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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when >> fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 8 o'clock alarming allegations of went on inside of this big area home were teenagers say encouraged to boucher us activities, including non consensual acts, possibly a taste of his own medicine. >> a man badly burned by a wildfire in american canyon is believed to have started the fire. why police think he is the one who sparked the flames.
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>> while san francisco is alive and pop. and tonight as giants fans anxiously are watching game for the national league division series. we're live at one of those watch parties. thank so much for spending time with us here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. this is tuesday jonathan mccall ken has the night off and i'm pam moore. a mother is accused of buying young teenagers, alcohol and encouraging them to get drunk and engage in acts inside her south bay hold such a wild story that woman now behind bars in idaho. but her arrest comes after several bay area teens. >> reported those under age parties to los gatos police kron four's ella sogomonian live tonight in the studio with the wild claims of what police say happened inside of that home. just disturbing allegations completely can't believe what i was reading today, pam and jonathan. >> this investigation continues into what really went on inside of this home. >> one 14 year-old girl accusing that mom of pressuring her while intoxicated into non can
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sexually acts with another boy. all while she says she watched. >> 47 year-old shannon o'connor who also goes by shannon is accused of buying whiskey and vodka for her son and his teenage friends then luring them to drunken house parties were often times they were pressured into having and at some point there are claims that the mother allegedly watched teams from los gatos high who reported these claims with authorities said that she would real them in through text and snapchat messages between june 2020 and may of this year once at her house, they would get so intoxicated to the point. but several teens allegedly vomit it heavily somebody broke a finger and on another occasion. her son and a friend hung on to the back of her suv while she drove in the school parking lot. the friend fell and was knocked unconscious. the santa clara county district attorney's office says it o'connor would keep these antics away from her husband and came up with alibis for the teens to do the same with their parents. the da had this to say. it took a
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lot of brave children to come forward and untangled is deeply disturbing case as a parent. i'm shocked as a da, i'm determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community. >> o'connor is facing 39 criminal counts. a range from endangering or injuring the health of a child to providing alcohol to somebody under 21 and assault. she's going to be extradited from idaho back to the bay area soon. pam. >> love, thank you for that. story. the man who police believe sparked a wildfire in american canyon last evening has been arrested and he is battling severe burns. the napa county sheriff's office says the 26 year-old was taken into custody after being see in the area where the flames spread across the hillside off newell drive last night. he was burned and taken to a hospital. he was also found driving a stolen car. according to authorities, cal fire is investigating the exact cause of the blaze.
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>> they need with the orange in as before they can determine the cause. then what's the origin is the term and they will go and do their investigation, which is where we are. currently is an investigation process. >> the suspected arsonist may remain in the hospital for a week or more because of his barnes. he was the only person hurt the grass fire grew to 132 acres before it was completely buildings were damaged 2 tonight at 8 in the last hour pg and e says it has fully restored power to nearly all of its customers impacted by power shut offs yesterday because of the high fire threat. but the company says get ready for another round of possible shut offs on thursday with another round of gusty winds expected in the coming days. pg and e is issuing a new round of power shut offs. those new rounds will start on thursday and could impact 29,000 customers in 20 counties here in the bay area. folks in contra, costa and solano, napa and sonoma counties would be impacted.
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>> well, let's take a live look outside tonight looking out over downtown san francisco really clear night and the winds really just kind of blew out any clouds in the area. things definitely have completely change a little bit of a one 80 from what we saw this time last night. >> chief meweorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with the details on what you can expect on the fire danger and first thing in the morning. yeah. guys, we've got another cold front that's moving in the california great news to bring some showers. >> in far northern california. we see couple sprinkles here. but once that system moves through, then we start talking about another round of wind. so the national weather service has issued a red flag warning beginning on thursday morning starting at 10:00am in solano county that continue till 08:00pm on thursday as well. but i think we'll see that may be extended in toward napa. maybe sonoma county may be in parts of the east bay as we're going to see some strong, gusty winds coming through. it's not going to be strong as the event we just had here comes the cold front dropping into the bay area. just kind of fall apart as it gets a little bit closer. so not leaving much in the way of
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rain for us. maybe a couple drops here and there. otherwise it will be about the winds and those winds are going to get blustery. the winds start to calm down a little bit now in spots. you can see the as you make your way into petaluma that winds start to calm down somewhat from where we're at, still breezy and others. but there's plenty more wind on the way. in the models are picking up on that right now. most of those winds just off the coastline overnight. the winds are going to start to calm down. but then i want you to watch. it will calm things down. the color start to fade as we take you through the evening tonight and tomorrow morning then that cold front comes through and then watch the colors begin to move in right on the sacramento valley and start to stretch all the way down through reading and then here they come right back into the bay area, the north and the east bay filling up with colors, expecting to see more gusts of 40 plus possibly over the mountain tops in those areas and of course, increased fire danger. all right, lawrence, thank you. right now on kron, 4 dot com. you can find more details to get you ready for fire season. just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website.
