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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now at 90 east are being new details tonight regarding what led up to the richmond police chief piece of french being placed on paid administrative leave. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm justine waltman in for vicki liviakis tonight. now these court documents reveal that her daughter requested a restraining order against french and her husband. >> who is also a police sergeant in oakland kron four's. phillipe djegal reports. >> on october 7th the 18 year-old daughter of richmond police chief besa french requested a domestic violence restraining order against french and her husband, oakland. police are urgently french. the request was
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denied. the court, finding the woman was not in immediate danger of abuse. a hearing will be held on the matter on the 25th. the daughter says in court documents that her parents became physical with her when she visited their richmond home last month. the confrontation was allegedly over her relationship with her boyfriend who she identifies in court documents as 33 year-old joe goldman. the woman says the french's were concerned she was in danger and believed she was being trafficked by a man she denied those allegations to advocates when she was flown to a nonprofit organization in arizona that helps trafficking victims. >> the daughter also alleges the french is stopped by goldman's mother's home in solano county and threatened to kill her and her son goldman has a criminal history in alameda county. he was convicted of felony human trafficking for labor in 2015 jail records show goldman was arrested in richmond on monday and on tuesday, a criminal
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complaint filed in alameda county, superior court shows goldman has now been charged with felony pimping richmond mayor tom says the city manager reached out to him friday letting him know chief french was taking some personal time off only to learn this week through media reports that she was actually placed on paid administrative leave all like to wish it like, all. >> i don't think mall shooting council calling slot to be she calls the mayor also lending support to chief french hold a lot happened or your kids school killings. >> it's just all imaginable. as for lee french, the oakland police department confirms he is also on administrative leave as of now, the solano county district attorney's office says it has not received this case. >> requests for comment from the french is have gone unanswered phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. we have new details tonight about the mother in los gatos who is charged with holding drinking
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and parties for minors, including her own teenage sons. that's the allegation and officials with the santa clara county district attorney's office say. >> they plan to bring shannon brew got back from idaho sometime next week and idaho. authorities are now looking into whether she was holding similar parties in that state. prosecutors also say she kept all of this from her husband who was home when kron four's terisa sauce, you knocked on the door. >> so many thank >> no comment. their brood is accused of buying for minors than bring them on social media too. her house where she was holding parties at her 4 million dollar home that is where the teenagers say she pressured them to have sometimes against their consent as she often watched the santa clara da's office is saying this all exploded when brave kids spoke up. the oakland police department released new surveillance video here. this related to
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their investigation into the killing. a 15 year-old shamar young. the video shows what police believed to be. >> the suspect's car here. you see it leaving the scene right after the shooting. police say the suspect appeared to be driving an early 2. thousands silver 2 door honda accord. it's tough to see here at night. but that is what police say they believe the vehicle is young last seen last wednesday in east oakland. police say she was riding with their own cull in a vehicle when somebody just opened fire after a road rage incident. she died at highland hospital. anybody with information on the cases being asked to call the oakland police department. >> 120 police officers were pulled off the streets of san francisco today because they have not been vaccinated against covid san francisco's vaccine mandate for city workers took effect yesterday. city employees like police officers had several months to get a covid shot. but the san francisco police association is confirming that as of last
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night, 120 of its members failed to meet that requirement. a spokesperson for the association says the employees who refused to get vaccinated will be put on paid administrative leave and not be allowed to come to work. meanwhile, the city's human resources department says 95% of the city's workforce is vaccinated. that means at least 1700 employees are not 800 of those people are asking for religious or medical exemptions. bar is the latest agency to require all of its employees to get the covid vaccine. >> the policy will require all board members and bart employees to be fully vax by december 13th with exceptions. again, only for medical or religious reasons. officials say there are more than 800 employees still not vaccinated. >> we know that vaccines are in the best way to stop the spread it's so important for us to take action to do that. additionally, we need to
