameda county district attorney's office are also investigating this case in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> coming up next here during contra news at 9 o'clock and get an update on the wildfires burning across the state,
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including the u.s. try to fire in santa cruz where some of activation orders have been lifted. >> travel. experts say the problems that southwest airlines i'm sorry. my apologies so san francisco supervisor matt haney looking for a new job. but you know what his role could be next. >> also, why travelers are saying that the problems with southwest that were that were there last week. are just the beginning of what they expect to be a very chaotic and stressful holiday travel season.
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>> last week. passengers with southwest flights across the country had to deal with delays and cancellations ruined a lot of people's travel plans. and that might just be the beginning as right as we gear up for the really busy travel season. we're talking about thanksgiving and christmas. >> experts say hey, things are not going to get any better exact fix. instead, they're going going to get worse. pedro rivera has the details. >> over the weekend travels were frustrated with southwest airlines canceling more than 2000 flights. and it looks like this could be the start to more cancellations and delays in the near future. for more airlines or. >> you need to be prepared that you may have a chaotic thanksgiving and christmas. the 2 major us airlines arep facing a possible pilot shortage and it could be because of vaccine mandates.
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airlines have told their employees they must be fully vaccinated against covid-19 by december 8th with american airlines pilots must be fully vaccinated by november 24th. >> the day before thanksgiving president and travel industry analyst at the atmosphere research group henry have a belt says this could possibly keep you from getting to the family feast. you may face a delay. it could be a few hours. it could be a day or more. we just don't know yet. it's too soon to tell. >> according to the federal aviation administration. pilots will have to wait 48 hours after each dose before they can operate. there. >> available to operate the flights during the thanksgiving and christmas holiday. i love the union had made a similar statement. >> captain eric ferguson. president of allied pilots association released a statement saying american airlines management continues
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to engage with on all things pandemic-related including the vaccine mandate. he went on to say the white house should permit the same alternatives to the vaccine that are expected to be allowed under the anticipated osha emergency rule covering companies with more than 100 employees. this would ensure the same level of safety while preventing the destabilization of our industry on the eve of the holiday season. the union is hoping to get extension on the november 24 deadline. if you want to travel this thanksgiving and christmas. you can. >> you just, you know, need to be thoughtful about beer like you choose. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we wind down saturday. but the changes are on the way. we're talking about rain and cooler temperatures for sunday not respond. regus is here now with details and. >> time now, the next storm for sunday. when you think the rain will start. yeah. it's going to start for those of you in the north bay as early as 3 o'clock sunday afternoon
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for the rest of us. it's going to be in the early evening hours at around 5 o'clock that's when we're going to see widespread light to moderate rain for the rest of the bay area. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport. the calm before the storm very dry and clear out there right now at sfo stormtracker 4, going to dust it off because we're certainly going to need it tracking the rain and also snow showers for those of you in the sierra very dry outlook as well. but by sunday morning through sunday afternoon, cooler temperatures as that storm approaches and we are going to see most of sunday morning and afternoon for this year going to stay dry. but by sunday night at around 7, 8 o'clock for your sunday evening. that's when we're expected to get the bulk of the wet weather with not only rain but snow at showers making its way to this year. up. that's why we have a winter weather advisory starting at 7 o'clock sunday night throughout most of this
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specifically the western slopes. and we're tracking inches of snow throughout the highest peaks above 7,000 feet. 3 to 6 inches of fresh powder and below 7,000 feet even throughout the lake level about one to 2 inches of snow there. but we also have to keep an eye on gusty winds. remember it's still very dry out there. so leading up to that storm. we could see wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour less throughout the highest peaks sustained winds at the lake level anywhere from about 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's going to start at 2 o'clock sunday afternoon. but even continuing through 11 o'clock sunday night as that storm passes taking a look at south lake tahoe in truckee, about 10 degrees of cooling from today's daytime highs tracking temperatures in the 60's cooling down into the mid-fifties with additional cooling of more than 10 degrees partly cloudy skies on monday as that storm passes, it's going to leave behind a very cool and dry air mass with temperatures eventually
