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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. at noon. tching kron. 4 news >> now at time. what a weekend here in the bay area, the city of san francisco and everywhere else buzzing. right. you have fleet week
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under way. >> the giants playing the dodgers. oh, by the way. and the first time those 2 rivals have ever met in the postseason and well, the worriers are hosting the lakers tonight. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here with us on kron 4 news. guess the question is what's not happening. that that would be a better grant. that's vicki. and there's a lot to talk about tonight. but we do want to begin with a high stakes s giants dodgers rivalry game. let's get up to date on the score right now. it is. >> 3 zip. >> i that i he hit a 2 run shot to get things going. what a game from the giants starter logan webb, kron four's dan thorn has been outside the ballpark talking to. and so i just saw somebody come up to get a selfie. you're so nice. the people that. >> hey, you know, that's the way you got to be the giants fans. they they make it easy on us out here. lots of excitement. obviously surrounding this game. there's
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also lots of history between these 2 powerhouse teams, these 2 arch rivals. the fans packing the oracle park tonight and they'll also be doing that tomorrow night and they are expecting a lot of good play out in the field and hoping all of this meets all of the height. >> it's the giants go and the dodgers the arch rivals facing off in the division series. the 2 teams with a lot of talent drawing the fans into san francisco. they're going to smoke the dodgers right. >> and we couldn't even cry of people aren't talking back to that chance to see a sea of orange and black is expected to swallow up fans in dodger blue over the weekend sellout crowds, the result of all the hype, giants fans are confident giants played unbelievable this whole season breaking records left and right. a super excited woke up today. all jacked up. >> written for we're going to. >> beat la. and of course, so are the fans of the defending champs are taking it all the
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way. baby all the way. the 100 plus winning teams are wiping the slate clean for a shot at the world series. san francisco fans would like to head to la next week. >> on top. its long-awaited. we we we wanted you know, we're so used to seeing the dodgers in the regular season. but this is the first time in the playoffs. let's go. giants. go giants. >> well, we have some common and giants fans that are already leaving the game even though they're up 3 nothing right i probably wouldn't do that, especially with this dodgers lineup. but hey, you know, to each their own right game 2 for the nlds back here at oracle park tomorrow night. we'll see if the giants can hold on to the lead tonight. and hey, we're looking at a big fun weekend here. a lot of baseball still left to be played grant. vicki. >> all right. let's hope those fans are right the giants hold on to win it and they're up one. nothing going into saturday that dan thorn, appreciate it. have a good night. thank you, dan.
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>> california senator alex padilla tweeted this out as senator of california excited historic playoff series between mlb's 2 best teams. the giants and dodgers one way or another. a california team is moving on to the next round. but as a native angeleno, i may have a different opinion. let's go dodgers. alex padilla in response, governor newsom tweeting. >> see what you did there. you're on. how about a good old fashioned bet. loser joins winning teens grounds crew raking the infield and mowing the grass with memorabilia to benefit charity. go giants. yeah. those 2 are pretty good friends. so there is a look at the playoff schedule now for the giants. first pitch that was at 6.37. >> game 2 tomorrow night. first pitch for that came 6. '07, game 3 monday night in la and then games 4, 5, going to be played next week if necessary. and you can stay up
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to date on everything giants. we have continuing coverage of the playoff run. this qr code here to be st use - directed to the special section on our website for more including info and tickets and the schedule of the division series broadcast times pitchers. it's all on kron 4 dot com. thousands of people spent this afternoon at the beautiful marina green here. golden gate bridge in the background. the blue angels are back, showing off their best moves, the spins, the flips and the dips. they do it. all this event was canceled last year, of course, because of covid, our first amanda hari has the story. >> this is my first time seeing the blue angels air show. and it was, of course, very, very loud. i almost needed some ear protection. but it was also very impressive. and i now understand why so many people here told me they were excited to get to do this again. >> it's a sound synonymous with >> a 1000 people watched as the u.s. navy blue angels
