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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 12, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back, everyone. we start this half hour in the east bay where covid-19 misinformation has now been declared a public health crisis in contra, costa county and the board of supervisors just approved a resolution making it official. kron four's haaziq madyun reports we need to call it out. we need to clarify it. >> because that misinformation. is responsible for some lower vaccination rates. >> district. 5. >> yes. in a unanimous decision. the contra costa county board of supervisors adopt a resolution declaring covid-19 misinformation as a public health crisis. the resolution states that the county of contra costa commits to combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of that that threat,
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the health and safety of residents. it also states that the board of supervisors will develop and support policies and strategies that protect the health and safety of contra. costa county residents through the promotion of evidence-based interventions. the 2 supervisors who co authored. the resolution say they did so because when it comes to misinformation, what we're saying is the mere fact that mister information is out there. >> is the public has or health hazard. i think we do have an obligation. and if what you say is incorrect. >> the vast majority of the contra costa county residents who called in to the meeting vehemently disagreed with the supervisor's decision absolutely and passionate 10. >> to politicize and demonize people who medical freedom of choice. however, the resolution did have some support from the community. i am calling in to support your declaration that covid-19 misinformation is a public health crisis. has it made kron. 4 news.
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>> sobering new information is out tonight which paints a bleak picture for californians, but it comes to the risk of developing alzheimer's in coming years. yeah. the california department of public health teamed up with the alzheimer's association for this new study. joining us now to help us understand this projection reality for all of us is grant lotus grant. this is kind of scary. very scary. yeah. 100 1%. and there's been studies like this that have. you know, for the u.s. on the national level and the numbers are expected to increased dramatically. but this one honed in on california. the big take away really is the big increase in the number of people who are projected to be living with alzheimer's in the next 2 decades. so this is kind of short term, the amount of californians 65 and older who will have alzheimer's is expected to double by the year 2040. >> the report showed that while the population of the state is slated is projected to increase by 16% over the
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course of the research. so next 20 years population living with alzheimer's is expected to expand by 127%. so we know that there are huge impacts of the state right now. 700,000 individuals living with alzheimer's today. over a million individuals who are caring for them because of that exponential we're expected to see that impact increase over the course of the next 20 years. >> the report also found that alzheimer's and other dementia. it's expected to continue to disproportionately affect minorities. namely the black and hispanic communities as well as people who identify as asian pacific islander. this trend of more. all simers would put even more pressure and more burden certainly on caregivers and with no cure for this brutal disease raising money. is paramount at this point. there are some walks coming up in the bay area that are intended to help raise money to hopefully find a cure alzheimer's. you can
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visit the alzheimer's website to join a team started team or just help by donating money. we've posted that all simers link on our website to -ake it easy to find kron. 4 dot com. and coming up tonight onwkron, 4 news at 8. we'll be discussing ways. experts say you can help reduce your chances. of getting alzheimer's. pam, jonathan, back to you. grant. thank you. >> the state's preparation task force meeting today to talk about some of the inequalities that black californians deal with each and every day. the group is now spending 2 years studying the effects of slavery and other government decisions that lead to racial injustices for african-americans, kron four's. ashley zavala explains what the group is focusing on this week. >> we know that housing is still modern. the manifestation of jim crow was going to block this california's reparations task force tuesday took testimony from expert witnesses on racial disparities in education and environment. linking both to discrimination and segregation in housing. analysts pointed to federal
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data showing the nation's black white dissimilarity score is 55 this is what indicates is that 55% of other african americans and not states or white americans. or some combination are to move to a different race neighborhood. >> to fully integrate. >> just the numbers. this means that we live in very segregated society. experts said the lack of integration in neighborhoods in government decision-making over decades has resulted in lopsided resources for black and brown communities compared to neighboring predominantly white areas, especially in schools. others pointed out this makes college preparation more difficult smith is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the university of california for discriminatory use of the s a t and a c t and college admissions. he suggested an overall reevaluation of property tax laws that fund schools across the state has proven to be test for the capitol. this is so through internal environmental racism was another task force focus
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experts noting the environmental gentrification. happening now in cities like oakland is leaving black communities behind place taking place is not only green gentrification displacement, the greens gentrification through exclusion which government funds and sen environmentally. we needed housing plus park development possible i'm it's playing the popular places that need it the most in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast a live look outside of the golden gate bridge tonight and it looks pretty clear. you see the sunset there in the background that much going on. but the flag warning the red flag warning which indicates fire danger doesn't expire until 7 tonight. and even though that's not far from, you know, just a few minutes away. what 20 some minutes. it's still a major really is especially. >> what we saw last crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what else is on the way for tonight. yeah. even the flies, the golden gate bridge starting to back down just a little bit. but some
