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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 8, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and we've got the niners that a whole lot going on. yeah. and if you don't like any of that. you're doing your own thing. the weather still important hold on your head, i guess is the word of the day that john it is. i mean, just look behind me at the palms on the embarcadero right now. they are swaying back and forth. we're going to have a fairly breezy day ahead of us. you pair that with temperatures only maxing out in the low 60's today for a lot of the bay and we do have a brisk feel to it. so we're going to the giants game, bundle up. if you're doing anything for fleet week bundle up for that as well. regardless of where you're at. it is that brisk fall feel your view outside at our berkeley hills cam right now starting to brighten up more and more. we are seeing some low gray, especially for them to the east and south across the bay. but we are now tapping into sunshine that should stay with us for much of the rest of the day today is just going to be cool and windy, which means yeah, get the sweaters jackets out. things that may been stashed in your closets after a long, hot summer 40's and 50's for our current temperatures later
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today at 60's, as i mentioned. and then some 70's later this weekend, which i'll get to the rest of your forecast. thank you for that. let's start in the south bay where there are accidents, 8.80, southbound north of stevens creek boulevard in san jose. so we have that delay along 8.80. we're also seeing residual delays along 2.81, on one as well. so traffic backing up just a bit. we also had an earlier traffic hazard, a westbound at 4th street in san francisco, an accident on the bay bridge right near the tolls. but what this looks like is traffic is improving because we were up to about 70 minutes. last time i checked in. so that means they've been able to get that accident. >> at least move to the side so people can get in as you head across towards the peninsula. little under 60 minutes for you there. and the richmond, sandra fell a little under 14 darya james, back to you. >> 81 right now. so let's get to the big story which is all the stuff happening around the bay this weekend. and today with the worriers playing at almost the same time as the giants playing and then it kicks off with the air show in
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fleet week. this afternoon. so we got a whole lot going on. >> of course, the big headliner for a lot of folks is going to be the giants playing at the stadium tonight. that's going to be big matchup as continue their quest for a world series wins death. buster. first time for the giants and the dodgers ever matching up in the post, which is hard to believe with these 2 blockbuster team's. number one, as far as the you know that. so they get both best record in baseball cap. >> but both have 105 wins on the 2 powerhouse teams and i think if you look at our histories, though, you know, we've won world series than they have in this would be the road to yeah. >> here's the team getting ready for the action today. they're on the field yesterday getting warmed up, getting limber. >> out there. really preparing mentally more than anything for what's about to happen today. yeah. well, look at the picture, you know, for tonight, logan webb. he's never been in this situation before. playoff and he really
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appreciates the historic nature of this matchup. >> never been a part of playoff game. i've been a part of the series that we've had here in la and. even those are pretty crazy. and i think it's going to be a great series and. fans from both teams are going to be a. going crazy. i think it's going to be. very similar to the games that we played during the regular season with the dodgers similar to the last couple of games of the season when the nationally west is on the line. similar to. some of the rather intense moments throughout the year. but probably are elevated just a little bit. >> elevated day. yeah. is going to be exciting and it all starts tonight at 06:37am. that's game one to game 2 is also in san francisco. and then that goes on to la. and so i was checking the ticket prices, right. i've seen have
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gone down. so i don't know if you this kind of thing. but if you haven't bought a ticket yet. you want to go. the cheapest tickets that i could find were a like 30 bucks and that was and the surface eat not just that's great sea. but at least >> so. yeah, maybe if you want to time it more. you can wait a little longer. maybe go down some more. but those mail start going back up. so yeah, it's up to you, but keep it to the kron 4 because we're going to follow everything from ticket prices to the schedule. of course, too, which pitchers going to start which day and all that could be found on our website to scan that qr code. it will take you to that kron 4 dot com. >> and adding to that you have to figure out how you get there and back in caltrans operating extra trains for the giants games. in addition to the regular scheduled to extra post-game trains leaving at 1525 minutes after. >> the last out. yeah. and then they'll be completely done running trains after 12. '05. so keep that in mind, even if the game goes past if you're taking caltrain, you may want to dip out or at least you can catch that. you
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know, caltrain may be the best option because parking is going to be a nightmare, not all throughout price of parking jane. yeah. ad tech don't forget right near oracle park is chase. >> so where the worriers a plan add. it's just pre season, but still, it's always fun. when we play la. and so the lakers are coming to town. they are. so we've got tip off at 7 o'clock tonight. again with the giants game starting at 6.30 tip off here at 7 just down the road. yeah, it's going pretty jam. so maybe public transit your best option. so think about that. maybe if you're planning tonight again, we've got all the resources that you need about parking and transit. everything else on our website. >> we also have everything you need on our website when it comes to fleet week, which is again. yeah, this is more than a trifecta. i mean, all of these events happening at the same time we've got a combination of everything. the air show that we got the ship tours. all of that stuff. and marc crawford camila barco is actually live for us out there along the marina where looks like where you're in a truck now.
