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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> thank you so much for joining us here in prime time tonight as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. what a warm day today across the bay area. but tomorrow is going to feel a lot different and we thank you so much for joining us here. as we start off kron 4 news 8 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waldman of jonathan mccall. big changes are on the way. this thing called rain that has been in the absence from months and seems like here. >> it is definitely going to make its return in a big way over the next few days and over the next week as well.
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>> let's talk about it. let's get you ready for sunday. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the timing of when those showers will start to pop up. that's right. justine and jonathan, let's track this storm hour by hour because we are actually seeing rain that could bring us. >> light to moderate downpours. the heaviest for those of you in the north bay radar for right now. dry calm and clear. but just to our north. >> we're tracking our next storm. that is going to bring us some widespread light rain to the bay area going to start out, though, with that blanket of cloud cover as the storm approaches sunday morning by early sunday afternoon at around 3 o'clock. that's when we're going to notice the light to moderate downpours for those of you in the north bay still dry for everyone else in the bay area. but you could see the bands of rain trying to knock on the coastline of the san francisco peninsula and then we're going to see widespread showers early sunday evening by 5 o'clock still tracking the
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heaviest rain for those of you in the north bay. but that storm track going to shift to the south and east still relatively dry for those of you in the east bay and south bay, the wet weather will write for you about an hour and a half later at 6.30 sunday night. that's when you're going to notice some light showers there. still a little bit of some shower activity throughout the san francisco peninsula. but this is going to be a fast-moving storm and we're going to dry out and clear out by 8 o'clock sunday night with that cooling and drying trend continuing and some breezy winds as well. 30 miles per hour or less as that storm exits. but we're expected to get about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. and this is just one of several storms that will arrive starting the middle of next week through next weekend. we could actually see an atmospheric river sunday into monday. details ahead on how much rain we're expecting with those storms coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan. just staying. thank you so much for tonight.
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alameda police need your help identifying this person who they say. >> may have information linked to a shooting that happened friday night around 11 on santa clara avenue. so police are asking anyone with information who may know who this person is to contact alameda police immediately. >> family and friends of jonathan cortez, a man shot and killed by fbi agents last month in oakland spent the day in downtown oakland demanding answers into the day of what happened. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in the newsroom with the details on what this family says that they are hoping to get a deal. >> jonathan, the shooting happened almost one month ago and family members say there are still unanswered questions. >> family and friends of jonathan cortez rallied in downtown oakland saturday afternoon with a list of demands. cortez was shot and killed by an fbi agent and east open last month. the fbi
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says an agent shot court has on september 13 shortly before 03:30pm. the incident happened on fruitvale avenue. federal authorities say cortes was armed and wanted for several warrants. i love my brother. i will never get to see this person ever in my life. told somebody i dearly love. family members are demanding answers as to what led up to the shooting. still have not received an answer from them says is not the person involved into the shooting released video >> we want answer that one. not a deal to be released. i want to know we were really want is for them to release the names of the agents that did it. >> released the names of the give a family piece earlier this month. the fbi released a statement saying in part, quote. >> we do not comment on an fbi agent status. review process is thorough objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances. the alameda
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county district attorney's office and the oakland police department are also investigating this case. >> live in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. tonight. fire crews have made great progress on the estrada fire that's burning in santa cruz county containment is now up to 35%. the fire, though, has burned about 150 acres. >> and cal fire saying crews are going continue to work through the night to establish strong control the fire started last night after a controlled burn somehow got out of officials say the flames. >> jumped a containment line and then quickly spread cal fire ordered folks in homeowners in the area, too. paro area, i should say, to evacuate just as a precaution. now that order has been reduced to a warning, but we want to get right now to cal fire. >> joining us here live tonight to be talking a little bit more about what happened here. this is angela byrne
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jaisol, thank you for joining us here tonight. so first things first, let's go back to yesterday and this was supposed to be a controlled burn. how did it get out of control and start to spread in a way that was causing evacuations and frankly scaring a lot of people. >> so when we do control burns, we need to burn during conditions when they feel burned. well, and so. and later in the afternoon, we have >> amber's, the costs pots across the line burned in some flashy fuels and grasses that just out resources are out the fire. so we had to call in additional resources. they got there quickly and we were able to get the fire under control pretty quickly. after we got the additional resources from just very close by and the neighboring units them and with how far sometimes and this unit.
