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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 6, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i will welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news the time for you now. 04:30am, a radar harvey. thank you for joining us. >> on this october 6 and again, maybe your head now in the rose the next couple of days. it's going to be nice
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much cooler for a lot of us out there who have been really, really burning up in the heat. also, we might see some rain, which is some good news. well, this drought talk we've been talking meteorologists john shrable breaking that all down for us. good morning you. good morning. rain and continuing our cool down today. yesterday was a nice bit of relief from the heat of monday. >> we saw temperatures going as much as 10 degrees yesterday and today, even cooler weather ahead of us a little on the cloudier side and certainly a little on the cool side, especially for coastal areas where you want your jacket this morning. a lot of cloud cover out there but not a lot of fog to be talking about this cloudy blanket is sitting right above us today. so visibility is actually holding up just fine across most of the bay area. now as we work our way through today's forecast. dry skies can be expected. just a little on the gray side and certainly on the cooler side. 50's and 60's for our current temperatures right now that we do have a slight chance of showers. and it's really only for a couple of spots in the bay area. be talking more
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about still to come right now. all right. john, i'm looking for to that potential rain that we may or may not see. >> all right. let's get a look at the traffic is reading from the east bay into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time. the air, the san mateo bridge you're heading across towards the peninsula. he could do that in a little under 13. so not seeing any major delays for that. let's head over to get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge a little under 9 minutes. traffic is still pretty light as you're heading across towards san rafale and check out the golden gate skies are clear. looks maybe about 20 minutes or so as you're traveling into the city. we'll have more on your traveling on this wednesday morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. a big story this morning. new questions are surfacing over how much time passed between the first reports, all the oil spill. and when officials first took action on all of that. the state of emergency declared in orange county means the toxic all spill could lead beaches closed for months and on top of all of that. the effects it could have on the environment as well as wildlife could last
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for years. mary beth mcdade is in huntington beach with the latest on that investigation. there. >> ktla rode along with coast guard officials as they survey the ocean looking for more oil while crews on the ground continue to clean up the orange county coast to coast guard officials think they've pinpointed the spot of the leak with the help of commercial divers contracted by the coast guard. >> we've determined that approximately 4,000 feet of the 17.0. 7 mile pipeline has been displaced and it's been latterly displaced by a 105 feet at the white is part of the bend. they found a 13 inch split in the pipe. those in command of the response and the pipeline owners don't want to speculate. was a ship's anchor. instead they're leaving the cars up to the separate investigative team. obviously the pipeline has been displaced. >> it is a 16 inch steel pipeline that happens, they
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can and covered in and ensure and for to be moved a 105 feet is. >> not common. coast guard officials say they fall the standing operating procedure friday night with the national response center alerted them of an unknown sheen in the waters off huntington beach. they say such jean reports are not uncommon. >> and we made an initial call to the reporting party to get additional information to quantify that sheen. there was not additional information to be able to quantify or characterize that change. >> coast guard officials received another report from noaa and the wee hours saturday, but because sheen is hard to detect in the dark. they waited until first light. then teams like california fish and wildlife. the orange county sheriff and the coast guard set out to locate the sheen about 2 hours into the search saturday morning. they began to detect oil and that is when a full-scale mobilization effort began because we received a national
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response center report submitted by the responsible party. this oil disaster has renewed calls by news them to ban drilling off our coast it's time once and for all. >> to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past. >> well, that was mary beth mcdade reporting the north bay congressman jared huffman and california sen dianne feinstein introduced a bill that would ban drilling off the coast of california. right now. fossil fuel jobs. literally outnumbered 5 to one. versus clean energy jobs in the state of california. this does not have to be part of our future. while live rescue crews are continuing to search for animals that have been impacted by the oil spill for now all trained volunteers are being used. the public is urged to stay away from the spill site and experts say it's just too early to know how many animals may have been killed or injured. well,