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>> darya james, you can catch the air show. but you can also hang out with the military and they're heavy machinery. we're currently at the humanitarian assistant village. and when you come here, it can take out some of their equipment and also learn how these men and women respond to natural disasters. but this is just part of the fun. take a look at your screen. this is a rundown of today's events. the day kicks off with the parade of ships at 11 this morning. the u.s. navy parachute team at 1245 the red bull air force wingsuit skydivers at 1245 and the blue angels closed today show 03:00pm and this is also them practicing yesterday. this year's show will feature the usual tricks. but the blue angels are also debuting their new aircraft. the f 18 super hornet. >> united airlines will also take the skies and fun fact. this is the only air show in the country with a commercial airliner to perform a
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choreographed act. just a heads up. if you are headed out to the green. you will not be able to tour the shift. it's the only day that there are now a lot of people on the vessels now, as we all know, covid forced organizers to cancel the event last year. but the pilots are ready for takeoff. >> the first year of our super hornet super hercules come back out after a pandemic year in 2020 to get out there to get in the community and do our mission is something we're really looking forward to do, especially here in san francisco in the bay area. >> now, as i said, this is all happening here at the marina green. this event brings thousands of people here every single year and health officials are just morning because of the current condition we are in. so bring some mask when you're outside because of the large crowds. but masks are mandatory. when you are on the u.s. navy vessels diet dates. back to you. you've got a whole lot of stuff out there for people of all interest. thank you very
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much. camila and bundle up the head. as you can see, wind is an issue today. >> and tomorrow is the big show that we're covering live here on kron 4 at 2 o'clock. so you can stay nice and cozy and warm in your home. i we've got ken wayne. >> am seeing that live special. so he'll be able to give us all the inside commentary to being a pilot himself in a navy veteran. so tune in again, saturday at 02:00pm right here in early easier to watch on tv because to park. >> and they got roads shut down and we can show let's take a look at the graphic. the roads that are affected. the area traffic long avenue in marine drive can drive there. well, because they're going to reserve a lot of that stuff for people who might need a little bit extra help getting to and from. and that's why the parking lot there. fort point national historic site that's going to be limited to just cars with disabled parking placards in them or license plates. and then also we have high street a lower van ness it be treat. that's going to be completely shut down too parking as well. so you have to find other places to park that car.
