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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> a walk-off home run setting up an historic showdown. the
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giants, the dodger set to meet in the playoffs for the first time ever intensifying what is already one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. wow. thanks for joining us. and kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the dodgers winning the wild-card game against the cardinals in just about the most dramatic way possible a 2 out walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th and now we get the matchup. both cities have been waiting literally their entire lives for i guess the san francisco giants versus the los angeles dodgers in the national league division series. joining us to break down this historic matchup sports director jason dumas swell. but again, guys, i was literally going crazy up in the screaming. i thought someone was going to tell me to shut up. once we saw that walk off and you'll see in a second. but look. >> if you didn't know before tonight you know, now october baseball is here. we saw instant classic down in los angeles. just our drought magic johnson cookie and
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>> this was it. the whole run that sent the dodgers into the division series. that's a home run. >> by. >> we can keep scrolling chris taylor walk-off three-run home run. the crowd goes crazy and like that we see the giants and the dodgers for the first time in postseason history. let's take a look at the matchup right now. first game one dodgers at giants, october. a first pitch is 6.37. logan webb will be on the bump for the giants game 2. kevin, god will be on the bump for the giants that 6 o 7 off friday. and game 3 is in la on monday. october 11th we don't know that time yet. and if necessary there's a game 4 and a game 5 that will be in la and san francisco. but either way, we know we're going to have a heck of a series to heated rivals back on the mound together again.
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so it's going to be nuts. you know, giants fans, one of the dodgers to lose because they're good. >> and we just like enjoying watching pot. we wanted the dodgers to win because it's the 2 best teams in baseball. and you want to have that showdown. yeah. 107 wins a 106 wins both for the most wins in franchise for each team. yeah. >> it's pretty amazing. they just say, hey, if you're a sports fan, how can you not love it is the california world series exact the 2 best teams in baseball. haha, it's great. >> all right. jason, more from you later in this newscast. but now that we know the dodgers and the giants will meet in the nlds. get ready to pay you plan on heading to oracle park this weekend. probably tell the money and talked with people that stop hub about how much you can expect to pay l a. >> and this has got to be one of the most anticipated playoff series in giants history. san francisco taking
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on the dodgers for the first time ever in the playoffs. so tickets to get inside oracle park this weekend will not be cheap of reps from stub hub said that they get in price of the door for friday night's home game will cost you about a $145 and a $149 on saturday. but shat's standing room only as you can imagine how much higher they are in the better prices in the seats. the prices before the dodgers won tonight is what i just read to you, but we just checked and they've already jumped $275 each and the prices are only going to go up for this historic matchup between the 2 storied franchises. >> ticket prices actually will build up. were we just compared to july series between both. the cardinals over here the dodgers on average, the dodgers ticket prices with 65% higher and given the postseason. this would be the first ever playoff the postseason matchup between the 2 fan bases. we can only it's going to certainly drive to >> so better safe than sorry
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stub hub. warns fans. it's better to buy from a trusted source cover. the bar code. if you end up taking a picture of the ticket and posting it online and never pay cash or by on the street. again, you want to be safe than sorry. right now. some have has just less than 3400 tickets left for friday and about 3900 on saturday. but that's just a small fraction of the stadium. so they do recommend if you want to catch all the action in person and your specific about where you want to said don't delay by now live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ellis, thank you for that. >> we'll stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the giants postseason use the qr code to be directed to the special section on our website. for more on the giants run in the playoffs, including information on tickets. the schedule of the division series broadcasts and who will start game one for the giants us all at kron 4 dot com. >> well not far from oracle park. the warriors and their fans are back at chase center for their first home preseason
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game. you will need to be fully vaccinated if you want to watch the team play that is where we find kron four's. gayle ong joining us live outside chase center. big sports in the bay area. galehouse the energy out there. >> ken and pam excitement all around n some happy fans. they're heading home for the night, but they are looking forward to many more home games this season. >> a detonation returned to chase center wednesday evening for the golden state warriors. second preseason game for the upside down. >> going inside just getting that says feeling like. >> he is so awesome. it's epic. it's this amazing. just to be back being in the environment and just seeing the colors for constant security firm stopped in the game was perfect timing for has been and it says bert
