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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 8, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning. get a little stretched 7th inning when we will already have beating the dodgers by i'm sure tonight the giants taking on the this is as close as i could get. it sort sherbert were doing and then. >> i have maybe halfway through the show a forty-niners also written on the forty-niners okay. well, this is more important though. i fit a scheme of today. yeah, and it's today we got the fleet week activities to certain lots of stuff going on lots of traffic. yes, lots of people watching away. and i was just thinking as i walked home yesterday. it was even kuz of fleet week. somebody said you know what will like improve moved smmediately to just look up more not the studio because it's light, but
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just look up more. and so that will be great for this weekend too. little less around like this. yeah. just look up just look up into the sky and you might catch a plane or or like a lot of them that's fleet week for you. yeah. there's like a lot to to prepare for this weekend. we've got warriors, got forty-niners. we got giants, of course. and of course we have flea week 2. >> if you miss the roar of the jets over the bay yesterday. you're certainly going to hear that the next couple of days in all of this is going to be greeted by some afternoon sunshine today, tomorrow and on saturday or sunday. now what we're seeing this morning is some cloud cover. we had a couple of sprinkles south of san jose as well as in the mountains over the east bay earlier on this morning, has really died down. now, if you zoom out across the region, you can see our neighbors are certainly tapping into it. central valley areas in sierra foothills are seeing some rainfall. and then some snow in the sierra itself, which is very welcome to see as well here in the bay conditions are gradually going to clear out
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from this point forward. and even with that afternoon sunshine, we've got a chilly morning and we've got a cool afternoon. so bring all the giants. the forty-niners, the warriors apparel out that you've got and bundle up with that layer up. if you are specially heading out to the giants game tonight. i'll talk more about what else to expect in this forecast. still to come right now. john, thank you for that. we have an update on bart. so again, the civic center station was completely closed. now they've opened up and in the daily city millbrae direction. only all the east bay trains are not going to stop of the civic center because of some police activity. >> they also have some trains are some buses. there are other that are helping people out as well in burlingame, northbound one. oh, one south of anza boulevard. you've got an accident there. so we're keeping a close eye on to not seen any major delays over there when she finally do reach the maze a little under 60 minutes traveling into the city to make it to tha fremont street exit as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 and the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 15. we'll have more on that coming
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darya james, back to you. thank all right. so let's get back to the big story, which is the fact that this is going to be a very busy weekend. >> for san francisco. lot of people out about lot of traffic tonight. again, we've got 3 things happening firstly later this afternoon. we've got the blue angels flying in all of the fleet week festivities, right. we got the warriors playing tonight about the same time, same time. yeah. yeahs as the giants take on the dodgers and. >> it is going to be the first step towards the world series. that's why it's so important. yes. and both of these teams have the best record of going head to head historic rivals have never met the playoffs, which is odd to remind ourselves of but yes, and each one has won more than a 105 games. >> on the years. we've got the best in baseball duking it out tonight. it's going to be intense. we have some video of the giant says they were out on the field yesterday getting in one last workout for for today's big game visiting slowly stretching and yeah, you know, getting it, getting it into gear. pitcher logan webb is going to start for us in game one.
