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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight at 10 of accusation orders for some santa cruz residents tonight as crews try to get a growing vegetation fire under control. good
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evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan ken wayne has the night off. we begin tonight with those evacuation orders and the warnings conference grant lotus joins us now in the studio with more on the fire that. >> began because firefighters started grant. yeah. it's it's scary. you know, these fight these fire breaks are set up all around these prescribed burns in the prescribed burns are meant to reduce fire danger, high. >> but it's not an exact science. and you can have a wind gusts that it jumped containment lines and all of a sudden they were scrambling. and this thing quickly got out of control. this is in santa cruz county fire burning in this area. and here's where the mandatory evacuation orders are the red shaded areas indicate areas under a mandatory evacuation order the yellow is just an evacuation warning. those folks are told to be ready to go at a moment's notice. yeah. if you know folks in this area,
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chances are they've already been told but hey, give him a call them a text, make sure they know what is happening just in case the wind shift tonight. the county has just announced that there will not be any additional evacuation orders or warnings tonight. so they feel pretty confident that they've gotten a handle on this thing as the evening has progressed. they're calling it the u.s. try to fire. it started late this afternoon. here's a time lapse showing the smoke it's between watsonville and morgan hill, right above hazel dell road. it's near highway one 52 that's the biggest thoroughfare in the area in the mounted on a region thick black smoke and some light smoke could be seen rising high into the sky cal fire czu sending equipment aircraft to try to get this thing contained so 150 acres have burned. cal fire says it started again because of a scheduled prescribed burn an intentional fire that cal fire set to try to reduce fuel in the area. good news tonight. the fire, they say has died
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down and the later evening hours and they do have fire retardant around the entirety of the flames so they don't expect it to really take off tonight. but again, you never know crews are out there working through the night. they're hoping for the best. of course, the red cross has established an evacuation center. it's at the core leaders community center here. 35 browns valley road in corley dose which is north of watsonville, but certainly some tense times tonight in santa cruz county catharine pam, back to you. thank you very much. grant. and of course, we've been monitoring weather conditions. we're looking live. meantime over san francisco. >> and our meteorologists my because is here with the forecast through the weekend and more on the fire weather ariza. yeah. let's take a look at the strada fire conditions right now near watsonville. we are tracking. >> cooler temperatures and fortunately calmer winds back in the single digits. pretty calm. 3 mile per hour
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sustained winds. we did see a gust just an hour ago winds out of the north-northeast classic textbook offshore wind pattern at 20 miles per hour. so those calmer winds certainly great news for firefighters that's going to continue even through tomorrow afternoon. wind speeds going to shift a little bit. but fortunately stay in the single digits. the bad news is, though, we are going to get a repeat of today's weather pattern. very warm in the watsonville area. mid 80's. that's going to continue today low to mid 80's for tomorrow as well. and we are tracking overall very warm dry conditions. and it looks like this is going to be one of our last 2 days of warm dry weather in the bay area because we are tracking rain heading our way. but from now until then, watch out for those poor air particle smoke and haze from the start of fire and even the alice all fire in santa barbara county could stream through the bay area moderate air particles
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expected for the coast and east bay shoreline wouldn't be surprised if it even extends into the south bay as well. just because of fire is in santa cruz county, but radar for very dry weather pattern out there, but relief and much needed rain in sight we are seeing is storm out in the pacific northwest. going to bring us some showers for us here in the bay area. let's take a look at this latest model run not just for the north and the bay area coastline. but even extending into the east bay valleys and the south bay. it is going to be short lived. very light. scattered showers really just tracking about a 10th of an inch of rain. but it is going to shift east bringing some rain and snow showers to the sierra. and here's a look at this wet pattern that will continue for the 2nd half of next week. wednesday. we're tracking some rain that is starting to shift south for the rest of the bay area. so it's not just looking like a north bay storm on wednesday as i fast forward to next saturday, the 24th and 25th of
