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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 15, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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greater things next year. if you want to commiserate i no comfort all about day with me. in the past. so we've got a little bit for everybody today how's the weather going to be what you want to be miserable or happy. john. i think the weather's ines get everyone just year. it's got to because we've got sunshine. we've got 70's 80's and we have a really calm day compared to where we have been beautiful actually already out there. >> getting some sunlight over the bay this morning. and look at this view at the coast at half moon bay right here. crystal clear skies going to be a beautiful day along the ocean. if you want to take a trip out there, maybe watch the sun set over shoreline in the horizon tonight. radar looks clear and dry weather at the coast or further inland and winds. although present are not super gusty just enough to push marine layer away from us just enough to also offer some relief later on today as we do eventually rise into the 80's. as far as our current temperatures go, it's 40's and 50's. little
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cool for the north bay where we've been flirting with the 30's all morning long. so don't forget the jackets this morning. you don't have to worry about those this afternoon. reyna don, thank you for that. we are starting to pick up just a bit out there on our highways like out and conquer. we've got an accident there. southbound south of willow pass road. now. >> it's already pretty slow along highway for at least one lane is blocked there in that accident headed into the city a little under 21 minutes. we had earlier accident. 80 westbound in the city just east of that fremont street exit that has since been cleared. but we've got a little uptick in traffic because of that heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes and a hot spot up in rohnert park. it's been there for the past few hours. southbound one. oh, one at golf course drive one lane closed that exit ramp closed as well. as you can see, just a slight delay there during james, back to you. thank you. >> so breaking news quickly to update you on out of the south bay where the santa fe fire department is on the scene now of a fire that has damaged a school in a moment ago they sent out this tweet. the say
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the fires on the krishna avenue that under control actually started in spread inside into an administration npbuilding. we're not exactly sure which school because there are 2 that are on the property there at that but we've got a crew headed to the scene. nobody reported injured. the one person has been detained. so that person is being questioned right now. >> 7. '02. and the big story is the big loss for the giants. lot of fans are heartbroken this morning. the giants lost to the dodgers. and i wish nail biter. there's somebody i could blame it was one person put all of my frustration on to. but i can't really. yeah. it was a solid series fun to watch. it just didn't. and the way we wanted it to and that controversial call to end. didn't help, though. but the giants didn't help themselves all during the game right. there are opportunities where they did not. they just weren't able to off. was. yeah, runner stranded just like all the other games, that the team that got on the board first,
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it's right. won the game. and here in the nights, we saw them take the lead with hit from cody bellinger. that was an rbi single. >> and then we had an opportunity to tie it up and then maybe even take a lead ourselves in the bottom of inning, but that the giants down to their out. wilmer flores check swing. i don't think he swan. he stopped in time. but the didn't agree made the call a strike and that was the end of the game. i don't know. it's going take me a little while to get over that one. but manager gabe kepler had some comforting words. it's in the book. >> high quality hitter at the plate that can climb back into that count. it's no guarantee of success at the end of the about. just it's just a tough way to end up. is known for especially right now. there's no need to. to be angry about that. i just think it's. just a disappointing way to end. >> the to see. it is disappointing. i want to continue with his there are
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other reasons why we didn't win today's baseball game. that was just the last call of the game. you know on a team that suffering a loss and rejected in the locker room afterwards. sure. >> i want him to be like no. and he went james to talk about how proud he was. yeah. how they got to this point. what an amazing season it was. they just were unable to win this game. i look forward. >> and i know that the giants are looking forward to meeting the dodgers again in the playoffs next year. as for the dodgers are really on the course into the nlcs and face the atlanta >> 7 o 4 is the time right now. let's move on now to something else. that's happening today which is 2 bay area. counties are easing their indoor mask requirement. they are mask mandates being lifted for certain settings specifically where people are fully vaccinated and also that the crowd size has to be a small enough kron 4. sarah stinson can explain for us in more detail. she said i live in san francisco. and the thing is, is if you're crying in your mask. i could use it as a tissue. you isn't that mask?
