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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> they sure did. now at 10 pandemonium at oracle park and the on the giants dominate the dodgers in game one of their divisional series capping off the start of a very busy weekend here in the bay area.
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thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne san francisco is back in a big way this weekend. fleet week is making its triumphant return to the bay area skies. and you have the cities. >> 2 pro teams. the warriors and the giants hosting their la rival side. a lot to get to tonight. but we start with one of the divisional series and a great win for the san francisco giants. we have a team of reporters at oracle park tonight with dan thorn is outside the stadium where fans have been excited for this game all night long. but first we want to take inside the stadium. kron four's. kate rooney is there. >> who witnessed history tonight. what a game. kate. i think it's appropriate to start with this little anecdote ken. pam, the chance to beat la started well before the game even began as fans were filing into the stadium. >> and i just heard them about 5 minutes ago as i was getting ready to come down here and talk to you. so clearly there's a lot of excitement in the air tonight. this could not have been a better way to start the game. then what the
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san francisco giants got tonight. we've got to see a star being born in starting pitcher logan webb. he's had an absolutely fantastic final stretch of the season over his last 20 starts. he's just been brilliant and that continued tonight shut out the dodgers and joined some elite company. i wanted to redo this little stat that i got from an espn reporter jeff passan only 3 times and giants playoff history has a picture come out and pitch 7, 2, thirds innings with 10 strikeouts and no runs the other 2 pitchers to do it. tim lincecum and madison bumgarner. so logan webb might just be the next big thing for the giants. what a great way to start the series off. and i know that they're hopeful that this is just the beginning of good things to come in. this national league division series ken pam, it sure was exciting and you're right. and then how about the vols, you know, of closing it out. this young guy from the dominican republic. throwing a 101 miles an hour and then changing up to 87 miles an hour. the dodger batters didn't know what was going on.
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>> he's been a real bona fide closer here for the giants over these last few weeks. and i think they're so excited to have him. clearly he's the type of person. >> who can seal up these games even really high states really tough situations and hey, we've got to mention soml of these older guys. it's not just the young guard. these older guys who hit big home runs tonight, buster posey, brandon crawford of course, the new transplant from chicago, kris bryant. these guys all got it done. and it was really good to see them get into the offensive mix as well. >> really good to see. okay. thanks so much for that live report. you have fun out there at the park tonight, which we could have been with him again tomorrow. all right. it is been a long 9 years since the giants last made the playoffs just making the playoffs wouldn't sweet enough, but to be facing their biggest rival in this divisional series is adding a whole new level. >> excitement to these games is really is. so let's keep that excitement going kron four's. dan thorn live outside oracle park right now to give us a sense of the energy out there.
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>> lots of excited giants fans leaving the ballpark tonight after really what the dodgers 4 nothing here. but there's just been a lot building up to this historic meeting. these arch rivals in the division series. the fans packing oracle park tonight and really just trying to enjoy all of the fun at oracle for the >> it's the giants go and the dodgers shot her the arch rivals facing off in the division series. the 2 teams with a lot of talent drawing the fans into san francisco. they're going to smoke the dodgers right. >> and we couldn't even cry of people aren't talking bottled air back to champs this on a sea of orange and black is expected to swallow up fans in dodger blue over the weekend sellout crowds, the result of all the hype, giants fans are confident giants played unbelievable this whole season breaking records left and right of super excited woke up today. all jacked up. >> written for we're going to.
