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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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from the bay. area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> no, it's 6 o'clock. do you know this man pleasant hill. police say they need your help, trying to find him in connection to a brutal stabbing. that's where we start this saturday here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. thanks for the time. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. kron 4 served all reports that left a 23 year-old man badly injured. >> pleasant hill police putting a face to the description of a man who allegedly chased and stabbed him and wednesday night. crime was country just in severe and spiraled out of control very quickly was some bad decisions
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made that escalated into something that it didn't need to be sergeant david down says that around 1030 that night. at least 3 people in what was believed to be an older model white four-door passenger side. >> driving down the 3,000 block of putnam boulevard through 8 to 3 skate boarders passing by downs says the eventual 23 year-old victim through something back, hitting the car and that's when the driver jumped out ran after attack to receive several stab wounds from the edge instrument. he went immediately into surgery. fortunately after the victim was hospitalized. he was stabilized and is expected to survive. his serious injuries things look like they might be escalating walk away. mayor susan, no act pleading for the public to maintain control in the situations it aybar's with potentially helpful surveillance video come forward maybe people have heard through friends about
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people that may have been involved sergent downs sharing a vague description of the driver white male late teens or early 20's. >> about 5, 8, with a stocky build. he's short for shorter. >> dirty blonde hair and a lot to answer for in pleasant hill phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, kron four's learning new details about an officer shooting that happened yesterday afternoon in milpitas. it happened just before 4 o'clock in an area near the milpitas square shopping center. investigators say officers were trying to pull over a stolen car. they say the driver inside then started firing at officers. that's when officers then fired back hitting the driver after locking himself inside of that car. police managed to eventually pull him out and taken to a nearby hospital to get treated for injuries. investigators say that none of the officers involved were hurt by those gunshots. neither were bystanders. so far investigators have not released any other details about the suspect at this point. but we will be staying
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in contact with milpitas police as they investigate this. meanwhile in the east bay, the alameda police department says that they have. cops getting more ghost guns from friday night. not much details have been released about exactly where they were able to find this latest batch other than that, they were found in the hands of criminals in the community. >> alameda police also need your help. identifying this person here who they say may have information linked to a shooting that happened on friday night around 11 and santa clara avenue. they're asking anyone who may know who this person is to contact the alameda police department. he immediately. and in the east bay. another rally was held today for a man killed by an fbi agent last month. family and friends of jonathan cortez gathering today in downtown oakland. >> demanding answers for exactly what happened that day. kron four's gayle on. was there. she's live tonight in the newsroom with their message tonight. yeah.
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>> jonathan justine, the shoe didn't have the shooting happened almost one month ago and family members say there are still unanswered questions. >> family and friends of jonathan cortez rallied in downtown oakland saturday afternoon with a list of demands. cortez was shot and killed by an fbi agent in east oakland last month. the fbi says an agent shot cortez on september 13 shortly before 03:30pm. the incident happened on fruitvale avenue. federal authorities say cortes was armed and wanted for several warrants. i love my brother. i will never get to see this person ever my life. and you guys stole dearly loved family members are demanding answers as to what led up to the shooting. still have not answer from them says is not the person involved into the released video >> we want answer. that was not a deal to be released. i
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want to know we were really want is for them to release the names of the agents that did it. >> released the names of a to give a family piece earlier this month. the fbi released a statement saying in part, quote. >> we do not comment on an fbi agent status the review process is thorough objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances. >> and we reached out to the fbi for any updates but have not yet heard back. the oakland police department and the alameda county district attorney's office are also investigating this case in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much. gail. let's talk now about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at the city of san francisco. what a gorgeous day. >> warm out there. sunny. but it's going to look a lot different. i mean, are we actually talking. >> rain like actual rain. not like soar sprinkles or drizzle. measurable rain, something we haven't seen in
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these parts of the whole long, a real long time kron four's mabrisa rodriguez tracking the temperatures for us. that is on the way along with the fire danger as well. yeah, let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. still in the 70's along the coast and east bay shoreline. >> with low to mid 80's as you make your way inland. but half moon. bay, 68 degrees. not a bad way for your fall forecast in just start off your work. 1st half of the weekend. but by tomorrow things are going to look a lot different. so what a difference 24 going to make. we're going to see a stronger sea breeze and also out in the pacific northwest. there is a storm that is going to inch its way closer to the bay area arriving earlier than expected. so future cast for let's timeout this storm hour by hour because yes, i'm actually going to use the r word rain with this storm light to moderate showers arriving. for those of you in the north bay as early as 3 o'clock in the afternoon. rest
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of the bay area going to remain dry. but you could see those storm bands inching closer to the coast for everyone else in the bay area that storm track going to shift to the south and east heading into the san francisco peninsula by around 5 o'clock for your early sunday evening. still dry for most of the east bay and south bay. but then that storm track is going to shift further east shortly before 7 o'clock sunday night making its way not just in to the south bay, but also into the east bay until we start to dry out and clear out and we are going to see measurable rain with this about a quarter of an inch of rain or less higher amounts than what i was projecting last night when i was on air. but taking a look ahead. cooler drier air mass and 2 to 3 waves of storms making its way into the bay area by the 2nd half of next week. just seen, jonathan, we could see up 2 inches of rain. more my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. sounds promising thanks to recent. coming up tonight here
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during kron 4 news at 6. we've got an update on the wildfires that are burning across the state. >> including the u.s. try to fire. that's in santa cruz. where some of activation orders have been lifted tonight. >> we'll tell you exactly where. >> plus, we'll also hear from folks in lake tahoe still recovering from the caldor fire as they try to. welcome back tourists for ski season.
