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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news a tense him just so we see the conditions of our street. we see the need for this housing. >> so every neighborhood has to step up and do its fair share. >> now at 10 tackling san francisco's homeless crisis by putting people who are homeless in hotels could be a solution. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne tonight, san francisco city leaders cast a monumental vote to transform a motel into supportive housing for the homeless. the mission inn motel in the outer mission will be purchased by the city. officials are expected to approve 2 other locations in san francisco for the same purpose. well, kron four's, taylor king joins us live now from the city with more on this story. taylor. well, those 3 sites will house more
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than 300 homeless individuals and there was supposed to be a 4th site. but the city has since pump. the brakes that site was in japan town and it has since caused controversy within. >> it's neighborhood that ultimately means, though, that the city could miss out on state funding. >> we just made a historic vote for our community. it was one of the first purchases in the city of a hotel that we're going to transform into affordable housing for those that are transitioning out of homelessness or could be homeless. they will be paying rent just like all the renters in the city, san francisco supervisor osha safadi is referring to the mission in which sits in his district in the outer mission. >> because we have money now with prop c the tax that was put properties. gross receipts in the city. over 50 million dollars. >> we have an oversight committee that recommended hotel purchases. and in our city. it costs about 8 to $900,000 per unit for new construction. we will be purchasing this building all
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the rehabilitation that will take place. it will be 400. 50,000 $1 per unit. 52 unit supervisor, something he says. >> the board is expected to approve another 2 sites in the coming weeks that in total will house more than 300 homeless individuals. one of those properties is a student apartment building in summer and another is a single-room occupancy hotel in the mission. the city plans to apply for state funding for at least one and possibly all 3 properties that is accepted could cover about half of each >> however, the state funding through homekey as time sensitive now, the city can miss out on matched funding for a 4th site. the continued cannon hotel in japan town after strong opposition from its neighbors room wants homelessness but people are worried they have concerns and to be neighborhoods off and locked. the thing that they most need. >> which is that if they had housing in their neighborhood, they would have fewer people experiencing homelessness
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director at ucsf benioff homelessness and housing initiative. >> doctor margo crew shell says solving homelessness should be just one neighborhood or communities responsibility. and jennifer friedenbach with the coalition on homelessness says using state funds would also result in less units to house people. all of this money really counts and all of these buildings really count. we need if we're going make a visible difference in homelessness. >> it's going to take a lot of investment in a lot of hard work to make it happen. and it and it requires all of san franciscans to pitch in. >> now. the city is expected to approve the purchases of the other mission in soma site locations next week. as for that japan town hotel. well, supervisor suffice as discussions will continue for now live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> well, there will soon be more housing for people who are homeless in the city of san jose city leaders are expected to approve plans to build the city's 5th emergency interim housing community 76
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new housing units will be built in the overflow parking lot of the san jose police department's administration building. it is on west a mission street and airport. the project is expected to break ground this fall. construction will take about 6 months. san jose mayor sam liccardo says this type of emergency housing is accelerating the city's response to its homeless problem. >> we have the opportunity to be able to build housing that will get on house residents off the streets faster. we can build these units much faster than we can do a much more cost effectively than we've ever done before. >> san jose's emergency housing plan is part of a larger goal to 5 permanent shelter for 20,000 homeless residents and double the city's shelter capacity by 2025. the santa clara county board of supervisors has approved the use of funds from the american rescue plan to provide what's called a hero
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pay for all county employees. the board is calling it hero pay as a way to thank the employees for their work during the pandemic about 76 million dollars will be allocated to provide one time bonuses of up to $2500 for nearly all 22,000 workers. this does include the higher positions such as the santa clara county sheriff and the district attorney only the 5 county supervisors and the county executive are exempt from the bonuses. >> kaiser permanente has suspended more than 2000 of its employees across the country who have refused to get vaccinated. the suspensions represent about 2% of the company's us workforce. in a statement, kaiser says those employees are now on unpaid leave and they have until december first to either get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. permanently. it's not clear just how many employees are affected here in california. >> to climbing covid case rates and hospitalizations along with high vaccination rates across the bay area.