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>> so should maybe today just okay, we're going to move on, ok, we're going to move on. we have good news. if especially if you do go to the on the city buildings behind me. you can take off your mask. you don't to wear it for 8 hours or whatever you do. and if you've been working from home because you don't want to wear a mask. know you can take off. maybe you can go see your co-workers now. take a look at your screen, wanted to break it down for you because we know we've done this before and every time is a little different. this is how they're using the mask mandate in san francisco. masking removed at offices gyms, religious gatherings and indoor college classes with less than. >> 100 people when full vaccination can be verified people who work at bars or restaurants still have to wear a mask customers inside can take the mask off like we've been doing we're eating or drinking. but other than that, got to put it back on proof of vaccination still required
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indoor masking remains in effect for retail stores, grocery stores and other shared indoor areas like elevators, lobbies or public restrooms. now the mayor and public health officials here say the mask mandate will remain ease, didn't get even less restrictive if case and hospitalized asian rates continue to be stable or decline. san francisco currently is averaging 77 cases per day. a drop from 309 cases at the peak of the summer surge. the mask mandate could ease even further if we continue to do good with these case rates. now we talk with the tech company called fast. it's located right off march market street in the city about their excitement to take the mask off. >> the people who like to work in the office. those extroverts have really missed each and how did the mask mandate as wise as it was absolutely tamp down the number of people who wanted to come in the office, i would office it's it's just not as much fun to wear mask all day
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long. now people if their servers are therefore facing the course. they have to do that all day long. they have it so much worse than we do in office. still, it's not a lot of fun. nobody likes its necessity. but it's not fluent. so having this mask mandate. lifted is going i think bring more of our team into the office more frequently. >> that's good to hear. masking is still, though required on public transportation at hospitals jails schools and they're still recommended to be worn in large groups are crowds outdoors. so if you are one of those big crowds wear that mask is recommended not required. you can also wear a mask if you're not ready. we've always said this so true. it's all based on your own comfort level was just kind of follow whatever rules come our way for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> and in the north, a marine county following suit as well. just like san francisco easing mask requirements starting
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today and also contra costa county. they're going to begin lifting the mask mandate there starting next month. >> and in berkeley, we have some workers businesses having to now prove that they are fully vaccinated from covid. yeah. let's take a look. this mandate applies to employees at restaurants and bars and theaters and also gyms and other fitness studios in venues. the rule also applies to workers at any indoor event with more than a 1000 people. >> and all public and private child care facilities. any person who 0orks at the sites must now show their vaccination card or have to get tested for covid each week workers who file for religious or medical exemptions for the vaccine also have to provide a signed letter. however, they will still need to provide a negative covid test to work as well at this point it's unclear what the consequences are. if an employee refuses to show proof of vaccination or get tested. we'll see what happens. 7, '08. and bart is the latest agency to require all of their employees to be
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protected, that they have the shot. yeah. in fact, the deadline for them to provide that proof is december. 13th proffers. dan kerman has more on the story. those operating bart trains working as station agents and those behind the scenes will soon be required. >> to be vaccinated for covid-19. >> we need to protect our workers and our riders as soon as possible. bart director rebecca saltzman says with the holidays approaching. >> in uncertainty as to whether there will be another surge mandating that all employees be fully vaccinated is a critical step to ensure not only the safety of employees and riders. but to ensure reliable service. >> we have had many missed trains and other negative impacts because of covid leave. so we need to prevent that from happening in the future. the policy will require all board members and employees to be fully vaccinated by december 13. >> with exceptions. only for reasonable accommodation and religious exemption.
