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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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e to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at a new covid guidance is coming to the bay area the discussions under way that could soon have leaving a mask at home, exceptional drought to forcing east bay mud to start pulling water from a new source. the changes customers can expect to see and taste in their tap water. plus, a pesky problem leaving part of the south bay under quarantine. what residents in the affected area need to know about home grown fruits and vegetables and good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm pam
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moore. and i'm ken wayne covid changes could be coming to the bay area try 3 counties are working on what comes next with mask mandates. our grant lodes is here in the studio with details grant the ebbs and flows here we go again. at least this is in the positive direction because the numbers are. >> promising and you have san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties all working right now on trying to finalize the criteria. >> to lift mask mandates indoors currently all bay area counties except solano require everyone to wear masks inside places like gyms, grocery stores restaurants except but people are eating or drinking to be clear here. not all masking is suddenly going to go away. the plan here is to develop a set of metrics that counties will have to meet before the ease mask restrictions and those metrics could be released by the end of this week. that's based on data, declining covid case rates and hospitalizations along with high vaccination rates have local health
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experts now discussing ways to ease the masking mandate and doctor monica gandhi infectious disease and public health expert with ucsf says the bay area's high vaccination rate means it's time to safely lift the masking rules. >> i think it would be a good idea for them to indoor mask mandates. people can still mask. there's never going to be something that tells people to shun mask. and i do think the vulnerable, you know, compromise older people who feel worried about it. they should absolutely not. >> so you have the freedom to wear it. if you want. now, here's the timeline of when the mask mandates were put in place it you may recall technically fully reopen that all restrictions were lifted on june 15th this past summer. but thanks to delta about a month and a half later on august. second in indoor mask. mandate was reinstated for 7 bay area counties. soon after napa county also implemented an indoor mask mandate. solano county was the only local county, not to follow suit.
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but right now you have the vallejo city council in solano county. they have a special meeting to decide if the lazio will extend its mask mandate for that city. the original measure was passed at the end of august and will now need to be extended or ended. stay with kron four's. we monitor that council meeting for an answer and bay area. health officials also mentioned today that they're working to try to modify health orders requiring people in restaurants and gyms to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative covid test. so far, no specifics about what those changes might look like. but we'll keep you posted there as well. for now. pam, ken, back to you. grant. thank you. >> well, as the vaccination numbers continue to climb. another judge maker has asked the fda to approve booster shots for its covid vaccine. this time we're talking about johnson and johnson and approval could come before the end of the month. kron four's. dan kerman has more. for more than a week. pfizer booster
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shots have been available to those who got pfizer initially. >> and are at the highest risk of getting covid-19 now johnson and johnson is asked the fda to authorize boosters to those who got its single dose vaccine the data is if you've got do is have jane g 2 months later. >> an additional those said is you would be 94% protected serious disease hospitalization. well, jj has asked for boosters for everyone, 18 and over federal regulators might opt for just high-risk groups as they did for pfizer. >> in the meantime, astrazeneca's covid-19 vaccine is being distributed overseas has asked the fda to approve its new antibody treatment designed to prevent the disease and those the vaccine doesn't work on astrazeneca has presented data by press release only. >> that suggests that they have antibodies that can last many months.
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>> and give ongoing protection so you can see where somebody, for example, who doesn't respond well to the vaccine because maybe they have an immunocompromised situation and they just don't produce their own good robust. the antibodies. maybe they could get everybody's passively given to them. hold them and protect them for months on i would be very exciting if that pans out now on the 14th and 15th of this month. the fda advisory panel will be looking at boosters, not just johnson and johnson. >> but also moderna. also be looking at the topic of mixing vaccines. can you get one vaccine but then get a different one as a booster. >> at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> new data matter report from the u.s. department of health and human services predict just how helpful covid vaccines have been 4 a vulnerable population in california. we're talking about seniors. according to the study vaccinations, reduce covid cases by 22,000
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hospitalizations by 9700 and deaths by 3800. these numbers reflect the first 5 months of this year. nationally vaccinations are linked to a reduction of about 265,000 infections, 107,000 hospitalizations and 39,000 deaths in the senior age group prior to the vaccine being available almost 80% of deaths were among those 65 years old and older. in a statement health and human services secretary xavier becerra says, quote, this report reaffirms what we hear routinely from states covid-19 vaccines. save lives prevent hospitalizations and reduce infection. stay with kron 4 for continuing covid coverage scan. this qr code with your mobile device and it will take you straight to our website where you can find the latest on masking vaccinations and boosters. it all at kron. 4 dot com.