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flight demonstration squadron perform tricks in the sky, including the thompson family. >> mean, are you excited to be here. >> yeah, me that thompson is just 2 and a half. this is the second time her parents brought her to the show. she was here in 2019 airplanes. so if find her to see all the different types the thompsons weren't the only family enjoying the plane's left. they says she tries to come every year but this year my husband had to work. >> and i got up and i call my dad said dad, get ready. you're going go on a date with me to san francisco. they drove from the geyserville area just watch the show and spend time together. it was really special because my dad is a veteran of the army. >> and he's never been her dad. you told me being here reminds him of his time in the military, but they do art. hey says her favorite part is usually the planes. but this
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year it's something actually enjoying just being of my father. it's really nice. >> most of the people i spoke to said they felt safe from covid-19 at this event because it was outside the air was flowing and they were able to socially distance in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. all right. where to watch. the stage is set for fleet week. the air show basically. >> is the bay crissy field here, right by the golden gate bridge marina green aquatic park. see the coast guard basically clears out an area between alcatraz and the bridge in the air show is centered right over that strip of water. yet crissy field where a lot of people might have a beach day and take in the blues. marina green. that is where you have some v i p seating. if you want to pay an aquatic park. no there for free in fisherman's wharf some of the best places to catch the show. marina green tense seats again. you can pay to watch the show from there. and that's also where the other military branches set up their tanks and the like. so there
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is a lot going on access to that area will be limited if you're coming into the city. people are saying the keep in mind traffic could be an issue. they're urging folks to use public transportation or carpool. if you can. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the bay bridge light now. but boy, when that game lets out. a lot of people heading out of town back to the east bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about. >> yeah, guys. got a big weekend ahead. so many activities around the bay area. of course, fleet week. yeah, it's going to be quite the show. and i think the weather is going to cooperate, although there's one little system off the coast line. that's going to possibly bring a few showers. the bay area overnight tonight. but you sleep. and i think is long gone too far gone before the event takes definitely week looking good. the blue angels practice and out there today screaming out over the bay and looking beautiful up there tomorrow. you could be looking at mostly sunny skies. a very nice day. these temperatures which were a little bit cool today and it was brisk and
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breezy. well, we're going to see those numbers warming up, probably some upper 60's by tomorrow afternoon wouldn't be surprised if we even hit 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. there will be a bit of a sea breeze, though kicking in by the afternoon. if you're sticking around. i want to bring a light jacket or sweater for that. if you're going to be in the san francisco tomorrow out there right now. we've got some partly cloudy skies couple clouds rolling it along the coastline. now more of that to come temperatures right now. mid 50's in the pacific. a 59 in san jose 56 a little more 57 in concord and 55 degrees in the napa valley. few clouds just off the more of that to come. some are worried about though. this going to be a major concern as we get to this next week. this is that time of fire danger really gets very dangerous. we've seen some of our worst fires in october and this could be a case where we see some very strong winds. those winds gusting now maybe 50, maybe 60 plus miles an hour over the tops of some of these mountain get a fire going in those kind of conditions we could be talking about a fire storm which is extremely dangerous. that continuing to the east
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bay right to about tuesday afternoon. i think the worst ones to come through sunday night, though, and monday morning. all right. we do have a system off the coastline and here it is. you see it swirling around out there right now. little doppler radar picking up a little precipitation along the coastal areas right now. some that's going rotate down overnight tonight and likely bring a few scattered light showers, at least along the peninsula. coastal sections. parts of the north bay east bay or not can see much in the way of any raindrops and winds have been blowing quite a bit today. pretty brisk in the afternoon. some 20 some 30 mile an hour gust highs today cooler than normal to san francisco. in fact, 11 degrees below the average of 6066 in oakland 68 degrees in san jose, 66 in little more 68 well below the average in concord and 69 degrees in santa rosa. so this front kind of drops to right along the coastline continue to move south with that low. and that means behind that high pressure builds in and the temperatures are going to warm up very nicely on that ridge side as we're going to see number soaring tomorrow back well into the 70's around much
