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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 4, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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their jobs if they don't get the shot. >> and the san francisco giants make history holding up the joggers to win the nl west. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for waking up with us on a monday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we've got lots of news to get to have that nurses strike. we've got fleet week in town. we got the giants winning. we've got well, lots of things to celebrate and much of his outdoors. it is much of it. so let's check out the weather because i know it's going to be another hot one today. job. it is guys. the last of the hot ones to mother nature is keeping things interesting this week for us on such a busy week. 2. >> today's daytime highs just as warm as they were over the weekend climbing well into the 90's inland. some 70's still along the coastline with ample sunshine right along the shore
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today. your view outside of the east bay shows clear skies over berkeley this morning right now with these clear skies and relatively cool temperatures that we're in the midst of the 50's and 60's is a really good time to venture out there pacifica nye 62 alameda there as well berkeley at 65 while upper 50's and san francisco oakland and concord currently need the jacket up in santa rosa, though. you're at 48 degrees talking the heat of today and the cooler weather be on today. still to come right now, don, the year that all right. let's start at the bay bridge where traffic is pretty busy. a little under 20 minutes for you to make it into the city. >> from the maze from that fremont street exit also heading over getting a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 22 minutes. now we're starting to see traffic form along one. oh, one 92 of that connector, but no hazards or accidents contributing to that delay along the san mateo bridge heading towards middle part. you are seeing an uptick in traffic about 41 minutes, not seen much of a delay along 85 to 80 or 82 and some slower
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spots. if you're traveling along crockett down towards the maze a little under 32 minutes story. james, back to you. thanks a lot. won. and right now in the east bay hundreds of sutter health care workers are on strike in antioch. yeah. they say they're protesting staffing shortages. unfair. >> labor practices. kron four's will tran is out their lives, been listening to them. >> all morning long. we'll. >> we are 3 hours into a five-day strike, guys. so. >> you can clearly see there right behind me there, allow they have their instruments. they're chanting and their employers trying to get their attention. >> if you have an appointment today, an antioch center. according to the hospital you should be okay. they brought in replacement workers to ship that some schedules accommodate you. >> but it's probably best that you call ahead just in case because you can see your regular employees, including the nurses and people who transport people back and forth there are on the picket
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lines. they say they're overworked and understaffed even before covid-19 and with covid-19 now. they're even in no worse shape than they were before the pandemic and they need help. they say they're not looking for money. they need more manpower so they can take care of the patients. >> the hospital disputes that they claim that they have enough. >> as far as manpower personnel, all the things that they need in place. >> to take care of the patients and the the workers. take a look at your screen. so this is what the hospital sent out to us this morning. >> they say we stand by our offer and sci. you should too. they negotiated this contract. we're confident enough to place it on a ballot and it was recently approved by more than 3,000 employees at 7 other spi. you represented hospitals across our system did talk to a union representative. he disputes that you think don't agree with because we are here on the picket lines. this is only
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happening at antioch center. how there are other center helps all over the bay area. that's not happening at other places. but keep in mind, it's going to go on for quite some time. they did bring in replacement nurses and other workers and they were heckled by these employees. nothing violent just tackled as they were on their way in. keep in mind, though, you might be delayed a little bit. we've got a chance to talk to some nurses and we will interview them live at 8.30, about job situation at this time. but you can clearly see there are a lot of activity going on. the hospital is open at this ances are coming in to back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> well, beginning today in contra, costa county as well. we've got all county employees required now to vaccinate against covid-19 or risk losing their jobs. a memo was sent out by the board of supervisors back in august telling county employees that they had until today to provide proof of vaccination now employees can request a