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>> another blow to san francisco's image. walgreens says it is closing 5 more stores in the city because of ongoing retail crimes. the 5 stores are set to close this. they are on your screen at the following locations 2550 ocean avenue. 6.45 mission street, 7.45 clement street, 300 golf street and 3400 cesar chavez street closures begin on november. the 8th. and here's a map showing the locations of the affected stores. if you get your prescriptions filled at any of these locations. your records will be transferred to the closest walgreens team members will also be transferred to other stores while greene says that it has already closed more than a dozen of his stores in san francisco because of the uptick in organized crime. all right. another big story we're following now happening right now, game for the nl divisional series giants dodgers underway right now in los angeles when the giants move on to the championship
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series. >> right now. top of the 5th giants down 41, but they are threatening brandon crawford up to bat right now with. >> 2 men on. so of course, here in san francisco, the fans are taking the game in at their favorite spots. several watch parties are currently underway and kron four's. dan thorn live at one happening right now in the soma neighborhood. dan, what's the mood like right there. >> there's a lot of excitement. also a lot of anxiety, right. because the giants are threatening brandon crawford up to the plate with 2 outs and 2 men on their down like 3 right now and the top of the 5th inning fans are hoping that something can be done to win this game said they would clinch it and get rid of the dodgers and then they can move on to the national league championship series. but if they don't, they can at least come back to san francisco and play game 5, they'd be able to win in front of their fans. a number of people have been coming out here. of course, patients watching the hoping the giants
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can pull this thing out about it. incredible season so far. we understand that both the giants and the dodgers 2 best teams in baseball. they were duking it out last night. the. >> giants 21 to nothing. and another close game was expected a lot of people we talked to over the past couple of days over this series. we're expecting it to go 5 games and at this rate it seems to be going that way. and here's what some fans were telling us as we on look over the next few innings in this series. take a listen. >> i think we have a good chance. i mean, it does feel like we're back in the days of torture baseball, though, like that game last night was exciting. but in the also reducing kind of way. you know, now that we are one up from the i don't know. i think we can do not be more kris bryant, my guy. >> so simply the giants is in
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the best to wake up to pitching little little off tonight. but hey, you know, if the giants get find a way to just hold the dodgers 4 runs. maybe they can pull this one out again, this would be the clinching game. they be able to move on to the national league championship series where they would be playing the atlanta braves if that doesn't work out, that way. we're back here in san francisco on thursday night and taking on the dodgers once again for a lot of the fans here, probably most of the fans here in san francisco would not like to go to 5 games. it like to finish it up here we did talk to a couple people that were saying that it would be nice to win in los that this way they can. robin and those dodgers fans faces and also the dodgers team because, of course, san francisco and los angeles are arch rivals in major league baseball. we're going to be hanging out here with the i watch parties here throughout the soho district 7 scout. that's an up and fans and not a bullet will be here throughout the night and i'll send it back to you. >> all right, dan, we're all
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on edge. you can stay up to date on all things giants versus dodgers with kron 4 on the go. we have continuing coverage of the giants postseason. just use the qr code to be directed to the special section of our website. for more on the giants run in the playoffs, including information on tickets and the schedule of the division series broadcast. it's all that fun. still trying to figure out how he's working right now still to come here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock east bay leaders casting their votes. >> on covid misinformation now declared a public health crisis. we'll let you know what folks in contra, costa county now saying about it. >> a first of its kind decision by the fda. why the agency gave the green light to e-cigarettes. >> new alarming data on the number of people projected to be living with alzheimer's in california in the next couple of decades. we have a few ways you can help improve your chances of avoiding that deadly disease next.
