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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 8, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now for 31. am. >> and again, we have a lot going on this weekend. fleet week. the giants play in addition to that, john troubles, amazing forecast. good something to look forward to every 15 minutes we are looking outside this morning. >> at a few sprinkles out isolated to the inland east bay right now. and then once you head out into the central valley. the sierra foothills. that's where you're seeing the real rainfall. let's get you look out there. so currently quite our is nice and dry. in fact, that's the way most of us in the bay area are we are seeing those light sprinkles just big airy eastern portions of the bay area. more significant rainfall into the
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central valley. and once you head up into the sierra. it is some rainfall as well. our current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. so it is a mild start a dry start so far. but i'm going to be keeping a close eye on the radar for you. keeping you updated on if anything pops up all right. let's kill look at your traffic this morning on your friday. all right. we're starting with the bay bridge. >> heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 9 minutes for your drive time. they have things are moving along pretty nicely. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsul . they are a little under 13 for you to make that commute. our richmond sandra fell bridge. you had a rich and across the word. sandra fell. look at that. wow. looks no traffic a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge, things are looking pretty nice. and light a little under 21 for you. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now. let's talk everything that's happening across the country because in a move to save the country from an economic catastrophe last night. the senate finally passed a plan to raise the debt ceiling. well, congress
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had until october 18th to resolve that issue in dc's raquel martin tells us the details on this temporary fix. good morning with a bill that passed last night will only keep the bills paid through early december. >> ultimately no republicans supported the short term deal for shadowing yet another partisan battle ahead with a credit downgrade looming and time running out thursday. the senate passed a short-term deal to raise the debt ceiling is agreed to after previously blocking the plan. 11 republicans came on board to allow a vote. but ultimately 0 back the overall deal because i'm not favor what they want to spend it on missouri republican senator josh hawley says he refuses to help democrats spend more money. i don't want to spend money. >> on welfare benefits for illegal aliens. i don't want to spend money on tax increases for small business. i don't spend money on the green new deyl democrats insist the money is for pass spending following the vote. senate majority leader chuck schumer slammed republicans for refusing to help
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republicans plated dangerous and risky partisan game. the short term fix now heads the democrat controlled house once past the treasury department will continue to be able to pay its bills which include social security benefits and paychecks for military troops. but schumer says the plan is merely a band-aid. what is needed now is a long-term solution so we don't go through this risky drama every few months he's calling on republicans to return to the table to pass a broader plan by december. >> republicans say the short term deal should by democrats more time to resolve the broader issue on their own. >> house. lawmakers will return to washington tuesday to pass the short term deal and send it to the president's desk for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. well, the senate judiciary committee has released a report that details how former president trump try to use the justice department to overturn the results of last presidential election of the report says the former
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president asked the justice department 9 different times to undermine the results of the election. the report also says trump tried to name an ally as interim attorney general to do his bidding. the justice department, prosecutors threatened to resign. in mass. if he did it. it was an incredible. >> moment which most americans didn't even know what's going on. we were a half step away from a full-blown constitutional crisis. >> democrats also wrote that trump tried to use the justice department to prop up false conspiracies of election fraud. republican senators have released their own report defending trump saying he listen to advisers and follow their advice. new video this morning from the u.s. coast guard of the fracture pipeline off the coast of huntington beach. it's just been nearly a week since oil began leaking from that pipeline into the ocean. it's still not clear how bad the spill is. coast guard officials say they've collected more than 5,000 gallons of crude oil so far