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>> they've got buehler buehler be learned his number on the ground. yeah. we've got his numbers. that's a good thing, but it's going to be a a fun game by all accounts and web can't wait. >> never been a part of playoff game. i've been a part of the series that we've had here in la and. even those are pretty crazy. and i think it's going to a great series and. fans from both teams are going to be a. going crazy. i think it's going to be. very similar to the games that we played during the regular season with the dodgers similar to the last couple of games of the season when the nationally west is on the line. similar to. some of the rather intense moments throughout the year. but probably are elevated just a little bit. >> yeah. and here's a look at the schedule. so again, tonights game first pitch 6.37 tomorrow's game is at 6. '07, and then all the rest of the
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games. 2 are in the 6 o'clock hour games, 3, 4, those will be down in l a and if it gets to a game 5. that's when it all comes back to oracle park. >> next thursday. and this is great. if you want to go and you didn't buy tickets yet. now they've gotten cheaper yesterday morning. i was looking at the prices for tonight, tomorrow and they were all like one, 80 to 200. i'm talking to cheap us tickets. but you get a seat for that. and this morning, i just checked and it was one 27 to like one 40. he said it wasn't like left field. so yeah, you could actually get to see for 100, 30 bucks or so. the ticket seemed to be going down, which is we want to keep track of it all. scheduling tickets, all of that stuff. we've kind of put it all together. >> in a special kron 4 dot com that qr code take you right to it. to get a scan and stay updated on the giants as we continue to root them on all starting tonight. >> and and tie. you got to get their high to get back. caltrain is operating extra trains for the giants games. in addition to the regular schedule. there are 2
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post-game trains extra one sullivan 1525 minutes after the last out, the last train leaves san francisco after midnight at 12. '05. even if the game goes to extra innings. so no dilly dally ing soon as the last day you get to the train station. >> and also too. we have, as we mentioned, the warriors playing not too far away over the chase center. >> with the warriors in action. so they all kind of share the same parking the area. so it's going to tough. and there's some baseball basketball 7 o'clock. so traffic in that area is going to be difficult. so if you're going leave extra time, take public transit. if you're not going to down in place is just a preseason game for the for the warriors, but still. >> you might little less. still pockets. steph curry who don't want to see all right. and then of course, the other big thing. >> the giant elephant in the room. it is fleet week with ships and planes and stunt pilots and the whole work.
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>> and we are covering us live this morning with kron four's camila barco in san francisco with what we can looks a little windy camilla. >> just a little bit darya i'm just going to warm people and they're headed out here this morning. definitely bring a jacket. maybe a scarf like i'm wearing, but aside from that, there's going to be a lot of action in the skies but also on the ground over here, we have the humanitarian assistant village. this is where we've been all morning. as you can see, they're starting to set up. people can check out the military's heavy equipment. they can also check out the equipment and you can learn and about how these men and women. prepare for natural disasters. but if you look at your screen here's the rundown of today's events. the day kicks off with the parade of ships at 11 this morning. the u.s. navy parachute team at 1245 the red bull air force at 1245, and the blue angels
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closed today show at 03:00pm. but these are the sights and sounds of the blue angels as they were practicing yesterday in the san francisco skies. this year's show will feature the usual tricks. but the blue angels are also debuting. debuting their new aircraft. the f 18 super hornet united airlines will also take the skies and fact. this is the only air show in the country. with a commercial airliner to perform a fully choreographed act, but just a heads up today will be the only day you won't be able to toward the ships now covid forced organizers to cancel the event last year, but the pilots are ready to take the skies and here's what they had to say. >> the first year of our super hornet super hercules come back out after a pandemic year in 2020 in to get out there to give the community and do our mission is something we're really looking forward to do, especially here in san francisco in the bay area.
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>> now the events are happening here at marina green, the event brings thousands of people at a san francisco every year. but health officials are morning or encouraging people to wear a mask when they're outside, especially since there's going to be large crowds and just a reminder of masks are required on all us navy ships and also i'd like to know if you're headed down here, be prepared for those traffic jams because we know it's going to be busy here at marina green deiah. james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camilla and a note about that wind. >> we just asked john and he said the winds are supposed to pick up in the afternoon so it's possible could complicate things slowly when it comes to the sky diver pretty and yeah, that that so. >> we'll see if it happens at noon like they're hoping. but again, it will all be weather dependent. so that's one of the big big angles to all this that we're tracking this morning. >> as for the blue angels. hopefully the winds won't delay or cancel their show. but if they do, fly will be here to cover it for you. saturday. hope will be a
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little better. that's when we have our blue angels live special. we're going to bring it to you live as it happens over san francisco starting at 02:00pm that blue angels will be up at 3. and again, we'll have complete coverage with kron four's ken wayne, a pilot in his own right. navy veteran as well. now because of all the stuff that's going on. you can expect some traffic restrictions. >> when it comes to parking and roadways. so let's take a look at how you'll be affected. if you're in the area, this weekend. you need to know that the long avenue and marina drive and marine drive. those are going to be closed because they're accommodating people who might need a little extra assistance there also all parking at 4 point historic site is limited to cars that have valid disabled person parking placards or license plates. >> and then it looks like high street lower van ness and beech street. that's all going to be shut down as well. so you have to find a different place to park. if you're planning on parking on those streets. we'll take a break. it is 7.10. a lot more still to come on the kron 00:00am morning news, including a new
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plan to fight the drought in the north bay as water officials. they're pushing for more. >> ground water wells plus fights and a shooting break out after an earthquake game at park in san jose will tell you what police know about what happened. >> and skies cloudy right now but skies starting to become brighter and brighter. that's going to play true throughout the course of the day today. increasingly sunny skies setting us up for a comfortable. yeah. cool and brisk afternoon with those winds and temperatures remaining in the 60's tomorrow. sunday getting a bit warmer which i'll get to the r st your forecast. and we've already seen our early morning hot spots all in the area that has since been cleared. >> and we have update of our member. the civic center was closed. that station. now we know that they just reopened that. so we'll talk more about that and get a look at your drive times on this friday morning.