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>> so we know that you guys obviously do these controlled burns as a way to mitigate the fuel in case of another fire does spread. >> how do you guys make that determination on. when are the best conditions too. >> do controlled burns, these prescribed burns. >> so we have a number of planned burns that schedule throughout the year when we the conditions are right, which would include, you know, the right weather conditions feel conditions as well as availability of that's when we try to schedule the virus. this front scheduled for saturday and we went through with we did have another burnett was scheduled for tomorrow that we have postponed because we are focusing on getting this fire under control. and when we have the incident like this happening nearby. we don't schedule additional arms. so what are the lessons that have been learned from this incident.
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>> well, you know, when we do these. but it is and taking a calculated risk. >> we planned for the contingency that could arise such as what happened yesterday. i think we all learned just how to deal with these types of crimes and this environment, you know, we have people who are, you know, still getting their life experience as firefighters and everybody out there actually won something. >> obviously as you and your crews are making great progress on containing a number of fires all across the state talk a little bit about rain is expected in the forecast over the day or so. and obviously we're tracking more rain in the next week. how big of a relief is this going to be for the crews on the front line still trying to contain these fires fully.
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>> moisture from the marine layer and from pope potential rain certainly welcome. this fire is a strong fire is. and are under pretty good conditions right now because of the work that we've done so far. the resources that we have out there. but it's definitely going to help us to ramp down quicker being able to get that 100% containment be able call it completely contained all. >> can we go? are some stats for the u.s. try to fire how many acres it's exactly at containment numbers are evacuation orders still in place to anticipate them. expanding or shrinking tonight. any property that was damaged earning firefighters hurt. >> so luckily, we had no >> property infrastructure damage from the fire. we did have one minor injury of a yesterday. he was treated and released back to the fire.
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>> let's see. we are at a 148 acres. we were able really nail that down today. no fire growth today. and 35% containment. and the controlled burn for tomorrow has now been canceled. how will that impact? >> fires that could spread in that area in the future that if something you're trying to do to prevent fires is now having to get pushed back. >> you know, when we will reschedule lot once once we have the right conditions again. it just delays a little bit. >> all right. chief angela byrd jaisol with cal fire. thank you so much for the time as well as that new information on the u.s. start a fire as well. right now on kron 4 dot com. you can find more information on how to prepare for fire season. use your mobile device to scan the qr code that you see right there in the middle of your screen and you'll be directed
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straight to our website at kron 4 dot com. pleasant hill. police tonight are hoping that a sketch can lead them to a man wanted in a brutal stabbing earlier this week that injured a man kron four's phillipe djegal picks up the story. >> a white man possibly in his late teens to early 20's standing 5, foot 8 with a husky build and shorter dirty blonde hair is believed to be the suspect pleasant hill. police say allegedly stabbed the 23 year-old man at around 1030 wednesday night. >> investigators with composite sketch of the man yields leads. i think we're dealing with a lot of young emotions. >> and i think that obviously big mistakes were made. but we're here to investigate it to the fullest extent that we can sergeant david down, says that around 1030 that night. at least 3 people what was believed to be an older model white four-door the passenger side driving down the 3,000 block of putnam boulevard. 3, 3 skate boarders passing by downs says the eventual 23
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year-old victim through something back, hitting the car and that's when the driver jumped out ran after them. and the fact that we are asking for the public's help for any exterior surveillance cameras. >> in the footage that people might have at their homes or businesses specifically in the area of putnam boulevard. the victim was hospitalized and was rushed into surgery. police say he is currently in stable condition. mayor susan, no act encouraging the public to keep emotions in check. please. you know, this is a welcoming city. >> it's a great small town feel city and we want to maintain that and tracking the suspect down will help. >> in pleasant hill phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> well, tonight, deputies in alameda county are seeing brightly colored fentanyl on the streets and now they're warning parents that the drug could be attracting children to a photo here of a recent drug bust earlier in the week. the hayward police department also found similar color fentanyl in that city. see it like purple and blue kind of looks like candy. that's what