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october saturday morning through saturday afternoon. we are going to see wet weather returning so actual rain and then here's a sneak peek of the atmospheric river that could make its way into the bay area. i know pam and catherine, very excited right now looking at the models. they can't believe that. but here it is so far we're seeing the showers extending sunday even into monday morning monday afternoon by monday night. it's going to make its way out of the bay area. i for 01:00am so excited. finally rain really putting an end to our fire season. so this is great news with all these fires sparking everywhere and has fairly early to i mean, relatively speaking very early. we usually start seeing storms arriving with our wet season. not really starting to halloween. so the fact that it's about a week or 2 early. hey, we'll take it. we deserve it after this lackluster wet season we had earlier this we need every drop. yeah. thanks a priest. >> in the south bay water
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customers could be charged drought fees next month. if they go over the water, use allotments. this comes as santa clara county is facing extreme drought conditions. >> san jose water has notified the public. the company wants customers to reduce their usage by 15% force. gayle ong has more. >> we're asking people because we don't know what the winter this winter wilber's ski with santa and the water says the company has notified customers about mandatory water conservation rules that includes fees to the average home uses 10 units of so unit >> under you be able to it's 15% of 8 units a month. so basically used over your allocation. you'll be charged $7.13 on friday. the company filed a request fo the california public utilities commission. >> to authorize the water
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shortage contingency plan that will implement drought surcharge is >> don't water the laws as frequently. >> san jose water customers james and monique harris receive those messages. we have much >> double garden this summer because we knew that we would be able to water just much, especially tomatoes. they take so much hotter. and we're also making sure every load at the dishwasher of the washing machine is completely will enter the water provides drinking water to about 1 million customers in the south bay. >> 50% of the water supply is provided by the santa clara valley water district its wholesale provider. the other half comes from the santa clara groundwater basin and the santa cruz mountains as the region deals with another extreme drought. customers are asked to cut down on usage. how tell your nation we asked people to only water twice a week for only 15 minutes. >> you know, in the evening, 10:00pm to we asked people not
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to wash their cars in the driveway. harris's say they are not worried about extra water fees that. >> is not the reason we're trying to cut back its we need to do that, especially if we don't have a lot of >> year. >> san jose water will hold a public hearing on october 28. and if its proposed rules are approved by the state. they will take effect mid november here in los gatos. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> fell high school's varsity football team is celebrating a win tonight. but they're doing that without their head coach earlier this week he tested positive for covid. he is now quarantining. we know one other member of the team tested positive. but meantime, coach justin allen by says he's fully vaccinated. the team is following all county safety protocols and parents say the school has been doing a good job of protecting the students and keeping them informed. i think that's cool. >> in mike's experience. so far. they've done a great job of just managing it and they do a good job of communication
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and they do a good job of having testing available for anybody that needs it. >> the coach says he's doesn't have any symptoms. he's doing fine. and clearly from the wind tonight. so was the team. >> a developing story tonight that we're following a school walkout is planned across the state for monday. it is organized for parents who are choosing to rally against vaccine mandates for school children. news of monday's walkout has circulated on social media from orange county up to redding. the statewide protests is the latest move by parents and voters who are dissatisfied with both on campus mask-wearing and vaccine mandates in california schools. we have reached out to school districts around the bay area about any possible disruptions here. we will keep you posted on their response. an fda panel says the johnson and johnson covid booster could be beneficial for some people. and that's just a day after approving a lower dose moderna booster shot for some
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americans. >> so far booster shots have only been approved for people in certain categories like people over 65 people with weakened immune systems and those who work in high-risk environments this week president biden said the country has a strong supply of vaccines. >> we're going to continue protecting them vaccination if they authorized the boosters, which would be strictly made based on the science. that decision will be based on the science me all 3 vaccines will be available for bush. >> that same panel is still debating whether people who qualify for boosters can mix and match the brands now that the johnson and johnson booster has been recommended. it will be up to the cdc to decide who qualifies for the boosters. 2 bay area counties are crediting drops in covid infections and hospitalizations for being able to start easing some restrictions. those new guidelines went into effect today.