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medical or religious exemption. but if they are granted that they also much than agree to be tested for covid at least once a week and they have to wear a mask whenever they're working indoors. contra costa county is the most recent bay area location require all employees to get vaccinated or face losing their job. you may remember last week we told you about a similar mandate that went into place in the city of san jose. >> 8. '05, and check it out here. so we haven't seen in a long time because of covid fleet week gets underway today in san francisco. first time since 29th. that's right. you're going to see the blue angels rehearsing in the center. that's an aircraft carrier will see the parade of ships coming through. >> it's going to be really nice to have that all back. i think i was in one of these type of planes. commerce era since is out there live san francisco. you don't get to go up. >> with the blue angels. but at least you get the best view in the house there. i could town. >> surely do. it is such a gorgeous sunrise this morning. such a beautiful morning on
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the bay. it's so calm and peaceful. so hopefully you can kind of get that from your living room here wherever you are watching kron. you can see the signs up at marina green. and that's telling people you can't park here starting tonight through next monday because of fleet week there to have this whole parking lot clothes off. and as you remember, there's just so much going on down here in they're going to have events in thousands of people enjoying all of the things fleet week has to offer. and speaking of that, take a look at your screen who rode out some of the main events that you can attend and that starts with a concert tonight, a live concert at the local tap bar. and so in soma. that's right. by oracle park. if you haven't been is from 7 to 8 free wednesday. the ship tours begin from 10 to 4 in the afternoon. that's always an amazing experience to see the ins and the outs of navy ships and navy ship life. followed by the honor. our fallen concert at 6 o'clock. some
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more live music and then friday is the legendary parade of ships in the bay kicking off at 11 o'clock and then going until about 4. there's also that long-awaited air show from 10 to 4 saturday, more events, more air shows you're going to see finally those blue angels in the sky. and this year, of course, they're going to have the usual tricks flips and all that. but they're also going to be debuting their new aircraft. the f 8 super hornet. so that will be cool to see something new. lot going on a marina green. of course, as i said thousands of people are going to be out here walking around enjoying. and there's also going to be increased police enforcement. >> police department will have officers patrolling all of the venues foot patrols on bicycles, on motorcycles and unmarked police cars. >> our plainclothes staff will be in uniform. are people will be out there working with the police department because the most important thing is to be a visible to turn.
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>> so they're going to be making sure that fleet week is safe for everybody. public health officials are hoping you do your part and keeping your safe and others safe from the other threat, which is of course, covid-19. so they're saying wear your mask as much as possible, especially when you're walking in large crowds also you have to wear a mask on any federal property. so if you are going on one of those navy ships going to have to wear that mask. definitely something that will be on people's mind as they attend this event, but they haven't done so since 2019 reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you. thank you, sir. and if you want to battle the parking and all of that crowd. you can watch the blue angels. >> at home from your this saturday. and our show is hosted by our own navy veteran private pilot yet puppy saving kron 4 anchor can weigh all around great guy. he's going to be hosting the show october
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night fell and can is there is there is there anything we can do we love you. can we can't wait to see that special on saturday. >> and the crowd goes wild coming to san we we could get the playoffs now that the giants one, the nl west meaning out the dodgers a game ahead. so now they have to go on to the wild card will who we take on next. it was kind of cool happened on the very last day of the season. that's when the judge not only clinched the division but also. >> racked up a 107 wins. that's the most french wins in a single season in franchise. history in the existence of the giants in either new york or san francisco. they've never won that many in a single season. it was one heck of a win to take a look at it. yeah. first, we'll start with
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buster posey and his putting 2 runs on the board. >> and then in the next inning. hey, watch this woman for the rest. that's a double. so backing up now it's 5 to one and then buster again with another one in the middle now it's 6 run lead for the giants. yeah. and then in the 5th, they kept it going. and this is pitcher logan webb at the plate racking or just crushing it first home run of his career. and that made it 9 to one of the giants were done. is going on to win by 11 to 4. and like you said, a 107 game. see the banner there. here's some reaction from the plant. >> about 107 game. loss a little bit the last 10 days or so. least in the makes it all the more going into the season that was our goal and we knew was going to be tough. it's
