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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 4, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> plus, a new vaccine mandate in place in contra, costa county and some county employees could end up losing their jobs if they don't get the shot. >> yeah. let's just try this great feeling this monday morning with the san francisco giants making history holding up the dodgers and winning the nl west. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. lots to look forward to this week, not only about fleet week coming. we've got the giants kicking off the postseason. i here at home this week. it's going to be pretty busy with a lot of people enjoying the great outdoors in a lot of people are going to be. you want good weather. so let's see if that's going to happen. morning jog. i know the pressure is on this week for the good weather. we do have plenty of changes in the forecast this week.
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>> we've been so hot lately for san francisco. that's worked in your favor. we've seen temperatures in the 70's and 80's and lots of sunshine overhead today is going to be another day with all of that. but after today we really start to see a cool down taking shape. and that's really going to be beneficial thing for inland areas towards the coastline going make for a cooler rest of your forecast. you look outside this morning at coit tower is showing it lit up in orange really good news there because obviously the giants had a great weekend. we're going to be looking at conditions the rest of the week. pretty nice. if you're done with the heat, if you like the heat will today's your data saver. good visibility across the board. no chance of rainfall today and temperatures actually pretty mild to start 40's 50's and 60's for current temperatures. you're pretty typical spreading numbers. we've got half moon bay santa rosa in the 40's well or warmer spots being alameda berkeley, pittsburgh, brentwood and hayward. all in the 60's talking about that cool down and even a chance of
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showers this weekend. first, though, on over to will go and we're looking at some pretty good conditions on the roads. right. for the most part that we do have some areas that have problems like here in the tri valley pleasanton southbound 6.80, at stoneridge drive. looks like there's an overturned vehicle there. one lane currently blocked also along 84. i'm not saying accident there just slower traffic. >> as you're traveling into the city, a little under 30 minutes. the meteor lights just came on a little bit ago. so we've been keeping a close eye on that 5, 1880, moving along pretty nicely. no major issues as you're heading across towards the peninsula. the of the san mateo bridge will have more on the south bay we get back. but for now, daryn. james howson it over to you. thank you. enough. >> so happening right now in the east bay we have hundreds of sutter health care workers now on strike. >> in antioch and they say that they're protesting staffing shortages and unfair labor practices and i see us at a staffing shortage in the future like today. yeah. and during this strike, kron four's. will tran is live this morning with more on what they
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want and then how this is going affect anybody us to go to the hospital will. >> okay. so here's what you need to know if you are a patient a said or how you might want to just to see if your appointment is still out in place because they did bring in replacement workers. but we're not sure about the staffing levels because we're talking 350 nurses that at any other time would be inside or getting ready for their shift. but instead they are on the picket lines and they will noo return to work for the next 5 days. so staffing, even though they're brought in replacement workers and they were notified by did not catch them off guard. they had to tell their employers 10 days out that they were doing this. they will not be back for the next 5 days. so this is what they're looking for. they're looking for more help. they claim they're overworked and understaffed and they've always been that way in covid-19. >> has actually, according to them made it worse because they're dealing with covid patients dealing with families on top of all the other
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medical things that happened when people just go visit their doctors even before the pandemic. they want help. now, according to their employer sutter health, a dispute that claim they believe they have adequate staffing levels. take a look at your screen. this is what they had to say to us that nobody that is going to go on camera at this particular time. but they did send out this release to us. >> they did say we stand by our offer and asked use should to. they negotiated this contract. we're confident enough to place it on the ballot and it was recently approved by more than 3,000 employees at 7 other s e i u represented hospitals across our system. i got a chance to talk your representative. he disputes that saying there's nothing that we agreed on. clearly because we are here on strike. here's what you need to know. this is only happening at this antioch location there, sutter health all over the bay area. if you have appointments and those particular areas. those nurses
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are not on strike. but at this location. and as you can clearly see, they are ready to go. it's very loud cars driving by honking and they hope to send the message to their bosses to get them or help out. and just in case you're wondering, there are no plans for them to get back to the bargaining table any time >> all right. thanks for keeping an eye on that. we'll check back with you a little while. co develops later this morning. also out there in contra, costa county beginning today employees with the county have to be vaccinated against covid-19 or they risk losing their jobs. a memo was sent out by the board of supervisors back in august telling county employees that they had until today to provide proof of vaccination employees can request to be exempt for medical or religious reasons. but if an employee is granted that exemption. then they have to submit to testing for covid at least once a week. and also they have to wear a mask while working indoors. contra costa counties. the most recent bay