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>> that's right, catherine. some people had mixed feelings about easing. the masking rules. but starting today masha no longer need to be worn in gyms offices religious gatherings and college classes in san francisco and marin counties. this, of course, is only allowed where vaccinations are verified. everybody is fully vaccinated access to the facility is controlled and there is a stable group of less than 100 people present in san francisco. some of the people exercising inside fitness centers around the city did continue to wear their mask today. but most people working out where we went today chose not to wear them. >> i feel pretty good about you know, it's been a long year and it's been while since we've, you know, not be able to wear a mask of the gemini feel pretty safe about it. i'm still going to wear them. i think we still have, you know, cases here in the city. >> marin county is also easing mask requirements. starting today. it is now following the same rules as san francisco
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and contra. costa county says that it will begin lifting its mask mandate starting next month in berkeley workers at some businesses will now have to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated that applies to employees at restaurants and bars and at theaters also gyms and other fitness studios and the rule also applies to workers at any indoor event with more than a 1000 people and all public and private child care facilities. catherine. >> thanks, pam. and for your help this holiday season. the cdc is reminding people to stay safe over the holidays, including the obvious for minders get vaccinated. get the booster shot. if you're eligible and if there are young children who are not yet eligible for shot. keep them around. people who are vaccinated, people with weak immune system should continue to wear masks and keep their distance from other people when that's possible. >> still ahead on kron 4 news tonight at 10 restaurant week
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is bad. how you can help local restaurants recover from the pandemic. well, saving yourself some money on some great meals. also the u.s. will soon reopen its borders to travelers what those visitors will mean before
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in oakland and ac transit bus crashed into a home today after it was hit by a stolen car. >> the driver of that car was leading police on a chase police say everybody on the bus is okay tonight. but the 4
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suspects in the stolen car were taken to the hospital. one of them has major injuries. the stolen car was a silver toyota. the oakland police department is investigating that crash. >> there's some promising news about bart's south bay extension. officials say it is still on track to open in 9 years. so no time soon. but the santa clara valley transportation authority is expected to issue its first big construction contracts for next summer for tunneling and track work. bart says the 6 mile extension into san jose could cost nearly 7 billion dollars. it will include 4 new stations. most of the work is expected to be completed by 2028 with a targeted opening in 2030, restaurant week is back in san francisco starting today for the next 10 days. you can stop at more than 150 restaurants which are participating. >> it is some of the best dining in the world. of course, you're a mexican restaurant. chinese barbecue
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just about anything you can imagine. and there are also both indoor and outdoor options. the event is officially called eat drink sf 2021 the extraordinary series of events pairs dining with the option of diners being able to get a bargain. all of the proceeds go to the participating restaurants. laurie thomas is with the golden gate restaurant association. >> jake has of, you know, yesterday there was like a 163 restaurant. so it's really a diverse set of restaurants throughout san francisco and we're super excited to have 5 or 6 from the bay view to have over 20 from chinatown. many from the tenderloin, including the last casino market place. i'm so i'm i'm representing that the whole golden gate restaurant association community and we sponsor this door open table is our reservations sponsor for it. and then i have my 2 best. not to mention towards on roads as cafe and we do appreciate menu. but i want to say lunch options and dinner options. so
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it's super broad what people can go experience. >> thomas mention the industry. if course is still grappling with the pandemic affects. and that's even more reason to have this event this fall she recommends making a recommend a reservation and making sure that you notice the vaccine mandate for each particular restaurant. again, the event runs through october. the 24th. >> today marks the end of hispanic heritage month. we want to send off the celebration with a drink that's right. a famous texas base vodka brand is helping communities. one cocktail at a time. but marino shows us. >> there's so much going on downtown right. everyone wants to be where the action is. folk-pop petito sign and waltz in looking for something to wet their whistle. but instead they find a cause that fills their hearts were very passionate about that and have some some great years left he doses a merchandise store filled with t shirts hats and of course, some austin flare. so 100% of the net proceeds.
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that from every purchase go back to or nonprofit organizations that we support central texas native zack flores is the left heaters national philanthropic program manager love which is our. >> philanthropic arm of the dedicated to turn spirits and to love and goodness, flores says his mexican american upbringing led to this calling. >> having that strength. powerful woman and you really. really hope shape and shift the way that you see the world. i was always raised to. >> care for others that are less fortunate la familia was his compass. his tight knit family showed him how hard work and determination coupled with compassion could change things for the better. another local favorite of ours. the man said pat now florida's serves on the board of i live here. i give here and volunteers. the causes closest to him include providing fresh food to low income
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neighborhoods supporting local musicians and shelter animals and encouraging other latinos to dream helping provide any sort of. >> resources that i can to uplift the next generation of latino leaders lot is it's encouraging that next generation to become civically active is more important than ever now that he is a dad. >> his son, phoenix is 8 months old is the greatest achievement of my life. i think i'm most excited knowing that i have the opportunity to shape >> innocent life into hopefully a powerful community leader. but until then he says people can make a difference. now, one sip might just change a life with. >> the support of of our fans and following we could you know, expand and provide impact together in our communities. >> as hispanic heritage month comes to an end kron on kron 4 honoring the latino culture here in the bay area sunday
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night. we're going to take a look at the history of the mission district, the low rider culture even begin to some modern mexican cuisine to an end or hispanic heritage special with our own camila barco sunday night at 6.30. coming up on kron, 4 news at 10 richmond's police chief is on leave after her daughter accused her of physical abuse. >> but tonight her attorney says the allegations are false and the teenager's boyfriend could be to blame. >> plus, serious charges that the leader of california's largest state workers union wife. she is facing possible jail time.
