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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 13, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> guys sounds dire win or go home. we are all down to the wire. plus, we are home. see truce owner stay haha. we're going to win and be home. have a thanks for joining us this morning for the finest hour the day before the giants and dodgers match >> darya james here with john and get you off on this wednesday morning to a good note where what outside? actually the winds have calmed down nicely yes, they have a not for long. apparently, john. yeah, enjoy the moment, guys because it's going to pick right back up tomorrow, especially inland and off. so that will have a red flag warning back in effect for solano county tomorrow as well as much of the central valley. so today really is a break feels like it is. you're stepping outside not noticing as much of the wind. you certainly are noticing a few more clouds, though those are not going to last. and we still do have some sunshine sunshine pushing through the
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cloud cover this morning as far as radars concern we drive back out had a couple of sprinkles in the north bay earlier. that was very brief. most of us didn't even see it couple of breezy spots closer to the coastline. most of our inland really calm, especially compared to monday and tuesday. winds pick back up tomorrow. notably for areas like atlas, peak, vacaville and sonoma temperatures right now are in the 40's and 50's. so need the jacket. even though winds have calmed down. it's still definitely cool enough for those jackets. and we're in for coolest afternoon of your forecast. more about that. still ahead, thank you for that. we've certainly had a busy wednesday morning. several accidents in just about. >> every hour here. northbound want to win north of cesar chavez street. we have an accident there not seen that much of a delay along 2.80, as you're traveling heading into the city this morning. a little under 18 minutes. we had an earlier accident. >> on the eastbound side of the bay bridge as you're traveling across towards the east bay that has since been clear not seen any major delays from that. a little under 14 minutes. as you make your way across towards the
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peninsula, checking out the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 11 minutes daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot. 9. oh, one in. this is the game everybody has been waiting for. it's it's the only show in town is in the nation. this it's come down to the mall. is going change game 5 it. you know, this is this is it is no competition. tomorrow night, right. >> is the big game and the dodgers. no competition we can do this. yes, in fact, course, we'll trend at oracle park and willows asking. >> john, what the winds are going to be like isis are going to calm down a little because we know how touchy the dodgers can be about a little win. i don't get me winds were not a concern for the talk about some sore losers and they'll be sore losers again tomorrow night when the giants. >> play the dodgers it had in this way, right. i mean, i did talk to a giants fan. >> and he actually was rooting for the dodgers last night and i said why he goes because he
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wanted to watch the giants with his own 2 eyes tomorrow night know you finish when you finish. >> but game 5 tomorrow night dodgers giants for the 24th time this season and a 130 years of rivalry wine on the bottom line is the reason why we're here. it's because the giants. they didn't seal the deal yesterday against the dodgers because they just started off really horribly. 2 nothing before you even knew it that they were down and then they get rotating pictures over and over again. capital probably get so tired of walking to the mound get them to one pep talk. what you can do better start throwing strikes and when that wasn't happening every place in pictures by the time it was all said and done 7 to 2 dodgers. they both traveled and they should be in san francisco today as they prepare for the biggest game of the season for both teams. but the giants they worked hard all season to have the best record. and that's why
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there is no place like home. it talked of buster posey. he's battle tested and he says the giants will be ready to go against a familiar >> yeah. i mean, i feel like. our team and the dodgers team of both plan. meaningful games for a while now. obviously this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point. and should be fun. we play each other. now i guess this will be game. 24 on thursday. so obviously both teams know each other well. a lot of these guys. played against one another for a long time. i mean, this is this is why you play. >> when the giants win tomorrow, they will be here again. so they're not going to travel at all. they'll face the atlanta braves on saturday for game one of the championship series. by the
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way, if you're thinking about going james and darya. i've been looking at some of the ticket prices. here's all my phone. this is one of the particular apps. it might be bright. but let's see if you'll be a 7th can possibly zoom in standing room only a got bleach is really to 11 out. >> and i'm sure those prices will go up as we get closer to game time will field is not shows and bring a 6 pack. we watch the coach. >> all on board. thank you very much. well, yeah. over >> will tran park will tran park the time fire right now. and happening now, employees. businesses in san francisco have to prove they're vaccinated to go to work. they do. yeah. right. as we're approaching the big game tomorrow night. if the employees want to keep their jobs. full vaccination. >> kron four's camila barco live in the city with more on which businesses are going to be impacted by this chameleon.
