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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 8, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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sesame seeds! yeah! seeds! duh! try wendy's new big bacon cheddar today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we've got a lot to talk about here in the fiaest hour friday. a very packed. >> friday. there's lots to do. and i would say just start by looking up, it will get your mood like up and immediately. you might see a blue angel that's one of the big things going on this week. we also have the giants playing tonight out at oracle park in john's been tracking the weather forecast it's been a little windy so far this morning. job. yeah. the wind is the catch because otherwise it is a pretty nice forecast as you're looking up at the skies, you may catch a blue angel. >> you're definitely get some blue in the skies. that's for sure because we have cleared out really nicely after was
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some gray this morning. >> a couple of sprinkles mostly south of even san jose. so is mostly the central coast that tapped into that coit tower looks beautiful. had it lit up in orange this morning for the giants we definitely have our orange on today here as well in the studio. you can see those clearing skies across the bay. i want to note something to our east. we're quiet in the bay area. but look at what we've got in the sierra some much needed snowfall in some pretty heavy rain in the foot hills there in mariposa county just south of yosemite national park. so it's very welcome to see this change of pace. we certainly do need that rain and snow and got to give it some love 40's up in timber on in santa rosa, right now. pretty much solid 50's for almost the rest of the bay area. it's a cool morning. it is a brisk one with the winds. so do not forget the jackets and you're going want to keep him on through the course of your friday. i've got more in this busy weekend forecast all still ahead, found thanks for that. will we know we're going to have a busy evening for a lot of people coming into the city. however. >> we have a busy morning as
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well. so accident southbound one oh, one at mckee road. we've been seeing some delays from that accident. there as you're traveling into the city right now. little under 50 minutes, we had an earlier accident that has since been cleared. but off are going watching the games tonight. the bar, the ferry caltrain would be good options. in addition to driving if you want to get around all of that a little under 14 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula for your drive time. there and checking out the richmond sandra fell commute as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 11 in the south bay again, 29 traveling towards middle part because that little accident we're seeing there daryn. james, back to you. thank you, ray 9. '02. and it's all happening today. yeah, we've got basically the trifecta. yeah. the triple play going on. we've got the blue angels, of course, kicking things off. this afternoon. right. and we've got the warriors playing at just about the same time the giants are going to be. >> again starting off their quest for another world series victory front and center in this because this is the big
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matchup historic rivals meeting head to head for the first time ever in the of the nlds. and we've got the first 2 games here in sydney a powerhouse matchup me talk about the 2 best teams in baseball going head to head tonight. the giants were getting things warmed up, get limber on the field yesterday, squeezing in one more workout before tonight's big guy had her tonight. yeah. i want to do some stretching just make sure takes batting practice throw the ball around. get ready for what's going to be a fantastic matchup. here is starting pitcher logan webb. >> never been a part of playoff game. i've been a part of the series that we've had here in la and. even those are pretty crazy. and i think it's going to be a great series and. fans from both teams are going to be a. going crazy. i think it's going to be. very similar to the games that we played during the regular season with the dodgers similar to the last couple of
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games of the season when the nationally west is on the line. similar to. some of the rather intense moments throughout the year. but probably are elevated just a little bit. >> just a little deal. first pitch tonight is at 6.37 again out at oracle in the game to be tomorrow night at 6 o'clock and then games 3, 4, will go down to la and if it has to come to a game 5. that's when it comes back to oracle park next. thursday. and the good news is if you haven't bought a ticket yet. i was looking yesterday. >> and the cheapest tickets for like one, 80 and now i see that online. the cheapest tickets are more like one your way out in the outfield. but still. well, yeah, you got a seat. want to get in, get in and we've got all the information on that on tickets, on parking on prices, on the matchup. it's all on our website scan this qr code will take you right to that spot on so we also have happening as we right around