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switching gears, a patient with severe depression is now finding relief with an experimental brain implant. a ter years of suffering researchers at ucsf say the device was originally developed to help people with epilepsy. instead, the team calibrated to detect signals associated with depression and then interfere with them one year after the device was implanted. the patient says it has eliminated her depression with no side effects. the team of researchers says while it is only one patient, the results are still remarkable. the san francisco unified school district is facing a 160 million dollar budget looking to avoid being taken s - over by the state. the california department of education is stepping in to help the district get the budget issues in order and kron four's jonathan mccall has that story. >> the san francisco unified school district is about to receive a tough lesson in finance courtesy of the california department of education facing a projected
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160 million dollar budget shortfall for the 2022 23 school year. the state now sending in an expert to help the district with a money makeover. >> at the state is asking itself. wait at a state level were making priorities right at a federal level. they're making priorities. why are we seeing results in the city san francisco. frank lara is with the united educators of san francisco. you cannot blame workers and then, you know, being bus drivers claim educators, blame the people service to our students and then claim still that it's a budget problem due to workers in a september 15th letter from the state education department to san francisco superintendent doctor vincent matthews. the school board will have to cut 13% from its budget in 2022 23. >> in order to meet the budget requirements. state superintendent tony thurmond would also have to review any labor agreements. also until a plan for a balanced budget is in place. the district would
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implement hiring freezes and stop discretionary spending during a special meeting tuesday night. state leaders said a complete takeover of the district could be on the way if not enough is done to fix the mess. so hopefully this is a reality check. >> for for those individuals. it's a few folks making really important decisions to wake up and in start realizing the desperate need that that our school sites have and work together in order to build up the confidence of the public, which has been very supportive of our public schools in the district has faced declining enrollment for a number of years. >> laura now questions why the district didn't do enough to go after billions of dollars available in aid right now. this turned up line is that they are they going after those ponds. do you know people we were told 2 weeks ago that that was not their priority. >> that was jonathan mccall reporting for us now, the district will have until december 15th to submit a plan to the california department of education on how to fix
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those shortfalls. you can read more details on the district's plan. we already have that over on our website for you. kron 4 dot com. in the south bay since the start of the new school year. there have been multiple alleged assault reported at santa clara university. many of the victims say date rape drugs involved kron four's. rob fladeboe has that story. >> signs like these calling on santa clara university students to hold their friends accountable are posted across campus in the wake of a rash of alleged assaults since school resumed last month sounding the alarm in an email to the university community was student body president abigail alvarez. >> within the first 4 days of students moving back into campus greek life leaders were made aware of 30 distinct cases of either of us all welcome advances harassment. things of that nature. alvarez says the assaults are happening at offcampus social gatherings and that many of them involve the use of
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so-called date rape drugs. i know that the emt's have helped at least 2 students who were. >> i know of one student who reached out to me who went directly to the hospital and they were also able to verify that she was repeated over. a says most of the incidents are going unreported. >> the school says it is so far received 3 3rd party allegatgons of assault and or drugging. >> in a statement, the university wrote, quote, we unequivocally condemn violence of any kind take all allegations seriously and are committed to making sure students have access to resources and support creating and maintaining a safe environment for our students is of paramount concern to the university and we are proud of our students activism and advocacy for survivors as to why this is happening. >> for the most part. you know, we that we never want to believe that something like that could happen within our own community but unfortunately, violence is a part of campus campus culture all across the united states. >> the report and subsequent rallies calling for action. it touched a nerve with fellow
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students like griffin it's very unfortunate that it happened, obviously. but it's also good that people are realizing there's a serious issue and this my 4th year here. and this is the first time anyone's actually doing anything about it over as is pleased. the university is providing confidential emotional support in the form of a survivor advocate but would like to see. still more action. >> but i think that this spike in cases has really then a turning point for a lot of administrators to start taking the issue seriously. santa clara police said they received a referral about one allegation of assault from the university. but the involved party did not want to pursue or participate in the investigation in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the giants are waiting to see they're going to play in the playoffs. why the team say they aren't worried. not one bit. it.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, harvey the time for you now 04:44am on this wednesday morning. >> middle of the week. we are almost there and our weather is almost there as well. looks great. looks like we may even have a little drizzle. isn't that right, john.