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>> just in to the kron 4 news room travelers will love this news. the u.s. will reopen its land borders to nonessential travel starting next month. india 19 months freeze because of covid-19. this includes cars rails ferry travel between the u.s. and canada and mexico, which has been largely restricted to essential travel such as trade. and since the earliest days of the pandemic. the new
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rules are set to be announced sometime tomorrow. and wolf, allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals to enter the united states regardless of the reason for travel starting in early november. we'll continue to monitor this and have updates for you as they become available. >> covid-19 misinformation has now been declared a public health crisis in contra, costa county kron four's haaziq shows us why county leaders decided to take the step. we need to call it out. we need to clarify it. >> because that misinformation. is responsible for some lower vaccination rates. >> district. 5. >> yes. in a unanimous decision. the contra costa county board of supervisors adopt a resolution declaring covid-19 misinformation as a public health crisis. the resolution states that the county of contra costa commits to combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of that that threat, the health and safety of residents. it also states that the board of supervisors will
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develop and support policies and strategies that protect the health and safety of contra. costa county residents through the promotion of evidence-based interventions. the 2 supervisors who co authored. the resolution say they did so because when it comes to misinformation, what we're saying is the mere fact that mister information is out there. >> is the public has or health hazard. i think we do have an obligation. and if what you say is incor
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advisory panel meeting later this week to talk about authorizing boosters from those companies. the agency already recently authorized the pfizer vaccine for boosters. >> tonight. there are sobering new details planting a bleak picture for californians when it comes to the risk of developing alzheimer's disease in the coming years. the california department of public health teaming up with the all-time ers association for the study kron 4 anchor grant lotus live tonight in the newsroom to break down the details of this newly projected reality grand. what can folks too. >> well, couple health things that we'll get to momentarily but, you know, big picture here. macro the big take away. is this enormous increase in the number of people living in california. they are projected to be living with alzheimer's
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within the next 2 decades. the amount of californians 65 and older who are projected to have all simers by the year 2040 is expected to double. >> what we know from the study is that not only are we seeing an increase of all summers in california. but we're seeing increases and communities of color as while the research is relatively sparse in this area also was indicates that there's some evidence of links between brain health and heart health. so while we're still working to understand why there are higher rates with then black and latino communities. we believe that those high rates of vascular disease. i mean, these communities may play a greater for developing alzheimer's with all timers association have a number of resources like 10 ways to love your brain on those those 10 ways are about living healthy life eating well exercising regularly things that hopefully reduce on chances of vascular research right now,
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which which again limited. but the research right now shows that on those potentially reduce risk factors for developing alzheimer's as well. >> and minority communities of course, do not often have access to affordable quality health care and food that would help promote a healthy lifestyle says study also discovered that deaths attributable attributable to alzheimer's ar increasing faster than any other leading cause of death, things like cancer and heart disease. so all simers is taking off and this trend of more. all timers in our state and our nation will put even more of a burden on caregivers and with no cure currently for the brutal disease raising money is paramount and we do have some ways you can help. these are some of the walks to end alzheimer's that are coming up here in the bay area. some this weekend. others in the next few weeks. you can visit the alzheimer's website to join team started team or just
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donate money for research. we've posted that all simers link on our website to try to make it easy. kron 4 dot com there. you can also read more about this new data. for now reporting live in the newsroom. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news of folks will be definitely paying attention to that news. grant. thank you. >> more health news tonight in a first of its kind decision. the food and drug administration. >> has given the green light to the first e-cigarettes in the united states saying that vaping products can actually benefit adult smokers. the company is called views. according to data submitted by the company to the fda e-cigarettes. help smokers either quit or significantly reduce their use of cigarettes here in the bay area. san francisco has banned the sale of e-cigarettes while oakland and san jose have banned the sale of flavored tobacco products. >> a call for help tonight from the american red cross. the nonprofit is experiencing an emergency blood and platelet shortage and knees. all types of blood. the blood
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supply has dropped to the lowest post-summer level in at least 6 years. blood donor turnout decreased by about 10%. a summer came to an end but hospital demand for blood remains quite strong for donors of all types of blood there are even incentives to donate, including egift cars. you can find donation centers throughout the bay area. all right. let's check on our 4 zone take a live look outside tonight at sfo and skies are pretty clear for travelers who are coming in and out. a lot of times of clouds will where the fog will make it difficult traveling in and out of sfo. but tonight, lawrence karnow looks pretty good. >> what if it wasn't for the fire danger out there, right. we would be worried about things. but yeah, looking good on the coastline. ice unclear now, that's about to change, though. the clouds. >> are going to start to move in, especially after midnight tonight, a weak cold front kind of slip into the state could bring couple little sprinkles the bay as we head through the day tomorrow still beautiful sight out toward the golden gate bridge got clear skies. no fog to worry about. here's that cold front, not much a woman. you see it