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area county to require all of its employees to be vaccinated or face losing their job last week. you may remember a similar mandate went into effect in santa clara county. >> 6. '05, and james, we're starting the show talking about a busy week. it's going to be in san francisco now fleet week gets under way today for the first time since 2019 back the blue angels already in town. they're getting ready for the air show. the euro soon. we'll hear of the parade of ships will be happening this week as well. lots of events to enjoy throughout the week. proper. sarah stinson is live in san francisco with more on what's going on. hi, sara. >> yeah. it's about time to finally see those navy ships in the bay behind me, super dark still and to see those blue angels up in the sky. we had to wait a whole year for this on top of the year. that we're really waiting on. so it's been since 2019. so think people are ready to take a look at the week long list of activities that you can attend. if you are excited like we are. take a look. you can see it starts tonight is a
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free concert at local tap are in soma. that's right. by oracle park from 7 to 8 and then wednesday. the ship tours begin from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon that's always an amazing experiencing the ins and outs of navy ships in navy ship life followed by the honor. our fallen concert at 6 friday is the legendary parade of ships. >> in the bay kicking off at 11 and then the long-awaited air show starts from 10 and goes until 4 all day. that's also happening saturday, too. this year's show will feature the usual tricks and we'll see those clips and all that stuff. but there's they're also debuting their new aircraft. the f h super hornet. so that will be cool to see something new that we haven't seen. is it going to be a lot going on down and maureen green with thousands of people attending. there's also going to be increased police enforcement. let's hear now about that. >> police department will have officers patrolling all of the venues foot patrols on
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bicycles, on motorcycles and unmarked police cars. >> our plainclothes staff will be in uniform. are people will be out there working with the police department because the most important thing is to be a visible to turn. >> well, police are focusing on keeping you safe and making sure they're patrolling now public health officials are hoping you keep yourself safe from covid-19, just a reminder masks are required on all federal property and that includes say a navy ship. if you go on one of those and they're also asking that you mask up. if you're walking in some of those big large crowds that we're going to see with people walking on the street. so even outdoors are encouraging people to wear a mask because just because things are coming back doesn't mean the the pandemic is over. so that's a good reminder. if you need any more information or you forgot what i just said head to our website. kron 4 dot com. we've got all the details on what you need to know about fleet week. i'll send it back to you guys. in
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studio. thanks. it's like she was speaking directly to just forgot what i said. like if it came out of her mouth. and i forgot it. so if you're like door, >> i had to call for dot nutritious houston. but we also want to remind you that you can check this out without any trouble just from your home, official hosted by our kron 4 anchor. >> navy. >> private pilot yeah. saving puppies exporting america. couldn't ask for a better. >> host to host the blue angel show than a pilot himself. joint. and i'm going to be watching for sure this saturday october 9 at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4. >> what a day. yeah. wow. what
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a season winning the nl west, the san francisco giants beating the padres there and outlasting the as we head into a game up on them and that's the last day the regular season put a fork in that power on the planet. we are. yeah. victory. number one. '07. that is a franchise record stretching all the way back to the giants, new york days. >> so that was really incredible to celebrate on the final day of the season. and with that, when of course, they avoid the winner take all wild card. games that yeah have to be in the wild that so we'll see if that works out for them, haven't worked out for us yesterday we 3rd inning checkout buster posey put the giants on the board. that's 2 run then the very next inning we've got to wilmer flores will be up on your screen right there. and he comes through with that double that made it 5 to one giant and then later in the inning was buster posey back yeah, the middle it up the middle that six-run lead it didn't stop well. 5th inning starting pitcher logan webb. that's his
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first career home run. it was just a blessed day. oh, my goodness. 91 at that point. and then can went on to add a couple more in the end, it was 11 to 4 and boy can imagine the team was just ecstatic. take a listen. >> and the thing about 107 game. loss a little bit the last 10 days or so. least in the makes it all the more going into the season that was our goal and we knew was going to be tough. it's going to be dry. but, you know, if the dodgers that was our goal going and >> all right. fans. so who would rather play. we want to play the dodgers or do we want to play the cardinals because they got to do that. well, car. have to wait and see what we do know, though, is that that best of 5 series which with whatever team it's going to be a starts friday oracle
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park. so that's october 8th. and then again saturday, october 9th and then they'll be 3 more beginning next monday. and with either louis or the dodgers again. we'll have to wait and see what the outcome that wild card game is all right. 6.11 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and other various cities considering mandatory water restrictions as the drought is getting worse. >> we'll tell you where. and then after the break, democrats on capitol hill struggling to reach an agreement on a big spending bill. we're going to have the details in a live report.