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and the cleanup efforts are going to likely take several more weeks. it's also not clear exactly when the spill happened. federal regulators have put the time of that incident at about 02:30am saturday morning. but the company did not shut down the pipeline until 06:00am and didn't report the leak to the coast guard until 09:00am. >> whether the pipeline operator know they might have had a release. and you know, why did it take them so long to initiate contact to the federal authorities about a possible problem. so those are all raising questions that it just it just looks bad from a public perspective. >> coast guard officials are also taking a closer look at this container ship marine traffic data shows the express made a series of unusual movements while anchored near the ruptured pipeline last week investigators spoke with the ship's captain and crew law was docked at the port of oakland. it's since been cleared to leave. and it's now on its way to mexico. in the
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san francisco marina, a 34 foot fishing boat is back above water. it's a was a morning near the hyde street pier the u.s. coast guard along with the office of spill prevention and response raise that boat and pump water out of it yesterday. well, gas leaked into the water when it saying, but it's unclear how much. no word yet on what caused it to sink in the first place. in the a new effort to fight the drought is in the rosa, the city plans to reestablish a ground water. well and sonoma water will be adding one 0.4 million gallons per day to the well supply kron four's kill has those details for us. >> off a country road in santa rosa, a new water sourceithat will help with areas running dry and users who have dairy ranches are running out of this water will help keep animals life. >> it will with health and safety of for some residents out there as well. cinema county is under mandatory water conservation due to
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exceptional drought conditions, thursday. second district supervisor david rabbitt along with sonoma water officials launched phase. one of the santa rosa plane drought resiliency project water typically comes from his russian river. right now. we have the diversion underway reduction in the diversion. the project would provide water to sonoma water customers by reestablishing the functionality groundwater production. well, in the santa rosa plane, the wells were originally drilled in 1977 in response to the historic 1976 to 77 drought. this the water to be hauled to those locations that are in dire needs. >> with a new source doesn't affect the diversion rate. so it helps the cities maintain their water projects. not something that we worked the 2 face project will upgrade the water treatment at sonoma waters. todd road. well. >> and upgrade the water treatment and piping for 2 other wells in the santa rosa plane. >> so they can be used for times of emergency. the
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completion schedule for phase 2 will depend on the outcome of the planning work and funding here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. well, the latino experience in san francisco dates back to the gold rush era. >> and today latinos have populated the mission district kron four's camila barco has more on the cultural legacy and community of the latinos in the city. >> the mission district cultural legacy blossoms in murals along the city streets like won on the cs painting. let's roll sus, which means for the roses flowering happened during the 1980's when i was painting this in the 1980's political turmoil growth central americans to the united states. many, we've got our when system of the and the daniels came. >> during the and made their homes in san francisco, but not the nose inhabited. the
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mission district. >> long before that the area was historically an irish community after world war 2 irish president's resettled in newly built homes. >> in the sunset district. and so what we see taking place in the mission district. then. >> is the people who are of irish descent. >> to the avenue use. this is carlos kind >> a retired professor from san francisco state he says by the 50's, the mission transitioned into a latino neighborhood the creative restaurants. they created businesses. institutions flourished in the 1970's. local groups. it's tab lish. the mexican museum got idea and the mission cultural center. it's the largest latino cultural center in the country. >> so 4 floors, great activity and great events that were taking place during that time and good team you do is they in time. the civil wars forced people to flee central america and by the 80's.