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making its way in northern parts of the state picking up a few scattered near crescent city in eureka. some of that is going to start to slide slowly down toward the bay area overnight tonight. but really this kind of a ragtag front that's kind of going through right timing out the winds for you overnight tonight. still breezy in spots winds going to calm down a little bit as we head toward tomorrow morning and you notice more of a westerly wind that brings in moisture content up and bring fire danger down as we head through the day tomorrow. me a little breeze in the afternoon but not bad. but by tomorrow night, that's when we start to see these a strong winds piling into the north bay. that is going to be a gusty offshore flow. maybe not as strong as the event that we have this past day or so. but it's going to be strong enough. so fire danger going to be elevated through that period. red flag warnings going up at least in slow county. they may be expanded. i think maybe in the napa, maybe cinemas. well, okay. thanks, lawrence. thanks, lawrence. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8. the steps today from california's reparamions task force to address inequalities. >> a certain californians fa
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ everyone. today california's reparations task force met to discuss some of the inequalities that black californians face each and every day. the group will spend the next 2 years studying the impacts of slavery and other government decisions that led to racial injustices for african-americans kron. 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explained what the group is out now focusing on this week. >> we know that housing is
8:26 pm
still modern. the manifestation of jim crow was going to block this california's reparations task force tuesday took testimony from expert witnesses on racial disparities in education and environment. linking both to discrimination and segregation in housing. analysts pointed to federal data showing the nation's black white dissimilarity score is 55 this is what indicates is that 55% of other african americans and not states or white americans or some combination are to move to a different race neighborhood to fully integrate. >> this this means that we live in very segregated society. experts said the lack of integration in neighborhoods in government decision-making over decades has resulted in lopsided resources for black and brown communities compared to neighboring predominantly white areas, especially in schools. others pointed out this makes college preparation more difficult smith is a plaintiff in a lawsuitaagainst the university of california for discriminatory use of the s a t and a c t and college
8:27 pm
admissions. he suggested an overall reevaluation of property tax laws that fund schools across the state has proven to be a test for locked in a student's the calculus is so environmental racism was another task force focus experts noting the environmental gentrification. happening now in cities like oakland is leaving black communities behind place taking place is not only green gentrification displacement, the creams gentrification through exclusion which government funds and sen environmentally. we needed housing plus park development possible i'm it's playing the popular places that need it the most in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> next. today. new details tonight on that small plane that nose-dived into a san diego neighborhood what an investigator says the pilot did by breaking a basic rule in that fatal flight. plus a south bay bomb squad getting a call for an explosive
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emergency and residents along the west coast treated to a glow show last night khon 4 news at 8 coming right back.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. in the east bay, a woman and a 3 year-old are safe tonight after they were barricaded inside a home in antioch. it happened today at a home near east 7th and 8th streets. >> police say the 30 year-old lamar harris refused to let that woman and child leave his house harris, eventually surrendered the woman and child not hurt. here is behind
8:31 pm
bars tonight at the contra costa county jail in the south bay. it was an emotional day for the family of a man shot and killed back in june. tonight. >> san jose. police are asking for the public's help in finding the person who pulled the trigger fortune. well, bellow has more on the suspect. >> to sony posse is the suspect shot and killed marco antonio santos san jose police have issued an arrest warrant for a wanted 27 year-old homicide suspect. >> they say to sony posse was quickly identified as the prime suspect in the death of marco santos. but after months of trying to track him down. they haven't been able to find him. we know that he has connections to obviously the bay area. >> but also the san diego area and hawaii. anybody that has information about his whereabouts we would urge them to please call the san jose
8:32 pm
police homicide unit according to police posse shot and killed 33 year-old santos in front of his wife and teenage daughter at the woods apartment complex in san jose. >> officials say there was some sort of dialogue between the 2. but no known conflicts before and it just seems to be a very spontaneous senseless killing. >> they can you know, i just want left a lot of pain and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father santos his mother and low dia flew in from mexico for tuesday's emotional announcement let's be about what is that. i hope we can find him so that he won't do to others. what he did to santos his widow. sondra also spoke tuesday. the couple was together for 16 years and have 4 kids together they're quite is my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. >> we miss him very much and want justice. police say the weapon used has not yet been located. and they're asking
8:33 pm
the public if they see him to not approach posse but call police with information long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up satin and at a loss. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> a man is in custody tonight after police say an argument with his dead triggered a 14 hour long standoff that forced the neighborhood to shelter in place. it all started last night at a home on east hills drive and law revenue. investigators sealing off that area of the officials say the 38 year-old bell, they're saying threatened to shoot himself and his father. >> shares part personnel had to come to go shooters were still talking with subject. arteta go just going to back them up in i don't think we have a special touch. it was definitely 14 hours of talking and getting the person to give up peacefully. >> there's no word on exactly what started the argument sing bo now faces a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. elder abuse, false imprisonment and more.