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going to be dry. but, you know, if the dodgers that was our goal going and >> brandon crawford channeling his inner pilot. i pirates sorry, and it was the hair wetter that was swept for sure. yeah. they were are out there. they worked hard for that win. and now the dodgers are going to work even harder because the dodgers, the cardinals have be in that wild card game to figure out who's going to that's going to move on. it's going to win or go home we'll find out whether we're going to be facing either one of them and here's the schedule in the best of 5 series at the giants will be hosting friday. that game one october 8th and then. >> home again on saturday and then monday will be game 3. so it's to hear 2 away. and then game 5 back home. if it gets to a game 5 fun stuff made 11 right now. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> another bay area city is considering mandatory water reductions as the drought is getting worse. we'll show you
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where and don't do that at home run the sprinklers and after the break, democrats on capitol hill while struggling to reach an agreement on a big spending bill. we'll have the latest live from the scene and skies nice and clear this morning, temperatures are going to stay cool for long and are all the sunshine, which is going to warm us right back up. >> to the 90's inland but only for one more day changes in your forecast. and thankfully no major hot spots out there on this monday morning. however, we do have some accidents. >> and some slower
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>> for does this at all. and so when you have this shot. yeah, it looks almost like a windmill, but it's a distance. yeah. this is not holland. say who say, yeah, i wonder if our nice camera here in san jose is going to get the view blocked is it looks like it might be building something tall. so we actually use to have a second san jose cam. yeah. that happened to they built a building in front of that over san jose, stop building buildings down full, though it looks nice out just a little bit of haze in the horizon. but lots of sunshine and today's the last day of upper 80's in san jose high school down to what for them 70's for them, which i think san jose is going to be perfectly fine. with for san francisco are actually going to get a cool down into the 50's and 60's come the weekend. so big changes ahead of us this weekend obviously was so warm today is going to bring more of that field to
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us. but the last day at least this warm coastal areas, lots of sunshine bayside inland areas. plenty of that sunshine maybe too much as daytime highs push upwards into the 90's for inland areas. cold front to our north and west is about to move its way our direction. that's what's going to help to bring these changes for the central valley it has been really bad. air quality lately, very poor conditions from modesto southward. this is partly because of that wildfire burning in a near sequoia national park. some of that haze has drifted into san jose in the inland east bay better air quality towards the coast. air quality is going to improve as we see this cool air pushing on in which is good news. but that is going to bring plenty of changes to us if you've enjoyed the past few days at the coast with the 60's and 70's today is another day to enjoy as much as you can because tomorrow you're in for a solid cool down, as is the rest of the bay area 80's for your highs near the bayshore san carlos at 88 palo alto and mountain view each 84 san jose up to 88 today in the last day. you'll be that hot
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freeman through oakland in the 80's as well. while our hottest of temperatures are in the in the east bay, danville and walnut creek at 94 today. you are are hot spots pittsburgh, an antioch at 92 while vacaville at 93, even some low 90's and center fell and nevado tomorrow's temperatures. just take a look at these, whether you're inland by the bay or by the coast. all of us have around a 10 degree cool down in the works for tomorrow and temperatures likely to get even cooler yet, especially inland into wednesday, thursday, friday and the weekend highs in the low 70's for friday and saturday and a slight chance of rainfall starting friday night into saturday. of course, we'll keep you updated on that as much as we can as that is fleet week weekend reyna john, thanks for that couple accidents to get to out there on our highways like this one northbound 6.80 at willow pass road in concord. so we're seeing a slight delay along 6.80 highway for pretty slow as well. but no accidents there that i'm tracking at this time. >> donna fremont southbound 6 a north of mission boulevard.
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yet an accident. there you could still pass through a lot of these highways. it's just you seen delays because of those traffic collisions into the city a little under 15 minutes for your drive time. there are no accidents. it is slow along one. oh, one and 92 there. so 17 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula and in the south bay. let's look at things here along one o one traveling towards in the park about 36 minutes. we'll have more coming darya james, back to you. thank you. rated 18 and happening today, santa clara county supervisors are going to launch an initiative to help homeless families in pregnant women find places to live. they're going to be talking about it this morning at the county government building in san jose. and we'll bring it to you live. we'll have the reports on our streaming app. kron on. hundreds of people rallied in san francisco. they were speaking out against recent restrictions. >> on women's reproductive rights like the new texas anti-abortion law and also they wanted to remember rosie jimenez. she is a woman who died in 1997. of an abortion.