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>> the mission's latino population was booming and the mission becomes what i would say the springboard. >> for many. people who come to the city come to california. and from there eventually moved to other communities located on 24th street murals like kind of paint the cultural political and social latino experience. i trade. a mexican folk tale in her painting like you whose children are sacrificed to the water. but in. >> more contemporary terms, reviving that by 1999 24th street coined the name guy. i think the to reinforce and promote the corridors latino heritage uses a sense of pride and identity. >> looking at it as the hub for the latino community in the city over the years. thousands of have left the mission district because of gentrification. >> but the elements of the culture are still on the walls, the businesses and the
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people in the mission district camila barco kron 4 news. rival, go ahead and take your phone out scan. this qr code on your screen because we dedicated an entire page. >> 2 hispanic heritage over on our website will take you directly there and you can catch all the stories we've been airing this month. well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. the president of san jose state university has resigned. why she decided to step down. i welcome back to th
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kron 4 morning news here at 04:44am i'm reyna harvey. thank you for waking up with us this morning. >> and for having a great friday already know you're going to have a good day. well, i'm meteorologist john tribal us is that we might have some expected unexpected surprises in the forecast this morning hub of the good expected unexpected surprise. >> yes, we are looking outside this morning. conditions out there that are expected to clear when you're viewing out from the berkeley hills down into the bay itself. your north carolina weather center forecast is going to be bringing cloud cover this morning. but some clearing skies later on where we sitting with satellite radar right now, quiet for most of the bay camp bullis sprinkles at the very eastern edge of contra, costa and alameda counties as well as in the mountains above san jose. most of our rainfall has been concentrated out to the central valley in the sierra foothills. and we actually do
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have snowfall up in the sierra nevada today as cool air really grips the west coast. that's dropping temperatures enough for the first sizable snowfall of the season. of course, the air neighbors. you do see the sprinkles again for the inland east bay in the south bay this morning. nothing more than a sprinkle or 2 here. the bay. it really is much more significant rainfall for the sierra. foothills and then that snowfall up in the sierra nevada towards the afternoon. sunshine comes back out in full force resurgence of cloud cover tonight. couple of sprinkles possible into the evening in predawn hours of tomorrow morning before tomorrow, brings ample sunshine and daytime highs climbing well into the 70's for your saturday and sunday. today's daytime highs. definitely not in the 70's were only in the 60's almost across the entirety of the bay area concord at 68 for your high hayward and fremont each at 63. well, oakland and san francisco right at 64 for your highs today. tomorrow's temperatures climb well into the 70's and even further into the 70's come sunday. so today
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just a couple of morning sprinkles really nice friday afternoon. but staying cool. so bring the jackets saturday and sunday warmer and just much more comfortable under all that right now. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your friday morning commute starting with the bay bridge as you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 9 minutes to make it to that free much exit. there is, however, an accident 80 eastbound west of ash the avenue in berkeley. it looks like there's a slight delay there from what i'm looking at from the map. not bad at all. also, the san mateo bridge as we're heading across towards the peninsula. no issues, no delays. a little under 13 minutes. san jose state university president mary pop has not papa zn announced her resignation at the end of the fall semester. this comes after she's face criticism of her handling of a abuse case involving former athletes that went there. well, first tell exactly reports the case resulted in a multimillion dollar settlement with the u.s. justice
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department and the alleged victims. >> some students here on campus say they received that letter sent out by the university's president. however many weren't aware of all that led up to this. meanwhile, san jose state university alumni say this is something they've been following for years. you know that this spring some sort of closure to those alleged victims. san jose state university. president mary proposing an announced her resignation on thursday. this comes 2 weeks after an investigation by the u.s. department of justice. >> found at the school mishandled its own investigation and failed for more than a decade to respond to reports of abuse by its former director of sports medicine of scott shocked because the un's tenure as president began in 2016 nearly 7 years after the first allegations from swimmers and divers surfaced that shot inappropriately touched them on as they think sha inherited this mess. >> and i think in retrospect you can't look at your leaders to specially she came in and i don't know all the ins and outs of it. i just know that
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that was an opportunity to put your fist out and clean house or do whatever you need to get to the bottom of it. >> san jose state alumnus and former athlete brian stuckey says he's disappointed in the school and its leadership for not acting sooner while proposing an launched a new investigation in 2019 lin shaw was still on staff. the doj said the investigation fell short in made minimal efforts mister opens cap for quite some time is. >> and it comes at a mate's. this is is this point. >> one of the attorneys representing 15 of the sjsu former student athletes responded to the resignation on thursday saying quote, from the very beginning, the brave women we represent have fought to make sure that no future as jsu student athlete will ever have to face the same violations. they did violations of their bodily autonomy, their rights and their trust president propose es that after over a decade as she s use administration may finally be prepared to accept
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accountability begin the process of reform and remediation in because the ins letter she said she would, quote, continue to participate in and support the ongoing title 9 proceed, real investigation and investigations. >> surrounding former sjsu director of sports medicine scott shaw pozzi and will leave the university at the conclusion of the semester on december 21st. she also resigned in august 2020. he hasn't been criminally charged. however, the fbi is currently conducting an investigation into the allegations against him. that investigation is ongoing. >> in san jose tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >> fire up the fog cutters and the zombies. it's time to tonga again. we're talking about the legendary tonga room in san francisco on dine and dish we're going to key in taking you to the polynesian paradise known as that hunger room and hurricane bar and fairmont hotel. >> for a taste of taking don't have travel to the tropics.