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>> yeah, good morning. so if these employees in san francisco didn't roll up their sleeves and get a covid shot. they can't roll up their sleeves and go to work today. they got approved that they're fully vaccinated. if they want to clock in. and this really applies to people who work in areas that there's a lot of contact. so if you take a look at your screen. you'll see that this new mandate applies to workers who are at businesses like bars, restaurants clubs theaters entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms. san francisco gave employees 2 months to get the vaccine back on august 12 san francisco began requiring customers to show proof of vaccination at businesses today. both customers and now employees entering those workplaces must be fully vaccinated. and this is really the cities and counties way to protect people against the spread of covid, but also keeping these businesses open and alive. the vaccination requirements also apply to health care providers that includes workers at adult day
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care centers, presidenti-l care facilities dental offices home health aides and pharmacists. now mayor london breed and other city leaders continue to push for this vaccine because they say it's the best way to protect people from the spread of covid-19. but the city still has a ways to go. as of monday. 75% of people living in san francisco who are eligible for the covid shot are fully vaccinated. so they are london breed. another city leaders say that with this new mandate, they hope more people pull up their sleeves and get a covid shot. diane james, to you. >> all right. thank you very much. camila 9. '07. another big story that we've been following is the wind which is going to be within again. and that means pgd could shut off power again to thousands of customers just as they turn it back on to those very same customers, but they're putting the warning out now. so people are prepared for sarah stinson has more on this live from napa county. good morning, sir. >> yeah. can you believe you get the power on and then you find out in 48 hours, the power could be back off.
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that's just no way to live. but unfortunately it's what pg e has to do to keep people safe. they're worried about their peril. power lines being in the way of a wildfire were sparking a wildfire. and so that's why they shut it off. now. we're live in napa county, where the most customers in the bay area would be affected by this. what happens tomorrow night. take a look at your screen we have a breakdown of those who will be without power potentially and that is about 3,750 customers in napa county. 1591 customers and solano county and in sonoma county that would be 1481 customers in contra, costa county 293 customers. as i said, pg e says they're still wildfire danger that dry vegetation and windy conditions that are in the forecast. and so that's why they have to do this to be extra extra now total of 29,000 customers in northern
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and central california are now waiting to see if their power is going to be shut off or not. >> if it does happen will likely begin between midnight and 4 in the morning tomorrow and will be restored by noon friday. but all of that is tentative of course, subject to change could not happen at all. but that's why they keep everyone notified an e-mail text phone call. and of course we have kron 4, we keep you covered as well. >> following the latest in bringing it to you as we learn more. so tune in to our app kron on. we should have updates throughout the day. for now reporting live in napa county. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 9 o 9 is the time and sad to say, but an increase in thefts is causing walgreens now to have to close more of its stores in san francisco. we'll tell you how a new bill vote could help the police prevent more of these crimes from happening in a unique way. we'll explain. plus work once again underway at san francisco's millennium tower will talk about the new method that construction crews are trying now to correct that
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lean. >> and we are in for a calmer day today. but just as cool as it has been. so just don't forget your jackets temperatures only peeking into the 60's and fairly low 70's for some of us. i've got your forecast far from wednesday like we've seen accidents here there. we still have some to tell you about and we'll get a closer look how long it's going to take a drive in some areas will have that. we come back from break.