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>> happening now, the walnut creek city council is meeting to discuss a tenant anti harrassment ordinance and stronger just cause for eviction protection with the eviction moratorium ending tennis in the city say they have been getting harassed by their landlords. we are following the meeting this evening and we'll bring you an update when one is available. well, is a close-up of the drought monitor map showing the bay area divided by county. as you can see, the entire bay east bay is in the darker red. and that means exceptional drought conditions. so east bay mud which serves one 0.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties declared a stage. one drought that was back in april asking customers to voluntarily cut back 10% of water use the since july customers have conserve conserve nearly 8% of water as compared to the same time last year as of the start of the month east bay month's total system star. it is at 57%
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capacity because of that shortfall, east bay mud will start tapping water from the sacramento river to try and shored up supplies. but with that comes some challenges, for example, different water sources can mean a different taste. well, forced to re-assess reports on how the district plans to manage all that and the growing concerns with this trapped. >> for the next several months. this plant, the freeport regional water facility near downtown sacramento will provide a lifeline for east bay residents this is our emergency kit that sandra polk spokesperson for east and she explains 2 decades ago investments were made to help fund the plant and now it is paying off as a district region and state face a serious drought for example, this is san pablo reservoir currently at only 57% capacity with the free port plan to come pumped 35,000 acre feet today and what it allows us to do is support our local
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economy and support our customers during this stage of drought yet this is not just any water but drinking water for the one 0.4 million customers. so will it be different? >> will it taste different? is it different? >> such a great question and water water. tastes is a very individual thing and some people might notice a difference and some people might not. >> andrea says they spent 46 million in upgrades to flush out any taste differential. they also use a special panel of super sniffers. >> yes, that's a thing. yeah. we lab tests that we're in order to tell the difference between one water supply another. and we also have a water quality staff that have become super sniffers to know to detective very minute
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differences in the smell and taste of water. and we also have some customers who are really good at and we leave the sheet and they i would assume speak up. yes, yes. so will definitely let us know. so there you have it. more water and maybe more taste. >> coming soon to you. kron. 4 news. >> in alameda county. the pleasanton city council is expected to declare a local drought emergency tonight along with the stage, 2 water shortage and mandate that water customers, reduce their consumption by 15%. they're meeting right now. we're following that meeting will give you an update as soon as they make a decision. kron 4 as a dedicated route section on our website. i have to do is scan this qr code with your phone there you can find an interactive drought monitor map tips to reduce water use the latest water restrictions in the bay area and even how grocery prices might be affected at all at kron. 4 dot
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com. >> in the south bay part of south san jose is under because of covid cut because of the oriental fruit fly. the california department of food and agriculture making that announcement today. residents in the area are urged to consume our process homegrown fruit and vegetables on site or to take extra care in disposing of them. 6 of the flies were found in an area near the santa clara county fairgrounds prompting the quarantine that covers a zone of about 94 square miles. you can see that area on the map. it's designated in blue from the alum rock neighborhood in the north to senator risa county park in the cell and by south bascom avenue in the west to joseph de grant county park in the east. wildlife officials are urging people who live in that area and who have home grown fruits or vegetables to eat them or process them by juicing freezing cooking or other means on the property where they were grown or to dispose
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of them. by double bagging ceiling and placing them in the regular trash. bin. >> new details tonight surrounding bomb threats that forced evacuations at to south bay high schools today. san jose. police say the threats were made from the same phone number and the same voice seemed to be used. it appeared to be that of a young man just after 1230 this afternoon. students at saint francis high school in mountain view are evacuated after police received the first threat about an hour later, a second bomb threat was called into presentation. high school in san jose police say both campuses are clear and they did not find any explosives so far. they say they do not have a lead on who that color is. >> coming up on kron 4 news tonight. and a new details about the pipeline that leaked thousands of gallons of oil into the southern california waters, including why it took hours before the coast guard went to investigate after it got the report. not the south
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mother nature forcing guests to duck for cover at the happiest place on earth. >> plus, why the fda is warning people against using certain hand sanitizers. >> and did you feel that changed a big cool down and away more of th