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the toddler back in lab. transport you to polynesia. i the tonga room at the fairmont hotel still fires up the band on a floating boat for any seeker of the ticking lounge welcome respite. >> that hunger room and hurricane bar is open again after a 16 month pandemic time out. >> and the hotel's gm is rolling out the welcome mat. it's been a long time coming. i think along with a lot of other things that are reopening that we can welcome guests back again. guess like movie critic can swing dancer jan walker here for, you know, you can't get better than dancing to guys in the middle of the law the storm. you created in 1945 by a hollywood movie set designer the dance floor. it's from a scooter that once sailed, the south seas. >> top 40 band island group gets a groove on from a thatch covered barge in food complete with tropical rainstorms.
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>> there are boat loads of tropical cocktails to quench your thirst. you can get your fill of 2 key tip. it's like sushi rolls and ribs or maybe just drink in all the sights and sounds from tropical paradise. >> in the fight >> and this is this is the emerald city >> francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> well, go ahead, take your phone out scan, this qr code. we're always looking for great places to take you. >> in dine and dish and we can take you directly to our web page over at kron 4 where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> tesla is heading to texas ceo elon musk announced the company's headquarters will be heading from palo alto to austin. well, last summer, the company announced that its new factory would be in travis county, which is where austin is located. musk also said the company's factory in fremont is not going anywhere. even claiming the austin move will help boost production. there oracle and hewlett packard both move their headquarters in the bay area to austin last year. united airlines is betting big on a holiday travel searches says it plans to fly 3500 flights per day within the u.s. come december.
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that will be the airline's largest schedule since covid struck united cities. our growing interest in flights around the holidays on his website. searches are up 16% from 2019 expected to be the hottest destinations ski resorts and florida. coming up in the next hour, the giant will take on the dodgers tonight. it's the first time these 2 historic rivals will meet in the playoffs. >> a look ahead at the big match at. >> and we've been waiting to see the blue angels all all week, all the details you need to know about the air shows. that's up next.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> here's a great surprise. james told me it's friday. so good morning. and happy friday. i'm darya and james. yeah, we've got that reminder from across the studio reyna before we came on daria, don't forget today, right. his friday will. i would have been really disappointed if i showed up tomorrow and no here. so for so speaking of friday, it's would look today everybody is waiting for holy cow. the traffic in the city today is going to be insane, especially as we get into the evening hours. but a lot of stuff going on that were covered for you layer up so early to avoid the whole
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russia and let's check the weather with john. good morning. very smart to get up this early avoid all that. >> traffic. that's going to be here for the giants gave the warriors game fleet week. all of that going on today and mother nature is honestly for the most part. >> cooperating pretty well. any sort of rainfall potential that we have this morning is very limited and it is very isolated to are very early morning hours. you look outside of court hour right now shows you quote our not lit up in orange kind of surprised by that. but it is in view as we don't see any fog in the city currently any sort of rainfall that we do have is really been isolated to south of san jose and then in the mountains above san jose up towards the altamont pass more significant rainfall as you work out into the central valley. as for the rest of the bay area, likely not to tap into it today and increasingly clear skies later on this morning. setting us up for sunshine into the afternoon as far as temperatures go, we're in the midst of 40's and 50's. so definitely need the jackets, not just for your morning hours


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