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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 6, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on october 6 winds de andrade harvey, thank you so much for waking up with us this morning. and joining us. so the couple of days at the start of the week. maybe monday and tuesday, rick white war. and i think today, according to our meteorologists timetable is where we start. that gradual stepping down process by the end of the week, we could see rain and i think we also could see temperatures in the upper 60's. good morning, john. hey,
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good morning. rain that we did look at monday being the hot one yesterday we started that cool down. >> and today even more so temperatures getting even cooler yet. nice change of pace from the heat of the weekend and on monday. indeed. so what are we looking at today. will temperatures cooling into the 60's and 70's. no 80's anywhere in sight. certainly no 90's either your view outside her berkeley hills camera is showing some of the low gray that we do have sifted into the bay during our overnight hours. you can still see the view down towards berkeley in the distance. and honestly overall are visibilities fearing just fine as cloud cover is for the most part sitting right above us this morning. so don't expect much in the way of any sort of fog that's going to be blocking out much of review for your wednesday. morning commute 50's and 60's for those current temps hayward oakland conquered and pittsburgh in the low 60's while dublin livermore at 58 berkeley and san francisco each at 57 no 40's on the map this morning. but santa rosa, you're pretty close to that mark at 52 degrees currently wake-up planner shows you that by the
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time we move into the afternoon day. time highs certainly nothing hot. it's only 60's and 70's even for for this to inland neighbors. just some low 70's. a cool mostly cloudy day and feeling like the middle of fall for sure. it's getting even cooler yet. and yet we do have a slight chance of rain for a couple of spots anyways still to come rate a job that you that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this wednesday morning. heading from the east bay. >> into the city. a little under 10 minutes for get right on there. the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. a little under 13 minutes for you as you're traveling a richmond. sandra fell commute. a little under 9 minutes as she added a richmond and we had chp that was there yesterday just want to definitely make sure you're always striving the speed limit and let's check out the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city and skies look much clear today they were at the start of the week. hotel in san francisco is going to be transformed into supportive housing for the homeless city leaders
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approved the measure last night and the city is also expected to soon approve to other sites for the same news conference tell exactly has the details for us on that. >> we just made a historic vote for our community. it was one of the first purchases in the city of a hotel that we're going to transform into affordable housing for those that are transitioning out of homelessness or could be homeless. they will be paying rent just like all the renters in the city, san francisco supervisor osha safadi is referring to the mission in which sits in his district in the outer mission. >> because we have money now with prop c the tax that was put properties. gross receipts in the city. over 50 million dollars. >> we have an oversight committee that recommended hotel purchases. and in our city. it costs about 8 to $900,000 per unit for new construction. we will be purchasing this building all the rehabilitation that will take place. it will be 400. 50,000 $1 per unit. 52 unit
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supervisor, something he says. >> the board is expected to approve another 2 sites in the coming weeks that in total will house more than 300 homeless individuals. one of those properties is a student apartment building in summer and another is a single-room occupancy hotel in the mission. the city plans to apply for state funding for at least one and possibly all 3 properties that is excepted could cover about half of each however, the state funding through homekey as time sensitive now, the city can miss out on matched funding for a 4th site. the continued cannon hotel in japan town after strong opposition from its neighbors room wants homelessness fall. >> t people are worried th have concerns and to be neighborhoods often lock the thing that they most need, which is that if they had housing in their neighborhood, they would have fewer people experiencing homelessness director at ucsf many of homelessness and housing initiative. >> doctor margo crew shell says solving homelessness
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should be just one neighborhood or communities responsibility. >> and jennifer friedenbach with the coalition on homelessness says using state funds would also result in less units to house people. all of this money really counts and all of these buildings really count. we need if we're going make a visible difference in homelessness. >> it's going to take a lot of investment in a lot of hard work to make it happen. and it and it requires all of san franciscans to pitch the city is expected to approve the other mission and some locations next week. >> as for that japan down hotel supervisor suffices discussions will continue. >> in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> in the south bay there will soon be more housing for people who are homeless in the city of san jose city leaders are expected to approve plans to build the city's 5th emergency interim housing community 76 new housing units will be built in the overflow parking lot of the san jose police department administration building. it's on west mission street airport. the project is expected to break ground. this
