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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> and tonight at 9 o'clock. walgreens says yes, it is officially leaving san francisco, the ongoing problems that chain is facing. and the city. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus walgreens is closing 5 of its san francisco stores blaming ongoing crime at several locations. >> we'll show you some video from last year, just one of the many incidents where brazen thieves at that drugs are were caught on camera in the city. the store at van ness and eddie already closed for good. kron four's taylor. the second joins us now live from the city with more on these closures and with leaders in the city are. going to try to do about taylor's problem. >> hugh grant, as you know, this is something that we've been talking about for a while now and city leaders say that enough is enough. san
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francisco. absolutely need to do more and that's exactly why supervisor asha suffice says that he introduced legislation about 2 weeks ago that would allow sheriff's deputies to provide security at these local stores. i spoke to the sheriff tonight and he says he's in full support. >> we need to do better. san francisco needs to do better. we shouldn't be sitting back and watching anchor institution stores close videos like this explain it all. brazen daytime thefts happening at san francisco stores like walgreens. >> this video from last year at a walgreens store on van ness and eddie. that is since permanently. close its stores now walgreens says it's losing 5 more of its stores next month. blaming rampant thefts in crimes. in a statement to kron 4 news on tuesday. the company said, quote, organized retail crime continues to be a challenge facing retailers across san francisco. >> we are not immune to that. retail theft across our san francisco stores has continued to increase in the past few months to 5 times our chain
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average during this time to help combat this issue. we increased our investments in security measures in stores across the city to 46 times archean average in an effort to provide a safe environment. the locations are spread out across the city. some of them include 300 golf street 3400 cesar chavez street and 7, 4, 5, commence street. here's a full list of those closures. first thing i think of is the elderly. >> seniors. children and families that that need these. >> access points for essential services. also for the front line workers that have been working nonstop through this covid crisis and then come to find out that they're going to be losing their jobs in the stores are closing 2 of the closures are located in san francisco justify is district 2 weeks ago. >> introduced legislation that would amend the city's administrative code to allow sheriff's deputies to contract that businesses. private events and community benefits
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districts to provide security. sheriff paul miyamoto believes a deputy or officer presence would deter more crime from happening >> in the event that something does occur. the ability act on a year. it's something that we have an advantage over over a privately contracted services because as fully sworn peace officers, we have the ability to act on something. obviously to provide de escalation techniques to try and prevent the kind of the first place. but even more so if a crime has occurred to effect the arrest chairs me a moto admits the department is understaffed right now. >> but says they're committed to providing more safety at these stores under the legislation, the private companies would pay the deputies overtime at no cost to taxpayers. it's something that other stores like neiman marcus may consider after a video of 10 shoplifters at its store in the city went viral earlier this year. >> now that legislation goes to the committee for a vote on november first and it's also important to mention that just last month mayor london breed
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and police chief bill scott also announced several other initiatives to tackle this retail crime in this retail theft including expanding the police department's current organized retail crime unit and also to recruit more police officers to patrol the neighborhoods for now live in san francisco. sackey kron 4 news. thank you very much. taylor. >> a person of interest has been detained in connection with an overnight grass fire in american canyon containment of the fire. now 100%. but it did grow to 132 acres last night. it prompted an evacuation warning for that area. the napa county sheriff's office has detained a 26 year-old man seen leaving the area last night as flames spread across the hillside off newell drive. they say he was driving a stolen car and was suffering from burned swing deputies picked him up a red flag. warning was issued last night a lasting through today
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calfire so strong winds and dry conditions made fighting that fire pretty tough. >> that was up on a hillside. so gaining access to the hillside can issues at times and but our crews worked really hard they were able to get the forward progress stopped soon in the evening and they're continuing to work on the containment and put out any hot spots that are in the air. >> as for the man detained, the sheriff's office says his burn injuries are serious. in fact, they could be hospitalized for at least a week. >> in southern california fire burning near santa barbara has exploded to 13,500 acres that just started yesterday. this is a time lapse video from this afternoon. the fire is only about 5% contained. the flames prompting evacuations forcing the closure of one. oh, one north of santa barbara at the national forest service says the fire is going through an area south of seoul, vang has burned a decade. so there is a lot of fuel for the fire because the winds are so