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that same time, the warriors game going on. caltrain is going to be fighting rights to that part of san francisco. in fact, they're going to add a couple extra to the schedule. so to extra post-game trains are going to leave 1525 minutes after the last out. >> and then the last train leave san francisco at about 12. '05. so make sure you're on it. if that's your only way out. this is the kind of thing where you do not leave this game all the hard till the good and i will call the bitter. then as you said, we've got the at chase center. the worries are playing. >> it's only the pre season. but still what's great is it's la. also they add the that's going to be fun to watch. but again, it's going to be jammed in that area. so. >> tip off at 7 o'clock here. first pitch at 6.37 over to oracle park. expect the couple hours leading up to that to be really congested in that part of town. yeah. and then we've got, of course, we're talking about so much going on this weekend, the blue angels and fleet week is that really big event that happening. >> today and tomorrow all weekend long of stuff to do yeah. so we've got crawford's camila barco out there live
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for us on the green this morning. with a look at stuff that's already been set up. take a look. >> good morning, you guys to get is a little bit for everyone here. people can meet with the service members and hop on their heavy machinery. while that's happening here on the ground. the main show is in the sky. here's a rundown of today's events. the day kicks off with the parade of ships at 11 this morning. the u.s. navy parachute team at 1245 the red bull air force wingsuit skydivers at 1245. the u.s. navy parachute team at 1225 the red bull air force weeks get skydivers at 1245 and the blue angels close today's show at 03:00pm. now this year's show will feature the usual tricks. but the blue angels are debuting their new aircraft. the 18 super hornet. that just a heads up. you won't be able to tour the ships today. you will be able to do so on saturday, sunday and monday. now, this event brings thousands of people to san francisco every year,
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including veterans. and with me is crumb month story with that's a can we talk a little bit about how this organization helps veterans absolutely. good morning. thank you so much for having us here again. what a great day to be a veteran. >> is a nonprofit organization that supports transitioning veterans and military spouses by integrating them into tech careers and the tech ecosystem over 250,000 veterans transition and exit the military every year. 80% of them don't have any plans. so they end up unemployed since last time we were here 2 years ago. our community have doubled in size or 60,000 members. right now and 63% of our community identifies as minority here at that's intact. we support them by this we'e of the 3 tax, which is education. employment and entrepreneurship, education include cyber security, cloud computing,yweb development and more employment is an
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extensive expansive tech coalition to employ educate and empower our veterans and military spouses and entrepreneurship fun facts. not so fun really, but 50% of veterans post poll post world war. 2 went on to start their own businesses. that number is less than 5% today. that's in tech is committed to. started expand in the startup to ease access to capital resources and workshops for entrepreneurs. what's it like to just see the impact that you guys have had with veterans over the past few years. it is absolutely phenomenal. and we're grateful we could not have done it without without the support of the tech giants in the startups that are behind us. and back in us. they value hiring educating and and supporting d of military veterans and military spouses as well. they value their scales, their their performance and so on. so companies like adobe atnt.
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uber, tepco and resilience great companies and more so. and also if you're a veteran's, please join us on that. some tech that co subscribe to our mailing list, attend our events and classes and for our employers. we we need your commitments. remember the 5th of november is our gala. so please join in to name. it is virtual and hopefully we'll see you there. all right. that's in tech co, that's where you can find more information about this organization and if you're coming out here to the green. you will find plenty of things to do so. darya james be excited to have all of this out here and of course, grab some air plus because it's going to get real cisco this weekend. airplanes in a coat and thanks, jack. and thank you very much. you're going to need it. >> because little windy out there. but it's going to be a great show. and if you don't want to go outside for you stay warm in your home on the couch tomorrow you'll have the best seat in help for a house for our special. >> which is going to be the blue angels live. that's
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tomorrow at 02:00pm hosted by our own private pilot 10 wayne and navy veteran, too. so make sure you tune in for that. >> and because so many people are expected coming to san francisco for fleet week for the giants, the words after the niners game. be prepared for parking to be at a premium for traffic to be a little slow. yeah. and for some detours, were you cannot drive like long avenue to marine drive. it's going to be closed. so they can accommodate parking for people who need extra assistance and parking at 4 point historic site. >> is limited just to cars that have disabled placards and plates new hyde street lower van essen beak street are all going to be closed. so there you have it. we're going take a break. 9.10. is the time. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news a new plan to fight the drought. >> in the north bay water officials pushing for more crown water wells will have the full story. violence breaking out right after an earthquake game at pay pal park in san jose will tell you what police know so far about what happened.
