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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 14, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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trafficked by a man she denied those allegations to advocates when she was flown to a nonprofit organization in arizona that helps trafficking victims. >> the daughter also alleges the french is stopped by goldman's mother's home in solano county and threatened to kill her and her son goldman has a criminal history in alameda county. he was convicted of felony human trafficking for labor in 2015 jail records show goldman was arrested in richmond on monday and on tuesday, a criminal complaint filed in alameda county, superior court shows goldman has now been charged with felony pimping richmond mayor tom says the city manager reached out to him friday letting him know chief french was taking some personal time off only to learn this week through media reports that she was actually placed on paid administrative leave all like to wish it like, all. >> i don't all she council
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college law to be she calls the mayor also lending support to chief french hold a lot has happened or your kids off school killings. >> it's just all imaginable. as for lee french, the oakland police department confirms he is also on administrative leave as of now, the solano county district attorney's office says it has not received this case. >> requests for comment from the french is have gone unanswered phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> several bay area counties are easing their mask mandates. and this comes as high vaccination rates continue and case rates decline, which is of course, good news. plus and san mateo counties are now the first 2 counties in california to enter the yellow or moderate tier for covid transmission all fours. grant lotus joins us live here in the studio with more on this grant boy, you get into that yellow teary of feels like you've won a big baseball game. it is encouraging, though certainly to see. >> some improvement here. san mateo county now in that
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yellow tier here, more than 83% of the eligible population has been vaccinated and currently the test positivity rate there is under one percent at last check. county officials have not said when they plan to relax the mask mandate. check in now on marin county. you see also a yellow tier county where according to the cdc, the community transmission rate is moderate. health officials say the covid case rate has been dropping in marine since late july and there hasn't been a covid death in moraine and more than a month. officials attribute the success to the county's high vaccination rate. there you have 77% of all residents, not just eligible everybody fully vaccinated and 84% have gotten at least one dose. but with the winter months and more indoor gatherings right around the corner. the county could see covid cases start to increase again. >> you know, it's really too early to say coast is we know that we are still at risk for
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increasing number of cases. if we let our guard down too you know what i'm most concerned about it comes to the holidays is he's in or gathering always been i'm a contributor fueling surges that happened after holidays. >> officials add that if the county can stay in the yellow tier for 3 weeks. mask-wearing restrictions could be eased. also new today contra costa county will lift mask requirements in certain indoor settings come november. 1st, these are controlled space is not open to the general public. this includes offices, gyms, fitness centers indoor college classes and religious gatherings under the order participating businesses and organizations and hosts must verify that all patrons employees and attendees. everybody is fully vaccinated. there can be no more than 100 people at these facilities and the folks there must be gathering on a regular basis. and of course, the people there should not have covid
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symptoms to go without say. meanwhile, happening tomorrow in san francisco. the city's easing indoor mask rules in limited indoor settings which includes offices, gyms employee commuter vehicles religious gatherings and indoor college classes also here if everyone is fully vaccinated and also here. no more than 100 people. so if say a kid under the age of 12 as president. everybody there has to keep the mask on and because masks are still required all over the place. you know, grocery stores, doctors offices health experts are reminding people now to make sure you have a snug fitting mask and, you know, one way to make sure that your mask is quality. put it on. make sure you can't say blow out a candle through your mask that shows you it is working. pam, catherine, back to you. thank you. grant. >> 120 police officers were pulled off the streets of san francisco today because they have not been vaccinated against covid san francisco's
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vaccine mandate for city workers did take effect yesterday. so the employees like police officers had several months to get a covid shot. but the san francisco police association confirms that as of last night, 120 members did failed to meet the requirement. a spokesperson for the association says the employees who continue to refuse to get vaccinated will be put on paid administrative leave. they'll still collect their paychecks but not be allowed to come into work. meantime, the city's human resources department says 95% of the city's work force is vaccinated that means at least 1700 employees are not 800 of those people are asking either for religious or medical exemption. mayor london breed says the city is trying to make everybody's needs. >> examining those that people are requesting very closely with our human resources department and for those public safety departments, we
