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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 10, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 firefighters are on high alert as a red flag warning starts in just a few hours at 11 o'clock tonight. thank you so much for joining us here during conference at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall that the concerns that folks are facing tonight dry conditions and gusty winds which will be sweeping across the region. >> historically the month of october has actually brought some of the bay area's most devastating wildfires. >> conference go on live for sound concord with how firefighters are preparing. what are they doing differently this time scale.
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>> well, as same old routine and just seen in jonathan contra, costa county firefighters will have extra cruel screws on patrol, but they want the public to be aware and to be prepared by having a go bag and to make sure you don't do anything that can spark a fire. the hills and conquered are bone dry. the winds were calm sunday afternoon, but that is expected to change overnight. gusty north winds are in store for the bay area that could bring power outages and toppled trees prompting the national weather service to issue a red flag warning for sunday night into tuesday. the big concerns is that any start, vegetation fire that structured by residents. >> adjacent to lots of vegetation can spread any ignition can grow into a large destructive fire quickly. captain george lang with the contra costa county fire protection district says extra crews are coming in. have a task force that will be staffed up. we have a hand
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crew additional dispatchers and incident management team member. the red flag is issued for the east bay hills and valleys north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains, people living in the highest elevation faced the biggest risk fire season began early in california this year. >> contra, costa county firefighters have been responding to wildfires since march. october is historically peak fire season. firefighters warn conditions are right and to be fire aware most fires are related to accidental ignitions of people. not being responsible with their smoking materials. for example. >> possibly mechanical problems of vehicles, a vehicle fire or you pull over into some tall grass. >> the catalytic converter exhaust can start a fire. >> firefighters want to remind people that even something like throwing a cigarette out the window or dragging a chain on a trailer could ignite a
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wildfire here in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news still think you tonight pg e has lowered the number of counties and customers that could be impacted by power outages. >> because the fire threat, the utility company now says that customers in 22 counties could be without power starting tomorrow morning. that's down from just 32 counties yesterday. also more than 25,000 customers could be impacted. that's down from more than 44,000 yesterday. 5 bay area counties could see those potential outages those are alameda contra costa now a and sonoma solano county could see potentially thecmost outages with more than 4500. stay with kron four's. we continue to track the fire danger and possible outages over the next few days. >> let's talk now about the weather forecast as we take a live look outside the city tonight from our sutro tower camera very busy place this weekend. the weather is really nice. but we are keeping our eye on the red flag warning. that's in effect now. yeah.
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and we've been watching those winds. they're kind of gusting last night in. >> obviously things are going to get a little hole. lot windier as we move into the next few days. erica caturay in tonight from a breeze with a look at what is on the way with that fire danger warning as well. >> good evening. well, right now, winds are light to breezy numbers, of course, are going to go up overnight. so let's take a look at those numbers. tomorrow morning. you see vacaville the gusts a little strong up there. but then it becomes more widespread in the afternoon so higher elevations could see gusts over 70 miles per hour now and then lower elevations could see gusts close to 40 miles per hour. in places like san francisco. it's going to get very windy and then by the evening it does lower our gusts and tuesday morning. also going to be breezy as well as for humidity percentages, that's also going to go down tomorrow. we're going to at 9%
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for some places and 10 to 20% for our humidity levels. so very dry conditions and all of this is coming from this trough that's moving down south from the north of us. that's also going to bring a little bit of snow too. the sierra there. so other parts g to see windy conditions. i'll talk more about this and have our extended forecast coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thank you so much, erica. now governor gavin newsom signed a bill expanding the use of prescribed burns to prevent large wildfires. prescribed burns are controlled by trained professionals are one of the most cost effective tools to reduce fuels for flames. the bill was supported by ranchers, conservationists and tribal governments. it passed the assembly and senate with overwhelming bipartisan support and california is making moves to clean up its landscaping industry. governor newsom also signed a new law that would outlaw the sale of new gas powered lawn mowers
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leaf blowers and chainsaws by 2024 supporters of the law say the small engines used in gardening equipment put out as much pollution as light duty, passenger cars. the state is setting aside 30 million dollars to help landscapers and gardeners upgrade to all electric equipment but industry groups are saying that amount of money. it's not nearly enough. we're following a developing story tonight that comes to us out of minnesota where 3 people are now in custody after a deadly shooting that happened inside of a crowded bar in saint paul we know that one woman was killed 14 others, others injured by the gunfire that broke out inside of that club last night. >> police say when they got that was 911, calls from folks frantically begging for help. a motive tonight. still unknown as to why there were multiple shooters. those 3 suspects were also arrested and also hospitalized for injuries involved from that chaos in the south bay gilroy police have released police