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rebounding by tuesday. but temperatures out there right now for us here in the bay area. pretty pleasant because of today's warm air mass 5 to 15 degrees above average widespread 60's and yes, still 70's out there. pleasant temperatures for san jose at 72 degrees low 70's as well. for those of you in concord. but santa rosa, already starting to cool down into the upper 50's. but daytime highs tomorrow temperatures that you just saw not too far from the daytime highs were expecting for the 2nd half of your weekend that storm and blanket of cloud cover cooling down temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average, low 60's for downtown san francisco oakland 65 degrees in livermore in the low 70's as a san jose. so we are expecting to see finally rain arriving in the bay area and more storms heading our way by the middle of this upcoming week. so i'll be tracking all the wet weather because it's about 2 to 3 storms that's going to make its way into the bay area next week alone. more on that in just a few i
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microclimate outlook. and to think that what it feels like outside right now is as warm as it's going to get tomorrow. yeah. >> prepare. you. 5 to 15 degrees above average today. 5 to 10 degrees below normal tomorrow. so our weather roller coaster ride continues during my heater before i left house today. >> don't forget those seat heaters you drive home. >> make sure you use risa. >> a full-court opportunity for children who have special needs today. there was a special basketball clinic that was kicking off in southern california was organized by a very selfless teacher. so this is the inaugural hopes for 1, 3, and redondo beach and teaches kids. the intricate skills. a basketball. >> also giving the kids a chance to just have some fun. it's a sport that has no boundaries and doesn't look at who can and who can't. one thing that we tighten our camp today was nothing is impossible. my name's i'm
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going tease to owner coach of hoops for 3rd hosting our first annual hooper's helping. >> who scored 13 free basketball clinic for kids with special needs reports myself being a teacher. we have kids currently in our class with special needs. >> and the process began. and i was like, let's get this out immediately. >> and here we are today with our first annual it will be shooting around doing couple of drills trying to make it really feel like it's a combine of skills and drills of the game of basketball playing basketball. most importantly having fun with each it's no longer a kid with special needs. it's just another child on the court playing basketball living a jury and having fun while and they're just out here and laughs and their giggles says the most rewarding thing we've
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been blessed with a community where they support us. but i want to give back. i've been involved with coach miguel with my kids ever since he started 3 years ago. clinics like this for that. you know that the special needs kids fantastic to see him doing something like this. >> one reason this program. i really feel successful. it's because we're actually just spoke to one parent right now who this is the first time shown up she wants an uppercut to the can. it's about just having the safe fun environment were just kids can come out and now the kids. but the families. >> still ahead here tonight we'll hear from people in lake tahoe who are recovering from the caldor fire as they try to. welcome back. son tourists just in time for ski season.
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>> here's a live look at highway 50 tonight toward lake tahoe after the devastating caldor fire ripped through the area earlier this year. folks know starting to trickle back in. but for some folks opening back up right now is not an option. proj paulson co reports that many beloved resorts and tourist destinations. we're going to have to stay closed for the foreseeable future. highway 50 is seeing a return of travelers. but some staples remain cloaked. it's pretty sad. the entrance to sierra at tahoe being one of them due to the devastation caused by the caldor fire. the resort could be off limits for some time.
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one of the kind >> i've been going here my whole life resort. officials say they have been working nonstop to repair the damage. but there are major challenges ahead. august caldor fire which nears full containment destroyed over 1000 structures and was thought to have burned around the resort, but it caused enough damage for sierra at tahoe to enter the season with uncertainty and a social media post. the ski resort told us loyal customers. >> they are uncertain of how much of that rain will reopen after the fire damage trees and cheerless part of the statement reading we're not giving up. nor are we backing down from the challenge. but we want you to know what we know our intention is to keep moving forward and to open what we can when we can to welcome you back to sierra the season. she was a lot nights where i wasn't great church is going to be there in the morning. loyal customers understand the safety concerns, but they also worry about the impact it will have on their favor employees who won't be able to make a
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living. you know, if people can make money or they can move that's not good for you know, is a community, but they're hoping to help in any way whether resort grounds and logistics are being worked on. one thing is certain those customers are looking forward to reopening that are going to make it back up. there is a little out of practice or not leave in. and i know there's a lot of people that >> love this resort. >> and coming up tracking your microclimate sunday outlook, including the storms heading its way to the bay area for the 2nd half of next week. even through next weekend. more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. stay tune.
