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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 7, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> it's what baseball walks. you know, giants dodgers one of the great rivalries in sports and down. it's happening. >> yeah. we now get to revel in that rivalry. baseball history giants dodgers squaring off in the playoffs and it all starts here at san francisco. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for joining us on a thursday which i had forgotten. i admit earlier. james, here's the funny thing is i wrote know today. >> and it says it. i swear to you this morning. it says the most important thing is to remember the most important thing. that is thursday i know. well, that's not the most important thing. ok. so
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my mind bigger things okay. giants and dodgers top and will be in just a minute with that, ok, so i'm keeping my mind. i was most important, you know, enjoying the day. what i want to do today. what can i do with the weather going to be like john. it's it's looking good. the important thing about today. actually finally feel like fall a little bit it's kind of nice, right. because we've had too much summer lately. >> now we're working our way back into a cooler pattern. a cloudier pattern for the sierra nevada. at least the weather pattern, although we're kind of dodging that potential back here in the bay area missing out on some rainfall that we were hoping to see your view outside this morning. is showing you the gray that is hovering right across the bay. visibility is fine as this is cloud cover sitting above us this morning. and we're going to stay that way in the in the east bay to your berkeley hills camera. also looking nice and clear. we did see a sprinkle or 2 around mount tam this morning. aside from that today is just a dry cooler and cloudier day
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current temperatures anywhere from the 40's 50's to alone. 60 over in brentwood. put on the sweater put on the jacket today. keep it around for tomorrow and expect some 70's and sunshine by saturday and sunday. so we're really good to go in this forecast. just a change of pace. reyna don, thank you for that. well, we do have a busy thursday morning commute for you. couple accidents. >> to tell you about like this one on in hayward, southbound, 8.80, north of ripple role. we're seeing a slight delay to 38 not seen any traffic buildup along there heading into the city a little under 20 minutes, haven't seen any accidents or hazards contributing to that bumper to bumper traffic you're seeing there on the bay bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes for your drive time. the air, the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 14 that other accident northbound 2.88 trials del drive and burlingame. you've got a slight delay along 2.80 daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get back to the big story which is the big game. it's going to be san francisco
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versus la the giants and the dodgers and the store. if this is happened in the playoffs. yeah. and they will come to a head tomorrow to start things off in san francisco. kron 4. sarah stinson previewing for us what we're going to be in for live out there at oracle park. good morning, sarah. >> what better way to kick off the playoffs than to do it right here at home at oracle park with the crowd full of orange and black, of course, is going to be some blue doubled in there. but this is a big playoff game in playoff series for us planes are biggest rivals. the dodgers for the first time ever. it's a story. how did this happen? well. >> it happened because of last night, the wild card game, the dodgers beat out the louis cardinals. and you can see and they won 3 to one down to the wire. that's how they got it done. >> chris taylor hit a walk-off. 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning and the very end. they pulled it
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off. now the giants. we've got a wild season ourselves predicted to not do well, even are team manager saying a lot of people did not think we get here. sure enough, they became the nationally west champs winning a total of 107 regular season games beating out our franchise's record. the dodgers were only one game behind us tied to their own franchise record 106 games. >> now after their big wild card game win last night. the dodgers of course, reacted to playing their biggest rivals of all. we the giants. >> they've been a great team. they want. they won the division. they beat us. now we have an opportunity you know, get where we that's when the postseason. >> yeah. we'll see about that. now the giants were preparing spto beat the dodgers giants manager gabe kepler says logan webb will be the starting pitcher in game one after delivering 7 strong innings. helping the team clinched the
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nl west title and of course hitting his first home run of the season at the very end of the season. now, we will be a starting this playoff series off right here at oracle park tomorrow night at 6.37. it's going to be a packed game full of giants fans. i'm sure dodger fans will be flying up here to attend as well. game 2 saturday night 6. '07. and then the dot and the giants rather, will be flying down los angeles sunday for game 3 on monday. they will end the series back home. hopefully that will give them the upper hand starting and ending here with all of their fans supporting them. it's time the l the la at the top of our lungs and where that orange loud and proud for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to they say it makes a difference yep. you bet. if you have to ask you can't afford it, shall i take a look at the ticket prices we're talking to stub hub. sure about the demand and they say first of all, they say just
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expected to be more because it's the dodgers versus the giants. take a listen. >> ticket prices actually will build up. were we just compared to july series between both. the cardinals over here in the dodgers on average. the dodgers ticket prices 65% higher and given the postseason. this would be the first ever playoff postseason matchup between the 2 fan bases. we can only it's going to certainly drive to >> here's the weird thing. i've been searching various a ticket sites stub hub ticketmaster this is vivid seats. they've gone down in last 2 hours. so now you can get a for example, view left field 3.33 vaccinated or a 468 so yeah, earlier it was like 200 now it wants fluctuates when you see something that you think you can afford. i would say grab and our continuing coverage is on kron 4 dot com with everything you need to know about the big playoff games. 7. '06, is the tcme other news that we're covering this morning.