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>> the united states will officially reopen its borders to vaccinated travelers on november. the 8th the move should expand travel options for those who have gotten their vaccines. a local leaders up lot of that move this week saying it will help a lot of local economies. >> reporter sour vera has more from san diego. >> now that we have a date for the end of the border restrictions. november 8th. there are still a lot of questions that remain, especially in regards to children and how the vaccination requirements will work. like every morning, even throughout the pandemic with the border restrictions in place people stream out of the pedestrian side of the san ysidro port of entry into the u.s. to go to work school for doctors appointments and other
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essential reasons they have not been able to cross the border to go shopping or to simply go for a visit. but on november 8th the restrictions are scheduled to end travelers arriving through ports of entry via rail and ferry will have to prove they are fully vaccinated. if asked by customs and border protection agent in only 7 vaccines approved by the world health organization will be allowed children from mexico will likely not be able to cross the border into the u.s. since almost no one under 18 has been vaccinated in mexico. as for business owners, just north of the border in towns like san ysidro, california. they are happy the restrictions are finally coming to an end. but some have concerns about whether shoppers from mexico will in fact return in big numbers. one store manager told border report a lot of people in mexico are hurting and the
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peso is very weak against the dollar and that could hurt their sales at the cash register salvador rivera border report. >> coming up next after the break, we're going to take another look at this chart of fire. how fire crews are doing right now and what's happening with the evacuation orders. also the los gatos school district responding. now to recent allegations of wild drunken parties hosted by a local mother. what they are saying about the alleged incidents. and later, why the leader of california's biggest labor union is facing possible prison time. those stories and more with kron. 4 news returns. >> and i'm also tracking your warm micro-climate saturday outlook and your full 10 at 10 outlook after the break. stay tune.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> we continue to follow breaking news out of santa cruz county. that's where this brush fire has forced evacuations. they are calling this the u.s. try to fire. it started late this afternoon between watsonville and morgan hill above hazel dell road near highway one 52 thick black smoke could be seen rising high into the sky today. >> so far 150 acres have burned and cal fire says this all began because of a scheduled prescribed burn earlier in the day. and it got out of control. >> and in santa barbara county
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highway one o won along the god of to coastline has reopened in both directions. now that follows is closure because of the alice all fire of the fire has burned nearly 17,000 acres. it is 41% contained. the railway parallel to one o one that has reopened amtrak's pacific surfliner and the coast starlight. they are expected to resume service in both directions 3 homes have been destroyed, including one abandoned house and a mobile home. but firefighters have been able to protect hundreds of other buildings. >> stunning video from the san joaquin valley of the knp complex fire. this is burning in sequoia and kings canyon national parks containment has jumped to 45% after nearly 1500 firefighters responded to the fire. the flames have charred some 88,000 acres. and sadly this fire has scorched at least 2 of the giant
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sequoia groves. all right. let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. we're hoping for some better weather than not down these fires. this is a live look tonight at sfo. it looks pretty clear and kron. first meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez and in fact, you have been talking about the chances of rain yeah, not just any rain but a possible atmospheric river next weekend. the 24th and 25th of october. >> going to see that stormed are opening not just for the bay area but most of california getting above average rain by the middle of this upcoming week. so hopefully that will help put out all of the fires raging not just throughout the golden state but even nearby fires in the west. but let's take a look at current fire conditions right now where the u.s. dropped a fire is burning near watsonville 61 degrees and still tracking very dry conditions even at this 10 o'clock hour, 35% relative humidity. fortunately though tracking calmer wind speeds
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sustained at 3 miles per hour. and only going to see wind gusts 5 miles per hour or less throughout tomorrow morning and afternoon. but the one thing we have to watch out for the warm and dry conditions throughout the 1st half of the weekend. >> going remain in the low to mid 80's throughout watsonville. and that's going to keep relative humidity in the single digits. impossible teens throughout most of your saturday morning and afternoon. but let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge looking absolutely spectacular out there this evening because of that lack of blanket of cloud cover. and if you love today's forecast, you're going to love tomorrow. this is going to really be the last warm day of 2021. so get out and enjoy it. downtown san francisco 78 degrees. nearly 10 degrees above average for your saturday afternoon. winds going to see more of a northerly flow. but it is going to shift. thanks for that cool sea breeze returning later in the afternoon, early evening hours, half moon bay in daly city still going to