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>> 8. '08, is the time. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. still ahead, a new plan to fight the drought and the north bay. they are going underground to solve some of the the i was to fight the fight for more water to water down there. hopefully and flight sessions, a fights and some violence breaking out after earthquakes game at park in san jose will tell you what police telling us about what happened. >> and this morning conditions out. there were a bit on the cloudy side. but we're growing brighter and brighter now and that are these bright skies. you would expect that temperatures would warm up, but we actually stay pretty cool. today. highs only in the 60's and a brisk wind along with it. >> i'll tell you what this means for your busy weekend. still to come and far from friday light in terms of our traffic we've already had hotspots and issues on. >> and we're getting a look at the bay bridge and we had an accident there about 20 minutes ago or so now things are starting to improve. we'll
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. >> we're going to take it all the way. i have a feeling we're going to go further than it previously as we have. we've been in a drought. so i have a good feeling. so yes, good i was to say he's wearing the niners masks. >> but i think it was talking about the giant for both. absolutely. as an ultimate. i
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was thinking this morning we had ties that had giants warriors. and i just all a's some love. >> but they don't make this it's all left a custom make. you know, what's great rather than jackets to these games. think it's a chilly. i love that they sell those. >> so and you're in need. those. those come in handy, especially tonight, guys, this is the coolest of the weekend. it's the breezy us to the weekend, too. and with the giants game tip that earmuffs. oh, yeah. keep those ears anything to cover those is one those. you get super car. >> is hard where even year urges any. so cool scarf, any. so want to see him decked out for a game so you don't your months it is going to call. that's the point is going handle was here. i used to like the pan is then you could look silly, but it was you
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know someone at the giants game with the airbus tonight. you give them a high 5. there you go. the war, right. yes, smart. that's how it works. you got to bring all the giants. and you got to stay warm out there because you know, to be one no. what you it is. a cool one today and first pitch isn't even tell 06:37pm. tonight around that time will falling out of the 60's into the upper 50's mostly clear. sure, sure. we're remaining dry. but we're going to be cool and we're going to be brisk and breezy. so just be ready for it. now, as far as fleet week goes today. good news is we're already seeing that sunshine working its way back out into the picture. that's not to say it's not going to be cool, though, especially if you're parked at a marina green. got your blankets out there. you want to be bundled up for that as well. winds gusting in a 10 to 20 miles per hour range. i'm expecting peak gusts as high as 30 miles per hour, especially a lot. we're going to all the air show happening. mostly sunny mild day. but just breezy this afternoon
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also going to be breezy tomorrow and sunday afternoon, but it's going to be clear, little warmer on those days, too. so today's the cool one tomorrow and sunday getting to be a lot more comfortable as you can see, there is some sunshine out there. we've also got cloud cover the flag right about fear pier 15 below around and what is a pretty steady breeze rainfall has worked its way out of the region. not that we saw much of it anyways most of its state south of morgan hill and right around the altamonte. a few sprinkles to earlier this morning. rest of us as expected to remain dry. the sierra nevada is getting a good dose of rain and snowfall. both we can think this nice dip in the jet stream for bringing us that unfortunately this low level jet is also bringing us the winds that we're in the midst of which is the biggest catch to your forecast this weekend. snow showing up in blue up there in the sierra. we have a few showers just south and east of the bay area. we just look at sunshine the rest of the day today. tonight, a resurgence of cloud cover tomorrow. some predawn sprinkles before the sun even
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comes up once the sun comes up for your saturday skies are crystal clear. and we're going to be sailing through saturday and sunday with beautiful clear skies. high temperatures in the 70's, which is going make for a really favorable weekend to be out and about, of course, with those layers long gone are the 80's and 90's and as for today, long gone are the 70's even 50's 60's for your daytime highs near the coastline. 60's for almost all the rest of the bay area. we have one lone 70 on the map today. and i'll tell you when that's about to come up. it's going to be a minute san jose at 64 freeman to hayward in the low 60's. even the tri valley on up through conquer dodging the 70's staying in the 60's oakland at 64 today as well. pittsburgh in antioch. a nice 67 and there's your 70 in sandra fell right along the bay. our warmest spot in the bay area today, tomorrow and sunday. we get warmer more 70's on the map and sunday's going to be the warmest of the weekend. we do have a steady breeze pretty much all weekend long today.
8:17 am
we tap into good sunshine after morning sprinkles have long worked their way out monday and tuesday of next week are going to be even windier yet. and that's going to spark up some fire dangers. so really the to this forecast is cool and breezy reyna. all right. cool and breezy. okay. so we do have some accidents out there. this one just popping up and conquer southbound to 42 south of salon away. so we're seeing a slight delay highway 4 and that accident, the air in concord. >> as you head into the city. they actually look at this a little under 60 minutes, although we haven't acc dent there about 30 minutes ago or so. traffic is not gone up too much there. they were able to quickly get that off the bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for you. there in the south bay. let's check on conditions along one, oh, one as you're traveling in the park. 33 minutes to 8085 82. no major issues will leave you with the richmond. sandra fell bridge as you're heading in richmond, a little under 13 daryn. james, back to you. thank you, ray 17 in the north bay and new way to work within
8:18 am
the drought. and santa rosa gets more water. the city plans to reestablish a ground water. well to provide cinema customers with water and the functionality of the groundwater production. well, in the santa rosa plane is what they're going to do this. well, the wells there were originally drilled in 1977 because there was a drought them. sonoma water is going to be adding one 0.4 million gallons per day to the well supply. >> this water will help keep animals life. it will with health and safety of for some residents out there as well as the water to be hauled to those locations that are in dire needs. but with a new source that doesn't affect the diversion rate. so it helps the cities maintain their water projects. not something that we worked him. >> the project will upgrade the water treatment at sonoma waters. todd road ground water well. and the 2 other wells in that area.