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really has health officials considering changing their minds about masking san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties are all working on finalizing criteria to lift the mask mandates indoors. kron four's dan thorn, talk to local health experts about the possible easing of that mandate and he joins us now live in the newsroom with more. dan. well, ken and pam, the science is pointing in this direction and health officials say that it will not immediately mean. >> that all i'm asking is out the window. the plan is to develop a set of metrics that counties will have to meet before easing the masking restrictions and those metrics could be released by the end of this week. >> changes to indoor masking across the bay area could be on the horizon. the contra costa county health department's medical director telling the board of supervisors on tuesday, quote, we are working in coordination with other counties in the region who have indoor masking orders to establish criteria for these counties to ease some of these restrictions. i think it would be a good idea
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for them to indoor mask mandates. people can still mask. there's never going to be something that tells people to shun mask. doctor monica gandhi infectious disease specialist and public health expert with ucsf says the bay area's high vaccination rate has made it a safe time to lift the masking rules. currently all bay area counties except solano require everyone to wear masks inside places like gyms. grocery stores and restaurants except when people are eating or drinking even after meeting the criteria to go maskless health officials are still recommending people wear them as a precaution the difference between the phrase mandate and recommend. >> is the is the word mandating really needs that were in the public health emergency that there has to change. and luckily we really are doing great and all of our metrics. the specific metrics have not been released yet, but they are expected to be uniform across the region. >> each county may need those metrics at different times, meaning some may lift mask
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mandates before others. hopefully will never have to go back but by putting in specific metrics, you always have that option if god forbid, which i don't feel happen. you can go back and put back the indoor mask mandate. >> well, health officials say that in addition to updating mask guidance. they're also working to modify the health order in requiring people in restaurants and gyms to show proof of vaccination reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news stan, thank for that. right now. the vallejo city council and solano counties in a special meeting to decide if it will extend the city's mask mandate. >> the original measure was passed at the end of august and will now need to be extended or it will be expire. that meeting could go until midnight tonight. but if there's a decision before then will bring it to you here on kron. 4, san mateo county board of supervisors passed a resolution declaring covid misinformation a public health crisis county supervisor david canepa announced the resolution on twitter saying, quote, myths and lies cost
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lives when covid misinformation is shared widely on social media. do not trust statements from nicki or joe rogan trust the science and quote, similar resolutions have been declared in monterey and san diego counties. the biden administration has previously slammed social media companies for allowing misinformation about the virus in the covid vaccines to spread and the administration has urged those companies to do more to address what it calls an urgent threat to public health. >> from teenagers mental health problems to a system that prioritize profits over political divisions and even violence. a whistleblower lays bare before congress. her view of facebook's inner workings frances houghton, the former facebook employee detail the way the silicon valley giant hooks people to its service. and while she says she believes facebook did not set out to build a destructive platform. in the end, she says the responsibility lies with mark zuckerberg.
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>> mark holds, a very unique role the tech industry and that he over. 55 1% of all the voting shares for facebook. there are no similarly powerful companies that are as he unilaterally controlled. and the end, the buck stops with mark. there's no 100 currently holding more accountable, but himself. >> the buck stops with him in the buck stops with him. >> today's testimony comes as facebook faces serious questions about its power. our washington, dc correspondent joe khalil has more from today's explosive hearing. >> this research is. >> the very definition of a bombshell that bombshell reporting directly to facebook whistleblower. frances haugen told a senate committee today facebook knew its content was addictive and harmful to users, especially teen girls but ignored its own research for the sake of its bottom line. they're going to be women walk here on this planet in 6 years with brittle bones because of choices that fit
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that facebook may around and for sizing profit today or they're going women when one in 20 years who want to have babies who can't because they're infertile as a result of the eating disorders. facebook internal research showed its algorithms lead teams on instagram to content. promoting eating disorders. sometimes leading to mental health issues, even suicidal behavior. choices being made inside of facebook are disastrous. our children, our public safety. for privacy and for our democracy. facebook's algorithm also directs users to divisive controversial political content often rank with misinformation because it tends to get more comments and likes. how can says facebook contributed to violence on january 6th and deadly political unrest in my unmarked and ethiopia. what can you do. >> you know, he can of social media content. an option not to get content. republican senator john thune says there