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strong. air support cannot go up to fight the flames will keep you posted on that fire there in southern california. more winds, by the way, could be coming and that could mean another round of power shut offs. pg e says 10's of thousands of customers could lose power at some point. thursday in the bay area. the company says parts of contra, costa solano, napa and sonoma counties are at risk of shut offs. things happen. of course, when the weather forecast calls for, you know, high winds, low humidity things that increase the danger of trees coming down on power lines and fires that could spread quickly. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast. there's of course, we continue to monitor the wind conditions chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us now. lawrence, are we out of the woods, at least for today. think so. but i think we're going to see these change quite rapidly as we get into tomorrow night. again, we're talking about more fire danger around the bay area. of
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course, today without the winds. i mean, it was a gorgeous day, but it's those winds at this time of year. that makes fire danger so critical. of course, we're in the midst of a mega drought and that doesn't help, but also out toward the golden gate bridge. we've got nice clear skies out there right now. it's going to stay that way for the next few hours. then a few clouds are going to begin to drift in. here's some of the gusts around the bay area today 41 miles an hour mount diablo big rock in the north bay 40 miles an hour, san jose 35 palo 33 redwood city. 28 mile an hour gust and sfo some 36 mile an hour it was still blustery out there around the bay area and maybe not as windy as 24 hours ago. but we're not done with the winds. another round of winds expected to move in national weather service has already issued a red flag warning starting on thursday morning. 10:00am continue until 08:00pm across the entire solano county. i think that may get extended an app. and i'll show you more of that in just a moment. i think we'll see some strong, gusty winds there as well. right now, here's a look at some of the winds they're beginning to die down just a bit. still some gusts over 20 miles an hour in parts of the
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bay area. dylan beach today. gabbay you've seen consistently some winds over 20 miles an hour, even in canfield 2425 miles per hour. bolinas 22 mile an hour winds. you get the idea. the one thing that has changed, though, is we're seeing more of an on shore breeze and that really brings up the humidity level in the atmosphere and that lowers the fire possibility as these fires can burn is quickly with higher humidity. really starting to calm things down in most spots only 4 miles per hour to sunnyvale. a little breezy in out toward the peninsula and into san francisco. but overall the trend will be towards some calmer conditions overnight tonight. you'll see this on our computer models. we take you through the night tonight. those winds will begin them in is just a bit as we head through time tonight. and then watch what happens as we head toward tomorrow evening. everything is about to change. but tonight things quiet down and then tomorrow night. here we go. we've got another wave of moisture see coming right down. sacramento valley and there it is developing in the north bay and parts of the east bay as we head into early on thursday morning. and that's when the red flag warnings are going to
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be going up. so we're watching into the teens. so that's very dangerous, especially this time of year. yeah, sure is. i thank you very much, lawrence. >> san jose police now asking for the public's help in finding the person they believe shot and killed a man in june. that announcement meant to an emotional day for the victim's family. kron four's noelle bellow has more on the suspect. to sony posse
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is the suspect shot and killed marco antonio santos san jose police have issued an arrest warrant for a wanted 27 year-old homicide suspect. >> they say to sony posse was quickly identified as the prime suspect in the death of marco santos. but after months of trying to track him down. they haven't been able to find him. we know that he has connections to obviously the bay area. >> but also the san diego area and hawaii. anybody that has information about his whereabouts we would urge them to please call the san jose police homicide unit according to police posse shot and killed 33 year-old santos. >> in front of his wife and teenage daughter at the woods apartment complex in san jose officials say there was some sort of dialogue between the 2. but no known conflicts before and it just seems to be a very spontaneous senseless