8:19 am
>> in the east bay dublin santa, most residents are going to pay a little more for their water. now that officials have declared a stage 2 water shortage in that area. and so that means rates are going to be going up. but the bout about $0.34 for every 750 gallons that you use. so for the average customer that comes to an extra $3.40. per month customers in dublin and center on an already been asked to conserve water by 15% compared to lastcyear. this new rate will go into effect in about a month on november 5th. >> in national headlines the senate passed a plan to raise the debt ceiling in a move to save the country from economic hardship. yeah. this is only a temporary fix. however, congress has until october 18th to try to actually resolve the issue. >> raquel martin has the very latest from washington. >> good morning. with a bill that passed last night will only keep the bills paid through early december. ultimately no republicans supported the short term deal for shadowing yet another partisan battle ahead with a credit downgrade looming and
8:20 am
time running out thursday. the senate passed a short-term deal to raise the debt ceiling is agreed to after previously block ng the plan. 11 republicans came on board to allow a vote. but ultimately 0 back the overall deal because i'm not what they want to spend it on missouri republican senator josh hawley says he refuses to help democrats spend more money. i don't want to spend money. >> on welfare benefits for illegal aliens. i don't want to spend money on tax increases for small business. i don't spend money on the green new deal. democrats insist the money is for pass spending following the vote. senate majority leader chuck schumer slammed republicans for refusing to help republicans plated dangerous and risky partisan game. the short term fix now heads the democrat controlled house once past the treasury department will continue to be able to pay its bills which include social security benefits and paychecks for military troops. but schumer says the plan is merely a band-aid. what is needed now is a long-term
8:21 am
solution so we don't go through this risky drama every few months he's calling on republicans to return to the table to pass a broader plan by december. >> republicans say the short term deal should by democrats more time to resolve the broader issue on their own. >> house. lawmakers will return to washington tuesday to pass the short term deal and send it to the president's desk for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> a 21 and tesla is out of here. well, lisa, their headquarters. are there moving to texas, elon musk announced the plans to move from palo alto to austin last summer. a tesla announced the factory the new factory. it would be in travis county, which is also and that's where austin is located. now. still, though, they're not moving out of fremont. they are keeping the factory in fremont, not going anywhere. and musk says this move to austin will actually help boost production in fremont. other companies
8:22 am
we've seen leave oracle hewlett packard. they move their headquarters and they also to austin last year. austin seems to be the new place. >> a 21 that i'm coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news the president of san jose state university has resigned. we'll tell you why she's decided to step down.
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>> a 24 and in the south bay, san jose state university's president is resigning mary prepay zn has announced he'll step down at the end of the fall semester and she's come under criticism for her handling of a abuse case involving the former director of sports medicine scott shaw. and alleged victims who were student athletes. this case resulted in a multimillion-dollar settlement going to the victims and the staff san jose state alumni. they're hoping that the bza is resignation will bring some closure. >> mr. sapin opens gap for quite some time. is and it comes at a mate's. this is is this point on is i think she inherited this mess. and i think in retrospect you can't look at your leaders to specially she came in. i don't know all the ins and outs of it. i just know that that was an opportunity to put your fist out and clean house or do
8:26 am
what every to get to the bottom of it. >> scott shaw also resigned in august of 2020. he hasn't been charged criminally. but the fbi is currently conducting a criminal investigation into the allegations against him. >> we'll take a break here. t 25 coming up on the kron 4 morning news police in berkeley are searching for a man accused of threatening a girl with a gun. we'll have more of the surveillance video coming up.