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>> but the union representing over a 1000 bart workers, including station agents and train operators is pushing back in a statement tu local 1555 says, well, the support and encourage getting as many workers as possible vaccinated implementing a mandate without a testing alternative available to those who choose not to get vaccinated is the wrong way to go for bart the new goes on to say the impacts of implementing a vaccine mandate without a testing alternative could be devastating to bart service bart service is already suffering from staffing shortages with our members working extra shifts trying to make up for the shortfalls. any loss of available workers from a mandate could affect service for many months to come. beginning next week. bart's general manager will sit down at the bargaining table with employee unions over how the policy is implemented. now, whether it's employment. officials tell us that of bart's 3900 employees at this point about 833 remain
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unvaccinated. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> 7.10. and today the hayward unified school district is going to offer covid vaccine clinics on school campuses. we'll show you where right now here's a full list. today. the first clinic is at mount eden high and all of these clinics as you go down whatever date works for you or your kid is 03:00pm to 07:00pm. so after school, they get their covid shots and then there's the deadline approaching the district has a december 17th vaccine mandate for 12 and older all of the kids have to at that point be able to show that they are vaccinated by the deadline or they have to take covid tests every week we more on this on our website kron 4 dot com because this is a lot of information and maybe you need a closer look at what works for you. former president bill clinton is doing better you see irvine hospital. he's at the ucr by med center right now. he was in southern california to do
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an event for his foundation and he wasn't feeling well. he went into the hospital suffering from a urinary tract infection and it turned into a blood infection. they they say is on them and they gave him intravenous. i v as sorry ivy's intravenous. i v antibiotics insta today. if that all continues to work out in his favor, which it he's been recovering, then they would go to oral antibiotics and he would be on the mend. >> it is 7.12. we'll take a break here on the kron 00:00am morning news that still ahead, thousands of dollars worth of video cameras stolen from an east bay high school. now the students are left without could that they need to do the work day trying to do a lot more on that in a moment. and skies crystal clear across the bay area. we're going to keep that around all day long today temperatures rising well into the 80's for daytime highs. this is going to make. >> for a very warm feel compared to where we've been your forecast ahead. >> and we just had an accident right here on the bay bridge. 80 westbound near the toll
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plaza. we'll get a look at the drive times and see how they've been impacted by that. we have your drive times in other areas as well. as a hot spot of the road or park. when we get back.
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>> 7.15 right now and we are talking well, to be honest, we're still talking about well, haha. but now we get to weather. how about i don't know. you want to go somewhere. yeah, it looks pretty quiet out there actually hardly any planes at sfo this morning, even though it's.
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>> brilliant, unclear and wiley. why leave. that's true. it's are the best ever. area up. tobar and 80's. john, i love it because this is like i keep saying every day. but this is my favorite time of yeah, it is such a nice time of year. it's our second summer here in the bay area. look at that little hint of it. in the spring. >> and then it kind of gets cold in the summer. at least towards the coast. and then that sun comes back out in full force in the fall. you can see a little bit more that sunshine in san jose this morning where temperatures this afternoon will rise into the 80's beautiful clear view out there. and that's the same all the way out to the coastline today. high pressure ridge building back in this is temporarily going to warm us back up into those 80's for bill today and tomorrow. but we have some changes just around the corner. that's actually going feel like fall again. so high pressure is in place today and tomorrow. cold front steers its way into the bay area starting on sunday. so sunday morning, you'll notice an increase in cloud cover. then come sunday evening. some light showers push into the region by monday morning, the sierra and
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southern cascades are tapping into needed snowfall, dry out for a couple of days after that then return of rainfall looking likely midweek next week. so we're working our way into an active pattern here. what that means is today and tomorrow are your days to enjoy before we really start to settle into that fall pattern 60's and 70's at the coast really mostly 70's at the coast. 80's really almost os 83 mountain view 82 south bay temperatures in the low to mid 80's with san jose 85 today freeman all the way up through oakland, richmond here in the 80's today are very warm us to spot danville and walnut creek. a walnut creek itself. the warm spot to 86 degrees you'll be 80 today while pittsburgh in antioch, a 84 and even some 70's out or stinson beach in point race, tomorrow's highs warmer than today's. then we cool things down and stay pretty cool for the remainder of the forecast. best chances of rainfall sunday night. and then again on wednesday. reyna. john,