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is bipartisan support to regulate facebook's algorithms and to get tougher on social media. giant's ability to collect users personal data in washington. i'm joe khaleel. >> a facebook spokesperson later released this statement in response to the whistleblower's testimony which reads in part, quote, we don't agree with her characterization on many of the issues he testified about despite all this. we agree on one thing. it's time to begin to create standard rules for the internet. >> well, this surrounding facebook isn't the only issue that has lawmakers attention this week. the united states could default on its debt as early as sunday which analysts say could trigger a financial crisis and that could be avoided. they say if lawmakers reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling. but it's of course, controversial republicans and democrats. >> predictably are at odds are grant. lotus is here in the studio with more on this. we're always on the brink of something that seems i think people at home are listening
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to this kind of following along a bit and thinking what is wrong with why can't they just get it together and sort this out. but according to the u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen. if congress does not take action to raise the debt ceiling. the u.s. wouldn't be able to pay its bills which could very likely economists say cause a recession. so lawmakers know they need to get a bill to the president's desk maybe by the end of this week, democrats are planning a vote tomorrow to try to force the issue. but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, the republican. he says all the republicans will vote against raising the limit. he's instead telling democrats to use the you might say complicated reconciliation process to raise the debt ceiling with only democratic votes. president biden calls that suggestion reckless, the white house saying it would be cumbersome and perhaps take weeks in a letter to president biden. mcconnell wrote, quote, democrats are preparing
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another staggering taxing and spending spree without any republican input or support bipartisanship is not a light switch that speaker pelosi and leader schumer a flip on to borrow money and flip off to spend it. democrats need to tackle the debt limit. we gave them a road map. and 3 months notice. i suggest that our colleagues. good move by now it's perfectly clear. which part which political party is working to prevent a default on the debt. >> and which party is deliberately and almost cynically rooting for one. >> there is one suggestion floating around that could potentially solve the debt crisis legally. the treasury department can meant a 1 trillion dollar coin and then deposit it at the federal reserve n continue paying the country's bills as normal. the
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treasury secretary yellen calls that idea gimmick saying it is like asking the federal reserve to simply print money to cover its deficits as for tomorrow's vote. ken and pam, republicans are threatening to block that through a filibuster. and we don't know what will happen beyond that. so we really don't know when the money will run out a yell that we don't there isn't a date. october 18th has been thrown you know, maybe by the end of this week. but. the u.s. has never defaulted. there's there's precedent to suggest that that something will get done. but there there is real concern. economists are just predicting what would actually happen if we were not able to get this. and of course, this issue comes up under republican administrations as well as democratic ones and it just always it's just drive everybody crazy. and this is to pay for money that's already been spent. that was passed previously. it has nothing to do with today. spending.
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>> this is stuff that was already passed by house. morgan exact and you cannot pay your mortgage type of thing. all right. it's a mess. thank you. president biden. meantime, is trying to unite moderates and progressives in his party over the timing and the cost of his 2 infrastructure bills. he's meeting virtually with key democrats to try to find a compromise but says senators joe manchin of west virginia and kyrsten sinema of arizona need to step up. >> i need 50 votes. the scent i have 48. >> progressive. democrats want to move forward with biden's original agenda and spend at least 3.5 trillion dollars to address issues including climate change and childcare. but senator manchin wants to spend less than half of that. senator cinema has not even saying what she might be willinghto support. >> more californians will soon be receiving their stimulus checks. the state is sending out 480 million dollars to
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qualifying residents who make under $75,000 a year. unlike the previous rounds of payments, paper checks will be mailed to people who did not use direct deposit for their state tax returns. depending on your income, you can expect payments of 600 to $1100 if you believe you qualify all you need to do is file a 2020 tax return by october the 15th, the san francisco unified school district is facing a 116 million dollar budget shortfall. >> and there are some concerns it may not be able to pay its bills for years to come. officials with the state department of education are now being forced to step in, try to get the district's finances in order kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us with the concerning details and the reaction, jonathan, get this really impacts everyone can right now. san francisco unified schools operating this current fiscal year on a nearly one 0.2 billion dollar budget this year. the district received
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140 million dollars in federal funding to help with the covid-19 pandemic, but also in this current fiscal year and for years to come, district leaders say because of it they may not be able to pay their bills. now, they only have a few weeks to come up with a financial blueprint. the san francisco unified school district is about to receive a tough lesson in finance courtesy of the california department of education. >> facing a projected 160 million dollar budget shortfall for the 2022 23 school year. the state now sending in an expert to help the district with a money makeover. >> at the state is asking itself. wait at a state level were making priorities right at a federal level. they're making priorities. why are we seeing results in the city san francisco. frank lara as with the united educators of san francisco. you cannot blame workers and then, you know, bus drivers claim educators, blame the people servicing our tudents and then claim still that it's a budget problem due
