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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> now it's 6 o'clock, 7 cisco is alive in jump in tonight as hundreds of thousands of folks have flocked to the city for game 2 of the giants dodgers series and san francisco fleet week. all of this fun, though, causing some traffic trouble for folks on the roads. that is where we start to saturday here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. welcome back. i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the saturday off in just a few moments, the giants will try to take a commanding 2, nothing lead over the la dodgers in the nl divisional series over at oracle park.
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first pitch at the park just moments away. that is where we find kron four's kylen mills with a preview of the series and the game to set to get under way in. >> folks already thrown out there. ali tells raid to get things going. kyle. >> and jonathan and the stage is set for another intense match up between the giants and dodgers here tonight, game 2 of the nlds about to get underway any minute now. oracle park at this very minute is rocking fans are energized. if you watch the telecast all yesterday. you probably saw one of these orange towels being waved in the air rally. towels are plentiful here at the ballpark told they're being handed out at the entrance want your comments expect to see those giants manager gabe kepler says this fan energizes the players as well. he says it gives his players a big advantage in this series and we heard that was a big part of why the team got yesterday's big win in game one of the nlds giants hit 3
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home runs in that game. we also saw stellar pitching from starter logan webb. he helped lead the giants to a 4. nothing victory tonight all-star pitcher kevin gausman to take the mound for the giants kapur says that he very top and what he brings to table the bullpen is well-rested. thanks to several days off in game us today. however, kapur says his team knows nothing will be easy in this series. >> keep focus on on kind of a gaze on it and our real focus is on what we're doing here in san francisco. that is a work in progress and we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do and we've taken a lot to a lot of important steps this season. you know, the next step, the one right in front of us is julio tonight, the los angeles dodgers tonight being the best team that we can be in in game 2 of the nlds.
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>> kapur says he doesn't want his team to get ahead of themselves and look forward to the nlcs or potentially a world series. he wants them to live in the moment. and be present in this game tonight. first pitch set for 6. '07, any minute now. we will be bringing you all of the action after the game on kron. 4 news for now. we're live the park kylen mills all right, karl and see if you can try and get some work done in the midst of all that fun. >> we'll check back with you in just a little bit. meanwhile, let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. the saturday night. a live look at the city real quick. she's not here tonight. but tonight is moe brisas birthday. so a big shout out. happy birthday. my breece enjoying this night off as well because my braces off erica caturay is here tonight. getting us ready tracking the temperatures for the game and the fire danger. that's also on the way over the next few days hi, jonathan. you're right about that. we're going to see pretty dry conditions
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monday and windy conditions. i'll talk more in just a bit. but. >> looking outside and half moon bay seeing clear blue skies that quite a change from yesterday when we saw a lot of scattered clouds out there. it's currently 59 there. 69 in san jose 74 in concord notice it's warmer for the inland areas. unlike yesterday when highs were in the 60's out there and tomorrow supposed to be one might as well overnight lows will range to the 40's and the 50's throughout the bay area. winds right now. little breezy in san francisco coming out of the west 24 miles per hour. but nothing like what? we're going to see come monday when we could see gusts up to 45 miles per hour. in san francisco. other higher hills could see a wind speeds over 50 miles per hour. and the reason is because of a trough to the north of us. that's going to be shifting to our region with a cold front that's going bring some snow out to the sierra and for us we're going to see temperatures a little lower on monday. i'll talk more about
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the extended forecast in a bit. back to you. jonathan. thank you. meanwhile, here is a live look at san francisco international airport tonight. >> if you do have plans to fly southwest airlines this weekend. >> you may want to check to see if your flight has been delayed or canceled. that's because today the carrier canceled more than 500 flights and delayed more than 700 others. the company says the problems all dealing with air traffic control problems. plus weather delays on the east coast triggering those moves. the game and great weather. just a few of the things drawing folks into the city this week. and if you are headed into the city. you plan ahead. look at this. this is a traffic along the bay bridge tonight. you can see right now it is just bumper to bumper as folks try to get across the bay bridge into the city. this scene, something that we have not seen in a very long time. something we haven't seen since the before the pandemic. but with more than 18 months of light traffic. we want to take a look to see how drivers are now dealing with this latest surge kron four's, gayle ong hit the road to find
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out. >> tip is to parking some pretty a pretty tough this time of year hall took the scenic route to oracle park along the embarcadero saturday watching the blue angels fly over san francisco and he's not alone. tell me about your commute here. walking walking more than walking. yes, the best thing for us this giant stand planned. ahead. we'll bird in those the best way to go. others took public those getting here by car. >> had company. 1, 1, was in between. there are some topics waiting for the ok, the kids love loving and they wanted to see the blue by the afternoon, the embarcadero was we're at one point businesses like perry's got a boost from the busy weekend at the restaurant filled with giants fans inside. you have your giant we're just looking forward to getting out there with. >> 40,000 of our and what fans