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dash cam video that they say corroborate official accounts that a suspect fired at an officer before that officer shot and killed him. this video is from last month at the gilroy police post office where police say that david lopez who investigators say was a shooting suspect back on august 31st when police got on the scene, they say that lopez would not comply with their demands before he pulled out a gun and started opening fire on police. that's before officers shot and killed lopez. >> fire crews in oakland were called out to a reported homeless encampment fire this morning near east 12th and 19th avenues. this is video of the scene from here in san francisco. and it's from the citizens app. and we can see all the smoke here. we have reached out to the oakland fire department for more details. but at this point they're only saying that the fire is now fully contained and that there is no more threat from the fire will keep you updated as soon as we get any new information. and
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coming up here during conference at 6 o'clock tonight, another day of frustration for southwest airlines customers is even more flights nationwide were delayed or canceled. >> but first, we'll take a look back at the sights and sounds of san francisco fleet week as things get ready to
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>> well are wrapping up san francisco fleet week. it's about to close another year after on pause last year. it came roaring back this year,
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big time enjoyed my very first to say the least. but what are talking about. i don't know. we'll talk about that. but today the world famous. >> blue angels put on another amazing show over the skies of san francisco today. yesterday kron 4 brought you all the action during our blue angels live special san francisco fleet week wrapping up tomorrow with ship tours that piers 3032 35 at the port of san francisco. those tours available from 00:00am in the morning until noon. >> traffic was also not that my favorite this weekend, but it's good sue the city get back to normal. all right. sure. dogs a man's best friend. right. but could they also be are soul mates. it turns out a lot of americans think this is true. the new survey that was conducted by one poll and pet insurance company. fine. go founded. that 60% of americans say their pets are their soul mates. the same out say they would willingly fight another human to save their pat. about half of people say they would go into debt to save their
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pets lives in general, people who own both cats and dogs say they feel closer to their docks. real quick. what i love the baltimore did a story about a woman who spent her entire life savings to try and save her cat who i think was like 20 years old at the time. >> so much trip. she would agree with this poll and best friend. well, cats. that's what like puppies. we're going to see some changes with our winds an
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>> welcome back. everything everyone things are getting worse for southwest airlines today. the company canceled a 1000 more flights today. >> the airline has already canceled more than a 1000 flights nationwide and delayed nearly 700 others. kwok sec. you checked in with passengers and reports now from san francisco international airport. >> some passengers i spoke with here at sfo had to rebook their flights in order to make it to their destination on sunday. some others even booked secondary flights on other airlines as an added precaution after hearing about all the cancellations. >> thousands of flights canceled by southwest airlines on sunday, including a dozen here at san francisco international airport was until last night. >> i like packing everything getting ready that it was like flight canceled. pick something else about it's like a building. so there's like a 1000 flights are canceled. felony lane lives in san
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francisco. >> it was originally scheduled to leave for denver colorado around 6 o'clock this morning. thankfully she was able to get on a later flight sunday afternoon but says it wasn't easy. i could see that there is nothing else available until this time the call times like over to our is if you want speak to somebody. so that's when i was like, all right. that was super reassuring something not having the support to get the answers been as of late sunday afternoon southwest the nation's largest domestic airline canceled. more than 1000 flights delayed nearly 700 others. according to flightaware, the cancellations make up 28% of the airline's scheduled flights on sunday in while other airlines like american made more than 140 cancellations. only about 4% of its scheduled flights. large scale cancellations prompted southwest passenger commute harrelson to book a secondary flight just in case as a precaution booked secondary flight. but there were many left. so had to get first class on a different airline. luckily. >> that's refundable. while some fires escaped the
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cancellations and delays it's on time. so let me get to dress my game right now and get on my way get on a plane others weren't so lucky this weekend. southwest canceled another 800 some flights on saturday impacting incoming flights at both sfo women at a san jose international airport. in a statement, the airline blamed the cancellations on air traffic control issues and weather starting on friday at its florida airports. however, the federal aviation administration responded on sunday in a statement saying, quote, no faa air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since friday flight delays and cancellations occurred for a few hours friday afternoon due to the widespread severe weather military training unlimited staffing in one area of the jacksonville air route traffic control center. some airlines continue to experience scheeuling challenges due to the aircraft and crews being out of place where there's a lot going on. >> like internally staffing. and i think that all airlines are probably have some level town with his love really kind of office. chain. >> think i think this isn't a weather issue sunday's