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>> 6.14 right now. and we are taking a look at the weather on monday, we are not shutting the heat from yesterday quite yet know. but in short order as we understand, we've got john to explain in the weather center. good morning, john. right around the corner. now we're going to see a nice cool down. it all starts tomorrow and gets cooler and cooler after that on into fleet week weekend as first today goes still hot. still sunny all the way out to the coastline. your view outside this morning is showing some clear skies out there. areas like sfo. that's also the case elsewhere across the bay area like right along the coastline where conditions are nice and clear clear enough that in this view from suture tower. you can see all the way down to a city hall in san francisco there in the distance. now today we're going to hold on to sunshine much like we have over the weekend. good day at the coastline. beautiful day. elsewhere, too, although if you are inland, enjoy your morning hours more than your afternoon hours because as
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we've become accustomed to our afternoon hours are going to be really hot this cold front sitting to our north and west is about to steer its way our direction that is really just going to eliminate the 90's from the forecast rest of the forecast is going to be free of them, too. now, our inland of some really poor air quality. the central valley has really been seeing the biggest impact of smoke from that fire burning near sequoia national park. some of that has drifted into the bay itself. so if you notice some haze and some you're taishan, as you've been breathing it in in the south bay in the east bay, especially that is what's part of what's a big part of was responsible for that poor air. today's daytime highs 60's 70's for us up as well as along the coastline much as we saw this weekend. your coastal areas are really are most comfortable spots under all that sunshine 80's right alongside the bay. another really warm one saying 88, san mateo 85 south bay temperatures back into the solid 80's if not 90's, san jose 88 today 80's from
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fremont through oakland wall 90's from the tri valley through concord while the creek and danville 2 of her very hottest spots today at 94 degrees not far behind that in areas like sonoma novato north center fell all into the 90's as well. now tomorrow's daytime highs cool as much as 10 degrees and not just inland, where will fall from the 90's to the 80's, but also along the bay in the coast as well for the coast. that means a cooler cloudier next few days beside areas just more comfortable as well. so be seeing inland by the weekend. it's only in the 70's that are very warmest and even a chance of showers friday night into saturday reyna john, thank you for that. keeping a close eye on this accident along 6.80 southbound. >> at stone ridge drive in pleasanton. looks like drive times are improving along 6.80 looks like the already have the tow truck. there was an over term vehicle on its side along 84 seeing some slowing but no accidents at this time heading into the city a little under 16 minutes. again,
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metering lights on it. been since the top of the hours about 6 o'clock. now. so traffic is building a little bit headed across towards the peninsula. no issues, no delays, no slowdowns. a little under 14 minutes and the south bay 28 minutes in the park. 2 8085 in 82, a pretty nice at this hour. dorian james, back to you. thank you. raise 6.18, and today santa clara county supervisors launch an initiative to help homeless families and pregnant women find a place to live. >> they're having event this morning at the county government building in san jose. so we're gonna bring it to you live on our streaming app. kronon. and hundreds of people rallied in san francisco. they were rallying against restrictions on women's reproductive rights like the new texas anti-abortion law. and then also remembering rosie jimenez. she died in 1997 after she was denied legal and safe abortion. she didn't have the money. so she ended up going to a non license. non-regulated black market abortion provider and she died
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as a result. >> for your money this morning. another round of california stimulus checks will be distributed this week beginning wednesday 705,000 payments will either be mailed or directly deposited to people who qualify eligible residents will be given $600 and those who claim at least one dependent. we'll get an additional 500 to qualify. you have to make under $75,000 a year and already submitted your 2020 tax return or at least have done it by october 15th. so you don't you don't have to extra. nope. >> you're just going if you qualify and they're going to suddenly get a check. and if you don't, there's nothing you can great news and it's all part of governor newsom's 100 billion dollars budget plan. so again, look for that money to start arriving soon. also happening today the supreme court begins its new term and abortion guns, religion, all those issues will be on the agenda. the justices will be back in person for the first time in 18 months because of the pandemic. however, justice brett kavanaugh will not be