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>> i'm ready. i'll be at the game. i'll be in the stands is going to be nuts. we're going to we're going all the way this year. la the next one. up. >> she so there's this trash talking thing. yes, i thought was ok, but every time i do richard who is the giants are an he's like don't don't. don't because you get to be. so i think maybe the trash talk is only a basketball thing. we like, oh yeah. mama other teach you. but i think
7:15 am
you're supposed to be like loki your mama. is that not a up. your that's the ultimate james. so i know like don't dis me. you i know richard officials about baseball, but i think you've got to go in with absolute conviction right. call it from day one. this was going out of the park going. well, then he says it's our fall. so i don't know. i believe this will be cool like it's like football with a 9 or same so the giants and the niners do the same thing going into a game right. they always build up the other guy but you notice that case. that was like, go. i don't know. they're really good. and, you know, we're just going to try well john's going try his best in the weather center right now to make sense of the weather this morning to little windy us and that's going to be a little if i was in the stands today, there would be no trash talking because i just be focusing on keeping it is definitely going to be a cool went out there today.
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today is easily the course of the forecast. and it's not just because our daytime highs are only rising into the 60's. >> certainly has to do with that brisk wind that we're seeing as well tonight for the dot, but for the giants taking on the dodgers. we'll see. first pitch at around 06:37pm, by this point. temperatures will be falling back into the 50's. you add in that cool. brisk wind. and yeah, if you have some giants gear bring all of it because you'd rather be layered up and saying cozy then shivering up there in the stands. of course, get out there. enjoy the game. just do it right. bring all that you can now as far as fleet week goes today is the coolest one with 10 to 20 miles per hour winds regularly gusts peaking as far as 30 miles per hour. mostly sunny mild day ahead tomorrow and sunday are getting warmer. but winds are going to stay put its just a breezy next few days. and your forecast actually getting windier yet into monday and tuesday. so compared to those days, we're going to be fairly calm but enough to keep it on the brisk side for your friday forecast, especially now skies
7:17 am
have dried back out. we saw a couple of morning sprinkles mostly south of san jose rainfall is really retreated out to the central valley, the sierra foothills and now this hearing about itself is tapping into some snowfall. all thanks to this cold front that's pushed across the region. we've got a low level jet that's also set up. and that's one of the reasons that we are seeing since persistently windy conditions, not just today or tomorrow or sunday. but well into next week as well. now we are in the midst of some showers for the central coast. most rainfall, as i mentioned, is in the sierra nevada with snowfall for those higher elevations, which is welcome to see today's daytime highs are are very coolest 50's and 60's staff as well as along the coast. brisk winds means bundle up 60's for almost the entirety of the rest of the bay area. san carlos and foster city at 68 degrees. san jose right at 64 today. even staying cool into the tri valley. livermore and dublin at 63 while the creek and conquered among our warmer spots at 68. we do have one lone 70 today. that's for you
7:18 am
in sandra fell at 70 degrees tomorrow as temperatures rise into the 70's for more and more of the bay area and saturday and sunday do look really nice. it will be breezy, though. so keep that in mind monday and tuesday, the windiest we actually do have heightened fire danger on those days to start your next work week, john, thank you for that update on bart. so we had some issues. the civic center station. >> that's completely closed and the un plaza station as well because of police activity. and so now they just resume normal service is the air they've opened at the civic center and the un plaza station. so to running both to the east bay and throughout the city north at one. oh, one south of anza boulevard in burlingame. got an accident there. so we're keeping a close eye on that. 2.80, that's just adjacent to that not seen many major delays there on this friday morning. traffic is already picking up into the city a little under 16 minutes. now, remember tonight you can take the ferry to take the bar. you can take caltrain if you want to do that, don't want to be stuck