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>> 28 in the big story is how big this weekend so much going on and the stakes couldn't be there for the giants playing the dodgers tonight, the playoffs start at oracle. yeah. if you're a baseball fan, that's the big headliner for you first time ever that these 2 teams have met. >> in the postseason for the playoffs. the giants were back on field yesterday morning, getting one last workout in before the big matchup tonight with player stretching and just doing some light work. >> on the staying cool picture logan webb starting for the giants in game one. >> it's his first time in a situation like this and he's got a good head about him. >> this is going to be an unbelievable way to kick it off. and this this series is going to be a mad house of all and i what i understand. it's the first time that the giants and the dodgers have ever met in the postseason somehow. so.
8:30 am
you know, that just kind of adds fuel to the fire. >> she's keeping a cool totally yeah, because he's a pro. >> because the giants of been there before so that we know how to act. one tonight. first pitch. it's 6.37. i know the dodgers are there. last year. the letter doesn't were there for their their the reigning champs. but whatever it was, that was a real season. covid season doesn't count. >> thanks. 3, 4, will be down in l a all right. and don't forget, you can track all things giants. and there's the playoffs kron 4 dot com and qr code will take you to that section of the website. we've got everything from tickets to schedules to all that good stuff. remember the whole debacle of the season with the masks and this and that the covid during the whole thing. >> whole new season. now. can you see this the first snow of the season is file now. >> this is actual video from echo summit up in the sierra where we have snow on the ground now. thankfully i guess is all part of the storm system that was.
8:31 am
np>> bringing us the chance of showers as find out this is so exciting. yeah. can not believe it. >> i mean, it's making me feel even chillier and it's already chilly around the bay with the wind and everything. this is this morning of their echo summit. i love it so much. i i we all miss this after how dry we've been. yeah. now. how much are we going to get out of this. it's not a so it is nothing more than a couple of inches at the very crest of the sierra areas like echo summit and donner summit are also tapping into some of that snowfall as you can see from donner summit is, well, it's really not amounting to too much, but it's such a nice sign of hopefully more of this to come. you can see traffic is moving along just fine. the roadway is not dry, but it also is not snow packed at this snow really sticking to those grassy surfaces and not so much the road itself, but very, very welcome to see this change of pace here in the bay area. we're in the midst of is increasingly sunny skies. now. we had a couple of sprinkles south of san jose earlier. it
8:32 am
didn't amount to much. let's get a look at this year, though, when you do have that snow following along highway 50 along. i 80 as well. and some of the heaviest of snow fall is just south of highway 50 in some of those areas that have been burned by the caldor fire. little bit further south near sequoia national park. hear some good news for them. also seeing some snowfall and a mix of rainfall at those lower elevations. very welcome news. nice change of pace from the heat and from the dry weather 40's and 50's still for current temperatures. it's been a slow mover as far as any sort of temperature change goes and into the afternoon. today. our warmest of temperatures are really only going to be in the 60's. you pair that with our brisk winds and you want to bundle up today. it is a genuine fall day in this forecast. i will be looking at some 70's back come saturday and sunday. so stay tuned for that. right now. john, thank you for that. let's head to the south bay where we do have an accident there. northbound. >> 2.80, just south of 11th street. and again, one lane they're currently block. so we're keeping a close eye on things and how they progress
8:33 am
looking at the bay bridge a little under 17 minutes. we had an earlier accident there didn't set us back too far. we did see a slight uptick in traffic, though 5, 1880 also moving along at this hour a little under 13 minutes. richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading across towards sandra fell traveling down crockett towards the maze. 18 minutes now for your drive time as you're traveling on highway 4. look at that. under 17 minutes from one 60 along to 2.42 darya. james, back to you. thank you it's a 33 in breaking news overnight violence broke out after last night's san jose earthquakes game yet sent one person to the hospital. >> so here's what we know so far. san jose. police tweeted out that there were multiple fights in the parking lot at least one person shot. officers say there are multiple injuries to although at this point we understand none of them are life threatening. so everybody should be okay. but it was an unlawful assembly. that's what they decreed in the end and that's how they got it. eventually break up the crowd. police say 5 people were arrested, including one on
8:34 am