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there. he tested positive for covid last week. so instead he'll participate in today's arguments remotely. >> time now is 6.19 and democrats have another busy week ahead after they failed in their party. they were trying to unite behind the president spending plans and they get. >> no, they didn't. and so now the white house and democratic lawmakers have set a new deadline of october 31st to get those bills passed. we've got raquel martin joining us live from dc where she's been following all the latest with this. good morning. raquel. >> good morning. well, the white house is trying to stay clear of setting an exact deadline. but we know that democrats say they want to get both the infrastructure plan in the social spending package done by the end of the month. but what division still right between progressives and moderates. it will likely be a bumpy road ahead. democrats are resetting the clock to pass president biden's legislative agenda october 31st is or new target date sunday on cnn's state of the union, illinois democratic senator durbin said he's hoping progressives in the
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house. >> and moderates in the senate will come together to get the job done. i think the american people are looking for us to come up with effective ways to help them in their daily lives. congresswoman pramila jayapal, the head of the progressive caucus says her members will not fix that moderates proposed one 0.5 trillion dollar framework for president biden, social spending bill. but we've said from the beginning as it's never been about the price tag. it's about what to deliver the she says bottom line, the plan must tackle key social issues from childcare to pay believe. >> to climate change. how do we get all of those things in. but, you know, and it but perhaps for shorter period of time. >> be able to get then to the number from that the president needs every democrat in the senate and house on board to pass his plans on fox news sunday wyoming republican senator john barrasso says republicans will not help democrats pass more reckless spending every republican is united against it. republicans
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also oppose helping democrats raise the debt ceiling last week. they blocked democrats attempt to tackle the issue. the treasury department is set to run out of money by october treasury secretary has warned that if democrats and republicans don't take action on the debt ceiling. >> that we could see a catastrophic effect and the economy now will later see the president speak on this issue likely be calling on republicans to work with democrats to resolve the issue for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thank you very much, michael. >> 6.22. is the time and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, gas prices are on the rise in the bay area and all around the state. we're going take a look at what's behind the state. 6.25
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right now. and you know, since i'm just driving past gas stations and laugh. and these days you have an electric car yes. what you see us gas prices are on the rise for the rest of us and not even just california. we're talking about all over the country have noticed. >> take a look. gas prices are about a dollar higher than they were a year ago. this time we've got bolton. >> with more on what's causing this. >> prices at the pump are leaving some drivers stopped people trying to travel and costing us more
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>> makes so the average cost of gas is on the rise yet again. >> and it's hitting most americans, right where it hurts that i 1520 ares like $3040. and you're saying just tear gas. the reason for that is simple. >> crude oil prices. the price tag on crude is close to $80. a barrel fueling the rise in gas prices to nearly a dollar over a year ago. >> and it comes at a time when consumers usually see a fall dip in gas prices after summertime travel. but not this year. andrew grows with triple a says depending on where you live, you might not see a drastic increase at all because if you're closer to the source, the cheaper the he says some of the it's behind the current price increase are the pandemic. a refugees fleeing afghanistan and the blame placed on the current president in office. >> administration is are really not to blame for rising gasoline prices. gasoline
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prices it. it's it's a global market. the main source for the uptick in prices. natural disasters. >> but a lot of that has to do with the after effects from hurricane ida. >> and nicholas because though they rolled through. all right around labor day and i didn't particularly took out the 4 time about 70% of the gulf oil production and now that's down to about 16% off line. >> sometimes i don't care. the reason i hear why want to show me the numbers. here they are joy so oakland for 49 on average san jose, only a penny cheaper. sandra fell 4.56 in san francisco as per usual the most expensive here on average at 4.58. but again, that's for regular, if you have to get you're looking fine for morris. plus 6.27 still ahead, coming up next, a shark attack on a bay area beach. we'll
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>> 6.30, right now. and thank you for waking up with the kron 00:00am morning news waking up to quite how are they used in orange for the giants. i guess they just keep it that way for at least a week or so at least until yeah, friday for sure. because the giants are going to it's kicking off the post season on friday and saturday here at home. we'll talk more about that. we need our support. they so it was really hot yesterday. >> hot today. and the question well for this whole week. and then the weekend you got so much stuff coming together between fleet week and blue