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cancellations come after hundreds of other cancellations made by the airline on saturday. this also happening during a busy travel weekend with a federal holiday on monday at sfo taylor. the psac ii kron 4 news. >> so things will cleared up and folks will be able to return back home. but meanwhile, let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the sunday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge folks leaving the city after a fun weekend. it really was nice to see so many folks in the city this weekend. and even though was cooler. >> so the sun was out of his job. plus an all around. let's see the temperatures are going to last but check in with erica. >> hey, guys. well, tomorrow temperatures are going to be a little lower because we do have that cold front sweeping through satellite and radar looking at dry and it's going to be just like that tomorrow. again, if you're just tuning in, we're talking about that red flag warning earlier. that will be in effect tomorrow. so higher hills are going to see gusts up to 70 miles per hour. lower elevations up to 40 miles per hour. it's also going to be a very low
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humidity percentages us for those temperatures are looking at 60's across san francisco, upper 50's to low 60's along the coast millbrae cooler at 66 degrees tomorrow believe it was in the 70's today 65 for mountain view out in the south bay. we're looking at mid to upper 60's 65 out in milpitas pleasanton 69, look at that. we don't even see any 70's on that part of the bay area. unlike today when we're in the out in richmond tomorrow expected to hit 68 degrees. 70 for castro valley cooler temperatures for walnut creek as well. at 73 tomorrow. 70 in san ramon as for sonoma expected to hit 70 degrees 60's for napa, fairfield and vacaville tomorrow and santa rosa at 68 degrees. so here's a look at our 7 day extended temperatures again a little cooler tomorrow. but by the
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end of the week. looks like we're going to warm up again back into the 80's for inland areas. come friday. >> feel like fall. thanks, erica. >> all right. well, for your health tonight. scientists are now studying the effects of blue spaces. >> that's area near the water and how just being close to the coast has a positive mental impact on your health. researchers say cleaner air along with vitamin d from the sun help boost mental health coastal zones have also been found to lower blood pressure and help with self-regulation like stop stopping you from snacking. and if you don't like the water side to say just simply unplugging and engaging in any nature based activities. so help me. >> trey lance makes his first start for the niners, but he didn't get the best results that he was looking for. this that he was looking for. this everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> today was a critical juncture in the forty-niners season. a division game looking to avoid into division record and a 3rd straight loss, not to mention this is the toughest division in the nfl and first career start for number 5? yeah, no pressure at all. train just lead to the promised land. there's qb number one, according to kyle shanahan was that in a bit, but he should be back after the bye trey lance, the future of the organization. if he's not, people are going to lose their jobs. forty-niners first
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offensive possession in. that's a bad throw by trade. he overthrows travis benjamin good. a baker gets the interception trades. number 15 for 2992 yards. 89 rushing yards. no touchdowns 3rd quarter. here's some good niners. evo samuels takes the kerry. >> gets into the endzone. 13 yard touchdown. it's just a three-point deficit. 4th quarter kyler murray to the corner. the andrea hopkins out muscles. josh norman he's going to win that match up every single time. it's 17 7 cardinals. final score 17 to 10 the niners dropped to 2, 3, going into the bye week. they hope to get jimmy garoppolo back to sunday from now as they play in primetime against the coast. according to kyle shanahan garoppolo is still their quarterback. call it a little friction amongst the fanbase. but hey, you got to listen to the coach over to allegiant stadium. the raiders hosting the bears is my guy eric, our 2nd quarter raiders
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up by 3. but justin fields. nice throw their finds jesper horse dead in the end zone. what a name. 2 yard touchdown bears take the lead later, damian with the spin move got damien williams. that's a touchdown. the bears never looked back. they win 20 to 9 the raiders. second straight loss. natalie the giants touched down in la today. and they went right to dodger stadium to get into practice. >> game 3 is tomorrow. alex wood, he's on the bump for the giants would have been solid as of late. he had been struggling a bit after a bout with covid for the dodgers, their aces on the mound. max scherzer. he have obviously has a lot of post season 6 s but he respects this giants lineup. >> just looking at them to mean that this have, you know, different ways beach with different types of bats. righties you know. bets right now. brian, you know, in
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crawford, imposing mean that's the heart of their order and they're getting a lot of production out of it and then. >> you know, the around as well. that present challenges to you have to execute every pitch that you throw is if you make mistakes against team are going to be mean. they lead the league in homers for a reason. >> all right. we have a a schedule. right on screen i thought it was for my bad right there. giants dodgers. 6.37. 1st pitch. dodger stadium going to be electric kron 4 will be there. guys have a flight brian merrily not that's a you that, you know, kate rooney was supposed to be an trey lance. his first start. >> the southwest. >> though it was unfortunate, yeah will be in la tomorrow. alaska airlines. hopefully arrive in nome, not dry. i would be more than happy to take you in the gear to southern you know, maybe,
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maybe fallen rescue it was read charlotte, make it. i mean, it's been done all right. yeah. go tomorrow of coverage throughout the day. 3, 5, 6, and then post game. and then again on tuesday. so hopefully i come back on wednesday morning with a giants 2 giants victory than the c series being over at like the sound of that yet. jason, thank you. i like this one from wants to go with goes well, just go nuts with some other food from now on. >> southern california. that does it for us here at 6, just oc back live. prime-time event.
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