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ensure that we continue to have reliable service. am park service has been impacted by covid. >> but the union representing more than 1000 bart workers, including station agents and train operators is pushing back tonight. the union says a testing option should be made available and adds that this plan would be devastating for bart service beginning next week. bart's general manager will sit down at the bargaining table with union employees over how the policy is implemented. not over whether it is implemented. another big story tonight. the panel of the fda endorsed a lower dose of moderna's covid-19 vaccine booster. >> this applies to only some americans, the panel recommends a half-dose booster shot for seniors, adults with other health issues as well as people who have jobs are living situations that put them at increased risk of contracting covid. the panel will meet again tomorrow to
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discuss johnson and johnson's booster shot the fda authorized pfizer's booster shot for certain groups. last month. >> san mateo county is joining marin county as the only 2 counties in california to move into the cdc's yellow covid tier for moderate community transmission. so this means the 2 counties have recorded less than 50 cases per 100,000 people over the past 7 days. health officials attributed the success, 2 high vaccination rates in marin county 92.5% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. while san mateo has nearly 91% of its residents fully vaccinated. now in san francisco and marin county. they're not changing some indoor mask mandate starting tomorrow and now contra costa county is about to do the same starting november first you can ditch the mask in certain indoor settings, places like gyms. >> offices, college classes. but only if you're fully vaccinated to kron four's.
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gayle ong live for us now in lafayette with details on what contra costa county plans on doing. good evening, gayle. >> good evening, justine and grandal contra. costa county health officials are able to ease the mask mandate do too declining covid rates and high vaccination rates. >> that's excellent news the gym part i go to the gym on a regular basis and extremely difficult wearing a mask when you're trying to work out ridge. grace of danville is looking forward to november first when he won't have to wear a mask inside a gym contra costa county health officials announced thursday mask requirements will ease in certain indoor settings. this could include a gym. >> a private people commuting together in in a vehicle for work. but they have to be less than a 100 people in the there needs to be clear, signage that people symptoms should not be entering. >> county health officer doctor chris farnitano says
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the new rule applies to indoor settings that are not open to the general public contra costa county is the latest to ease indoor mask restrictions after san francisco and marin counties. as for the rest of the bay area. we tried asking what it will take for them to ease their mask guidelines. but when alameda and santa clara counties responded. they simply refer to the guidance announced last week to completely lift the mandate the criteria is going to be tied to covid case rates, hospitalization rates and vaccination rates. it's all about, you know, getting everybody vaccinated, the more people to get vaccinated. >> the quicker, the cases come down the quicker. we get to these metrics and the the the quicker everyone can get back to normal life. a normal life is what rich is hoping for not been a big fan of mask mandates, to be honest with but. >> i understand why they felt that me. it just be nice to to get back to some semblance of normality. >> and if the covid trends
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continue to improve here in contra, costa county health officers are expected to ease the mask mandate for additional indoor settings sometime in december or january reporting live in lafayette. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you so much, gail. now the hayward unified school district launched the first of several. >> covid vaccine clinics on at secondary school campuses started today. and this is ahead of the december 17th vaccine mandate for students, 12 or older. so students who can not show proof of vaccination by that deadline will have to take weekly covid test. so here now is a look at the schedule of when those first and second shots will be offered and where they're happening. the clinics will run for 4 hours starting at 00:00pm in the afternoon, sir. after school and on wednesday as the run from 2 until 7. also a reminder of the vaccine mandates. for all the students here in the bay area and they're different school districts now in piedmont, the unified school district there
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it is. november 17th december 15th for the west contra costa unified school district. there is no date set yet for oakland unified, but it won't be before january 1st and it's january. 3rd for berkeley unified. all right. now to baseball and the giants. it all comes down to this giants dodgers. here's where we stand right now. >> tied at one in the top of the night that a lot of people say this is the most important game. these 2 rivals have ever played. floodings id riding on this game for sure. the game's tied in the 9th inning. >> giants fans. they are at oracle park in force tonight. just a few hours ago. this is what it looked like there. they're all anticipating winning this winner take all game 5. >> not a lot of runs. but like you said, heart of anxiety kron four's dan thorn caught up with some fans setting into the ballpark. he's outside of the ballpark waiting for this thing to end. dad ha how you doing?