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are already various employees to ensure that services are not interrupted as a result and we're moving forward with aggressive hiring more so than we have in the past. >> starting today city employees and high workplaces also have got to get a vaccinated, including jails hospital city operated assisted living facilities. also homeless shelters. so the employers who do not work in high-risk areas. still have to be fully vaccinated by november. 1st. >> we have some breaking news just coming in to kron 4 former president bill clinton is in the hospital tonight. his spokesperson just released this statement which says on tuesday evening president clinton was admitted to uci medical center to receive treatment for a non covid related infection. he is on the mend in good spirits and is incredibly thankful to the doctors nurses and staff providing him with excellent
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care, unquote that hospital. by the way, is in orange, california. we, of course, will continue to monitor the former president's condition and bring you any updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. >> now to the 4 zone forecast as we look live outside at the golden gate bridge fairly clear at this point. not too much farc, not too much. and breeze is standing by with more on the micro-climate we're dealing with. yeah. in fact, we're tracking warmer and drier weather starting today, even continuing through your end of the workweek forecast. let's take a live look outside at half moon bay and we notice the sun just setting their golden hour out there right now in the bay area. so i hope you enjoyed tonight's beautiful sunset. thanks to those crystal clear skies. >> temperatures for tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees above average as our warming trend continues. downtown san francisco, 7 degrees above average. we should be in the low 70's, but instead warming up to 77 degrees tomorrow. sunset district in the low
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60's with low 60's. for those of on terror. but check out daly city 76 degrees. so not a bad way to wrap up your work week friday afternoon forecast brisbane to 80 degrees. but south san francisco and san bruno warming up into the mid 70's. still very pleasant temperatures there with low 80's for those of you in san mateo and mountain view ca widespread 80's for the south bay milpitas 85 degrees. santa clear. also in the mid 80's with livermore and pleasanton warming up to 84 degrees and low to mid 80's throughout the east bay shoreline richmond 83 degrees are in the amber agha in the upper 70's. and we're seeing widespread low to mid 80's for those of you in the north bay that ville 83 degrees. but the anthony schadt 82 and avato. one of the warmest cities tomorrow. 86 degrees thanks to those warm dry northerly breezes. taking a look ahead, though, at the next 7 day forecast. we are tracking overall weather conditions continuing to bump
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up on saturday. but then we're going to see some light rain showers sunday night. but then that storm remaining open by the middle of this upcoming week. so it's great to see some wet weather returning to the bay area have been captured. back to you. but theresa, thank you. still ahead tonight, a civil case about hazardous waste. how attorney general rob bonta is stepping up in contra, costa county. >> sports sports director jason dumas will have an update on the giants dodgers game 5, an the warriors take to the bay to support their brother and just north at mission bay. that's coming up. >> plus, affordable housing at an east san jose airport. experts say it is in the soil.
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>> more bay area news tonight, the long-running effort to close santa clara county's reid hillview airport. that's once again on the front burner for decades advocates and elected officials have been pushing to close that are important to rezone it for housing. but whether that happens will depend on the soils lead levels. a study commissioned by the county in august has already concluded they're dangerous lead levels in the air. so if the soil comes back with a acceptable levels. other still talking about building low income apartments and that could still happen. the earliest, the airport in east san jose can close his 2031. on the
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peninsula, the san bruno city council formally approved 2 ordinances that will pave the way for youtube to expand its you tubes offices at the bay hill office park. the council approved an update to the bay hill areas land use plan that will serve as a guide to development in that area over the next couple decades. the council also approved the first phase of the project development detailed by youtube's parent company which is google. >> in the east bay attorney general rob bonta has filed a civil case in contra, costa county and that suit is against major chemical companies aimed at stopping them from dumping and releasing toxic chemicals from a chemical plant near pittsburgh. the suit alleges that the companies are illegally treating wastewater with hazardous levels of toxic chemicals. it also cites them for operating a number of tanks that release emissions into the air and for failing to provide documentation. the
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chemical plants. it's less than a mile from the court heave a wetlands and missed the shore with the san joaquin and sacramento rivers. meet before they eventually flow into the san francisco bay. >> coming up next. cargo ship concerns heightened at the port of los angeles where officials are sounding o shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart.