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happy timing think good time. and you've got first year season it also says epic everything is just awesome. of course, in the age of covid things look different this year. proof of vaccination is required at the door for 12 and older. >> covid test are no longer accepted unless you are under 11 years old. wears officials have been planning for a safe and experience. it's our first full-capacity crowd, 575 so we are thrilled to be welcoming fans back in the chase center tonight should be a great start to the pre season. >> or hoping will be a very successful year this year. >> and back out here live traffic is moving along smoothly since the game ended. are people take public transportation or uber or lyft that appears to be the case tonight. but as we head into the season. if you are going to chase center. it is highly advised to download all the apps you want the clear app for your proof of vaccination
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and the lawyers chase apps order food and beverage since everything's cashless these days. we're live at chase center. gayle ong kron 4 news. good to see dubbed a shunt back together again under one roof. >> gayle, thank you for that. we have developing news tonight. san jose sharks player evander kane is now under a new investigation by the national hockey league. this time over allegations he used a fake covid vaccination card using a fake vaccine card is illegal in both the u.s. and canada were nhl plays and it's against league rules. cain has also been accused of physical and abuse by his estranged wife and he was cleared last month of allegations that he bet on nhl games kane in the sharks have agreed that he will stay away from the team during these ongoing investigations a big story tonight. a federal judge ordered texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the nation since september. that law has banned most abortions in the nation's second most populous state.
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>> the law signed by republican governor greg abbott back in may. prohibit abortions once fetal heart activity is detected which is usually about 6 weeks before some women even know they are pregnant. the law allow for enforcement of this law by private citizens who could file lawsuits against violators and then collect money for turning the men and the battle is likely far from over. texas. officials are expected to seek a swift reversal from the very same appeals court that previously allowed the restrictions to take effect. >> judge pitman is now granted an injunction against the state of texas and he says against everybody in texas. in other words, executive branch judges courts court clerks. nobody can except us a lawsuit. now under sb 8 in texas. but this will be immediately appealed to the 5th circuit and presumably whoever wins that circuit it would then be immediately
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appealed to the u.s. supreme court. and we're going to be right back where we were, you know, about a month ago with the supreme court having his side. this without full briefing, without full argument on a so-called emergency docket. >> east bay. congresswoman barbara lee tweeted out this message in response to the court's ruling today saying, quote, we know that this bad like other politically motivated restrictions across the country. disproportionately impact low income people and people of color. adding, quote, this was a win. but our fight for reproductive freedom is far from over. we cannot allow abortion access to hang in the balance of the courts. our fight continues to make road the way the law of the land so far anti-abortion groups such as right to life of pro-life advocates have not commented publicly on this decision. police in arlington, texas, say the suspect who shot 4 people at a texas high school is behind bars tonight. >> police say the shooting followed a fight in timber
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view high school shortly after 9 o'clock this morning. investigators say one of the students, 18 year-old timothy simpkins pulled out a gun and opened fire. a 15 year-old was hit and is in critical condition. 3 others had minor injuries. one woman whose husband and daughter were both inside the school says she's thankful they're both still alive. >> i knew if something was to happen that of the way. so that's what my concern was was. where it active shooter at was that actually around the area was in the school. and then i found out was in the school i try to leave work soon as possible to get here soon as i could. >> police say the suspect turned himself in after drove off from the scene of the shooting. he's being held on $75,000 bond. >> educators and doctors say now that most students are back in the classroom. they are noticing a rise in behavioral report. more