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>> 9.12 right now vnd we're checking out the weather on this day. wow. i feel like we've been. well, what war than around the world and back in just because of the hole spacing. yeah. with captain kirk william shatner going to space and back just like this. yes, like he was, you know, in a span 15 minutes. he was there and back. that's true. isn't these days. that's the so we're and then of course, we've got game 5. >> in the yes. with the giants and the dodgers in san francisco tomorrow. so we're tracking the weather on that front as well. we've got john keeping an eye on all of this all happening now. she had to been. we're not seeing the game today. it's a little the giants can handle the wind a little better than the dodgers. yeah, i think it's a good sign because that that windy day we did. we won that that would be in our favor for
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sure. i think so. and tomorrow even though breezy isn't going to be the windiest won by any means. so. >> we'll still be good to go. we've got the san francisco weather down. so we'll be fine as far as this morning is concerned. definitely on the less windy side. but it is on the cloudier side. your view outside of the embarcadero to show bit of a breeze there at the flag. but more so noticeable is that cloud cover in the distance. we saw a couple of sprinkles in the north bay this morning. those of really now cleared out towards the central valley and it was areas like lake county, northern napa and sonoma counties that received it. the rest of us have stayed dry. just seeing the cloud cover. this passing cold front is going to keep temperatures today at their coolest of the forecast daytime highs barely making the low 70's under warmest. and we're still breezy. just not near as windy as we had been tomorrow. winds pick back up, especially for areas like solano county portions of contra, costa napa and sonoma counties as well. right now solano county is the only spot that will eventually be affected by a red flag warning that goes into effect
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tomorrow at 10:00am last until 08:00pm tomorrow as well as areas towards sacramento and northward from there up into the central valley. no advisories elsewhere across the bay area just yet. but still will be an uptick in winds elsewhere. and that's true as we make our way into the last game tomorrow against the dodgers. now temperatures in the city today. 50's and 60's very similar right along highway one at the coast. those 50 staying around him on tara brisbane. you'll be at 62 today. burlingame jacket where the at 66 same for you in redwood city, south bay temperatures. when yours coolest days of the year so far. 60's for sonny bill at 63 san jose at 65 east bay temperatures cooler than yesterday. but feeling a little nicer because we're not factoring in as much wind chill today. walnut creek and concord each at 70 while oakland at 65 and are very warmest spots today. well, that's for you in vacaville and nevado at 72 degrees each. some of our coolest warm temperatures we've had in a while now. tomorrow's temps do rise back into the upper 70's.
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fortunately. so who are wind speeds and especially for inland areas. and that's what's prompting potential power outages again. and that red flag warning in solano county friday and saturday back into the 80's only briefly but a good chance to get the shorts back out. enjoy all that sunshine for the start of the weekend. clouds up and cools down into early next week. reyna john, thank you for that. so you have a hot spot out there. southbound one. oh, one. >> just south of broadway. so that's in burlingame that area there you got the fire department is blocking several lanes in addition to that, the accident itself blocking several lanes. so 2.80 might be a good option. if you're trying to avoid that altogether. the golden gate bridge a little under 24 minutes as you're traveling into the city from 37. so looks great. there, uptick and drive times not because of the fog. a little under 17 minutes as you're heading from the east bay into the city. remember earlier we had accident on the eastbound side there of the bay bridge as you're heading into oakland, the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula a
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little under 14 and in the south bay, a slight up tick by 28 minutes traveling from 85 towards menlo park diane, james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us remotely. are you still a pit know you're back home. from the truckee. good morning. run massive the site yesterday, not today. >> thank goodness. all right. so today we're looking at the markets and i see we've got the dow the s and p off a bit nasdaq positive but not by much. what's interesting you. we're straight down. that's a little bit we have start dealing with the motions of like how comfortable he feels a correction. >> earnings season is upon us jp morgan, great numbers. delta. good numbers but said fuel costs are going to hurt them later in the year. cpi came out today at 5.4%. more on that later the f o m c the fed open market are going to talk about what they saw their september minutes that are to be released in about 30 minutes. and the fda. scientists are starting to rally behind johnson johnson's
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booster shot. so that's positive news of no appel said they're cutting production numbers this year on phones because like an issues and apple's the very best in the world. i kid you not james order. your christmas gifts. now it could be a fight at the end to get quality. merchandise. yeah, we're talking about that out. and if you caught it. but we will bill shatner go up into space. this morning. so we'll see what that does for blue origin and all i just saw today. >> the union negotiating with hollywood producers. they basically said if there's no deal by monday, they are going on strike now shut down hollywood production film and tv. now we need right now. what kind of ripple effect that's going to have. but that's something we're going see. watch on the horizon come next week. talk to be a little bit about social security cost of living adjustment. i guess people who are receiving social security about to get a nice little boost. ha. the other 64 million americans on social it comes with age.