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thank you for that. remember i mentioned we had an accident on the bay bridge right near the toll plaza. so drive times have gone up a few minutes there. it also looks like you have one of the tow truck companies trying to get that accident off of the bridge about 22 minutes. once you reach the maze 2 that fremont street exit another accident on concord, southbound south of willow pass road. so we have a slight delay. >> as you're traveling along 6.80 one lane. there's impacted in that a report of a fire here in south san francisco, northbound one. oh, one south of oyster point boulevard. so we're seeing just a slight delay as you're traveling both on the northbound and southbound side because of that, that's in the center divider. so not online away, but it is causing people to slow down as you're traveling. we'll have a look at the rest of your commute this morning on this friday, the daryn james, back to you. 70 team for your money this morning. looks like it's probably going to cost more to fill your tank as usual. and wait. >> a pumpkin shortage. let's go to jane king at the nasdaq for more hi, jane. head our morning. so let's start with
7:19 am
gas. a triple a is out with their average national gas price. and it's the highest since 2014. >> since september of 2000, 14 so gas at 3.30, a gallon yesterday. the average price is 4.66 in san francisco. that's up from 4.55 a month ago. you could have trouble getting a pumpkin at this halloween season. there's weather shipping issues. there was a fun effective course. there was the pumpkins, right. the ag department says pumpkin prices are about 7% higher than last year. california, by the way, a top 5 pumpkin producing state more than 14,000 pounds of ground. turkey products are being recalled over fears that they have plastic in them. the ag department says butterball issued the recall for the ground. turkey products that were sold under the farm to family in kroger brands nationwide and mcdonald's ready to test a plant based burger the mic plant. it's a plant based. patty. they worked on this with beyond meat will be available to 8 restaurants for a limited time starting november 3rd of those
7:20 am
restaurants are in california as well as texas, louisiana and iowa live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to turn. all right. thank you, jane. have a good weekend. okay. >> said and coming up on 07:20am in the east bay. we have burglars now targeting a high school video class still thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment. the crime was actually captured on surveillance video to in fact, one of the thieves look right now. the land scrum forces june has the story. >> you're listening to the sound of a pair of burglars breaking into the camera room. but the video production class at deer valley high school in antioch. >> the incident happened last friday. it was recorded on surveillance video. they pick up a camera. >> they look at and then realize their security camera. and they ripped the security camera off the walls. the rally is not to center is now go where the football game,
7:21 am
the students use the camera equipment to produce award-winning content for deer valley tv. >> including news high school sports and entertainment. the video productions teacher kyle of says it took just 20 minutes for the burglars to get away with about $15,000 worth of equipment that it took the school years to accumulate was cameras from as far back as you know, lines is that we had no 5, 6, years. so it takes a long time to to save the money. >> and then to purchase everything. >> the video recording doesn't capture the entire incident because one of the burglars broke the surveillance camera, but eventually got through the door about 9 cameras in about 15 months in total are taking lord man like cameras are >> we have no mites and no lenses either. so this kind of heart. >> their teacher kahlo started a go fund me to replace dv tv's stolen equipment just crazy. that you're want to
7:22 am
hurt students ability to learn us us kill anyone with information is asked to contact antioch. police has it made kron 4 news. >> 7.21 that i'm coming up. more covid booster shots could be on the way. we have the fda meeting this morning to talk about johnson and johnson and its vaccine will have the its vaccine will have the latest from washington. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> 7.24 in national news, an fda committee recommends moderna's covid vaccine booster shot. and so now they're turning their sights on to johnson and johnson. does it. >> qualify for booster as well. anna wiernicki with the latest from washington. >> good morning. final fda approval for the moderna booster shot could come as soon as today. and in just a few hours, the panel will convene again to consider the johnson and johnson booster shot. >> we do have a unanimous 19 out of 19 a vote. the fda advisory committee voted unanimously thursday to greenlight the moderna booster shot the recommendation applies to people 65 and older and adults who are high risk because of underlying health conditions or where they work. we're going to continue protecting them vaccination president joe biden says the white house is waiting for final approval from the fda and cdc to begin distributing
7:26 am
the shots to states if they authorized the boosters. >> which would be strictly made based on the science. that decision will be based on the science. this will mean all 3 vaccines will be available for boosters. but after the vote on thursday, one of the committee members doctor patrick moore said the data submitted was not well explained. just want explain why i voted yes, honors in >> they really truly more said despite his hesitancy. he believes the data is moving in the right direction. we have the vaccine supplies still white house coronavirus response coordinator. jeff zients says the administration is confident the process will move forward. we'll be ready. >> to hit the ground running as soon as any additional boosters are authorized. >> if the fda and cdc give the green light on the moderna boosters americans could begin to receive those shots as early as next week in washington. i'm anna
7:27 am
wiernicki. back to you. >> all right. thank you. and it's 7.26 ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news, the latest on the south bay mom accused of hosting teen parties. a judge now ordering her back to california to face charges. we'll have details straight ahead.