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outside the big. been really, really busy much needed after a slow year due to covid giving us energy that we just never had before. it's different in a pre covid. we never really had to fight for that. but now it. >> it's been great as baseball fans grabbed a bite to eat before the big game san franciscans give these tips for sunday. you go to take public >> it's going to be tough to part or expensive. very expensive. >> that was kron four's. gayle ong reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, another way to get around all of that traffic is to use the ferry, the san francisco bay ferry is offering enhanced short hop service this weekend over at pier 41. this is just a list of the new times this weekend. if you are trying to get to the city from the north bay. you can also find the city's these times should say posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. did you see him if not, you likely definitely heard
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them. the world famous navy blue angels taking to the skies today above san francisco during its annual fleet week air show. we brought you live coverage of all the action this afternoon right here on kron 4. but for some folks they decide to check it out for themselves. flocking to the waterfront to see it up close. kron four's phillipe djegal was there as fans were treated to a pretty good show. >> a true for the blue angels make a grand entrance with a backdrop unique to san francisco is pretty exciting spent. first time seeing it actually navigate through the bog down city streets and trying to soak in another fleet week. air show saturday. families headed to the marina green for a bird's eye view of the action. definitely worth it. you know, i'm getting to know the people. >> you know, walking through traffic. you know, i'm just getting here. you know how we can. >> in addition to the flight demonstration squadron of the u.s. may be the u.s. coast guard also put on a show. the event featuring the united
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triple 7 as well making this the only air show in the country. with a commercial airliner performing a fully choreographed is a beautiful day one to get back out and not be part of this whole pandemic has been overshadowing the for so long. i'm still a little bit nervous around big crowds because of covid. so being a thing. but i think it's important for people to get out of the house. and you know. >> have a little bit of fun. enjoy themselves and that they did to the booming sounds of fighter like the 4th of july. you know, but you see airplanes, you know, find an air doing >> and they will be back in sunday in san francisco fleet kron 4 news. >> tarmac take down a passenger arrested on an airport runway just moments after the plane lands. but officials say prompted a security incident on board a flight. plus pg any warning a power shut offs for thousands of folks across california as the fire danger. elevates the
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because the strong winds and high fire danger. we are expected to see over the next few days. >> pg e says that 44,000 customers could start losing power as early as monday morning. according to the utility company, the outages could impact folks in 32 california counties including 5 right here in the bay area. those counties alameda contra costa solano, napa and sonoma
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solano county would see the biggest outages with more than 4500. stay with kron four's. we continue to track those possible outages over the next few days. >> more snow is coming to the sierra on monday. but here in the bay area, we have a fire weather watch in a wind advisory that will be going into effect. i'll tell you about
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>> new at 6 kron 4 staying on top of a developing story from new york city tonight. we're a
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passenger on board an american eagle flight. now taken into custody shortly after that plane landed this afternoon. take a look at the scene from laguardia airport. dozens of folks on that plane forced to evacuate on the runway after their 2 hour flight from indianapolis investigators say that a passenger reported that another passenger was acting suspiciously on board that flight. we are continuing to monitor the situation will bring you updates throughout the evening on kron 4 dot com and the very latest live in prime time starting on kron. 4 news at 8. also new at 6 a man wanted for stockton murder. earlier this week. now in custody after a 5 hour standoff in bay point, san joaquin county sheriff's deputies tracked 24 year-old angela webb to a home near willow pass road in water street contra, costa county officials evacuated that neighborhood while negotiators tried to get web to surrender. investigators say that web stabbed brandi hornsby, the mother of his 6 week-old daughter monday evening.
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kidnapped the baby girl triggering an amber alert. authorities say webb to drop the baby off at a family friend's home unharmed. a short time later. well, now facing charges of murder and attempted murder also have the very latest on this story for you tonight in prime time on kron 4 news and 8 and los angeles an armed suspect is dead after a violent hostage situation played out in downtown los angeles last night. witnesses watched the entire scene unfold and it was caught on cell phone video. the lapd says a person was on a sidewalk aimed a gun and started pulling the trigger on a man's face. but the gun, luckily did not fire. that's when investigators say the suspect then ran into some businesses nearby. we're a family of 3 was simply waiting that alleged gunman then started firing rounds at that family injuring a 14 year-old that same suspect then tried to carjack a woman before fighting with a bike rider. that's when police were called
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to the scene that suspect took the woman into a hostage situation at a nearby apartment complex. swat was then called in shortly after they arrived on the scene. that's when officials say when that's when it went into the building rescued that woman and took her to a nearby hospital. meanwhile, oakland fire crews are looking into what sparked an attic fire last night at a home on kingsland avenue. there's no word on any injuries or the extent of damage from this fire. stay with kron 4 for more details now to the very latest on that massive oil spill in southern california as investigators still trying to look into what triggered the leak. the cleanup continues. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle now growing impatient while also demanding answers assessment teams, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out exactly where the cleanup efforts need to be concentrated as much of the oil continues to drift south becoming a growing problem for folks in northern san diego county, orange county state