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>> it's right of your life. there's something called a cola towards it. call is a cost of living adjustment. you think it was like a coca-cola when you get retired. but the cost of living is not that this year it's seen a massive jump. that's good news and bad the average recipient going to see receive another 5.9% in the cost of living which brings their monthly check to. i don't have the number. there it is. $1657 from thac's a pretty big boost of basically a $1100 more a month, probably dollars more a year. but again, can you live up $1651 a month. health care costs are going up. the cost of living adjustment to 5.9% was and large to to the cpi numbers inflation. so it looks great. but it's also reminder that cost of living is much higher. james and seniors have different type of inflation. then. yeah. i'm by a big 100 inch tv. that's 50% cheaper than it was 3 years ago.
9:20 am
seniors are buying health care, which is more expensive every single year feels like now you have a 100 and watching game 5 of your house tomorrow night because that's pretty actually stance. >> you're going to be there. okay. think any time we see tickets go on sale for something that people might want to yeah. i'm part of the san francisco giants system. they said hey, tickets are on sale is that i want to grab this because if there's a game 5 increase all 4 times the value or i can get my my family member and i'm not even memory. fantastic for you because we were looking at prices and just even than what standing room to 200 to 200 to or do you have good seats will will you be a dry now. i'm a i'm basically behind a pole kind was like out of a struggle. with that said i could i could easily make a lot want to members members. there you go. that's the most important thing. all right. and then lastly, as we wrap things up. let's talk a little bit how to save at the pump because again, daryn, i were perusing cars because she's looking at maybe getting a
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used car for her daughter and she came across a land rover, but the gas mileage was what 16 to 6 1612 to 1512, to 15. that's not going to work. so what can we do to save money at the pump. teacher daughter that she and the to catch. i gas prices are 3.27 now, national average of $0.8 last week california's $4.44 up in truckee and tahoe. i saw gas at $5.25 whole. my eyes pop out of my head. i use an app called gasbuddy. doesn't sound like a cool out but a very cool app shows you the cheapest gas stations around me. and this is important because california's mandate on equality and gasoline. and your pain for the advertising of exxonmobil exxon or mobil gas station 7. gasbuddy use reward programs. most rewards programs or $0.25 per gallon. a gas station. that's $0.5 off. you know, that's that's good. it adds up per dollar. chapman is about us trying to get out. but doesn't. it's
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good. yeah. i'm not going to get your free gas, but we get cheaper gas. i use my 2% money-back. my city, my cash card. so my gas, my get dollar gas really 98 since the cast. so use what you have out there. i think that rewards card, the grocery cart you safe way. my phone number to get a discount have to use that within 30 days of shopping safeway. right. but it all adds on the safe side should get the land rush to get the prius because the prius was like 5,000 bucks for that car. yeah. it's 50 miles, a gallon. >> a lot better and all i will say i will back up and i'm rob suggestion both safeway and gasbuddy dot com using both and that saves a lot of money. all right. thank you very much. rob. and again, yeah, absolutely. let him know what topics are. interesting to you one pet saving us money. that's what rob does. facebook, twitter e-mail directly. let them know what directly. let them know what you think and we'll be right i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile.
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i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> another space tourist flights. yes. chime with a famous. >> astronaut on board in real life. you now now. but he faked one on tv when he was a
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star trek and now william shatner can say yeah, i've been there. you can't really see him obviously in this shot. but he's in that capsule with 3 other people. rocketing to an altitude that put them in to 0 g and officially made astronauts and then of course they landed safely to and actually we have video here of them coming down in the capsule into parachutes there. stand by. watch. watch. watch. this is the touchdown was a little bit of dust see a puff of air that cushions there. >> impact. so texas touchdown or not only the newest astronaut but he is the oldest astronaut 90 years old, going into and this is more than 50 years after he used a fake going into space where he said beam me up scotty. yeah. and now he be me up. jeff and. >> and then visit. so there jeff bezos opening the capsule door and saying welcome back has been so pretty incredible and listen our sister.