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she didn't have the money to get a legal and safe abortion and said she went and got an non-licensed non-regulated black market abortion and ended up dying as a result. >> for your money this morning. another round of california stimulus checks will be distributed this week beginning wednesday, 705,000 payments will either be mailed or direct deposited to the people who qualify and you don't have to do anything. it's all based on what your earnings were and what you filed your taxes. so if you qualify, you'll get $600 and those who claim at least one dependent will get an additional 500. and again, this is for people who made under $75,000 a year and already submitted their 2020 taxes. or is are at least going to do so by the october 15th deadline. again, you don't have to do anything this will just arrive in your mailbox or in your bank account. it's all part of governor newsom's 100 billion dollar budget plan. also happening today the supreme court begins its new term and abortion guns religion. their
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all on the docket to be discussed. the justices are going to be in person for the first time in 18 months because of the pandemic all except for justice. brett kavanaugh. however, he tested positive for covid-19 last week. so instead he'll participate in today's arguments remotely. >> it's 8.19 and democrats have a another busy week ahead after their party failed to unite behind the president's spending plans. the white house and democratic lawmakers set a deadline of october 31st to get the bills passed. raquel martin has the latest from dc. >> well, the white house is staying clear of setting an exact deadline yesterday democrats said they wanted to get the traditional infrastructure package and the social spending plan across the finish line by the end of this month. but what division still right between progressive and moderate. democrats. it could be a bumpy road ahead. democrats are resetting the clock to pass president biden's legislative
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agenda october 31st is our new target date sunday on cnn state of the union, illinois democratic senator durbin said he's hoping progressives in the house. >> and moderates in the senate will come together to get the job done. i think the american people are looking for us to come up with effective ways to help them in their daily lives. congresswoman pramila jayapal, the head of the progressive caucus says her members will not fix that moderates proposed one 0.5 trillion dollar framework for president biden, social spending bill, what we've said from the beginning as it's never been about the price tag. it's about what to deliver. the chief says bottom line, the plan must tackle key social issues from childcare to pay believe. >> to climate change. how do we get all of those things in. but, you know, and it. but perhaps for a shorter period of time. >> be able to get then to the number from that the president need every democrat in the senate and house on board to pass its plans on fox news sunday wyoming republican senator john barrasso says republicans will not help
8:22 am
democrats pass more reckless spending every republican is united against it. republicans also oppose helping democrats raise the debt ceiling last week. they blocked democrats attempt to tackle the issue. the treasury department is set to run out of money by october 18th for weeks now. the treasury department has warned in action from congress on the debt ceiling. could have catastrophic impacts on the u.s. economy. >> today president biden will deliver a speech encouraging republicans to work with democrats to take action for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> it's 8.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, gas prices are going up again around the bay and around the state. we're going to tell you why.
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vanguard. rise. you may have noticed all across the country in california and here in the bay area. yes, in fact, prices are about a dollar more than they were a year ago at this time we've got policia bolton with more on what's causing. >> the price spike. prices at the pump are leaving some drivers stopped people trying to travel and costing us more >> makes so. the average cost of gas is on the rise yet again. >> and it's hitting most americans, right where it hurts that i 1520, yards like
8:26 am
3040, dollars. and you're saying just tear gas. the reason for that is simple. crude oil prices. the price tag on crude is close to $80. a barrel fueling the rise in gas prices to nearly a dollar over a year ago. and it comes at a time when consumers usually see a fall dip in gas prices after summertime travel. but not this year. andrew grows with triple a says depending on where you live, you might not see a drastic increase at all because if you're closer to the source, the cheaper the he says some of the it's behind the current price increase are the pandemic. a refugees fleeing afghanistan and the blame placed on the current president in office. >> administration is are really not to blame for rising gasoline prices. gasoline prices it. it's a it's a global market. the main source for the uptick in prices. natural disasters. >> but a lot of that has to do with the after effects from hurricane ida.