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angels and giants. that's a lot of pressure. not that there's anything you can do about it. i know i kind of wish that this past weekend's weather was just plopped on the next weekend because it was perfect in the city. that's where a lot of this is going to be happening fully week blue angels festivities would have been such perfect weather this past weekend. next weekend. now it's not like next week. it's going to be bad. just going to feel a lot more like fall cooler temperatures, cloudier skies. even a chance of some showers friday night into saturday. so just a big change of pace just around the corner today, though, we're still hot as we were this weekend. we're looking at clear skies this morning near berkeley hills view. you can definitely see the horizon line. so we're not really looking at a lot of and except for just little pockets. very isolated right along the coast itself skies are clear and dry. we're going to stay that way for the remainder of the week and temperatures are going to start cooling down after today. so we're still in the midst of a really hot one this afternoon. 40's 50's and 60's
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for current temperatures, cool spot being santa rosa at 45 some warmer areas include berkeley at 66 in timber on at 65 right now. more in this cooldown in your forecast. still to come, first, though, on over to how are the roads do it. you know, things are getting busy on this monday morning. if you're traveling from the east maine to the city. now we're up to a little under 18 minutes for your drive time at this hour. 5, 1880, not seen any major issues or delays. but it's a richmond. and check out the richmond. sandra fell commute heading across a little under 10 minutes for you. there in the south bay traveling along one o one in the park 30 minutes now 2 8582 no major issues along highway 4. we're starting to see that slow down for one, 60 to to 42 about 27 minutes still keep an eye on an accident out in pleasanton southbound 6.80, at stoneridge drive darya and james, back to you. thank you. ray. 6.32. and right now in the east bay hundreds of center care, health care workers. >> are on strike in antioch. they are. they're protesting
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staffing shortages. they also say that they've been. >> dealing with unfair labor practices and that's why they're on the picket lines and that's where kron four's will tran is for us this morning with the latest on what's happening this morning. well. >> they are 90 minutes into a five-day strike center health did bring in replacement workers. a couple of minutes ago. then a van full replacement workers and they were surrounded by the nurses who will not be back at work because they are very upset with their boss is claiming >> and they say that was happening even before covid-19. >> with covid-19. they in desperate need of additional help. and that's why they are here. they're getting a lot of support from the drivers who are kind of eye on you can see them across the street with their they are trying to work on a new contract that they say will try to bring in. >> more workers. so ultimately help the patient. >> interview. one of the nurses here before and the response from sutter health
6:34 am
angel, your reaction to being here. i'm sure that you would rather be inside to go to taking care of patients. yeah. we felt systematically that been cutting. but this is throughout the hospital. and we've been trying to fight back and we've been saying that we need help and just feel like management and administration to support us. we feel like >> is the all the help it can take care of patients. tell me your day. i mean, are you. i heard like. >> you know, get your brakes that you should that you're just running around all day. yeah. just feel like get so busy and there's an urgency that are coming in based some work in the emergency room. i would just feel like a we we need that to help that the poor we would be able to get breaks and everything else. if we were with, we were properly staffed. very good. thank you so much i know you got to get back on line. take a look at your screen here. this is what set her house sent out to us this morning. they say we stand by our offer you should to the negotiating this contract. we're confident
6:35 am
enough to place it on a ballot and it was recently approved by more than sci you represented hospitals across our system to talk to a union representative and he said we didn't agree to anything because clearly we are here. they're still trying to work out a deal. >> and no timetable on when they will get back to the bargaining table it's only happening here at the antioch center health. so there are other sutter health across the bay area. you're good to as far as this location has just ahead. they did bring in replacement workers. but staffing could be an issue. your appointment could be pushed back to you could be waiting for quite some time, but they did get heads up 10 days out. they were going on strike that they were not the >> all right. thank you very much. well. >> it's 6.35 and a man is expected to survive, but he has quite that shark bite in his leg. he got it surfing in the day. gabbay yesterday
6:36 am