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of the bay area 60's right along the coastline, then almost 70 degrees in downtown san francisco next couple days. the temperatures staying on the warm side and then another cold front comes through sunday night into monday. that's going to trigger some of the strong gusty winds. fire danger likely to be running high. probably through that period between about sunday least through monday. but maybe to tuesday. we're talking about those diablo winds, very strong possibility of seeing that happen. i'm not a okay. north bay news. murray county will be lifting indoor mask rules for certain settings starting october 15th this will apply to gyms. >> offices. college classes religious gatherings. but people there need to be fully vaccinated are conference. gayle ong has details. >> starting october 15. if you go to an indoor gym in marion county you may ditch the mask if you are fully vaccinated something nancy menorah's is looking forward to every time i do. the move may. it's really uncomfortable. and there's just like this press
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coming back at mean sometimes i'm just like, oh, my gosh. like today. i realize i need y breath was just coming back in tip from the mask. so i'm just over it. and over the mask, marin county public health officials announced the easing of the mask mandate on friday. other indoor settings like offices, college classes and religious gatherings are also exempt from the mask mandate county doctor matthew willis said that thanks to high vaccinations. >> we also have to decide based approach towards lifting restrictions when they're no longer you know, we have a vision of a future with low case counts. no hospitalization rates, high vaccination rates for people are not getting to cover their faces as much. and so towards that end, we're beginning to peel back restrictions in valley residents support the new rule and proud to live in a county that had an outstanding mask mandate. >> and that has been responsible about handling this and i hate wearing mask. so i'm delighted that we've done a good enough job getting vaccinated with a few exceptions that we can afford
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to take these now saw everybody doing their best. i think am happy to see that moran is way up there. >> in being vaccinated because and we feel safer when we do take our and we're all sick of wearing masks. we >> but changes are headed doctor willis says there is still more work to be done. criteria are basically going to be tied. the case rates hospitalizations in vaccination >> and we need to be less than an ran. the numbers translate to less than 18 cases per day on average for a 3 week period. >> and marin county continues to meet the criteria. the mask mandate could be ease for additional indoor settings in mid november reporting from mill valley. gayle ong kron. 4 news san francisco's requiring more city employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 the expanded requirement allows or applies rather, to all. >> city commissioners and contractors who work alongside city employees and any
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facility or work site. the city owns leases or controls. they now have until the end of the year to be fully vaccinated. most of the city employees are already what choir to get fully vaccinated by november. 1st. >> well, it's another sign that things are slowly getting back to normal the return of cruise ships to the port of san francisco. the announcement coming today kron four's, is it that spoke to a port official and the san francisco tourism representative to get the details. >> it has been a while since we saw one of these a luxury cruise ship passing under the golden gate bridge heading to dock at the port of san francisco. the first vessel to call in the port will be the majestic princess this monday indicating that cruise ships are back and this is definitely exciting. time for the port of san francisco is the deputy director for maritime at the port of san francisco and recalled and talked about how support has been working with health officials to ensure a safe return port has been working closely with the department of
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public health as well as other local authorities. we've also. >> received guidance from cal dph and also the cdc's guidelines sports safe resumption of cruise. >> 4 passengers have to show proof of the unvaccinated to board. correct. passengers will be required to show proof of vaccination at additionally there are per cdc guidelines that will require proof of negative test within 48 hours of. >> of cruising. it's a great thing for someone to it's going to have back. >> the president and ceo of the san francisco visitors and convention bureau jodi lisandro talks about what this means for the local tourism industry. recover from the pandemic for a long time with some projecting that. >> we will see levels that we saw in 2018 until probably 2025 this is an important step forward and we need every little bit of business that we can get him to tourism and hospitality that you back on its feet. it's been 18 months since the last cruise ship. i