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they're worried about. police say some of the drugs also looked like shoot up bubble, gum and fentanyl is a deadly synthetic opioid that is extremely dangerous. it's up to 40 times more toxic than heroin which increases the risk of accidental overdose. so they're asking parents to be on the lookout, make sure kids don't accidentally ingest something like this. >> tonight, a family campbell know raising concerns after they say the family pet was shot in the legs with a pellet gun can see the x-rays of the pellet bullets still lodged in the cat's leg. jennifer and mike paying say that the took their cat lucifer to the vet back in august after he was attacked by a coyote when the vet took x-rays, they said he had also been shot. but the wounds likely healed and then probably happened a few months back. the that lucifer only wonders with in their neighborhood and that he's very friendly. they say they were shocked to hear the news from the vet. it's outrageous
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that somebody would be doing that. and in a neighborhood to attack shooting catch. >> the ping say they have had the lucifer since he was just 6 weeks old is now 3 years old. that told them that they cannot remove the pellets because it could actually cause the cat more damage. they say other pets in the neighborhood have also been hurt as well. kron four's amanda hari putting this story together for you right now and will will be all new in an hour on kron 4 news at 9. still. much more to come, though, tonight on kron 4 news at 8. we'll let you know the condition. >> a former president bill clinton after being hospitalized for an infection. the new details on when he could be released. >> and the houston law enforcement community is mourning the loss of a fallen deputy after an ambush attack outside of a bar this morning. what we know about the conditions of the other officers injured in the shooting. plus, folks in lake tahoe still recovering from the caldor fire tonight. hear from them. >> as ski resorts. welcome back.
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>> a live look at highway 50 tonight toward lake tahoe. you may remember after the devastating caldor fire ripped through the area during the summer. folks know starting to trickle back into that area. but for a number of folks opening back up right now is not even an option crushed also got reports of many beloved resorts and tourist destinations will be closed for the foreseeable future.
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>> highway 50 is seeing a return of travelers. but some staples remain cloaked. it's pretty sad. the entrance to sierra at tahoe being one of them due to the devastation caused by the caldor fire. the resort could be off limits for some time. one of the kind >> i've been going here my whole life resort. officials say they have been working nonstop to repair the damage. but there are major challenges ahead. august caldor fire which nears full containment destroyed over 1000 structures and was thought to have burned around the resort, but it caused enough damage for sierra at tahoe to enter the season with uncertainty and a social media post. the ski resort told us loyal customers. >> they are uncertain of how much of that rain will reopen after the fire damage trees and cheerless part of the statement reading. we're not giving up, nor are we backing down from the challenge. but we want you to know what we know our intention is to keep moving forward and to open what we can when we can to welcome you back to sierra the
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season. she was a lot nights where i was a great church is going to be there in thep morning. loyal customers understand the safety concerns, but they also worry about the impact it will have on their favor employees who won't be able to make a living. you know, if people can make money or they can move that's not good for you know, is a community, but they're hoping to help in any way whether resort grounds and logistics are being worked on. one thing is certain those customers are looking forward to reopening that aren't going to make it back up there. he's a little out of practice or not leave in. and i know there's a lot of people that >> love this resort. >> gurajpal sangha reporting for us tonight to talk about our 4 zone forecast, especially in the sierra and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with what we can expect that the rain coming our way. does that. >> lead to some snow. yeah. we're definitely tracking some rain and snow showers for those of you in this let's take a live look outside. i 80 at castle peak dry and clear
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right now in stormtracker 4 also tracking similar conditions for us here in the bay area. but certainly the calm before the storm sunday's futurecast outlook for this year up. we're going to notice a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. so overall it is going to be a dry morning and afternoon. but by sunday night, that's when we're going to notice the bands of rain and snow showers impacting this year. bringing much needed snow to this year and that's why we have a winter weather advisory that's going to go into effect sunday night at 7 o'clock for most of this year, specifically the western slopes there. 3 to 6 inches of fresh powder expected for elevations above 7,000 feet, but below 7,000 feet, including the lake level one to 2 inches of snow and we are also tracking rain along with that and gusty winds that. so we have a wind advisory in effect starting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon leading up to the storm arriving and then after it starts to exit its going to continue through 11 o'clock
