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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 7, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> right. well, the time for you now is 4.31 animate harvey, thank you for joining us. >> here on the kron 00:00am morning news and we were talking about the weather earlier, john, at the start of the week. we were much warmer. we have those to really warm days. back to back now is where we're starting to see the cooler temperatures. it was really nice to sleep in last night. no issues didn't have to have overnight to keep us cool and really good
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workout weather. i remember you saying something about rain and some wondering if folks need to make plans to go to the gym for that. are, you know, what are your thoughts there. thanks so much. rain. >> so, yes, we are looking at a slight chance of a few sprinkles. mostly an early hours of tomorrow. friday morning. this isn't going to interrupt your plans too much today. tomorrow the cloudy assist and the coolest of this forecast. good news for fleet week weekend. we're going to see some big improvements skies clearing out temperatures getting a little bit warmer that especially is going to be for the nice for the air show on saturday. so yeah, we started the week monday with some 90's tuesday. we had some 80's. then we had 70's today, tomorrow bringing more so temperatures in the 60's. so we've glad gradually slid down the temperature letter setting us up for where we're at now, which is we just full-fledged fall feels as you are getting out there. your view outside this morning at the east bay is showing your berkeley hills cam with low cloud cover sitting over head.
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we do have good visibility across the region. as you can see, any sort of cloud cover is sitting well above the bay area. it's really not resulting in too many issues out there, satellite and radar at this very moment is showing that cloudy blanket that we do have overhead. we will be looking at a couple of sprinkles at times for areas like the santa cruz mountains. but really all in all, today is a dry one. and as you can see on podcast. it's not just dry, but it is also quite clear we're going to stay that way through your morning commute. so this is a commute that's going to be a pretty easy go as you're venturing outside all across the bay area. not looking at too much. that should interrupt chip and less. there is, of course, a traffic incident which rate would keep you updated on 40's and 50's for current temperatures. alameda in hayward each at 57 oakland and pittsburgh at 58 degrees right now berkeley a cool 54 certainly not as cool. some of our north bay neighbors. but temperatures only in the 40's for santa rosa and see only the age of 45 petaluma and the bottle at 46 napa at a cool 47
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now for your full 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. novato in santa rosa. also down. we're going to keep that cooler trend of weather going on into the afternoon, too. daytime highs today will barely reach the low 70's for just a few of our inland areas. really the vast majority of the bay area holds on to this cool feel all day long with highs in the 60's. so it's jackets. sweater kind of weather. and honestly great weather for getting outside taking that jog outdoors. we've got better air quality and i don't know i at least like to work out in this weather get out there and nature right down right away. >> i love it. you just coined full fledged fall feels if you even notice that. said that like said that i feel like for a while know just right, mark, that i guess i just never thought about acts like a lot skill all meals. well, the traffic is looking full-fledged fall feels out there as you're heading from
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the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays a little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head to richmond last time we checked in chp was right. they are posted. so you just wanna definitely drive the speed limit no matter where you are. the safe and the golden gate bridge. no major fog as you're headed into the city's a little under 20 minutes. well, as we're talking about the full fledge all fields. we're also talking about this drought as it continues to grip california and some bay area homeowners are now investing tech that could actually extract water from the air. now we've seen hardly any rain over the past several months. making water even more precious. one benicia man has found a possible source. the air. the sysnem works like an air conditioner by using coils to chill the air. then it collects water drops in of bazan to purify it. the design
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engineer compares it to dehumidifier. the ear creating water that he says is safe to drink. now the technology was originally developed to help people were suffering from natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires victims with little to no access to water. begin to realize that. >> there's a lot of need out there, but it's not continuous. it's on again off again. so we kind of backed off the research and we came down to something instead of making massive amounts of water, something that made more efficient water so we thought, well, this would be great least 2 water, our garden we start looking at the quantity of water produces and that. >> actually, you know, the unit that we bought into some more than ample for all of our work first walk in the >> well, these units do require a lot of energy to run, which is where the solar panels can help. >> experts say while systems like these can be helpful for individual household. the technology isn't really feasible yet at large enough scale to solve california's