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>> and conditions today. nice and clear. but it is breezy and cool. so bundle up as you're venturing out, fall feel well into the afternoon with highs only in the 60's. your forecast ahead. >> and on this friday, we're far from right out there. we've got a couple issues on 5, 8, 8, 8, it will take a look at that when we get back. and an updated look at your drive times on this friday morning.
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>> i'm ready. i'll be at the game. i'll be in the stands is going to be nuts. we're going to we're going all the way this year. la the next one. up. >> think this is the year that we actually go to the world series. of course we had that series of every even year bad right knee. >> out to 22,008, 2010 2000 or now. i was like teen. yeah. now we're going to i think. >> i think we're going to go with a new era. 5 the air of the a 6 o ok, let's start that off. >> let just first things fiast today, friday first game and there's lots of stuff to do. if you're not into sports. by the way. just to get out. enjoy this weather. >> which feels fall like it is. and it's going to get pretty chilly at the ballpark tonight on john. yeah. it definitely has all the fall feels today. we are going to be looking at conditions today better in the 60's at are very warm. a stand tonight at the
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ballpark. we're not even seeing first pitch until well after 06:00pm. at that point, temperatures will fall in back into the upper 50's. sure will be mostly clear and dry. but with these cool temperatures paired with a brisk wind as high as 20 miles per hour. you definitely want to bundle up as you're getting out to the giants game tonight. tomorrow's game will be a little bit more comfortable, but still very much so. bundle up worthy now if you're heading out to fleet week. today getting out marina green. we are going to see temperatures climbing into the 60's for areas right along the bay there 10 to 20 miles per hour winds will make for a cool feel to it, though. mostly sunny and mild. but just breezy conditions today, tomorrow and sunday will be generally warmer days but still cool enough that you want the jacket with skies have cleared out nicely for the bay this year about is tempted to some snowfall. welcome to see that. it also some rainfall for southern california overall. this is an active day across the state. great to be seeing precipitation even though we're not tapping into it for the bay area. our neighbors certainly are benefiting from
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this low pressure area. maybe a good thing that the bay area's missing out on this one. just considering fleet week considering the giants game and everything else going on. least this year's getting that valuable snowfall, which is needed. we have sunshine this afternoon. a resurgence of cloud cover tonight. chance of some morning showers before the sun even comes up tomorrow and then the rest of the day on saturday. really the rest of the weekend after that is going to bring clear skies and high temperatures climbing back into the 70's. so today is easily the coolest day of this forecast highs in the 50's and 60's near the coastline, including san francisco down to half moon bay and then as jess 60's elsewhere burlingame at 67 degrees, foster city and carlos each at 60 a south bay numbers mostly low to mid 60's san jose at 64 60's continuing to the east bay to hayward at 63 oakland 64 degrees. in fact, we've really only got one 70 on the map and that is for neighbors up in sandra fell right at 70 degrees your
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look ahead at our next 7 days tomorrow and sunday are the warmest of this forecast. that's still only the 70's, though. lots of sunshine in both of these days. but do expect a steady breeze through the weekend. winds actually become more of a hazard into monday and tuesday when fire danger increases along with some strong offshore winds right now. tom, thanks for that. so we do have a couple of problems along 5 88, 80 here in oakland. >> west bound. 5.80, east of whoville avenue. there is an accident. there and a sell the 5th avenue. it's a car fire. so again, a couple of things going on. 13, not much of a delay as you're traveling along there. what you do finally reached the maze and into the city a little under 15 minutes. remember, if you don't want to drive tonight and you catch it either the games. our cal train as well as the ferry are all good options to get into the city heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there. and the south bay looks like we're seeing improvement, although there was an accident. northbound want to one south of mookie wrong darya james, back to you.