7:19 am
in the traffic daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot of 07:18am for your money this morning. the median price for a home in california is set to jump north of 800,000 next year. the median price and monthly jobs. report just came out. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more high j. yes. darya. good morning. happy friday. it is a jobs report today. so the headline number a 194,000 jobs created in september. we expected 500,000 so fall way short of the expectations. >> the unemployment rate dropped more than expected to 4.8% manufacturing retail leisure and hospitality all added workers last month. but the leisure and hospitality sector of the economy down 1.6 million jobs still compared to february twenty-twenty california's median home price is seen topping $800,000 a status wrap it of course, for years with affordable housing and it will see a rise to a median of 834,000 in 2000. 22
7:20 am
according to the california association of realtors that comes after a surge in home prices of about 20% this year. well, advertisers, publishers and youtube creators can no longer make money off of content that denies the existence of climate change. a google says it will use a mix of automated tools that human reviews to of course, the policy, the increased action against climate change comes after google and which is owned by google. did also banned misinformation vaccines as well. well, apple watch preorders. start today. apple unveiled a watch series 7 with a slew of new features that does have fall detection. a larger screen, also a full keyboard and it does start at $399 live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to all right. thanks a lot. j. >> 7.20 is the time tesla moving out of the bay area heading to texas. ceo elon musk announced the company's headquarters is going to be relocating from palo alto to austin. the factory. staying.
7:21 am
but the headquarters is moving last summer. the company announced that its new tesla factory would be in travis county, which is where austin is located. musk said the company's factory again in fremont isn't going anywhere. in fact, they're expanding it, but he claims the move to austin for the headquarters will help boost production in fremont. other companies like oracle and hewlett packard. as we know of already moved their headquarters from the bay area to austin last year. they seem to be attracting got make a tunnel and is seeking to dig a tunnel from palo alto austin. but we should get on that thing. >> the boring company 7.21 in the north, a new effort to fight the drought is in the works in santa rosa. the city plans to reestablish a ground water. well. >> to provide water too. cinema. customers are establishing the functionality of the groundwater production. well, and the santa rosa plane. the wells were originally drill back in 1977 in response to the drug bag. then sonoma water is going to be adding one 0.4 million gallons per day to the well supply.
7:22 am
>> this water will help keep animals life. it will with health and safety of for some residents out there as well as the water to be hauled to those locations that are in dire needs. but with a new source doesn't affect the diversion rate. so it helps us cities maintain their water projects. and that's something that we worked just feels happy couse. >> there's a california california has will upgrade the water treatment at the sonoma water, todd road ground water well and upgrade the water treatment for 2 other wells in the area too. >> well in the east bay dublin and own residents are going to have to pay a little more for their water. now that officials have declared a stage 2 water shortage in the area. so that means that rates are going to go up about $0.34 for every 750 gallons that you use for the average customer that comes to an extra $3.40. per month customers in dublin in san ramon are already being asked to conserve 15% of their water compared to last year.
7:23 am
the new rate is expected to go into effect in about a month on november 5th. we'll take a break at 7.22 coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the president of san jose state university has stepped down. we'll tell you why she decided to resign.