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fall and construction will take about 6 months. san jose mayor sam liccardo says this type of emergency housing is accelerating the city's response to its homeless problem. >> we have the opportunity to be able to build housing that will get on house residents off the streets faster. we can build these units much faster than we can do it much more cost effectively than we've ever done before. >> san jose's emergency housing plan is part of a larger goal to find permanent shelter for 20,000 homeless people and double the city shelter capacity by 2025. new for you this morning. the latest mask mandate is extended the city council voted unanimously to extend the mandate in a special meeting last night. the original measuretwas passed at the end of august. but needed a vote to extend it. otherwise it will have expired. the climbing covid case rates and hospitalizations along with high vaccination rates across the bay area health officials
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considering changing the mask mandate. san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties are all working on finalizing criteria here to lift the mask mandates indoors concourse and for talked with a local health expert about the possibility of easing mask mandates. >> changes to indoor masking across the bay area could be on the horizon. the contra costa county health department's medical director telling the board of supervisors on tuesday, quote, we are working in coordination with other counties in the region who have indoor masking orders to establish criteria for these counties to ease some of these restrictions. i think it would be a good idea for them to indoor mask mandates. people can still mask. there's never going to be something that tells people ask doctor monica gandhi infectious disease specialist and public health expert with ucsf says the bay area's high vaccination rate has made it a safe time to lift the masking rules. currently all bay area
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counties except solano require everyone to wear masks inside places like gyms. grocery stores and restaurants except when people are eating or drinking even after meeting the criteria to go maskless health officials are still recommending people wear them as a precaution. the difference between the phrase mandate and recommend. >> is the is the word mandating really needs that were in the public health emergency that there has to change. and luckily we really are doing great on all of our metrics. the specific metrics have not been released yet, but they are expected to be uniform across the region. >> each county may need those metrics at different times, meaning some may lift mask mandates before others. hopefully will never have to go back. but by putting in specific metrics, you always have that option if god forbid, which i don't feel happen. you can go back and put back the indoor mask mandate reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>> a kaiser permanente suspended more than 2000 of its employees across the country. whoever fuse to get vaccinated. the suspensions represent about 2% of the company's us workforce. and in a statement, kaiser says those employees are now on unpaid leave and have until december 1st either get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. permanently. it's not clear how many employees are affected here in california. and the santa clara county board of supervisors approve the use of funds from the american rescue plan to provide hero pay for all county employees. the board is calling it hero pay as a way to thank employees for their work during the pandemic about 76 million dollars are going to be allocated to provide one time bonuses of up to $2500 for nearly all 22,000 workers. this does include higher positions such as the santa clara county sheriff as well as the district attorney. only the 5 county supervisors and county executive are exempt from those bonuses. the
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newlyweds in the south bay need help. finding a stolen car with a wedding veil in it. it happened on monday morning at around 02:00am the couple says their mother's car was valet. don't santana role in san jose. the family says their key was left unattended and the thief and to get a hold of it and get away with the silver 2017, mercedes model gls this is it right now. the surveillance video from the hotel. they were staying at. you can see the thief taking off from the valet parking in the car with the veil and other momentos inside. >> my mom and irish easy now to a veil or like okay, like, you know, this is the one thing that we want to keep him like, you know, pass town. you know, said ms really heart breaking. >> well, the family filed a police report in san jose. they say the valley insists they lock the key in the door. but there was no sign of forced entry into the cabinet. we reached out to the hotel. the lindsey that. >> have not heard back from
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them yet. >> we're getting more details surrounding bomb threats that forced evacuations at to south bay high schools. san jose. police say there were threats made from the same phone number and the same voice would seem to be a young man just after about 1230 yesterday. students at saint francis high school in mountain view were evacuated after police first threat about an hour later, a second bomb threat was called into presentation. high school in san jose. police say both campuses were cleared and they did not find any explosive. police say they not have a lead yet on who the suspect is. in the east bay a nonprofit warehouse in oakland was broken into yesterday. elder care alliance delivers groceries to low income seniors. well, these they're still electronics like ipads and lap tops the also damage in port in quitman like their palates stacker the non profit estimates is going to set them that more than $20,000. so