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warm up into the mid 70's with low 80's for millbrae and burlingame. mid 80's apiece for san mateo and san carlos paulo out a little bit cooler at 77 degrees. but very pleasant temperatures nonetheless, not too hot, not too cold. a little bit toasty for those of you in santa clara in milpitas in the low 90's mid 80's for those of you in san jose. so wind speeds. fortunately working in our favor even with these above average temperatures. remember, we're going to be 5 to 15 degrees above normal for saturday. but luckily wind speeds 15 miles per hour or less with livermore at 87 degrees union city in the upper 80's at 88 degrees with the renda and moraga 8283 degrees of peace for you there. but we're seeing mid 80's for benicia and allay and nevado 88 degrees with no valley in the low 80. so still tracking some pretty warm temperatures. but then look at that drop by sunday into monday, sunday. we're dropping
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10 to 15 degrees from saturday's daytime highs and then we're going to cool down an additional 5 to 10 degrees on monday as sunday storm bringing a slight rain will be behind a very cool dry air mass on monday. but we're going to see some widespread light scattered sunday night. a little sneak peek of what's to come because yeah, finally get to show off these rain icons that i haven't used in quite a yeah. i had a clean them up a thank you, >> oakland police have released new video and they hope it will help catch the killer of a 15 year-old girl who was murdered last wednesday. she was a passenger and her uncle scar police say somebody in another car began shooting kron four's, haaziq madyun has that story. >> this is senseless and we need to get together and find out who did this. a desperate plea from the mother of 15 year-old shamar young asking people to get involved to help solve her daughter's murder.
10:36 pm
>> now someone has come forward and gave police surveillance video of a car suspected to have been used in last wednesday's road rage shooting city councilmember noel guile says this is an important first step in solving a crime like this. but it's not the last step. >> the videos are available, but we as a community need to step forth and be willing to testify or to identify the individuals that are committing the crime. this is a photo of the recent memorial celebrating the life of shamara young bowl fremont high school in the east oakland, bad crop avenue, location of the suspected road rage incident or the councilmember geils district. he says it is common for his office to receive videos of crimes. but. >> finds that help from the community. often there. i received photos and videos. many thais matter of fact, even. >> an hour ago i was confronted here at the bar station and there i'm a
10:37 pm
grandma explaining to me or telling me what is happening across from her home, but she doesn't want to get involved or are, you know, single people out. oakland police investigators describe the vehicle with the video as an early 2000 silver 2 door honda accord council member says he hopes this tragic loss of life will inspire more people to come forward. >> it tell police investigators what they know about other crimes in oakland. we know who did it. we got to be able to identify the individuals that are committing the crime. anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police department homicide section at the number you see on the screen. has it made kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay to back to back collisions resulted in a death and kept eastbound ignacio valley road at oak grove in walnut creek closed for 5 hours. that was said this morning. police say there was a car that crashed into a sound wall and afterwards. the
10:38 pm
driver reportedly got out of his car and then wandered into the road where he was hit and killed by another car. one neighbor says he is not surprised to see car wrecks on that very busy road problem is that there are a lot of speed on the admission by the road. >> and they don't keep that road. they race. >> and they don't keep the speed limit at all. >> the eastbound lanes were tied up again. it was about 5 hours. police finally took down the yellow tape around noon. the walnut creek police department is investigating. they don't know why that man walked into the road, for example. but they say there was no evidence of this being a dui. the attorney representing a richmond police chief piece of french and her husband say says that the abuse allegations made against them by their daughter are false. >> he describes the couple is to caring parents simply trying to help and rehabilitate their daughter who the attorney says was turned into a by her boyfriend. how forcefully to
10:39 pm