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senator dave men and assemblywoman janet wind say the to say those responsible for the spill need to be held accountable. congressman mike levin expressed his frustration surrounding the timeline. >> it's extremely frustrating to read reports that the company itself amplify that was responsible for all of this. that they waited hours and hours before they notified the relevant authorities were definitely going to be digging into that in the house natural resources committee. i serve on the road and subcommittee energy and mineral resources. also the oversight and investigations subcommittee be very involved. so we'll be learning a lot more about what happened there trying to prevent it from happening again. >> several beaches in orange county where that oil spill started have started to reopen again to the public. meanwhile, officials are urging folks not to clean up any of the oil themselves. the national weather service has issued a fire weather warning for parts of the north and
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east bay that watch set to go into effect sunday and sunday night and will last until at least monday night and a sign that things are starting to change. take a look at this. it is winter in the sierra nevada mountains. several inches of snow falling at higher elevations as temperatures dropped the weather service predicts that the south lake tahoe area. we'll see much more snow on monday. but it expects it to be just a dusting. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast now a live look courtesy of the mount tam cam at the san francisco area this saturday night. lots of folks out and about. let's get you ready for your evening. plans erica's in tonight from a bristle with a look at what else is on the way. >> hi, jonathan. well, if you're stepping outside this evening, you might feel just a little breeze in the city. but wind speeds. definitely not like we're going to see come monday. so we do have a trough to the north of us. that will have a cold front with it that will be sweeping through our region. and that's why we're going to see northerly winds
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on monday. gusts will be over 30 miles per hour closer to 40 miles per hour in several places. these are the lower elevations higher hills. we could see gusts over 60 miles per hour that day. as for humidity percentages, we're going to see it drop a much more lower than what we're seeing right now. so dry conditions that day as well as those wind speeds will give us that high fire danger. in the meantime tomorrow it's supposed to be another nice day throughout the bay area along the coast. we're expecting temperatures to be in the low to mid 60's. san francisco also going to see similar conditions like we saw today burlingame looking at 70's upper 70's for woodside tomorrow out in the south bay low to mid 70's. 77 for los gatos 71 for hayward 72 out in fremont. mostly sunny skies just like what we saw today. 80's, though, in walnut creek of danville, san ramon. also a little warmer versus our daytime highs for today.
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sonoma 78 tomorrow 76 for santa rosa. so here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast after tomorrow. we will see our inland areas temperatures will drop about 10 degrees on monday because of that system approaching. but rest. the bay area won't see too much of a change with our temperatures. it's more so the wind speeds and the humidity percentage. hopefully nothing will spark as a result of those gusty winds. thank you. >> so this everyone will be >> so this everyone will be right back. family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know. i'm going to be there. keytruda and chemotherapy meant treating my cancer with two different types of medicine. in a clinical trial, keytruda and chemotherapy was proven to help people live longer than chemotherapy alone. keytruda is used to treat more patients with advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies
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ask your doctor you tonight, we want to give you a quick update on the giants dodgers scored. it is. >> still in the first inning as you can see, no one has scored yet. in game 2 1st pitch getting under way just 20 minutes ago, things still tied up at nothing a piece in the first inning will continue to on to this for you and watch for scores throughout the evening. we'll have those for you on kron 4 dot com. also have live updates for you live in prime time starting on kron. 4 news at 8. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi, the latest bay area political figure to get in on the postseason action today. she tweeted that she is now placed a bet with fellow california representative jimmy gomez. they are betting on some chocolate. so if the dodgers win house speaker pelosi will have to give gomez some during delhi chocolates from san francisco gomez, though not specifying in his tweet. what
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chocolates pelosi will get if and when the giants when it's right. of course we showed you this picture yesterday about the bed between vice president kamala harris and the second gentleman, doug emhoff tweeting this picture saying the one thing we can agree on in our household. good luck. dodgers. the second gentleman growing up in southern california. in los angeles. and of course, his wife, the vice president, kamala harris growing up here in the bay area and is a giants fan. meanwhile, take a look at this. you are definitely not seeing double these twin giant panda cubs at the tokyo zoo have just been named to meet lay lay in her twin brother. she shouts. she shout. for, of course, officials say that these cups way just over 13 pounds which is 50 times their weight at birth when they were born just this past june. and a zoo in france is celebrating the birth of its newest family
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member. this baby white rhino was born to mother tall of this week. within an hour, the calf was able to right itself up and headed off to a breakfast of hay is actually tolls 3rd child southern white rhinos. now number 18,000 in protected areas of the african continent. good to see. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock this saturday night. thanks much for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall. the news is always on the kron. 4 dot com. >> eric and i will see you back here live in prime time for kron 4 news
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>> on inside california politics, a massive oil spill off the southern california coast who is to blame. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are demanding answers we need to get these answers we want to make sure the bad guys are held accountable. experts are warning of a possible ecological disaster now democrats are renewing their push to ban offshore drilling we do not want any new drilling along california coast will the operator of that pipeline face any consequences. casting across the golden state. this is california politics.


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