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>> 7.29 wow. my. that's that's wow. what was i underwhelmed. wes coit tower.
7:30 am
>> today knows the transamerica pyramid financial district. iconic part of the sea. right. and have seen so but this is better. but they all yeah. this is you know, because the sun is up and it's just this is why we live here. this is why we pay so much for that. for abul little tiny box house. yeah. it's a million dollars. well, you can't beat if you're waking up this morning feeling a little blue because of the giants lost last night. maybe you can look at that image and go. >> is a new day is sure take my bike out today and i told how the how hard that is to ride a bike when you have a red one. >> cardinal law which on the weather that the way i i you know, it's been a minute for me go we are fairly familiar with the 80's, even though it has been a minute since we've seen them. it's been a cool week. a brisk week. 2 is so much wind, especially on monday and tuesday.
7:31 am
>> today, though, we're taking a step up as far as temperatures go back into the 80's. all the sunshine and some calmer winds as well just the cherry on top of it. a beautiful view outside at the embarcadero right now. got that glow over the horizon as the sun begins to pass on over the horizon making for these clear skies all the way across the bay area. whether you're at the coast or inland. we're all in the same boat. we have enough of an offshore wind to steer any sort of marine layer well away from us and just enough of a wind to provide a bit of relief when we do eventually move into the 80's this afternoon. 40's and 50's for current temps double endure at 42 right now. alameda one of our more mild spots along with berkeley at 5556 petaluma, on the other hand, our coldest spot at 39 degrees right now. so just don't forget the jacket this morning and then you can take them off this afternoon right now don, that have been actively keeping a close eye on an accident at the toll plaza. let's go back a little bit. >> on the bay bridge. so drive times went up a few minutes about 23 minutes or so. it looks like dry times are going
7:32 am
down. you can't really see because of the sunlight there. but we have one of those trucks there trying to get that accident off of the ridge. so 20 minutes not going it much past that a report of a fire. this in south san francisco northbound one. oh, one south of oyster point boulevard. so you're seeing delays on both lanes now, that's not actually on the highway just in the center divider. so yeah, a lot of people were slowing down to look at that. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head to richmond and chp closely watching a little under 14 minutes for your drive time and the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.32 and today is the official start of the offseason because sure the giants are out was a valiant effort. it was an amazing season and series was a great series. yes, that the game, of course, ended. >> unpleasant note with that controversial call fans waking up this morning. still grousing about that. jason dumas breaks it all down this morning.