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students are acting out even fighting with their peers. others might be easily distracted and have trouble focusing cal state east bay professor of public health. michael staton says the realities of living with the virus are likely taking their toll on children. >> just the gravity of a lot of them lost loved ones throughout this and not only that, but they've seen their parents often in poor teachers be really, you know, experience a lot of stress and anxiety. due to the pandemic. that's really, you know, affected all of us. >> doctors say teachers and parents should not be quick to punish students who miss behave, particularly right now. they argue rewarding good behavior is a better way of getting students to follow instructions. the justice department says disagreements over mask and vaccine mandates have triggered a disturbing trend. parents are becoming more hostile and threatening teachers and staff attorney general merrick garland says his department and the fbi are
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establishing a task force to investigate and prosecute threats and attacks made against educators. the president of the national education is association says the measures are necessary. >> is is a complex issue and it's a systemic issue. and so he wants to bring the best thinking in terms of how to resolve it. anyone is attacking anyone, the physically or making them feel unsafe. we need to hold those people accountable. the association says it hopes law enforcement and the public will help lower tensions and keep educators safe. >> especially as more school districts begin issuing vaccine mandates. happening now, the berkeley unified school district is voting on whether or not to require the covid vaccine for all students at least 12 years old last month, governor newsom announced a statewide vaccine mandate for all school children at that same age. however, that requirement won't take effect until the fda fully approves the vaccines for those age groups. if passed tonight the berkeley
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mandate would take effect on january. 2nd of next year. students who are deemed exempt will be required to get tested for the virus every week. >> today, the los angeles city council voted to approve a strict vaccine mandate. it requires people to show proof of full vaccination to enter restaurants. bars gyms retail stores nail salons and other indoor areas including staples center where the los angeles lakers play similar mandates are already in effect in san francisco, berkeley and contra. costa county la council members who support the order say it will help reduce new covid surges that some business owners are worried about enforcement. >> i feel like it's necessary, but. it is definitely going to hunters. regular business procedures getting tired of protecting people who do not want to protect themselves. >> la mayor eric garcetti is expected to sign the vaccine mandate ordinance into law. it
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will take effect november the 4th san francisco's vaccine mandate deadline for city workers is now less than a month away. the director of the city's transportation agency says more than 300 muni drivers are not vaccinated that number represents about 15% of the city's total bus drivers fewer than 50 of whom have asked for an exemption. the agency's director says losing that many drivers could severely disrupt communities services. >> you've been waiting for the bus for 10 minutes. you will now be waiting 30 minutes. and if you've been waiting 20 minutes, you will now be waiting. >> it it will significantly impact transit operations and parking control throughout the city. officials say the vaccine mandate could also lead to a shortage in parking enforcement officers and school crossing guards. >> the head of the transit operators union says workers want a choice of getting the vaccine or taking a daily covid test, a spokesperson for san francisco mayor london breed tells us that there are no plans to make daily testing an option. the oakland city
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council has unanimously approved legislation requiring city employees to show proof of vaccination by november 29th. >> those workers can seek a medical or a religious exemption. if that exemption is granted, they will have to be tested regularly time now for our 4 zone forecast says we give you the seagull eye view of the bay area from the top of mount tam a fight that such a beautiful glowing shot. our chiefmeteorologist this year was cold today and it's going to be cooler tomorrow. lords. yeah. we'll see more clouds rolling on in. we're not done with those just yet. in fact. >> coming a little threatening this afternoon as the clouds continue to roll on by. we're going to see more of that overnight tonight. and well, more of that tomorrow, too. and you're going to see some cooler temperatures as those clouds, really the kind of knocked down the sunlight. hey, if you're one of those lucky people. you've got one of those golden tickets just like willie wonka and you get to get to the game this friday. how about that? we've got the giants. so we've got the dodgers coming into town just for the playoffs. here's your first look at the forecast they're game time
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starts 6.37. temperatures are going to be a little cool in the low 60's. it is going to be partly cloudy cool right now. i've got breezy, but it could very well be windy and saying that the wind to be on the west in the coming cold. so that could be some good news for the giants. let's hope so. meantime, temperatures around the bay area today. hey, how about that 62 degrees. much cooler in a san francisco 66 in oakland. 70 degrees in san jose 71 in livermore, 75 in concord and 72 degrees in santa rosa. kind of meat a day, a cold from wandering on through but fall apart making its way into the bay area bringing with it some sprinkles out there look like it sprinkle and parts of the north bay and parts of the santa cruz mountains at times this afternoon. they may have seen a couple of like drops coming down the most that evaporate before reached the surface. now things settling down out there tonight. just some clutter in the atmosphere. other than that, a few clouds thing. staying dry. the winds, though, have been kicking up outside. we're going to see more of that to