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was in service is going in that circumstance and didn't turn out well with that with the beginning of the pandemic prior to the pandemic. the port of san francisco averaged about 85 that will cause poor year. that is about the change 2022. we are expected to receive 127 vessels in the calendar year. record year for us as a new kron 4 news. >> california is the first state to let some adult children at parents as dependents on their insurance plants. governor newsom signing that new law. this week. the trend nationally has been to let children stay on their parents. health insurance plans for longer. but california is now the first state to go the other direction by letting some tdults join their kids health plans. the law applies only to people who purchase their health insurance on the individual market. people who get health insurance through their jobs. they're not eligible the california department of insurance estimates about 15,000 adults will go ahead and use this law. people get arrested for
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taking part in sideshows in california will get the driver's license suspended for up to 6 months. >> these are some recent side shows here in the bay that you're looking at shared the video on the citizen app this week governor newsom signed assembly bill 3, which cracks down on illegal street racing and sideshows by allowing courts to suspend driver's licenses. the bill also assigns the first legal definition to sideshow in california. statute better equipping law enforcement to take action during the dangerous side in orange county, new concern along the coast that devastating oil spill is now affecting to southern california counties. meanwhile, a new development in the investigation and the coast guard revealed today that they're confident damage to the underground pipe occurred. >> within the last year leading to this massive oil spill reporter chip yost has the latest. >> i'm highly confident. i'm convinced that this was initially the initial event
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that deflected the pipe itself was an anchor strike revealing new information about the oil spill caused by a ruptured pipeline off the orange county coast. the chief of office of investigations and analysis for the u.s. coast guard said it appears an anchor from a large ship struck the pipeline in dragged it more than 100 feet. however, he also said based on some of the marine growth seen here on the damaged section of pipeline. they think that initial anchor strike may have happened long before anybody realized there was a you know that the concrete casing around this pipeline. >> would have been in place. there would've been no we assume there would be no growth on the pipeline prior to the anchor strike. so after that initial anchor strike that would have deflected the pipe and cracked away the concrete casing is our theory. then the opportunity for marine growth was started and we can see that marine growth on the exposed section of pipe. >> at this time. the captain said that 13 inch slit that
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the oil leak. trump also may have taken a long time to open up that can that kind of fracture. we've seen other incidents can happen either from altogether or can be a very a gradual. >> crack that could be that could have been in place for a long time and just getting worse over time. so with that in mind here that the amount of oil it. some people it's not clear exactly when the oil began to leak from that. >> that was chip yost reporting for us tonight. all right. this just in. what a game one for the giants. we taken it. 4, 0, just happened. and you can imagine it's quite in the studio. but outside. oh, boy, we're going to hear the fans there rocking at oracle logan webb, the young pitcher for the giants really got out there and threw a gem. a shut out for the giants. he went 7, 2, thirds and then the bullpen came on to finish it
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out. you had buster posey setting the tone at the plate with a 2 run homer to get the giants on the board and then veterans. kris bryant who came over in a trade this year. and the local guy who's won so much here already. brett. crawford. are crawford. also homered. so i had posey bryant and brandon crawford. all hitting home runs and you really couldn't script. this game any better know you couldn't bend and it's a very humbling experience for the dodgers. i'm sure they're going have a lot to think about tonight. but they are the dodgers are going to come back to. yeah. dodgers. lot of pressure on them to win game 2, which is tomorrow, 6. '07, at the ballpark. still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 9 tesla has announced it is moving its headquarters. from the bay area to austin, texas out. governor newsome is reacting to that news. >> plus a colorado woman denied kidney transplant surgery over her views about the covid-19 vaccine. what hospital officials are saying in their defense and a plea from an oakland mother
9:22 pm
tonight. just the day after her 15 year-old daughter was gunned down while sitting in a car. the message she has tonight for that community.