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>> beat la. and of course, so are the fans of the defending champs are taking it all the way. baby all the way. the 100 plus winning teams are wiping the slate clean for a shot at the world series. san francisco fans would like to head to la next week. >> on top its long-awaited. wanted you know, we're so used to seeing the dodgers in the regular season. but this is the first time in the playoffs. let's go. giants. go giants. >> well, the giants are making it look easy early. we'll see what they do tomorrow night. there is a first pitch at 6. '05, back here at oracle park. see if the giants can win 2 games before we go on your mind. >> hang in there. the crowds get a little pumped out there. that's bound to happen than we'll check in with you tomorrow night. hopefully will be a little bit softer out there. governor gavin newsom getting into the rivalry between the giants and the dodgers. he made a bet with
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california senator alex padilla on twitter today. the loser will have to join the winning team's grounds crew raking the infield and mowing the grass. all while raising money for a good cause. of course, is picking the giants and his charity is a sorts to plow shares. that's a nonprofit organization that provides health care to thousands of bay area veterans every year. >> the baseball rivalry has made it all the way to the nation's capital second gentleman douglas emhoff posing alongside his wife, the vice president and the bay area's very own kamala harris, he tweeted out this message today and picture saying, quote, the one thing we can agree on in our household. good luck. dodgers, of course, as you can see, the vice president has on her giants gear. and here is a look at the schedule for the rest of the series. game 2 is tomorrow night at oracle park. first pitch is set for 6. '07, game 3 is monday night in los angeles and then games 4, 5
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will be played next week if they are necessary, you can stay up to date with kron 4 on the go. we've got continuing coverage of the giants postseason use that qr code on the screen. >> it will take you to the special section of our website. for more on the giants. big run in the playoffs, including information on tickets in the schedule of the division series broadcast. again, it's all at kron 4 dot com. other big news here in san francisco. it's that time of year again. now that the covid vaccinations are up in covid cases are down fleet week is back and 10's of thousands of people flocked to the bay area to see the world famous blue angels today. we saw more than just the blue angels, the so actually started about 11 o'clock this morning. with the parade of ships, which is always so beautiful. this event bring several historic and active military vessels to san francisco's waterfront. >> several of the ships are docked along the embarcadero
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in san francisco and they are open to the public for tours and then the air show started about 1 o'clock this afternoon. of course, practice session getting ready tomorrow's big show starting with this united triple 7 jet performing moves at a commercial plane just does not normally do coast guard and several other military aircraft also getting involved. but the main star of the show is without question. the blue angels. >> yeah, i airplanes. so if i if i'm for to see all the different types mean. are you excited to be here. yeah, i totally forgot. was coming up. the plane that day i was like, oh, yes. >> if you didn't get a chance to say today's fact is there are repeat performances all weekend long. so where is the best place to watch the airshow. well, the stage is basically the bay. yeah. the coast guard clears out an area between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz island in the air show centered over that. >> area of water in between
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crissy field to the west near the presidio, the marina green and aquatic park in the fisherman's wharf area are the best places to watch the air show the marina green will have tents and box seats for people can pay to watch it so access. and that area is limited. if you're going to the city, keep in mind that traffic and especially parking will be an issue. so you're urged to use public transportation. if you can. the national park service is telling people to be prepared for parking and road closures from now through sunday. >> in the presidio in san francisco along avenue to marine drive will be closed. that is in order to accommodate people with their with disabilities who might need a little extra time to get around an extra assistance. >> all parking at 4 point national historic park will be limited to cars with ballot disabled person, parking placards or license plates and high street lower van ness and beech street will all be closed. so if you don't want to deal with all of that. you
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can join us on kron 4 tomorrow to watch blue angels live. >> that's 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the navy's best pilots. the fun starts. >> saturday afternoon. 2 o'clock right here on kron. 4. i'll be hosting it. and again, it is live. so you're not missing anything. that's right. and we are, of course, hoping for good weather for this weekend. so let's find out what we can expect that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the fleet week forecast looking good to boil can ask for much better weather coming just in time for this weekend. you can see a lot of sunshine around the bay area today was kind of cool outside tomorrow. we're watching those numbers go way up compared to what we had today. expect those temperatures even in the san francisco, sunny skies are going to be the upper 60's getting close to 70 degrees. i think by the early afternoon. >> it will stay sunny all day long to no worry about fog as we've got more of an offshore wind developing over the weekend. a little bit of an afternoon breeze but not by much. both days. both saturday and sunday are looking fantastic out there. now we are starting to see a couple
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clouds gathering along the coastline. a couple mid to high level clouds up above impact. doppler radar starting to pick up a little moisture out there. we've got a weak low that is spinning along the coastline. now look at this. got a couple of showers trying to form in parts of the north bay right now taking in for a closer look. you see some of those cells out there right now. moving in right toward marin and that there could be the possibility of seeing a few showers out there. most of that. it's going to be very light if you're going to see that tonight. that's kind of hit miss shower activity that will see this kind of system. it's going to slide right along the coastline and head south solak or the low is never really going to move overhead temperatures right now. little bit on the cool side. we've got some 50's and some 60's. i think by tomorrow afternoon though, we are looking good. we'll see plenty of sunshine on the way. but tonight, yeah. a little bit. unsettled is a slow kind rolls on down the coast bringing a chance of more showers into early tomorrow morning. then it kind of just scoots out of town. and the good news is by tomorrow afternoon ow before that, we'll see clearing skies. and so you're looking sunny the better part of the