firearms charges. the police department says 40 officers had to be called out to the scene to handle what was going on. >> 8.33 and in the east bay road rage in gun violence claimed the life of a 15 year-old girl. she's identified as era young. she was shot and killed while riding in the passenger seat of a car in east oakland. it happened late wednesday night. here's video from the citizen app on bancroft avenue right after the shooting with police investigating they say it started as an argument and then somebody in another car started firing at the car that arrow was in. she was struck and killed in this morning. her mother is giving us just what she remembers and the sad sad things and wonderful things about the job is about her daughter. >> she loved her family. a lot love. her little brothers and she was very protective of them and. ann mentioned. so what happened to them? was
8:35 am
just awesome. big sister and she was awesome. daughter show is when you give hugs and kisses and some other new with attention. >> so sad that she's gone and she's also oakland's 109th homicide victim and that matches the total number of homicides from last year and the year's not over yet. a search is underway for a man who was pretending to be a police officer and threatening a teenage girl with a gun and we have surveillance video of the man that berkeley police want to find this happened the night of september 29th in the 1300 block of gilman street. now, luckily that we the teen acted quickly got away from the man and called 911. this is a big concern and the police want your help to try to catch him. >> if you find yourself in this situation like this leave the area soon as possible. get to a place of safety meeting. another house that you're from there with a neighbor somewhere where there's other people around and ask for help.
8:36 am
>> and police are also asking for neighbors help in the area to identify them. and if you have any security footage that may show him give that to the police and they hope to find him. >> a popular bar in antioch was badly damaged by a fire that's now being investigated as suspicious in nature. you can see here the damage left behind with fire breaking out at abc rendezvous bar on walter way. the flames were for the most part contain to the bar. but some did spread to the roof and damage and adjacent tenant in that building. we'll let you know if anything comes out of that investigation. again, looking into maybe a suspicious cause to that fire in the south bay and unusual theft in the city of campbell to tell you about where police are looking now for 2 burglars. one of them was seen on camera wearing a spiderman costume fact. there he is. and you can see he's pulling a trash can behind him that police believe is filled with stolen property. here's a closer look. we've got the photos to put up on your screen here of the 2 burglars.
8:37 am
the theft happened wednesday morning on white oaks road in campbell, if you think you have any information that will be helpful to police. certainly give them a call. >> another civil lawsuit is filed against pg and e for their role in the massive dixie fire an attorney and plumas county filed a lawsuit representing more than 500 victims of the fire which started nearly 3 months ago and is still not fully contained. this fire has burned almost a million akers 960,000 to be exact and destroyed more than 1300 homes and other structures. the complaint says the dixie fire started when a tree came into contact with pg e's power lines and they say although pg and e was a notice of a power outage nearby. they did not consider the event urgent failed to send a crew to the scene for many hours and failed to shut off power to that area. pg e has admitted its equipment may have started the dixie fire. >> it is 8.37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the niners are getting ready
8:38 am
for the undefeated, the arizona cardinals. hasn't been made public at who the starting quarterbacks going to be. we'll have the latest on what we know so far. and we're also looking at the cultural legacy of what he knows in the mission district of san francisco is weak celebrate hispanic heritage and some sunshine already peering through the clouds at sfo. you can see brighter skies there at the airport. >> temperatures later today. only rising into the 60's that are very warmest. so bring the jackets regardless of what you're doing. this afternoon. your forecast ahead. >> and we certainly had a busy friday. a lot of traffic out there will h
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> we are back at 8.40, with some new video to share with you this morning from the u.s. coast guard of the fractured pipeline off the coast of huntington beach. that's been causing this oil spill under water. and you can see 16 inches and it's encased in concrete. but something they think anger from a ship just the line and started the spill. they're still investigating and meantime. >> cleaning up. so far collecting more than 5,000 gallons of crude oil so far. you can see it's tough work, but they're at it right now. cleanup efforts they think will probably take several more weeks. it will be a while. yeah. and as they investigate federal regulators, they have put the time of this incident at 02:30am in the morning on saturday. the company, though, didn't shut down the pipeline until 06:00am hours later and then they did report the
8:42 am
