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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 13, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on this wednesday morning. october the 13 right harvey. thank you so much for waking up with us this morning. and again, top of our list of priority. is the weather this morning. our meteorologists times for able tracking that because we're not out of the clear yet when it comes to the high winds and unfortunately the threat of fires. good morning, john hay yeah. we still do have. >> some higher winds ahead of us. today is kind of a break. we're taking it back a step as far as winds go, that's before
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we do see winds kicking back up on into your thursday tomorrow. so little breather. this wednesday between the windy conditions of yesterday and the return of some stronger winds yet again on into your thursday, your view outside right now is showing that calmer view trees not blowing around quite as much this morning. there's some orange there on quite tower. i'm looking at the giants, obviously is now we have to make our way to the 5th game on thursday. so in the spirit still here in san francisco as well as across the rest of the bay area. you can see on satellite and radar. we do have dry conditions across much of the region. but if i change the perspective here just a little bit. you can also see that we do have a couple of showers sitting mostly up portions of the lake and northern napa counties all actually zoom in on a couple of these areas too. nothing more than a few sprinkles around clear lake north of saint helene as well. the rest of us are dry but a passing bit of energy right there.
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just enough for a sprinkle or 2 for some of our upper elevation, neighbors further north now winds today are on the calmer side of things. you can see that especially come the evening and afternoon today. now into tomorrow, you will see some of those inland gusts picking back up, especially out towards solano in northern napa counties and that will prompt red flag warnings to go back into effect tomorrow. right now only for solano county and parts of the central valley. first 30's on the map. we've seen this season. it's nevado at 39 degrees right now. santa rosa in petaluma getting pretty close in napa sitting right at 40. so it is a cold morning for the north bay open your at 55 currently with dublin at a cool 44 now later on today after such a frigid start. we do have some mild conditions this afternoon. definitely calmer conditions in the past few days. so enjoy this brief break from the wind. i'll be talking more about the return of it into tomorrow. still to come, raining down. thank you for that. so much. all right. let's get a look at the traffic this morning as you're
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heading from the east bay into the sea. >> a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes to make that drive. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head to richmond all look at that a little under 9 minutes there. looks like we have a vehicle had to pull over on the bridge. still not seeing any delays. let's head over to check out the golden gate about 20 minutes into the sea. >> more wind is on the way. that. >> could mean another round of power shut offs pg and e says 10's of thousands of customers may lose power sometime tomorrow in the bay area. the power company says contra costa solano, napa and sonoma counties are at risk of a shut off the soft happen when the weather forecast calls for weather that increases the danger of trees coming down on power lines, causing wildfires. turning to our wildfire coverage. cal fire says the new wildfire now 100% contained it, stop spreading,
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but they're keeping crews on site to put out hot spots that keep popping up the fire began on monday night burned about a 132 acres and american canyon napa county police department says the person of interest ii still recovering from injuries. the 26 year-old man had burns on his body and was seen fleeing the area in a stolen car near where that fire was burning when officials found in the sheriff's office believes he may have been involved in the start of the fire. cal fire still investigating that. >> the ruling out things up possibly could or could not. cause a fire. once is determined, they will release that information. >> authorities say the suspected arsonist was the only person hurt in this fire. no buildings were damaged. more fallout following the resignation of las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden. he resigned after e-mails surfaced in which gruden made homophobic misogynistic and racially charged comments between 2011 in 2018. the shoe company skechers has dropped
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who did as a brand ambassador saying in a statement, the company has 0 tolerance for his behavior and the tampa bay buccaneers are removing gruden from their ring of honor. he led the team to its first super bowl victory in franchise. history back in 2000, 2, the nfl players association is now calling for all 650,000 emails involved in that investigation to be released. but an nfl spokesperson told usa today that it has no plans to do so for confidentiality reasons. the dodgers defeat the giant 72 in the nlds game for forcing a winner take all game 5 between the 2 rivals on thursday. back here at oracle park kron four's. kate brody has the latest. in sports. >> the giants postseason journey rolls on a chance for san francisco to clinch on tuesday. they came in %p 2 games to one in this best of 5 series. but from the beginning it was obvious that game for