got reports. >> not just a person. he's a very bad person. my range is describing 33 year-old joe goldman, the boyfriend of richmond police chief besa french's 18 year-old daughter rains represents chief french and her husband lee french who was a sergeant with the oakland police department. both are currently on administrative leave while under investigation for allegedly abusing their daughter and making death threats to goldman and his mother in an attempt to break their daughter free from goldman. he can turn. >> what at a 17 year-old outstanding scholar student straight a student magnet. kamala d graduate from high school. can turn her into a street in a matter of months earlier this week goldman was arrested and charged with felony pimping and has been convicted of human trafficking in the past. >> in court documents, the french's daughter says her
10:40 pm
parents made her bleed in an attempt to stage an intervention at their richmond home last month before allegedly making death threats at goldman's mother's home in solano county, the next day rains disputes that that's idiotic it absolutely not true. >> it was no doubt a product of mister goldman are whatever name he wants to go by on any given day. but he's the one we suspect who wrote all this rain says his clients are expected to meet with investigators next week and provide their own statements. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> the los gatos are told the union high school district is responding to allegations that a local mother hosted secret parties for teenagers in that community parties that involved alcohol and the school district are released a statement it's as important and part. it is important to note that we take the topic of underage drinking very
10:41 pm
seriously and work continuously to promote awareness and dialogue in our classrooms and our community. they say parents and families also play a crucial role in setting clear expectations for the behavior of young people and monitoring their activities only together. the district says can we effectively address social issues such as substance, abuse. >> the leader of california's largest labor union is facing possible prison time former california s e i u leader alma hernandez and her husband were booked into the sacramento county jail today. they are both accused of tax fraud and embezzlement. kron four's. ashley zavala explains what could be next for the couple. >> and so my within a matter of days i had none. this went from leading california's largest workers union to being booked into the sacramento county jail following an arraignment friday. the former executive director of california's service employees international union and her husband jose moscoso were taken into custody. adnan this
10:42 pm
and moscoso each face multiple felony charges including tax fraud, embezzlement and perjury. the state attorney general's office says an investigation found the couple underreported their income by more than one 0.4 million dollars over the span of 5 years in the criminal complaint filed earlier this week. investigators said adnan this also misused a political fundraising account to pay her husband for work. he did not do >> the couple's attorney, jeffrey tsai would not answer questions as he walked out of the courthouse friday as of late friday afternoon adnan this had been released from jail online records show her husband is ineligible for bail at none. this has resigned from her role as california. >> which represents more than 700,000 workers across the state. in a statement the unions council said in part it is deeply concerned by the allegations and is doubling down on efforts to ensure all officers and staff at here to the highest level of ethical and financial conduct the couple's next hearing is set for november 9th in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> next in sports, the giants season might be over. but that was my take away from all the incredible memories. they gave us this year. we will relive some of the biggest moments from the best regular seas
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the golden state warriors are undefeated in pre season for the first time ever. yeah.
10:46 pm
it's just preseason. i know. but still, it's not a bad thing. the dubs said their final dress rehearsal tonight in portland. so let's check out the action. steph curry, of course, starting at point guard the jobs are actually down 7 before just get the ball. the staff to check this out. he sinks one from way downtown chef curry was cooking tonight. 2nd half action. >> nails that rate and one this time curry finished with 41 points, the dubs would run away with it. 4th quarter, though, jordan poole with the handles lays it in and draws the foul. keep an eye on poole. he is in for a breakout season at the 2 spot, the worst defeat, the trail blazers who are without damian lillard one 1997 the final and let's stick with hoops game 3 of the w nba finals tonight. the phoenix mercury in chicago sky tied up at one apiece 5th year guard kaliyah copper takes herself makes the bucket
10:47 pm
and one copper was outstanding. she finished with 22 points. i want to be likely a copper when i grow up she is of beats down 22 a 3rd quarter. brittney griner trying to keep her team in the game is a nice touch here. she finished with 16 points, but it wasn't enough for the mercury. the sky controlled this game throughout the dominant 8650 when the chicago sky are now one game away from their first ever w nba title in it. and a mix of emotions today for giants fans and probably players and coaches after a historic season comes to an end resilient. sf was a fitting tagline for the 2021 giants representative of a group of players who achieved what no one thought was possible and the struggles that so many have faced throughout this pandemic. instead of recapping what happened last night. i want to take a look back at the moments during the 2021 season that inspired a city and fan base when it needed it most. another one too.