9:27 am
>> cap and a curse himself a great well, haha captain kirk. >> how incredible. >> you we're still waiting for that press conference to get underway it. we would take it if it happens or 4.10, o'clock our time. but we heard right after he got out what he said was it was amazing. first of all, he went like this bam with those g's feel that force. yeah. right there at liftoff was a pretty incredible and they saw the blue. >> turn to black. he never seen anything quite that dramatic before in his life and he's emotional about it. and we do hear more about his space travels. >> this morning. we'll bring that you live if it happens this morning, if not stay tuned to kron on. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.30. here we are in our studios along the embarcadero. this will bring it down to earth. we're talking about how captain kirk went into space. and john are excited because where are you going today, john, after the show a grocery that's celebrated the cannot wait, right. jones and just go in there smell the fresh air sense the bargains are as good almost as good. a space. she for it's our version of the thrill of space definitely cheaper to. that is
9:31 am
indefinitely calmer today. as far as winds go from the very windy days. we had both monday and tuesday to today. still breezy conditions and pockets. >> but certainly not as windy as what we had been seeing cloudier to start the morning. your view outside from our berkeley hills can not near as bright as what we had been seeing skies will gradually clear out into the afternoon, though. right now we just have some passing clouds moving across the bay. we had some north bay sprinkles earlier mostly in northern napa and sonoma counties on up into lake county. i mentioned winds being a lot calmer. you can see that in our future cast of wind gusts picking back up initially for and napa counties tomorrow 50's for most of our current temps temperatures in alameda conquered in pittsburgh at 57 while low 50's and santa rosa and saint expect our coolest day of the forecast today but not as windy so will be feeling. all right. as long as you've got the jacket or sweater rain down day for that. so we do have a hot spot. this is in burlingame southbound one. oh, one. >> just south of broadway. at least 2 lanes are blocked and then the fire department has another lane blocked there. so
9:32 am
it's going to be little difficulty getting through to traveling to 80 no major issues, no delays along there as you're traveling into the city, though. a little under 60 minutes for your drive time 5 1880 also seeing some improvement as you're traveling through in villain berkeley in that area. a little under 9 minutes leaving out of richmond heading across the war. sandra fell and the south bay. no major delays about 20 minutes traveling from a fight to them apart. 2 8582 no major issues star ian james, back to you. thanks a lot to 9.32 and walgreens says the crime in san francisco has gotten so bad they've decided to close 5 more stores next month. they've already closed more than a dozen already. and there's a push now by city lawmakers to allow businesses to hire off-duty sheriff's deputies. >> to provide security kron four's taylor. the sacking has more. >> we need to do better. san francisco needs to do better. we shouldn't be sitting back and watching anchor institution stores close videos like this explain it
9:33 am
all. brazen daytime thefts happening at san francisco stores like walgreens. >> this video from last year at a walgreens store on van ness and eddie. that is since permanently. close its stores now walgreens says it's losing 5 more of its stores next month. blaming rampant thefts in crimes. in a statement to kron 4 news on tuesday. the company said, quote, organized retail crime continues to be a challenge facing retailers across san francisco. >> we are not immune to that. retail theft across our san francisco stores has continued to increase in the past few months to 5 times our chain average during this time to help combat this issue. we increased our investments in security measures in stores across the city to 46 times archean average in an effort to provide a safe environment. the locations are spread out across the city. some of them include 300 golf street 3400 cesar chavez street and 7, 4, 5, commence street. here's a full list of those closures. first thing i think of is the elderly. >> seniors. children and
9:34 am
families that that need these. >> access points for essential services. also for the front line workers that have been working nonstop through this covid crisis and then come to find out that they're going to be losing their jobs in the stores are closing 2 of the closures are located in san francisco justify is district 2 weeks ago. >> introduced legislation that would amend the city's administrative code to allow sheriff's deputies to contract the businesses. private events and community benefits districts to provide security sheriff paul miyamoto believes a deputy or officer presence would deter more crime from happening >> in the event that something does occur. the ability act on a year. it's something that we have an advantage over over privately contracted services because as police want peace officers, we have the ability to act on something. obviously to provide de escalation techniques to try and prevent the kind of the first place.