8:34 pm
he's currently on probation for assault with a deadly weapon end domestic violence. >> take a look at this. this is a world war one hand grenade and it was found inside a home in los police say somebody found it yesterday while they were going through an elderly family members bedroom. the santa clara county sheriff's bomb squad went to check it out and found that this vintage explosive might have been a live grenade. police evacuated ford nearby homes and asked others to shelter in place while they detonated it in the home's backyard. fortunately nobody was hurt. no property was damaged. and there are new details tonight on that twin engine plane that nose-dived into a san diego suburb right before yesterday's crash. an air traffic controller told the pilot more than a half-dozen times that he needed to gain altitude. that's according to a recording that will be among the evidence examined by federal investigators. according to a former national transportation safety board
8:35 pm
investigator that recording indicates that the pilot was trying to deal with a major distraction or significant emergency on his own and that breaks a basic rule that aviator should always tell the traffic controllers everything the pilot on the plane and a ups driver were both killed. 2 homes were destroyed and at least a dozen others were damaged. a wyoming coroner says that gabby petito was stabbed to death and that she was killed at least 3 to 4 weeks before her body was found. >> those new developments coming today. officials not releasing many details because of the ongoing fbi investigation. petito's body was found in the grand teton national park back on september 19th. investigators say that she was on a cross country trip with her fiance, brian laundry when she disappeared. >> our initial determination is the was in the wilderness for 3 to 4 weeks. and this is all many deaths. around the
8:36 pm
people who are involved in domestic violence. >> so far laundry has not been named a suspect in the homicide investigation. but he is a person of interest in her disappearance. laundry is also charged with using gabby's debit card after she disappeared. >> what a beautiful sight the northern lights in washington state to get to see. this is really lovely seeing the aurora borealis. people were treated to this glowing show last night. the colorful phenomenon could be seen in new hampshire and washington even as far south as iowa. it was an ideal night for sky watchers because noaa issued a geomagnetic storm. watch and forecasts. part of a solar flare to hit the atmosphere. >> and while i don't know what all that stuff that i know somebody magnetic for age or cme haha little math. huge action, right. oh my goodness.