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>> raiders head coach jon gruden is in damage control mode tonight because of a racist e-mail. he sent in 2011 that has just come to light at that time. he was working as a commentator espn and he made a comment about this guy in the
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email. gruden was complaining about the head of the nfl players association. the union head demaurice smith group made a racist comment about smith's appearance if you'd like to read more about that. we've posted it on kron 4 dot com gruden just telling espn that he cannot recall that e-mail adding that he doesn't have a racial bone in his body. he says he's ashamed embarrassed unquote. never meant it to sound that bad. the nfl responded with a statement condemning gruden's words partially and the raiders owner. mark davis saying in a statement this afternoon, the content of an email regarding to maurice smith from jon gruden when he worked at espn 10 years ago is disturbing and not what the raiders stand for. we were first made aware of he e-mail late yesterday by a reporter and are reviewing it along with other materials provided to us today by the nfl. we are addressing the matter with coach gruden and will have no further comment at this time. we'll keep you posted. there. gruden could face discipline. he's trying to hang on to his job. other news now, governor
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newsom commented today about elon musk's announcement yesterday that us could be moving tesla's headquarters from the bay area to austin, texas. california is of course, the state where the company was created and opened its first factory newsom said today the state of california help make tesla what it is today. by the way. it would be interesting to get the facts on how much california's invested in tesla. >> no other. i mean. hundreds of millions of dollars in tax subsidies. we provide our regulatory environment helped create that company and grow that company. >> newsom said that he's been friends with musk for some 20 years and appreciates his entrepreneurial spirit musk gave no timeline for the move last night when he addressed the company's shareholders at tesla's annual meeting. >> up next, federal prosecutors have made a decision whether or not they're going to charge kenosha officer who killed
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jacob blake. details on that coming up. plus a whether by car train or water. we're going to tell you the best options for navigating what promises to be a very busy weekend here in the bay area and another legal battle in the fight against vaccine mandates for first responders. the new claims by hundreds of
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>> back to our top story this evening. it is a huge weekend. probably the biggest weekend
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since covid here in the bay area major events taking place. this is a live look at the golden gate which will get a workout this weekend. it. >> from the blue well, gosh, to the all action is happening this weekend here in the bay area but this could have definitely affect your commute as well. proffers in kerman with a look at other ways you can get into the city without getting in your car. >> if you choose not to drive to one of these events and choose to take part instead a reminder that bart is running trains until midnight friday and saturday sunday. we'll have 3 special event trains available as needed. >> will we see a big crowd of people coming and it gets to a crush low level will send one of those extra special event rains in there to pick up the extra people. >> golden gate ferry will offer direct ferry service to oracle park for the giants game. it will depart larkspur on saturday at 4. oh, 05:00pm. the return will be 30 minutes after the last out and advance
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tickets are recommended the san francisco bay ferry will also offer ferry service directly to oracle park for the giants game on saturday departures from delay oakland and alameda between 4, 4, 45 with the return. 2030 minutes after the last out advance reservations are recommended and san francisco bay ferry will have special service for fleet week specifically to peer 41, which is right in between fisherman's wharf and pier 39 saturday and sunday. there will be 7 daily trips from the ferry building to peer 41 and that fair will be free and san francisco muni will be offering additional services well for fleet week on saturday and sunday. there will be additional f line shuttle buses between the ferry building and fisherman's wharf. and if you're making your way to san francisco from the south bay or the peninsula. caltrain has added extra service for the giants game and saturday there will be 2 extra trains to san francisco. there will also be
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2 extra post-game trains departing san francisco 1525 minutes after the last out or when they're full extra innings or not. that last train will depart san francisco at 12. oh, 05:00am there will be no extra service. after that last train. so plenty of options, if you don't want to take the chance of taking your car and getting stuck in traffic. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> and because so many people are expected in the city for fleet week and the giants games italian heritage parade. national park service is telling folks to be prepared for parking and traffic to be tough. there are restrictions in place. here is what they say. you should know. >> long avenue to marine drive will be closed in order to accommodate parking for people who might need a little extra assistance. all parking at fort point historic site will be limited to cars with valid disabled person parking placards or license plates and high street lower van ness beech street talking fisherman's wharf aquatic park