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day tomorrow and much warmer temperatures, mid 70's inland almost 70 degrees downtown san francisco. all right. thank you, lawrence. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, another bay area county planning to lift indoor mask mandates next week by health. officials say their decisions based on science. >> plus, reports of students being injured, even shocked due to poor safety conditions. the new scrutiny a san francisco school is now facing. >> and those to go cocktails are not going anywhere. the new laws. governor newsom getting restaurants and bars. a big boost in their businesses. 8 people were
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arrested. 2 people had to be hospitalized after shots rang out during a brawl outside last night. san jose earthquakes game and pay pal park. >> police say the incident started inside the stadium when a fan breached the security barricades and jumped onto the field during the match attempting to attack one of the players. that man was taken into custody led out of the stadium but police say he was followed out by a group of fans who then began fighting amongst themselves shortly after which shots were fired. hitting 2 people. police do not believe the gun was ever inside the stadium. >> our belief is that that the fire was brought in by a vehicle in the parking lot and then was utilized in the assault as a police department going sit down with management at the park going to go
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through their operational plans, go through their security plans and see if their staffing needs are adequate. >> following last night's violence a friendly match between 2 other soccer clubs that was scheduled for tomorrow at pay pal par has since been postponed until next year. a federal appeals court has temporarily reinstated that controversial texas heartbeat law allowing the state to resume its ban on most all abortions. this comes just 2 days after a federal judge to put that law on hold. triggering a rush by clinics to start serving patients for the first time since early september. the law known as senate bill 8 bans abortions once fetal heart activity is detected, which is usually about 6 weeks and before some women even realize they are pregnant that law allows private citizens to take people to court and collect an award for violating the law. >> governor gavin newsom has signed almost 400 bills since
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he defeated the recall effort last month and now with fewer than 2 days into the legislative deadline. he signed several more at a restaurant in oakland today. yeah. the bills cover a lot of ground from sideshows those illegal sideshows to education, to restaurants. our grant lodes joins us now in the studio to explain some of the key measures grant will start with sideshows, which police departments throughout the bay area, not just oakland. >> have been trying trying to stop trying to get a handle on. but it's been a challenge and one way to crack down on sideshows. according to the governor and others is a b 3, which is now been signed into law that allows the court. >> 2 suspended driver's license for someone for up to 6 months. if that person has been participating in a side show like this one. these have certainly been an issue in the bay. a sideshow is defined by the new law as 2 or more vehicles blocking or obstructing highway traffic for the purpose of stunts speed contests or reckless
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driving with spectators. the governor also signed to laws that affect schools in california. the first a, b one. oh one, it makes california the first state to require ethnic studies classes in public schools by the fall of 2024 newsom vetoed this idea last year amid some pushback from parents as well as members of the state's jewish community. he said the curriculum had bias towards palestine. some critics also contend the new law opens the door to teaching critical race theory, however, supporters say students just cannot have a full understanding of our history without the inclusion of the contributions and struggles of native americans, african americans, asian americans, latinos and other minorities. governor newsom also signed a bill here requiring all public schools and colleges to stock their restrooms with free menstrual products. this builds on the 2017 law requiring low income
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schools in disadvantaged areas % to provide students with free menstrual products and finally. it's friday night. this is that to go law cocktails are here to stay at least for a while. governor newsom signed 3 bills giving bars and restaurants. a boost by changing state regulations to allow those businesses to continue to prepare and serve food and alcohol outside along with to go cocktails. so what started out as a practice in response to the pandemic will now continue. you call across the state. you're like, why haven't we done this 2040, 30 years ago. >> and the biggest fear and anxiety think all of us have had as consumers, not just business men and women. it's like please talk. take this away. don't let that take this away after this pandemic. and so that's what these bills represent. >> the bills allow this to go on for a year after the end of california's covid-19 state of emergency. >> or until 2024 whichever
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comes first, one of the bill's was authored by san francisco state senator scott wiener of san francisco and he tweeted out this picture today with the governor saying, quote, outdoor dining has been a lifeline for our restaurants and bars and people love it. let's keep it going. ken. pam, back to you. alright hard to argue with that. governor newsom is also weighing in on elon musk's announcement that he's moving tesla's headquarters out of palo alto. >> to austin, texas newsome said he's been friends with must for 20 years and appreciates his quote, entrepreneurial spirit. newsom also said the state will continue to invest in the development and production of electric vehicles and even suggested there wouldn't be a tesla without california. >> would be interesting to get the facts on how much california's invested in tesla. no other. i mean. hundreds of millions of dollars in tax subsidies. we provide our regulatory environment helped create that company and grow that company.