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breaking news from overnight young kids are one step closer to getting the covid vaccine. pfizer has submitted a request to the fda for children age 5 to 11 to be able to get the shots under emergency use. and so if they do that, the fda is already set up an independent look at this. the panel will meet on october 20 6 and that means the shots could go into arms as early as probably between thanks to halloween thanksgiving. >> also happening today. we have local health officials expected to reveal some new guidance on what it will take to take the masks off of ensure we are seeing a decline in covid cases in the bay area. covers camila barco is live. >> at the contra costa county health offices martinez with more. hi, camilla. >> good morning. so, yeah, the bay area's on its way to lifting its indoor mask mandate. but before people can take off the mask when they're at restaurants or inside the shops health officials want counties to follow a few requirements like tara said,
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noting that the covid case rates are down and santa cruz lifted its mask mandate, but medical experts want local health officials to take some things into consideration when thinking about letting go of wearing mask inside. so for example, last year in late october covid cases increased as the delta variant circulated local bay area health official doctor sara cody says health officers need to look at the case rates to make sure that they are low and stable. they also need to consider the impact on hospitals and the vaccination rates. however, a ucsf professor of epidemiology says right now is not the time to let go of the indoor mask rules. >> i mean, obviously we all want to move. well, really quickly, we want to make this done with. this may not be the right time, but 6 and a half million people in the bay area. if 90% of actually that's still 655,000 people that aren't vaccinated. so, you know, that's if the if there evenly distribute to the population. that's one thing. but if there they congregate
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then, you know, that's the places where we have. we have outbreaks. >> now the level of transmission could be another factor taken into consideration if you remember, california did set up a color-coded tier system which established covid safety requirements for each county. the state retired it in june. but according to the cdc, every bay area county is in an orange or red tier which means transmission is substantial or high. and as of this morning, no county in california is in the sea. cdc's yellow tier which signifies a low level of covid transition transmission in the community. so again, those bay area health officers are meeting today and our genes by the end of day. we may know what it will take to loosen up those indoor mask rules. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot, >> also new this morning, the u.s. coast guard was on board the ship that may have caused
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that massive oil spill in southern california. while it was docked overnight. >> right here in oakland and the associate press says investigators were given access to the ship. it's called the rotterdam express and it is the focus of the spill investigation or one of the things they're looking at. it's believed an anchor from a ship broke the pipeline and made a 13 inch and that caused the spill, the company that owns that particular ship says that they didn't play a role, but they are cooperating. the shift left. they left the port of oakland about an hour ago. we don't know where they're headed now. know. meanwhile, more workers are on the way to help clean up that massive oil spill. this is all off the orange county coast. some of the oil in the water has begun to break up naturally but coast guard crews that are out there continue to use technology like those booms to try and. >> sweep out as much of that oil as possible. now the company's pipeline broke is having to answer questions about their response to the spill as well. the federal investigators say that oil company did not shut down the pipelile for several hours
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after the leak was reported. but the company says that's not true. the coast guard is hoping to have 1500 workers on the beaches to help with the cleanup effort in the next few days. a fuel leak that took place in the bay here along san francisco's hyde street pier has now been contained. >> it happened after a 34 foot fishing boat sank wednesday morning. we have pictures of the scene there it is. the coast guard was on there on the site. they're working to contain and clean up the sheen that was on the water. we're not sure exactly how much gas leaked into the bay. but we do know that the boat can hold up to a maximum of 260 gallons. one person was on board at the time and was able to quickly get off that boat and call for help. no word yet on what caused that boat to sink. >> 7.11. and coming up after the break, one south bay city has a new plan to house the homeless. we'll tell you how. and after the break could be a big day for tesla. they're deciding if they're going to move their headquarters out of the bay area to texas.