9:35 am
but even more so if a crime has occurred to effect the arrest sheriff me a moto admits the department is understaffed right now. >> but says they're committed to providing more safety at these stores under the legislation, the private companies would pay the deputies overtime at no cost to taxpayers. it's something that other stores like neiman marcus may consider after a video of 10 shoplifters at its store in the city went viral earlier this year now that legislation will go to the committee for a vote on november. first, it's also important to note that mayor london breed and police chief bill scott announced similar initiatives just last month. >> some of those initiatives include to expand the police department's current organized retail crime unit. and to also recruit more police officers to patrol those neighborhoods in san francisco taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. >> it's 9 35 and in the south bay san jose. police are asking for your help to find a person they believe shot and killed another man back in june. 27 to sony posse is who they're looking for for the
9:36 am
shooting death of a man outside the woods apartment complex in south san jose. and this is the victim. 33 year-old marcos santos was shot and killed in front of his wife and their daughter. there was some sort of dispute between the 2 men. but police say that the 2 didn't know each other. they had no relationship before this shooting happened. and now the family is pleading for help. >> what is my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. we miss him very much and want justice. a just want to let a lot of paen and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up saddened at the loss. >> they haven't found the gun used in the shooting and they haven't found the suspect either. >> it's possible he's in the bay area. but it's also they say possible that he is in san diego or hawaii, which is where he has other ties.
9:37 am
>> also in the south bay now los gatos woman is behind bars accused of hosting parties for teenagers and providing alcohol and encouraging. 47 year-old shannon o'connor is accused of buying whiskey and vodka for her son and his teenage friends and then lowering them to her home in los gatos. the santa clara county da's office says the teens say they were pressured into having as the mother allegedly watched the teens also claim that o'connor with text and invite them over in the middle of the night to drink at her house charges against o'connor include felony felony child abuse, assault and providing alcohol to minors. new this morning. a disturbing story out of san francisco where a homeless man has died. now after his sleeping bag was set on fire. police say the man was asleep on the curb. the 25th street and south van last friday. this was when he woke up to seeing his sleeping bag on fire. paramedics took him to the hospital. but unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries and passed away yesterday. police are now investigating this as a case of homicide.
9:38 am
>> happening today. it's the first day of a new mass vaccination site in valais. how it's at the solano county fairgrounds and it started this morning at 09:00am ago. still 4 and they do this now wednesdays through saturdays until the middle of december except was you can see the closure dates there. but other than that, you can start going there for your covid shots. if you need one in the east bay contra. costa county has become the second county in the bay area to declare covid misinformation a public health crisis. the county board of supervisors approved a resolution that states that they are committed to preventing the spread of false information about covid and the vaccines that could threaten public health and safety and they did the same thing in san mateo county where facebook is located. this after facebook. was facing criticism for allowing covid misinformation to spread. it's 9.38. and still ahead, a look at the life of
9:39 am
the first mexican woman in a leading role on broadway as we continue to celebrate. >> hispanic heritage month. ♪ ♪ find everything you need to feel right at home. shop the home sale now. kohl's. lowe's showrooms have a variety of stylish flooring you'll love for years to come. like pergo wetprotect. and stainmaster. exclusively at lowe's. your life might change, but your flooring can last a lifetime. order now, get your flooring installed with help from lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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>> in national news. they still can't find brian laundry, the fiance of gabby petito on and her body was found. and now we know to how she died. yeah. the wyoming coroner confirmed that she was. >> killed through strangulation the 22 year-old body discovered back on september 19th in the corner.
9:42 am
thanks. it was maybe 3 to 4 weeks before that that she died. let's take a closer look at what they know at this point. >> and this is all many around the people who are involved in domestic violence fortunate that these other guest did not get as much coverage is just will. >> they're not saying much else about her death other than she was strangled and that they're still looking for brian that now it's been a month. and they have no idea where he is. they've tried various leads. his parents have not said much. they just said the last time they saw was september 14th. >> we'll take a break. 9.42. is the time will be right back.