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would not be an easy task. it was rocking for the game at dodger stadium. got to admit that is a pretty spot giants looking to close it out and prevent a game 5 bottom of the first no score, one for trey turner. and he just ripped stop into right center. corey seager on hole score. one, nothing la or lee anthony desclafani on the mound for san francisco got pretty roughed up. you're going to see a little more that bottom of the second chris taylor drives. this one to left. it is very well hit, but it's caught by lot wade junior. all right. wade gavin lux, though tags up from 3rd and he scores. so the dodgers take a 2. nothing lead. jessica funny gave up 2 runs and 5 hits in inning and 2 thirds. in the game. bottom of the 3rd. could break it wide open here. it's this one high and deep to left but not deep enough weight right there to make the catch at the warning tracks giants get out of the inning unscathed. the doctor stranded 3 runners in that inning. meanwhile, walker buehler
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pitching on 3 days rest and he was solid. only went 4 and a 3rd innings. but held the giants to a run, striking out 4, including brandon crawford who is not very happy about it here course. crashed didn't like that. we got to the bottom of the 4th still 2. nothing mookie betts takes garcia deep to the opposite field. that is gone. it's a 2 run home run that made it 4 nothing dodgers garcia. understandably not happy bottom of the 8th now 5, 2, dodgers, for will smith. and he takes taking the deep to left center. you can kiss that one goodbye, the 2 run bomb what ultimately be the kill shot in game 4 final score 7 to 2 dodgers. so now the giants head back to oracle park a chance for them to close it out on their home turf, right. that's what we all want let's hear from gabe kepler and the giants. >> i don't think we're going to spend a lot of time dissecting as a team. this game. we're going to get on the happened off to real
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update. will schedule our work out for a little bit later. no circuit getting ready for game 5 where we'll start backing for us. and we're going to he's he's ready for it if the rest of the as well. sure it will be a lively to be nice. you back to the work will and the support of our fans and look forward to our team and the dodgers team of both in plan. meaningful games for a while now. obviously this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point. >> and should be fun. >> it's going to be a lot of fun indeed. game 5 coming up on thursday. 6. '07, 1st pitch at oracle park. and of course you can keep it locked right here for all your giants coverage. >> all right. we'll take your phone out scan this qr code because you can stay up to date on all things giants versus the dodgers. we've got continuing coverage on the giants postseason call ahead. you can scan that qr code on your screens and direct you
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over to our website at kron 4 dot com. well, 3 people were hospitalized after a shooting broke out last night in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. it happened at the intersection of golden gate and hide police found 2 victims with gunshot wounds. they were taken to the hospital. officials say a 3rd person walk to the hospital and no arrests have been made. there is no description of the shooter at this time. former san leandro police officer jason fletcher will face voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting death of steven taylor. a judge denied fletcher's request to have those charges dismissed last april fletcher was one of 2 officers who responded to a call about a shoplifter at a san leandro walmart store body camera video showed taylor holding a bat inside the store and refusing to drop it. officer fletcher then shot and killed taylor. the alameda county da later determined that fletcher use excessive force and charged him with manslaughter. he's out custody on $200,000 bail. it is due
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back in court on december 9th. walgreens is being forced to close 5 more stores in san francisco. the company is blaming the rise in retail best for closures. walgreens is already closed. more than a dozen of its stores in the city due to an uptick in crime this is video of a theft and a local walgreens a few months ago. in response, one city supervisors introduced legislation to allow for sheriff's deputies to contract with businesses for private security. sheriff role. my believes deputies providing private security with better be equipped to handle those crimes. >> in the event that something does occur. the ability act on it here. it's something that we have an advantage over over a privately contracted services because as fully sworn peace officers, we have the ability to act on something. obviously to provide de escalation techniques to try and prevent the kind of the first place. but even more so if a crime has occurred to effect the
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arrest. >> all right. now the 5 stores are spread throughout the city and will be closing over the course of the next month. the workers at those stores will be transferred to other walgreens locations. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a woman is accused of throwing parties. >> for teenagers. what the teen say happen often during these parties. plus strikes are looming and multiple companies throughout the u.s. why thousands of workers feel their concerns are going unheard. and several us ports are overwhelmed with ships bringing in goods. why lawmakers say it's important to fix issues before we get to the holiday season. the east