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>> and this morning we are looking at some cool temperatures in the 50's later today at the coast. you'll barely make the 60's inland areas rising into the upper 60's to low 70's feeling like fall regardless of where you're at. i've got your forecast ahead traffic certainly picking up on this thursday morning. there is an accident out in burlingame. we're keeping a close ey
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>> and we are for you. to put trying to hide the breakfast.
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shuttle. >> i know you guys were on like 5 or 6 hours we're sitting here and i e james does not eat. i don't. >> at all ever just wait till i get it's that intermittent fasting thing or whatever, which i don't even get because like i need to eat. on your cover. i cut back. no dessert 7.15 right now, though, we want to take a look at the weather supposed to fast that day just one day and i can do it. get to john in the weather isn't a good morning you. good morning, guys. now i'm hungry to that actually looks super yummy this morning. >> sometimes his food does not look as yummy as this morning says, we are looking at a great day to be getting outside today may be working off that breakfast that you're hopefully getting in this morning before you start your day conditions out. there are cloudier and cooler. it feels like fall. finally, san jose cloud cover overhead cool. start great morning for a jog. i love this kind of mourning for that kind of stuff. you did have a couple sprinkles around mount tam this morning.
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things have dried back out. we've seen rainfall and even some hints of snowfall in the sierra nevada. more than just a hint of snowfall come tomorrow as cool air really settles into the region. tomorrow is going to be our coolest day and our best opportunity for precipitation. you'll notice that cloud cover stays with us pretty much all day long today. it stays with us into tomorrow morning, too. tomorrow morning. brings our best opportunity of any sort of shower activity in the bay area and most likely for the south bay. it's the central coast central valley and sierra foothills that sees the most of it in can't ignore that blew up in the sierra nevada. some good snowfall up in the high country. really nice to be seeing that. here's some good news for us in the bay midday tomorrow. we clear things out. getting a good dose of sunshine before a resurgence cloud cover friday night leading into a couple predawn sprinkle saturday morning possible and then the rest of the day saturday. beautiful in crystal clear with warmer temperatures. great day for getting outside for fleet week activities or getting outside for whatever you want to do this weekend.
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50's and 60's for your highs today in sf as well as along the coastline jackets needed at the coast and i'd recommend a light jacket or sweater in your bag. as you head out elsewhere in the bay too 60's to 70's for your daytime highs across the rest of the bay area. 70's. i mean, low 70's hitting 71 for 3 spots in the bay today. and those are very warmest of areas that includes los gatos antioch in vacaville all at 71 degrees right at 70% or fell and nevado tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler than today's mostly in the upper 60's in fact, i'd be surprised if we see more than just one or 2 70's tomorrow. just that slight chance of morning showers. after that, we'll have some clearing saturday and sunday. look beautiful 70's for most of the day at lots of sunshine reyna, thanks for that. we do have some accidents out there like this one out in burlingame. >> northbound 2.88 trials don't drives. you have that accident. seeing a slight delay. nothing major along one o one that's adjacent to that
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heading into the city a little under 21 minutes for you this morning. no traffic, hazards or accidents. an uptick in traffic and the metering lights are on there. a little under 16 as you make your way across towards the peninsula. let's check on some highways, shall we. about 49 minutes as you're traveling from any up, one, 60 along to 2.42 the air. and in the south bay one. oh, one with some earlier accidents issues there about 32 minutes as you're heading towards menlo park, 2 8085 in 82. no major delays. darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rate of 7.18 is the time for your money this morning. we have one bay area company saying that the supply chain problems that we're seeing around the world won't be an issue fort over the holidays and some student loan borrowers are getting a break on their payments. we've got jane king live the nasdaq with more on that good news. good morning, jane. >> hey james, good morning. she will. the department of education did begin to change its public service student loan forgiveness program. so this makeover will affect about 22,000 borrowers.