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to workers in a september 15th letter from the state education department to san francisco superintendent doctor vincent matthews. the school board will have to cut 13% from its budget in 2022 23. >> in order to meet the budget requirements. state superintendent tony thurmond would also have to review any labor agreements. also until a plan for a balanced budget is in place. the district would implement hiring freezes and stop discretionary spending during a special meeting tuesday night. state leaders said a complete takeover of the district could be on the way if not enough is done to fix the mess. so hopefully this is a reality check. >> for for those individuals. it's a few folks making really important decisions to wake up and in start realizing the desperate need that that our school sites have and work together in order to build up the confidence of the public, which has been very supportive of our public schools in the district has faced declining enrollment for a number of years. >> laura now questions why the
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district didn't do enough to go after billions of dollars available in aid right now. this turned up line is that they are they going after those ponds. do you we were told 2 weeks ago that that was not their priority. the district will now have until december 15th to submit a formal plan to the california department of education on exactly how they plan to go about. >> fixing that shortfall not only for the next school year but for the school year after that as well. you can read more details on the district's plan right now on our website, that's kron 4 dot com. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. all right, jonathan, thank you for that. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast a live look outside of san francisco's coit tower. pretty clear picture of it to glowing in the dark. oyster is gloating looks a radioactive let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to fill us in what do you think? i think this weekend is going to be orange with the giants plan. a man it better
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be right. this a good guess. hey, guys. we've got some changes coming our way the next few days. you probably felt some of that today. much cooler air rolling into the bay. area's high pressure finally breaking down after bringing us some hot days and some temperatures up in the 90's in the hot spots. even some 70's along the coast. but that was far gone today in the clouds already rolling in again, thickening up tonight, more clouds on the way for tomorrow. temperatures taking a major hit today. some places as much as 20 plus degrees cooler in oakland and hey, we're 14 degrees. cooler in livermore 11 degrees cooler in san jose and 18 degrees cooler in san francisco. so yeah, these numbers topping out only in the 60's below average actually in san francisco today 69 in oakland 77 in san jose 83 in livermore, 82 and parker and 72 degrees in santa rosa. well, here comes the cold front. you can see that ruling on in far northern california may catch a couple scattered showers. unfortunately for the bay
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area. the average just love some clouds but not much in the way of rain that sea breeze is blowing outside right now. that's cool off the temperatures 50's in a few 60's out there right now. i think as we head through time here. we'll see a whole lot of clouds of this cold front. you see that on and off throughout your day tomorrow. probably as we head in toward thursday to. but right now it looks like we keep things pretty dry here, at least for the next couple days. there's a slight chance of showers. coming up and then maybe a couple more chances of rain in the 10 day forecast. but these don't look to be very impressive right now. i'm getting a little more concerned of what looks like a potential for a very strong wind event coming our way. and of course, that means high fire danger will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. they don't want that. we don't want thank you new tonight at 10, alexandra souverneva the palo alto woman accused of starting the fawn fire and shasta county was back in court today. >> her attorney argued that she is not mentally fit to stand trial. the court has appointed 2 psychologists to
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determine her mental stability until then, she will remain behind bars in the shasta county jail. she's been charged with arson. investigators say she claims she was trying to boil water when the fire started. >> new details tonight surrounding bomb threats that forced evacuations at to south bay high schools today. san jose. police say the threats were made from the same phone number and apparently the same voice which seemed to be a young man just after 1230 this afternoon. students at saint francis high school in mountain view were evacuated after police say they received the first threat about an hour later, a second bomb threat was called into presentation high school in san jose. police say both campuses are clear and they did not find any explosives so far. they say they do not have a lead on who that color was. >> the state department of food and agriculture has placed part of south san jose under quarantine because of the oriental flu fruit fly officials say 6 of those flies were found in an area near the
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santa clara county fairgrounds prompting the quarantine that covers a zone of about 94 square miles. you can see that area outlined on this map and blue from the alum rock neighborhood in the north to settle for recent county park in the cell and by south bascom avenue in the west to joseph t grant county park in the east residents in that area are urged to consume a process and a homegrown fruit and vegetables on their site or to try and take extra care in disposing of it. >> still ahead tonight, a mission to destroy its not a james bond movie. why nasa's upcoming mission will send a device to space to deliberately crash. plus, containing an oil spill catastrophe a wide-scale cleanup operation now underway in orange county as officials reveal what may have caused the leak and a devastating theft for a family staying at a trendy bay area hotel. the crime caught on camera and the plea for help. >> next.