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>> not a wildfire coverage tonight in the u.s. try to fire burning south of santa cruz has nehls charred more than 143 acres so far. but officials say they are making steady progress in containing at this 0. 35% contained and evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas. >> kron four's camila barco has been speaking to fire officials about how this controlled burn got out of control. >> crews have made progress on start a fire. the lights are back on in the area and firefighters have gained ground. are fighting these flames on the ground. and up above using all their resources to contain the u.s. drought. a fire in santa cruz. >> fire trucks and helicopters are pouring water on the
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flames burning near hazel dell and hitting canyon road just north west a watsonville. the fire started friday after cal fire conducted a calm and controlled prescribed burn officials say normally they go planned 9 members of the time. these things go off without a hitch. no problems get out of control. they don't jump our containment lines. >> but this time the flames jumped a containment line and spread beyond their control. >> so we had a spot fire that got outside of our primary control that basically it outpaced our resources that we had assigned the unit. chief for the area says friday's weather was ideal to go on with the prescribed burn and it was an ideal situation for us to be able to get good consumption of the fuel and we just had this mishap calfire order homeowners in the cargo area to evacuate as a precaution. >> as of saturday afternoon. the order has been reduced to a warning. the summit area is. >> no longer under an
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evacuation warning cal fire reports no homes or structures are damaged and just an update. santa cruz county opened an evacuation site for people at core leaders community center. however, officials have closed that site. >> in santa cruz camila barco kron 4 news here's a quick rundown of some of the other major fires that are happening across california tonight. >> starting with campy complex fire burning in the sequoia in king can kings canyon national parks. the latest numbers released from officials put it at nearly 80,000 acres burned and 55% containment. the caldor fire is also getting closer to complete containment tonight. it is now at 98%. containment and has burned more than 221,000 acres. the monument fire said said more than 223,000 acres burned and 94% containment. meanwhile, the envelope fire is at 95%. containment with more than 145,000 acres burned and the
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dixie fire. one of the largest in california state history. now with 94% containment. so far this fire has charred nearly 965,000 acres since it first started 3 months ago. >> and it turns out that the woolsey fire did more destruction than originally thought when it scorched parts of malibu in 2018 soil samples taken immediately following the fire shows radioactive particles ended up in neighborhoods from 1000 oaks to semi valley. the study was conducted by scientists to examine environmental disasters. they found that radioactive waste came from the santa susanna field lab. a former boeing testing site that partially burned down during the fire. the study contradicts an earlier report by the state's department of toxic substances which stated that no toxic chemicals were released from the lab. the fire burned almost 97,000 acres and destroyed more than 1600 homes and structures right now on kron. 4 dot com.