8:37 pm
the sun is kind of haha out over us energy in the atmosphere bars our atmosphere and then you start to get the ions excited before you know, they start to vibrate in hama. there you go. you get all those new colors out there for some not going to see that here tonight and we could have to. it's nice and clear up there around the bay area. a red flag warnings go into effect again starting on thursday. 10:00am and slow county. >> expecting some more strong, gusty winds. i think that may get extended up toward the least napa county and maybe as well as we're going to see another round of some gusty winds after this front comes by and it's going to drop on him. you see not much energy with it. few scattered light showers in far northern california. that's about it. but watch overnight tonight you see the models begin to pick up on a little bit. the clouds start to roll in a slight chance to see a couple light sprinkles, maybe some drizzle best chance will be along the coastline and that will be about it then becomes a heads out of town as it spins out of town on a sunny start to pick up those winds and well, there you go. more fire danger for the bay area. so temperature wise 60's. and if you 70's inland tomorrow 50's by the coastline. the
8:38 pm
next few days. we're going to bring a couple clouds our way tomorrow morning. mostly sunny by the afternoon windy, though, overnight wednesday night into thursday warmer those winds calm down into the weekend. >> lawrence, thank you. still to come tonight, one day after raiders head coach. jon gruden resigned over emails. former nfl players are now speaking out. >> plus, a chilling dozens of
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well, if the movie snakes on a plane made you cringe. this is going make you cringe to snakes at your house and lots of them. take a look at what exactly happened. one sonoma homeowners house. >> rattlesnakes just chill. it and 22 adults snakes from undsr that house. that was just on the first trip. crews went back out to that house and pulled out 11 more rattlesnakes from under that house the entire process took nearly 4 hours. but despite all of those rattlers, no one was. but like i said, the house would just belong to believable next up as far as we now know who will be
8:42 pm
playing the giants and the dodgers in the national league championship series grant has highlights on that. plus he'll have a game for update
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> work is once again under way at san francisco's millennium tower. you may remember over the summer crews were doing their best to try to stop the 58 story building from tilting in leaving. but. >> the problem only got worse and today crews were out testing out a new way to do the same kron four's, maureen
8:45 pm
kelly reports this attempt to fix the fix is being monitored very closely. >> a lot of noise movement and dust could be seen and heard coming from the corner of mission in fremont at the base of the millennium tower over the next 2 to 3 days. crews under the watchful eyes of project engineers city officials and other outside experts will be installing a casing essentially a steel straw 3 feet in diameter into the ground. if all goes well in a week or so, a 2 foot diameter pile will be threaded through that casing and down 300 feet to bedrock the original fix for the sinking and leaning condo building involves 52 piles to go in that fixed started in late may was shut down after it was determined. but the retrofit was causing an acceleration of the sinking and leaning possibly because too much soil was being taken out or vibration from construction was compacted sand below the surface essentially the fix hasn't changed today. they're testing out a new way to do
8:46 pm
it. a spokesperson for the structural engineers association of northern california says this test is being monitored in several different ways. >> there will be measuring in real time of settlement or tell us there will be measuring of volume of soil that's being removed. instrumentation that's being installed to measure the vibration levels. so all of those things will be looked at as this test pilot programs being performed to ensure that it is adequate supervisor. aaron peskin will be holding a hearing on november 4th to look into this latest series of problems while the building is in no immediate danger. there is a point of no return. >> and you know, frankly, i have been concerned that. >> in this case, the fix is a cure. that may be worse than the disease. it will be several weeks before it's determined that the new method to do the job is the best way forward. >> meanwhile, they are expecting more soil settlement but not a lot. the engineer of
8:47 pm
record for the retrofit told the city's department of building inspection that they will shut down the pilot repair. if the settlement at the northeast corner. exceeds one quarter of an inch. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> if you live in the bay area. chances are you won't be here in a few years. that's according to a new poll. that's what it's revealing nonprofit organization joint venture silicon valley asked folks in alameda contra costa santa clara san francisco and san mateo counties to join in on this poll. a majority of the folks who responded believe that the quality of life here in the bay area has gotten worse in recent years when it comes to the cost of living homelessness income divide and sustainability challenges. more than 70% of those who responded say that the quality of life has gotten worse in the last 5 years and more than half say they plan to move out of the region in the next few years. citing high costs of living and increasing housing prices as the top reasons for leaving. 40% say the region is headed in the right direction while
8:48 pm
54% say we are on the wrong track. >> members of the house of representatives pushed through a short term increase to the nation's debt limit. this ensures that the federal government can continue fully paying its bills into december and temporarily avert an unprecedented default that most agree would have decimated the economy the 480 billion dollar increase in the country's borrowing ceiling cleared the senate last week the house approved it and now president biden can sign it into law this week. a default would have had in men's fallout on global financial markets and routine government payments to social security beneficiaries disabled veterans and others would also been in danger of not being paid, but the relief provided by the bill's passage will only be temporary forcing congress to revisit this very same issue again in december. well, former raiders coach jon gruden is facing more backlash
8:49 pm
tonight over his e-mails that contained racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments criticism now coming from former players and the organization that gruden led to a super bowl. those emails sent over the course of 7 years show gruden using expletives to criticize nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> for urging the drafting of an openly player denouncing the hiring of women officials said that a player should be fired for protesting the national anthem and used racist messages in reference to the nfl players association. president and response. former nfl player robert griffin, the 3rd, you as rg 3 tweeted that you can't be racist homophobic and misogynistic. you shouldn't be any of them, end quote. meanwhile, former player shannon sharpe posted that quote, coach gruden didn't have a bad moment but a 7 year history of bad moments. gruden won the super bowl in 2003 as head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers and was honored in their ring of honor in response to these new emails.