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area. all those roads are going to be closed. >> the mother of a teenager killed in a shooting in east oakland pleaded with the community in a police video to come together and find out who shot her child 15 year-old tomorrow. young was shot late wednesday night young was riding in a car when someone just opened fire on the vehicle. according to police, she suffered from several a severe gunshot wounds and then died at highland hospital. >> she was always pushing to strive for the best. she loved her family. a lot love her little brothers. hard to community to know that this. this is senseless and we need to get together and find out who did this and put them where they belong as we don't need people in the street who artist killed for no reason. >> at 15. are young. was the 109th homicide victim in oakland this year. equaling last year's total oakland
9:34 pm
police chief leronne armstrong called this shooting a tragedy. >> new details tonight, federal prosecutors will not be filing charges against the police officer who shot jacob blake officer rusten sheskey was responding to a report of a domestic disturbance in kenosha last year. he shot blake 6 times in the back while trying to detain him. blake was left paralyzed from the waist down. officers say they found a knife and the driver's side floorboard in blake's car federal prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to prove sheskey used excessive force or violated blake's federal rights. it is the first ever presidential proclamation of indigenous peoples day. president biden writing today. the indigenous people's resilience strength and positive impact on society is being recognized. he also issued a proclamation of
9:35 pm
columbus day on monday. october 11th which congress established he praised the role of italian americans in society but also referenced the violence and harm columbus and other explorers brought on the americas. the controversy over the vaccine mandate now in los angeles. it now includes hundreds of employees of the fire department. 100 firefighters filed a lawsuit in an effort to stop the order that says they must get vaccinated or face getting fired. >> reporter sandra mitchell joins us live. joins us from university park with details. >> city firefighter sounding a new alarm i can't go to work perform the way they want me to knowing that the end game is really going to fire me and ray bill kerr and 870 others city firefighters today through their attorney filed a notice of intent to sue the city of l a the city has warned firefighters get the covid vaccine by october 20th
9:36 pm
or be sent home without pay. well, that's just uncalled for will be in court in 10 days. the 871 firefighters are seeking 2 million dollars each. >> they believe the controversy could end their careers damage or going into meltdown right now it's devastating to see what these families are going marriages are in jeopardy. >> livelihoods are in jeopardy. some of the firefighters we spoke with say they've already had covid. they believe they have antibodies. others are afraid of adverse reactions. >> well, today the city attorney reacted to the legal action saying the u.s. supreme court in courts across the country have upheld vaccine mandates. i'm confident we will prevail. firefighters say this is not just about a vaccine. it's about due process and personal rights, a position that push this veteran firefighter. >> 2 tiers. it breaks my >> came to do with crew.
9:37 pm
>> and that was andrea mitchell reporting for us tonight. san jose firefighter and police unions have also pushed back on covid-19 vaccine mandates in colorado. doctors refused to perform kidney transplant surgery on a woman who will not agree to get a covid-19 vaccine 56 year-old lutali has stage 5 kidney disease. and according to medical officials, the hospital requires transplant recipients to be vaccinated because they are at significant risk of contracting covid-19 the woman reportedly would not agree to be vaccinated due to the role a fetal cell lines have played in the development of these vaccines. she says she feels let down by the hospital. >> this is my life has nothing to do with politics. it's got everything to do. it. what happened to the profession of compassion and care and healing. i feel like that has almost all but disappeared.
9:38 pm
the woman is searching for another hospital, possibly in texas or florida. >> where she could get a transplant without being vaccinated still ahead tonight, several fights in a shooting break out right after earthquakes game tape help park in san jose. what we know about the overnight violence.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants come out swinging in game one of the
9:41 pm
national league division series. san francisco taking on the rival dodgers for the first time ever in the postseason. let's go straight to oracle park, a sea of orange and black flooding oracle tonight. towels were flying. look at the atmosphere out there. definitely looked like giants, fans outnumbered, dodger fans, which is great to see logan webb outstanding throughout this game. bottom of the first. no score buster posey gets the green light on now. he hits it opposite way to right. well gone for a 2 run home run into the water. the giants sick in early 2 zip lead top of the 4th one on for justin turner. he grounds one up the middle fielded by tommy la stella. let's with a fancy flick to brandon crawford over to first that double play gets him webb loves it. what a great turn by was still in crawford. top of the 6th dodgers threatening with a runner at second. but oh, my gosh, he was dealing tonight get some on strikes web. what seven-plus innings of shutout ball and struck out 10 bottom