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>> musk did not say when the move would be happening when he addressed tesla shareholders at yesterday's meeting. he also said he plans to boost the company's output at its fremont factory by as much as 50%. the latest jobs report shows growth has slowed to its weakest pace of the year. employers added just 194,000 jobs last month. that's down from 366,000 in august and far below the increase of 1 million in july. that was before the delta variant lead to an increase in coronavirus cases hospitalizations and deaths. still president biden says the country is on the move. today's report. >> as the unemployment rate down to 4.8%, a significant improvement from when i took office in a sign that our recovery is moving forward even in the face of the covid pandemic. >> in the meantime, average earning rose $0.19 an hour in september and is up more than a dnllar an hour over last year.
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>> san francisco is require a more city employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 the expanded requirement applies to all city commissioners and contractors who work alongside city employees at any facility or work site that the city owns leases or controls. they now have until the end of the year to be fully vaccinated. most of the city employees are already required to get fully vaccinated by november. 1st and in the north bay marin county health officials have announced that they're going to lift their indoor mask mandate next friday. this applies to gyms and offices college classes and religious gatherings. >> but as kron four's gayle ong reports you cannot take the mask off indoors unless you are fully vaccinated. >> starting october 15. if you go to an indoor gym in marin county you may ditch the mask if you are fully vaccinated something nancy menorah's is looking forward to every time i did. the move may it's really uncomfortable. and there's just like this press coming back at mean sometimes i'm just like, oh, my gosh.
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like today. i realize need to do a detox because my breath was just coming back in tip from the mask. so i'm just over it. and over the mask, marin county public health officials announced the easing of the mask mandate on friday. other indoor settings like offices, college classes and religious gatherings are also exempt from the mask mandate county doctor matthew willis says that thanks to high vaccinations. >> we also have to decide based approach towards lifting restrictions when they're no longer you know, we have a vision of a future with low case counts. no hospitalization rates, high vaccination rates for people are not getting to cover their as much. and so towards that end, we're beginning to peel back restrictions in the valley residents support the new rule and proud to live in a county that had an outstanding mask mandate. >> and that has been responsible about handling this and i hate wearing mask. so i'm delighted that we've done a good enough job getting vaccinated with a few exceptions that we can afford to take these now saw
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everybody doing their best. i think am happy to see that moran is way up there. >> in being vaccinated because and we feel safer when we do take our masks and we're all sick of wearing masks. we >> but changes are ahead. doctor willis says there is still more work to be done. in criteria are basically going to be tied the case rates hospitalizations in vaccination and we need to be less than ran. the numbers translate to less than 18 cases per day on average for a 3 week period. ended marin county continues to meet the criteria. the mask mandate could be ease for additional indoor settings in mid november. >> reporting from mill valley. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> independent advisors to the cdc have revealed when they will be meeting to address covid vaccine booster shots as well as vaccines for children. first they will meet on october the 20th to talk about possible booster shots for the
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moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines. then on november second, they will discuss pfizer's application for emergency use authorization for its vaccine for children, 5 to 11 years old. this maze. a vaccine will not be approved for children that age until at least after halloween. >> new at 10, a man who tried to scam the federal government out of $543,000 was sentenced to 4 years in a federal prison this week. 54 year-old massachusetts resident, david stably is charged with making false claims city owned for businesses and then apply for the funds under the government's covid paycheck protection program stately then faked his own suicide to avoid being caught but was tracked down by us marshals. he's the first person in the u.s. to be charged with fraudulent least seeking pandemic, business loans. to wellesley. wealthy fathers have been found guilty in the first case to go to trial in the college admissions scandal. john wilson is charged with paying a million pollars to get his twin