7:33 am
>> good morning, everyone. well, i'm not sure how great of a morning it is for giants fans. it just may have been the biggest game in giant history. yes, i know they've played in world series games before. but something about last night felt different. the rivals game 5 win or go home a madhouse at oracle park. you could feel the buzz through the tv screen. top of the 6. corey seager into left field mookie betts. he had 4 hits on the day betts also scores dodgers draw first blood as one nothing but in the bottom of the frame. darin ruf. got all of that one. he was hitting it to the warning track all night. until that finally got the whole thing. sent it over the fence. you got a tie game crowd going nuts. top of the 8 la with a couple runners. all camillo duval. he's been so good this season and he was good in the top of the 8th got out of it unscathed. he's another guy
7:34 am
from we going to be part of this future plans. but in the 9th he makes a mistake. cody bellinger makes him pay too many sliders. justin turner comes into score dodgers. take that to one bottom of the 9th here is the play. everyone was talking about. according to this guy who apparently has trouble seeing. call them out. very questionable call but is not reviewable. take another look. you've got to offer at the pitch and floor. i don't think you when needed it pretty much anybody tough lost your final score, 2 to one. they take the series 3 to 2. the immediate emotion is is is frustration right and. >> that's happening all throughout the game. and it's it's it's heightened in on the last. play of the game last in this case a check swing of the
7:35 am
that's going to be the thing that that is talked about quite a bit tonight. and i understand why just said that the rivalry is healthy and well. >> i'm going into next year how motivated and knowing what are you think about that coming about where the right reason, where it's going. >> this will be the last time we played them playoffs. >> logan is probably right. and i love his attitude. future ace of the sky staff. all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> we have new details about the mother and los gatos charged with holding drinking and parties for minors, including for her own teenage sons. officials with the santa clara county da's office say that they plan to bring shannon back to the bay area from idaho where she is. and they think this will happen sometime next week, but also idaho. authorities are now looking into whether she was holding similar parties in that state. prosecutors say
7:36 am
she kept all of this, by the way, from her husband who was at home when kron four's terisa stasio knocked on the door. >> a >> teresa had to show up and ask the question and he had the right to say no and get off my property which she did. i'm just trying to get any more details that we could abous this. what we do know is that brutal the mother is accused of buying alcohol to minors lower at 4 miners luring them to her house or 4 million dollar home with social media for these parties where the teenagers say she would pressure them to have sometimes against consent and that she often watch. >> oakland. police now asking for your help in finding a car that they believe is connected to a murder. so investigators have released new surveillance video of the suspect accused of shooting and killing a 15 year-old girl. and in this video you can see what appears to be an early model. early
7:37 am
2000 model a silver 2 door honda accord. police say the driver is suspected of shooting and killing 15 year-old shameria young during a road rage incident last wednesday night give police a call to give any information that could be helpful. meanwhile, contra costa county sheriff's deputies are looking for the people who fired bb guns from a car so deputies say a 12 year-old girl in bay. point was hit by one of these bp's as she was walking home from school along willow pass road. are in avenue. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. >> san mateo county deputies are investigating a home invasion robbery in millbrae in millbrae. it happened on one knee to avenue. 2 people broke into a home and they held the victim at gunpoint and then they ransacked the home and got away with some valuables. investigators are asking you have any information about this to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. congressional leaders that were in the bay area
7:38 am
pushing president biden's infrastructure bill in oakland, east bay congresswoman barbara lee joined us housing and urban development. secretary marcia fudge, an oakland mayor libby schaff and they're all promoting build back better investments in affordable housing and economic development. >> recently had the privilege. was president this for a show for people, for low income people and communities communities that are for this report. with history of a red predatory lending that systemic racism have. it's so to get to protect richer. to create character called ownership so far out of reach for so many fair. >> house speaker nancy pelosi recently pushed back. the
7:39 am
deadline until the end of this month to try and pass that bill. >> we'll take a break. 7.38. is the time. still ahead, coming up on veterans day next month between now and then we're celebrating veterans who experienced the attack on pearl harbor, in fact, are going to incredible story of one such person coming up in a minute and attorney general rob bonta continues his statewide tour to address hate crimes here in the state. wh
7:40 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> california, terrible. he's continuing these roundtable discussions about how to stop hate crime. he's doing this all over the state. and yesterday he was outside a sacramento synagogue which was attacked by arsonists in 1999. he is telling us that california had a 31% increase in hate crimes last year and he's hoping that having these conversations with different groups will lead to ideas about how to prevent hate crime we're making progress. >> that. but the challenges still start not just when there is a hate crime but really to work together in prevention of hate crimes, as was said this morning, once the crime occurs. we've already failed. bonta says community leaders have suggested creating a trust or the process for people to report hate crimes and also. >> they emphasize the need for more education in our schools. it is 07:42am. we'll be right back.