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thank you, ray. 9.17 in the north bay. there's a new effort to fight the drought in the works in santa rosa. >> the city plans to reehtablish an old ground water. well, kron four's gayle ong has the details. off a country road in santa rosa, a new water source that will help with areas running dry and users who have dairy ranches are running out of this water will help keep animals life. >> it will with health and safety of for some residents out there as well. cinema county is under mandatory water conservation due to exceptional drought conditions, thursday. second district supervisor david rabbitt along with sonoma water officials launched phase. one of the santa rosa plane drought resiliency project water typically comes from his russian river. >> right now. we have the diversion underway reduction in the diversion. the project would provide water to sonoma water customers by reestablishing the functionality groundwater production. well, in the santa rosa plane, the wells were originally drilled in 1977 in
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response to the historic 1976 to 77 drought. this the water to be hauled to those locations that are in dire needs. but with a new source doesn't affect the diversion rate. so it helps the cities. >> maintain their water projects. not something that we worked the 2 face project will upgrade the water treatment at sonoma waters. todd road. well. >> and upgrade the water treatment and piping for 2 other wells in the santa rosa plane. >> so they can be used for times of emergency. the completion schedule for phase 2 will depend on the outcome of the planning work and funding here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, in the east bay dublin in santa it's are going to have to pay a little more for their water. now that officials have declared a stage 2 water shortage in the area that means rates are going to be going up about $0.34 for every 750 gallons of water for the average customer that comes to an extra $3.40.
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per month customers in dublin. a sentiment already being asked to conserve 15% water compared to last year. the new rate will go into effect in about a month on november 5th. >> tesla's out of here. did hear the moving out of the bay area to texas to elon musk made the big announcement saying they're going from palo alto to austin last summer. they announced that the new tesla factory was going to be in travis county, which is where austin is located. but elon musk says the company factory in fremont is here to stay. it's not going anywhere. he says, in fact this move to austin with their headquarters. there will help boost production in fremont. we've seen other companies also leave the bay area oracle hewlett packard. they moved out of the bay area too. austin same place last year. >> we'll take a break here at 9.20. but when we come back, we've got the president of san jose state university resigning. we'll tell you why she's decided to step down.
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>> 9.23 in the south bay san jose state university's president mary pup hazy and announced her resignation at the end of the fall semester. this comes after she faced some criticism for her handling of the abuse case involving the former sports medicine director with proffers taylor's sacking with
9:24 am
the story. >> some students here on campus say they received that letter sent out by the university's president. however many weren't aware of all that led up to this. meanwhile, san jose state university alumni say this is something they've been following for years. you know that this spring some sort of closure to those alleged victims. san jose state university. president mary proposing an announced her resignation on thursday. this comes 2 weeks after an investigation by the u.s. department of justice. >> found at the school mishandled its own investigation and failed for more than a decade to respond to reports of abuse by its former director of sports medicine of scott shocked because the un's tenor as president began in 2016 nearly 7 years after the first allegations from swimmers and divers surfaced that shot inappropriately touched them one is i think she inherited this mess. >> and i think in retrospect you can't look at your leaders to specially she came in and i don't know all the ins and outs of it. i just know that
9:25 am
that was an opportunity to put your fist out and clean house or do whatever you need to get to the bottom of it. >> san jose state alumnus and former athlete brian stuckey says he's disappointed in the school and its leadership for not acting sooner while proposing and launched a new investigation in 2019 when shaw was still on staff. the doj said the investigation fell short in made minimal efforts mister opens gap for quite some time. is. >> and it comes at a mate's. this is is this point. >> one of the attorneys representing 15 of the sjsu former student athletes responded to the resignation on thursday saying quote, from the very beginning, the brave women we represent have fought to make sure that no future as jsu student athlete will ever have to face the same violations. they did violations of their bodily autonomy, their rights and their trust president propose ian's resignation indicates that after over a decade as she s use administration may finally be prepared to accept accountability begin the
9:26 am
process of reform and remediation in because the ins letter she said she would, quote, continue to participate in and support the ongoing title 9 proceed, real investigation and investigations. >> surrounding former sjsu director of sports medicine, scott shaw pozzi and will leave the university at the conclusion of the semester on december 21st. she also resigned in august 2020. he hasn't been criminally charged. however, the fbi is currently conducting an investigation into the allegations against him. that investigation is ongoing. >> in san jose to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> 9.26 is the time. up next on the kron 4 morning news police in berkeley searching for a man accused of threatening a girl with a gun. we've got the surveillance video will show you more of it coming up.