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come back. looks like those winds going to get a little blustery. i think specially on friday we've got a weak system sliding to there's a slight chance we could be talking about some light showers on friday. but by friday night that very important night. we've got giants and the dodgers. those clouds should begin to sweep up those winds. we'll be kicking up a park. yeah. all right. thank you, lauren. >> very scary. it's very unsettling where does he what did they see the behavior. >> now to a crime spree in the east bay. police say the culprits are children. police say a group of teens and preteens connected to a carjacking in oakland in a laptop theft in berkeley. that group was caught yesterday after crashing a stolen car kron four's. dan thorn has more on the story from berkeley. >> police say an 11 year-old was among the 5 teens and preteens who were detained after committing crimes across 2 cities. police say they also heard a man that was sitting on a bench as they tried to take off in that stolen car. this peet's coffee shop on 4th
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street in west berkeley was the scene of a laptop theft that later turned into a chase for a stolen car full of juveniles. investigators say this all started just after 2 o'clock tuesday afternoon, witnesses were able to help identify the toyota camry which was spotted by police in another part of the city and then chased to university in san pablo avenues. the ages of those detained were shocking to some local parents it's very concerning and its something must be, you know, going on. there must be. >> something deep or what they feel like. it's ok to do that. the 11 to 15 year olds are also accused of striking a man who was sitting on this bench is they tried to evade police. >> the unknown victim was taken to the hospital. investigators later determined the car was taken at gunpoint from a man in oakland on monday and one of the suspected carjackers was the 11 year-old. we are seen. >> outcry for help. we're seen behavior that is unprecedented. that is not
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becoming. >> not burrell is the ceo of youth uprising in east oakland. the organization focuses on helping young people in the community by providing a neighborhood hub and activities. believes this criminal behavior as a result of a lack of resources and safe spaces in the east bay the mindset started way before 11 years old. >> i don't i don't believe they want to harm. i don't believe that is the intent and maybe into fighters gift. it's still a crime. but its survival. investigators in walnut creek and connected this same group of juveniles to a robbery that happened in their city on monday. >> other police departments throughout the east. bay are also working to see if this same group might be connected to similar crimes happening in their cities reporting in berkeley. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> other news tonight a san mateo county judge has ruled scott peterson will be re-sentenced to life in prison on december. the 8th for the
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murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son. she will also separately consider whether or not he deserves a new trial. peterson has spent more than 15 years on death row. but the state supreme court tossed out his sentence last year. prosecutors say they will not receive the death penalty. peterson is expected to appear in person at his re sentencing. there will also be brief statements from family members of 27 year-old lacy peterson who was 8 months pregnant when she was killed. a group of former fbi agents and retired law enforcement officers say they've unmask the infamous zodiac killer who terrorize communities in the bay area. >> in the late 1960's. the serial killer claimed to have killed more than 30 people while taunting police with letters that included mysterious codes. now investigators say they have found evidence which points to a man named gary francis post. >> as kron four's noelle bellow reports, the fbi says the case is still open.
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>> i believe comes from discussions and interviews with real with this is people who say that they have been with the man that they feel strongly is the zodiac killer private investigator and former investigative reporter bill proctor is a member of the case breakers. a group that also includes retired law enforcement and military intelligence personnel. >> believe they've identified the zodiac killer. there is evidence that we intend to go and find and bring back for analysis. >> there are maps from one chilling to another. arrests of the individual that we believe in fact the zodiac killer. >> after interpreting anagrams from some of the zodiac letters. the group believes gary f post who died back in 2018 is the zodiac. they point to scars on posts forehead matching that of the killer. proctor says they also made the connection through an unsolved 1966 riverside county murder. but they say police there aren't considering it.