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drought conditions. and the pleasant city council has declared a local drought emergency and a stage 2 water shortage. there's now a mandate for pleasanton water customers to reduce their water use by at least 15% pleasant city staff is not recommending activating drought rates or excessive use penalties right now. could come down the line. if goals are met and the drought gets worse. new water conservation measures are on the horizon for the city of san jose. the city is looking at more aggressioe and consistent action to lessen the effect. the ongoing drought we've been seen mayor sam liccardo announced a proposal to start a city. why water saving got like a 15%. also setting in a forcible today. we water limit. so that means odd-numbered addresses can water on certain days and you have you're even numbered addresses and they can water on other days. the new mandate will make a water you stand or across the city. >> we want to all get on the same page. we think that says
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a water company is on to something and we think that's the right approach and it's the more aggressive approach what we need to take to can serve in this very, very challenging time. >> city staff also want to require new developments to only plant drought tolerant landscape and the city council will likely vote on the recommendations in the early spring. residents in sonoma and marin counties that access to free water saving kids this weekend and there are limited to one kit per household. they're also available on a first come first serve bases. so they're going to include a one gallon bucket. that is where you can use to catch water for reuse. a low flow. shower head. fossett rader, a five-minute shower timer for taking showers and garden hose nozzle with the self closing. now and a toy early detection also died tablets and some water saving tips and information to go along with that whole packet. there are multiple places to pick these kits up starting at 08:00am and last until noon on
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saturday. you can also find one the closest to you over on our website. we have this list on kron 4 dot com. if you missed any of that. national news. there are less than 2 weeks before the country defaults, democrats, republicans all trying to make progress on a deal to raise the debt ceiling raquel martin has the latest from washington this morning. good morning. well, looks like the country might be able to avert a financial crisis before that october 18th deadline set by the treasury secretary. >> but it is a short term fix. and the 2 sides must agree on the final details after a nearly 3 month standoff between democrats and republicans. a deal could finally be in reach to raise the debt ceiling wednesday. democrats said they're considering republican short-term proposal to raise the debt ceiling through december this is an urgent matter must be resolved immediately. the potential deal comes as treasury secretary janet yellen continues to warn in action
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from congress. >> could cause an economic meltdown. let me be clear. this would be a catastrophic the white house. is it yet sold on a short term deal. we don't need to kick the can wednesday. white house press secretary jen psaki criticized republicans for refusing to do more. she says the american people need certainty. american people are looking at the retirement counts worrying about their social security savings, members of the military wearing about their payments. we don't need to incur that risk. republican senator lindsey graham who uphold is helping democrats raise the debt ceiling that they can spend more money on programs we think are bad for the country. it's not going to happen. said he's also not sure he'd support the short term deal. i don't see where that gets us much cancer right back in the same boat in december. republican leadership is offering to raise the debt ceiling by about 300 billion dollars. democrats are pushing for more in a statement, senator mcconnell present at the short term plan as a way to buy democrats more time to resolve the issue on their own. in the
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meantime, it's still unclear exactly when we might see the finalized deal for the short term plan. and when we'll see a vote for now in washington. raquel martin, back to well, police in arlington, texas say the suspect who shot 4 people at a texas high school is behind bars. police say that shooting follow a fight in timber view high school shortly after 9 wednesday morning. investigators say one of the students, 18 year-old timothy simpkins pulled out a gun and opened fire. a 15 year-old was hit and is in critical condition. 3 others had minor injuries. one woman whose husband and daughter were both inside the school says she's thankful that they're both still alive. >> i knew if something was to happen that of the way. so that's what my concern was was. where it active shooter at was that actually around the area. was it in the school and then i found out was in the school i try to leave work soon as possible to get here soon as i could.