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>> a live look tonight at
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highway 50 toward lake tahoe after the devastating caldor fire ripped through the area earlier this year. folks are now starting to trickle back in. but for some folks opening back up isn't even an option just yet. >> crush paulson got reports that many beloved resorts and tourist destinations will be closed for the foreseeable future. highway 50 is seeing a return of travelers. but some staples remain closed. it's pretty sad. the entrance to sierra at tahoe being one of them due to the devastation caused by the caldor fire. the resort could be off limits for some time. one of the kind >> i've been going here my whole life resort. officials say they have been working nonstop to repair the damage. but there are major challenges ahead. august caldor fire which nears full containment destroyed over 1000 structures and was thought to have burned around the resort, but it caused enough damage for sierra at tahoe to enter the season with uncertainty and a social media post. the ski resort told us loyal
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customers. >> they are uncertain of how much of that rain will reopen r the fire damage trees and cheerless part of the statement reading. we're not giving up, nor are we backing down from the challenge. but we want you to know what we know our intention is to keep moving forward and to open what we can when we can to welcome you back to sierra the season. she was a lot nights where i was a great church is going to be there in the morning. loyal customers understand the safety concerns, but they also worry about the impact it will have on their favor employees who won't be able to make a living. you know, if people can make money or they can move that's not good for you know, is a community, but they're hoping to help in any way whether resort grounds and logistics are being worked on. one thing is certain those customers are looking forward to reopening that are going to make it back up there. he's a little out of practice or not leave in. and i know there's a lot of people that >> love this resort. >> and i hope you've enjoyed
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today's warm forecast. it could be the last if not one of the last warm days. we're going to see in 2021 tomorrow, though. we're going to drop 10 to 20 degrees from today's daytime highs and tracking one of several storms arriving tomorrow continuing thro
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>> not a lot of our coverage tonight where the u.s. try to fire burning south of the santa cruz has now consumed 83 acres so far. but officials
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say they are making steady progress at this point it's 25% contained and evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas. kron four's camila barco has been speaking to fire officials today about how this fire may have gotten out of control. >> crews have made progress on start a fire. the lights are back on in the area and firefighters have gained ground. fighting these flames on the ground. and up above using all their resources to contain the u.s. drought. a fire in santa cruz. >> fire trucks and helicopters are pouring water on the flames burning near hazel dell and hitting canyon road just north west a watsonville. the fire started friday after cal fire conducted a calm and controlled prescribed burn officials say normally they go planned 9 members of the time. these things go off without a hitch. no problems get out of control. they don't jump our containment lines. >> but this time the flames jumped a containment line and spread beyond their control.