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> the pipeline that leaked more than 100,000 gallons of
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oil off the orange county coast was split open and display says according to officials, the coast guard did investigate the spill for 12 hours after was reported new video shows clumps of tar that washed up along newport beach. orange county officials have closed all the beaches in the city of laguna beach with cleanup of the oil spill ongoing this bill also forced the suspension of fishing in the affected coastal area. meantime, officials say the pipeline was dragged more than a 100 feet along the ocean floor, possibly by a ship's anchor. the segment of pipe that was dragged was 3 quarters of a mile long and the opening was more than a foot wide. >> if you can picture the vertically. the pipeline has essentially been hold like a bow string and so at its widest point is a 105 feet away from where it was. so it is kind of an a in a that is the what we have found. >> many large vessels, cargo
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ships and tankers. park in this. >> acreage >> outside of the port of long beach and some of these cargo ships. we're also very close to the the route of the pipeline and so i'm concerned that it's a it was a possibility that. an acre strike from one of these in the sacred area could have caused damage to the pipeline. an. that has caused major oil spills and other places around the world. >> a lot of people wondering what to the coast guard so long to get there. the guard says the reason it did not investigate the initial reports of this bill was because it did not have enough corroborating evidence tonight that oil spill is renewing calls from lawmakers to ban offshore drilling in california. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala
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explains what some state lawmakers are considering. >> with cleanup beach closures and an investigation underway. state leaders are concerned about the potential impacts of the large oil spill off the coast of orange county, which just shocked to see our beaches are beautiful beaches empty state senator dave men took an aerial tour of the spill tuesday. he noted the immediate concerns include a beach cleaning and protecting ecologically sensitive areas long-term concerns include the economy. the democratic senator is calling on congress to cancel existing and future contracts for offshore drilling in california. i think we feel like enough is >> you know, we've had too many be steps oil spills and the amount oil we get these offshore drills is not that much as a percentage of california supply and certainly as a percent of global supply it getting rid of those will have negligible impacts on a book oil prices. but we see the risk today pose to our local economy star beautiful ecosystem that governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency. in response.
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>> he echoed calls tuesday to ban offshore drilling time once and for all. >> to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past. but some republicans say with energy comes risk newsom's former recover placement candidate and southern california resident, larry elder weighing-in. she's an assistant used argue that we are fossil fuels when in they're cheaper right now than were remarkable and we should shoot. >> to get a job figure out what went wrong. just like when the plane cracked. problem was wrong to make sure doesn't happen again. and that's what the common response ought to be emotional. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> for your health tonight. the fda is warning people not to use certain hand sanitizers. the warning affects bottles labeled distributed by art naturals gardena california 9, 0, 2, 4, 8, the fda says it found unacceptable levels of 3 contaminants. the agency advises people not to use any
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are naturals hand sanitizer alleging that the company has not reply to its request to help identify the manufacturer nor declare an official recall to read more about the list of hand sanitizers not recommended for use. you can head to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> disneyland, gas for forced to run for cover last night. that's because it was hailing at the happiest place on earth. probably not far from the haunted mansion. you can see the wicked weather in anaheim last night and check this out-a elements from that thunderstorm didn't stop there. wow. check out the skyline of los angeles. this is video of downtown la around 10 o'clock last night. >> you see the forte of lightning branching out across the sky. according to the national weather service, more than 2000 lightning strikes were detected across southern california. >> now to our 4 zone forecast things much calmer as we take
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a live look out of the golden gate bridge tonight. not much fog. boy, every time you see those pictures of lightning, though they're so beautiful. but is so terrified because, you know, they can start fires, right. absolutely. chief meteorologist karnow is on all of that. lightning is not good this time of year in particular know. but just that raw power certainly fascinating to watch love that thunder too. but outside tonight. don't have to worry about that. we've got some clouds that are gathering out there tonight. some patchy fog moving in the sfo and some mid to high level clouds up above changes. the worst may have felt that today. temperatures really coming down. >> across the bay area. some places many as 22 degrees cooler today in oakland and hayward 18 years cooler than 24 hours ago in the san francisco and 14 degrees. cooler in livermore. so these numbers a much cooler and they're going to continue to drop over the next couple days. only 64 degrees in san francisco today only 80's in the warmer spots in them. we had a lot of 90's. so numbers begin fall apart as we're going to see this front. start to cruise on into the state