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parts of the north bay, especially in the east bay still seeing some gusty winds outside tonight. you're going to see those some side generally throughout the bay area. but over the next hour or so. but a red flag warnings continuing least part of the bay area. clear skies. here you go. but there we go out there as well. you got the red flag warning solano county up in lake county as well. you can see those have been extended until 7 o'clock this evening. the winds have just been kicking up 20 and some 30 mile an hour winds just because it's so dry in the drought the red flag warnings have been continue. but there's a cold front. you see it make its way into northern california. some showers just beginning to clip far, northern california doppler radar picking up on some of that moisture. this front's going to be dropping into the state overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. here comes on our computer model right now. nice and clear. everywhere you go, then all of a sudden really after midnight. the clouds start to move in and then by early tomorrow morning, there's a slight chance we may be talking about a couple sprinkles. how about that? you see that as we head about 1011 o'clock tomorrow morning along
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the coastline, maybe some drizzle out there as we head through the morning hours and then we get to the back side of that here's the downside of a sudden we start to get more of those northerly winds kicking in. i think elevated fire danger again, we're going to see about maybe some red flag warnings in the north bay by night into thursday. the meantime though, the temperatures out tomorrow, if you're looking a lot of 60's around much of the bay. maybe some 70's. well, inland about 72 degrees in concord, 71 in the napa valley. 71 in santa rosa. so starting out some clouds early on giving way to some sunshine and then a really common iso fall day outside, then things begin to change the slight chance of showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. mainly along the coastline back to sunshine those offshore winds elevated fire danger as we head into thursday possibly friday. maybe some 80's as we head toward the weekend. then we cool down partly cloudy into next week. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead, the autopsy of gabby petito is in how the teton county wyoming coroner says she died. and when.
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>> sports, the fallout from jon gruden's e-mails and subsequent resignation as raiders head coach is still very much being talked about today. callum mills has the details. plus an update on the giants dodgers game 4. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> the american red cross is in dire need of blood donations. the organization
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says it is experiencing an t shortage. the agency is citing the lowest blood supply in 6 years. the red cross says the shortage has been ongoing during the pandemic because of canceled donation events and hospitals which are full officials say there is a less then a day supply of certain blood types. the red cross is asking donors of all blood types, especially type o to make an appointment to give blood or platelets as soon as possible. developing news tonight on the petito case today. the wyoming coroner released very limited information saying but said that. >> pitino was strangled to death and that her body was found 3 to 4 weeks after she was killed. the coroner, not answering and most of the questions because of the ongoing fbi investigation, he would not get into toxicology results or more specifics. you may remember that petito's body was found back on september 19th. so according to the corner, she was killed 3 to 4 weeks before that.
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>> our mission repair nation's the body was in the wilderness for 3 to 4 weeks. and this is all many deaths. around the people who are involved in domestic violence. >> so far. gabby's fiance. brian laundry is not considered a suspect in the homicide investigation. he's only a person of interest in petito's disappearance. laundry has also been charged with debit card fraud for using gabby's credit card after she disappeared. next, a hostage situation now over in the south bay tonight. we're learning more details about the person taken into custody. dry eye symptoms driving you crazy?
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>> a dangerous hostage situation in san jose has come to an end after 14 hours. sheriff's deputies say a man took his own father hostage at gunpoint threatening his life hostage negotiators finally managed to talk the man into surrendering, the santa clara county sheriff's office has identified him as 38 year-old ball. they're saying he has been booked into the county's main jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. elder abuse false imprisonment, criminal threats and probation violation saying is currently on county probation for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. new at 00:00pm tonight. scientists say that severe weather is now costing
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the united states so far this year in 2021 18 major weather events have come with a price tag of a billion dollars each. >> research from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows that this is actually the 7th year in a row that the u.s. has had at least to natural disasters. costing a billion dollars or more. this year's weather events include 9 severe storms for tropical cyclones to floods and wildfires today hurricane ida remains the costly as disaster this year exceeding some 60 billion dollars and by the end of september, nearly 6 million acres were consumed by wildfires across the country. talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight we saw a little bit of those fires causing havoc across our area last night. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza folks out and about on this tuesday night. lawrence is back and launch. you say we may see a few sprinkles i won't even call them show. yeah, haha. just next system.