leaked to the coast guard until 09:00am. >> whether the pipeline operator know they might have had a release. and you know, why did it take them so long to initiate contact to the federal authorities about a possible problem. so those are all raising questions and it just it just looks bad from a public perspective. >> yes. so the coast guard is also taking a close look at this container ship. it's called the rotterdam express. and if you look at the marine traffic data, it made a series of unusual movements right around where that oil spill last weekend. so earlier this week, investsgators spoke with the ship's captain and its crew while it was docked at the port of oakland. it's since been cleared to leave. so it's on its way to mexico right now. the owner of the ship says that they were not involved in the spill, but they are cooperating. and again, we'll hope to get more clarity as that investigation continues. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
aurora park. but after today i'm out orange. i mean, this is as close as you really sure hurt. >> but i like the idea this going. we're just going to boycott. >> wake up blue point about blue will wear blue while on. all right. i can deal with that. it was a wake-up call for me and my work realizing how little least we can do it actually is the least we can do >> there's no blue orders that energy we're putting out there today for the energy mother nature is putting out there today is some sunny conditions but also some windy and cool conditions. so that's the catch as you're heading out towards oracle park tonight. what can you expect around game time will first pitch is at 06:37pm tonight rather late. >> by that point, we will be falling out of the 60's and back into the upper 50's descending with temperatures beyond that through the rest of the game, mostly clear. so no worries about rainfall. but cool and breezy with winds regularly gusting into a 20 mile per hour range. so get ald your giants gear out and
8:47 am
layer up with it because you will want to stay warm or rather have that extra layer then be lacking a layer and be shivering up there in the stands. if you're heading out to marina, green also layer up because even though we do have the sunshine already coming back out. really only expecting some upper 60's today and then tomorrow and sunday, despite being warmer are also going to be a bit on the breezy side. this is nothing like the heat of last weekend. it is fall officially now, at least bread, the feel of it is here. so sunshine we're staying dry, but we're staying breezy are also staying cool that's just the theme of the next few days. skies have cleared out nicely for the bay area. we have snow in the sierra nevada rainfall in the sierra foothills. very welcome news, especially around sequoia national park with that complex of fires still burning near some of those ancient sequoia groves and then around lake tahoe to making for wet conditions along highway 50 in. i 80. so if you're traveling up into the sierra know that we do have some slick spots likely to be a little bit slick
8:48 am
throughout the course of the day, even as conditions wind down low pressure area steering through the region, bringing us the showers further to our south and east. not necessarily doing so for the bay, though, we dodged at this time. that's probably a good thing for us. considering all the events we have this weekend. it's nice to see our neighbors tapping into the rain and snow, though sunshine to the rest of the day for us. we have a resurgence of cloud cover tonight. possibility of some predawn light showers tomorrow morning before the sun even comes up, then saturday and sunday after that crystal clear and a little warmer than today. so tomorrow and sunday are going to be are more comfortable days. the good thing about today. if you want to watch the air show, though, is the windy and cool conditions by chase. the crowds away to might have a lot more room if you want to watch it out there. just bundle up for it. 50's 60's for your highs near the coastline today. temperatures in the 60's solidly along the bayshore millbrae at 65 saying carlo 68 mountain view at 62 south bay temperatures 60's with mid 60's and san jose and
8:49 am
morgan hill fremont and hayward at 63 same for you in dublin and livermore doesn't matter how close to the bay you are. we're all 60's here in the east bay oakland and san leandro 64 north bay temps are some of our warmest but only one spot actually making it to 70 and that is sandra fell tomorrow's temperatures rise into the 70's for a lot of the bay area and by sunday. and we've actually got a few low at least getting close to that. mark. lots of sunshine this afternoon. more that saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday are actually going to be our windiest of days and we actually do have heightened fire danger on those same days. so it stays windy each of these next few days. reyna tom, thank you for that. i know we have a busy evening, but we also have had a busy morning accidents here and there like this one. >> and san jose southbound one. oh, one at mckee eoad. and so you start to see some delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling in the south bay highway for another accident appear in concord. west bound for west. willow, pass road. and so also seen a slight delay there as you're
8:50 am