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>> that? i can only imagine how 40,000 plus people in that stadium are doing right now. you mentioned the word anxiety and that's probably the key word at this moment because you could feel it sort of vibrating outside of oracle park right now. every pitch, every moment people are on the edge of their seat, watching this game. these 2 big time rivals trying to send each other packing so they could get to the next round of the playoffs and then hopefully to the world series. a lot of fans that were out here tonight. we're feeling really confident about their team winning. it's all tied up it's 1, 1, this is what we expected. it was predicted that this series was going to go the distance that it would end up with 5 games. and this is really what baseball and sports is all about. it's all about the drama. and here's what a couple fans were telling us before the game tonight. take a listen. this is bigger than the world series games. i mean, this might be the greatest game ever that you want to be. and so here we are listed this 2
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best records in mlb in play against each other in the west. >> nothing better. nothing really think about the we won last year. we're going to win this year. >> feel bad for all these ied giants fans. i have to think about it. we're going to win. >> because our entire life >> all about that and that energy for some of the fans that are out here and it has been the improbable sort miracle sort of season for the giants. they weren't expected to be in this position. the dodgers definitely with that high payroll and that juggernaut lineup. but the giants shown up flashes of greatness. all throughout the near. they'd have shown why they won the national league west this year. can they pull it out here tonight. we're still tied 1. one in the 9th inning grant justine this this is a tough one. i mean, it's a lot of fun. but man, it comes with sweat on the brow, that's for sure. yet swept under the
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armpits too. >> can you tell when a big play is happening. like how louder the fans getting there. >> at oracle. yeah. you know, you can. and it gets it gets super loud and we're actually pick in before watching the game to the public house. and there's like a 10 second delay. so like we're hearing something amazing happening are anticipating like oh my god, what do you think it is. which way was it swaying? was it a strikeout was a home run. what really happened, you know, and it's like, oh, my goodness. alike were also on the edge of our seat. >> just trying to figure out what people are going nuts about within these walls. right. so. in the atmosphere is electrifying. it was electrifying for the game even began. but i can only and tell you i can only imagine what it's like to be in there. >> at logan webb. the the youngster from rockland pitch to jenn gave up one run, but then darin ruf, the slugger went deep to tie up the game. you mentioned the public cast and as a buddy been drinking.
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>> oh, yeah. i'm sure i'm sure plenty of people have been driven. lot of people been drinking, you know, some to have a good time, others because they're like goodness gracious. something's got to help me out with this. i need and it is like patients to somewhat of my medication to ght, right. i haven't been training. been just drinking water. >> little bit more of a good time to be red ball that believe that 3 of a reading that thing my goodness. you know, he does that. but i mean, it works right out. hey, i'll i'll drink 3 red bulls about get through 7 innings winner take all game against the dodgers. my goodness. and love to be up to to sugar free, though, because if i did with forget. i think my heart would or you could be, you know, an ace pitcher and the major leagues. one of the other. dan thorn, the ace ace on the hill. think about it. think that might be better than this. mean that get you
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some ice packs stretch it out. yeah. good luck out there either going to be >> a super so the block. we'll check back with let's hope it's the former. thrilled not super depressed. >> then the doing yeoman's work for as out there tonight by the way, you can stay up to date with all things giants all the time on kron 4 dot com. just use this qr code here. hold your phone's camera there. you'll be directed right to the special section on our website for more on the giants run in the playoffs, including info and tickets. the schedule of the championship series, which is forthcoming as soon as the giants win this game tonight. it's and >> that's what we're hoping for. let's talk about our weather forecast right now because it's gotten yeah. >> 2, 2, one dodgers breece it rodriguez says joining it's
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you know, a lot to a lot to unpack of reset. how's the weather at the ballpark. >> i just felt the levity in the newsroom just saying with that announcement grant to 2 one dodgers. all right. still what bottom or top of the 8th or top of the 9th. >> so you're saying there's a chance all right. for that. that's where our giants. but they did a perfect ball game weather today. we did see a nice warm-up, very seasonable temperatures. 5 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> right where we should be yesterday was just too darned chilly in the bay area even by early fall standards. so it's great to see a little bit more of a warm-up today, right where we should be. and that warming trend going to continue through saturday taking a live look outside. we are tracking a cooler forecast out there because of that. lack a blanket of cloud cover and future cast for tracking that high storm cloud cover arriving sunday morning with a better chance of showers.