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ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too.
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hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> today in san francisco. they're going to try again to fix the leaning tower they the method they had been using over the summer had to be. >> knicks because it turns out is actually making the matter. >> we're is making it sink more because of all the vibrations and it's not so what they're going to do now over the next few days is they are going to be using. >> this device here. it's basically >> that casing metal straw that they're sort of winding down into the ground and then they'll remove the dirt from the center of it and then they'll put a metal rod down there, thread it through that casing and actually drilled down into the bedrock below
9:46 am
and then attach the building lding doesn't keep saying. so they're going down 300 feet. >> to anchor it to ankara lk will work. like i said, it's going to take in 3 weeks to before they can actually get like a read on whether this is helping the matter and will the and this time they're really going to be watching closely. they are. so more on that to come. stay tune. >> and if that doesn't take it down. going %o have to write have to dismantle will hopefully this for a look at it like this and live like this people still in their living like this. any magic got john in the weather center right now with a look at the forecast and the cruise ship is still in town. i today is. i don't know. was trying look a is la air. they go back. they go back. now we don't need to hear tomorrow. the knot in town for game 5. hopefully they're not rocking as much now. the winds not as much of an issue because i can imagine a cruise ship. the past couple of days, maybe get a little sick. >> we are seeing some gray overhead here across the bay
9:47 am
area. but we are not looking at as much of wind. so that's the nice change in today's forecast. it's a brief break from the wind can see the flags blowing around a bit there. appear 19 not near as much as what we had been seeing your north. we'll have the weather center forecast to starting grayer. and for some of our neighbors along the coastline. a little bit of drizzle. you can see that showing up on radar in parts of the peninsula had a few sprinkles earlier this morning as well in our further northern reaches of the north bay says part of a passing cold front that's making its way across the region and making for some of our coolest temperatures in the forecast today. and although today is breezy. it is a step back from the windy conditions we've had and we'll see again into tomorrow afternoon for inland areas enough so that a red flag warning will go back into effect starting 10:00am tomorrow for solano county lasting through 08:00pm tomorrow night. today's daytime highs in the 50's and 60's for as well as housing out along the coastline. temperatures will remain cool under some cloudy skies this morning. but increasingly clear come the afternoon
9:48 am
elsewhere in the bay area light jacket sweater kind of stuff with temperatures mostly in the 60's at are very warm us today will only be in the low 70's oakland at 65 concord and walnut creek each at 70, same for you in pittsburgh and antioch as well as santa rosa and petaluma out. all right. at 70 degrees. tomorrow's highs a little warmer than today. we will windier conditions further inland. a little calmer out towards the coast tomorrow. friday and saturday are our warmest days with highs back into the 80's only for a couple of days, though, as temperatures cool back into the 70's by sunday. reyna john, thanks for that. so some good news in regards to that spot we had in burlingame. >> they've gotten an accident off of the highway southbound one. oh, one just south of broadway no longer there any longer. so no need to hop on to a tea because you can travel along one. oh, one and hopefully we're going to drive times start to go down because of that. a little under 60 minutes traveling into the city. looks like the meteor lights were turned off. and so
9:49 am
you can definitely travel without having to stop there at the toll plaza in a little under 14 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula there and the south bay. let's check on conditions along one o one 85 traveling towards miller park of 29 minutes, no major delays along to 37 to 80 or 82 starring james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. at 9.49, we're continuing to celebrate hispanic heritage month. and this morning we are recognizing stage performer bianca medic came beautiful actress the first mexican woman in a leading role on broadway. stacy-ann gooden has the story. >> her smile is infectious her talent undeniable at the tender age of 3 young come out again. knew she wanted to become a professional dancer she perfected her skills through years of training until the right opportunity came along. i was in college beauty and the beast disney was coming to mexico city to put on a spanish production of beauty. the beast i auditioned
9:50 am
and that was her first introduction to musical theater, which led to the role of a lifetime and all she first played roxie hart in mexico's spanish-language production 20 years ago, 6 months later she made history as the first mexican woman. >> in a leading role on broadway and is now gearing up to taky the stage as velma. kelly. it's an honor. >> and it's an honor and it's not only in reminds me. it's not only about me if this is happening to my country. this is happening to hispanics all around. she joins a short list of actresses who played both roxie hart and velma kelly, including the legendary chita rivera. now, when it comes to tackling each role. she says it's all about the approach and having a dance background does give her a leg up. but there are some challenges i knew when they offered me, they're like, oh, my this is. >> i know it's more athletic and more physically finally, i get to do all those amazing.