8:27 am
>> and nicholas because though they rolled through right around labor day. and i didn't particularly took out the 4 time about 70% of the gulf oil production and now that's down to about 16% off line. >> i got to tell is making me feel good about the electric car. even i have to charge it. you know, i can't go that and you got the gas back up because you got 100. yeah. and eventually want to go full electric. but in the meantime, i have to fill up. in fact, i have to at some point this week. >> and these are the average price is we're looking at around the bay oakland for 49 san jose. little bit cheaper for 48 but not much. sandra fell. 4.56 and san francisco. the most expensive at 4.58 for the regular gas premium course. a lot more right now. the time now is 8.27 and we've got lots more. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to show you where in the bay area, there was just a shark attack. and why you can't surf there today. plus, how is the person who's out there like that.
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>> right now and little there. she blows. yeah. check on keloland. so the volcano looks like it get a little more active today than what it was last time we checked in. we had our reporter out there showing us what it looked like inside the crater. the lob was kind of just bubbling looking kind of cool but peaceful. so i'm used to seeing like the orange glow and i don't you've
8:31 am
seen and many more of these is this an august rained, ash and dirt, right. it's still another black, if you will, right there at the base. you can see the lava spurting out. >> you want to the bottom of the dark lot. illustrate for started its writing right there. it's their small. it's very small. don't don't be alarmed. yeah. i would be alarmed things getting a little more active without even talking about this for lisa. what a week or 2 about that. yeah, let that check in with why sister station superkick another update. check in between the wine expert over here, right. because you got family there. you know, this is like and john and outdoor enthusiast that legitimately scared me whatever side. the last event we had up there was mount tam and a had repeal away on the big island. a not mount tam haha, we're all good here. we're all good. we're not going to air from this enough. >> nothing like that. that's for sure. it's a little hot today, but not lava hot. some 90's for warmest of temperatures inland. today.
8:32 am
beautiful clear skies. if you've enjoyed the heat. we've had lately today is our last day of it. so day to enjoy for you if you're ready for that to be done tomorrow and the rest of the forecast. that's what you've got to look for to you outside this morning shows are berkeley hills. cam looking nice and bright. we are really looking at clear skies all the way up to the coastline today with no foggy impact, at least for the vast majority of the bay now 50's and 60's our most of our current temperatures. we are a little chillier up in san anselmo in santa rosa in the 40's. but overall, the rest of us are doing really well. alameda in berkeley at 63 in 65 right now. go ahead. bench or out to the job this morning before the heat of the afternoon. more about the cool down just around the corner all still to come right you for that we check in now. our slower highways like as you're traveling west bound. 5.80, from castro valley to the maze will take about 29 minutes. >> as you're heading along through oakland there. so things are getting slow not seen any accidents. contributing to that. just more traffic heading into the
8:33 am
city. looks like we're starting to see traffic flowing. we were building here for some time. it looks like they may have just shut off the meteor lights. so now once you do get the maze 2 that free much x a little under 15 minutes back down to a little under 16 far san mateo bridge. we've got about 20 because one o one 92 are starting to slow down a bit checking out some other things go on like this vehicle, fire westbound highway 4 east of a very avenue. this is up in hercules. so again, keeping a close eye on what's going on along highway 4. we'll have more on that coming up. daryn. james, back to you. we just found this out so that picture we had of the volcano. yes. was the one in spain there. you've got to active volcanoes right now. we accidently miss identified that as the kilauea volcano hawaii. >> which was surprising because that looked a whole lot more active than it had been right. but it turns out a spade which is in line with what we've seen coming out of spite. unfortunately for the canary that worked its way down to the ocean and on it's way, way down. was like 800
8:34 am
homes on the palm island. so that continues to flow this morning. they did. as i was all blacks dangerous and it was a major spew. yeah. so glad we're able to correct. other things that are happening in the bay area right now in the east bay hundreds of center health care workers are on strike. our this is in antioch. they're protesting staffing shortages and unfair labor practices. crawford's will trend is out there this morning and will if i remember correctly said this only affects the antioch center hospitals. that correct. >> correct. only this hospital not the other side or across the bay area. we're talking about 350. health care workers and that includes some of the respiratory therapist. and you can see them in this crowd is here to the board. people transport people back and forth. >> they are 3 and a half hours and 2 of 5 days clearly hear how loud it is getting support from people driving by. they