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widespread light rain for the bay area sunday night shortly before midnight even extending into the south bay as well as our east bay valleys. but this is going to be a fast moving quick storm and also possibly bringing some snow showers. returning for this year as well. so this is going to be more of a cooler. winter like storm that we certainly need. every drop will help during our drought conditions temperatures right now cooling down into the low 50's for half moon bay, low 60's throughout the east bay shoreline livermore 58 degrees doubling even cooler than that at 56. check out petaluma 52 degrees for your current temperatures toni3ht and overnight lows dipping in the upper 40's to low 50's for most of the bay area daytime highs, even warmer tomorrow compared to today where today we were average. they said that 5 to 15 degree warm-up tomorrow we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees above average. we should be in the low 70's for downtown san francisco warming up to 77 degrees 82
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for san jose hayward 81 degrees for you with the and napa in the low 80's thanks to those northerly breezes. fortunately on the light side. everyone in the bay area should be happy. one of the 7 day forecast warmer weather through saturday. cooling down with seasonal temperatures by sunday. but then below average on monday and rain on wednesday making everyone happy for the next 7 days. so little bit, every little for the rain yeah. yeah, specially next weekend. so it looks like wednesday will be great shot at measure, abul rain and even extending through next weekend as well. we usually don't see the storms until halloween time end of october. so mid-october. hey, we'll take it. no doubt. all right. thanks, lisa. >> go giants. >> sure. all right. other news now, congressional leaders where in the bay area today pushing president biden's infrastructure bill in oakland east bay congresswoman barbara lee joined us housing and
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urban development secretary marcia fudge and oakland's mayor libby shaft. they're promoting that build back better plan investments in affordable housing as well as economic development. >> recently had the privilege. was president this for a show for people, for low income people and communities communities that are for this report. with history of a red predatory lending that systemic racism have. it's so to get to protect richer. to create character called ownership so far out of reach for so many fair. >> house speaker nancy pelosi recently pushed back. the deadline for the vote to try to pass the bill that has been pushed back now until the end of this month. >> and the east bay attorney
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general rob bonta has filed a civil case in contra, costa county. the suit is against major chemical companies and that stopping them from dumping and releasing toxic materials from a chemical plant near pittsburgh. the suit alleges that the companies are illegally treating wastewater with hazardous levels of toxic chemicals and also cites them for operating a number of tanks that release emissions into the air and for failing to provide the right documents. the chemical plants. it's less than a mile from the court have a wetlands and meets the shore where the san joaquin and sacramento rivers. meet before they eventually flow into the san francisco bay. now to some national news. and we've learned tonight that former president bill clinton is in the hospital and his spokesperson releasing a statement this evening, quote, on tuesday evening. president clinton was admitted. >> to you see irvine medical center to receive treatment for a non covid related infection. he is on the mend in good spirits. and is incredibly thankful to the doctors nurses and staff providing him with excellent
9:22 pm
care and quote, the hospitals in orange county. we'll continue to monitor former president clinton's condition and bring you updates. his soon as we get them into the kron. 4 news are here's what's coming up tonight on our news at 9, an emotional reunion 3 years in the making. what? >> one woman had to say to the 2 people who saved her life. thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen from a school. whole thing caught on camera. we'll see the full video next. also for people are hurt after a plane goes down in sacramento county. details are next.