9:51 am
really aerobic numbers like don't take the stand with chair and everything that she does with the chair, like many broadway performer. she finds relief in getting back to the stage as far as what she looks forward to most hearing the crowd. >> reliving that magic. that is that's what we came to do. >> and that first of all, i love that production. yeah. she sounds fabulous in that role with the few little bits of were able to end and broadway is all coming back this month is when restarted after covid. so it's your chance to see these live performances broadway getting back to normal and your chance to see all of our special stories that we've donna kron, 4 dot com. we have the whole a lineup of the hispanic heritage month stories. and if you scan this qr code, it will take you right there. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
>> 9.54 very close to 10 o'clock when we go. and our show is over, but they never stop on kron on. let's go to the newsroom. >> and get an update highs in us high daria state and local officials are joining forces today to combat the sale of illegal firearms. state attorney general rob bonta and san francisco district attorney chase abidine. they're coming together to tackle the problem and they'll be holding an event in the 10
9:55 am
o'clock hour. so bring that to you live on kron on once it begins and catch that and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free. thank you guys. back to us. well, thank you. let's take a look at who the words are for the hall of so passionately inducted, does this year's class of california inductees to the california hall of fame, including on the left, their music legend jerry garcia, best known as the lead guitarist vocalist. of course. >> for the grateful dead and in the middle of their music icon richie valens eu-member his song. big hit in 1958 la bomba. and so he's been inducted. and then on the right, another artist wasa inducted as well. you may not know her name, but you probably seen her sculptures are on permanent display at the de young museum in san >> and we inducted this year to some activists.
9:56 am
>> larry, it along who was a labor organizer back in 1960's fighting for minimum wage. and then on the right hand side more recently that phyllis and del martin who you may remember we're rights advocates and had the ferry for same marriage in san francisco in back in 2000, 4. and i believe it was then mayor gavin newsome who officiated the wedding congrats to them all. and we want to show you the great highway because you can't drive on. and this is why. >> did shut it down from slow to lincoln. look at all that sand and they had just cleaned it up. but now i guess, john was all the wind, handed, the jeeps and dune buggies that's all you got. >> yeah. the winds definitely helped with i've driven the great highway. the sands always kind of flirting with yeah. better than tumble weeds if takes as we do we are going to see this and loan again tomorrow. today we get a little break, though. it today is our common stay the forecast tomorrow. we pick it right back up, especially
9:57 am
inland. and that's, i guess good news for the game because the giants can handle the wind, right yet. but the dodgers they can't account just the way it friday and saturday get a little warmer for the weekend. today is a nice one just got to deal with that cooler feel some of the jackets and sweaters. i brought the magic jack. it in i'm going honor the us. were you wear orange to it. pictures. yes, we'll show him on the air and get everybody hyped up for tomorrow. tomorrow to mark game day. why hide your skin if dupixent
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil," convicted for killing his wife and children. >> jurors say vaughn is a murdering sociopath. >> announcer: but is he guilty? >> they believe he must have staged the crime scene. >> that after shooting her, he reached over here -- >> to make it look like she shot the kids. >> announcer: or innocent? >> there is some smeared blood here. >> they are saying this is new evidence in terms of whose blood was on that seat belt. >> announcer: all new "dr. phil" exclusive. ♪ ♪ >> dr. phil: on an early june morning in 2007, 32-year-old chris vaughn was found limping away from his suv with two survivable gunshot wounds. one bullet pierced his left


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