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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart. refill most prescriptions online and get delivery for no cost. >> 2 mile stretch of the snow. micco snow north of the bay will remain closed to water activities at least until tomorrow morning because of a shark attack at north salmon creek. the victim who was bit in the thigh while surfing remains hospitalized in stable condition. kron four's maureen kelly talked to a shark expert who explains while these attacks are rare. this is the time of year. great white sharks are drawn to the bay area coastline.
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>> so it's kind of a perfect storm of conditions for the sharks and for the people to be in the water. the same time the winds seem like things and then causing confusion. doctor luis with the california academy of sciences which has a shark exhibit up right now. >> says the most likely culprit that chomped down on a surfer spy and his board this sunday is a great white. there's a reason some local surfers call this month shark tobar. that's because popping season for sea lions and harbor seals happens in the summer. and now those juveniles are getting out into the water to catch fish in that juveniles in general. are less experienced with predators so they don't know how to exactly run away from the tracks. that makes it easier for the shots. >> that's what attracts sharks here. this time of the its its more. >> and easier prey. the reason surfers and that getting bit is by accident because it's harder for the sharks to see where they're biting. >> where the waves are they look a lot like a sea lion or seal on the surface swing.
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>> makes the same noise and attract the shark. the sharks, though, there. bites the search for a most of the time they let go of the surfer because they need it. you know, it's it's not what they want to eat. and that's it. it's what was one byte and depending on where that by it might be faith or not. doctor roach us as great white sharks usually migrate to other locations in late fall and early winter. but even though the conditions are right for shark attacks right now. they are rare. yeah. on average. it's one or 2 per year. if that some years we go and there's tax. >> very rare. more rare didn't get hit my like, for example. >> that expert telling me you're more likely to get into a car crash on your way to the beach. they get bit by a shark out in the water. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> the east bay family and jonathan court has held a rally outside oakland city hall this morning. cortez was shot and killed by an fbi agent in oakland last month. today, the group gathered to
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demand answers as to what led up to that shooting. the group says their questions about the incident had been met with silence. cortez ankle says they want to see the surveillance video from the store where his nephew was shot. >> we want justice for my nephew and you want we want that unit to be released. uncalled for. and this is an unjustified homicide. the agency? i all to reach out and to find out anybody involved. anybody have any other we let it come forward so we can find out my nephew was killed. >> the shooting happened near fruitdale and blossom back on september 13th. >> in the south bay today. a building was badly damaged after midmorning fire. it started around 9.30 this morning at taylor and spring streets. that's near the san jose airport and columbus park san jose fire department says fire was so big van to take defensive action. and that wasn't the only fire they had to deal with there.
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>> another fire occurred at the same across the area here. which i'm not sure what that was cells. may have been a a vehicle fire where mobile home or something like >> i'm sure it's it's a very busy area for fires. >> no word yet on what caused either fire boats are being investigated for possible arson in the east bay a firefighter is recovering in the hospital tonight after she was injured during a house fire this morning in richmond. the fire started just before 8 o'clock on lyndon lane once on the scene. firefighters say they found smoke coming from the structure. crews conairmed nobody was inside and put out the fire. investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire. as for the injured firefighter. she is expected to be okay. >> it's now time for our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at what is a golden gate bridge is kind of buried under all that fog. you can just see the top of the towers. it open through as a river of fog comes in through the gate to lawrence karnow
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standing by with more. yeah, guys. so need to see that fog roll in there. now, that's a sign of some changes coming our way high pressure starting to weaken a little bit but strong enough to squash that marine right down the service. but everything is about to change. now as we head throughout the week as we're going to see much cooler air beginning to move in. we have that nice weather over the weekend. some hot temperatures out there, too. and what a beautiful sunset setting itself up to speed on some smoke in our skies from some of the fires. and that's going make for some brilliant colors outside, but things are beginning to change. we've got a cold front of the north. we've got that area of low pressure, the south you see some of the clouds begin to spin our way, especially on the gulf of alaska start to move in as we head toward tomorrow. a lot of clouds continue to stream across our skies. we head through tuesday and into wednesday. i think we'll see whole lot of cloud cover out there and the temperatures are as a result, we're going to remain much, much cooler numbers. go to break down like this for plan on those numbers. 60's in the san francisco. you're looking at about 61 in pacifica with some low clouds and some fog 67 degrees in burlingame 61 south san francisco. as you
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head down the peninsula will be warm 72 degrees in redwood city. still a lot of cloud cover up above 77 in santa clara. the east bay that have been looking at a lot of those numbers up in the 90's the past few days you're going to cool down. so on the warm side in livermore at 8079 in pleasanton, 73 in union city about 7 in castro valley, 69 degrees in san leandro. 78 in orinda about 77 degrees in concord, 78 in fairfield, 74 degrees in benicia back toward the coastline. some low clouds and fog kind of hanging out there and that will keep those numbers down in the 60's lot of clouds going to be moving in, especially as we head toward lot of part of the day, next couple days. we're going to see a couple weeks systems kind of roll on in one in string comes through on friday that one could bring with it a slight chance of showers on friday. then we clear things out for the weekend, but maybe worse, more rain as we head toward next week. thank you, lawrence. >> in just 2 weeks, the nation could default on its credit today. president biden pressed lawmakers to raise or suspend the u.s. borrowing limits kron