8:35 am
claim that they're already overworked and understaffed. even before covid-19 in covid-19 is taking a bad situation and making it worse and they want to send a message to their bosses that they need help. not so much in terms of the pay raise but more manpower so they can take care of their jobs. and in essence take care of the patients. here's what you need to know if you have an appointment today said her health has brought in other people replacement nurses replacement workers to take care of the needs and i'll talk about that in just a few moments in the meantime, let's talk to some of the people on the picket line, including stephanie here. hours are just on a daily basis. you clearly say that are overwhelmed. can you walk us through some of the activities that you feel overwhelmed yes. we come into work we're short-staffed a sometimes we need 7 or 8 parties and we will only have 3 or 4. >> so you have to understand that we're carrying 2 to 3 people's work loads a day. so we do 12 hour shifts already
8:36 am
which is your body we're staying 16 hour shifts for working 14 14 days straight. >> and there's too many patients to care for. we can't give them adequate care that we feel they meet. >> you know, looking for the pay raise hiring spree. during covid. people that have left the facility, whether they retire or resign and better does not hold that position. so we've had a ton of people leave and we haven't got more position. >> and we don't. we only have an ekg tech for until 11:00pm. there's no ekg tech after i believe it's 1130. so there's no ekg tech at night time all the way till 07:00am to our tease, which we're already short staffed are having to pick up and do the ekg his job as well because they don't want to put cagey staff person on throughout the night. but clearly you sound very
8:37 am
frustrating and she says rt, she means respiratory therapist. take a look at your screen. this is what set her house. >> what's the public to okay. and they want to make sure that the to talk they want to make sure that people know that they can still come in. they say our priority is providing safe and accessible. despite this. but the actions of the union by bringing in qualified staff and adjusting some schedules. we are able. >> help ensure the majority of sutter health excuse me saturday elton medical center's operations will continue as normal. >> including they are doing their very best to make sure there is no disruption in service. but you can clearly see there is a disruption in the front. so even if you go by, we did see a lot of the replacement workers get tackle violent get heckled as they were brought in by buses. more reaction coming >> all right. thanks a lot. well. >> and the a man is recovering right now. he was attacked by
8:38 am
a shark yesterday near bodega bay. he was out surfing off salmon creek beach yesterday morning when the shark bit him in the fy. they don't know what kind of shark it is. but they know it did a lot of damage. luckily surfers were able to help him when he was on shore and then you can see the quick response by the ambulance and a chp helicopter that airlifted him to the hospital. we know his injuries are severe, but he is in stable condition. first responders stay stress. the shark attacks in that area are rare. >> call didn't go >> for shark attacks on some a really good every day. it's not something that happens frequently enough to where it should be something concerned that people should be worried about avoid the day today because of that. >> every time i see this, i think do i tell my son joined not likely to serve. you want to surf and i because then he's like to stop telling me disaster stories about things. i like that. so i didn't tell him i decided well, they are going close the beaches of for
8:39 am
at least a day. so at least if your kids are sick cancer fear today, right. all right. hopefully the sharks will move along. >> in the east bay. we know that fresno woman died after being shot in east oakland. it was early saturday morning at about 3.15, right along foothill boulevard near the franklin rec center. police say they found evidence of a shooting when they got on scene. but couldn't find any victims, but not long after that. they did get a call from an area hospital saying that 2 people had come into the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators say a woman died making it the city's 100, 6 homicide of the year. as for the other victim. no information has been released yet on the condition of that person but will keep updated on the story. meanwhile, elsewhere in the east bay union city police are investigating their first homicide of the year. it happened friday night on queen and drive police say they found a 35 year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was later pronounced dead at the scene. police say they're looking out for suspects as well as investigating what led up to that shooting.