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>> so we had a spot fire that got outside of our primary control that basically it outpaced our resources that we had assigned the unit. chief for the area says friday's weather was ideal to go on with the prescribed burn and it was an ideal situation for us to be able to get good consumption of the fuel and we just had this mishap calfire order homeowners in the cargo area to evacuate as a precaution. >> as of saturday afternoon. the order has been reduced to a warning. the summit area is. >> no longer under an evacuation warning cal fire reports no homes or structures are damaged and just an update. santa cruz county opened an evacuation site for people at core leaders community center. however, officials have closed that site. >> in santa cruz camila barco kron 4 news get. >> here's a look at some of the other fires we're following across the state tonight starting with the campy complex fires burning in the sequoia and kings canyon
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national parks. the latest numbers there show that fire officials now show that the fire has now burned some 88,000 acres and is 55% contained. meanwhile, the caldor fire is getting closer to complete containment tonight. it is 98% contained and has burned more than 221,000 acres. the monument fire right now has burned more than 223,000 acres and is 94% contained while the envelope fire is now at 95% containment with more than 145,000 acres burned the dixie fire is that 94% containment as well. so far this fire has burned more than 964,000 acres since it started 3 months ago. >> well, turns out that the woolsey fire did more destruction than originally thought when it scorched parts of malibu in 2018 soil samples taken immediately following the fire show radioactive particles ended up in neighborhoods from 1000 oaks to simi valley. the study was
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conducted by scientists who examined environmental disasters. they found that the radioactive waste came from the santa susanna field lab. a former boeing testing site that partially burned down during the fire. the study contradicts an earlier report by the state's department of toxic substance control which stated that no toxic chemicals were released from the lab. the fire burned more than 97,000 acres and destroyed more than 1600 homes and structures. and right now on kron, 4 dot com. you can find a lot more information to get you ready for fire season. so just scan this qr code on your screen right now with your mobile device and you'll be taken to the special section on our website. you can learn everything you need to know. but some rain is in the forecast which we're hoping my put an end to this year's fire season. it's looking promising. it's good. and everybody drops a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. >> let's talk more about that along with our evening forecast as well. is here to break it all down on what's
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the way in tracking the timing of those storms yeah, i am so happy. just seen in jonathan, because we're going to have several storms. >> that is going to bring above average rain next week throughout the state of california. so all those fire stories, all i keep thinking is hopefully the showers will help firefighters. >> completely put out those devastating yildfires throughout our golden state live look outside those absolutely beautiful day out there in the bay area, warm temperatures but not too hot, not too cold. just right in just the way we like it for early fall but radar for tracking some changes out in the horizon, out in the pacific northwest tracking our first storm on sunday bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and even rain and snow showers to this year could see up to 6 inches of snow for the sierra through monday. but taking a look as we fast forward on wednesday, another band of rain, not just staying put in the north bay but extending in shifting southward for the rest of the bay area. but the main event
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will arrive next week and the 24th and 25th of october by friday night and even through saturday morning we're tracking showers and then again, saturday night through sunday could see an atmospheric river influence with this storm that could bring gusts almost 3 inches of rain when it is all said and done until we finally start to dry out and clear out by monday night. we certainly need the wet weather and it looks like it's definitely heading our way temperatures out there right now. 70's and 80's 68 degrees for half moon bay but low temperatures tonight in the low to mid 50's a little bit cooler for those of you in the north bay valleys cooling down into the 40's. but then it 10 to even possible 20 degree drop 60's 70's for our daytime highs. should be in the low to mid and upper 70's this time of year. but i certainly love all the rain icons haven't use them in a while. not showers
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but rain and find they're looking a little grind. you know, hopefully remember how to use an umbrella because we're going to need it. i'm glad i got our pumpkin patch on today because. >> rainy next weekend. yeah. good job just and of thanks so much. lisa. thanks. we'll be right back. to one.
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students do not read grade level 8 of the bottom 10 districts are in northern california. that includes districts in san mateo, santa clara sonoma, alameda and contra costa counties. some of these districts report as reporting as low as 18% of their students reading at or above grade level. it's part of an effort to put more books into the hands of young kids. one bay area author is now looking to give away a 1000 copies of her book. it's called chocolate covered courage with blessings on top in ames to connect with young readers on a personal level. >> the illustrations are yet the characters are related. all. >> they get to see. >> characters who looked like his by then and even re act by them become the heroes of their own i have encouraged to make good choices even when it's scary and uncomfortable, which we all can relate to. it. and when that connection is made between reader in their it was their self and since i'm working us.
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>> the books are sold at barnes and noble and a target. but if you would like to help cooper donate a 1000 copies to students across california could actually help her through her go fund me. it's called for the joy of reading. >> a kitten is safe and sound after authorities rescued along an interstate in north texas today the fort worth police department released this video showing several officers approaching the frightened kitten which had backed itself away over some greats along the very busy highway. an officer manages there to grab the cad and pass it on to animal control. was soothing the feline in places and into a ventilated container. the kitten was then taken to a nearby animal care and control center. either will be reunited with its owner or get a new home. now let's go to a zoo in washington state that's getting into the halloween spirit. a family. what bottom for pumpkins at the point defiance zoo and aquarium in
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tacoma. this video was shared by the zoo and it shows the said a pond filled with small pumpkins middle. and on that tiny orange fruit in the post. the zoo wrote gore times with the adorable family. their names are walnut, but a net and the mic. they got their pumpkin patch on to today. and in the low. gordon times gored like the gore good, good. >> so creative. thank you for joining us here. during proper news at 6 o'clock were gored. times are ahead during primetime coverage tonight. see
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come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> now on inside california politics the golden state leading the way with several first in the nation laws, including a ban on stealthing at the there want justice for victims that i really want prevent jaime. but you know this many victims stray this issue assembly member cristina garcia on that law and others she often could stimulus checks be causing trouble for the economy. >> the biggest risks in our economy today are really standing directly from the economists chris thorburn on what he's seen both here in california and in washington. broadcasting across the golden


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