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>> san mateo county deputies are investigating a home invasion robbery in millbrae. this happened on one knee. the avenue this morning and authorities say 2 suspects broke into the home and held the victim at gunpoint. the suspects. then allegedly ransacked the home and got away with some valuable things. investigators are asking anyone with information to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. now we go to sacramento county and there was trouble right after takeoff for a small plane and it went down hard crashing right here. 4 people were aboard when this plane crash right in the front yard of a home. all 4 people were taken to the hospital and no buildings were damaged. a small gr ss fire did spark, though, because of the crash. but firefighters were able to put it out before it could spread and do any more damage and environmental disaster
9:26 pm
that southern california oil spill is now being investigated. >> by a legendary and recently controversial federal agency. plus a new crackdown on scams targeting a certain community in the bay area. the act that is often being utilized and a demoralizing crime targeting high school kids. what the state police are saying about th
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targeted a high school video class and they stole thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment and the crime was captured on surveillance video that we're looking at right here could force a secret. spoke with some of the students and staff who worked hard for that equipment. >> you're listening to the sound of a pair of burglars breaking into the camera room. but the video production class at deer valley high school in antioch. >> the incident happened last friday. it was recorded on surveillance video. they pick up a camera. >> they look at and then realize their security camera. and they ripped the security camera off the walls. the rally is not to center is now go where the football game, the students use the camera equipment to produce award-winning content for deer valley tv. >> including news high school sports and entertainment. the video productions teacher kyle
9:30 pm
of says it took just 20 minutes for the burglars to get away with about $15,000 worth of equipment that it took the school years to accumulate was cameras from as far back as you know, lines is that we had no 5, 6, years. so it takes a long time to to save the money. >> and then to purchase everything. >> the video recording doesn't capture the entire incident because one of the burglars broke the surveillance camera, but eventually got through the door about 9 cameras in about 15 months in total are taking lord man like cameras are >> we have no mites and no lenses either. so it's kind of hard. >> their teacher kahlo started a go fund me to replace dv tv's stolen equipment just crazy. that you're want to hurt students ability to learn us us kill anyone with information is asked to contact antioch. police has made kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 9, san francisco's district attorney
9:31 pm
chesa boudin has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the scams that are targeting the aap i community and officials say they're seeing an increase in reports of victims. losing their entire life savings after sending money to someone who poses online as a friend or maybe even a romantic prospect. scammers are targeting victims using social media apps like we chat and says he hopes that this awareness campaign. we'll stop these scams before people have experienced some devastating financial consequences. >> cuts, custer county sheriff's deputies are looking for the people who fired bb guns from a car deputies say a 12 year-old girl in bay. point was hit by the bbc as she walked home from school on willow pass road andrade avenue. anybody with information here is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. former white house aide steve bennett could face criminal contempt charges for defying a congressional subpoena. bannon did not show up for today's deposition before a congressional
9:32 pm
committee investigating the january 6th capitol insurrection. his lawyer says bannon was directed by former president trump not to appear. bennett also missed a deadline to provide requested documents. the panel is set to vote to recommend contempt charges next tuesday. if passed it would then go to the full house. a congressional panel investigating the january 6th insurrection is still looking into the matter. the fbi has now joined the investigation into what caused that massive oil spill off of the orange county coast. a coast guard official says the amount of crude oil that spilled in that. >> offshore pipeline near huntington beach is believed to be close to about 25,000 gallons workers in protective gear are combing the sand collecting oil. that's all washed ashore. >> san francisco. house speaker nancy pelosi and senator alex padilla discussed the infrastructure bill still in limbo in talk today about