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bay municipal utility district is making sure essential facilities in alameda. >> and contra costa counties of running water when pg e shuts off the power in the counties. the company station 40 portable generators and parts at certain facilities throughout these counties. they say the equipment will stay there to out fire season. so back here at home we are actively watching the weather conditions because a lot of
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these conditions, the strong make 4 fire weather. so again, keeping a close eye on that for you. our meteorologists on tribal. i understand maybe we get a break in the winds. but we're bracing for that as well. today the break tomorrow return of a lot of wind, especially for solano county and portions of contra, costa and napa counties. 2. >> again. that's into your thursday so today we get that one little breather because we've obviously already been seeing winds this week on monday and tuesday. your view outside this morning is showing clear skies. that's something that has not changed. sure. winds have relaxed overnight, but we're still looking at a lack of marine layer. so we're off to another crystal clear start this morning. that's a nice way to do things. we do have a couple of sprinkles up in northern napa county on up into lake and mendocino counties for the most part, these are going to stay pretty isolated and pretty much isolated to those northern areas. i talked about a potential yesterday and soldier. most of us are can
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tap into it. it's exactly what i bet. just a couple of spots. mostly further north in the region that are really even looking at any chance of that. you can see this cold front swinging through resulting in a few of those showers across the very northern tier of the state, although not as windy today breezes do kicking back up tomorrow. that's why we do have red flag warnings that will take effect at 10:00am lasting through 08:00pm on your thursday today. no warnings across the bay area. again, this takes effect tomorrow. and it also affects much of our central valley neighbors. futurecast shows the cloud cover we have this morning. a couple of those light sprinkles that i've been talking about mostly staying isolated to the north bay. a couple of them possible along the coastline a bit later on this morning. but overall, this is a dry day. tomorrow. another clear one. but when deer one, especially for that northeastern quadrant of the bay area. those inland areas out towards the delta going to be most susceptible to some stronger winds into your thursday today. one of her
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calmer days 50's and 60's near the coastline and much like yesterday. also much like monday, daytime highs elsewhere in the 60's to low 70's. not a lot changing temperature wise here. san jose again at 65 today. freeman through hayward. the low 60's pleasanton at 66 will walnut creek and concord right at 70 oakland, you'll be at 65 today. a few low 70's elsewhere as well with vacaville at 72 today. same number for you in nevada. tomorrow's temperatures rise into the upper 70's again, return of some winds, especially inland for your thursday by friday and saturday. we've got a couple of 80's just for 2 days, though, after that, we're settling back down into the 70's. so this forecast is not a hot one. that's for sure. but it is a dry one and thus far as tomorrow goes a return of some windy weather reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this wednesday morning. heading from the east bay. >> into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time. the air, the san
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mateo bridge. you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 13 minutes and the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head over to a little under 9. let's head over to look at the golden gate bridge as you're traveling into the city. a little under 20 minutes. san francisco public works says the great highway is closed in both directions from to lincoln. and it's because of excessive sand build-up on the roadway. there. they did not say when the highway is going to reopen. in southern california. the alice all fire burning west of santa barbara exploded to about 13,400 acres. you're taking a look at a time lapse video of the fire from yesterday afternoon. the fire is only 5% contained. cal fire says the flames prompted evacuations shutdowns also along highway one. oh, one north of santa barbara because the fire jumped the highway there. the national forest service says the fire is going through an area south of solvay that hasn't burned in decades. so there's a lot of
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fuel for this fire and because the wind is so strong. air support cannot go up to fight the flames here. and the department of transportation is joining in on the investigation into the orange county oil spill. authorities want to determine what caused the damage to that pipe. and if it was preventable, the agency will also probe the response to the oil spill. california's department of justice also launched an investigation. once it is determined what and who caused the damage criminal charges will likely be filed in this case. scientists say severe weather is costing the united states billions of dollars so far this year. 18 major weather events cost the u.s. 1 billion dollars each. this includes 9 severe storms for tropical cyclones to floods and wildfires the research from the national weather service or noaa shows. this is the 7th year in a row. the u.s. has had at least 10 natural disasters. each costing a billion dollars or more. the u.s. plans to reopen