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they're asking for community support through donations, or equipment to continue their mission. alexander. so of a a so run well, the palo alto woman who's accused of starting the fawn fire in shasta county are looking at right now on your screen. she was back in court. her attorney says she is not mentally fit to stand trial. now the court-appointed to psychologist to determine her mental stability until then, so front of a a will remain at the shasta county jail. she's charged with arson investigators say she claims that she was just trying to boil water when that fire started. well, coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news congress continues to debate whether we want to raise the debt ceiling. what the secretary of treasury is now say might happen to the economy. >> if a decision isn't reached and a wide scale cleanup operation is underway in orange county as officials reveal what may have caused
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that leak. the sacramento river is being used to help with the water shortage. how the district plans to manage the growing drought conc east ba
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happening water from the sacramento river because of a shortfall in its water supply. >> the company's total system shortage is at 57%. but with that come some challenges. for
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example, different water sources can mean a different taste. kron four's terisa stasio tells us how the district plans to manage all of that and the growing crisis and concerned with the drought. >> for the next several months. this plant, the freeport regional water facility near downtown sacramento will provide a lifeline for east bay residents this is our emergency kit that sandra polk spokesperson for east and she explains 2 decades ago investments were made to help fund the plant and now it is paying off as a district region and state face a serious drought for example, this is san pablo reservoir currently at only 57% capacity with the free port plan to come pumped 35,000 acre feet today and what it allows us to do is support our local economy and support our customers during this stage of drought yet this is not just any water but drinking water for the one 0.4 million customers. so. >> will it be different?
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>> really taste different. is it different? >> and that's great question. and water in water. tastes is a very individual thing and some people might notice a difference. and some people might not. >> andrea says they spent 46 million in upgrades to flush out any taste differential. they also use a special panel of super sniffers. yes, that's a thing. yeah. we lab tests that we're order to tell the difference between one water supply another. and we also have a water quality staff that have become super sniffers to know. >> to detective very minute differences in the smell and taste of water. and we also have some customers who are really good at we we've and they i would assume speak up.
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yes, yes. so will definitely let us know. so there you have it. more water and maybe more taste. >> coming soon to you. kron. 4 news. >> well, kron 4 has dedicated an entire drought section on our website. take your phone out. if you can crawl out it really quickly scan that qr code with your phone so you can find an interactive drought monitor map that we have over there. we also have some great tips to help you reduce water because we know can be difficult. the latest water restrictions in the bay area and even how grocery prices may be impacted by all of this because, john, we're all connected a grocery prices of the water and all those other tips were just talking about a moment ago. >> you know what also is connected to everything the heat and the weather over the past couple of days. we may actually have a little water falling from the sky, which hopefully can help. but we don't know that just quite yet. good morning, john. hey, good morning. rain. a big changes in this forecast indeed. it just feels a lot
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more like fall. that is for sure. >> and yeah, a slight chance of maybe a couple sprinkles in the south bay later on this week, which would certainly be really, really nice. your view outside this morning shows you some low gray that's hovering right above berkeley. visibility has actually been ok so far today we're looking at low clouds above the bay rather than fog sitting in the bay. so you can actually see some of the city lights down below. and as far as visibility goes, whether you're inland or by the coastline or actually are actually faring pretty well. couple of drizzly spots up in the santa cruz mountains as well as upper elevations in the north bay this morning. aside from that that we do remain dry as this cold front really just slides across the region. bringing us this cloud cover and this cool down a sweeping effect on air quality has resulted in massive improvements for neighbors out towards the central valley. they've been seeing very poor air quality over the course of the past week conditions improved for them and for us as well, ok, so where are we sitting with this forecast. today's daytime highs easily