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killing. >> they can you know, i just want left a lot of pain and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father santos his mother and low dia flew in from mexico for tuesday's emotional announcement just be about what is that. i hope we can find him so that he won't do to others. what he did to santos his widow. sondra also spoke tuesday. the couple was together for 16 years and have 4 kids together they're quite is my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. we miss him very much and want justice. police say the weapon used has not yet been located. and they're asking the public if they see him to not approach posse but call police with information long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up satin and at a loss. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> in the north bay. a 35 year-old man was shot and killed in filet whole last night. police say that happened on could loan elaine near redwood parkway. they are
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not releasing any other details yet. aside from saying the man was found dead with at least one gunshot wound. >> a dangerous hostage situation in san jose has come to an end after 14 hours. sheriff's deputies say a man took his own father hostage at gunpoint threatening his life. scott four's. rob fladeboe reports now hostage negotiators talk the man into surrendering. >> sheriff's deputies were still on the scene here on east hills drive late this afternoon where a hostage drama came to a peaceful ending. some 14 hours after it began sheriff's deputies were dispatched to this alum, rock neighborhood. late monday night after receiving reports about a disturbance with a firearm. the san jose police merge unit joined the sheriff's team in surrounding the home on east hills at miller avenue. the area was quickly sealed off as neighbors sheltered in place. investigators say there was a heated dispute in which
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unarmed 38 year-old man threatened to shoot his father and himself hostage negotiators from both the sheriff's office and the police department carried on a dialogue over the phone and via loudspeakers throughout the night and morning before finally convincing them and to put down the weapon and give himself up. >> time know that somebody that's in crisis could just be misunderstood. my family members, my community or by others. so i was also offering him that we have in this county and i'm kind of threw that in with the realm of being misunderstood in and people not understanding what he's going through at that shares part of personnel tactical ago. shooters were still talking with the subject. >> are tentatively. go just going back up in i don't think we have a special touch. it was definitely 14 hours of talking and getting the person to give up peacefully. >> it's a terrible situation, but i think the resolution was really what we hope to do and law enforcement all the time. and when san jose police department swat team was there
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is the hostage was released and the suspect came out deputies releasing few details about what sparked the drama other than to say that it was the result of a heated argument. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> you know, this man, daly city. police say he used someone else's employment development department card information to withdraw a $1000 from the victim's account. if you recognize him or the vehicle, you are asked to call daly city police. >> in woman is in custody accused of snatching a puppy over the weekend just outside its owner's home. police say it happened saturday in shoreview avenue. this say the thief was caught on camera taking the 9 month-old dog from the owner's yard. officers could not find that aerson when they came out. but then they learned about a disturbance at the pacific manner shopping center. turns out the neighbors neighbors of the dog's owners they were doing their own search and good thing because they
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spotted what did turn out to be the missing animal police arrested 51 year-old pacifica resident, kerry livingston. >> new video tonight showing the moments before and immediately after that deadly plane crash in san diego county. you can neighbor here helping a woman get out of a burning home. 2 people were killed when a small plane crashed into that residential neighborhood in santee just east of san diego home. surveillance video here captures the plane going down around noon yesterday. then bursting into flames and we learned today the pilot was repeatedly told by air traffic control. he was flying too low. >> particular car. i immediately crime. the airplane have maintained 5,000 like a me of ways. it's just heading from jaime airplane up to 5,000 new cancer. >> a couple of homes were destroyed. several more were damaged. the pilot of the
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plane was killed along with a ups driver who was just in the neighborhood making deliveries. 2 people were rescued from a home in are now local hospitals. >> can we find the cause and manner of the cause of death strangulation and they is homicide. >> more than 3 weeks after her body was found. there are some answers in the death of gabby petito. wyoming corner announcing the cause of death today that heat on county coroner says that she was strangled but is not releasing details yet like weather. someone used their hands or use something like a rope. 22 year-old potatoes on a cross country trip with her boyfriend. brian laundry when she went missing laundry does remain a person of interest in the disappearance. he is not been found to by law enforcement. the case is putting new focus on domestic violence. >> and this is all many deaths.