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>> 9.29 and there's a reason i'm on this because james is tall. we want to block get in the way giants versus the dodgers tonight is game one at oracle. yeah. first ever time these 2 have met in the postseason, believe it or not, they've been rivals going all the way back to new york. but it's to come down to tonight everybody's side. it's going to be incredible matchup with the 2 best teams in baseball facing off trying. this is on the way to the world series js is just one stop. we have to make it said take and we're keeping it cool. like, for example, are a starting pitcher logan webb. you think the nerves might get to him.
9:30 am
he's never been this kind of a situation. he knows it's a historic matchup, but listen to me is pretty cool. >> this is going to be an unbelievable way to kick it off. and this this series is going to be a mad house of all and i what i understand. it's the first time that the giants and the dodgers have ever met in the postseason somehow. so. you know, that just kind of adds fuel to the fire. >> also that gun web. that's okay. yeah, on gurria can talk to. all what they understand. just how high the stakes are in that and the excitement in the air among fans, even though they sound really cool, calm and collected. yes, you know that there also just bursting at the seams. they want to get this thing off. well, and the thing is it's up to the fans to kind of provide that crazy energy energy. that's going to be out there and game one tonight game 2 tomorrow. we're talking about how the fact that is going to be. >> chilly. these are 19 games. it's really the wind has picked up. we've got all the info that you could possibly need about the game on our website and then john got more info on the weather and the
9:31 am
things plus, we're talking about the wind roll and snow has rolled full-fledged fall maybe jumping to i love this is what echo summit. >> up in the sierra. but you're saying we're not going to be ton of it. just a little bit right. yes. so not a super snowy morning but enough to make it stick to the ground. that's for sure. couple of inches at the crest of this year. it was really coming down out there. i love it. 89 of a good ski season maybe degrees for us we're not tapping into this in the bay which actually is kind of our saving grace is a good thing with will we don't need this this week. not this week, not this we'll just dodge it this weekend and the dodgers can go home as well. yes, we're going to be looking at our own cool weather. so you got to bundle up for. that is the thing. if you are heading up donner summit. this is a live look right now. and it's a little wet but good news is if you're heading up there is that it's not slick on the roads. it's really just sticking to grassy
9:32 am
services. the snow is so the roadway out, be it what it is not super slick right now. let's get a look at where we're sitting right now with that snowfall. obviously a very different situation here in the bay area where we're just sitting under sunshine now it's the snow up there in the sierra nevada that is really the weather maker currently in fact, from a lake tahoe all the way down through yosemite national park is where we're seeing the bulk of it currently and a very welcome change of pace. it's just a few inches. but that is very nice to get those forest floors. wet hopefully help with any remaining spots up there in the sierra santa rosa, our last spot on the map still in the 40's 46 degrees and it's 09:30am now 50's for the rest of us in feeling brisk with winds working their way in at 20 miles per hour gusts for much of the bay area. tomorrow is going to be warmer but still cool enough for the jackets, talking all the details and what to expect this fall weekend. still ahead, thanks to that. well, if you are heading into the city later on today. you could
9:33 am
take caltrain. you can take part can take the ferry across or you could drive you got to make sure you're arriving early 6.37 because that game starts at oracle park and there are several parking lots in the area. but if you're heading to the chase center. you've got the mercedes been garage. >> the warriors way garage and rajon and street. so again, make sure you get here early. you have plenty of options this morning has been a busy one for us to seeing several accidents right now things are starting to lighten up just a bit into the city right now. if you're heading there a little under 15 minutes to fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. maybe you can make that drive under 14 minutes. richmond sandra fell not too busy a little under 10 minutes. we do have some accidents out there like this one west bound, 5.80, east of louisville avenue. however, not see much of a delay along 5.80, carr fire southbound, 8.80, south of 5th avenue in oakland, a slight delay along 80 there daryn, james, back to you. thank you. raise 9.33 and breaking news from overnight violence after a san jose sharks k s right earthquakes
9:34 am
game and there was not only a couple of fights but a shooting at least one person sent to the hospital san jose police tweeting out. >> that there were multiple people are multiple fights in a parking lot with at least one person shot. >> they say there were multiple injuries. none of them turns out were life threatening. so they're all expected to be okay. but they did declare an unlawful assembly and that gave him the authority to break up the crowd. police say 5 people in the end were arrested, including one for firearms charges. the police department said they had about 40 officers out there breaking it up. >> 9.34 in the east bay road rage in gun violence claimed the life of a 15 year-old girl. she's identified as or a young. she was riding in the passenger seat of a car when she was shot and killed in east oakland. it happened late wednesday night and we have video of police investigating along bancroft avenue after it happened. they say that it started with an argument and then somebody in the other car started shooting at the car that she morrow was an and