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sunday night and then we're going to see gusty winds sustained out of the southwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. but gusts throughout the highest ridgecrest 60 miles per hour or less your sierra forecast tracking cooler temperatures, 10 degrees cooler than what we saw today. very pleasant for our saturday afternoon in the sierra. but then we're going to dip to 57 degrees and then partly cloudy skies on monday leaving behind a very cool and dry air mass cooling down into the 40's. there for us here in the bay area we're actually going to keep an eye on some much needed rain. more on that. in my full forecast in just a few minutes. just cnn. jonathan, back to you. thank you so much. >> now we've got to houston where one. deputy is dead and 2 other officers are injured after an a man with ar style rifle, ambushed them earlier this morning. 2 of the deputies had responded to a report of a robbery outside of a sports bar. they were trying to arrest someone when another
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person shot at them from behind the 3rd deputy was shot when he came to help. that's 30 year-old cream. atkins that is who died from his wounds. a second deputy is in intensive care and the condition of the 3rd deputy is unknown tonight. today president biden delivered a speech at the 40th annual national peace officers memorial service was held at the u.s. capitol kron 4 washington correspondent reshad hudson brings us more. >> good evening. the national peace officers memorial service typically takes place in may. but because of the pandemic, most events removed back to october. and today president biden delivered the keynote address to honor the fallen. >> things >> a somber memorial twenty-twenty was the deadliest year. for law enforcement on record. president joe biden honored the fallen law enforcement officers at the 40th annual peace officers memorial service. the service remembered the nearly 500
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officers who lost their lives in the line of duty during 2019 and cop today. >> is one of a lot harder, then it's ever >> hundreds of law enforcement officers and their families came from across the country joining with others who understand their pain. >> while honoring the fallen here on the west front of the u.s. capitol. president biden vowed to do more to protect officers and the communities they serve. >> that's why i propose we infesting we invest again in community policing. we know works. the white house backed efforts in congress to pass police reform legislation. but those talks ended earlier this month over differences between gop and democratic lawmakers. a lot of help has to come. 2 police departments at a different event remembering the fallen attorney general merrick garland said not only have officers had to fight threats from criminals, but also a pandemic through it
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>> and despite the increased risks to your health and your safety. you have continued to protect the communities you serve. >> to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty. president biden has ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> a spokesman for former president bill clinton says that the 42nd president is expected to be discharged from a southern california hospital tomorrow. the 75 year-old was admitted to use eve irvine medical center tuesday for an infection that spread to his blood stream. officials say the infection is unrelated to covid-19. a spokesman says that president clinton has continue to make excellent progress in the past. 24 hours. >> more fallout from the controversial dave chappelle netflix series. another netflix employee now out of a job. we'll explain why after the break. >> and the show will go on. a
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deal has been reached to avoid a strike of film and television crews will have more on this agreement when we come back.
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>> there will not be a work strike in hollywood. that's because today the union representing the crews that bring films and tv shows to life agreed to a new contract with the major studios sources say that the international alliance of theatrical stage employees and the alliance of
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motion picture and television producers concluded a an agreement on a 3 year deal that will cover some 60,000 workers between both of those unions. the deal will avoid a strike that would have been the largest since world war 2. tonight, there's more fallout from that latest. dave chappelle netflix special called the closer netflix says it is now fired one of its own workers for leaking the confidential price, the company paid for the special. the price tag more than 24 million dollars reportedly netflix says it understands the worker may be disappointed, but trust is core to the company. the special has been under fire due to what some say are transphobic comments made by the comedian some workers now talking about a possible walkout on monday. this comes after ceo ted sarandos insisted the special, the closer did not cross any lines. the widow of nba legend kobe bryant could be forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of her lawsuit against the los
8:29 pm