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daughters into stanford and harvard as recruited athletes. gamal abdel aziz is cha ged with paying $300,000 to get his daughter into usc as a basketball recruit more than 50 parents have been implicated in the bribery scheme. but a majority of them, including celebrities such as lori locklin have pleaded guilty rather than taking their chances for a trial in court sentencing for both men is set for mid february. san francisco supervisor. hillary ronen is calling for a hearing on the safety conditions at buena vista horace mann elementary school in the city's mission district. that's right. there have been reports of gas leaks, a student receiving an electric shock from a school outlet. >> and other injuries because of the poor conditions on that campus ground. in a statement, the district says, quote, we recognize that the rundown nature of the facility and challenge in addressing day today. conditions such as peeling paint. >> cracked floors and overheating rooms contributes
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to a feeling of neglect in the school community. the district is working to remedy this through our request for funding from the san francisco board of education. let's just say, though, thes is not the first time this particular school has gotten attention for its poor conditions in fact, 2 years ago we received these photographs from buena vista. horace mann. they show trash everywhere. a water leak peeling floor, tiles and even read droppings. we reached out to the school that time. officials responded then saying the district focuses most of his efforts on addressing, quote, critical life safety issues still ahead tonight has been 18 long months since the last cruise ship sailed into the bay area. >> when you can expect to see them back sailing again. >> weekend looks nice. but fire danger will soon be running high. we will show you where next.
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>> this is a nice sight. take a look at this. the first snowfall of the season has finally arrived. this video was taken earlier today along interstate 80 and near highway 50 where the elevation is more than 7,000 feet. the snow storm only lasted for a few hours, but obviously still very welcome. >> thank god because with the even the fires are contained. there's a small fires under the trees and stuff in. it's creating a lot of spot fires.
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so we're still home-is smoky air. >> despite the snowy conditions there. the fire danger is actually about to grow here in the bay area. >> that's not what we want to hear or even though all of us. certainly we're happy to see this snow in the sierra gis hoping that, you know, this is kind of a turning this is that time of year where we can see some of those extreme wind events. we may be headed to one of those late sunday night through monday and possibly hpinto tuesday, too outside tonight. you couldn't tell things kind of setting up for really nice weekend. but as these area of low pressure move through of some high pressure builds on the backside of and that's when we start to worry about the gusty winds. >> so fire weather watch has been issued for the north bay and much of the east bay too. that starts on sunday night. that will continue all the way until tuesday. but i think the peak of the winds will come sunday night into monday morning in the north bay. they'll be another round of winds continuing into tuesday morning. now, i think that will encompass a more of the east bay. but some of these gusty winds could be blowing as much as 50 to 60 miles per
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hour, maybe even higher than that across some of the peaks. so got to be extra careful as we head through this period that you get those kind of windy conditions, those kind of conditions not only get a fire started firestorm that you just can't stop because the winds just blown to art out there tonight kind of it's true. we've got an area of low pressure off the coastline. the core low sitting right off the coast going to spend long and bring with it a chance of a few light showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then it's gone setting up for a great weekend. ahead, lots of sunshine coming our way and then yet another cold front begins to drop in likely to bring a little more snow up in the sierra nevada. but it's that system that drops by there's going to be a really large different high pressure trying to building on the backside and that low moving through. and that means some very gusty winds developing during that period. that's when we're really concerned about it after that, things kind of another system rolling on as we get in toward lot of part of the week and then by the following week about that looks pretty impressive. wait to see if that holds true, that holds true. that would be a significant rainmaker. but right now it looks like this weekend. yeah, we've got to be
10:33 pm