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let's face it. we don't really know how busy he was all over the state of california. >> they say that they don't think this guy's the guy. kevin fagan has been covering the zodiac killer for more than 25 years. >> he says he's received hundreds of tips and ideas. just this year about who the serial killer might be. while he notes the case breakers are credible bunch. officials aren't buying it. but i don't think there's a nick in anything to do with it. but, you know, stranger things have happened. the fbi san francisco office was blunt in their response wednesday when asked about the claims of an id for the killer. they said, quote, the zodiac killer case remains open. we have no new information to share at the moment in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> still ahead, the drought is of course, affecting all of us. the some communities harder than others will show you where some people with no access to water need vouchers simply to take a shower plus, the united states may finally be able to pay its bills at least for another couple of months which republican
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lawmakers offering to help increase the u.s. debt limit and a new twist in the investigation into what caused the devastating oil spill down in orange county. the push for answers from the pipeline company and who might be responsible those stories and much more coming up. take a
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look at this. san francisco police are looking for this man who they say was throwing rocks atna woman and several passing vehicles. >> in the city's visitation
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valley neighborhood early this morning. the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. she is expected to be okay. no other information has been released on a possible suspect at this time. a 34 foot long fishing boat sank early this morning in league fuel into the water in the city. >> the coast guard is on the site near the hyde street pier in san francisco working to contain clean up the fuel sheen. we're not sure just how much gas leaked into the bay. but we do know the boat could hold up to 260 gallons. salvage teams are on site and working to raise the vessel. one person was on board and was able to quickly get off the boat and call authorities for help. no word yet on what caused the boat to sink. >> now to ground 0 of that huge oil spill near huntington beach in southern california. the u.s. coast guard has released this video. it gives us a first look at the pipeline that spill 10's of thousands of gallons of oil. officials say that this was taken on monday and shows
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damage to the pipeline. but no oil being released reports of a possible oil spill. first came in last friday. but the company that owns the pipeline says it was unaware of any possible spill until saturday morning. >> we're we're not aware of any spill until 8. oh, 09:00am on side warning. i promise you if we are aware of something on friday night. we promised you we would have immediately stop all operations and move forward. >> the coast guard is using gps to track the movement of big ships that were in the area at the time of the spill. investigators think a ship anchor may have snagged and dragged and undersea oil pipeline, causing it to rupture. according to marine traffic data that ship is now anchored in the port of oakland. officials with the coast guard are now seeking more data from that ship. >> coming up next. at 10, a potentially untapped source of water amid california's worsening drought. why some say we need to take a closer look at the air that story's
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>> i don't feel to them off. >> as the drought continues to grip california, some bay area. homeowners are investing in new technology that can extract water from the air. we have seen hardly any rain over the past several months making
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water and even more precious commodity. a benicia man has found a possible source the air, the system works. kind of like an air conditioner by using coils to chill the air. >> and it collects water drops in the basin to purify it. the design engineer compares the 2 dehumidifier, the air creating water that he says is safe to drink. the technology was originally developed to help people suffering from natural disasters such as a hurricane or wildfire victims who have no access to water. begin to realize that there's a lot of need out there, but it's not continuous. it's on again off again. so we kind of backed off. >> the research and we came down to something instead of making massive amounts of water, something that made more efficient water so we thought, well, this would be great for the to water our garden we start looking at the quantity of water produces and that. >> actually, you know, the unit that we bought into some more than ample for over what first of all, >> the units do require a lot
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of energy to run, which is why solar panels can be a big help. experts say while systems such as these can be helpful for individual households. the technology isn't really quite feasible yet at a large enough scale to solve california's drought conditions. >> the pleasanton city council has declared a local drought emergency and a stage 2 water shortage. there's now a mandate for pleasanton water customers to reduce their water use by 15%. pleasanton city staff, not recommending activating drought rates or excessive use penalties just yet, though those could come down the line. if goals are not met and the drought gets worse. new water conservation measures are on the horizon for the city of san jose. the city is looking at more aggressive and consistent action to lessen the effect of this ongoing drought today mayor sam liccardo announced a proposal to start a citywide water saving guideline of 15%. also setting and enforceable
10:34 pm
to day a week watering limits that means odd-numbered addresses can water on certain days, even numbered addresses can water on the other days the new mandates would make a water. you standard across san jose. >> we want to all get on the same page. we think that says a water company is on to something and we think that's the right approach and it's the more aggressive approach what we need to take to can serve in this very, very challenging time. >> city staff also want to require new developments to only plant drought tolerant landscaping. the city council will likely vote on these recommendations in the early spring. residents in sonoma and marin counties will have access to free water saving kits this weekend. they are limited to one kit per household and are available on a first come first served bases. they will include a one gallon bucket to catch water for reuse. a low flow. shower head and faucet rater a 5
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minute shower time or a garden hose nozzle with a self closing valve toilet leak detection die tablets and water, saving tips and information. there are a number of places to pick up these cuts starting at 8 o'clock in the morning last seen until noontime on saturday. you can find the one closest to you on our website. kron 4 dot com. if those items sound a little it's even worse in rural california. this is the latest drought monitor map and see how bad it is. part of the bay area are still in that. >> read extreme drought category. the dark color means the drought is exceptional and it gets worse. the farther north you go take the rhule community of orland, for example, you go up by 5 up there in glynn county just outside of chico. some people living in that area have no access to water at all. eric rucker shows us how county leaders trying to help ounces at a time. >> i've been in the area about 37 years. but on this land.