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>> new at 00:00pm tonight, a nonprofit that delivers groceries to low income seniors had their warehouse in oakland, broken into yesterday. now their jobs could be harder after thieves stole electronics, including ipads and laptops and they damaged important equipment such as their palates stacker
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elder care alliance estimates. this will set them back. more than $20,000. so they're asking for community support through donations or equipment to continue their mission. >> millie was in the south bay need some help finding a stolen car that wedding veil left inside their car was parked on santana row in san jose with the hotel valet. but somehow a thief managed to take the key and then take off with the vehicle. >> kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now in the studio with but they're asking sounds like a sad situation totally deflating after a beautiful night. of course, and the celebration, family and friends and then. >> waking up to that in the morning and fortunately they were super confused, as you can imagine. and frustrated. but the bride says what she really wants to get back is her wedding veil. the happiness of a joyous occasion was cut short after wedding celebration. >> these newlyweds learned that the very next day their mother's car was stolen carrying precious momentos inside when my mom and irish
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easing out, revell are like okay. >> like, you know, this is the one thing that we want to keep him like, you know, pass town. you know, said ms. >> really again, it just. >> the current i'm going so far. >> the bride's mother watches in disbelief. a surveillance video from hotel valencia on santana row in san jose reveals a thief taking off from the valley parking lot in her car. it happened at around 02:00am on monday morning and the family says that their key was left unattended and the criminal managed to get ahold of it and get away with the silver 2017, mercedes model glc along with that. she desperately wants her daughters, bail >> the family filed a police report in san jose. and they say that the valley insists that they lock the key mentor, but that there was no sign of forced entry into the cabinet.
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we have not heard back yet from hotel valencia live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you. ella. next at 10, a war says a worsening drought forcing east bay mud to pull some of its water from a new source. how this could affect the taste. plus, remarkable achievement at ucsf. >> our researchers say they were able to cure a woman's depression and the source of the massive oil leak off orange county's coast is identified but exactly what went wrong remains a mystery tonight. the call for an end to offshore oil drilling. and the clouds continue to roll in over the bay area. now, could we see some rain in the next 10 days. >> we'll talk about that with et. and coming up
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on the court quicker. >> a big story tonight, new questions over how much time passed between the first reports of the oil spill in southern california. and when officials took action. >> the governor declared a state of emergency and aren't county that may's the toxic oil spill there could leave the beach is closed for months and the effects it could have on the environment and wildlife could last years. mary beth mcdade is in huntington beach with the latest on the investigation. >> ktla rode along with coast guard officials as they survey the ocean looking for more oil while crews on the ground continue to clean up the orange county coast. coast guard officials think they've pinpointed the spot of the
10:35 pm
leak with the help of commercial divers contracted by the coast guard. >> we've determined that approximately 4,000 feet of the 17.0. 7 mile pipeline has been displaced and it's been latterly displaced by a 105 feet at the white is part of the bend. they found a 13 inch split in the pipe. >> those in command of the response and the pipeline owners don't want to speculate. was a ship's anchor. instead they're leaving the cause of to the separate investigative team. obviously the pipeline has been displaced. >> it is a 16 inch steel pipeline that happens, they can in covered in and ensure and for it to be moved a 105 feet is. >> not common. coast guard officials say they fall the standing operating procedure friday night when the national response center alerted them of an unknown sheen in the waters off huntington beach. they say such jean reports are not uncommon. >> and we made that initial
10:36 pm
call to the reporting party to get additional information to quantify that sheen. there was not additional information to be able to quantify or characterize that change. >> coast guard officials received another report from noaa and the wee hours saturday, but because sheen is hard to detect in the dark. they waited until first light. then teams like california fish and wildlife. the orange county sheriff and the coast guard set out to locate the sheen about 2 hours into the search saturday morning. they began to detect oil and that is when a full-scale mobilization effort began because we received a national response center report submitted by the responsible party. this oil disaster has renewed calls by news them to ban drilling off our coast it's time once and for all. >> to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past. again now is mary beth mcdade reporting north bay congressman jared huffman and california senator dianne feinstein.