10:48 pm
>> a clubhouse and there's is extremely special in. because it's for full of great people that. the friends with your whole life if you take the field you know, everyone's got your pulling in the same direction. yes, you know, step up became second step up for you. if it. you saw examples of that all year. you know, guys go down. property is cut.
10:49 pm
>> it says so many expectations this year the bars in the race for us going into next year and going into spring in. season. so we're not going to sneak up on anybody the guys in that clubhouse has that >> and it >> thanks for the memories. sf giants on to game one of the alcs that got underway tonight, the astros and red sox tied up at 3, 3 until carlos correa sends that one packing. and yet the stare down to he knew he hit that
10:50 pm
one out as soon as he made contact so shock of the astro's a 4, 3, lead. they would hold on to win 5 to 4 houston takes a one. nothing lead in the series and by the way, your forty-niners off this weekend, they get a bye week. they'll be back in action on
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10:52 pm
>> mail delivery for a lot of americans continue to slow down even as the holiday
10:53 pm
season approaches recent changes like longer first-class mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours. they're part of a 10 year plan announced this year and postmaster general louis dejoy says that service changes are necessary in order to cut costs. >> but members of congress worry slower delivery standards could hurt those who rely on the post office for bills and prescriptions and a lot more. >> a house committee is holding a field hearing in chicago today over this debate, washington correspondent jessi turnure reports. it's an attack on seniors. small businesses across the country. lawmakers sent a message to the u.s. postal service friday. >> the agency is not delivering for the american people missing service standards hurts those who rely on the postal service and ultimately can prove to be a death spiral for the postal service at a special remote hearing in chicago, virginia congressman jerry connelly
10:54 pm
said post office problems like improper scanning and staffing shortages lead to late fees on bills and delayed medications for customers. these delays are especially concerning and potentially life threatening. many in congress, blame the changes, the agency's leader postmaster general louis dejoy continues to make someone came to my business and said i got an idea. >> i'm going to reduce the value of your a raise its price. it said yourself. you think that's a winning combination. >> joys plan includes longer delivery times cuts to post office hours and more expensive. postage to erase a projected 160 billion dollar loss over the next decade with made it very clear the post office has had issues. >> for before the current postmaster general, pennsylvania congressman fred keller once widespread reforms to the postal service. >> and congress is debating various legislation to do so. but in the meantime, a union representative for letter carriers said the agency needs to deliver for them to we are
10:55 pm
embarrassed by what the postal service has become in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> furniture brand ikea is pulling out all the stops in an effort to avoid a perfect storm of global supply chain issues. the company is doing everything from lee see more ships to reducing the number of product variations offered as the company struggles with the raw material shortages. the retailer is temporarily removing unavailable products from its web sites and store showrooms in order to avoid disappointing customers. ikea stores in north america are the hardest hit by product shortages ikea's chief executive says he expects to supply chain crisis. to continue well into the next year. tourists are flocking to see old faithful. lot of them are yellowstone. national park is again saying. >> a record number of visitors last month. visits were up 5% over last year. and so far this year. the park has seen a 32% increase in visitors. the first time the park has exceeded the 4 million mark
10:56 pm
this early in the year that season before the pandemic winter is also expected to be busy because people have been flocking to outdoor spaces after so much time cooped up insight. >> and if you want to get outside tomorrow bases that honor to be a nice day to full. yes, it's going to be the day this weekend to really enjoy the great outdoors. beautiful weather. not too hot, not too cold. so i call it goldilocks weather. but you know, most people in the biz call it chamber of commerce weather. that just sounds too boring to me. but we're tracking 70's and 80's out there for your saturday afternoon. this is going to be the warmest day of the year in the bay area until we start to transition to more stormy weather cooler and even finally seeing some rain. let's take a look at our future cast for tracking some showers arriving sunday night. this is going to be the sneak peek of our main event that will arrive next weekend. but we're also going to see some
10:57 pm
rain and snow showers in the sierra by wednesday tracking another storm that's going to extend a little bit further south. so not just spoiling the north is previously expected and then here's the main event. part of the atmosphere grigor arriving saturday but sunday afternoon through sunday night. and yes, even through monday. that's the big atmospheric river that is going to bring us above average rain. we certainly need and deserve it, especially after. >> last year's wet season. that was pretty dismal so we're off to a good here. have a good night. everybody. have a good weekend. thanks for joining us.
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