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bringing showers and far northern california. unfortunately for us. that's going to be broken up by the time it gets here. so we've got on shore flow right now. you see the winds continuing to bring some of the clouds on shore right now. it's a much cooler weather in the bay area. unfortunately not going to get rain just yet. but there is a chance we could be talking about some rain. maybe we start talking about some showers as we get into our friday. unfortunately, that one doesn't look like it's going to be a big storm. okay. thank you, >> well, after 40 drawings without a big powerball winner, a single ticket matched all 6 numbers california. lottery says the winning ticket was sold at an albertson's grocery store in morro bay. the jet climbed to nearly 700 million dollars, making it the 7th largest in us lottery history. the winner will be able to select between annual payments over 29 years or the cash option of 496 million dollars. tough choice. both price options are subject to taxes. of course,
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the winner has yet to claim their winnings. we all want that choice. still added 8 o'clock quite the sites when a volcano showing signs of a lot of life on hawaii's big island. take a look at this
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time. lapse video recorded by the u.s. geological survey looks hot. volcanic activity yesterday on the big island. this is the west rim of the kill away. a volcano usgs says volcanic activity september
8:26 pm
29th. it's the first time it erupted since may. the agency says you're option will remain confined to the summit region. >> an historic first for the film industry with russia launching a film crew into orbit to shoot segments for the first full-length movie made in space. the crew consists of a russian actor director and a veteran cars but not the international space station will serve as the film's set in the movie a surgeon must operate on a sick cosmonaut in space because his condition prevents him from returning to earth for treatment. the crew will spend 12 days in space before returning back to earth on october 16th. >> next today and start on campus after reports of dozens of assaults of santa clara university. how the student body president is responding tonight. plus, why a workers strike could affect you getting your favorite cereal and details on a new study that shows single life is
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proving to be a problem, including an increase
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campus and the social life that comes with it has bought some disturbing allegations about assault as santa clara university students of allege no fewer than 30 assaults. many of them involving date rape drug since the school year resumed in septe.ber. >> kron four's rob fladeboe has the story.
8:30 pm
>> signs like these calling on santa clara university students to hold their friends accountable are posted across campus in the wake of a rash of alleged assaults since school resumed last month sounding the alarm in an email to the university community was student body president abigail alvarez. >> within the first 4 days of students moving back into campus greek life leaders were made aware of 30 distinct cases of either of us all unwelcome advances harassment, things of that nature. alvarez says the assaults are happening at offcampus social gatherings and that many of them involve the use of so-called date rape drugs. i know that the emt's have helped at least 2 students who were. >> repeated. i know of one student who reached out to me who went directly to the hospital. they were also able to verify that she was repeated over. a says most of the incidents are going unreported. >> the school says it is so far received 3 3rd party allegations of assault and or drugging. >> in a statement, the university wrote, quote, we unequivocally condemn violence
8:31 pm
of any kind take all allegations seriously and are committed to making sure students have access to resources and support creating and maintaining a safe environment for our students is of paramount concern to the university and we are proud of our students activism and advocacy for survivors as to why this is happening. >> for the most part. you know, we that we never want to believe that something like that could happen within our own community. but unfortunately, violence is a part of campus campus culture all across the united states. >> the report and subsequent rallies calling for action. it touched a nerve with fellow students like griffin it's very unfortunate that it happened, obviously. but it's also good that people are realizing there's a serious issue and this my 4th year here. and this is the first time anyone's actually doing anything about it over as is pleased. the university is providing confidential emotional support in the form of a survivor advocate but would like to see. still more action. >> but i think that this spike in cases has really then a
8:32 pm