9:35 am
this morning we're hearing from her mother. >> she loves her family a lot love. her little brothers and she was very protective of them and what happened to them. was just awesome. big sister and she was awesome. daughter show is when you give hugs and kisses and smother me with attention. >> and there she is in a beautiful photo of her as we look at the numbers here now shameria is oakland's 109th victim. this year and that homicide total that equals the total number of homicides last year were knocked over. we still have time to go and the violence continues. >> the search is underway now for a man who pretended to be a police officer and threaten to teenage girl with a gun and we do have some surveillance video. the police want you to see. they're trying to identify this man who in berkeley on the night of
9:36 am
september 29th was in the 1300 block of gilman street when he approached the teen, the teen got away and then called 911. but the situation is a concern to the police. they want to find who this man is and arrest him. >> if you find yourself in this situation like this leave the area soon as possible. get to a place of safety meeting. another house that you're from there with a neighbor somewhere where there's other people around and ask for help. >> and police also want people to help in the neighborhood. if you have any security footage, they would like to see if there's another angle where they can see. look at this man and try to find him. >> all right. let's go to the south bay now where an unusual theft in the city of campbell has police scratching their heads. so this is video of the 2 burglars, one of them caught on camera was apparently wearing there you see him a spiderman costume. you can see is pulling a trash can behind him. police think that was filled with stolen property. so here are the 2 photographs.
9:37 am
take a close look. maybe you can help solve this case. the theft happened wednesday morning on white oaks road in campbell call police. if you have any information that might be helpful. >> it's 9.36 in another civil lawsuit is filed against pg and e for its role and the massive dixie fire an attorney and plumas county filed a suit representing more than 500 victims of the fire. this fire started 3 months ago. it's still not fully contained today. it is so far burned more than 960,000 acres and destroyed more than 1300 homes and other structures. according to the complaint, the fire started when a tree came into contact with pg e's power lines. and although pg and e they say was on notice of a power outage nearby. they did not consider the event urgent failed to send a crew to the scene for many hours and failed to shut off power to that area. t jeanne has admitted its equipment may have sparked that fire. >> we'll take a break. it is
9:38 am
9.37. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the niners facing the undefeated, arizona cardinals this sunday, the question is who will be the quarterback. we still have been told on that coming up. and brian laundrie's father now joining the search for his son will have the latest on where the manhunt stands this morning.
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>> 9.40. and we have new developments now in the search for brian laundrie, the fiance
9:41 am
gabby petito whose body was found in now police want to talk to him about her death problem is they can't find him. his father, however, has joined the search effort in florida out of the nature, reserve. we've got brian entin with the latest on how that's going. >> we haven't seen him leave the house in days. but brian laundrie's father christopher came out of the house carrying a plastic bag got into his truck and went to the carlton reserve. >> this the laundry truck this is one that post that camper. this is the one that always. >> in front of the house. the truck parked christopher laundry got on to this all-terrain vehicle with law enforcement heading out into the vast swath to look for his son searching with police and the fbi on foot. 3 hours later, the vehicle laundry was riding in was towed out and he drove away in his red truck. >> did you see anything christopher, did you see anything? >> laundry was being tailed by
9:42 am
fbi agents so we followed to see where they were going next. so they're going to some kind of. other neighborhood a few miles from the reserve laundry stopped his truck next to the fbi suv where there was some kind of discussion in this neighborhood and then they were on the move again before he returned back to his house mr monti. did you see anything that the reserve. >> anything to say about what you saw at the reserve. any sign of your son, mister laundry. we later learned from the laundry family attorney steven bertolino that laundry was asked to show police the trails and places his height with his son. >> there were no discoveries, but the effort was helpful to all. it seems the water in the preserves are ceding in certain areas are more accessible to search the entire laundry family is grateful for the hard work of the dedicated members of law enforcement that have been searching the preserved for brian over the last few weeks. hopefully brian will be located soon. >> that was brian entin reporting this morning. it's 9.42. and we'll be right back.