prepared. it looks like by sunday night. those winds will start ramping up that offshore flow and then looks like monday and tuesday. that's really going to be with an outside those wind should begin to subside by tuesday night. but something we've got to be extra extra careful of until we get our first real significant. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> another sign life is slowly getting back to normal here in the bay area. cruise ships will return to the port of san francisco. the first cruise ship, the majestic princess is set to arrive on monday per cdc guidelines. all crew members and passengers will have to be fully vaccinated. the ceo of san francisco's convention and visitors bureau says cruise ships are vital to the city's economy. >> it's great to have whose passengers walking in restaurants and retail in as street is it's a very positive step forward for us. it's been 18 months since the last cruise ship. i was in service is going in that circumstance and didn't turn out well with that with the beginning of the pandemic. >> beautiful shots airport officials are expecting 21 cruise ships to pass under the
10:34 pm
golden gate bridge through the end of the year and get this a 127 ships next year. that will be a record. >> well, if you get a chance to take an alaskan cruise, you might be able to spot some killer whales, a tour boat caught this pod of killer whales putting on quite a show. look at this reaching over and over again, possibly gestures to communicate with the rest of the pod. these are called transit killer whales. they apparently prefer the pacific's deep water canyons for their hunting maybe they were happy that they spotted some lunch. you they were celebrating the giants win. maybe they were coming up next. get to know the history behind one of the oldest neighborhoods in the bay area. we're celebrating hispanic heritage month in the mission district next. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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>> kron 4 were celebrating hispanic heritage month. the latino experience in san francisco dates back couple of centuries or more. yeah, that's true. and today latinos have laid down their roots in san francisco's mission district camila barco has more on the cultural legacy. >> and community of latinos in the city. >> the mission district cultural legacy blossoms in murals along the city streets like won on the cs painting. let's roll sus, which means
10:38 pm
for the roses flowering happened during the 1980's when i was painting this in the 1980's political turmoil growth central americans to the united states. many, we've got our when system of the and the daniels came. >> during the and made their homes in san francisco, but not the nose inhabited. the mission district. >> long before that the area was historically an irish community after world war 2 irish president's resettled in newly built homes. >> in the sunset district. and so what we see taking place in the mission, district them. >> is the people who are of irish descent. >> to the avenue use. this is carlos kind >> a retired professor from san francisco state university he says by the 50's, the mission transitioned into a latino neighborhood the creative restaurants. they created businesses. institutions flourished in the 1970's. local groups. it's tab
10:39 pm
lish. the mexican museum got idea and the mission cultural center. it's the largest latino cultural center in the country. >> so 4 floors, great a great events that were taking place during that time. and good team you do is they in time. the civil wars forced people to flee central america and by the 80's. >> the mission's latino population was booming and the mission becomes what i would say the springboard. >> for many. people who come to the city come to california. and from there eventually moved to other communities located on 24th street murals like kind of paint the cultural political and social let you know, experience i support trade a mexican folk tale in her painting like you whose children are sacrificed to the water. but in. >> more contemporary terms, reviving that by 1999 24th street coined the name guy. i think the to reinforce and
10:40 pm
promote the corridors heritage uses a sense of pride and identity. >> looking at it as the hub for the latino community in the city over the years. thousands of have left the mission district because of gentrification. >> but the elements of the culture are still on the walls, the businesses and the people in the mission district camila barco kron 4 news we have an entire section on our web site dedicated to hispanic heritage all you have to do is scan the qr code on your screen and it will take you directly to that page. >> but before we go, it's time for for fun things. lawrence has the for fun things. yeah. we've been talking about all the stuff going on in the bay area. this weekend. how about this? the italian heritage parade. >> you want to go check that out. that's going to begin at fisherman's wharf at 1230. should be a gorgeous day out there. temperatures in the upper 60's sunny skies just a bit of a breeze toward the afternoon. how about this?