9:33 pm
how the bill relates to climate change and its impacts here in california, the goal. >> is a net 0 emissions economy by 2050 senator padilla emphasize the importance of ending the world's reliance on fossil fuels and instead of putting the state and the country on a path to energy efficiency and clean electric standard. he says the bill is a time sensitive issue. >> what california is certainly exhibit a on climate. the entire western united states. it's not fight. and facing another record drought. if we race to 0 out carbon emissions. we can slow the pace of climate change and even bring down temperatures by the middle of this century. but our path to avert a climate catastrophe is narrowing each and every day. >> despite republican opposition padilla points out that there is a democratic majority in both the house and the senate. an employee with
9:34 pm
the caliph us of emergency services is reuniting with 2 people who helped save her life. >> shanshan car was involved in a car crash 3 years ago in sacramento county. and today she got to thank the 2 off-duty officers who came to her rescue reporter rowena shaddox as their emotional reunion. this is jay psycho say coats r e. >> as review, this was the first time. so han us a car. >> at the 2 officers responsible for saving her life 3 years ago when her heart stopped beating following a catastrophic car crash in the rain. the 30 year-old. oh, yes, employee happened to mention what happened to her to her boss assistant chief sheldon fun who made the meeting possible. >> it's so good to you. rancho cordova police officer jay saco was driving behind her
9:35 pm
and saw some honest car hydroplaned before colliding with another vehicle. the impact her from her car. i just remember thinking like oh, now like this is that. >> his recollection bringing him back to that moment. i. just how you are. that i wanted to be with you and he was with no pulse j began cpr. i didn't think you were alive. mean, i just pulled over in iran helping to stabilize on a welsh a continued cpr. you are making some noises like you are late fighting for life. we just got to work. it was. very scary. >> law enforcement for 20 years and played one of the hardest things i've and you
9:36 pm
look like you are very bad shape. so we just did everything we could. >> they continued with cpr for several minutes and didn't stop suddenly to hannah's heart began to beat again. >> all right. that was a ruin ish attics reporting for us tonight after sharing such a harrowing experience. the 3 say they're now links for life and they say those share friendship forever. >> is standing behind a controversial new dave chappelle special that has employees threatening to walk off their jobs. why some are supporting this plan to protest. >> and coming up, i'll have your microclimate friday outlook. the warming trend going to continue for the end of your workweek friday with rain arriving sunday night. more my full forecast a 10. >> and heartbreak in the bay area tonight, the giants. oh, so close to advancing to the nlcs. they lose to the dodgers
9:37 pm
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>> it was a less than picture perfect day for netflix. the streaming giant brace for possible walkout led by transgender employees unamused by jokes. and dave chappelle's. new comedy special reporter nancy loo brings us the story tonight from hollywood.
9:40 pm
>> it's not clear yet how many netflix employees will be taking part in a planned walk out next week. but it is clear that a growing division is forming within this company. the latest dave chappelle comedy special has seemingly spark more outrage than laughter. >> the meetings that he speed records. >> it's been just a week since netflix started streaming the latest special by comedian dave chappelle, the closer it has opened a contentious battle over chappelle jokes about the transgender community. one employee tweeted in part he attacks the trans community and the very validity of trans nus all while trying to pit us against other marginalized groups. the controversy has grown since staff emails from netflix, co ceo ted surround us reportedly defended chappelle and a belief that content on screen does not translate into real world harm. money. yes, well,
9:41 pm
yes. power. but this is a lot of real life for people who are on the ground have to. >> be in survival mode each and every day. >> chappelle has a history of sparking controversy and netflix employees had voiced concerns before along with glad and numerous lgbtq groups. the latest battle has trans employees and company supporters planning to walk out next wednesday and they'll be joined by many who stand with them. how can you rewire in the program. >> there ideology of and who comes through it. >> so far no public response from netflix on the controversy or the planned walkout and there are no indications the closer will be removed from the platform. it is currently among the top 5 shows on netflix reporting from hollywood nancy loo news nation. >> kron 4 sports. >> well, the giants were never supposed to be here, but they went on to have a miraculous