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>> around the people who are involved in domestic violence. >> fortunate that these other best did not get as much coverage well. >> fbi led search teams have been looking at a huge nature preserve for any sign of laundry, but they've been looking for weeks. it's a very swampy area. they've turned up nothing. the case has attracted widespread media attention as well as criticism of news outlets for not covering similar cases involving people of color. >> southwest airlines canceled and delayed more flights today. this is the 5th day in a row of this. the airlines issues causing problems for thousands of passengers. according to flightaware, dot com, another 94 flights were canceled today nationwide here in the bay area. 10 flights were canceled in oakland. no delays there in san jose. 7 flights were canceled. there were 46 delays and there it's been just one cancellation at sfo with 16 sourhwest flights
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delayed. there. once those problems have been cleared up. a lot of people, of course, hoping to travel over the holidays. a lot of them already making plans. >> a new survey shows that this year's holiday travel season looks merry and bright typically about a 3rd of people surveyed say yes, though, hit the roads or the skies. but the survey is showing more than half. want to go somewhere. experts say that although many airlines are adding flights to popular destinations. prices will be high and there will probably still be a shortage of flights to meet the demand rental cars will also be a hot commodity. >> the first ever playoff matchup between the giants and dodgers is i guess now likely heading to a decisive game 5. the giants have a chance to close out the series tonight at dodger stadium. but the dodgers are currently leading 5 to one and there late in the game there in the 8th inning. but giants fans not quite
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ready to cut the team out tonight. >> kron four's dan thorn is live in san francisco's soma neighborhood where bars are just packed with people hoping for a miracle comeback. >> dan, has been the giants have about 6 left in order to either scored 4 runs and tied his ball game or score 5 in pack series and clinch the series and not have to worry about coming back here to san francisco to wrap up the nlds. see how the next again. 6 outs go over the next couple of innings. a lot of fans out here excited optimistic about this team regardless, of course they would rather that the dodgers out of the way now and not have to worry about that any longer and move on to the nlcs where they without actually play the atlanta braves and then eventually they can that series that would go on to the world series. so there's definitely some optimism here there's also some anxiety here dealing with these past the arch rivals. these of los angeles
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dodgers. we've been catching up with fans throughout the night tonight and hear some of their thoughts on not the series has been going and how tonight's game could end up. take a listen. i don't want to go i lie. i want to see the giants celebrate on the dodgers field. you know, i want them to rub it in. >> i love watching the dodgers missouri. so i want to watch this and celebrate in dodger stadium tonight. hope we can get more bats going. you know, i really much rather see more scoring. the use to are used to the stressful game. so the postseason because game 5. >> and giants will win game 5. >> so you can say for some fans, these games, especially between the giants and the dodgers. they could be also are inducing, if you because the the rivalry that's tied into this and also understanding, hey, look, these are the 2 best teams in baseball. other facing offer an opportunity to go to the
9:22 pm
world series. the dodgers with that jogger not line up. but the giants seeming to pull out some sort of heroic throughout the season and even what we saw last night. these games have been pretty tight tonight's game. not so much. things could change here very shortly. so hopefully i'm eating my words. but best case scenario is that after this. you know, if this game ends up being a loss to the giants. they get to come back here on thursday, play against their fans at oracle park and lot of wind and wrap up the series. we're going to be hanging with the fans here at place like the woodbury and out throughout the soma neighborhood throughout the night. send it back to catherine. remaining optimistic yet to see that that see your words than that will be >> could see people just out about like normal time. exactly. i mean, it does feel it does feel alone. >> coming up 9, a former gatos woman behind bars tonight. the wild drunken parties. she's accused of posting for
9:23 pm
under-age teenagers and try to fix the fix work once again is underway at san francisco's troubled millennium tower. >> also former navy engineer and his wife have been charged with espionage. what investigators say the couple did. >> before getting caught.