8:40 am
>> 10 people were injured in this car crashed through a 7.11. this is insanely under the car to went right through the front plate glass window. as you can see here, the fire department actually tweeted out this as the alameda county fire responders there trying to help out. take care of all of those who are hurt. it was on east 14th street that this happened 6 of the people who were injured went to the hospital with minor to moderate in jewel injuries and the sand say leandro police are trying to figure out why the driver go through the front of the store. >> we'll take a break. it is 8.40. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the niners. it started off so well. >> the defense was on fire. jimmy g was looking great. then he got hurt and the wheels kind of came off the car little bit. we'll take a car little bit. we'll take a look at the highlights. is
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8.43 is the time and happening tomorrow. the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency, which means. >> water customers are going to have to reduce their water consumption by about 15% at the yeah. and don't run the sprinklers like you see in the video here which is taken before the drought right now it's not likely that anybody's going face any penalties if they overuse the water. but city officials say that is something that could happen down the road if people don't start conserving water now that o video freaks me out the way now with covid crowds freak me out like see you want
8:44 am
to that court. it's not cool. uncle and take a break. we'll be right back.
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8:46 am
>> so many tickets yeah, you got your you're going to get your lottery ticket tonight. you already got your movie
8:47 am
tickets seems bond this weekend. james bond.nnow you've got to get a ticket to see the blue angels right. and the giants game at ford about us. a lot of tickets that you've got a but when it comes to movies, by the way, are going to see the regular, not the 4, on screen. right. but okc will get charter around. our producer is going to see it in imax, not occur. well, today would be the best day because you could go into this year and it would be in her condition. true because going to be hot. and john, it really is one of those days were just get yourself to see if you are inland, you are very familiar with the heat at this point. it was a hot weekend. >> today is our last day with temperatures as hot as they have been after this. the relief is in sight. now, if you've enjoyed the heat and enjoy today, especially or coastal areas. san francisco looks beautiful in crystal clear the city as well as other coastal spots have seen plenty of use like this. you can see san francisco city hall lit up under some clear skies this morning. inland areas may be too much sunshine at the coast. it will make it feel just right now we do have a cold front sitting to our
8:48 am
north and west. it's going to be pushing its way. our direction really resulting in noticeable changes already tomorrow and even cooler weather after that for the rest of the forecast. central valley has had very poor air quality the past few days that is to true today as well because of the fire complex burning near sequoia national park. some of that has made its way into the south bay as well as the inland east bay. most of us across the bay are doing okay. but you will notice some haze on the horizon as far as temperatures go, it 60's and 70's near the coast. as i mention today's a beautiful. and at the coastline, if you get the chance. i know it's a monday venture out there. enjoy that bit of sunshine before cooler cloudier weather for the coast to come 80's for most of our bayshore cities bayshore in inland areas. you're the ones that are in for a treat with these changes because daytime highs will be cooling to much more tolerable numbers. long gone will be those 90's inland danville in walnut creek. our hottest today at 94 oakland at 80 degrees 85 while pittsburgh in antioch each at 92. even some 90's and center fell in
8:49 am
novato tomorrow's temperatures. notably cooler 10 degrees down across the board inland bayside and coastal areas in for a nice cool down tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, temperatures, even cooler yet by friday and saturday. the start of fleet week weekend probably in the low 70's that our warmest and when some 60's 50's near the coastline and a chance of showers friday night into saturday. reyna john, thank you for that. so we had a disabled truck and this was westbound 5.80. east of main street. >> in san quentin is so it looks like they were able to remove that. however, we are seeing some delays along the richmond sandra fell bridge got up to about 18 minutes and now we're going back down, still 16 to get across towards sandra fell. no major issues on the bay bridge. you can see the meteor lights are off. it's a traffic is flowing into the city. once you hit the may's a little under 17 minutes. also some reports of a stalled vehicle on the san mateo bridge ny to west. but it doesn't look even seen any residual delays because of that, it looks like i can see