traveling heading into the city a little under 17 minutes. if you are going to check out either those games tonight. you could avoid all of that drive in commuting and go ahead and take bart or you could take the theory. that would be a good alternate for you. the richmond, sandra fell bridge a little under 13 minutes for your drive time as you head to richmond and in the south bay. see how things are slow down just a bit because of that accident traveling towards apart. we'll take you about 31 minutes daryn. james, back to the latino experience in san francisco dates back to the gold rush era and today latinos have laid down their roots in the mission district. >> force. camila barco has more now on their culture and legacy. there. >> the mission district cultural legacy blossoms in murals along the city streets like won on the cs painting. let's roll sus, which means for the roses flowering happened during the 1980's when i was painting this in the 1980's political turmoil drove central americans to the
8:51 am
united states. many, we've got our when system of u.s. and on the daniels came. >> during the and made their homes in san francisco, but not the nose inhabited. the mission district. >> long before that the area was historically an irish community after world war 2 irish president's resettled in newly built homes. >> in the sunset district. and so what we see taking place in the mission, district them is the movement. >> people who are of irish descent. >> to the avenue use. this is cardinal a retired professor from san francisco state he says by the 50's, the mission transitioned into a latino neighborhood the creative restaurants. they created businesses. institutions flourished in the 1970's. local groups. it's tab lish. the mexican museum got idea and the mission cultural center. it's the largest latino cultural center in the country. so 4 floors.
8:52 am
>> great a great events that were taking place during that time and good team you do is they in time. the civil wars forced people to flee central america and by the 80's. >> the mission's latino population was booming and the mission becomes what i would say the springboard. >> for many. people who come to the city come to california. and from there eventually moved to other communities located on 24th street murals like kind of paint the cultural political and social latino experience. i trade. a mexican folk tale in her painting like you whose children are sacrificed to the water. but in. >> more contemporary terms, reviving that by 1999 24th street coined the name guy. think the to reinforce and promote the corridors heritage uses a sense of pride and identity. >> looking at it as the hub
8:53 am
for the latino community in the city over the years. thousands of have left the mission district because of gentrification. >> but the elements of the culture are still on the walls, the businesses and the people in the mission district camila barco kron 4 news. >> and again, don't forget, we've got entire section on our website that celebrates hispanic heritage that qr take you right to it. you'll see this story and a whole lot more. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> not to be outshone by the giants. the san francisco forty-niners. they are playing this sunday, the cardinals, question is who's going to be a quarterback. yeah. has been made public we know its either going to be jimmy g is going to be trey lance. >> jimmy g still nursing calf injury. trent williams, by the way, who also injured himself in the last game was questionable, but it looks like he's going to be able to play yet. last week he injured his shoulder and he returned to practice yesterday. >> seem to be ready to go and explained what happened to him on the field. >> i won that the guy had to come out. i got up and then. maybe it took me a little man and i don't know bit we were kind of against the play clock as well. so. it wasn't it was kind of a collective. you know, just go down the car was just you know, say the time, but i don't know if i would've made it to the locker room with our >> but it will be protect us
8:57 am
on that. >> was he said the car was for >> he said he probably would crash if you had to walk back to the good thing it was there cramped out. but sunday's game is going to be. >> again, as we said against the cardinals, tough matchup. >> one 25 in the afternoon on sunday is kickoff. >> is that why you drive everywhere like to the want to about. coming up next, we've got all the blue angel coverage that you need from where you can watch and the best places. and then of course, we're continuing our coverage on the giants. big first game against the dodgers tonight.
8:58 am
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what do we got? sesame seeds! yeah! seeds! duh! try wendy's new big bacon cheddar today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we've got a lot to talk about here in the fiaest hour friday. a very packed. >> friday. there's lots to do. and i would say just start by looking up, it will get your mood like up and immediately. you might see a blue angel that's one of the big things going on this week. we also have the giants playing tonight out at oracle park in john's been tracking the weather forecast it's been a little windy so far this morning. job. yeah. the wind is the catch because otherwise it is a pretty nice forecast as you're looking up at the skies, you may catch a blue angel. >> you're definitely get some blue in the skies. that's for sure because we have cleared out really nicely after was


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