turning point for a lot of administrators to start taking the issue seriously. santa clara police said they received a referral about one allegation of assault from the university. but the involved party did not want to pursue or participate in the investigation in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> work has stopped at all of the kellogg company cereal plants in the united sates roughly 1400 workers went out on strike. they want better pay and a better package deal. their master contract expired at midnight. it was not immediately clear how much of the supply of frosted flakes or other iconic brands would be disrupted. the strike includes plants in omaha, nebraska battle creek, michigan, lancaster, pennsylvania and memphis, tennessee. the union and the company had been at an impasse for more than a year. the company insists that its offer is fair and would increase
8:33 pm
wages a growing number of americans are opting for the single life and that's having a negative effect on their health and finances. >> a new study from the pew research center found that the number of single adults jumped from 29 to 38% between 1990 in 2019. 28% of single people live with their parents compared to just 2% of couples. researchers have found that single people are more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as binge drinking. they also don't live as long, although this study did not give the exact numbers despite the research. many people say they're happy being single because it gives them more freedom. and invest more in friendships. >> afghanistan's taliban leaders met with officials from the united kingdom for the first time since taking power. the group hopes today's meeting will pave the way for the country to get some financial help as it teeters on the brink of economic collapse. the taliban is meeting with the british diplomats come sunday after they met with an iranian
8:34 pm
delegation another first since assuming the helm, they talked about trade relations. >> a report by the united nations weather agency finds much of the world is unprepared for the floods hurricanes and droughts expected to worsen with climate change. the report says 60% of the country's it surveyed urgently need better warning systems to avert water related disasters says the number of people with inadequate access to water is also expected rise to more than 5 billion by 2050. that's up from 3.6 billion in 2018 report calls for improved coronation among countries on global water management. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight from our camera. atop mount tam a pious and just a few clouds out there above the glittering lights. yeah. the the clouds are lit up by the glittering lights out there wants karnow still think it's a kind of a strange kind of gorgeous out there we don't
8:35 pm
want a lot of clouds for this weekend. of course we have the blue angels coming into town. >> and we'd like some clear skies. for the most part looks like it's going to cooperate friday that little touch and go. but i think we get into saturday and sunday, fairly. nice winds going to be a bit breezy toward the afternoon. some 10 to 20 mile an hour winds. temperatures will be run the upper 60's. but it's going to become mostll sunny and san francisco looking good. i think a bit of an offshore wind kicking in especially by sunday afternoon up there tonight. we've got some more low clouds moving over court hours. we've got a neat shot for you outside right now and more of those clouds up above as well as we're seeing that weak cold front sliding to the state. and here comes unfortunately not going bring much in the way of rain for the bay area of the models trying to paint little precipitation there just don't see that happening. just lot of clouds kind of running on through overnight tonight. and throughout the day tomorrow and probably going to continue into thursday with another round on friday. and that may be the time that we start to talk about a chance of some light showers. the meantime, those 60's in the san francisco tomorrow with a lot of cloud cover, low 60's along the coastline about 63 in
8:36 pm
burlingame. 64 in brisbane, 69 in san carlos, the south bay looking at temperatures in the 60's and the 70's by tomorrow afternoon. no 90's to speak of. in fact, no as you head inland tomorrow. only 70's for highs. the warm spots 72 benicia 71 the napa valley and about 70 degrees in the bottle next few days. we're going to watch those cool off over the next few years. we're going to see a high pressure weakening slight chance of showers mainly santa clara valley on southward on friday. another slight chance of rain next week. they're coming women and one in 20 years who want to have babies who can't because they're infertile as a result of the eating disorders. >> still ahead, a fiery testimony on capitol hill today as a former facebook employee turned whistleblower says the bay area's social media giant has products that are harmful for children. plus what does it take to fly a massive airliner over the golden gate bridge during fleet week. w
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8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>> lately is in full swing. this weekend's air show might be the marquee event, of course. but you will also be able to tour that they will vessels which are now docked along the embarcadero in san francisco, san francisco mayor london breed was out and about promoting fleet week. today. she says the san francisco event is the only fleet week anywhere in the country this year. and with thousands of people expected to attend fleet week. the mayor was asked about the safety precautions. the city is
8:40 pm