10:36 pm
>> 30 years, north, glenn county just outside of orlan. the area. joey franks will live the rest of her life because i have my heart invested in this place. her passion for the land, though, cannot help the emptiness far below what you've had underground water to supply your home, your property the whole time you've been here. but recently something happens. yes. recently the sprinkler stop sprinkling. and so i realized something was up about 5 weeks ago. her well, ran dry. she isn't the only one right back. right back. >> a that's where all this water comes >> so we've got a water distribution event that's open to glynn county residents that are suffering from water in securities due to the ongoing drought. >> in glynn county. officials say more than 200 homes that rely on underground water
10:37 pm
wells no longer have watched. most of them with no access to water at all wednesday. a little help. those needing water picking it up by the cases of the orland fire departments. it's very helpful because you don't think about how. >> how much drinking water user, how you know, water you take to work with you. >> the need for water. obviously goes far beyond just something fresh to drink if you don't have any running water. you can't take a shower with that in mind, glenn county is having people come to wear the truckers come to this pilot truck stop off of i 5 touche hours per week per person. >> thinking that in times of need. you find how many people really care. >> frank says one of the fortunate ones persons helped her move in this above ground tank. 2500 gallons that allaster a little more than a month until she needs a refill, hopefully mother nature steps up this rainy season. i am happy every time
10:38 pm
there's rain. i'm loving that. in glynn county, eric rucker. wow. well, california's been through droughts before, but when's the last time you heard about rationing showers and wells running dry like that. yeah, probably not. not since the 70's write something like that. but now we're in what's called a mega drought that's been 20 years and we may not. >> see this and any time too soon. this could be even a much longer event. so it's something we have to all prepare for it. but guys, we have seen a few scattered showers popping up in the state. that's good news. nothing big yet. but we're still way early in the wet season outside tonight. you've got some partly cloudy skies couple patches of fog along couple patches of fog along the coastline. good new with that front coming through today. the air quality looking great all clear skies out there as far as the air is concerned. that's the way it is going to stay. looks like tomorrow. clouds all the way. you saw those clouds streaming across the skies today. in fact, for while there look kind of oppressive. we saw a couple of returns on the doppler radar. no reports of any significant rainfall. most. that was bergen. that
10:39 pm
means evaporated before it hit the ground. the least for the most part, if you're lucky, you may have found a couple of sprinkles but not much left behind. not enough to tip any of our rain buckets outside. right now. we've got those temperatures cool off to 53 degrees in half moon bay. 57 in palo alto. you can really tell these temperatures fairly similar all around so influence of the ocean is now on that start to cool things off and start to see some blue beginning to show up in parts of the north bay. that's a model starting to pick up some of those temperatures dipping into the 40's. so a cooler air on the way and much, much more to come tonight, mostly cloudy skies with patchy coastal fog tomorrow. you're going to see a mixture of clouds and some sunshine and cool to mild temperatures outside this weekend. a return to high pressure. and i think much warmer weather but pretty breezy. i think as we get into sunday afternoon, cold front dropping into the state that system now falling apart. but this low just kind of developing the hanging off the coast. that will be key to our forecast. that will bring clouds and tomorrow and then it's going to drag its way toward the bay area bringing with it a chance of a few scattered showers into early. i think on 3rd on friday
10:40 pm
morning. and that system comes by and you can see kind of a little rotation here in the doppler radar forecast to mention that showing as that system comes on shore. so chance. really santa clara valley on southward. after that. we're back to sunshine offshore winds on saturday and sunday. maybe some blustery conditions, i think sunday night into monday, i think that's where fire warnings may be a concern during that period. is. so we've got to see probably gusty offshore winds developing during that period. and then staying dry in the long range forecast. alright, that being said, down below, you're going to see the clouds continue to stream overhead tonight and then early tomorrow morning that continues throughout the day tomorrow and then as we get into friday here comes not a real big rainmaker. but there you go. a chance. some scattered light showers developing around the bay area least early on friday morning, mainly to the south temperatures tomorrow going back off a little bit more. we cool down today. look at the 60's low 70's in inland. lots of 60's around the bay of 50's 60's out toward the coastline. so the next few days. here's your 10, a 10. we're going to drop those temperatures quite a bit slight chance of showers to the south on friday. back