angeles county sheriff's department. vanessa bryant is suing la county for invasion of privacy and negligence after claiming workers improperly shared pictures from the january 2020 helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and 8 others on board. the county claims the family's distress was not caused by the sharing of those pictures. but instead calls from the accident itself. the couple's daughter gianna also among those killed in that crash. >> here's what's coming up tonight during crawford is 8 o'clock. we're getting closer and closer to the holiday season and concern is growing. just how smooth the travel believe vaccine mandates could cause more harm than good when it comes to airlines. also in tonight's tech smart instagram is testing some new notifications to let you know when there's an outage will explain how this should work. plus restaurant week is back in san francisco. how you can help some local restaurants recover from the pandemic. also saving yourself some money on some great meals here
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>> so little 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the san mateo bridge, folks out and about those roads. look real dry right now. but and i don't look like them. 24 hours night to remember how to use windshield wipers an umbrella, a little bits of space in between cars, the roads get so slick after that first real rain of the season and it is a common. so says our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. she is tracking the
8:33 pm
next several storms that are approaching in the next 7 days. yeah, actually held off on washing my cards looking a big grimy, but i'm hoping that wet weather in the coming days will help clean it up a little bit making all sparkly and new. but let's take a look outside right now. downtown san francisco very dry clear conditions radar for. >> dusting it off because i'm certainly going to use it starting tomorrow with those light scattered showers from this storm out in the pacific northwest going to wake up to a blanket of cloud cover. but then by sunday night, we're tracking some widespread light showers and then it's going to continue through the middle this week. we're going to see another storm arrive for the bay area and it's going to stick around throughout most of wednesday bringing light rain then and then by the end of your workweek forecast. another wave of storms making its way into the bay area. this one a little bit more intense than wednesday storm and certainly more widespread with light to moderate showers and what we're tracking for
8:34 pm
tomorrow. but the main event that could be a possible atmosphere river that will arrive sunday and we're going to notice rain intensity really increase and peak by monday morning certainly going to impact your monday morning commute. if this storm track continues to shift southward. it moves northward. we could only get as much as a 10th of an inch of rain when it's all said and done. but if these models pan out, we can get up to almost 3 inches of rain with all these storms heading our way even continuing a week from from monday. taking a look at temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's, 60's and 70's. a 15 degree difference. we didn't happen. they and conquered at 71 degrees cooler north bay valleys, cooling down into the 40's. everyone else in the low to mid 50's, 10 to 20 degrees of cooling for your sunday afternoon. thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover. so here we go. i hope you enjoy today's warm weather because we're going to be below average throughout much
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of the next 7 days. back to you. jonathan steen. all right. now i'm actually may be a perfect time for you to stock up on some meals. >> at home that we don't have to the drought into the rain. but if you do. >> san francisco restaurant week is underway for the next 9 days. so you can eat and drink at more than 150 of the city's best restaurants. mayor london breed is reminding people if they plan to eat outside. remember. >> even up bring proof of vaccination especially want to go. indoors are different price points to choose from at all. the different restaurants and lunch and dinner is an option to you. >> i think as i've, you know, yesterday there was like a 163 restaurant. so it's really a diverse set of restaurants throughout san francisco and we're super excited to have 5 or 6 from the bay view to have over 20 from chinatown. many from the tenderloin, including the last casino market place. i'm so i'm i'm representing that the whole golden gate restaurant association community and we sponsor this door open table is our
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reservations sponsor for it. and then i have my 2 best. not to mention turns on roads as cafe and we do appreciate menu. but i want to say lunch options and dinner options. so it's super broad what people can go experience. the restaurant industry is still grappling with the pandemic. >> and that is even more reason that everyone is encouraged to take part in this event. it is recommended that you make a reservation, but it's not required. and again this month through october 24th. >> for local election headquarters in san francisco supervisor. matt haney has launched his bid to become california's next. simply meant and he is running in a special election for california's 17th assembly district david chiu vacated. the office when he was selected to san francisco's city attorney and he already receiving support from board of supervisors. president shamann walton and california state superintendent tony thurmond. still ahead tonight kron, 4 news at 8 instagram has a new notification system.