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>> san jose state university. president mary up hazy and announced her resignation at the end of the fall semester as she faced criticism of her handling of abuse. these
7:26 am
allegations involving the former director of sports medicine scott shaw and the victims who came forward student athletes. the case was settled a multimillion dollar settlement went to the victims from the department of justice. they settled a san jose state alumni hope that this resignation will bring closure. >> it's just been an openness cap for quite some time. is and it comes at a mate's. this is is this point on is i think she inherited this mess and i think in retrospect you can't look at your leaders to specially she came in and i don't know all the ins and outs of it. i just know that that was an opportunity to put your fist out and clean house or do whatever you need to get to the bottom of it. >> scott shaw also resigned in august of 2020. he hasn't been charged criminally. but the fbi is currently conducting a criminal investigation into the allegations against. >> we'll take a break. 7.26 coming up on the kron 4
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ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> 7.29 and the big story is the big game starting tonight,
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can tangle. they are. and we have resolution as to why garrigus to have giants over her. and i don't because i'm a bigger fan. the producer says we don't care if tall. james blocks year the dodgers logo. i'm good with how 2 teams facing off playoffs tonight. giants were on the field yesterday. get in one last workout in before the big game tonight, stretching fielding a few ground. all in all, h ve a good time. keep it loose, keeping it loose pin in lose. you got to be cool gun web has to keep it cool even though. >> he's never been in the situation before. he'll be on the but he he knows that it's rare to say the least. never happened. >> this is going to be an unbelievable iay to kick it off. and this this series is going to be a mad house of all and i what i understand. it's the first time that the giants and the dodgers have ever met in the postseason somehow. so. you know, that just kind of adds fuel to the fire. >> happen before asked 2 rivals have met in the polls.
7:31 am
how did the hatfields mccoys never battle in the postseason. now, this will be a first and we'll all be watching. here's the schedule. by the way, we've got tonight. first pitch at 6 37 tomorrow at 6. '07. both of those, of course here locally and then it will go down to la at dodger stadium for games 3, 4, that will be monday and tuesday. and if it does get to a game 5. well, come back here next thursday at oracle park with first pitch for that game at 6. '07. let's hope it doesn't get to that point. hopefully we can. we can run the table polish him off will say what you want to have info on the game. everything you need to know about all of the games. the game tonight. >> i've been checking for tonight and tomorrow with the tickets and the prices have gone down. so at last check in on them and take a look. it was the cheapest seats i could find were all seated on a buy note. so one 27 during a steady row and ways of the you could actually get a seat left field. one 31. okay. really teen vaccinated go again. that qr code taking the proper dot com. you can track all this stuff.
7:32 am
>> and there's plenty of other stuff to do if you're not into baseball. there's basketball. if you're not into that, there's. >> and planes ships. and yeah, i mean, you're off the like sports, the there's just all kinds of stuff this weekend is pretty jam-packed. john, you've got to you've got a tall order to fill when it comes to the forecast. i know every single day there's something new that everyone wants know about, whether it's the giants game today or tomorrow or the fleet week forecast for today, tomorrow and sunday. >> and then of course, we've got the warriors and the forty-niners on sunday too. so there really is no shortage of things to keep you busy. this weekend and here's the good news despite the fact that we're off to a really cloudy brisk potentially wet start for a couple of spots in the south bay. what we're looking at for the rest of the day. today is increasingly clear skies. now you do want to stay bundled up all day long. on this friday because conditions out there going to stay cool and stay pretty breezy to your view outside from our berkeley hills cam. some brighter skies are starting to make your way through that blanket of cloud cover that shrouded us through the morning skies are
7:33 am
definitely drying out now. we have a few sprinkles earlier today. mostly just south of san jose. as you can see, looking out at the radar in a bigger picture set up. there's some rain across the central valley. some heavy rainfall just north of fresno and then some snow. much-needed snow in the sierra nevada. what are we talking about here in the bay today. well, it is a very cool start to the morning and feeling even cooler than the numbers are showing on your screen because of winds that are well into a 20 mile per hour range right now. so layer up today into the afternoon. today. we're only rising into the 60's now will be a touch warmer come saturday and sunday and i'll get to that in the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. going to be a busy day. so if you're coming into the city for either of the games. >> you could go ahead and take the ferry bar caltrain or you could drive. and so you want to get there early on that first game at oracle park 06:37pm tonight there are several garages in the area over the chase center. the mercedes-benz garage lawyers wicker, roger owens garage are all good options for you
7:34 am