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four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson explains of congress fails to lift the debt ceiling. this could have a devastating impact on the american people. >> president biden returned to the white house monday with a speech slamming republicans for refusing to help democrats raise the nation's debt limit. just get out of the way. you don't want to help save the country. get out of the way so you don't destroy the president says raising the country's debt limit would pay for past debts and blamed the trump administration for running up the bill. the reason we have to raise the debt limit is in part because of the reckless tax and spending policies under the previous trump administration. the treasury department says failure to raise the debt limit will impact the country's ability to pay medicare benefits. military salaries and social security checks and president biden says it could also hurt americans personal finances. people may see the value of their retirement accounts. shrink. and you see interest
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rates go up, but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell argues that democrats should handle the debt ceiling on their own. >> it is one about partisan shortcut. around procedural hurdles. they can actually clear on their own. >> president biden says lifting the nation's debt ceiling isn't connected to the infrastructure bill or the build back better agenda reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> ahead, a routine inspection turns deadly on one and tracked rain. what officials say happened moments before a suspect opened fire on dea agents and in sports, lot going on. the giants are moving on to the nl division series sports director jason dumas has schedule. plus an update on forty-niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo who left yesterday's game with an injury. and a life changing achievement for 2 california. scientists. one of them resigns right here in the bay area. next. the medical
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breakthrough that won them a nobel prize.
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>> at least 2 people are dead, including a dea agent after a shooting at an amtrak station in tucson. this was a tense scene this morning while more than a 100 passengers were on
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the train as travel in from los angeles to new orleans law enforcement was conducting a routine inspection for illegal contraband on the train. one passenger was in custody when they say another man opened fire. a second dea agent and a police officer are also wounded in the shootout. the suspect was found dead inside the trains bathroom. no other injuries were reported. >> and in other news to california, scientists have taken home. the nobel prize in medicine. david julius works at u c san francisco and art part to put in at the scripps institute in la jolla. the pair won the award for their discoveries of how the human body perceives temperature and touch. now the research may lead to new ways of treating pain or even conditions like heart disease. julius learned about the winning about winning the award just before the announcement. but didn't believe it. >> i was asleep in my phone sort of belief that it was from a relative who had been contacted by somebody on the nobel committee trying to find
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my phone number. and i thought it was sort of a prank. it's great for the field. it's great for our institution. university of california. >> scientists say the duo's findings. all right. break through and learning how human beings perceive the world. still ahead, the warning from the better business bureau about dating apps can see what to watch out for. if you send someone you're. >> personal information.
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at 00:00pm tonight, federal trade commission says last year more than 300 million dollars was lost to love scams. that's up by about 50% from the previous year. and if you're looking at to find that special someone the better business bureau says to be careful. >> what you put out there. gina marini explains. millions of people use social media or dating apps to search for love. >> that's according to the ftc. but the better business bureau is urging you to use caution because you may not know who is on the other end. >> the that you meet. on the other send you some photos and ask for you to share photos back once you do that, that's where the scam where the black male. >> paula fleming from the bbb. we have been notified. >> significant amount. but by a few people that have unfortunately have provided photos of themselves that they not to be public. once a person has your photos. she says they then threatened to
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share unless you provide money and they're blackmailing new so they don't expose your pictures online to friends to colleagues or to the entire if you decide to look for love using a dating app. here's what the bbb says to do. >> researched the person you're interested in by doing a reverse image search of the person's picture to make sure they are who they say they are don't share personal information with the stranger instead. wait until you meet them in preferably in a public location and think before sending explicit photos or videos once you send a video or photo. there's no way of getting that back are taking back the action. that was gina marie new reporting for us tonight. the bbb says there's no guarantee the person won't share the videos or photos even if they do get money. >> and recommends not sending them at all. >> good advice. happening tomorrow. the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency. that means water customers would be required to reduce their water consumption by 15% right now it's not
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likely there will be any penalties for using too much water. but city officials say that could happen if people don't start conserving water. now our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at a very foggy and very cold looking home gate bridge. >> it's very different than what the rest of the city look like we can come for meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at what to expect from down below up looks love prettier, though, outside. you can see the clouds kind of rolling right through the golden gate bridge is the towers left up above and that's what we can expect to see overnight tonight we're going to see a change in the weather pattern that we're starting to talk about the chance of some rain couple storm systems out there. one in southern california than the one in gulf of alaska. that's one good it's going affect us the next couple of days. right now. the low clouds of gather along the coastline showing that more that sea breeze is started to kick back in. and so some of those hot 90's around parts of the bay area. we're going to cool down maybe the warmer spots only in the 80's. this