10:41 pm
with this is kind of fun. this a pro wrestling in comedy battle. they're going to take a pro wrestler and put them together with local comedian and they're going to have some big time wrestling that takes place tomorrow night. that will be at 10 o'clock. it's a late night event. partly cloudy skies cool and a bit of a breeze. how about this? the festival in india that should be a lot of fun. so colorful that's going to start at 9 o'clock in the morning. the temperatures could be much better. you're looking at mid 70's by noon sunny skies all day long and a little bit of a breeze in toward the afternoon. and of course, don't forget this. we've got fleet week. of course, the blue angels coming to town. you can tour the boat starting at 10:00am sunny skies and warm temperatures. 2 guys lot of stuff going on this weekend. >> that >> wrestling comedy thing. sounds weird enough that i want to go yeah. just to see what doesn't make any sense at all. that does it for us for kron 4 news at 10. that's right. but our primetime coverage continues with baseball night live. the giants beat the dodgers in game one of the national
10:42 pm
league divisional series our kylen mills we'll break it all down with insider analysis and a live report from arco park for our baseball night live. that's coming up next. have a great weekend, everybody. tonight.
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happy friday and welcome to baseball night live. i'm kylen mills. >> here on kron. 4 will have all of the giants post season action for you every night at 1045 tonight, the giants dodgers rivalry taken to new heights. let's go straight to oracle park for game one of the national league division series. what a game it was orange and black out in full force. this is the first time these 2 teams have ever met in the postseason. what environment giants pitcher logan webb was masterful in his first playoff start top the first no score dodgers threatening early with a runner at 3rd. but webb hit justin turner. groundballs gets it to first he escaped the inning avoids an early score. bottom of the frame buster posey gets the green light on know rockets. one opposite way to right. it is gone for a 2 run bomb bounces
10:46 pm
into the coffee cold there it goes into the water giant sick in early 2. nothing lead. >> top of the 4th one on for turner again and again. he lines one up the middle fielded by tommy lastella, a fancy flick there to brandon crawford over to first for the double play. webb is pomp. what a great turn by lastella and crawford. top of the 5th dodgers with a runner on wet strikes out aj pollack to end the inning web gaining confidence. is this game wears on very next inning. wet too. let's get straight turner down on strikes a 24 year-old for seven-plus innings of shutout ball and struck out 10 bottom of the 7th kris bryant crushes this one high and deep to left center. hear bryant is back. walker buehler, not a happy camper. bryant solo home run extends the giants lead to 3. webb went out to pitch in the top of the 8th almost had a 1, 2, 3 inning, but mookie betts single ultimately end his
10:47 pm
night kapur coming out to make the change and web gets a nice standing ovation from the crowd. what a game he had so impressive for a youngster in his first playoff appearance incomes, tyler rogers with the signature submarine. throw he gets corey seager ground out to second. that will end the inning web digging. i love the shots of him in the dugout. bottom of the 8th giants leading 3 zip crawford drills. this one to center. the giants. love the deep ball. no doubt about that. one of those insurance runs matter against these dodgers web. loving it again, he is pumped up by this crowd top. the 9th camila jamal in the close it out. he gets will smith. an infield pop out at first coming in is donovan solano. he will make the catch. that'll do it for the giants. they walk away with the win a huge win it that the giants lead the
10:48 pm
dodgers. now one nothing in the nlds 3rd and king has got be a party right now and that's where we find kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she joins us now live. oracle park. kate, what was the atmosphere like down there at the ballpark. kyle and it was the giants. first time back in the postseason since 2016 and no, the atmosphere did not disappoint chance of beat la started before the fans even came into the stadium and continued until 2030 minutes after that final out. >> so excited for these fans to be back here experiencing baseball in october tonight was logan webb night. you talked about a lot in that highlight just how good was web? i'm gonna go ahead and steal a little nugget i found from espn reporter jeff passan. he's one of only 3 giants pitchers in the postseason to put up 7, 2, thirds innings. 0 runs 10 strikeouts. the other 2 pitchers tim lincecum and madison bumgarner. pretty good stuff, right? great company to
10:49 pm
be in webb. mind. you started off the season 5th in the giants rotation and finish the season pretty much as their ace. tonight. we saw him become a star. here's what gabe kepler had to say after the game. >> i think the demeanor and the really stood out tonight. i the dribble or that he wasn't able to execute on in the 4th. at times and in the passes kind of frustrated him and visibly frustrated him. and tonight you can just see him turn the page in his mind and get back to executing pitches in the zone. but for me it was it was definitely composure was the demeanor was the >> big stage. you know, incredible atmosphere and whether you just kind of channel all of that and his performance tonight. >> poise beyond his years. hard to believe he is only 24 years old. but as good as what was i want to talk about