7:19 am
they'll be relieved of having to pay off their loans totaling one and 3 quarter billion dollars. now, these changes are where the students who work in the public sector. so local federal government nonprofit organizations as well. borrowers can submit their remaining loans for forgiveness to the department of education if made a 120 payments. so about 10 years of payments already. well toy makers warn delays and stalking retail shelves could create a 4 month holiday hangover toy manufacturers dealing with a multitude of issues so there's, of course, the supply chain issues. we've talked a lot about labor shortages. but there's also power outages in china and a resident shortages. well, to make the toy. so all of that has delayed. thanks. we'll san francisco base levi says new denim styles are boosting sales loose-fitting jeans for both men and women have been good sellers lately and levi's also says it doesn't rely on any part of the world for more than 20% of its manufacturing. so it will be well stocked for the holidays this year and tesla's annual shareholders
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meeting is being held at is under construction factory. it austin, texas today. now, bloomberg reports some are wondering if a ceo elon musk may move the company's headquarters to the lone star state. he is spending a lot of time there. they say it has had some tangle moments with california officials over covid restrictions live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to james. we will see what he decides. thank you very much, jane. >> yeah. 7.20, and new this morning. the fbi releasing new details about a man who was fatally shot by an agent last month in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. >> investigators say jonathan cortez was wanted on several arrest warrants, including 2 out of the city of hayward. the fbi agent who shot cortez was working with the u.s. marshals. they say the court test was a convicted felon with a violent past last week court as his family and friends held a rally outside the city of the city hall and they were demanding answers about the shooting. the fbi
7:21 am
says they recovered an illegal gun from the scene as well as other gun parts court as his family says he went the store to buy a few things and they're asking to see the surveillance video of the shooting. >> well, investigators across several east bay cities are working to see if a group of kids is connected to robberies in their cities after police say those kids were connected to a carjacking in oakland. so police say the group, including an 11 year-old also stole laptops from peet's, coffee in berkeley. now the kids then led police on a chase before crashing their car which had been stolen at gunpoint from a man in oakland. investigators in walnut creek have also connected the same group to a robbery that happened in that city on monday. >> it's 7.21. coming up after the break, the roar of the blue angels you'll hear it and see him in the sky over san francisco today. they're going to start practicing for the air show.
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want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? now they can! with downy light in-wash scent beads. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. who's ready for movie night? finally, a light scent that lasts all day. new downy light, try it today! yeah. you're going hear the roar of the sky and you look up and see the blue angels. yeah, they'll be out there practicing their full routine ahead of this weekend's. >> performances. so don't be surprised if you hear a thunderous roar from time to time. >> they're going to be up there between one and 5 o'clock. this afternoon. that's all it is not an earthquake. actually is an earthquake. but you may hear the floor rumble a little bit r%
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quick, won't affect them. james out there. but you know if you like have a bad stomach and you think about all could i do it yeah. good idea. can you go on a roller and it's a real test that says few reporters get to do. yeah, they asking earlier this week who now? we know jonathan mccall, our own kron four's jonathan mccall got to ride. >> and to take a look at what happens. see how it panned played out. >> no way. he's not going to pass out of she told an old this is where it happens. there you go. jonathan is of
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bees. >> wow. you know how hard that is up. and i didn't go with them. i went with the rebels. let me tell you, he's pulling major g's there. wow. like a hero now. >> i've been through the training where they tell, you know, you got to bear down right place like you're going into labor. you got to do. look like french is with your abs. yeah. just stone. jonathan. yeah, yeah. hitting those g's. not even a. not even a flint, right about that's as close as you all will get. >> to labor. and let me tell the rest of it not whole is really cool and kron. 4 is here to show you the best seat in the house for the for the big show which is on saturday and that is this saturday at 02:00pm and that will be hosted by you know what i think came when ken wayne, he wouldn't has allergies either because he was in the davey. he's a private sure he's going to be a commentator for that.