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>> a federal judge in west virginia has ordered a
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maryland couple held in confinement on charges they tried to sell us nuclear submarine secrets. john tevye is accused of passing information to somebody that he thought was connected to a foreign country. it was actually an fbi informant and officials say his wife diana often served as the lookout when her husband dropped off information reporter steve cohen has that story. >> a black unmarked van driven by us marshals with jonathan and diana toebee away from the federal courthouse in martinsburg after their preliminary hearing on espionage charges. jonathan is a u.s. navy nuclear engineer. his wife diana public school teacher. they allegedly sold thousands of pages of classified secrets about nuclear submarine propulsion systems to a contact that happened to be working for the fbi. paul taylor's martinsburg lawyer who has argued in federal court. >> it's an opportunity for the the government to demonstrate that they have a sufficient basis to proceed forward with
9:27 pm
the prosecution of the criminal charges. the preliminary hearing was held in west virginia because that's where the couple was arrested, making their dead drop over the weekend. their delivery of the secret files was reduced to a memory card. hidden in a peanut butter sandwich. both defendants were required to submit a financial statement. should they request a court appointed attorney. you have to or be below a certain threshold to qualify for a court-appointed counsel. that's typically what the financial affidavit is used for. >> they're not plus maryland neighbors say that obese were very private couple. i had his students were shocked calling her passionate about teaching a detention hearing is set for friday in the same courtroom. >> reporting from martinsburg stephen cohen. >> next, we're going to be taking a look at the situation now in afghanistan. how many people have made it to our country and what the u.s. has planned for people still there still trapped under taliban rule. plus the fda is authorizing more than just
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boosters. quite the agency has given its approval to a brand of e-cigarette. but first, a woman is behind bars tonight. police say she was having wild parties with young teens in her south bay home. what those kids say happened in her home in the charges. she now faces those stories. now at
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9.30. a woman is accused of buying young teenagers,
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alcohol and. >> encouraging them to get drunk and even to engage in acts inside her south bay home. that woman is now behind bars in idaho. her arrest comes after several bay area teenagers reportedly told police about the under age parties. kron four's ella sogomonian is here in the studio woth the wild claims of what police are saying happened at these parties in la. these are just allegations of giving some teenagers some boos. it's so much more than that. and really disturbing details. according to these accusations in this investigation. >> the continues into what really went on inside of this house. one 14 year-old girl is accusing the mom of pressuring her while she was intoxicated. it's a non can acts with another boy while she claims the mom watched. >> 47 year-old shannon o'connor who also goes by shannon is accused of buying whiskey and vodka for her son and his teenage friends then luring them to drunken house parties were often times they were pressured into having and
9:32 pm
at some point there are claims that the mother allegedly watched teams from los gatos high who reported these claims with authorities said that she would real them in through text and snapchat messages between june 2020 and may of this year once at her house, they would get so intoxicated to the point that several teens allegedly vomit it heavily somebody broke a finger and on another occasion. her son and a friend hung on to the back of her suv while she drove in the school parking lot. the friend fell and was knocked unconscious. the santa clara county district attorney's office says it o'connor would keep these antics away from her husband and came up with alibis for the teens to do the same with their parents. the da had this to say. it took a lot of brave children to come forward and untangled is deeply disturbing case as a parent. i'm shocked as a da, i'm determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community. >> connor is facing 39 criminal counts that range
9:33 pm
from endangering or injuring the health of a child to providing alcohol to someone under 21 and assault. she's going to be extradited from idaho back to the bay area very soon. back to you. thank you, ella. well, work has started up again and that beleaguered millennium tower condo building. >> the retrofit job meant to stop the 58 floor building from tilting and sinking has been shut down after it turned out the problem was actually getting worse as they were trying to rectify it will today they tested out a new method to try to get the same thing. accomplish kron four's maureen kelly reports that this attempt to fix the work is being monitored very closely. >> a lot of noise movement and dust could be seen and heard coming from the corner of mission in fremont at the base of the millennium tower over the next 2 to 3 days. crews under the watchful eyes of project engineers city officials and other outside experts will be installing a