9:42 pm
of the 7th kris bryant crushes one to left field buy buy baby. that is out of here. walker buehler can't believe it. brian solo shot extends the lead to 3 bottom of the 8th giants leading 3 zip crawford drills. this one to center. a home run for aid. no doubt about that one giants get those insurance runs and webb is digging in top of the 9th comey load of all in to close it out. we will get will smith. it's going up. hold your breath its cost. all right. you can breathe now giants fans giants take game one and shut out the dodgers for nothing in impressive fashion and in the middle of all the action tonight is our own kate rooney. she joins us now live at oracle park. kate, what was the atmosphere like down there tonight. >> it was incredible from the minute they started letting fans into the ballpark highland. you could tell that
9:43 pm
this crowd is pumped up and ready to go. we've talked before about how there could be a playoff feeling between the giants and the dodgers. even when it's not a playoff game. well, the first playoff game between these 2 teams in history really lived up to the hype because the l a chance for starting before the first pitch even came out. steve young and jerry rice. we're here to get the crowd fired up before the game started. that was pretty exciting and just throughout the game. fans are waving their orange rally it was so fun to see some of these most beloved giant stars over the years. buster posey brandon crawford both hit home runs in this game tonight. and then the new guy, chris bryant. whoever was so excited to welcome to san francisco at the trade deadline hit a home run as and then you you mentioned in your highlight, of course. but you really cannot say enough about how outstanding logan webb was tonight. i mean, it had that feeling that we're seeing a star in the making just to give you an idea of leads the company that he is in tonight only tim lincecum in madison, bumgarner pitched outings like this in the postseason with no
9:44 pm
runs 7, 2, thirds innings and 10 strikeouts highland really impressive stopped. >> absolutely logan webb just 24 years old. kate rooney, thanks so much. we'll check in with her later on at 10 o'clock
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>> san francisco police arrested 2 people last night at the mission high school in balboa high school game at keys are stadium. they say the suspect tried to hide guns in
9:47 pm
the bathroom before they were caught police say both suspects are from san francisco and one of them is a gang member. >> in the south bay 8 people were arrested and 2 others who are sent to hospitals following a brawl and shooting outside. but they call pay pal park in san jose last night. yeah. the incident took place said during san jose earthquakes soccer match kron four's phillipe djegal explains what happened. >> punches thrown and shots fired hawaii thursday night outside petco park in san jose ends with 8 people arrested following a chaotic brawl between soccer fans during the altercation. >> one individual was shot with a grazing from a fire that was discharged in the crowds. >> a crowd of more than 30 fans who broke out into fights in the stadium parking lot. police say the incident started inside the stadium just before 10 30 at night.
9:48 pm
the people involved in the fights. at one point it ended the soccer match between the san jose earthquakes and cruz early in the night. i fan had jumped over one of the barriers and run onto the field and attempted to assault one of the players. that individual was arrested as that man was being removed from the stadium. officer steve says he was followed out by a group of fans. the group that police recovered a gun in the parking lot. the one believed to have been used in the shooting. investigators say the weapon likely never made it into the stadium. our belief is that that the fire was brought in by a vehicle in the parking lot. and then was utilized in the assault 2 people were hospitalized with non life threatening injuries. including the person who was shot going forward. one of the taker is obviously. >> as a police department going sit down with management. the park going to go through their operational plans, go through their security plans and see if their staffing needs are adequate for events such as these 45 officers were called in to control the situation in
9:49 pm
san jose filipe de gaulle kron 4 news. >> and the san jose earthquakes released the following statement tonight. regarding a soccer match tomorrow with 2 very different teams due to the incidents that transpired last night. it the park paypal park san jose earthquakes have decided to postpone friendly match. they caught between chivas de guadalajara and club. scheduled for saturday, october 9th the match will be rescheduled for early 2022 the safety and security of all guests at paypal park is and will remain the club's top priority. >> a ceremony is held to honor the memory of those lost in the 2017 north bay wildfires today. mark the four-year anniversary of the day. the fires began, the santa rosa fire department honor guard rang. a ceremonial bell 24
9:50 pm