9:42 pm
regular season. an improbable season and came oh, so close to beating their rivals. and what was somehow the first time the giants and dodgers had ever met in the playoffs and a lot of people just have kind of a sick. >> feeling. i feel so bummed. yeah, you know, and in a couple months you probably look back and feel good of what a great season it was. winds record. but right now i don't think giants fans are anyone for moral victories. it hurts it just may have been the biggest game in giant history. yes, i know they played in world series, but something about tonight to spell different as grant said, your rival never played before. it was a mad house tonight at oracle. you can feel the buzz through the tv screen. the dodgers pulled a surprise starting corey knebel. but despite giving up a double buster posey. he got to the first by striking out brandon crawford right there. now logan webb. he began right
9:43 pm
where he left off in game one he gets out of jam right there. the dribble or comes back to him. justin turner is thrown out despite a white throw no problem from wilmer flores. let's go to the bottom of the 5th wet steeled killing. he gets chris taylor swinging for his 5th strikeout. we're still scoreless in the bay. julio urias. he entered in the 3rd. he was the guy was originally supposed to start start and he was tough. he struck out the side in the bottom of the 5th very gets donovan solano to end the ending is best yet. how about we see a goat. barry bonds, always a huge ovation by giants fans. and right after that, both teams finally got things going on offense. top of the 6 corey seager slaps one into left field mookie betts who have 4 hits. he was tremendous all series comes on around to score the dodgers draw first blood it
9:44 pm
one. nothing. bets he was mvp for a reason. all right. bottom of the frame. the phillies great. he was hitting hard all night. his first 3 at-bats warning track power. that one got out of the park solo homerun. crowd goes nuts. a man. all right. steph and draymond green champions in their own right watching. there's i should as well taking in the game. the giants have their own assassin right here he finishes the night with a strikeout and he is high. i was hyped. sit down. cody. and the 7th web only gave up a run over 7 innings struck out 7. did his part top of ace la with a couple runners on comey loads of all, he's been so great all season. he gets trey turner the fly out to get out of the jam cool as a fan. he hit a batter to
9:45 pm
lead off the 9th and cody bellinger makes him pay. we haven't seen that all year. justin turner, scores dodgers. take the 2 one lead. and bottom of the 9th 2 out. this is not the fish you want to see max scherzer go. cause cause the check swings a strike. and that would do it very questionable ending. wilmer flores was bad all series long when they are headed to the nlcs, the giants season is over. just like that. and in the 10 o'clock hour, we'll have a live report out at oracle, our very own kylen mills. >> will join us. but that game just went final heartbreak. author dan king will continue to
9:46 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast right now as take a live look outside here in san francisco at the transamerica pyramid. hopefully the warmer temperatures will cheer you up. if you're a giants fan. oh, i can do it. yes, sure. i mean, try this. try. yeah. recent might be able to bring some smiles feeling in the dumps. if you're a giants fan right i'm sorry, guys, i know you really wanted them win. but. >> at least we have warmer weather right to steal always putting a positive on let's take a live look outside,
9:49 pm
golden gate bridge. no marine layer insight thanks to today's northerly winds actually warmed us up 5 to 15 degrees compared to yesterday's daytime highs and that warming trend going to continue for the end of your workweek. friday forecast downtown san francisco 77 degrees. >> as his golden gate park's about 7 degrees above average. there. half moon bay in daly city, even warming up into the mid 70's with el granada low 70's. so fortunately the winds out of that war mountain breezes and we are going to see those northerly winds not as gusty as today. 15 miles per hour or less. which is great news. otherwise would be under imminent fire danger territory which we certainly don't want or need this time of year millbrae and burlingame low 80's was the tail warming up to 82 degrees paulo alto in the mid 70's. so very pleasant temperatures there. enjoy that widespread low to mid 80's. for those of you in the south bay san jose said 82 degrees of cupertino
9:50 pm