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cold front going to start to sneak in here the next couple of days and all of a sudden that front going to be more clouds on the way for us late tonight and tomorrow. it will also help to increase the winds very breezy along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon with some of those wind gusts over 20 plus miles an hour and then we'll start talking about the chance of rain. want to show you is here in the long range forecast. doesn't look very impressive. but there's a chance we get to the latter part of the week. here comes that cold front kind of fall apart as it moves through leave behind a lot of clouds, but unfortunately not much in the way of rain as we get toward the latter part of the week 7 to get this moisture coming up from the south. that's we call a cutoff low of that happens there. certainly the chance we could be talking about a few scattered showers in the bay area. mainly to the south than that one kind of moves through another one behind it as we head in toward monday night and tuesday. again, bring with another chance of a couple raindrops in the next tuesday. snow over the sierra nevada and then again late next week. so they're kind of lineup out there. nothing too impressive just yet. we're getting that point of the season. one of these are going to finally break through. we're talking
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about some significant rain right now, though, let's just put it, some cooler weather dry conditions for tomorrow. lots of 60's 70's do 80's inland the next few days will cool things down a slight chance of showers on friday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> giants fans are still walking on cloud 9 yesterday. they completed the best regular season in franchise history. a 107 winds and a division championship. it really was a remarkable season. but guess what, it don't mean a thing if you don't win a ring. the real season begins on thursday and we have the schedule for you. it all starts will first and foremost, the giants are playing the waiting game. the dodgers host the cardinals on wednesday and the giants will play the winner of that game. that game is on friday. the 8th first pitch 6.37 at oracle park and then we'll follow it up game 2 of the divisional series saturday, october 9th
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6. '07, its first pitch at oracle park and then the series will either shift to los angeles or louis and that game 3 is on monday and then game 4 in game 5 are if necessary because it is a five-game series best of 5. the forty-niners. they lost their second straight game on sunday and they didn't come out of that matchup on skate. jimmy garoppolo and trent williams both left that game and did not return. today we found out that neither injury is as bad as originally anticipated. both may actually be able to play this weekend. >> jimmy g has a calf bruise and trent williams has a shoulder injury here's what kyle shanahan had to say about qb. one. >> it does me as a chance. you know, it wasn't as bad as what that it might have been today eyes and a lot of pain still sore. hopefully it. by the time he comes in it is getting better than good chance because a of it has improved at all that wednesday. probably a little longer.
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>> all right. and we have an update in vegas. they are losing to the chargers. 7 to nothing in the 2nd quarter that game actually started late because of a weather delay was pouring rain and lightning in southern california. but now they're going, of course, once that game goes final, we will have the highlights now, believe it or not, the warriors return to the court tonight they open up their preseason schedule in portland and everyone will be available, including that guy aside from klay thompson and james wiseman were both still rehabbing injuries head coach steve kerr said he expects all of that helped the dubs players, including steph curry and draymond green to play andrew wiggins should be available as well. he got vaccinated over the weekend of a little drama. it will be the head coaching debut for trail blazers, coach chauncey billups tipoff is at 6, but i've been telling people this
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is the most exciting month of the year isn't it. or its calendar. you got the warriors starting forty-niners in full swing in. we have october baseball yeah, we're cool. so is i can't got look to the sharks. 2, they open up their preseason this week as well. so all 4 major sports in action right now. come here to cry, have other station will everything. our sports plate is full yes, lots going on. lots going on thanks, jason. from for news. 6 will be right back. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >> for your money. now, another round of california stimulus checks will be dressed distributed this week beginning wednesday. >> 705,000 payments will either be mailed or directly deposited to people who qualify eligible residents will be given $600 and those who claim at least one dependents will get an additional $500 now to qualify. you have to make under $75,000 and have already submitted 2020 tax returns or do so by the october 15th deadline, the relief is a part of governor newsom's 100 billion dollar budget plan. tonight's powerball jackpot is now the 8th largest us lottery of all time. nobody matched all 5 numbers and the powerball on saturday. >> jackpot is now worth an estimated 685 million dollars. the odds of actually winning
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are one in 292 million. put that into perspective. that's about the same as flipping a quarter and getting heads 28 times in a row. that's according to experts from the university of buffalo apparently study these drawing will start at 07:59pm our time. i feel like getting heads 28 times in a row is probably easier to do than the win. the jackpot a little i know a lot of people at home will start to the corner to see what their chances thanks for watching. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. >> savings.
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without talking to your doctor. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: airplane nightmare. inside the plane. >> ladies and gentlemen ... >> announcer: as the passengers evacuate. >> it was horrifying. >> announcer: and the hiker who claimed she ran into wanted fugitive brian laundire. >> how sure is your husband that he saw brian laundrie? >> is dr. phil speaks to gabby's parents. do you believe he is hiding there? the pleasure that he takes. >> announcer: plus, double emergency. first,


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