taking. >> of course, we'll have more of police and firefighters out in neighborhoods are community ambassadors. >> they'll definitely folks out and about paying very close attention, especially in areas where there are large crowds. >> so this week we will not only see the return of the famous navy blue angels flight show. but it also marks the return of another air show featuring a full-size commercial airliner that is performing a choreographed at today at a boeing triple 7 kron four's haaziq talk to the pilots about what it's like to find that kind of playing in this show. >> i got a chance to talk to 3 of the 4 united airlines flight captains before being in the 2021 fleet week show in san francisco, li double pilot captain randy abraham tells me what's going to be knew about the united airlines show this year. but this year we're planning to fly with triple 7 e r a brand new is troublesome
8:41 pm
that we have and the biggest airplane that we have. >> and actually the show no different what the other pilots universal within the restriction airplane have. >> it shows that the more restrictive plate airspace of air show were able to apply hires the new lower altitude than the faa would normally allow to the sheer delight and the absolute amazement of the spectators on the ground while it is a thrill to be hold flight captain ad reminds us that it's not all fun and games up there on the flight deck. >> it was the beautiful and calm adjusted the airplane. but by the crowd. but the a bit it takes a lot of work to get airplane to do what you're seeing and the sequel to the events are happening very quickly. the most experienced united test pilot in this show, captain joseph that. >> breaks down each crew
8:42 pm
members inside 4 of us. >> the rules for pilots to do a parade to show we have the 2 pilots flying boat. lexi cap number that played right to it. so and bag of the pilots. keep an eye out for brevard you. by the way, captain substack and captain abraham are both homegrown products from right here in the bay area for border >> in the still remember my house of and the local arrest that redwood city right there. nearby really nice for me because i feel like i could be part of the community during the show. >> has it that you on board too. join us here on kron 4 saturday to watch the blue angels live. that's 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring. of course it. >> spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. it all starts saturday at 02:00pm
8:43 pm
right here on kron. 4 and can is the host next. today. why a certain brand of home. a covid test kits are being recalled tonight. >> and as far as the giants get ready for the division series sports director jason dumas us as gabe kepler stops and pos
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> facebook had to face the music today after a whistleblower took her testimony to capitol hill outlining the social media
8:46 pm
company's harmful effects on our life. passes housed in a former facebook product manager laid out what she called the negative effects of facebook by stoking division and harming children. our news nation correspondent joe khalil has details on what happens next. >> following dramatic testimony from facebook whistleblower frances haugen this morning. they're going to be women walking on as planned in 6 years with brittle bones because of choices that fit that facebook may around sizing profit today or they're going women and one in 20 years who want to have babies who can't because they're infertile as a result of the eating disorders. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say it's time to take action against the social media giant. what can you do. you know. >> he can of social media content. an option not to get >> content. republican senator john thune has a bill that would force facebook to allow users to opt out of its
8:47 pm
algorithm, giving people more freedom over what they see in their news feeds. we're going to plant about it because it is a small part of it is about keeping people outside longer say of put their astronomical profits before people. how can testify facebook's algorithm leads users to content that's divisive and controversial because more clicks and comments mean facebook can charge more for choices being made inside of facebook are disastrous. our children, our public safety. our privacy and for our democracy. one of the reasons this is happening is because he's dominant platforms have bought out everything in sight. >> they were allowed to buy instagram. senator amy klobuchar says congress needs to make it tougher for tech giants to buy up their competitors. >> she says that would make them less powerful and more accountable to users. that was joe khalil reporting tonight. here are some of the key take away from today's hearing. according to how jun facebook knows it is causing harm to vulnerable people. she said
8:48 pm
the platform is designed to exploit negative emotions to keep people on the platform. >> also, small changes could make a big difference such as organizing posts in chronological order, not the predicted order of user engagement and there was bipartisan outrage from politicians, democrats and republicans on the committee said that there is a need for new regulations that would change how facebook targets users and amplifies the content. meanwhile, facebook says a faulty updates sent to its servers cause yesterday's huge outage. facebook, instagram, whatsapp and facebook messenger are all down around the world for several hours yesterday. >> facebook has since apologized for the issue and said no user data or data was compromised. the company says it's working to understand more about what exactly went wrong. >> for your health. 2 new studies are finding that the highly contagious covid variance are better at traveling through the air this could explain why the alpha and delta variant's spread
8:49 pm