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to sunshine for the blue angels on saturday and sunday. some warm temperatures the next week. right now it looks like for the most part, staying dry. we'll get thank you. now to other news tonight. a live look at the nation's capital on capitol hill with the threat of a partial default. >> that would send the american economy into a tailspin. senate republicans now say they will allow the democrats to raise the country's debt ceiling. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell had been an escalating standoff over the government's governments borrowing limit a default would have been the first in u.s. history, but mcconnell has conceded to allow democrats to raise the debt ceiling but only into december. president biden has blamed republicans for putting the nation's financial health at risk. it's about paying for what we owe. >> and preventing a catastrophic event. raising the debt limit is usually
10:42 pm
bipartisan. if they don't want to do the job. just get out of the way. we'll take he will do it. >> according to treasury secretary janet yellen failing to raise the debt limit would disrupt a medicare payments salary for military personnel and stop social security payments. >> coming up next in sports, we told you about at the top of the newscast. the dodgers and cardinals face off in the national league wild-card game in it was a wild finish dodger stadium, sports director jason dumas has highlights coming up. >> up, up and away our jonathan mccall gets the ride of a lifetime with the blue angels.
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>> fleet week is on in the bay area. the naval vessels are docked along san francisco's embarcadero and open for tours all week long. >> this ship in particular is the uss michael most or it is the second of 3 some wall class destroyers which utilize new guided missile technology tours are also available tomorrow, saturday and sundayn from 00:00am in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and it will also be open on monday from 00:00am in the morning until noon time. but there's no doubt the highlight of the fleet week comes on saturday. that's when the u.s. navy blue
10:46 pm
angels perform over the bay and kron four's. john's mccall was able to take a ride with the pilot earlier today. >> check it out.
10:47 pm
>> he actually did need a nap 7 has june jc. looks like natural in the cockpit. johnson was joined by officer jason johnson is a 13 year veteran of the san francisco police department. so yeah. and this week the officer justin was recognized as a key influencer by the san francisco fleet week air show for his work in the community. in fact, back in. >> 2000, 16 was a johnson was featured as a crime for a hero after developing a mentorship program designed to connect
10:48 pm
african american kids to their cultural heritage operation genesis which operates in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood has taken 50 students on an all expenses paid 10 day trip to ghana where they've explored and learned about that west african nation through culturally enriching activities. join us here on kron 4 this saturday to watch blue angels life. it's 2 hours of high-flying sons featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. it all starts. >> saturday at 02:00pm live right here on kron. 4. check it out. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >. well, if you were sure about october baseball. now you know, it is all about let's go to dodger stadium ready for yet another postseason magic johnson. his wife billie jean king in
10:49 pm
attendance, top of the first pitch gets away from max scherzer. tommy edman scores one, nothing cardinals. bottom of the 4 for now. this was the only mistake by adam wainwright. he leave a meatball over the hate an. that is goal. we have a tie game. justin turner, by the way, as of the 9th. this is the hit. you'll see nonstop until friday. chris taylor. the walk off homerun dodgers win 3 to one that sets up the first ever playoff series between 2 bitter rivals giants dodgers. here we go. here's the schedule giants at home, friday and saturday for games. one in 2 logan webb in kevin will start those games respectively then game 3 in los angeles and if necessary game 4 will be at dodger stadium and a deciding game 5 would be back at oracle park. you can catch all that
10:50 pm