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cooler than yesterday's which is already a cooler one than the day before dawn monday 60's for your highs. in sf and right along the coastline as for temperatures along the bay shore will be 60's or 70's burlingame right at 70 degrees. palo alto and mountain view holding on to those upper 60's san jose. also right at 70 cooler than yesterday's upper 70's were. fremont hayward up through oakland 60's. well, the tri valley through walnut creek and concord either low or mid 70's. this is some really comfortable fall feeling stuff right here. antioch in vacaville. also tied for some of our warmest numbers at 75 today. nevada. one sailor fell at 74 degrees each in tomorrow and friday getting even cooler than that with highs. for the most part falling into the 60's. now did mention that chance of showers. it's a very slight chance. and honestly at this point mostly just for the south bay thursday night into friday morning. this is actually good news for fleet week weekend, especially the air show on saturday as conditions will be well
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cleared out by then and highs climbing back into the 70's for a lot of the bay under increased sunshine. so a lot of cloud cover to close out this workweek saturday and sunday getting a little bit nicer. and then we cool back down, get windier in cloudier into next week. reyna john, thank you for that. so everything is looking great in the east bay as a traveling from. >> the east bay into the city. but we do have a hot spot. this is down to los gatos on the highway. 17 northbound a drone dry. the on ramp. there is impacted and you have some emergency construction going on northbound at the drone drive. there all lanes closed until 05:00am. so we're going to keep a close eye on that for you this morning. also, let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. as you head across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays our bridges all looking great at this hour. little under 13 minutes. the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you're heading across and the check out the golden gate bridge, oregon into the city. clear skies. so about 20 minutes for your drive will have more weather and traffic coming up now
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let's get back to the news. the treasury secretary warns if congress does not act to raise the debt ceiling by the 18th. the country could face a crippling recession. democratic leadership vowed to resolve the looming crisis body into the week. but with republicans still refusing to help the u.s. is only inching closer to a financial meltdown. raquel martin has that story for us. good morning. republicans are still refusing to help democrats raise the debt ceiling. despite new pressures from the white house. >> still today, democrats will try to pass the plan on a bipartisan bases. but there's little hope it will pass if republicans would just get out of the dam. way we could get this all done in a push to save the country from an economic meltdown. senate democrats say they will try again to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling wednesday. >> all we need is 10 republicans to vote with us treasury secretary janet yellen says congress has less than 2 weeks to pay its bills
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and avoid a default. she warns inaction would delay millions of americans, social security checks. >> veteran benefits and even popped paychecks for postal service first ever default on the national debt would be catastrophic for our economy and gravely harm americans across this country and republicans agree the debt ceiling needs to be addressed. >> the only issue is who doesn't. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says democrats have the power and time to do it alone said in july. i said in august. said in september. there's a clear path at a tuesday press conference. mcconnell alongside republican leaders vow to uphold an upcoming vote to raise the debt ceiling. they argue they will not help democrats been more money on poor them one more time not to play russian roulette with the american economy with a credit downgrade looming. schumer says he could keep the senate in session during a scheduled october recess starting next week. we're going to stay here
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till we get this done. president biden is also calling on republicans to allow the vote today. the president will actually be meeting with business leaders at the white house to discuss potential catastrophic damages that await. >> for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. thank you for that coming up next to the kron 4 morning news a rise in assaults have been reported. >> santa clara university. what students are doing to bring light to that problem.
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>> our grand marshal for the 20 20 to 20 roses lavar burton. >> oh, awesome is is so after >> and sacramento native levar burton will be the grand marshal of the 2022 rose parade the theme of the rose parade is dream. believe achieve that couldn't be more fitting for burton who is an acclaimed children's tv host and literacy advocate. >> never underestimate the power of a dream. there is an absolute link between that which we dream and that which we achieve and the middle connector. is a match, a nation. i believe our imaginations of the superpowers of human beings. >> a reading rainbow used to be my favorite show growing up. burton says dreams are why he is where he is today. he says he and his family have long enjoyed the rose parade and he dreamed he would get the chance to be the grand marshal. one day. and look,
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it's happening. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a local school district's budget is short millions of dollars. >> what can happen in that district does not get its budget under control. i will
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welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news the time for you now. 04:30am, a radar harvey. thank you for joining us. >> on this october 6 and again, maybe your head now in the rose the next couple of days. it's going to


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