heading into the city right now. things are busy a little under 19 minutes for your drive time to make it there. we had earlier, hot spot in berkeley. >> 80 eastbound and things also started slow down just a little bit. >> along the westbound side as well because of that, that has been cleared. but traffic still sluggish heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes. no major issues or delays. check out the south bay as you're traveling from 85 towards middle park 37 minutes for you. there. 2 3785 all looking nice and light daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.34 and breaking news from overnight violence broke out after the san jose earthquakes game last night at pay pal park. one person said to the hospital when all was said and done, san jose police tweeted out. >> that there were multiple fights in the parking lot and at least one person shot. >> officers say there are multiple injuries to of all. none of them life threatening server. but he should make it through this just fine. they had to declare an unlawful assembly in order to disperse the crowd. police say 5 people in the end were arrested, including one for firearms
7:35 am
violations. the police department says 40 officers had to be called out there to handle the violence. >> in the east bay road rage in gun violence claimed the life of a 15 year-old girl. and she's identified as shamar a young. she is the one who was shot and killed while she was riding in the passenger seat of a car. >> in east oakland when late wednesday night. another car started firing shots and a car that she was in. here's video from the citizen app. this happened on bancroft avenue and there's police investigating after the shots were fired. it started with an argument. and then somebody in that other car fired shots at the car. the chimera was an this morning. we're hearing from her mother. >> she loves her family a lot love. her little brothers. and she was very protective of them and what happened to them. was just awesome. big sister and she was awesome. daughter show is when you give hugs and kisses and smother me
7:36 am
with attention. >> and it's always so sad when you hear a mother talk about the loss of a child and there's her beautiful daughters picture right there with peace sign. and it's oakland's 109th homicide of the year and that matches the total of homicides from the entire last year. and we're not done yet in the east bay. a search is underway for a man accused of pretending to be a police officer and threatening a teenage girl with a gun and we have surveillance video of the man police are hoping you can help identify him. this happened in berkeley the night of september 29th in the 1300 block of gilman street now the teenager got away acted quickly called 911. after that. and the situation is definitely concern for people live in the area and for the police they want to identify that man. >> if you find yourself in this situation like this leave the area so it is possible it to a place of safety meeting. another house that you're from there with a neighbor somewhere where there's other people around and ask for
7:37 am
help. >> and police, something also would help them is neighbors in the air. if you have any security footage, that would be really good for you to come forward and give that to the police because then they'll have another way to try to identify the man. >> a popular bar in antioch was badly damaged by fire that's now being investigated as suspicious in nature. so this is a look at some of the damage left behind. here is the fire broke out at abc ronda whose bar on walter way. those flames for the most part were contained to the bar. but some of it did spread up into the roof and also some of the damaged, an adjacent tenant in that building. we'll let you know what comes out of that investigation. but again, they are looking at it as a suspicious fire. in the south bay and unusual theft in the city of campbell to tell you about as police are looking for 2 burglars. one of them seen on camera wearing what appeared to be a spiderman costume. and here's a closer look at him running by dressed up as spiderman pulling what looks like a trash can behind them that police believe is filled with stolen property.
7:38 am
let's give you a side by side. look at these 2 images here so you can get a good look of the burglars that police are looking for this that happened wednesday morning on white oaks road in campbell. if you're in the area and think you may know something or if you have any information that will help investigators definitely give them a call. >> another civil lawsuit is filed against pg and e for its role in the dixie fire. an attorney in plumas county filed the lawsuit representing more than 500 victims of the dixie fire which started nearly 3 months ago and still is not fully contained today that fire has burned more than 960,000 acres and destroyed more than 1300 homes and other structures. according to the lawsuit, the dixie fire started when a tree came into contact with pg e's power lines. the suit states that although pg and e was on notice of a power outage nearby. they did not consider that urgent and failed to send a crew to the scene for many
7:39 am
hours and failed to shut off power in the area. pg e has admitted its equipment may have started the dixie fire. >> we'll take a break here at 7.38. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, brian laundrie's father joins in on the search now for his son. we'll have the very latest on that manhunt. plus the niners getting ready for the undefeated, arizona cardinals, but they still don't know who the quarterback will be this sunday. well, they probably know they just
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> 7.41 and we still don't know who's going to start for the niners this sunday. we don't know. we don't know. i'm sure the front office and they're niners and they now. yeah. and jimmy probably maybe it will be trent williams. trent williams protecting jimmy. maybe it will be protecting training. find because jimmy was injured is injured and trapped was injured. he had that that shoulder he did return to practice yesterday actually says he's ready to go. in fact, here is talking a little bit about how that all went down on the field during the game. >> i that they had to come out. i got up and then. maybe it took me a little man and i don't know bit. we were kind of against the play clock as well. so. it was it was kind of a collective. you know, discussion i just go down the car was just you know, say the time, but i don't know if i would've made it to the locker room without credit. >> it will be protect us on that. it.