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>> police say the suspect turned himself in after he drove off from the scene of the shooting. he's being held on a $75,000 bond. a big story, a federal judge ordered texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the united states since september. that law has banned most abortions in the nation's second most populous state, the law signed by republican governor greg abbott in may prohibits abortions once fetal heart activity is detected, which is usually around 6 weeks before some women even know they're pregnant it allow for enforcement of the law by private citizens who could file a lawsuit against violators and collect money for turning them in and the battle is likely far from over texas. officials are expected to seek a swift reversal from the same appeals court that previously allowed the restrictions to take effect. >> judge pitman is now granted an injunction against the state of texas and he says against everybody in texas. in other words, executive branch
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judges courts court clerks. nobody can except us a lawsuit. now under sb 8 in texas. but this will be immediately appealed to the 5th circuit and presumably whoever wins circuit. it would then be immediately appealed to the u.s. supreme court. and we're going to be right back where we you know, about a month ago with the supreme court having his side. this without full briefing, without full argument on a so-called emergency docket. >> well, east bay congresswoman barbara lee tweeted out this message in response to the court's ruling saying, quote, we know that this band like other politically motivated restrictions across the country. disproportionately impacts low income people and people of color. adding quote, this was a win but our fight for reproductive freedom is far from over. we cannot allow abortion access to hang in the balance of the courts. our fight continues to make roe versus wade. the law of the land so far. antiabortion groups such as right to life
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and pro-life advocates have not commented publicly on the decision. we'll be right back after the break.
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well, welcome back to the kron 4 morning news reyna harvey the time for you now for 46, am. >> that a lot to be thankful for today. you look up this morning. that's something to be thankful for. also, we've got cooler weather in order to make some great plans job. we
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can get out work out. i don't know if we're still to all of that or or not. our meteorologists on travel has that weekend forecast for you. good morning, don. here's the great thing about this weather right it's not just good working out whether. >> it's also great nap and i like that. and that might be a little more appealing to meet today's best at john and coined this have already forgot it. okay. it was full as fall feels you got it. yeah, that's exactly the way to describe today. it's a full-fledged fall. kind of toying with all the past couple of weeks that we get out again and then we get cool this is that now we are really settled into it for a couple of days at least. and even next week we're going to be settled into some cooler weather with highs maxing out in the 70's that are very warmest in the rest of this forecast. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning is showing the low grade that we have overhead. visibility is fine, though. you can see all the way down into the east bay all the way out to the coastline.
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80 sort of cloud cover that we have a sitting well above us. look at this. some shower activity to our west will be keeping my eye on this looking likely that's not going result in anything more than maybe a sprinkle or 2 at the coastline today. it is going to be a dry one today for most areas. as you can see there is energy across the region as a cold front steers its way right across northern california, right at the edge of it. so we do have this on shore breeze. it's making for a brisk feel cloudy skies. and some of our coolest temperatures futurecast not looking up to mystic on seeing any sort of that rainfall reaching the ground. so if you do see it, it's just going to be a drop or 2. it's looking likely futurecast tomorrow, though, does show a better chance of likely a couple of sprinkles, especially for the south bay. better chances of rainfall for the central coast. central valley, especially the sierra foothills and the sierra nevada tapping into some snowfall. early season snow super welcome. that's honestly the most important thing that we need to see getting stocked
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up ahead of winter is a good snowpack in the sierra. so we will take as much of that is possible. even if the bay area's not getting the rain we are seeing some winds in our regional neighbors up in the higher elevations. futurecast also shows some clearing happening after those friday morning sprinkles possible followed by another lessons chance of rainfall later in the day as we move on into your friday night as for temperatures, we will be in the 50's and 60's for daytime highs at the coastline today. well, looking at 60's for most of our temperatures along the bayshore burlingame at 68 degrees. foster city and san carlos beach at 69. well, temperatures in the south bay in the upper 60's to low 70's san jose. also at 69 today, just a few 70's on this map today. among those spots, walnut creek and concord. well oakland at 64 richmond there, too. the at 67 antioch in vacaville. you are our warmest spots today and by warm i mean 71 degrees, not very warm. but all very comfortable, actually