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>> yes. so it's definitely cooler and cloudier reyna and we are looking at the potential just around the corner of a sprinkle or 2 towards thursday night into friday morning. what we're out there looking at this morning is some low cloud cover sitting right above the bay area. you're nor cal on the weather center. forecast is showing the coin tower in clearview under that was gray skies that we have seen drifting across the bay the past couple of days. you can see out there across the bay area that cloudy blanket that we haven't really doesn't matter how far inland you are out towards the coastline. and yes, a couple of drizzly spots possible up in the santa cruz mountains. most of us are below that cloudy blanket. so visibility isn't too bad. we're right at the edge of a passing cold front. and that's that cloudy blanket and cooler feel is what we can expect for the day today as we make our way through this forecast. you'll notice cloud cover stays with us today on into tomorrow. and even into your friday to now thursday night into friday morning is our best chance. if any chance of rain is to be seen here and
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it's still looking really limited. look at this. this is by friday at midnight right here. still looking pretty dry across the bay. you will start to see a few sprinkles popping up mostly drifting in from the south. as i mentioned, the best chance of those early on friday for the south bay. pretty limited at this point are potential levitt. so we'd love to see some rainfall panning out on friday. doesn't look like it's going to be anything widespread. if we do see any of it. here's some good news. we are seeing air quality massively improved bay area's. good to go as for the central valley. you had some very poor conditions. they are now in the midst of some good conditions. quick change of pace as that cold front slides across the region, creating some lift in that sweeping effect 60's for most of our daytime highs in san francisco as well as our coastal spots and then a good share of the low 70's mixed in too. it feels like fall in this forecast with the cloudy skies and the light jacket sweater kind of weather that we do have really nice change of pace. if you're tired of the
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heat from fremont oakland up to richmond. it's all 60's. while walnut creek concord as well as antioch in vacaville, all tied for our warmest spot in the bay today. all at 75 degrees tomorrow's temperatures get even cooler than today's as will also be the case on friday, mostly just the 60's regardless of where you're at across the bay. we're going to be even the cloud cover around for the rest of the week that slight chance of morning showers in the south bay on friday. saturday and sunday. here's some good news as we work our way to the air show of fleet week as we do look at temperatures rising back into the 70's. lots of sunshine, really some nice conditions to be enjoying the weekend ahead. monday we start to get windy again. cool back down and our best chance of rainfall in this forecast looking more likely into next week, raining down day for that at some great outdoor and sleeping weather. there do have a hot spot. this is down to los gatos. >> along highway 17 northbound and roll drive. there looks like they had an accident. and so there's some emergency construction going on. all
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lanes are going to be closed until 5 a and they're saying this morning. all right. let's also get a look at the bay bridge and into the city a little under 2 minutes for you. there. san mateo bridge. no major delays. a little under 13 minutes to make a cross towards the peninsula. look at the golden gate bridge 20 minutes into the city. clear skies. the richmond sandra fell a little under 9. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's talk about this week will not only see the return of the famous us navy blue angels flight show. it also marks the return of another air show a full-sized commercial airliner performing a choreographed at that's going to be cool. kron four's has equal don't talk to the pilot about what it's like to fly that kind of plane in the show. >> and knew with me on my right, you know. and a factor. also why we've got we've got a trio. >> i got a chance to talk to 3 of the 4 united airlines
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flight captains before being in the 2021 fleet week show in san francisco, li double pilot captain randy abraham tells me what's going to be knew about the united airlines show this year. planning to fly with triple 70 are brand new troubles on that. we have the biggest airplane that we have. >> and actually the show no different what the other pilots universal within the restriction airplane have. >> it shows that the more restrictive airplane air space will be were able to apply hires a new lower out the faa would normally allow to the sheer delight in the absolute amazement of the spectators on the ground while it is a thrill to be hold flight captain ad reminds us that it's not all fun and games up there on the flight deck. >> it was the beautiful and calm and majestic as the airplane. but by the crowd.