times for each of the lives lost. >> was switched up here and talk whether been talking about all that big events in the bay area this weekend. weather obviously a factor. this is a a live look here on a friday night city hall there. red and green and those winds are what we're worried about kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us a look. >> yeah, guys got a events this weekend. boy, numerous things going on all around the bay area and not much bigger than this one. this is the next playoff game, the giants and the dodgers game 2 giant take game one game 2, the weather looking pretty good. you're seeing lots of sunshine again, just a light breeze. i think by tomorrow evening. so it's not going to be as cold. temperatures that in the 50's are starting out probably in the 60's to begin game time, maybe dropping off in the upper 50's but should be a beautiful night to go. check out the game. clear skies for the entire game. all right around the bay area tonight. we are seeing a couple clouds begin to move in along the coastline and things begin to
9:51 pm
change a bit. let's get you get away forecast for you ahead of the monterey bay. going to see some 60's and some 70's there. southern california. lots of 70's down in los angeles. 74 degrees in pasadena 76 in anaheim and 71 degrees in san diego. the high country going to be interesting. it is going to mild by day. you'll be in the 50's for highs, but an overnight lows could be dropping off in the low 30's and you know what is snowed overnight last night into early this morning. but they could soon see some more snow to the weekend should remain dry but then another storm system rolls in kind of a weak one. but could bring some more snow showers. if you're sticking around till monday up in the high country. all right. here we go along the coastline right now. we do have another system that's rolling in this another week low that drop in kabul, south along the coastline here bringing chance of a few scattered showers. some of that trying to make its way in the north bay now, but not much better chance overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures running rather cool. you've got some 50's and some 60's outside right now. but this low, it's
9:52 pm
going drive further and further eventually passing south of the bay area high pressure building in behind it and that's when we start talking about those offshore winds up for the weekend. it doesn't look bad. at least the better part of the weekend. mostly sunny skies warm temperatures. we get the latter half of get to sunday night. that's when those winds really start to kick up and we're looking at some very blustery winds over the mountain tops and possibly higher fire danger right through sunday night into tuesday of next week. overnight tonight, we are going to see the showers possibly move through. not going to be much just light stuff and early tomorrow morning may wake up to a couple sprinkles early on. but not around for long and after about 8 o'clock or so they are long gone. clear after skies of that offshore wind and the temperatures really going to warm up by tomorrow. 70's around much of the bay area tomorrow. even some upper 70's by sunday and then those winds start to kick in as we head in towards sunday night and monday and that's the most are worried about the fire danger. these winds look to be one of the more extreme events we've seen in a while 5060 mile an hour plus gusts over some of the tops of the mountains in
9:53 pm
the north and the east but yeah, tis the season get this thanks. looks will be back right after this.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. know, many people may have a tough time buying a christmas tree this year. costco and other popular christmas tree retailers are all expected it to have fewer trees on hand. this year. the shortages going affect both live and fake trees. apparently with extreme weather. and then the drought
9:56 pm
are hurting the live tree farms and then challenges from the ongoing pandemic resulting in fake tree shortages ships we did drop off their goods and you know what? but we're going to have a wonderful halloween's first. so that means orange and black is you've got your orange. pocket, you're black and we got we got a ken and pam are joining us now. >> because come for news at 10 is next in the big story tonight is. >> yes, the giants. he kind yet. but again, right. i mean, for nothing. nothing first time ever play in the playoffs and and 131 year history many, many more than 2500 games played between these 2 clubs. going back to the new york days. 1890 is when they play their first series. well, lots history and it combined regular season. winds for any to playing and the playoffs. >> and it really couldn't have gone better.
9:57 pm
>> they have got the dodgers have got to be a shaking in their boots tonight. got him on the have a little bit. at least it's humbling. you know, they're in our house. yeah. >> young pitcher who pitch like i can only out and bumgarner kane and who knows if this guys that amount to that. but he pitched a gem tonight. that's wogan that from rockland out the roof as an a's fan. >> we know that that was a giant thank you both. have a great angels time heritage day giants, everything. all that coming up at 10 o'clock, giants take game one in the divisional series over the dodgers really wasn't even close. we'll have the latest from inside and outside oracle park. also some other news today. reports of gas leaks and rat droppings and electric shocks. what's being done to adjust the troubled history of a san francisco elem
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> they sure did. now at 10 pandemonium at oracle park and the on the giants dominate the dodgers in game one of their divisional series capping off the start of a very busy weekend


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