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its land borders to nonessential travel. that's going start in early november. the new rules will let fully vaccinated visitors enter the u.s. my car train and ferry us customs and border protection. well asked travelers about their vaccination status. if agents, fine in necessary tours will have to show proof of vaccination. a similar policy will be put in place for internationals flying into the country as well. both policies will go into effect. that starts in early november. the white house says its top priority ahead of the holiday season is relieving global supply bottlenecks that are clogging us ports and our highways. several major retailers started charting ships to avoid a holiday season supply chain disaster. president joe biden will meet with leadership at several large ports today to address these delays. anna wiernicki has that story for us. good morning. today president biden will meet with top industry
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leaders to address these delays. >> and how to relieve some of this congestion to eamp up operations before the holidays. the white house says it's addressing the traffic jam of ships offshore. delay of goods getting through to our ports and a billing them to get to people in the country. we know that's one of the bottlenecks in the supply chain, white house press secretary jen psaki says president biden will sit down with top industry leaders on wednesday. >> both from the private and public sector to try and relieve the congestion at major ports in los angeles, houston and savannah, georgia solving this issue is going to require cooperation between the private sector, including rail and trucking ports and labor unions in june. the white house launched the supply chain, disruptions task force to address short-term supply chain, bottlenecks. but with the holiday season just around the corner. some companies fear the port delays will only get worse even
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impacting customers from getting their orders in time, who are preparing for holidays for whatever they may celebrate. to order goods and get them to people's homes. lawmakers on capitol hill are also working to mitigate the issue. new jersey democratic congressman josh gottheimer called for congressional oversight and committee hearings to investigate the delays and introduced the ocean shipping reform act to speed up the time it takes for ships to drop off and pick up goods at ports. the meeting will take place virtually at one 45 pm and then the president is scheduled to deliver remarks shortly after from the east room of the white house. >> for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a plane crash in san diego park on camera. >> but air traffic control says they were told they told that pilot for for all of this happened. we'll have that story once we get back from break.
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u.s. navy recovered. the remains of 5 people and the wreckage of a navy helicopter. the crash off the coast of san diego this past august. the associated press reports 2 pilots. 3 other sailors were killed during that accident. the navy says a salvage team are covered the helicopter on
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friday and said the human remains to dover air force base in delaware for identification. they say the helicopter's rotor hit the flight deck on an aircraft carrier and fell into the ocean. one crew member was rescued immediately. the navy are searched for the missing sailors for a week before declaring them get the navy says it's continuing to investigate that crash. new video showing the moments before and immediately after a plane crash in san diego county on monday. you can see a neighbor, helping get a woman out of a burning home while look at this. 2 people were killed when that small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood and santi just east of san diego home. surveillance video captured the plane going down bursting into flames. and we're learning that air traffic control told the pilot repeatedly that he was flying too low. >> more opportune or a car. i
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i'm the airplane have maintained 5,000 like a me of ways. i just the plane find the airplane up to 5,000 new cancer. >> the pilot of that plane was killed along with a ups driver who was making deliveries in the area. 2 people were rescued from the home and are recovering at local hospitals. >> daly city police need your help finding this man. they say he used someone else's employment development department card information to draw a $1000 from their cattle. if you recognize him, you're asked to call daly city police. and still ahead of the kron 4 morning news. another county declares covid-19 misinformation of public health crisis. why officials say the spread of false information is a hazard to residents. all right. well,
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the time for you now 04:30am, and welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey, thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning. mill of the week. middle of the road and something that's been on the top of all of our minds over the past few days has been the weather we dramatically started to cool down. but we saw a lot of wins over the past couple of days. today. looks like we may take a little break in all of that. however, the threat


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