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> after that pipeline ruptured and leaked thousands of gallons of crude oil into the pacific ocean in southern
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california environmental advocates were on capitol hill today. they were asking for more federal regulation. well, force was shot. hudson has more. >> california congressman alan lowenthal says there's a ticking time bomb just off of america's beaches poorly maintained an abandoned oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment recent offshore spills need to be a wake-up call for because without stronger regulations, things will get worse. thursday's hearing comes after a pipeline ruptured along the coast of southern california spilling over 100,000 gallons of crude oil into the pacific critical that we don't simply move on and wait for the next accident to occur. environmental advocates want congress to create financial incentives for energy companies to secure offshore abandon rigs. this strategy must be environmentally sustainable socially and economically
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effective for the people of the region and protect taxpayers. but louisiana congressman garret graves says safe offshore drilling actually produces fewer climate damaging emissions than any other method. so if we're going to producers. >> on the globe. it might make more sense do it in areas where we do it safely and do within the rules. >> the committee says it is planning a field hearing in california to investigate the calls of the recent oil spill. >> okay. time for another look at forecast as we take a live look over san francisco and breeze of our region's sandy baez says there's possible possible showers in the forecast this weekend. yes, specifically sunday night. so warm dry weather. until then. in fact, we started our warming trend today. >> 5 to nearly 15 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. live look outside downtown san francisco. we could see city hall getting into that giant spirit lit up
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in orange tonight. so hopefully they bring the w tonight. but future cast for. we're tracking some light showers with those storm clouds arriving early sunday morning and light rain arriving mainly along the coast in north bay by around 8 o'clock for your sunday night for the rest of the bay area is going to be shortly before midnight, specifically those in the south bay and our inland valleys of the east bay. that's when you're going to get some of those light showers arriving. but it is going to be a very short lived, a storm. so by the overnight hours early monday. it's quickly going to exit the bay area bringing us warmer and drier weather for your work week monday. but temperatures right now tracking widespread 60's and 70's. as you head out the door. but the one outlier 58 degrees conquer nearly 20 degrees. warmer thanks to those northerly winds tonight solano county. you're going to have that red flag warning expire at 8 o'clock this evening see, have about an
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hour to go there with san anselmo cooling down into the upper 60's overnight lows tonight. 40's and 50's mid 40's for those of you in santa rosa. but antioch and oakland warming up 10 degrees warmer at 54 degrees but still a little bit chilly for your overnight. temperatures tonight. but high temperatures tomorrow. thanks to those northerly winds. we are going to see 70's and 80's so 5 to 10 degrees above average livermore 84 downtown san francisco at 77 in oakland in the low 80's with even warmer weather for inland valleys on saturday. 15 degrees above normal and yes, some light showers arriving sunday night in through the middle of this upcoming week. so enjoy. >> back to you, pam and catherine. >> and now kron 4 sports. the breeze is set on chopped liver over here. >> all right. the giants game has gotten underway on 3rd and king and guess what, we're rallying here on front street excited right now there is no score, though. 0, 0, bottom of
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the 3rd logan webb top of the 3rd, i should say logan webb just got a strikeout. he's dealing probably going to be a pitcher's duel. let's hope the giants come out on the right side of it. we'll have highlights throughout the night and post-game coverage. kylen mills is live at oracle park right now will will have her once this game goes final to the gridiron. the rich. but era in las vegas officially begins on sunday. it didn't happen. the way he would have liked, i'm sure. but it is what it is. the raiders will be looking to snap a two-game losing streak as they prep for the broncos who also have two-game losing streak. raiders offensive coordinator. greg olson and defensive coordinator. gus bradley said that he was ready to go despite all the drama this we're going to rally around besides you. >> we're going to keep going like i said, we feel real strong about one the town on
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the team and where we're at certain were 3, 2, things can get better. but we still see the arrow going up and we've gotten leadership. we've got a job to do and we're excited about the next opportunity. so you kind of battle that first emotion then you move on and some goods about to happen. let's go see and you get great energy from our players. >> let's go out to the bay. literally the warriors were out on the bay today. a bunch of them in the boat. you can see klay thompson right there. a couple other players were wearing giants. hasson this rooting for fellow bay area. team. you love to see the support. it's great to see the dubs getting and some team bonding. i guess you can say the golden state's first game is this tuesday. so this cut is coming up. their first game. is this tuesday, their first home game is on thursday. so they'll be in the on thursday, but they open up with lebron and the lakers. so that will be must-see tv. this
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tuesday. but it's cool to see them showing some support for the giants. it's it's a rally flex and this is what i got out on game one of the series. they gave him out and said orange october resilient sf. >> so they're all coca-cola at oracle right now. i decided to keep my when they gave a very good. absolutely. thank you, jason. >> well, still to come, the world's tallest living woman 5. she says she wants to use her rare condition to educate others.
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. standing 7 feet, 7 inches of turkish woman has been officially named as the tallest living woman room room mesa gail dee was we measured this year after she was first awarded the title for the tallest living teenager back in 2000, 14. >> her height is due to a medical condition is called weaver syndrome. an extremely rare genetic condition that causes a celebrated growth. the 24 year-old says that she feels it's important to use her platform to educate others about rare medical conditions in general. she says her height often gets people's attention, but that most people see her as just a regular person and that they have very kind and supportive and that, of course, is what
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