7:43 am
>> it was for convenience because who's going you know, if you can ride james or that's that's like been my motto in life. sunday's game is going to be a pretty tough matchup. it's a divisional game. the cardinals they're undefeated. but i think we've got one 25 will be kick off there on sunday afternoon 7.43. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> it's all we've got all the way. we take it all the way. and no doubt about it. giant baby all the way. >> that's >> the conviction you need to have a yes, going all the but not getting ahead of ourselves game one is tonight. that's what the players will tell on the game. and frank us on the game. do what you can, which is wearing orange is closest we can come to helping and off of everybody's excited right to and there's excitement just about not about baseball but about we just talked about football fall. and if you're not a sports fan, got fleet week. and if you're not a fan of any of that. just how just the great outdoors life engine is going to be beautiful it really is going to be very nice for them to get rid of some showers in the morning, some of us are just a fan of it around taking it easy. >> maybe going to the gym saying we're going to at least
7:47 am
look at hugh james james's got the dodgers blew on today. a negative side false. we're all giants all day. it's feds here. and speaking of the giants, it really is one of your many options to do this weekend is a weekend full of activities. one of these activities centered outdoors, too. so the forecast. >> is going to be pretty important for this one. today is easily the coolest day of the weekend, saturday and sunday, we have a bit of a warm-up. so today for the giants versus the dodgers. that's first pitch at 06:37pm getting a little later. they're so temperatures will fall and out of the 60's and back into the upper 50's. we'll have mostly clear conditions. the catch is not any chance of rainfall. it is unfortunately the breezy conditions. we're going to be in the midst of throughout the course of the day. winds. gusting regularly into 20 mile per hour range. so get all the giants gear you can now i'd rather. have you layered up rather than missing a layer and getting a little chilly out there in the stands now fleet week one of the other big events going on today,
7:48 am
tomorrow into sunday. we'll have your afternoon. air shows. here's the good news skies do generally clear out towards the afternoon hours each of your next 3 days. the bad news today is a cool one and also a breezy once you definitely want to bundle up, especially as you head out to marina, green. you're going to be especially exposed to some of those stronger winds coming out from the ocean that is going make for a cool feel to it. but you do have mostly sunny skies and saturday and sunday are bringing even warmer temperatures along with that sunshine. so those days are going to be especially nice temperature conditions out there already having cleared out. temperatures are still cool, though. so i want you to step outside. bundled up this morning. we have rainfall for the valley, the sierra foothills and snow into the sierra nevada itself today. all this is courtesy of this low level jet that is pushed across the region. bringing us this cool weather. a big cool down from where we were to start this week. you remember we were in the 90's on monday. what a change to be closing things out. we do have a couple of sprinkles south of
7:49 am
san jose. those of generally work their way out of the picture already snow will remain in the sierra nevada through the day as the bay area clears out tonight, a resurgence of cloud cover after you fall asleep and a couple of sprinkles during a predawn hours tomorrow morning. once the sun comes up tomorrow skies will be clear and remain clear through saturday into sunday conditions today are going to be cool. so keep the jackets on not just for your morning but well into the afternoon highs only in the 60's today, tomorrow and sunday will tap into more sunshine and more 70's don, thank you for that. so we do have an accident here on the bay bridge. just popped up 80 westbound near the metering lights. so the da times may change right now. we're at 19 that could go up keep a close eye on that. let's look at the san mateo bridge. >> as you head across towards the peninsula. little under 16 minutes for you. there. how the force pretty slow about 32 minutes as you're heading towards conquer to 42. we'll have more on your friday far from like today. but darya james, back to you. thanks a lot of 7.49 and new
7:50 am
developments in the search for brian laundry, who is the florida man wanted for the in connection with the death of his fiancee, gabby petito. he's named as a person and a person of interest police don't know where he is. but longer. his father joined search crews at a florida nature reserve to look for him. we've got brian that now with the latest on that effort this morning. >> we haven't seen him leave the house in days, but rian laundrie's father christopher came out of the house carrying a plastic bag got into his truck and went to the carlton reserve. >> this the laundry truck this is the one that post that camper. this is the one that always. >> the truck parked christopher laundry got on to this all-terrain vehicle. with law enforcement heading out into the vast swath to look for his son. searching with police and the fbi on foot. 3 hours later, the vehicle laundry was riding in was towed out and he drove away in his red truck. >> did you see anything, christopher, did you see