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>> coming by. you'll see than just a moment. but outside tonight, you've got clear skies still, we have some windy areas as well. mainly over the mountain tops are still breezy down below in some of the urban areas. clear skies all the way. the coastline looking beautiful out of half moon bay right now. and we're going to see a in the weather pattern. cold front just beginning to make its way into far northern parts of the state, bringing a few scattered showers in that direction. that's going to be dropping down in our direction tonight. and bring some clouds and a chance of a couple light sprinkles. the winds, though, you can still see kicking around quite a bit in the dry winds bringing the 5 fire danger at least until 7 o'clock this evening. then things get interesting. i think as we head through the night tonight. you can watch those winds subside tomorrow we get more that onshore breeze fired. will be much lower and really kind of a nice day out there tomorrow except the winds begin to pick up a bit in the afternoon and then things changed by tomorrow night as that frontal system moves through all of a sudden we start to get the backside of it and we get some more northerly winds kicking in social blustery winds, some elevated fire danger, especially in the north ay. but even parts of the east bay too. and then will be kind of
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a quick hitter will be as a strong event as we experience temperatures today, 66 degrees in san francisco. 72 in oakland 71 for a high in san jose 70 in livermore, 73 in concord and 74 degrees in santa rosa. all these numbers running below the average. we're going to see mostly clear breezy conditions early on this evening, then increasing clouds and then tomorrow morning clouds slight chance of a sprinkle that a sunny afternoon that high pressure returns for the weekend and those temperatures are going to warm up very nicely. in fact, it's going to be quite a bit warmer as we get the weekend. now, those temperatures probably running of the 80's many spots but not tomorrow. we're in the 70's. the warmest spots 60's inside of a cool 50's and breezy along the coastline next few days changes as high pressure begins to build in fire danger. going to be elevated specially on thursday morning warmer weather 80's in the warm sphts as we head in toward the weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the san francisco giants with a chance to advance to the national league championship series and
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eliminate the dodgers from the postseason tonight. game for the national league division series going on right now in los angeles. anthony de stefani was on the hill for san francisco. they just had a pitching change. well, dodgers ace walker buehler is looking to shut down the giants offense in this game. the school right now is to zip dodgers in the second inning. we will have a live report from sports director jason dumas coming up at dodger stadium later on tonight. also in the national league braves brewers game 4 in atlanta. bottom of the 8th things all tied up at 4 for freddie freeman takes josh hader way back to center drinking some 8 or 8. that is gone. the solo blast gives the braves a 5, 4, lead top 9 former giant will smith closes this one out in style. the braves advance to the nlcs taking the series 3 games to one. they now await the winner of the giants and dodgers series which will hopefully be decided tonight, but maybe in game 5 back here
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in san francisco on thursday and in the american league, the astros looking to close it out against the white sox and this would be the nail in the coffin right here. jonathan mccall pumping his fists. this wholesale tube, a three-run bomb put the astros up by 9. they would go on to win it 10 1 they advance to the alcs where they will take on the boston red sox game one of that series on friday. people around the nfl with some harsh words for former raiders head coach jon gruden following his resignation. the fallout continues. one day after e-mail surface were gruden used racist, homophobic and misogynistic language today. the team he coached to a super bowl win the tampa bay buccaneers remove gruden from their ring of honor keyshawn johnson who played for gruden for the bucks as well called him a fraud and a used car salesman. several other current and former players and fans posted criticism of bruno social media apparel brand skechers is dumping gruden as an ambassador as well. the
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raiders interim head coach is scheduled to speak tomorrow. it should be a very, very interesting day in vegas and the brooklyn nets announced today that star point guard kyrie irving cannot play or practice with the team until he is vaccinated. a new york city health mandate requires professional athletes to be vaccinated against covid-19 in order to play or practice in public venues by law. the nets are technically not allowed to reveal irving's vaccination status. but they announced that he cannot be with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant. a statement from the team says that he has made a personal choice and we respect his right to choose. but that restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team. the statement also said it is imperative that the nets build chemistry. remained true to values of togetherness and sacrifice. now luckily the warriors in a similar situation to the nets by andrew wiggins did get vaccinated. so he will be and they also pre season game
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tonight. i feel like that's getting lost a little bit. it is jonathan. you're happy i have trouble with him. if you know it comes down to the game was even on today. >> and then i was on my way into work. and i was like, have the ashes are on an oh, my god. it was 7, 1, and then by the time i got over the bridge was 10 1. so yeah, it was a good old-fashioned, but a use to native him. i know astros giants like what whose side are you on here. >> i will i i'm not a the question him. i can why you kyle and we'll be right back. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost?
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>> the island of fiji says it is reopening to vaccinated tourists starting on december 1st travelers must also test negative for covid-19 within 72 hours of departure and one more required step. you also have to get a rapid test within 48 hours after arrival after that, hey, why not enjoy trip. fiji's tourism board says that the island is more than ready to welcome folks back. >> well as close to halloween and the list of the most popular halloween costumes is out here. it is broken down by state in california. the most popular costume is squidgame. that is also the most popular costume in the nation as a
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whole. i feel like i'm missing out on this number 2 in the country is the generic, which also popular are princesses cruella and a this according to father mag dot com. >> a lifestyle magazine. you know, some time for you to get georgia. yeah. but they say there may be a shortage of costumes because of all the delays created by covid. some people may be making their own costumes which is not necessarily a bad save some money as horse. >> that's it for us. tonight. at 6, we use a live in prime time on kron 4 news haven't i
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but our here, we are just getting started. ♪ ♪ >> heroes among us. >> courageous neighbors coming together after a plane crashes into the house. >> then, wedding debris wins. >> all because of the chaos at the airport. >> the heartbroken bride. >> i have to get married without a single member of my family present. >> on the 3-year-old girl snatched off the street. >> shocking video is grandma chases down the kidnapper. >> how was she doing, how are


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