10:37 pm
>> and introduced a bill that would ban drilling off the california coast. meantime, wildlife rescue crews are continuing to search for animals affected by the oil spill from now only trained volunteers are being used in the public is being urged to stay away from the spill site. experts say it's too early to know just how many animals have been killed or injured. >> turning to california's drought emergency. the pleasanton city council is expected to declare a local drought emergency tonight along with a stage 2 water shortage and mandate that water customers reduce their water use by 15%. the council members are meeting right now. we are following that meeting and will provide an update when one is available east bay mud serves 1.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties back in april. the county, the agency declared a stage. one drought emergency asking customers to voluntarily cut back 10% of water use since july customers
10:38 pm
have can serve nearly 8% of their water compared to the same time last year. and right now east famous total system storage is at 57%. capacity because of that shortfall east bay mud will start tapping water from the sacramento river to shore up supplies. the district is spending 46 million dollars to determine if this will lead to any changes in the water's taste or smell. time now for the 4 zone forecast as we give you the view from the top of mount empire is looking down at the bay in the city. >> and some lit up clouds out there in the night. that's right. lawrence is standing by with the forecast. yeah, we had heavy further here into the month is the time of year we start looking for the chance of rain. and certainly there are a few chances here in the next 10 days doesn't look like an impressive storm or 2. but we'll see. looks like we could see a few chances on the way still out there tonight. we've got a few clouds rolling in overhead. we do have a cold front. >> that is now moving into the states. you've got some clouds
10:39 pm
out there toward sfo around much of the bay area. now, this cold front moving into town bringing rain up in the pacific northwest. also just clipping far northern california, unfortunately already beginning to fall apart before it gets here. so seeing that on shore breeze right now that breeze is carrying with it. plenty of clouds out there right now more than on the way for tomorrow as well. and probably for the next few days here. temperatures starting to get the effects of that marine area. see they're fairly similar all-round. you've got 56 in half moon, bay. 57 in palo alto. 57 in lemore 57 in vallejo 60 anv conquered 54 and timber on a 55 degrees right now in the bottle. but temperatures starting to feel the effects of that cool mount a marine air and will continue to do so as we get more of that breeze that it will start to kick in even more so i think by tomorrow afternoon right now, little breezy out there. but i think as we head through the night tonight comes down a little bit. so breezy in spots. but then as we go through the day tomorrow. we'll watch those winds kind of wrapping up toward the afternoon. you see all those colors beginning to fill in here. and those winds gusting over 20, maybe even 30
10:40 pm
miles an hour on some of the coastal sections. so tonight increasing clouds throughout the night tonight to patch a cult of fog and then tomorrow partly cloudy and cooler temperatures all around the bay area even more so. we dropped a 20 plus some places today probably down another 10 by tomorrow afternoon in some areas and that cool weather will continue throughout the week and then we'll warm up as we head in toward the weekend. but right now cold front starting to roll on in. unfortunately, high pressure out ahead of it will just be a strong enough to bounce most the chance of any rain. well to the north. in fact, that front will continue to fall apart the same time you see a lot of moisture coming up from the southeast clouds are going to continue to sweep across our skies in the coming days. all only forecast for you here. the first cold front. you can see already beginning to break up in northern california. the clouds rolling on by continue to see a lot of clouds stream overhead a southern california may get into the rain act as we get into friday, there's a slight chance we could pick up a scattered shower. this system right here as we head into
10:41 pm
early on friday morning. mainly santa clara valley on southward with that one but not much. then behind that we clear out of weekend. looks like a fantastic week for the blue angels and then another cold front drops in sunday night into monday. this is the one that's got me a little bit worried. i'm looking at some stronger winds billion on the backside of that system as it comes on by not leaving behind much rain, but we could see a whole lot of wind. then another chance as we get toward thursday. the following week. so looks like we've got changes on the way it looks like we're getting closer to getting some rain in here. just nothing really generating anything big just yet. temperature wise in the 70's, the warmer spots in we've got a lot of 60's inside the bay and 6 in the clouds along the coastline. and here's your 10 attend the next couple days lot of clouds in the forecast, slight chance of a sprinkle mainly to the south and saturday and sunday. we warm right back up with offshore winds. those strong gusty wind developing sunday night into monday. i think that's a possibility that we could be talking about more red flag warnings in high fire danger here in the bay area. all right. thanks, lawrence. well,
10:42 pm
speaking of fires taken to southern california. we have some breaking news out >> los angeles. this is a live look as firefighters are working to extinguish a fire that broke out at a commercial building in commerce is actually the city of commerce, which is just southeast of downtown la along interstate 5 the flames appear to be spreading among items stored in the yard of a structure. and as you can see, there are a number of fire hoses aimed at fire that's burning right now. there's been a large of firefighting response. again, this is the city of commerce just southeast of downtown la get a little wider perspective on where this fire is burning in a commercial area. we have no reports of any injuries. and of course, we don't know the cause of this fire yet, that is the situation in commerce in la county. other news tonight nasa is planning to deliberately crash. one of its spacecraft. all in an effort to one day save earth from possible annihilation.