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at isn't that delightfully different? everyone. instagram is testing notifications to let you know when there's an outage plus best buy membership actually may be able to help. you score a ps 5 rich demuro has all the details in tonight's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world after last week's major outage. instagram
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says its now testing notifications to let users know when something is going wrong. the company says they know users find it frustrating and confusing when things aren't working and lots of times users are left wondering if anyone seeing their posts or maybe if they did something wrong, the company will now use the activity fee to show notifications related to outages are technical issues and another notification when things are soft right now. instagram says this is just a test. but if it goes well, though, expand it to more people. tile is revamping its entire lineup in an effort to better compete with their tax. the company's most popular tracker is the $35 pro. they're making it easier to clip to key chains and other things. other models include the sticker which is handy for remote controls. they now make a loud or rain when you're trying to locate them and can survive up to a meter of water for half an hour. 2 features coming soon include the ability to scan for unwanted trackers nearby and ultra wideband support for precision
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finding best buy's $200 membership program just might help you get your hands on a ps 5. this holiday season. the company says its total tech membership is now available nationwide. the service costs $200 a year and includes unlimited geek squad tech support up to 24 months of product protection, including apple care plus free delivery and installation and a 60 day extended return window. there's also access to exclusive products and pricing. and as ours technica reports, ps 5 were recently available to members only the stock lasted up to 2 hours. typically ps 5 sell out in seconds. no guarantees, though it looks like those deals are on mondays throughout the holiday season. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> coming up tonight at 8 o'clock. there are growing concerns about travel delays ahead of the holiday season. what's behind the predicted airline staffing shortages and also where the search for brian laundrie stance tonight.
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>> we are getting closer to the holidays and experts are warning travelers to be prepared for anything. anything, anything. anything you haven't thought about the shed christmas next monday, 2 months to go officially 2 months halloween is like and a half second. i know that's true. so i'm cost. meanwhile, though, this morning from the experts, though it comes after
8:45 pm
southwest airlines canceled thousands of flights and as matt vaccine mandate start to take effect. >> pedro rivera brings us the details. >> travelers were frustrated with southwest airlines canceling more than 2000 flights. and it looks like this could be the start to more cancellations and delays in the near future. for more airlines or. >> you need to be prepared that you may have a chaotic. >> since the 2 major us airlines are facing a possible pilot shortage and it could be because of vaccine mandates. airlines have told their employees they must be fully vaccinated against covid-19 by
8:46 pm
association released a statement saying american airlines management continues to engage with on all things pandemic-related including the vaccine mandate. he went on to say the white house should permit the same alternatives to the vaccine that are expected to be allowed under the anticipated osha emergency rule covering companies with more than 100 employees this would ensure the same level of safety while preventing the destabilization of our industry on the eve of the holiday season. the union is hoping to get extension on the november 24 deadline. if you want to travel this
8:47 pm
thanksgiving and christmas. you can't. >> you just, you know, need to be thoughtful about the airline you choose. >> those pedro rivera reporting for us tonight. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at sfo folks who are headed out likely will return to some rain that is headed our way over the next 24 hours. but in addition to the rain also tracking some cooler temperatures as sunday's going to be what, 20 degrees different some areas than today. 2020 degrees lower not higher lower. exactly. today. we were 5 to 15 degrees above average. but our weather roller coaster ride continues to cnn. jonathan, we're. >> for sunday afternoon. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees below average. most of our warmest inland valleys struggling to warm up in the low 70's. so let's take a live look outside. >> still tracking a very mild pleasant night for most of the bay area widespread 60's 70's. as you head out the door. but tomorrow we're only going to
8:48 pm
warm up into the low 60's for downtown san francisco when we should be in the low 70's for this time of year. sunset district, even cooler than that at 57 degrees. el granada 54 degrees with half moon bay cooler temperatures in the low 60's. but just barely widespread low 60's from brisbane all the way into burlingame with mid 60's. for those of you in san carlos mountain view a little bit milder at 67 degrees. but pleasant temperatures for those of you in the south bay in fact, we're tracking low to mid 70's there san jose. 70 degrees with campbell 74 degrees. and in livermore only 72 degrees for your afternoon highs when you should be flirting with 80's this time of year. seminole 69 degrees. he word in the mid 60's concord and walnut creek. 72 degrees going to see a stronger sea breeze and we are also tracking a chance of some possible light to moderate showers arriving. first for those of you in the north bay bring about a quarter of an inch of rain or less 64
8:49 pm
degrees for valais hope and also tracking cooler temperatures for santa rosa 63 degrees in mill valley trying to flirt with 60's but only warming up to 59 degrees for your sunday afternoon below average temperatures remaining all the upcoming week long. in facta we're tracking rain as well. storm after storm about 2 to 3 waves of energy with the storms making its way into the bay area where by sunday into monday, our favorite 2 letter words, a yard atmospheric river could actually make its way into the bay area. i know just teens excited. >> those are my favorite. >> the your favorite 2 letters about time. i'll say that. let's get some rain on the board. usually they don't start until halloween. so the fact that we're getting some right now. it's i mean, we're spoiling it. i hope the models pan out because we certainly do need, especially with all the fires here in this state my birthday present to you. my birthday present to you, sir. appreciate.