10:50 pm
offense for just a second. if you let me kylen because the giants they were the second in the majors with when it comes to home runs this season just behind toronto and people say you can't win the postseason with home runs. well, tonight, maybe the giants proved them wrong a little bit because 3 of their 4 runs were scored on home runs buster posey. brandon crawford and of course, chris bryant. so, hey, maybe if they can keep that up we'll see this postseason go the way the giants want to yes. okay. thank you so much. we love to see the giants carry this momentum into the world series right. >> all righty. well, here on all night live will be right back welcome back to
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
baseball night live the giants with crucial and lds game one win over the dodgers. >> a very exciting night for giants fans. we want to talk a little bit more about what some of the keys were to this win for the giants. first off, we've got to talk more about logan webb. he was extremely impressive. the 24 year-old. in his first playoff appearance comes out and just dominates this game. throwing 7, 2, thirds innings striking out 10 batters we heard from him yesterday before this game. he said that was very excited to see what the atmosphere was going to be like at oracle park. the fans showed up for him and we saw several shots of him in the dugout. him pumping his fist.
10:54 pm
clearly he was feeding off of this crowd and it showed his stuff. he was excellent with the slider. he brought out several different types of pitches. i mean, he was very, very impressive in this game just 24 years old after the game, he said he felt confident going in. it's very impressive to see that type of toys from a young player. we saw the double play. he force there again, just logan webb dominating and absolutely impressive in his first playoff appearance at just 24 years old. he made it easy for the bullpen. too. nice to give the bullpen some rest, although they had several days off before this. we know this bullpen rest has been a concern for the giants down the stretch of the season. so moving forward. it's always a good thing to have your bullpen fresh to knows what could happen to this dodger season. so it's great to a fresh pitching staff moving forward. another key to this game. we talk about the giants offense first. we've got to talk about buster posey and the season that he has had. he
10:55 pm
comes out swinging. he has been aggressive all season long at the plate you just saw the 2 run bomb from him early in this game. posey. a lot of questions coming into this season. high fast. he sat out in 2020 because of coronavirus. he's 34 years old. he was on this giants 2010 2012 world series winning teams. there are a lot of questions about if he still had what it takes coming into the season and he has been outstanding all season long. we saw him earn a starting all-star spot at catcher in the national league and tonight proving just how much he means to this ball club. his presence at the plate calming for players around him and then what he's brought on offense and added to this attack. chris. brian, other guy. we've got to talk about struggled throughout this month. but tonight he came refresh. we heard from him after the game saying last couple days off really worked wonders for him. mentally physically. he goes out there
10:56 pm
3 for 00:00am tonight and a home run from chris bryant. you're looking at brandon crawford right now. chance of national league mvp ringing throughout the ballpark throughout the last several games he's been impressive all season long again. i love the shots of logan webb. absolutely pumped up throughout this game. this giants offense has relied on the deep ball all season long many of question. will that be enough to carry them into a world series. what was enough to carry them into a game one and lds win against arguably the best other team in baseball. these were the 2 teams with the best regular season record us. and the giants come out with the huge win at home game kapur after the game also talked about, though, just how much this crowd meant to this teen. several the players talked about it too. the crowd at oracle park tonight was incredible and they helped fire up this team and lead them to victory. now, if they can get a win tomorrow in game
10:57 pm
2. they will be in a great position as they head to la for games. 3. hopefully not a 4. but if you're in a position to play a game for you. just hope to split in l a and the giants could take this series and move on. also want to talk about tonight, the brewers with a tight win to one over the braves, the brewers could be the next team that the dodgers are that the. >> giants rather face because we're hoping that they'll come out on top of this and lds series potentially looking at an lcs matchup against the brewers will get ahead of ourselves, though game 2 at oracle park tomorrow night 6. '07, first pitch will be bringing all the action again here on kron. 4. thanks for being with us.
10:58 pm
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