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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 4, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. >> the supreme court is back at work. and for the first time since the pandemic started, the justices are meeting in person with the exception of justice brett kavanaugh who recently tested positive for covid-19 this year's term could see landmark rulings on a range of controversial subjects. >> from abortion guns, religion, those and more on the agenda. constitutional law expert and you see hastings professor rory little joining us now live with more on what we can expect. professor, thanks for your time tonight.
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texas says been in the news for what happened there as it relates to abortion. can you explain why the case in mississippi is now going to be center stage. >> the court granted review on a few months ago, the texas case came upon an emergency docket and it was signed in an emergency basis. this case from mississippi which will be argued december 1st is a fully fully briefed a case on the merits. we call it, which which explicitly challenges roe versus wade and asked that roe versus wade, the overall. that is a case that will lead to some final decision by the supreme court. probably not until next spring. >> professor. i mean, these are some of the biggest social issues of the day. we're talking about you know, god's got guns and abortion. i mean, is it. it's no accident that they're going to be looking at all of these at once. is it just because.
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>> it's not an accident in that they control their agenda and to a large degree. these are the ones that are getting attention. we've got a gun case called ghrelin. we've got a religious case called carson. they're also death penalty cases on the docket. there are criminal law cases this morning. they heard their first argument of the term in an important criminal lockett based and also an important of water rights case which could california dramatically would come out one way versus another. there's age discrimination, disability discrimination on the docket. discrimination on the docket. this is standard for th supreme court to have a lot of big cases. what you're seeing here is the quite unusual. impact and president trump having managed to get 3 justices on the supreme court in ways that a lot of people say we're we're you know, not not legitimate, but questionable and those 3
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justices change the political tilt of the court. and that's why these cases are getting so much attention right now. >> just as who is one of the 3, i guess liberal justices on the the 9 member court could be retiring and some democrats want him to retire while you have a democratic president in mister biden. how do you see that scenario playing out and what is precedent for, you know, trying to get someone to retire at quote, unquote, the right time. >> well, the president are trying to get some of tires. not very good because the kind of resent being told what they should do with regard to retirement. probably just like anybody else, you know, justice ginsburg. i did not retire when she could have because she did not expect donald trump to be president. she expected hillary clinton to be president. and then she after 3 and a half year she
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struggled mightily stay alive. but she did not. and then the the you know, the republicans put somebody on the supreme court contrary to tradition a tradition that they set 4 years earlier, which is we're not going to approve a nominee while for the presidential election is happening. so this is so, you know, justice briar is being asked to do the same retire now because you never who's going to hit by a bus and can disappear. i think prior resents being told what to do. but i think he also wants to be on this court while they decide is very important. case when she feels very strongly about gun control is one of his a signature issues. and he thinks that if he announces his retirement next. gen the makeup of the senate will change. that will be the same 5050, senate with the same democratic president and he thinks get a replacement on just like you would if you retired today. so i think in his mind there's no
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difference. of that does not anticipate the unexpected death of the senate or things like that. >> this is opening up a can of worms and we are short on time. but there has been a discussion about adding justices to the to the 9 to to tip the balance. where does that stand? >> well, it's been there's there's no legislation actually pending the president has said that he's not in favor of that. i think we're in a wait and see moment right now. it's this goes whole hog in the direction of the trump sort of republican party, then you might see a serious democratic push to and scenes to the court. there's no there's no constitutional requirement is the number of justices can be whatever congress sense. but i do think that this court show some moderation. this term we would we would hope that the tradition of the court would continue as an institution. you know, their popularity levels way down right now and
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it's going to depend on how they do in the coming months. i think this is a very for their institutional. status. >> fair enough. we'll have to leave it there. but we do appreciate your time. that is professor rory little from you see hastings a constitutional law expert. have a good night. were. ok, thank you. good night. professor. >> today, governor newsom signed a bill aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality all across our state has be 65 will require the california department of public health too investigate maternal and infant deaths. it calls on them to strengthen research and data collection on racial and socioeconomic factors that contribute to these deaths in poor health outcomes. the bill was authored by east bay senator nancy skinner. she says despite our medical advances more us babies and moms died during childbirth and all other high income countries in these preventable deaths are disproportionately higher for black families. we know the
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what we know the why this is the hop. >> s p 65 is the how to really hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability. we've been nibbling at the edges. we've been focused on this issue 3 years. but i had the privilege of being governor. we've talked about in every budget are incremental steps to move forward to close these gaps. but this year i feel like we've done something that will break through. >> as the 65 will also include medical for july's and extend medical eligibility for people in post partum. >> johnson and johnson's getting ready to ask for authorization to give its covid-19 booster shot people. the company will send trial results to the fda this week. jj says a second dose of its vaccine reduced moderate and severe cases of covid by as much as 94%. the fda's advisory committee will hold a meeting on the 15th of this month to discuss whether to grant emergency use authorization for that second
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dose up to this point johnson and johnson's vaccine has been a one dose cocktail and with the holidays coming up, the cdc is issuing new guidance on how to celebrate safely. first bit of advice, get fully vaccinated before seeing friends and family. the agency also recommends holding gatherings virtually or outside. if you have high risk people, if you're getting together inside they recommend masking up and leaving windows open a bit to let the air circulate. and as always, they say if you're not feeling well best to stay home. coming up, why stop at a 107 wins the giants making a run for the world series. what a season it's been. what we're learning tonight about the playoff schedule this week. >> plus a superhero swinging in the save the box office. one of the year's biggest blockbusters as breaking a pandemic record. what that could mean for other movies planning to come out this year. >> and after years traveling
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the stars on screen. actor is getting a chance to explore the final frontier. tell you who jet phases says launching into poor of it. when we come back.