9:34 pm
casing essentially a steel straw 3 feet in diameter into the ground. if all goes well in a week or so, a 2 foot diameter pile will be threaded through that casing and down 300 feet to bedrock the original fix for the sinking and leaning condo building involves 52 piles to go in that fixed started in late may was shut down after it was determined. but the retrofit was causing an acceleration of the sinking and leaning possibly because too much soil was being taken out or vibration from construction was compacted sand below the surface essentially the fix hasn't changed today. they're testing out a new way to do it. a spokesperson for the structural engineers association of northern california says this test is being monitored in several different ways. >> there will be measuring in real time of settlement or tell us there will be measure and measuring of volume of soil that's being removed. instrumentation that's being installed to measure the vibration levels. so all of those things will be looked at
9:35 pm
as this test pilot programs being performed to ensure that. >> it is adequate despite experts saying the building is still safe to live in a renter at millennium tower says this is all pretty nerve wracking game. but i think like the building's uses pretty updated to think they said they kind of get. >> i got test cross section of the fantasy like what's going on. i think it's still going late. a slow that not too worried >> it will be several weeks before it's determined that the new method to do the job is the best way forward. meanwhile, they are expecting more soil settlement but not a lot. the engineer of record for the retrofit told the city's department of building inspection that they will shut down the pilot repair. if the settlement at the northeast corner. exceeds one quarter of an inch maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in a first of its kind decision the fda is authorizing an e-cigarette to be sold in the u.s. saying the benefits in helping smokers quit outweigh the risks of
9:36 pm
hooking underage teenagers. the company in question is called views. the fda is now agreeing e-cigarettes can help smokers either quit or significantly reduce the use of cigarettes. but just last month the fda was rejecting applications for more than a million e-cigarettes and related products. the agency now saying the authorize products are less toxic than cigarettes. this move could pave the way for other e-cigarettes to stay on the market in the bay area. remember san francisco has already banned the sale of all electronic cigarettes while san jose and oakland have banned the sale of flavored tobacco products. covid-19 misinformation that's now been declared a public health crisis in contra, costa county today. the board of supervisors approved the resolution, making it official kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. we need to call it out. we need to clarify it.
9:37 pm
>> because that misinformation. is responsible for some lower vaccination rates. >> district. 5. >> yes. in a unanimous decision. the contra costa county board of supervisors adopt a resolution declaring covid-19 misinformation as a public health crisis. the resolution states that the county of contra costa commits to combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of that that threaten the health and safety of residents. it also states that the board of supervisors will develop and support policies and strategies that protect the health and safety of contra. costa county residents through the promotion of evidence-based interventions. the 2 supervisors who co authored. the resolution say they did so because when it comes to misinformation, what we're saying is the mere fact that mister information is out there. >> is the public has or health hazard. i think we do have an obligation. and if what you say is incorrect.
9:38 pm
>> the vast majority of the contra costa county residents who called in to the meeting vehemently disagreed with the supervisor's decision and pass attempts. >> to politicize and demonize people who medical freedom of choice. however, the resolution did have some resolution did have some support from the community. i declaration that covid-19 misinformation is a public health crisis. has it made kron. 4 news. >> new documents are out from the fda today addressing booster shots for the moderna and johnson and covid vaccines. both companies say their data supports the use of a booster for people 6 months or longer after initial immunization. it comes ahead of an fda advisory panel meeting later this week to discuss authorizing boosters for those companies products. the agency recently authorized pfizer's vaccine for boosters. >> new at 9. the u.s. is planning to reopen its land
9:39 pm