at 83 degrees in livermore, about 5 degrees above average warming up into the mid 80's oakland 5 degrees above normal as well. 80 degrees for your friday afternoon highs. concord and walnut creek. 84 degrees. now, remember, we should be in the low to mid upper 70's this time of year from coast to valleys. instead we're tracking low to mid 80's, especially for those of you in the north bay napa, 81 degrees and check out novato toasty temperatures there at 86 degrees. nearly 10 degrees above average, 15 degrees above normal by saturday with light rain on sunday night. so enjoy that. back to you. just grant. >> thank you so much of breeze and the summer fun has now come and gone in the high sierra now ski resorts in tahoe are getting ready for ski season even though there has not been that much snow staff borealis getting the resort ready inside an app for opening day. that is fast approaching. they got a bit of snow last weekend. and while it's not did serve as a kind of a welcome mat cooling the ground, giving the drought
9:51 pm
friendly machine-made snow. something to stick to. >> pull the water that we use for snowmaking out of this pond and refills as things melt. we essentially below the snow. the water out up into the air and with the use of, you know, very fine misters as well as a fan gun to push it up into the air. and the idea is that it freezes before it hits the ground. >> says it hopes to open up by november 19th. >> well, from cold snow to hot love this is said now nearly a month after this eruption started. >> the active volcano in the canary islands is forcing more evacuations tonight. this is a live look at okay. no that's off the northwestern coast of africa just a majestic sight. the evacuations were prompted by a new lava flow that sound
9:52 pm
hear it. the new love of flow broke off from the main river of rock and it was heading towards an inhabited area outside the previous evacuation zone. just just stunning really evacuations today bring the total number of displaced people to more than 7,000. that's nearly a 10th of the island's population. researchers there believe the lava. it's covering about 1600 acres homes have been destroyed. big banana farming area that industry has been decimated. it is a mess. but you can't stop
9:53 pm
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> actor dwayne johnson surprise students at his former school in honolulu and pennsylvania by donating sports equipment to their football teams next move the hollywood star deliver the gifts along with a special video message to the teams ahead of their homecoming games. have a look. >> my fellow freedom patriots. my fellow gridiron i know that it's homecoming. i know the guys are enjoying good meal right now. i hope good it saw and i know that parents and families are cooking up these meals. are you guys every week with a lot of effort. obviously a lot of care and certainly a lot of love. and i want to send guys a little message you want to tell you guys a few things that want to
9:56 pm
want to tell you how proud i am of you guys. here's why proud. i'm proud of the hard work you put because that's what it all comes down to what you win and lose. theater failed all comes down to the effort that you put in the hard work to yourself to. so i'm proud of consistent hard work that you guys for putting coach roeder and the coaching staff you got for working hard, working your off and you guys are ready. you guys are ready. and i loved your >> each player was was supposed to read. and each player was given. a project rock performance gear. i guess gear you don't say a gear along with customize programming for athletes and coaches. and fun fact cap'n impact of a few guys know this, but. the rock is justine's mom's i got every
9:57 pm
time. i know that he's a really likable all the nice things he does for the right. and i don't likes him. knew about the nice things he does for the community because you if you know what i mean. haha. >> the rock. and that just a for haiti is welcome news from the east bay hayward. he's got some bay area for an inhaler. yeah. all right. about my mom knew milos, let's face all right. that's it for 9. 10 is next. giant. goodness. we were up there screaming and and even dodgers fans. >> are saying it was a bad call. the and, you know, the check swing that the umpire. >> blue. i don't know. it's it's a whole on twitter. at least some of the hearing a lot. >> more. how what law? >> thank you justine in grand. okay. as you know, we have
9:58 pm
team coverage giants season coming to an end. a heartbreaking one, of course. but we have our staff out at oracle park will have a lot more and newly released court documents they reveal what led the richmond police chief 2 are being put on administrative leave. the claims of abuses. she reportedly tried to save her daughter from trafficking.
9:59 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's lol


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