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>> the 5 right now and we're getting ready for the big playoffs that start tonight. it's the giants versus the dot. yes. so we have a little fun with our sister station down in la ktla. yeah. frank says an and we sort of
9:46 am
challenged each other to a bit. now they pre-recorded a little message for us, which we're going to play showing show a listen to what they have >> james and darya the dodgers are going to destroy the giants in this playoff series. now we love san francisco. yes, it's a beautiful city gorgeous. the people of the bay area, our of our favorites. >> but we're not fans of the giants and the dodgers are going to beat you. so we've got a little bit for you guys. here's what we're thinking. we love the food in san francisco. yes. so let's say the dodgers win because they well, we'd love sour dough bowl made child or powder in it. yeah. do you think that's per find a little bit of a catch while you're reading the story of the giants losing you're going to have to wear dodger cap. i suggested you paint your face blue. but frank said the dodger cap. so you'll wear a dodgers cap. >> and you'll send us some nice sour dough bowls with
9:47 am
some beautiful san francisco chowder. that's our bet it's have a great idea. we're going to send us soggy were leather not in the box. we're going to win. no, we're going to win and send you your stupid chowder bulk is going to be soggy because a magnanimous and even in victory, you will still see it right. you can have soggy bread for. we're going to win. we're going game one and game 2 and then we'll go to la and see what happens there. >> well, we know it's to lose again. well, regardless it'll all and back here in the bay area was so that that game 5 4 takes a look at the schedule. yet this is at the bet so game one tonight and all the rest will follow. so here we have it broken down. if we win. >> frank, you just have to wear. giants, hats. yeah. and u.s. don't because that's what we appreciate in the morning. said it's satisfying and where team kron 4. we think ahead we're going to share doughnuts with the crew. they get a share of a soggy clam chowder
9:48 am
bowl. but whatever. like i said, we'll send it win or lose will set of the chatter. i mean, the care will cent of a charter doesn't matter because guys are going absolutely. and that are now let's check out your game day forecast with john. good morning. i think will be gracious winners and instead of sending them soggy sour dough. what like your deli or something. >> yeah. as a consolation prize solution they can our gracious winner. okay. good idea. now baby is a always makes me feel better. so i like win the game and they could have exclaim tractors for winners couldn't stand. exactly some of the comforts. obviously we've got the good weather up here today was looking a little gray down there in la. so fortunately the game is happening right here in our own backyard. there are a couple of catches to the game, though. obviously we're going to getting some sunshine. we're already tapped into that. >> but by 06:37pm tonight, the sun goes down, it will start to fall into the upper 50's after an afternoon in the 60's. it's going to feel even
9:49 am
cooler than that because we do have winds around 20 miles per hour around game time. so get all your giants gear out. layer up. i'd rather have everyone have the extra layer on and not need it rather than be shivering up there in the stands. of course, can't forget the plethora of other things going on in the bay today, including fleet week this afternoon. if you're heading out to marina, green. expect some sunshine but also breezy conditions. you want to be bundled up for that. temperatures will be in the upper 60's out there. winds around 20 miles per hour gusts even higher than that. a lof to where all the action is going to be happening. and so that will be making for a crisp feel to have definitely full-fledged fall even though we're not tapping into much of the cloud cover today. look at what we've got to our east there's been snow overnight in the sierra nevada snow in the southern part of the state to right around l a so it's actually quite convenient that the bay area's dodging all this rainfall on what such a busy weekend. even though our neighbors are tapping into that valuable moisture low pressure area dip in the jet stream bringing all this our
9:50 am