8:50 pm
>> alright. >> san francisco bay area theater company is back this year with a new festival. the sf that co new routes theater festival kicked off today. it's a 2 day experience. featuring 8 unique performances that aim to amplify the work. >> of bio pick off artists and uplift their stories. one of the performances features just singer jamie zimmer whose honoring living legend betty reid soskin the performance sign my name to freedoms is a musical based on reid soskin his book of the same name and also features original music by sauce could herself. she wrote the song during the freedom summer movement of 1964. >> she wanted to emphasize the importance of sharing the stories that our tool and on being told. and so for her this was her way of coping with what was happening at the time. intro to deliver her message of the importance of bringing up her community.
8:51 pm
>> zimmer's performance is part of the festival block titled legends of the bay. other themes include afro, futurist, journeys and re imagining americana through song and dance. the festival runs through tomorrow night. ticket information can be found on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> u.s. representative karen bass kicked off her los angeles mayoral campaign today bass appeared before a rousing crowd at the la trade tech college this afternoon in a speech she said she is committed to addressing the homeless crisis improving health care and improving the local economy that has been hit hard during the pandemic. representative bass has been in congress since 2011, but she sees serving as mayor of los angeles as the pinnacle of her political career. >> and i have been truly overwhelmed to see and to feel the love. the encouragement and the support that all of you have shown me. i am humbled honored and blessed to know that you all have my back.
8:52 pm
>> and i want you to know that i will always have your back l a. >> congresswoman bass has been popular in the democratic circles in july of 2020. she was discussed as a potential running mate for that democratic presidential candidate. joe biden. >> a 4th week searching florida's carlton reserve for brian laundrie has yet to field anything. police spending several hours searching swamp land as part of their search yesterday. michael shure has more. >> as the days roll on in north port, florida and answers prove as elusive as the missing. brian laundrie protesters and advocates have continued to keep gabby petito and the search for laundrie named a person of interest in her death front and center this is not something that i normally do. i didn't. you know, i really had to step outside of my comfort turned to do this. >> tom toups drove 90 minutes south from st. petersburg and had signs made to protest in front of the home of brian laundrie's parents. the house
8:53 pm
has been the flashpoint for those seeking answers and wishing to memorialize miss petito as the weeks have passed the movements of mister laundrie's parents have been the only thing to watch with many was assembled here believing that through their silence. the laundries are in fact obstructing justice. i believe that they know more than telling. and i believe. >> that they are trying to insulate their son. >> from kind michael shoar reporting tonight. coming up next. >> love wrap and now she's got her own hot sauce. what major company, megan the stallion is partnering with for this new launch that's very tasty.
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
>> so popeye's is taking its spy seizing to a new level by bringing in hip-hop to zip across your taste the fast food cajun style chicken place added hip-hop artist megan, the stallion to raise some taste to its menu. the hot sauce is called. >> megan the stallion's hote the sauce. it will pair up with its iconic chicken sandwich and brand new nuggets. the grammy award-winning artists, who is also a popeye's franchise owner is co-branded with some merchandise for a limited time collection. so what point do we see the d. >> on the menu. i mean that
8:57 pm
the bikini is right there. so you can see that like bike. >> spicy chili or like spicy. >> oh, no. i feel like they already have i don't know. i feel like one of the items on menus already naked chicken. >> so put some of that body. saw some didn't go well with that. >> very tasty. got it right out. >> goes in the alright. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at a get megan, the stallion's going to come and deliver them to us right here on kron. 4 news. i mean, make some calls. make this happen do do that.
8:58 pm
don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. we have know you thought. you know, he was so we were just really, really shocked that would happen. >> no. at 9. campbell family says that they are scared to let their cat roam free after they say they found out that someone shot with a pellet gun during a routine out. that's where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at non, thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall. the family says that their cat isn't the only one in the area that appears to have been also justine waldman, kron president harry spoke to the family about their captain why they're confident that the shooting. >> happened really close to their home.


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