faster. the study underscores the fact that the virus is evolving to spread more efficiently through the air. experts say the finding signals the need for better masks. as the virus becomes more formidable. >> a number of brand at home. covid test kits are being recalled after an increased number of false positive test results company says it worked with the fda to remove the affected test from the market says it's isolated the cause and confirms this issue was limited to specific lot numbers whether you've already you can check online to see if your test is part of the recall. the company says it will issue a replacement test. if you received a kit from the bad batch. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the giants were back on the field today prepping for the nlds series opener. this friday. they're still playing
8:50 pm
the waiting game as to who they will play on friday. of course it's either the dodgers or the cardinals. but if you paid attention to this team all season. you'll realize they genuinely are concerned about their opponent. this group has truly taken the term come a vision to a new left. >> we also know where our focus needs to be right now. we've been pretty good about all year. i think. we have it has paid dividends that we've been focused on on our group. understanding cardinals and incredible challenges. enough - of our own things to be concerned about at this point. >> all right. and here's a more detailed look at the giants upcoming schedule game one friday 30 king oracle park first pitch 6.37 that game, of course, is against the winner of the cardinals verse dodgers that game is all wednesday game 2 saturday, october 9th running-back that first pitch is 6. '07, and then they'll
8:51 pm
have a travel day on sunday in game 3 is on october 11th in either la or st. louis. so we'll have to stay tuned on wednesday to see who the giants will play as they begin their quest for a world series. american league wild card game tonight. yankees versus red sox at fenway park. it don't get no better than that. bottom of the 3rd kyle schwarber deep to right. he gets the party started in boston. 3, nothing red sox. now let's go to the 6. it's 3 to one. we can get to it. here we go. one. carlos stanton. he blasts one and everyone thought it was going but it hits off the top of the green aaron judge is coming home, but he gets gunned down at home plate, not particularly close either. that took all the momentum away from the yankees. nice defensive play from there little point hope
8:52 pm
bottom of the 7th alex verdugo lines, one into left center field. 2 more runs come in to score it is 6 to one red sox. boston win. 62 they move on to the alds against the tampa bay rays that loss and the yankees season. so some great baseball. we have coming up. and i know you. i ask you guys to 6 o'clock hour. you're you're hoping the dodgers win so we can see the 2 best teams right. it's amazing. i was looking at some of the numbers that race between the giants and the dodgers. and the dodgers finished with a 106 wins. that's the most wins for many baseball team in major league baseball history to not win their division. right. so that was really a race for the ages. we're going to look back at that race this year and just be like wow, you know, it almost is a world series. if they do play each other because they got the 2 best records in baseball to team from start finish. >> and yeah, it was incredible. just watching it all go down in appropriate
8:53 pm
guidance had to win it on the final day at season. so fun. yes. all right. thanks, jason. thank you. jason. coming up, one bay area humane society call a
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> that time of year when people must pick a side either for or against candy corn. we do. we have to pick a side. well, according to for were
8:56 pm
for it rocks a leading producer of candy corn revealed that california's at the top of the list when it comes to who purchases the most candy corn course. we do have the most people. so we're going to buy more of anything anyway, texas, florida, new york and michigan. all states with large populations made the top 5. there you go. in san mateo. there was a case of mistaken halloween decoration identity. the peninsula humane society says it got a report from somebody who saw this spider on a rooftop. the caller thought it was a tarantula and was making the call for help. it does look pretty realistic. the humane society sent an animal rescue control officer who climbed on the roof only to start laughing when she realized the spider was not real sure that the decoration and a box made for capturing spiders. the homeowners didn't realize the decoration was even up there. according to animal rescue, this is not the first time a fake animal was called and somebody wants what is seen an alligator when it turned out to be plastic. look out for
8:57 pm
bigfoot. he's out there that wraps up kron 4 news at primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. grant lodes and vicki liviakis to hear hello. hi, guys. happy little earlier here we go. next at 9 talks are under way. >> could we be done with the masks once again for indoor sand have approving you're vaccinated. well, there are changes being discussed. >> when local health officials could be announcing those ongoing financial problems could force the state to take over san francisco unified. how much of a budget shortfall the district is facing in how long it has to come up with a plan to fix the problem. those stories and much more
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at recommendations and masking will likely continue carry >> but a mandate for a personal health behavior does need to have clean in points for us to have trust in public health. >> here we go again. now at 9 declining covid case rates and hospitalizations along with high vaccination rates across the bay area that health officials considering changes when it comes to masking when you need to wear them where. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis san francisco contra costa santa clara counties


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