8:50 pm
the bucs have now released a statement that reads in part, quote, while we acknowledge jon gruden's contributions on the field. his actions go against our core values as an organization. therefore he will no longer continue to be a member of the buccaneers ring of honor. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> a little sports here know, by the way, a little baseball game happening down in los angeles giants for the chance to advance to the national league championship series and eliminate la from the postseason tonight right now, things are going according to plan for the giant said fan base here, dodgers leading 5 to one bottom of the 6th dodgers have 2 men on with 2 men out. we will have full highlights and a live report from dodger stadium later tonight. but the story of this game giants not executing at the plate with runners in scoring position and the dodgers have bit also in the
8:51 pm
national league braves brewers game 4 of that series in atlanta. bottom of the 8th tied at 4 freddie freeman. takes josh harder. way out to left center. that's gone solo blast gives the braves a 5, 4, lead top of the night. former giant will smith. closing it out in style. the braves advanced to the nlcs taking. the series 3 games to one. they now await the winner of the giants dodgers. serious. and in the american league, the astros looking to close out their series against the socks. it got jonathan mccall houston fired up. that will be the nail in the coffin right there. top of the night. the jose altuve a three-run bomb put the astros up by 9. yeah. by 9 cell football baseball. they going to win it 10 to one advancing to the alcs where they will take on. the sox.
8:52 pm
the boston red sox game one of the alcs will be friday. all right. you got andrew wiggins vaccinated on the hardwood. but how about kyree irving? well, the brooklyn nets announcing today that their star guard cannot play and cannot practice with the team team's decision here until he's fully vaccinated. you have a new york city health mandate like san francisco's that requires professional athletes to vaccinated against covid in order to play or practice in public venues with by law. the nets are not allowed to reveal irving's vaccination status. but. they announced that he can't be with the team until he's eligible to be a full participant. so. a vaccinated a statement from the team says that he has made a personal choice. the team says we respect choice, your right to choose. but that restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team. statement also says it is imperative that the nets build chemistry
8:53 pm
and remain true to the values of 2 togetherness and sacrifice. so we'll see if kyrie irving. never plays another another game that he has said that if he gets traded or what have you. he would retire instead of of go through with that. texas senator ted cruz is thrown out the potential of him being traded to the houston rockets were texas does not have. >> vaccine mandates right now. so you never know if true. but obviously the judge, the giants are taking center stage here tonight. >> should la continue on and win tonight, there would be a game 5 for all the marbles. that would be thursday night in san francisco because the giants have the this is why you want to win the west, win the home field advantage. yeah. logan webb who and a miraculous, a game earlier in the series would be the giants starter. they would be set up. well. i don't know if you wanted to come down to 2 one
8:54 pm
half million new but a nail for sure. yeah. you know, stranger things have happened. the judge could win it tonight. and that so so that's there's still time. that's it. got to rally. thanks, greg. coming up. >> help for this l what colorado parks and wildlife officers
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>> a bull elk with a tie around its neck for at least 2 years. finally free. thanks to
8:57 pm
colorado parks and wildlife officers. they were able to tranquilize the animal and remove the tire over the weekend while they remove the tire. they say they had no choice but to cut the elk's to do so. that's sad. officials say that the hair was rubbed off a little. but they say there was one small open wound. other than that, the animal really good have that happen. i don't know why. you know what's got to do better. yeah. >> that's it for us on kron. 4 news tonight at 8, our primetime coverage, though, continues at the top of the hour. here's grant lotus and catherine heenan remember you thank you, pam. thank you, kapanen night. coming up next tonight, here's what we're working on. >> talking just a few weeks really after san francisco announced a task force to try to stop this. >> mess. this organized theft crime. you're 5 walgreens tonight that are now closing because of the problem. the steps the city is now considering to try to
8:58 pm
crackdown on this issue plaguing businesses. also another round of public safety power shut-offs are expected this week in some places. this time affecting nearly 30,000 pg and e customers. when the power could go out again. and the potentially dangerous conditions. those customers will be face an. will be face an. when a truck hit my son, will be face an. i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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