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>> 2 weeks after it started erupting volcano, spanish island of la palma is still going very islands here. look at that is a live look analysts. and you can hear. love of shooting out 30 say. 2
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more fishers have blown open about 50 feet apart spectacular right. said sending more lava now toward the atlantic ocean running next to another flow that did reach the sea last week. >> the volcano is also sending smoke steam and toxic gas into the area. prompting stay at home orders. >> star trek's captain kirk is kind of go boldly where no actor has gone before. william shatner is scheduled to rocket into space next week. jeff space company blue origin will send shatner and 3 others into orbit. 2 of them will be paying customers. and this is going to be the company's second launch with a crew on board. liftoff is scheduled for october 12th at 90 years old. shatner will become the oldest person to visit outer space cool. a giant trying to wrap things up. the warriors just getting started. the latest in sports. still ahead.
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>> and clouds rolling in. now. we're in for a big change in the weather could we finally see some rain.
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>> what a time in various morts. we have new info tonight on niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo's calf injury. and what's ahead for the giants as they are now in the postseason and what to expect for the warriors as they hold their first preseason game. is that enough? wow. an abundance of riches. i guess you could say. but for sports reporter
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kylen mills joins us with all the details, all the details like where do we even start you guys are so much to cover. sports. fans are just living the dream right now in the bay area my right. right. yeah. oh the sides curl up on couch. i know you said you want to do that. you're hoping for rain, though, on saturday. thank you. tweeted granted. yeah. yesterday i want watch all day. and i thought, oh, it would be great if it is raining. those of us that have to be out there on the field. give you a hard time about that. but i know it's a drought kyle and it's tough. >> full label things out anyway. sports fans everywhere are just having a blast. the giants are heading to the postseason. we'll start there. they will play in the national league division series starting on friday yesterday. the giants won their first division title since 2012 with a historic 107 win season. they'll be facing the winners of the doctors cardinals wild card game that will take place on wednesday. san francisco just can't seem to shake the dodgers for months. these 2
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teams have been fighting it out in the nl west race came down to the final game of the season yesterday. the giants had to beat the padres to win the division over the dodgers. san francisco came out guns. a blazing at oracle park. 11 to 4 giants. the final score and then it was time to celebrate the players enjoyed some champagne showers before celebrating with family on the field. the 2021 giants finished the regular season with a 107 winds which is the most in franchise history. now the real fun begins. you're looking right now at the division series schedule. you just one will be played oracle park on friday came to at home again on saturday. game 3 will be on the road on monday came forward be on the road again on tuesday. that's if needed game 5 back home on thursday. only if needed as well. hopefully we won't have to worry about any of that, though. and they'll be heading to the nlcs quickly. well, on to the gridiron. good news on the injury front for the forty-niners. we just learned a couple of hours ago that quarterback jimmy garoppolo
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has a calf bruise in may be able to play this weekend. head coach kyle shanahan said he will be reevaluated on wednesday, we're told, are experience that injury during the 1st quarter of yesterday's game against the seahawks. he played until half-time and then rookie trey lance took over initially look like garoppolo could be out for a lot longer as 100. >> it does me as a chance. >> you know, it wasn't as bad as what that it might have been and today i was in a lot of pain. still sore. hopefully it. by the time he comes in it is getting better than good chance because of it has improved at all by wednesday. probably a little bit longer. >> and the golden state warriors back in action tonight tipping off their first pre season game in portland. the warriors entire roster should be available aside from klay thompson. james wiseman and gary payton, the second who are recovering from injuries head coach steve kerr said he expects all the dogs healthy players including steph curry and draymond green to play tonight. andrew
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wiggins should seek or time as well after getting vaccinated over the weekend. the blazers could have a new look this season under first year head coach chauncey billups tip off at 07:00pm and this should be a lot of fun. we're in for a big ride this season grant vicki can't wait to say thank you, kyle and yeah. thank you. come and tonight. >> as we take a live look outside. just a beautiful night in the bay. >> one of those warm fall days said really some some hot weather the past several quite a hot weekend. but is that cutter. >> and soon. i think we're starting to see that. and right now we're seeing the clouds begin to move in along the coastline. we'll see more on the way overnight tonight. back tomorrow we're going to be entirely different day around the bay area. look out toward the golden gate bridge a dense fog is really begin to roll on through. >> be careful traveling along the coastline tonight is that fog is going to develop parts along the coastal sections. so more that on the way air quality. you may have noticed