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given us all the play by play again, that's this saturday. 02:00pm the air show live right there in your living room. >> we'll be right back. >> jonathan did a great job to give a great job. the dodgers. they are now going to be against does for the world series in the playoffs right here at oracle live with the here at oracle live with the details coming up. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit
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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ >> 7 29 birds in the sky over san francisco, blue angels will be flying john of them a call, a hero, right. he doesn't pass out during the commercial. i bit my tongue. i'm not even up in the blue in just a bit. my tongue with breakfast amateur i can do nothing now. we are going to try as best we can to get jonothan here in studio during the 9 o'clock hour. think maybe 9.45 because we want to ask him. >> what his experiences or you can give us a play by play as we watch and then i'll tell about childbirth. we're going to be sharing all kinds of story. >> jamie, you can that everything you learned the whole what will the view be like today in san francisco. today is not a bad day. it's mostly cloudy. but as you can see at the embarcadero we've got some sunshine beaming through those clouds. >> today and tomorrow are generally are cloudier and cooler days tomorrow starting off with a few sprinkles. but
7:31 am
sunshine makes its way back into the picture, middle of the day saturday and sunday are going to be picture perfect your view outside from berkeley. it's a little gray overhead over the berkeley hills. this is what we're seeing across much of the bay area. more cloud cover than not. but there are spots of brightness. we've seen a couple of sprinkles around mount tam this morning bay area kind of miss amount skipping out on rainfall potential today we are tapping into the cloud cover in the cool temperatures, though 50's for most of our current temps until you get to the north bay were pretty solidly down into the 40's. so it is a cool start to the day. don't forget the sweaters and the jackets really feel and everything about fall in this forecast. tom, thanks for that. so we do have some accidents along 8.80, to tell you about. this one southbound 8.80, south of 98th avenue in oakland. another one a little further down there. 88 west 92 there. so just west of the san mateo bridge heading across towards are heading into the city from the east bay a little under 22 minutes for your drive. time
7:32 am
haven't see any major accidents or delays just an uptick in traffic. there are richmond center fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 14. >> for your drive time there highway force pretty slow about 46 minutes as you're traveling from one, 60 along to 2.42. we'll have more coming up. the darya. james, back to you. >> 7.31 and the big story is the big matchup that's happening tomorrow between the giants and the dodgers. yeah, they're going to be meeting here in the city by the bay kicking it all off tomorrow night. we've got kron 4 sarah stinson out of the ballpark with more on the buzz that's in the air this morning. sarah. >> you can feel the tension. rising here at oracle park and the crews are actually getting ready to put up more swagger, more orange. of course you got to prepare to block out the blue. they're putting up more twinkly orange lights around the trees that surround the park for this historic dual that's about to happen tomorrow night here. how did this happen? well, as said,
7:33 am
this morning, we'll say it again. the dodgers weasel their way in last night with the wild card game last night. the dodgers, chris taylor, as you can see in the video, he is the reason that they were really able to get the win down to the wire. that's chris taylor hit a walk-off. 2 run homer. >> in the bottom of the 9th inning and then the national league division series was set to the dodgers beat the st. louis cardinals. 3, 2, 1, that not only did they have a crazy season. the crazy ending their season. so did the giants had a wild season as well. predicted not even to do very well and not to go far. but then now look at us, the nationally west champs winning a total of 107 regular season games beating out our franchise's record. the dodgers were only one game behind us and a 106 games tied with their own. >> franchise record. now after last night's big wild card game when champaign was flowing. the dodgers reacted to playing the biggest rivals of all. we the giants.