coverage right here on kron. 4 news. >> warriors home against the nuggets. draymond green is presented with his gold medal. he won in the olympics this past summer by another medal chris mueller. he's won a gold medal on the dream team. jordan poole had 30 points 30 points on monday. i'm sorry, 17 points tonight, paul has 47 points in 44 minutes in the pre season. i feel a breakout year. here's porter. he stays healthy. he is going to have a big season. 15 points in 9. what it does highlight without a little steph curry. the warriors are now 2 in the postseason looking really good. and guess what? we had some reinforcements down at chase center tonight. we send it out live to our very own kylen mills who has more highland. >> hey, jason, there was a lot of excitement here in chase center tonight. it didn't feel like a pre season game. both
10:51 pm
the fans and players brought the energy the warriors are playing high intensity team basketball right now. that is evident from the stat sheet through their first 2 preseason games. the warriors have totaled 59 assists. they also have taken a 115, 3 point shots there was a common theme during the postgame interviews and that theme was the chemistry. >> our guys were. we're definitely making every effort to move the ball chair and you know, we ended up with 27 assists, which is a good number, but i'm not worried about this group at all in terms of ball movement and ensuring that easy to come in the picking of our got first here to kind of struggle. and want to go in on the could everybody's picking a fast credit to the coaches that are. good play. guys make sure the counter bought a home that we move the boy. we've been doing a really good job. >> the warriors host the lakers back here at chase center on friday. and now we know the giants will also be
10:52 pm
hosting the la dodgers at oracle park just down the street on friday night as fans were leaving the arena tonight. a beat la chant broke out through the entire crowd. so needless to say jason, people are fired up for this weekend here in the bay area. we're live at chase center will send it back to you. >> and i'm fired up. myself is going to be fun. that's why we get into this business games like we're going to see on friday. all right. that is. >> you're look at sports. we'll be
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> new report claims a number of injuries related to electric scooters, bikes and hoverboards has skyrocketed skyrocketed in recent years. more than 190,000 er visits between 2017 and 2020 across the u.s. related to the electric vehicles with each year saying thousands more accidents than the year before. doctors say the most common injuries are to the arms legs, head or neck health experts recommend wearing helmets and testing out the scooter or boards before you take it out on to the road. >> today was national clean air day which encourages everyone to take public transit and a dog and turkey is pretty good at that. meet bocce street dogs become a regular on ferries buses and trains in istanbul. sometimes spoty takes trips up to 18 miles long transit officials track oji's trips with a microchip. they say he drops
10:56 pm
by more than 2 dozen metro stations a day. >> well, i believe he loves his stumble and he loves to to them them. and they also he always the rules. you know, you know, when the doors open, you have to let the people alt first. he knows that's really about. >> smart guy. officials named bo gst enjoys traveling in the middle part of the train whenever he's on the subways name translates to english bo g, which is the word for the under carriage of a train. they go great dog. all right, lawrence. hey guys. well, let's look at weather tonight. we're going to see those temperatures kind of cool off again tomorrow. we thought. >> cooling down these last couple days, even tomorrow. i think a little bit cooler as a lot of clouds going to move across. our skies are seen that out there tonight out toward sfo the clouds continuing to move overhead tomorrow. yeah. those numbers coming down well below the average, maybe 10 plus degrees below normal for this time of year. about 70 degrees, in concord, 69 degrees. little more about 65 degrees and hayward 65 in oakland. all about 61 in san francisco and it's going to be breezy to now
10:57 pm
the next few days. these temperatures stay down even a slight chance of showers on friday. mainly the south by the weekend, though high pressure takes over offshore winds kick in watching for the potential for some gusty winds, maybe high fire danger as we get to monday and tuesday of next week. let's hope not. all right. thank you, lord. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow night and go giants. good
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the big break we've been waiting for. cops swooped down on the swamp land where brian laundrie was last seen. is this what looks like now? then, chaos in the streets. >> right in front of city hall. >> announcer: worthy deliberately humiliating the police officer? end. >> let the games begin. >> announcer: squid game sensation, the number one showing the world. >> one of the best shows i have seen.


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