7:51 am
anything? >> laundry was being tailed by fbi agents so we followed to see where they were going next. so they're going to some kind of. other neighborhood a few miles from the reserve laundry stopped his truck next to the fbi suv where there was some kind of discussion in this neighborhood and then they were on the move again before he returned back to his house mr monti. did you see anything that the reserve. >> anything to say about what you saw at the reserve. any sign of your son, mister laundry. we later learned from the laundry family attorney steven bertolino that laundry was asked to show police the trails and places his height with his son. >> there were no discoveries, but the effort was helpful to all. it seems the water in the preserves are ceding in certain areas are more accessible to search the entire laundry family is grateful for the hard work of the dedicated members of law enforcement that have been searching the preserved for brian over the last few weeks. hopefully brian will be located soon.
7:52 am
>> 7.51 the time will be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> james and darya the dodgers are going to destroy the giants in this playoff series. now we love san francisco. yes, it's a beautiful city gorgeous. the people of the bay area, our of our favorites.
7:55 am
>> but we're not fans of the giants and the dodgers are going to beat you. so we've got a little bit for you guys. here's what we're thinking. we love the food in san francisco. yes. so let's say the dodgers win because they well, we'd love sour dough bowl made child or powder in it. yeah. do you think that's per find a little bit of a catch while you're reading the story of the giants losing you're going to have to wear dodger cap. i suggested you paint your face blue but frank said the dodger cap. so you'll wear a dodgers cap. >> and you'll send us some nice sour dough bowls with some beautiful san francisco chowder. that's our bet. its on. >> oh, sure. yeah, it's it's on. first of all, we're not going to lose. but if we send you a bowl of chowder. you realize you can't share it. and it's a big ol mask. happy to send it and we were in the break. i think we've got a great idea. we are literally going to put a box here, put a sour dough bowl in their yeah. cheddar up that box, right and send it off to. but we're not even have to do that. yeah,
7:56 am
because we're going and when we do win what i want. >> it's doughnuts were big fans of donuts here in the morning. so that is our challenge. if we win, then frank and jessica are going to have to wear giants hats. okay. read the story about the giants winning and then they're going to send us don't as we can all share here on it right. and is there a different station. but then that she's she's and she's in dodger landedh man surely rooting for the giants that, you know, word. >> what that like. we have a secret agent there. see, we sent robin so to give us the all right. well, we are rooting for the giants. yes, we are hoping that it's going to be a wonderful day today and tomorrow to sea fleet week and to see the airplanes in the air show. and if you want to watch the parade. big ships that's coming coming in this were jacket because it's a little breezy out there in san francisco at the forecast and up in a bit. we'll be right up in a bit. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
warriors got fleet week out and we've got the niners that a whole lot going on. yeah. and if you don't like any of that. you're doing your own thing. the weather still important hold on your head, i guess is the word of the day that john it is. i mean, just look behind me at the palms on the embarcadero right now. they are swaying back and forth. we're going to have a fairly breezy day ahead of us. you pair that with temperatures only maxing out in the low 60's today for a lot of the bay and we do have a brisk feel to it. so we're going to the giants game, bundle up. if you're doing anything for fleet week bundle up for that as well. regardless of where you're at. it is that brisk fall feel your view outside at our berkeley hills cam right now starting to brighten up more and more. we are seeing some low gray, especially for them to the east and south across the bay. but we are now tapping into sunshine that should stay with us for much of the rest of the day today is just going to be cool and windy, which means yeah, get the sweaters jackets out. things that may been stashed in your closets after a long, hot summer 40's and 50's for our current temperatures later


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