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you can find a lot more information on fire season just scan. this qr code on your screen right now with your mobile device and will be taken to the special section on our website that includes information what too do with your evacuation checklist and also what to do right after a wildfire. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. we are looking at the city courtesy of the mount tam kim, something we had needed for months. we're talking about rain. it is on the way. if you were one of those folks on your knees. praying for it to come. your prayers have been answered that helps our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is timing out. >> the next storm that's coming on sunday. yeah. all those fire stories that we just ran. i keep thinking, oh, my gosh. only the storms that we're tracking this upcoming week arrived a little bit sooner. >> earlier this month he wouldn't have had all those issues and hopefully it helps put out most of those fires certainly going to help out firefighters significantly and with those recent burn scar
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areas, these models do pan out. we could have mud or debris flows with those recent charred burned hills, especially for strada fires. so we're going to have to keep an eye on the rain heading our way. and also our current fire situation. yeah. it's going to help fires. but with that newly charred smoke area with those acres. it could actually create some pretty hazardous conditions in the days ahead. so just stay tuned, especially for those of you who live in the areas because radar for. we're tracking quite a few storms 2 to 3 storms heading its way into the bay area along the northwest region. we are seeing the storm that is going to inch closer to us here. bringing us light scattered showers. so, yes, we're actually tracking rain for your sunday afternoon. and sunday evening with some more wet weather heading our way. that storm door going to remain open for the 2nd half of this upcoming week wednesday morning through wednesday night tracking
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light, steady rain, but then by friday, another storm bringing a slight to pretty moderate downpours as it does reach intensity levels a little bit stronger. but sunday into monday storm that one could have atmosphere grigor potential, especially on monday morning. take a look at just how intense those rain rates are expected to get light to moderate and even widespread heavy downpours could impact your monday morning commute. so please plan ahead by monday night. that wet weather going to clear out of the bay area. and if these models pan out, we could see upwards of almost 3 inches of rain. but if that storm track shifts just a bit more northward. we can get at most just a 10th of an inch of rain. so quite the spread. but we'll stay tuned. the closer we get early this upcoming week. the more we'll have a better indicator of the models temperatures out there right now. 50's and 60's, as you head out the door conquered, though mild pleasant temperatures there in the low
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70's with 40's expected for your overnight lows for north bay valleys, low to mid 50's everywhere else. high temperatures tomorrow. we're tracking 60's around the bay area shoreline with our warmest inland valleys like conquered livermore in san jose barely warming up into the low 70's. but it's great to use those rain icons heading our way and hopefully helping to put out all the fires throughout the golden state just seen in. jonathan, back to you. thank you so much for breeze. so now we go to houston where one deputy is dead and 2 others are injured after a man with ar style rifle. >> ambush them earlier this morning. 2 of the deputies had responded to a report of a robbery outside of a sports bar were trying to arrest someone when another person allegedly shot at them from behind the 3rd deputy was shot at when he came to help 30 year-old cream. atkins died from his wounds. he leaves behind a wife and a newborn baby. a second deputy is in intensive care and the condition of the 3rd deputy is
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unknown tonight. now, today president biden delivered a speech at the 40th annual national peace officers memorial service at the u.s. capitol kron four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson takes us there. >> good evening. the national peace officers memorial service typicallyttakes place in may. but because of the pandemic, most events removed back to october. and today president biden delivered the keynote address to honor the fallen. >> things >> in a somber memorial twenty-twenty was the deadliest year. for law enforcement on record. president joe biden honored the fallen law enforcement officers at the 40th annual peace officers memorial service. the service remembered the nearly 500 officers who lost their lives in the line of duty during 2019 2020. cop today. >> is one of a lot harder, then it's ever been.
9:39 pm
>> hundreds of law enforcement officers and their families came from across the country joining with others who understand their pain. >> while honoring the fallen here on the west front of the u.s. capitol. president biden vowed to do more to protect officers and the communities they serve. >> that's why i propose we infesting we invest again in community policing. we know works. >> the white house backed efforts in congress to pass police reform legislation. but those talks ended earlier this month over differences between gop and democratic lawmakers. >> a lot of help has to come. 2 police departments at a different event remembering the fallen attorney general merrick garland said not only have officers had to fight threats from criminals but also a pandemic through it all. >> and despite the increased risks to your health and your safety. >> you have continued to protect the communities you serve. >> to honor those who lost their lives in the line of
9:40 pm
duty. president biden has ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. also paying their respects to fallen officers in washington, dc today. >> members of the la county sheriff's department. they ran for miles in america's capital in honor of law enforcement officers and military veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country along the way they made stops said washington's iconic monuments. an update tonight on former president bill clinton tonight. he is expected to be released from you see irvine medical center tomorrow. a spokesperson says that the 42nd president has made excellent progress in the past. 24 hours as he continues to receive antibiotics before he's discharged. president clinton has been in the hospital since tuesday for an infection that spread to his blood stream, his wife and daughter have been seen heading into the hospital to visit him. the clinton spokesperson says that the former president has been spending time. this family and catching up with friends while
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also watching college football. >> back here in the bay area a school walkout is planned across the state on monday for parents are choosing to rally against vaccine mandates for school children, news of monday's walkout has been circulated on social circulating on social media from orange county all the way to reading the statewide protest is the latest move by parents and voters dissatisfied with both on campus mask-wearing and vaccine mandates in california schools. we have reached out to school districts around the bay area for any possible disruptions will keep you posted tomorrow night. here during prime time on kron 4. your local election headquarters in san francisco supervisor. matt haney officially kicked off his campaign today in the spesial election to represent california's 17th assembly district. the seat was left vacant with david chu was appointed san francisco's city attorney haney had already received endorsements from the board of supervisors. president walton, california
9:42 pm
assembly member ash color and california state superintendent of public instruction. tony thurmond. >> still ahead tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. we'll talk live with california representative barbara lee. there she is right now about the ongoing fight in congress to much of president biden's agenda passed. we'll let you know where things stand right after the break.