10:43 pm
>> nasa asteroid deflection mission or dart will launch from vandenberg space force base in santa barbara county, the target is a small moon orbiting an asteroid near earth dart will deliberately crashed into the moon to try to change the asteroid's motion in space. nasa calls this the first demonstration of this technology in the name of planetary defense. >> a patient with severe depression is now finding relief because of an experimental brain and plant after years of suffering from depression researchers at ucsf say the device was originally developed to help people with epilepsy instead, the team calibrated it to detect signals associated with depression and then it's a fear with them. one year after the device was implanted. the patients as it has eliminated her depression with no side effects. the team of researchers at mit's. well, it is only one patient. the results are still quite remarkable.
10:44 pm
>> still ahead tonight, it may not be real, but it sure scared a neighbor where this halloween decoration in the bay area was mistaken for the real say. plus, in sports, the giants prep for the division series force or actor. jason dumas has gabe kepler stops on possibly facing the rival possibly facing the rival dodgers. that's coming up. when a truck hit my car, possibly facing the rival dthe insurance company up. wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants were back on the field today prepping for the nlds series opener. this friday in a season taking some ground batting practice right now. they're playing the waiting game as to who they will play on friday. of course it's either the dodgers or the cardinals. but if you paid attention at all to this team th s season. you realize they genuinely are concerned about their opponent. this group has truly taken the term tunnel vision to a new meaning. >> we also know where our focus needs to be right now. we've been pretty good about all year. i think. we have it has paid dividends that we've been focused on on our group. understanding that the cardinals and dodgers are both going to be incredible challenges. enough of our own things to be concerned about at this point.
10:48 pm
>> now that dodgers cardinals game is on wednesday. so we will find out who exactly they're playing by wednesday night and then game one friday, october 8th first pitch 6 37 over at 3rd and king and then they'll run it back on saturday. 6. '07, first pitch. then they get that travel day on sunday and they'll be heading, like i said to either st. louis or los angeles. that game is on monday in game 4 or 5 are to be determined if necessary because that is a best of 5 series to the american league. you know, wild card game tonight, yankees red sox at fenway winner or loser goes home i should say, doesn't get any better than that. bottom of the 3rd kyle schwarber. he gets the party started boston. >> look at that crowd. it electric through the screen. 3. nothing red sox. now 3, one to 6. juan carlos stanton. yankees fans are going crazy
10:49 pm
but misses the top of that green monster. and aaron judge is going to test that outfielders arm. he gets gunned down at the plate wasn't even close. that was a huge momentum swing from new york to boston. you've got to think that change the entire complexity of the game. bottom of the 7th. alex verdugo. he lived one into center field. a couple runs come on. the score. 6, one red boston win. 62 they move on to the alds. the yankees go home when ever one of these 2 teams and the other teams this season. you know, those fans are 6 to their stomach. you might be the best rivalry. >> in sports. i know dodgers and giants fans will want to hear that. but it's a lot of history between those 2 teams. all right. the warriors they were letting it fly yesterday 69 3 point attempts to be exact. there you see jordan poole. he hit 7 of those bad boys. guess what? last year they never shot more than 54
10:50 pm
in a game. >> the warriors one, by the way, that should be said they actually looked really good. was this an anomaly or is this the way we can expect the cups to play. but don't listen to me. just listen to their head coach steve kerr last year we're going to take it out of >> that of a big part of that. i so. big, some shoot pass. it stretches for and that opens up driving lanes. this guy's really close of which are gone war it. a defense that has to cover >> kelly and i don't look to be huge additions. we have that porter interview on kron 4 dot com. remember, he spoke exclusively to kron 4 the day after he signed in talk to anyone else. but us kron 4 dot com go. check out that