morning, the fire district paramedics say that he got the bye in the fy and had to be hair airlifted to the hospital coffers. amanda hari has the story. >> a man that was with the shark bite victim when it happens, says it all happened so quickly. he wasn't able to process just how scary it what's. >> also nice on l a he was saying he was saying ow. >> he was jared davis was surfing with a shark bite victim on salmon creek near bodega bay early sunday morning. he says a wave overtook the victim and then davis saw the shark when he was back into i saw the dorsal fin of the shark. >> and then i saw the tail fin of the church when the victim started yelling about the shark both davis and the victim paddle back to shore when they got to the beach davis saw the bite and i saw his leg. it looks like he had a red stripe on it, but called
6:37 am
but that was actually davis says about a dozen surfers all came to shore to help. they used a surf least to apply a tourniquet soon. paramedics arrived within minutes. the ambulance and and then a couple minutes today give a fire protection district paramedics. jonathan bauer and timothy saludo say that this is something they've never experienced before. but they knew how to handle that ball. the cause was very unique. the attacked by the shark. >> that hitting injuries are treated basically the same all the time. being tonight for a stabbing wound or you noticed, stephanie, something. anything really they called in california highway patrol to airlift the man to santa rosa memorial hospital. >> both paramedics want to emphasize that shark attacks are extremely rare these are very, very infrequent. and so it shouldn't be a cause to concerned of the water. and so they're going to be doing an investigation account what. >> caused this california
6:38 am
highway patrol says the victim is in stable condition and that he will survive. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> in the east bay. a fresno woman has died. now after being shot in east oakland. this was early saturday morning happened about 3.15 on foothill boulevard right near franklin, a rec center. police say they found evidence of a shooting. but at the time no victim. they're on the scene. however, it was long after police got to the site that they got a call from an area hospital saying that 2 people had walked in with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators say the woman died at the hospital making it the city's 100 and 6th homicide of the year. no other information has been released yet about the condition of that second victim. also in the east bay union city police now investigating their first homicide of the year. it happened friday night on queen and drive police say they found 35 year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was later pronounced dead at the scene. police say they're looking now for suspects as well as investigating why that shooting happened in the first
6:39 am
place. elsewhere in the east bay. 10 people were injured after a car crashed through a 7 11. look at these pictures out of san leandro. the alameda county fire department sent these photos out once they got on scene. you can clearly see that car went right through the front window of that 7.11. this was on east 14th street. 6 of the people who are injured had to be taken to the hospital but were told they had minor to moderate injuries. so the law that will likely survive sanli under police now investigating the cause of that crash. >> time. now 6.39 and also the spam. and as the hospital he was found at the scene of a brush fire on highway 4 near discovery bay and the fire looks suspicious. it broke out last saturday. late saturday night between newport drive in discovery, bay boulevard and the man was burned over 50% of his body was taken to the u c davis med center in critical condition. the fire burned up against a sound wall burned. 2 trees near a home, but it didn't spread to any structures. in contra, costa
6:40 am
county. 4 people died in 3 different car accidents. all these accidents happen. different accidents. yesterday morning. the first one was at one 30 am and this was on 80 southbound in hercules. 3 cars were involved. one driver was killed and the 3 other people were injured and then in martinez on highway 4, there was an accident that sent people 3 people down an embankment and they crashed into a tree. 2 passengers died in that accident. the driver right now is in the hospital with minor injuries and then there was an accident. the 3rd one was in el sobrante around 11:30am in the morning. one person was killed and 3 others injured in a crash on san pablo dam road north of bear creek road and the driver was driving on the shoulder this how the accident first happened. the driver was on the shoulder try to pass traffic lost control and then crashed into an oncoming car.
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>> well, happening tomorrow. we have the city of pleasanton expected to declare a local drought emergency, which means that water customers could be required to reduce their water consumption by up to 15% right now. it's not likely that they'll be any penalty for using too much water. but city officials say that that could very well happen if people don't heed this order and start conserving water. now. the city of fairfield, by the way. also cracking down on sideshows on wednesday. the city's new ordinance on side show spectators will go into effect, which means that people simply watching a side show will also now face a misdemeanor charge. the new ordinance prohibits knowingly being a spectator at a sideshow or speed race. it's enforceable on all city roadways. public property and private property as well without the owner's consent. it applies to drivers passengers and pedestrians and violating the ordinance could result in jail time or up to a $1000 fine. the city of san jose adopted a similar law to crack down on sideshows.