borders to nonessential travel in early october and november. so it's coming up soon. the new rules announced today will let fully vaccinated visitors enter the u.s. by car train ferry. the visitors will be asked about vaccination status. that would be part of the standard screening process and might be asked for proof of vaccination. a similar policy will be put in place for travelers flying into the u.s. in november. although the exact dates and that case have not been announced. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 9, the long list of natural disasters to hit the u.s. this year, including hurricanes wildfires will take a look at the staggering price tag. >> and next in sports, we now know who've we'll be playing the giants or dodgers in the national league championship series. kate rooney has highlights. plus an update from game 4 giants l a dodger ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> a chance to clinch tonight for the san francisco giants. they've got a 2 to one series lead in the best-of-five nlds. but hey, it wouldn't be the postseason. it wasn't least a little bit torture us right. let's check in on that game. the san francisco giants could advance. they would play the braves in that national league championship series and eliminate the dodgers from the postseason tonight. but right now they trail 72 in the top of the 9th. that's because
9:43 pm
will smith just hit a towering two-run homer in the bottom of the 8th. how do you like that? will have full highlights of this game. of course, later tonight. our sports director jason dumas us out of the stadium with a live report. all right. let's check in on the other national league game braves brewers game for atlanta. but in a fun time for for freddie freeman takes josh hader way back to center. >> that's the solo blast gives the braves a 5, 4, lead in the top of the and then former giant will smith remember him. he closes it out in style. the braves advance to the nlcs kind of surprised that they beat the brewers, taking the series 3 games to one and now they await the winner and the giants dodgers series much as we do. how about the american league. let's look at that. one of the astro's looking to close it out against the white sox. this would be the nail in the coffin right here. top of the 9th. that's a jose altuve a three-run bomb and put the astros up by 9. yes, 9 runs
9:44 pm
they would go on to win 10 to one houston. no chance for the white sox. they advance to the alcs. they're going to take on the boston red sox that to be a good series game one is on friday. now, the fallout continues for former raiders head coach jon gruden just one day after e-mails surfaced in which gruden used racist, homophobic and misogynistic language. people around the nfl had some harsh words for the former coach following his resignation today. the team he coached to a super bowl, a victory in that super bowl. the tampa bay buccaneers removed gruden from their ring of honor keyshawn johnson who played for gruden. called him a fraud and a used car salesman. several other current and former players and fans posted criticism of gruden on social media and apparel brand skechers said that they are dumping gruden as an ambassador. meanwhile, the raiders interim head coach rich is scheduled to speak tomorrow. that should be a very interesting day in las
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very interesting day in las vegas. all the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> with less than a week to go before the country was to run out of money. the house today passed a short term increase to the nation's debt limit ensuring the federal government has enough money to pay its bills into december. this temporary or this is a temporary way to avert a default that would have decimated the economy according to experts, the 480 billion dollar increase to
9:48 pm
the debt ceiling cleared the senate last week. it now goes to president biden's desk. he's expected to sign it. some republicans like congressman tom cole complain about, but they're calling a rushed process. >> the grants are even willing to put up within an hour you know, on a measure that increases the debt ceiling by 480 billion dollars. >> speaker pelosi says congress needs to stop bickering about the debt and pass a law to take politics out of it. >> now an update on the situation in afghanistan. president biden attended a virtual meeting of the g 20 nations this week talking about counterterrorism. also the efforts to get the remaining 4 national safely out of afghanistan. the pentagon says since august 31st. 129 us citizens. 100, 15 permanent residents in 2000. other people have left safely
9:49 pm
and the pentagon says the military will continue to help get americans and allies out. now to our 4 zone forecast and we're going to have to look ahead to the weather forecast for thursday night in san francisco. we are because we're going to a ball game. the game 5. lawrence, the. >> giants just lost 72 in la. so we're coming back home. >> and we've got to get it done on thursday night. now, i love the game 5 bringing on. we've got the dodgers coming to town and should >> a great night. you'll see clear skies. i think thursday night maybe a little breezy and hopefully a little cool for those dodgers. hey. but we've got some changes coming our way for tonight. the skies so far are nice and clear. the winds still breezy in spots. but overnight tonight you're going to see a change. we got a cold front coming in. >> and that front once it passes by the end likely to bring the fire danger up again. in fact, red flag warnings now posted for thursday. 10:00am to 08:00pm on thursday is expecting some strong, gusty winds during that period. there's the cold
9:50 pm