10:51 pm
interview. he had a big pre-season game yesterday, but in the meantime, that's all we have for sports. >> we'll be right back after the bre
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> used to picking up delivery packages from our doorstep, but it didn't work out this way. a customer needed a ladder to get his package. here's what happened. a bug kept bugging this amazon delivery driver in san diego when he tried to away accidently toss the package onto the roof. the driver can
10:54 pm
be kind of seen pacing around like trying to figure out what to do and how to get that package down. eventually sent a text to the customer to apologize. customer says he wasn't mad in fact, he thanks the driver for letting them know where to find his package. >> if you saw tarantula on a roof, would you call somebody to come get it. well, san mateo did just that except it wasn't actually a spider. the peninsula humane society says it got to before. for somebody who saw this halloween decoration on a rooftop. it does look pretty realistic the humane society said an animal rescue control officer to the home who climbed onto the roof only to start laughing. once you realize the spider wasn't real. she put the decoration and a box made for capturing spiders. the homeowners did not realize that the decoration was even up there. according to animal rescue control. this isn't the first time a fake animal was called in. >> a couple years ago, we received a call from someone out again here. and so of
10:55 pm
course, that's something that's incredibly unusual in our area. so we find this alligator was actually a four-foot long plastic alligator, which of course didn't. he. >> the peninsula. humane society says it has also received calls about animals on the side of the road that actually turned out to be all right. take a look at this. this is about a bizarre discovery in arizona. hundreds of 3. i've crustaceans emerge from eggs following a torrential summer downpour in the northern part of the state. the tri ups were found swimming in a temporary lake at the. >> will pat key national monument. is that right. can you on okay. with the producer says i'm right for a change. scientists say the eggs. >> ken lay dormant for decades until enough rain create a body of water for the hats a tour. they then lay eggs for the next generation. what the heck is that? that is a weird looking thing. it's a 3 i trim
10:56 pm
dinosaur. >> so can you visit station isaac takes on the he's about to bed look for stories, kind of a while. but hey, you never know in nature, all kinds of things. tonight. we're seeing the clouds begin to move back in over the city of san francisco just broken right now. the more that on the way. >> as we head throughout the day tomorrow. you can see a lot of clouds around the bay area. the temperatures again going to be knocked down today. they came way down tomorrow even cooler 60's in the san francisco about 62 degrees in daly city. 60. and half moon bay 62 degrees in millbrae 63 degrees in burlingame, 67 degrees in redwood city about 68 in mount view, the south bay, you know, temperatures. they're going to be much cooler than they've been lot of 60's and 70's by tomorrow afternoon and then in the space of those hot 90's. you'll be down into the 70's by tomorrow afternoon as well as these numbers really coming way down from what we've had
10:57 pm
over the past couple days we're getting back to the season here as see that cooler air moving in effect overnight lows going to be dropping off into the 40's and 50's temperatures along the coastline, 50's some low 60's out there and you'll see some patchy fog. so here's your 1010, fauria expect the clouds continue on and off over the next few days. bring a slight chance of showers into friday. a warm sunshine over the weekend with some offshore winds developing gusty winds on monday. maybe high fire danger than a couple chances of some light showers possibly as we head into all right. thank you. nice. thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> brian laundry sister drops a bombshell. when she had to say on her front lawn. >> we are just as upset, frustrated, and heartbroken as everybody else. >> an exclusive, the hiker who claims she rented to america's most wanted man. >> are you 100% sure it was him? >> then, in the woods. the moment the startled kids are found alive. >> you're doing a great job. >> plus, the naked gun. the homeowner who chased down the car tes


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