6:42 am
there. >> it's 6.41 and now that we're into october. let's take a november. turkey time. the cdc has new guidance on how you should celebrate thanksgiving. all right. here's ways for us to do not what your scene because this is all file video member. we used to pass the mashed potatoes or it's all right there on the island, buffet style. not good. so the first thing is yet, don't do that. get fully vaccinated going to see family and friends and also the cdc says, you know, maybe you do it outside. so i know we tried to do that was a little chilly if you get together inside, though, what you can do is leave all the windows open. so the air will circulate and then everybody wear a mask of support. the minute you're eating and again when you're eating. look at that with the hands. look at the look at it right. yeah. try to keep your hands everybody else's food. how about that 6.42, right now. and when it comes to covid, doctor fauci says it's great
6:43 am
that we're going to have this up merck pill. you know, merck in san francisco developed a covid pill. but fauci says the key still to stop in a pandemic is not a pill. it's getting vaccinated. >> you have now a small molecule drug that can be given orally and the results of the trial that would just announced yesterday and the day before really quite impressive is that potentially something that would that would make vaccine not necessary. >> oh, absolutely not. that such a false narrative that someone says, well, now you have a drug. remember the easiest way to stay out of the hospital and not die is don't get infected and fauci points out 70 million eligible americans still haven't gotten their vaccinations yet. >> and that means they're more likely to get covid and even to die from it. >> we'll take a break it's 6.43. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the niners started off hot against the seahawks. but then an injury
6:44 am
sidelined jimmy g that force working trey lance to come into the game, maybe before he was fully ready. but we'll show you what happened with the highlights. i we'll get to all that. plus, after a lot of pushback warriors star andrew wiggins decides he will. and in fact, did get the covid vaccine. we're going hear coach steve kerr talking about weakens decision and after such a hot weekend. today is the last of our hot days before a big cool down that kicks off tomorrow. >> still in the 90's inland today. solid 80's along the bay and 70's at the coast. i've got your forecast. and on this monday morning traffic already thinking about their within a few accidents along 6.80, we're also looking at our growing drive times heading into the city will have one that we get back from break.
6:45 am
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>> and we're back at 6.47 happening tonight. you could win 600. 70 million dollars. that's how much the powerball drawing is worth now since nobody won. >> tonight. so we know you did. i ask you, did you when i had to check my numbers yet, but apparently i did alert. but the next big drawing is tonight and i have a chance of winning an even bigger. jack poke. you buy this one to already not yet fell by this afternoon. right. then you put on the fresh. you know, i was going to steal your numbers. remember, so james, picture of
6:48 am
the fridge like they can fund has you can. i claim those numbers know for you because it's a bear or thing. i bear the so i have to come up with a ticket. not this picture. okay. there i can see your maybe one something. check that for 1218, 21 $50,000. you never know. yeah. okay. and he give me 2 bucks. i'm not kidding. you. remember he says dr on give you too. bye. bye. when you get 2 bucks, i mean, compared to the millions, if it just winds 50,002 book says all right. yes, even 50,000 would be great but not school. you could get an air conditioner. i would hold a priority number wade. and yeah, you just use it for one day and then stashed away again because we are cooling down after today. today is definitely going to be a hot one. but the last of the hot what's. >> a look outside right now. showing the clear skies that we have over san francisco. it was a very clear weekend all the way out to the coastline nor cal how the weather center
6:49 am
forecast as bring in one more of those clear and warm days to the coast. sunny and hot elsewhere. you can see and satellite radar. we're all looking at clear dry skies this morning to our north and west. a cold front is sinking towards the region. this is going to contribute at least to the big change of pace that we have just around the corner, air quality has been very, very poor for the central valley as for the bay area hasn't been as bad comparatively, but you've noticed some haze inland, especially smoke from the fires burning near sequoia national park have meandered its way. our direction just enough to have a modest air quality impact for us the past few days. 60's and 70's for san francisco's highs today as well as along the coastline. the last of days. looking this warm at the coast. so go ahead and enjoy it temperatures in london will be our hottest as you'd expect in right in the middle for the bayside cities like san 88 degrees, same for you in san jose. those 90's continue further inland like in the tri valley are very hot spots today. well, that goes
6:50 am