7:34 am
>> it's what baseball you know, giants dodgers, one of the great rivalries in sports and down. >> it's happening that was the we're going to win tonight to get to those guys and. we did what we had to do. and >> we're looking forward to the series with those hats. >> heard from the their manager, our manager gabe kabel capital or says logan webb is going to be the starting pitcher in game one after delivering 7 strong innings. helping the team clinched the nl west title and also after he got his first home run of the season. the very last game. so are you looking forward to seeing webb make some more success in the playoffs. now, speaking of the playoff game one here in our local park tomorrow night. 6.37 is when it starts game 2 saturday 6. '07, and then both
7:35 am
teams will fly down to los angeles for game 3 on monday. they'll have 2 games there come back to the final game in san francisco. now this is going to be a huge, huge playoff game for us. thank goodness we're home. it does give the giants a little bit of upper hand to see majority hopefully majority of people in the stands wrapping their orange and black. i'm sure some dodger fans will be flying up here as well to represent their blue for now reporting live in oracle park. sarah stinson, back to you. oh, yeah. i can't wait for the giants to beat the wildlings guys like from game of thrones just a number. he's a machine. all right. stay with kron. 4 will have continuing coverage of the giants postseason. >> and here we've got a qr code that you can scan. it will take you right to our a special section here on the website. kron 4 dot com with information on tickets schedules. >> who's going to start all that fun stuff. so stay on top of it. >> 7.35 in the north and napa police officer is on paid leave after shooting a man who had fired a gun. the police were called to this was near
7:36 am
pear tree lane and south school avenue. an app yesterday afternoon because there was a family dispute and a man had reportedly fired shots when police got there, they say that the armed man was acting in a threatening manner and an officer shot the man once he was taken to the hospital. but we do not know his condition this morning. police in petaluma want you to look at this surveillance of photos of 3 women that they're looking for for stealing $46,000 worth of merchandise from sunglass hut store. and what happened was the women when an and the store employee says that one threatening employee demanded money from the cash register and the other 2 made off with a bunch of merchandise. >> well, san mateo county judge has ruled that scott peterson will be re-sentenced to life in prison on december 8th. this is for the murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son. the judge also separately considered whether he deserves a new trial peterson has spent more than 15 years on death
7:37 am
row, state supreme court to toss out his sentence last year and prosecutors say they will not re seek the death penalty. peterson is expected to appear in person at his re sentencing. and we'll be following that story. meanwhile in the east bay, a different perspective is coming to the oakland police commission. the city council just announced that the newest commissioner will also be the first formally incarcerated member to sit on that commission. rudy howell is an impact coach at the rubicon education partnership and he spent more than 2 decades behind bars on drug conspiracy charges. it was during that time that he received his associates degree in business administration from last in college and then was accepted to san francisco state where he started classes. once he was let out. how will be replacing oakland police commissioner jose jurado next month. >> and 7.37 in the south bay san jose is moving forward with a plan to build the largest transitional housing site in santa clara county for the homeless and it is going to be on this lot are going to transform the slot on brenham lane in monterey highway into
7:38 am
that housing site. the city will be applying for state funds to build the unit and if approved then more than a 170 units will go up housing more than 200 people who are homeless. >> i think one of the things that's unique about this site is that we're using prefab modular units which you can stack, which you can build quickly. they come off the assembly line at about $35,000 a unit which is significantly cheaper than how our county has been building permanent supportive housing. $850,000 a door. so this is an opportunity to scale our solution and help many more people and hears the rendering. that shows you what it will look like. the housing area if it all goes as planned and the city leaders want to break ground. >> this spring and have it open by next summer. in national news. national news, a federal judge is ordering texas to suspend. it's a new abortion law that is very restrictive. is called the texas heartbeat act and they need to now stop that until
7:39 am
this is challenge. basically the judge said this court will now to try and draw water out of the air. we'll tell you how it works. and governor newsom signed a bill to make college more affordable have details 7.
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big story that we're following. governor gavin newsom has signed a series of bills aimed at making college more affordable. >> here in california. it's an initiative made possible thanks to an 80 billion dollar budget surplus. >> there's a reason we're making historic investments in higher education. it's because we have an historic budget surplus this year. testament to your hard work. 80 billion dollars. >> eat your heart out. texas, eat your heart out. florida. california is back. >> so the governor along with other state leaders held an event here at a college in l a
7:43 am
to commemorate the signings again, 47 billion dollars now will be earmarked for higher education in the governor's california comeback plan and that includes funding things like increasing the availability of affordable housing for students expanding student financial aid and provide a more openings. >> for in-state students who want to attend the cal state or you see schools. >> the key. yeah. let our own kids go to on circles. we'll be right back. so in honor of my tiny tacos, i made tiny versions of us. i think they look great, right? i need new friends. try my tasty tiny tacos. download the jack app today.