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>> welcome back here to kron 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. congressional democrats continue to try and get president biden's massive agenda passed, but they're being held up by mostly members of their own party. >> joining us live to talk more about exactly where things stand is california congresswoman barbara lee. she sits on the house appropriations committee. she's in charge of all the money and all that stuff like that. here to talk about where things stand right now and how things are going to move forward in getting these bills pass. congresswoman lee, thanks so much for spending time with us here on kron. 4 news at 9. >> nice being with you this evening. so can you tell us where things stand right now. we know right now we have kind of 2 big bills we're talking about here. we have this infrastructure bill one 0.5 million dollars and or one 0, 2 million dollars. and we also have trillion a trillion dollars my apologies a lot of money. and we're talking about 3.3 trillion dollars. a bill
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as well to get the economy back on track. where do things stand right now. we're getting both of these past. >> sure. and one of the things i hesitate to talk about because we don't know how much these bills are actually going to be negotiated for in terms of the dollar amount. but what we do know is that there are priorities in terms of the investments which the president campaigned on. how he won because people believe that he was going to deliver for them for example, in the build back better bill. of course we investments for child care. you know, so many women want to get back in into the workforce. i think it's nearly 2 million women, but they can't do that. and guess what child care is much, much too expensive. secondly housing, we and i serve on the budget committee. and so it was the but budget committee which move forward on the build back better bill several weeks ago. but in our budget committee, we approved the housing provisions allowed us
9:47 pm
to address the housing crisis. finally in a comprehensive way in terms of addressing making sure the unsheltered people have good decent save housing pathway to home ownership looking at public housing how to increase pouches. all of that. cities that we need not only my district in california but throughout the country because we are in the housing crisis. also, we have some key provisions on on climb, on the climate emergency and it is an emergency look at the wildfires hurricanes. the plan is is hot right now. and we have to address this. this is an emergency. so we put resources strategies to address the climate crisis. also good-paying union jobs invested in making sure that good paying jobs with benefits would provided for care workers. people who take care of our elders people who need a living wage to need to make
9:48 pm
sure that their families. they're they're essential workers. and we i think some out didn't recognize the caregivers are essential workers, but they are they deserve a living wage and our elders deserve to be able to live in their homes as they age and they deserve decent health care. so there are many provisions in this bill that we're talking about that the public and braces and finally i'd just say that's why i'm really happy that the president is out there talking about this because the public all the polls show the public embrace is that they voted for the president and secretary marcia but was in my district as well as in san francisco in the speaker's district to talk about the housing provisions out the build back better build how important they are for us to keep them intact in to move forward and negotiate this bill. no one said it was going to be easy. it's not easy. but i'm confident we're going to get it president biden had said he didn't know he could get it done and some of the issue is that. >> that senators joe manchin of west virginia and krysten sinema of arizona and kind of
9:49 pm
been holding this back. the negotiations. have you been talking to them. what kind of conversations are you having with them to try to move this bill forward and is that and is there a new timeline to get this pass. what's the deadline? >> well, i haven't talked with them directly, but i have met with the 2 times in terms of how we move forward on these negotiations. and of course, we need to do this immediately. people need to know that these investments are going to make their lives better. and so the quicker. we do it. the better, of course we're looking at october 31st as as the deadline and we want to make but we have to make sure that insist that these negotiations, i don't leave anyone behind. and so, yes, we have a deadline. we're trying to meet that. but we've got to make sure the 2 senators who are holding it up to we understand who they want to leave behind is children. and, you know, do they want to give
9:50 pm