to danville and walnut creek each at 94. in the meantime, oakland in the 80 or 85 degrees. even some 90's along one. oh, one in marion county on up into sonoma county with the bottle and center fell each in the low 90's tomorrow's temperatures cool as much as 10 degrees and not just in london but all the way out to the coastline where highs will fall from the 70's to the 60's wednesday and thursday getting even cooler yet with friday and saturday. the very coolest barely making the 70's inland and even the chance of some showers friday night into saturday reyna jumping or that we have a couple accidents out there. this one 80 westbound at mcbride avenue. >> and san pablo. so we're keeping a close eye on that. looks like we're seeing a slight slowdown. the air along the richmond. sandra fell comey were also seen some delays, but no accidents heading into the city. looks like there is an accident. 80 westbound just east of west grand. so again, right as you're getting ready to hit the maze there. so little under 18 minutes as you're making your way to that fremont street exit the golden
6:51 am
gate bridge about 20 minutes. no fog slow you down this morning. let's head to the south bay. look at one. oh, one. 35 minutes towards miller park. it looks like an accident just popped up along 1 one near story road. we're going take a look at that as we move on and to 8085 at 82 not seen any major issues. darya james, back to you. is we discovered a few during the niners game. well, first of all, forty-niners quarterback jimmy g got injured just a little in the 1st half. that's. >> kind of what got him sidelined in the 2nd half was a calf injury and as a result, rookie quarterback trey lance was thrown in at the last second to handle the entire 2nd half of the game against the seahawks. it was a little rough going, but yeah, all should be taken to levi's and take a peek. 9 are starting off hot. so this is the part i saw james was like, oh, wow. jim, you touch down to this in tight end ross dwelley. >> he was playing through this calf injury in the 1st half and that i thought, oh, good
6:52 am
games talk now. well, we had trey lance now who came in for the 2nd and again. >> that was a bit hit or miss. but he had a couple great connections. here we are depot, sam, a look at thaf all by himself running it in easy touchdown. there. 76 yards in all. but then the seahawks would answer back. however, late in the 4th less than 2 minutes left trey once again to deebo. and that was good for a touchdown. so the score made it seem closer than it really was. yeah. but the niners were certainly struggling for the entire 2nd half. and as i said, our kicker was hurt. yes. robbing gold. oh, that's not good. no. so we had our punter trying to you know place kicking all game long and that didn't go right. and we'll see what happens today. final score on. that was 2021 last. we're going to see what have stay with an mri to jimmy and see what happens for this coming weekend will find out. all right. now the latest with the warriors and andrew wiggins who's been sort of questionable is going to play home games because at this point he wasn't going to get vaccinated. turns out he
6:53 am
decided he will get vaccinated fact he has. right. and the rule is that it to be vaccinated to eligible to play for the home games. so now he can play the worries are preparing for their first pre season game. >> taking on the portland trail blazers tomorrow. yeah. how so? we'll see what happens with that will october 21st is when they'll first be at home. so that we are first chance. but yeah, that's the first all vaccination a regular season game the matter. will take a break. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> 6.55 and new this morning, a professor from u c s f wins the nobel prize for medicine. yes, we've got david julius. he's the chair of the department of physiology and he shares the prize with another researcher for their work on pain sensation. and julie says work focused on how our body sense heat and cold pressures and receptors and nurse. >> do you want me to really get into it because i can explain what you understand it. even if you did what you know to person, but they did study of chili pepper and that helps like just like real world stuff. and they said that in covid we've been missing hugs. and that's all part of the warmth and stuff like not as hot as a chilly government's war. maybe they'll be some groundbreaking advances in pain management coming out of this research. 6.56 in coming over the next hour. hundreds of healthcare workers in the east. bay are on strike. >> we'll see why they are
6:57 am
saying the labor fact practices are unfair at that hospital. >> plus, fleet week returns to san francisco. and we've missed it the events that you'll see throughout the week. we'll talk about.
6:58 am
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>> i'm will tran in any off if you have an appointment at sutter health. don't expect to see your regular nurse as she or he on the picket line this morning. coming up, we'll tell you why how long that's going to last in a live report. >> plus a new vaccine mandate in place in contra, costa county and some county employees could end up losing their jobs if they don't get vaccinated. >> and the san francisco giants are celebrating their win of the nl west title and what's next. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7.


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