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try my tasty tiny tacos today starting today. if you want to go to universal studios and go on all the rides and fun in hollywood. you're going to have to be fully vaccinated. >> bring your and or you have to have a negative test. and this is for everybody, 12 and older. plus, as you can see, you need to wear a mask. so that is the deal. if you want to enjoy that. yeah. oh. and there's a deal for you. if you want to get an electric car. yeah. the bay area air quality management district is relaunching that clean cars for all program. that's the one. >> where they were giving out $9500 to replace your gas guzzler with a new hybrid or, you know, electric car fuel cell car. whatever something getting $9,500 off on the new car and make some of these cars now affordable for people who maybe are like i want to, but they're kind of just like maybe a few $1000 over my price right for anybody. you have to be eligible. it's based on your income location and then what kind of car
7:47 am
you're going to get. but start researching now because look at programs coming back. i do love driving past gas stations. i i never going my little alex hook pass by a better judge >> oh, no, i don't care that you're a lot. but i do just enjoy that i don't because i do have to monitor my battery that yes, you do. so you can go farther than i can but kasia the weather center right now. >> john keeping an eye on our forecast that we got a lot going on this weekend. john stockton, that ac. and are you you here free, though. dozens out my battery. i guess we won't need the car. you see here at least the next few days. i had to see either on this morning. it was just a little chilly. yeah. oh yeah. definitely a little seat heater moment this afternoon. you may roll down the window for just a second. as we tap into some sunshine for just a little bit today is going to be a cool one, though 60's and 70's for daytime highs and i say 70's. i 70's barely making it there for a few spots. the coast today mostly cloudy just as the rest of us are seeing half moon bay still looks beautiful. some brightness
7:48 am
working its way through those clouds. a couple of offshore sprinkles. we did see a few sprinkles around mount tam this morning. aside from that, though, bay area stays dry today. it's more than we can say for at least the entirety of the state tomorrow as we do see this cold front that's really just placed itself across the region. it's going to continue to offer up cloud cover and also cooler temperatures tomorrow. we do see a few showers trying to reach the bay, but they're going to be more successful in the central coast. the central valley as well as the sierra foothills ignore that blew up in the sierra nevada to which is snowfall and much-needed snow fall at that. so although we're really not tapping into that energy here in the bay we are seeing some moisture elsewhere and that snow in the sierra is super-duper. welcome. nice to see that. something else to note about tomorrow, the middle of the day. we get a good dose of sunshine before resurgence of cloud cover friday night into saturday morning. a few predawn sprinkles on saturday morning before a sunny rest of the day on saturday really comfortable one too. so this forecast is actually
7:49 am
cooperating with us. i know we have some activity out there. but fleet week is not looking bad today. partly cloudy a cool one for sure. get out there with the sweaters. the light jackets. your perfect bay area stuff. redwood city at 68 today. mountain view at 66 san jose just below 70 degrees well, looking at mostly 60's from hayward fremont over to the tri valley few low 70's in walnut creek and concord oakland and richmond at 64 antioch back of illness. gatos our warmest spots today and by warm only mean 71 degrees. tomorrow's daytime highs. maxing out in the upper 60's that slight chance of morning sprinkles could see a few predawn sprinkles on saturday morning, but saturday is all about. the sunshine has also will be sunday and even the middle of the day on friday will bring some nice clearing reyna, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot out there. this is a long 8.80. >> northbound just south of 92 here in hayward. 2 lanes currently blocked there. so we're starting to see delays along 8.80, building to 38 a
7:50 am
one 85 here that's just adjacent to a 80. you could go ahead and take that to try to get around. also northbound 80 south of davis street in san leandro. another accident there. so again, seeing some delays along there. the san mateo bridge because it's so close to that accident. a little under 19 minutes for you to make a cross towards the peninsula. so we are seeing a slight delay along the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge traveling into the city from the east bay. little under 19 not because of any accidents. just more traffic. there. checking richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond, a little under 15 minutes for us checking out along highway 4.43 as you're heading from any act, one 60 along to conquer to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks alassane 15 as the drought continues. some bay area homeowners are investing in new technology. they can extract water. >> from the air. it looks like an air conditioner. neat uses coils to chill the air and then drops the water into a basin to purify it and the