up the child tax credit, which is a middle class tax cut and lifting children out of poverty. do they want to get rid of the housing provisions in the bill. we don't know what they want to get rid of. we know senator manchin wants to get rid of the climate provisions that we're going to fight like, you know what to make sure we get the strongest climate provisions. and so we have to see where where they fall and how we get to where we need to be. so we have to do this expeditiously, but it has to be done right. so senator cinema has said has told house democrats that she will not support the 3 trillion dollars. >> plan intel congress passes the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan, which is bipartisan. mansion and cinema have urged the house to vote on the infrastructure deal for 3.5 trillion dollars. and to have that cleared the senate first so which would come for us if you're trying to ease this backlog of trying to get something done. sure. well,
9:51 pm
remember it and i want to go back to when original arrangement or deal was made several months ago. >> and i support the infrastructure bill and the the agreement was that we needed both bills and we needed them to move forward. that was the deal that was made when you saw them all come out of the white house and talk about that in their press conference and ed, so whatever happened with with senate imagine and settlement to renege on that deal. got us to this point now where we are now and that therein lies, the difficulty that we are going to move both of these bills as we that original agreement, we can't have just one bill without the other. look at the infrastructure bill entails and we have to make sure that we fix our roads and bridges and have the hard infrastructure bill which is going to create. millions of jobs and we have to have workforce training, which is in the build back better build so that and retraining so that
9:52 pm
those who have been shut out of and the building of the infrastructure in our country are eligible and have the skills and the training for the first bill to to be able to get those jobs and so they work in tandem. they work hand in hand. you can't tell me that we're going to leave children behind or seniors behind and only hard infrastructure bill and leave everyone else behind. so the agreement was early on several months ago that these bills would be worked through. as 2 bills as a package and that's what we intend to do. >> do you plan to push this forward through reconciliation. >> but senator schumer and speaker pelosi. we're working on that now they're working on that and trying to figure out what the dynamics are. you know, the very very slim margin in the senate and the house, quite frankly, and so it just depends on how the negotiations with ford is, how
9:53 pm
this is hard to say right now how that's going to happen in terms of reconciliation until we know if there is consensus about what we intend to invest and who we're going to invest in and who will it gets down to the 2 senators do not want to invest in to leave behind and worse to confirm with. we want to make sure that we leave no one behind this cost 0 in terms tax dollars and the fact that everyone pays their fair share and the public wants that. they've said that and that's what we're working on to try to get the president's economic agenda. and that's what it is. it's an economic agenda passed. >> 3 trillion dollars is what it is. intel's bud. senator manchin has been from that he wants no more than one and a half trillion dollars spending. so how do you make that i guess with the next with these discussions in ongoing negotiations. how do you cut 1.5 trillion dollars from the deal.
9:54 pm
>> that's when lesson we started its 6 trillion, right. which is really what we need. then we negotiated down to 3.5 trillion. which is really what that we made within the context of the negotiations again, not talking about where we're going to fall. we don't know what we end up with. it and that's why i think it's important to look at the values that are embedded in the build back better. bill and look at how we're going to make sure that the public understands that the public needs to weigh in with the senators and just say, look, you can't leave children behind a look. you can't leave our climb burning them and in crisis or look, you've got to address our caregiving. i said givers, then the eec care economy are look, you you've got to address the housing crisis or look, you've got to address equity issues that embedded in the build back better bill, because so much of what is it what's in the bill have to do with gender
9:55 pm
and racial and economic equity. so we need to know what they're willing to give and how we end up negotiating that dollar amount. but we're standing firm in terms of where we think the country needs to go in terms of what the president agree to and campaigned on. and that is those provisions that are in the build back better bill, which we voted 4 out of the house through the budget committee on the floor. >> all right. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you so much for your time here on kron. 4 news at 00:00pm tonight. we'll be right back. thank you being
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