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just kind of the discoloration in the atmosphere today. some high level smoke kind of moving up above. and you can see moderate amounts of pollutants across parts of the south and the east bay a good air quality over san francisco and a good part of the north bay. all right. we are looking at temperatures for today, coming back down to at least right around normal into san francisco. 73 degrees for a high today 85 in oakland 89 in san jose 94 and little more 92 in the hot and conquered and 90 degrees in santa rosa. all right. we've got a cold front to the we've got some fog moving along the coastline. storm clouds and southern california. the cloud deck kind of area then write down near the surface. but that onshore breeze going start carry that on shore. they have that rain delay that the actual lightning blain southern california. here's that storm system kind of rolling up through there you see some fairly strong thunderstorms moving on by in the 80's inland right now. still some hot 90's in the interior valleys much cooler 50's along the coastline tonight. yeah, we'll see some partly cloudy skies and dense coastal fog sunshine and
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clouds tomorrow. but much cooler and then cooler weather ahead for the week with things getting a little bit on some, i think especially late in the week. the chance of a couple of scattered showers temperatures tomorrow. noticeably cooler 70's, maybe couple low 80's inland. that's about as warm as going guess. we're done with the 90 for now and the next couple days, lot of clouds coming our way. much cooler weather throughout the week. with that slight chance of showers on friday. >> thanks, warts swell. you could win 685 million dollars tonight. that is how much the powerball jackpot is now worth after nobody won saturday night's drawing tonight's drawing is 8 o'clock. so if you don't have a ticket. now's your chance to get one. >> a booming october star for the box office. a superhero movie ending the pandemic streak of bad opening weeks. what this could mean for
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your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> big news tonight for the movie industry. the box office just to pre pandemic level numbers. no surprise it was a superhero movie that helped and that slump entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier is here to tell us all about it. kevin vicki and grant marvel has done it again. venom. let there be carnage. tom hardy sequel to the 2018 hit the ballot. the competition with a 90.0. 1 million dollars domestic debut. >> we're we are for knocking on karsh. the darkly comic venom top bowl cianci and the legend of the 10 rings and black earn the year's biggest opening tom reprises his role as eddie brock the
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mild-mannered reporter. it happened live >> you have got to get control of your question. >> i think he's noble soul in it. but i just think you know, where and it's friend. us 20 also return to the franchise has been ultimate adversary carnage people love serial killers. why is it fun to play the bad naomie harris plays with his love interest shriek. she's also miss moneypenny in the new bond film no time to die and gives tom a ringing endorsement. >> as the next potential double. '07. oh, my gosh. i'm down for that. i'm going wait for that they're that he would be amazing. >> amazing. what's your take on that? >> tonight about >> hey, make sure you tune in to e t tonight because it's date night where with george and amal clooney on the black carpet. ben affleck was there, too. but when the world was j lo plus, we're exclusively behind the scenes of shacks
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foundation gala with justin bieber, kelly clarkson and snoop dogg who dropped his big plans for the super bowl. it's jam-packed show for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. yeah. and i a couple to keys to james bond. take these matters tickets okay. that's awesome. yeah. it's going to be so way to use the next time for that right. right. could be a woman. >> could be a woman as long as it's not an american. or at least to american with an accent projects. are you going wrap it up. that's it for us at 5. thanks for being with us. keep it here, though. a lot more news ahead on kron 4 news at 6 cans here with sorry it for the broadcast. thank you very much. to you. thank you, vicki and grant tonight at 6 police in union city are investigating its first homicide of the year. >> the victim as a 35 year-old father who was gunned down in front of his home. >> the latest on in a live report. the investigation intensifies in southern california. after that massive oil spill now threatening
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coastal communities. what officials are revealing about the possible cause. i'm ken wayne and i'm semester and the news at 6 is next.
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>> and in shock. you know that this happened to him. >> now. it's 6 a devoted family man shot to death in union city's first homicide of the year. police and family members are still looking for answers tonight. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm tahernia. pam has the night off. >> homicides are relatively uncommon in union city. according to the state department of justice. no murders were reported in 2020. kron four's dan kerman is at police headquarters in union city with the latest. dan. >> that's right. this is their first one of this year. we can tell you that the person who was killed was killed in his driveway. he was the father of 3, a devoted husband. everyone, including police still looking for answers. >> there are some days where >> you know, an emotional wreck. but mostly rachel to norio says she's following friday night's murder of


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