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and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now. checking out the weather on a friday and. >> what's looking really is nice and sunny over san francisco. we've got john in the weather center following what look like good temperatures today going to be so nice, especially along the coastline. if there's any view that beats the san francisco view right now. it might just
7:46 am
be this half moon bay. one. it is perfect out there right along the coastline this morning skies are crystal clear. we've got the sun is beaming out there along the horizon winds relatively light and temperatures later today. mid 70's get out there. enjoy it really all of the bay area's going to be spoiled. but the coast. thank you. really go enjoy this one. your north carolina weather center forecast stays dry and clear through to the course of the day from the coast to our inland areas. high pressure is built up keeping us warm and dry the next 2 days and then we see some weather that we actually need to see come sunday. so enjoy today. and tomorrow's a break from the cool fall feel that we've had come sunday and increasing cloud cover initially and then some overnight showers looking likely late afternoon into the evening hours on into monday morning. you will also be looking at a couple of snow flurries up in the sierra and southern cascades. very welcome. we'll dry back out monday, tuesday before wednesday, another chance of rainfall around the corner. great to be talking. the chances of rainfall and knowing that you want to enjoy
7:47 am
the good weather. what we've got. some 70's right along the coastline. a couple 60's mixed in and then really almost all the rest of us are pretty solid 80's today. today and tomorrow easily the warmest days of this forecast. a bit of a break from the cool fall feel. so if you like the heat, a good chance to get out there in the shorts and t-shirt and just soak it up while the creek 86 degrees today are very warm. a spot oakland nice and warm 80 same for you in vallejo and some 70's all the way up to the coast in stinson beach and point rays tomorrow's temperatures are hottest of the forecast. and then we cool right back down into the upper 60's to low 70's, best chances of rainfall late on sunday and then again on wednesday. reyna don, thank you for that. all right. some activity going on out there on our highways like down here in south san francisco. so. >> reporter the fire right in the middle center divider. there northbound one. oh, one south of oyster point boulevard. one lane on the northbound side is still currently blocked and all of the southbound lanes are open. if you're traveling in that
7:48 am
area, another accident we're seeing. this is sandra fell. westbound at bella boulevard. so we're seeing just a slight uptick in traffic as you're traveling from richmond across towards santa fe. look at a little under 60 minutes as you're traveling there and the bay bridge a little under 22 minutes. we had an earlier accident in the city and also right into told we have gone up past 23 minutes. we'll have more on your friday traffic with dorian james, back to you. it's 7.48. as we get closer to veterans day. we're celebrating stories of brave men and women who serve our country. that's right. and this morning we are honoring a man who served his country 80 years ago. >> now the army veteran is stepping up to help his community. jeremy hubbard has the story. >> dear, mister. thank you so much for taking the time today to read my fan mail is not the sort of thing most 100 year olds are used to getting are not enough words my deep appreciation view and who have served our nation. but over the years notes from total strangers have appeared in
7:49 am
george blake's mailbox, thank you so much. of truly means a lot to me with gratitude for his role in history. 80 years ago. he was stationed at pearl harbor. >> december 7th. i was only there a few minutes 1941. and there's this tremendous our own. the day america was thrust into world war 2. we come out of the building. the sky was fo planes more than 2400 americans died in that attack and certainly realize. they were all kids. and you could say little part of jordan died that day, too. >> why you and me a few years ago he wrote a poem that he still can't get through without tears gauges the list of the young who guy. and with hunter motions. i have cried. the tears are from a cheek. pose a question whose hands are very sick. were you me?