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but the is a bit it takes a lot of work to get airplane to do what you're seeing and the sequel to the events are happening very quickly. the most experienced united test pilot in this show, captain joseph that. >> breaks down each crew members inside 4 of us. >> i want point to do a parade to show we have the 2 pilots flying boat. lexi cap number that play it right to it. so we do who live back of the pilots. keep an eye out for brevard by the way, captain substack and captain abraham are both homegrown products from right here the bay area for border >> in the still remember my house of and the local that show ah. but what should he write their nearby it's really
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nice for me because i feel like could be part of the community during the show. >> has it made on board too. >> a ride home grown pilots join us here on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> on saturday. we're going to be watching the blue angels. >> take offline. that's 2 hours of high $0.5 featuring spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the fun starts at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4. will switch gears. a sports and giants are back on the field. >> prepping for the nlds series opener. this friday still playing the waiting game to see if they're going to play the cardinals and the dodgers. but if you paid attention to the team all season. you realize in a genuinely are concerned about their opponents. this group is truly taking the term tunnel vision to a new level. >> we also know where our focus needs to be right now. we've been pretty good about all year. i think. we have it has paid dividends that we've been focused on on our group. understanding cardinals
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dodgers are both going to be incredible challenges. enough of our own things to be concerned about at this point. >> well, the giants will play whoever wins tonight's wild-card game first pitch is going to be at 05:00pm. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, what is your favorite halloween candy, am asking you and hope and john, i'll ask you to wish favorite halloween. candy, i know this is controversial. i do love me some candy corn do love it. yeah. well, it out that one of the war popular halloween treats is candy corn. yeah, it's more popular in california. and that's because of john by nidal than anywhere else in the country. well, for our candy companies, one of the nation's largest producers of candy corn and they revealed its list of the top 5 states who consume the sweets, california, thanks to john himself takes the top spot followed by texas, florida, new york and michigan. well, if you saw a torrential on your roof would you call someone to come collect it. somebody in san mateo did just that except wasn't actually a spider the peninsula humane society says it got a report from someone who saw this following decoration on a rooftop freaked out does look
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pretty realistic. the humane society says an animal rescue control officer to the home who then climbed on to the rules only to start laughing when she realized the spider was unreal. she put the decoration into a box made for capturing fighters. the homeowners didn't realize the decoration was that there according to animal rescue control. this is not the first time a fake animal was called in. >> couple years ago, we received a call from someone out again here. and so of course, that's something that's incredibly unusual in our area. so we find this alligator was actually a four-foot long plastic alligator, which of course didn't. he. >> and dc her background she's got a spot with on or the video he she's keeping on par with the theme. the peninsula humane society says they also received calls about animals on the side of the road. it actually turned out to be >> still to come on the kron
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00:00am morning news democrats vowed to fix the debt limit crisis while republican senators say they will not help them >> plus, one of the fleet week's biggest events. it's going to start today. we'll tell you what you can expect. when he tore us navy ship will have that in a live report. and the warriors are getting ready to take on the nuggets tonight. expectations they have for their upcoming season. lowe's showrooms have a variety of stylish flooring
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you'll love for years to come. like pergo wetprotect. and stainmaster. exclusively at lowe's. your life might change, but your flooring can last a lifetime. order now, get your flooring installed with help from lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for joining us. not going to get any work done. like that. you go. that's much better now we're up and and i'm james fletcher. it is a wednesday morning. we're halfway through the week that much closer to fleet week weekend actually we have a live reporter out talking about the ships have been arriving and forget that you're going to war worriers game. yeah, that's going hello. that's for a little we have i think nice weather in store yesterday was delightful. i would say yeah. nice change of pace. that's for sure. a long gun or the 90's. and yesterday we fell into the 80's. now we're waving goodbye to the 80's and saying hello to the 70's that are very warm. mist fall is settling in and settling in a big way these next few days. today's daytime highs. noticeably cooler and even yesterday was you outside of the east bay right now does show y


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