8:50 am
the traffic has lights over there. a little under 60 minutes that vehicle fire is still in hercules westbound highway 4 east of bay, barry avenue during james, back to you. all right. well, we can't win them and 7 else. go one in baseball. so. >> in football, not so much. >> it was a tough one to jimmy g was sidelined once again. he had a injury to his calf rookie quarterback trey lance had to step in for the entire 2nd half of the game against the seahawks, which is a tall order because not a lot of the plays were specialized for him kind of a surprise injury to jimmy jay. they didn't know until. >> 2 minutes before you had to come back from the your let's start with jimmy, though, jimmy look good started off hot rock thrown, a touchdown to tight end ross dwelley. but he held plan to his right calf injury in the 1st half. yeah. and again, we'll know more about that today after get an mri. so. >> expect an update. in the meantime, trey lance. yeah, he had to start the 2nd half. it started out fine looking here. he found a wide open deebo
8:51 am
samuel was all by his lonesome out there, the sideline all the way. and 76 yard but for the seahawks they responded taking the lead for most of the 2nd half. until here late apin the 4th quarter less than minutes left. trey connected once again to deebo for another touchdown. but it wasn't enough to reclaim the lead. he did try for an on-side kick goes out to. probably gold. strain is growing during all game long, which now ski had 2 the role of place kicker, but he's a hunter. and so he didn't fare too well. it's not a so the niners went down. 2821. here's reaction from coach andy and fell history. i think their you know, good and bad throughout the miss once missed some easy miss and check just definitely few plays that i want but like i said, you go back and watch tonight. i learn a lot from that. they ran the ball. had some passes obviously passes. >> was in a tough situation.
8:52 am
there were down 2 scores did a good job move the chains couple times. this lakes. but what typical first game, the new coming across. yes, the forty-niners are going to go on the road next sunday for another tough divisional matchup. they'll be facing the undefeated, arizona cardinals right now. let's see. let's hope the trail. get a lot of practice this week with the first team to how much time to get that's what he's going you know, he can do. and we'll wait to hear about them the raiders are going to be a los angeles tonight. >> facing the charges. the first divisional matchup between those 2 teams. monday night football raiders looking to stay undefeated. they had a great 3 winds start to the season with quarterback. derek carr. >> he's been playing great and he hopes to have another good monday night performance. so we'll see. kickoff is at 05:15am, tonight out at so fi stadium. it's a 52. and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
don't need to be a genius one of those hot tempers it's burning it is. but yeah, so we'll see what kind of interesting developments come out of this new field of research, kind of usually they get like a million bucks soho split it up. all right. 55 that i'm working to take a quick break. but in the next hour we have hundreds of healthcare workers in the east bay actively on strike right now. we'll tell you what they say. theywant. >> out of the hospital. fleet week. back in the bay area later this week. you're going to hear the blue angels for her. know it's going her. know it's going >> we'll be ♪ ♪ you don't have to go far to experience the joy of getting out more.
8:57 am
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>> happening right now at 300, 50 health care workers at any off better health hospital, not inside as you can clearly see there on the picket lines coming up. i'll tell you why and how long this strike is going to last. >> plus, a new vaccine mandate in place for contra, costa county and some county employees could end up losing their job if they don't take
9:00 am
the vaccine, will explain. >> the giants jumping for joy making history as they hold off the dodgers and win the nl west. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. on a monday. it's going to be another hot one and it is and the week is filled with outdoor activities. oh, my goodness. from fleet week to the giants hosting their first playoff series on friday. there's goi%g to be a lot of stuff to look forward to. but again, yeah. all outside. most of it. and i want to go through all of the numbers, the 90's, the a's, the 70's, the 60's everybody. yeah. anyone that's coming to the bay this week is going to understand or flight layers the layers and then taking them off again, put them back on. >> that's the way this week is going to be your starting at hot much as we saw this weekend, daytime highs today are going to rise well into the 90's for


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