7:50 am
george is the last pearl harbor survivor in his small colorado county, one of the last in the entire country. >> which probably explains that fan mail very much so. and the neighbor is very special who consider him. george is very unique. he's a special do a local celebrity. we had a second one in town but he died probably 10 or 12 years ago not to mention an out right you know, he does make a difference. >> it's a reputation solidified even further. >> a few months ago when this old veteran set out on a journey to serve once again seems a friend who works with a local charity told george there was a veteran in britain who went on a 100 walks to support health care workers. >> georgia's friend had an idea. he said would you get a 100 walks in by a birthday. can you do that? i said i think so. so i do. did he ever. >> for more than 3 months leading up to his one 100th birthday in the thin mountain
7:51 am
air 7,000 feet above sea level. very was everyday. people can buy see what workers this 31st the 65th. >> to my 100th birthday and on his birthday he's the one who gave the president to his hometown. more than $10,000 raised through his walks to help a local nonprofit serving families during the pandemic the mind doing. i was working in any way in. i was able and that's the important being a veteran anyway, ask anyone around here is to do what you can to make a difference in your community. they'll tell you is one of the very few. >> world war. 2 veterans still left from pearl harbor to his front patio service is who george blake is. thank you would give your time today. it's no wonder they're all such big fans that would be a tremendous surprise and get veterans voices. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> well for more stories honoring veterans like him. all you have to do is scan the
7:52 am
qr code that you see on your screen. we have a complete page on our website with more stories just like that and your coat. >> we'll take you right to it. we're right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> and maybe you want to go to eat. it's a good time to do it. restaurant week is
7:55 am
underway now -n san francisco. it starts today and it runs through october 24th which means there are deals at certain restaurants and online. there's a special ce spot called eat drink sf. that's what the event is called in. so if you go online, you'll find out of all the restaurants that are participating throughout the city. you do need to show you're vaccinated. by the way, if you want to eat inside. and so you can see which restaurants are participating and maybe want to go out, go to kron 4 dot com. we've got all kinds of ideas. there. >> well, new this morning, santa rosa safari west has lost a very important zoo accreditation. the association of zoos and aquariums says that they did a recent inspection of safari west and it didn't meet their standards anymore. association says that they had problems with the veterinary practices and the care of animals, though they didn't go into specifics. the organization did say that is fahri was has made some improvements just not enough to win their accreditation. so far west has 30 days now to appeal the decision. the zoo
7:56 am
has always been a credit or at least it has been with the association since 2010, we called safari west for comment. we're still waiting to hear back. coming up in the next hours across morning news. 2 bay area counties are easing their indoor mask requirements will tell you what you need to know in a live report. >> and workers at some businesses in berkeley are now obligated to show proof of vaccination for covid-19. we'll have details on that just ahead.
7:57 am
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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> good morning thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. that breaking news out of the south bay san jose firefighters on the scene of a school that caught fire. yeah. and we've got camila bernal on the scene. so we want to go there live and find out. >> the latest details. camille, what do you know? >> yeah, well, darya james. right now the we're currently at cornerstone academy, preparatory school. and as you guys said firefighters are here on scene cleaning up the mess from the fire that happened earlier this morning, san jose fire department responded around 06:00am and when you guys came here, you saw this building right behind me in flames. if you talk a little bit about where fire
8:00 am
originated front. >> yeah. you can see the building right behind me. this is the main office the elementary school here. and you can see that this was a exterior building fire that started work its way up to the eaves of the the building there and just a leftover into the roof and a little bit into the structure. but those fortunate was the only structure that was a threat here at the campus one. however, when you guys were out here trying to, you take out those flames. you guys and noticed someone out here during that time. so he tell me a little bit about that person. yeah, that's this is one of the series of fires that happened this morning as well as throughout the city of san jose. particular this area here. we had several small fires beginning about 03:00am this fire came in at about 06:00am it was called in the custodians. that coming into work here at the elementary school. >> they were able to open up the gates and let our first 2 engine companies get in here and what they saw was active fire in addition to that, it's going to be around. there was a person of interest that was acting very erratic


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