7:51 am
design engineer compares it to dehumidifier the air creating water that he says is safe to drink. the technology was originally developed to help when there's no water because of a disaster like a hurricane or wildfire and people need to get water elsewhere. >> begin to realize that there's a lot of need out there, but it's not continuous. it's on again off again. so we kind of backed off the research and we came down to something instead of making massive amounts of water, something that made more efficient water so we thought, well, this would be great. least 2 water, our garden we start looking at the quantity of water produces and that. >> actually, you know, the unit that we bought into some more than ample for over what first of all, of what's going to need some ample funds to. there are some downsides first it takes a lot of energy to run. >> connecting them to solar panels can help see, you know, solar kasia got to set that up and they can only make water when the air is humid enough.
7:52 am
so they can't always provide a constant supply of water. >> well, new water conservation measures are on the horizon for the city of san jose with the city looking now at a more aggressive and a more consistent way too. i don't know change how we do our daily lives of the weekend effect of this ongoing drought. mayor sam liccardo announced a proposal to basically start a citywide water saving guideline of 15% and also setting up an enforceable today a week watering odd number had dresses could water on some days even numbers on others as one way of trying to reduce water usage. the new mandates would make a water use standard across the city. we want to all get on the same page. we think that says a water company is on to something. >> and we think that's right approach and it's the more aggressive approach what we need to take to can serve in this very, very challenging time. >> yes, city staff also want to require new. developments to only plant drought tolerant
7:53 am
landscape. that's one thing that can help the city council is looking to vote on these recommendations some time early next spring. >> 7.52 and residents in sonoma and marin counties are going to have access to free water, saving kits this weekend. the limit is one per household and it's first come first serve. but they've got a lot of goodies in these bags. a one gallon bucket. james, i told you how i keep that bucket in the shower and i use all the runoff to water a low flow. shower head fossa narrator. i don't i don't think i have one of but i like how they give you a five-minute shower timer because i just do that myself or my kids your showers a garden hose nozzle with a self closing valves in there leak detection die tablet. can you put the dion and we'll show you if you have a leak in your toileo. and then there's all kinds of tips and the flyers as well. and you hear them from 8 to noon on saturday and you can find out where on our website at kron. 4 dot com. >> we'll be right back.
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>> 7.56 and the worry is took care of business in their first home preseason game. they did. yeah. in fact, they got a win over the denver nuggets who are in town at the chase center. >> let's get to the highlights, the warriors playing pretty well with jordan poole scoring 17 points. the most of the warriors last night just draining threes. steph curry was also out there as well for
7:57 am
about 15 minutes scored 14 points about a point a minute. that's not a bad no score was one 18 to one 16 warriors and head coach kerr loves the way they pass. >> he said that they i think it was 27 so he says that's the point. where these games is to really, you know, get them in the groove and chemistry going get seems to be working so we've got now the warriors, a planned free season. we've got the big postseason with a coming to town after the playoffs. >> to more on that to come in a live report and also investigators were oakland overnight. taking a look at one of the cargo ships. there wasn't connected to the massive oil spill in southern california. that's what
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> it's what baseball giants dodgers one of the great rivalries in sports and down. it's happening. >> but baseball wants baseball gets giants dodgers. and it's happening right here in san francisco tomorrow. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and with the fans really walk around here in the bay. anyway is a win for the giants will see if they could pull it off. >> we've got a live report with sarah coming up in a minute. hopefully the weather gods will be on our side. it yeah. weather during


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