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tomorrow is our coolest day and as i promised you, a fleet week weekend is looking great with highs. climbing back into the 70's under sunshine right now. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic if you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 2 minutes. >> for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. little under 13 no major issues or delays. the golden gate bridge clear skies. so that's a 20 minute drive for you and the richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you head out of richmond. new this morning. the fbi has released new details about a man who was fatally shot by an agent last month in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. investigators say the jonathan cortez was wanted on several arrest warrants, including 2 out of the city of hayward. the fbi agents who shot cortes says working with the u.s. marshals. they say cortes was a convicted felon with a violent past last week. what as his family and friends held a rally outside oakland city hall demanding answers about that shooting. the fbi says
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they recovered any legal gun from the scene as well as other guns. cortez family says he went to the store to buy a few things and they're asking to see the surveillance video of the shooting. police in that a little more looking for 3 women accused of stealing $46,000 worth of merchandise from the sunglass hut. police have released these pictures of the women suspected in the theft. police say the women came into the store and threatened an employee. they say one woman demanded money from the cash register while the other 2 took the merchandise. in the north bay and at police officers now on paid leave after shooting a man who fired a gun. this happened near the pear tree lane and so school avenue in napa yesterday. police say they responded to a family dispute were man fired shots. and when police arrived the arm and was acting in a threatening manner and an officer shot the man once the man was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition this morning. police are
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investigating after a person was shot near mcclymonds high school. it happened just before monday afternoon on myrtle street. police say when they arrived at the scene, they found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. the school did go on lockdown for a brief time and police not said whether the shooting was connected to the school or not. over the south bay san jose is moving forward with a plan to build the largest transitional housing site in santa clara county to help homeless the plan is to transform this lot. fire lane in monterey highway into the transitional housing site. well, the city will apply for state funds to build the unit. if the plan is accepted by the state. more than a 170 units would go up housing more than 200 people who are homeless. >> i think one of the things that's unique about this site is that we're using prefab modular units which you can stack, which you can build quickly. they come off the assembly line at about $35,000 a unit which is significantly
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cheaper than how our county has been building permanent supportive housing. $850,000 a door. so this is an opportunity to scale our solution and help many more people. >> here are pictures of what the housing units would look like if all goes as planned city leaders want to break ground in the spring and open the site by next summer. we'll be right back after the break.
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right. well, fleet week is in full swing in the bay area and the naval vessels are dot along san francisco's
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embarcadero and are open for tours all week long. the ship in particular is the u.s. s michael months or you're looking at right now. it's the second of 3 class destroyers at utilizing new guided missile technology tours are available today, saturday and sunday from 10:00am to 04:00pm to also be open on monday from 09:00am to noon. coming up the next hour, the giants and dodgers will be in the playoffs at tomorrow'segame for the first time we have those details. >> in a live report. and the blue angels fly high over the bay area today why you won't want to miss this year's lately.
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>> it's what baseball walks you know, giants dodgers, one of the great rivalries in sports and down. this happen. >> yeah. it's happening for the first time in baseball history the giants and the dodgers squaring off in the playoffs for a chance to move on at least one step closer to the world series. the dodgers are coming to the bay. >> from the bay area's local
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news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday wednesday, though. >> yeah, it is head of the game now. you know, so i just closer to friday that i even yes, on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us here at 05:00am. all right. and as we the dodgers are coming to town. that's one of the big stories are on will be chatting with copper. sarah stinson about that. they area exciting so much coming together for this weekend and how is the weather coming together job. it depends what they are talking but good news for saturday and sunday, especially, it's sunny, it's 70's. it is going to be beautiful for the air show too. we're also going to be looking really fall forecast today and tomorrow. these coolest days of your forecast. thursday and friday. >> little bit of cloud cover ov


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