way. look how active we remain in the sierra and will continue to be later on this morning. while the bay area just gets clear and clear. now tonight, a resurgence of cloud cover in tomorrow morning. a chance of some showers during a predawn hours by the time the sun comes up, we should be dry back out looking at sunshine and 70's the rest of the day after that with saturday and sunday both bringing daytime highs warmer than today's about to be today's easily. the coolest one 50's and 60's for your highs in sf as well as along the coastline. pretty solid 60's elsewhere. burlingame 67 saying carlos at 68 degrees. south bay temperatures mostly in the mid 60's. well, in the east bay will be low to mid 60's pleasanton at 64 same number for you in oakland. our warmest of temperature will actually be in a spot that doesn't quite often get that title of the warm spot in the bay at center fell today, right at 70 degrees. now tomorrow's temperatures rise into the 70's. as i noted, sunday will be the warmest of this forecast. it does remain breezy through the weekend. but it's even windier yet into
9:51 am
monday and tuesday as we trade in this cool winfrey dry offshore one and that unfortunately does up fire danger into early next week. reyna found a ver that will unfortunately we have a hot spot here in oakland, southbound 8.80 just south. >> a 5th avenue. one lane they're currently blocked as you're traveling along how we did have an accident, a long 5.80, that since been cleared. so if you're trying to get around. no major delays along 5 and you could go ahead and take that to get south or just wait out that traffic that we're seeing from that car fire. again, southbound 8.80, just south a 5th avenue in oakland. >> if you're headed into the city, no major issues. it looks like the turn, the meteor lights on there. if you're heading to the city tonight. >> to watch any of the games. remember, you have your options. you can take the ferry caltrain the bark to try to get around all of that traffic. we're certainly going to see tonight again. the richmond center fell can get a little under 9 minutes as you head into richmond. so that looks great. there as you head
9:52 am
across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling and let's check on the south bay along one heading towards middle park. 29 minutes. no major issues along 2 8085 or 82. we'll be right back after the break.
9:53 am
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>> 9.54 usually about now we'd be wrapping it up on the kron 00:00am morning news to go to the newsroom. but i don't even want to go to sanaa's because she's dressed in dodger blue. you're fired. >> are you guys. i'm not a sports person, but i'm la to the core. sorry, well, let me tell you guys what's going on kron-on today? you've been hearing them flying over the bay. the fleet week pilots have been ripping and roaring through the skies, practicing for their big show tomorrow's all day long. take a look at taking a look at fleet week festivities. we'll also be speaking with the fleet week. airshow coordinator and we'll have live reports from the city about how bad traffic is going to be and how busy it will be in the city this weekend. so you get all your fleet week updates and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scan. this qr code. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free. send it back to you guys. but i'm gonna have to say go dodgers haha very say she was
9:56 am
wearing blue for the warriors have out that were played tonight and then the niners play on sunday. we still don't know who's going is going trey lance. we don't know. we know jimmy was injured in the last game. so as trent williams. >> but looks like he's going to be okay and he's ready to defend and protect either jimmy g or trey lance. so we'll see. so we have lots going on and add to all the sports. the blue angels. they are going to be plan a doing their first today is afternoon tomorrow we've got our big show on kron 4 that you can watch. if you don't want to get out there in person in battle. the traffic in the weather. it is a little chilly today. yeah, it is definitely fall today. we've been looking at the snow up in the sierra here in the bay, sunshine. but what we've also got, pretty noticeable winds along with those 60's. so bundle up whether you're at marina green, whether you're at oracle park. i whether your have your window open saturday
9:57 am
and sunday to get warmer. so we actually have a pretty nice weekend. it is breezy all the way through. yeah. and we're talk about if you did want to get go to or was it a comfort come. if you want to go to the game. the still plenty of tickets. was noticing they're cheaper this morning for the giants game than they were yesterday morning. there are some closures is can i really do want to be out in all just yeah, didn't anything might do it. sending good vibes out to the bay area. this weekend. we'll see you monday morning. but by i wouldn't
9:58 am
9:59 am
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