front. you can see not much just some scattered showers in far northern california. that's going to start to roll into the bay area overnight tonight, the clouds going to drift on in by tomorrow morning. maybe a couple scattered showers. most trying to paint a few scattered showers, maybe some heavy drizzle out along the coastline, not going to be much the by the afternoon that heads out of town. our skies clear out looks like the winds are going start to settle in about that time temperature wise and those these numbers going down along the coastline. 50's and some 60's around much of the bay area. some of the valley still sticking up into the 70's. so should be pretty decent weather, at least inland. but then on the next couple days works tomorrow. we start out with some clouds and that slight chance of a couple sprinkles early on giving way to some sunshine the afternoon on thursday. think those winds are really kicking up late wednesday night into thursday. they pretty blustery. i think we may need red flag warnings going up. maybe in napa county as well. a sonoma too. and then those winds are going to calm down as we get into thursday evening. should be a great night for the baseball game by friday. lots of sunshine and warmer weather 80's into friday and saturday. some of the warmer spots, some
9:51 pm
of the overnight lows, though, even tonight are going to get a little chilly bundle up tonight. we'll see the low down in the low 40's parts of the bay area. yeah. thanks for the heat may be for seating yeah. the year and on the break it thanks, lynn. thank you, lawrence. >> well, the orange county oil spill that dumped 10's of thousands of gallons of oil into the pacific is now being investigated by the department of transportation. authorities want to find out what caused the damage to the pipe in question whether that was preventable and they'll look into the response to the oil spill. california's department of justice is also investigating once it is determined, if they can do that, which ships anchor caused the damage. they say criminal charges could be filed. meantime, huntington beach and newport beach. they did reopened to surfers and swimmers yesterday that was after tests showed no detectable levels of oil. >> scientists say severe weather events fueled by
9:52 pm
climate change are proving to be very expensive for the u.s. so far this year, 18 major weather events at a price tag at least a billion dollars each the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. since this is the 7th year in a row. the u.s. has had at least 10 natural disasters costing a billion dollars or more. this year's disasters include 9 severe storms for tropical cyclones to floods and of course, wildfires hurricane ida has caused the most. so far more than 60 billion dollars and roughly 6 million acres have burned in the u.s.. >> next up on kron. 4 news at 9. it is what nightmare theirs can be made of the number of snakes found underneath this home in the bay area.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> the stuff of nightmares and the north bay. it really is a santa rosa homeowner found pie holes of rattlesnakes under her house. the photos you see here were sent to us by sonoma county reptile rescue. they say a total of 59 baby snakes. 22 adults were pulled from under the house. that was the first trip they had to go back they pulled out another 11 snakes, a process that took nearly 4 hours.
9:56 pm
>> well, toy company lego has announced it will remove gender stereotypes from packaging for its brick building products. it once girls and boys to play with whatever toys they like the company's announcement comes just days after governor newsom signed legislation requiring large retailers to have non gendered toy sections, beginning in 2024 lego also published a 10 step guide for inspiring inclusive creative play and is releasing short films to highlight inspiring and entrepreneurial girls as part of its new ready for girls campaign. so. pink boxes, guess. yeah. i just thought of them is kind of gender neutral. but i think it's some of the packaging or something. >> yeah. and you know, i i just don't like stepping on them. i'm stepping on legos
9:57 pm
guard lists of gender or not. you learn, though, to take your foot off them pretty quickly, though. and that wraps up kron 4 newss at night. but we have lots more coming up. pam and jonathan are here with what we're working on for 10 o'clock. >> catherine grant, thanks to you both. coming up next at 10 o'clock. enough is enough. that's the message from city leaders san francisco at the walgreens announces it is closing 5 more stores because of ongoing crime. >> what is now being done to stop the problem that's been plaguing businesses in the city and it is do or die for the giants there in l d s matchup with the dodgers now heading to. critical game 5, it's do or die. kron 4 sports director jason dumas says live in los angeles breaking down what we can expect from both teams on thursday. evan, i will see in just a few moments will see in just a few moments for kron. 4 news at 10. when a truck hit my car, will see in just a few moments fthe insurance company. wasn't fair.
9:58 pm
i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now at 10 o'clock. >> it is do or die game 5 at oracle park on thursday night. the san francisco giants phelan the close out the los angeles dodgers down south setting up one of the biggest games in recent franchise history. a lot of all, it's all the marbles on this coming thursday. so we start this


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