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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 4, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now. >> 04:30am, and another warm one on the way. john, we were talking about this earlier said that you use all of the fans last night. we'll get this morning. house was still really warm. and today we're expected to be. >> a little warmer just on par with where we were yesterday. yes. so today right around the same as yesterday. honestly, we're going to be back into the 90's for daytime highs. inland 80's right along the bay. some salt 70's out towards the coastline, which although really comfortable. >> as war for coastal spots.
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good day to get out to the coast. if you want too much like you hopefully got a chance to do this weekend as it was beautiful out there. our inland areas were quite hot yet again and stay that way on its yesterday and will again today. you're berkeley hills. cam is showing some clear skies overhead. we are off to another fog free. start. there's just a couple of pockets of the low gray right along the coastline. it's very condensed and it is very limited. so you may be entering that for a moment or 2. the driving right out of it. if you're right up and down the coastline. radar showing those clear dry skies that we've gotten quite accustomed to the past few days. 50's and 60's for current temps with san jose brentwood alameda beach at 63 concord right at 60 degrees while our cold spots will be nevado and santa rosa 48 degrees to start this morning. so most of us are pretty mild. couple of cold pockets in the north bay later on today. we will be hot all across the border inland areas back into the 90's. as i mentioned, and some solid 70's right at the coast under all that sunshine
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talking more about the cooler weather that we have after today. still to come right now. don, thank you for that. are let's get a look at your traffic on this monday morning. first monday october. >> all right. a little under 9 minutes to make it what you do. hit the may's to that premature exit. it also looks like that accident that we had along 80 has since been cleared. so that's the good news. not seeing any delays from that earlier accident. also, let's get a look at the san mateo bridge as yet across towards the peninsula. no major issues. a little under 13 for your drive time at this hour. the richmond sandra fell commute. pretty nice life for us. a little under 9 minutes as you're heading across or sandra fell checking out golden gate about 20 minutes. we're seeing clear skies. so we're going to definitely keep an eye on that have more traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's talk about this big oil spill in southern california. it's threatening the shorelines off the coast of orange county. sadly enough. this is not even the biggest one that we've seen to hit the state in recent years. chris wolfe takes a look back
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at the history of oil spills. we've seen in california over the past few years. >> the oil spill invading the coast of orange county is reported to be roughly 13 square miles in scope originating from a pipeline off the coast of huntington beach connected to an offshore oil platform. the leak has spewed at least 126,000 gallons of crude oil into the pacific ocean making its way to our beaches. the slick blanket of pollution is devastating. but compare this to the blowout on an offshore platform in 1969 that disaster released between 3 4 million gallons of crude oil into the santa barbara channel killing thousands of birds dolphins seals and sea lions. it was the largest spill off america's coasts at the time and sparked environmental policy change and their creation of earth day problems
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like this. do not happen often. i think it's relatively believes the last oil spill we had several years ago and that was from a tanker not from oil rake. >> blowout, at least off southern california. so it doesn't happen that often of southern california. oil i'm kind oil spills. typically happen in areas like the north sea where there's a lot of weather and a lot of waves officials and public safety personnel consider each crisis a learning experience in 1968 major tanker owners and operators around the world. formed a special organization. >> to study and address the issues of spill prevention and response and starting in 1972 congress passed the clean water act giving the environmental protection agency and coast guard expanded authority to prevent and respond to oil and hazardous substance releases the epa required facilities
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with above ground or underground storage tanks to formulate spill prevention control and countermeasure plans even with the safeguards oil spills will impact marine life and human beings who get too close to the polluted waters or coastline. cleanup could be a very long process. they typically start by putting booms all water. and those are kind of i lieen them to water wings for kids, their flotation devices that. >> prevent the oil from from getting farther out into the ocean. they also have a process where they can take a boat and skimming off the top. if it's really that they light it on fire. but then you're putting the talks. chemical says the atmosphere. so that's not great. >> was chris wolfe reporting for us. well, switching gears and talk about coronavirus more than 700,000 americans have died from covid-19 since the pandemic first began. but nearly a 100,000 americans have died since mid-june. most of the deaths in recent months
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were from people who are not vaccinated in younger than 55. they were also mostly concentrated in the south. the new surge of deaths over the summer makes the coronavirus pandemic, the deadliest in american history. california national guard sent out medical teams to 3 hospitals in rural areas of california where they're seeing a recent covid surge that is overwhelming health care staff. so those teams are sent to hospitals in bakersfield. another one in reading a support team was expected to arrive at 3rd hospital in bakersfield yesterday. well, areas of the state saw the biggest jump in new covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic populations. there have a far lower vaccination rate. the rest of the state and health officials are battling white spirit distrust in the covid vaccine as well as mask wearing. happening tonight in the north bay nurses from sutter, santa rosa, regional hospital were protesting. the lack of staff.
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the nurses say they're suffering from moral distress because they are overwhelmed with covid patients and they're demanding the hospital to increase staffing. but. has not made any changes. the nurses say the hospitals jeopardizing patient care because of that and they will hold a demonstration in front of the hospital tonight at 5 o'clock. starting this week. san mateo county is launching a covid booster clinic. it's going to be at the san mateo county event center. the first clinic is on thursday from 09:00am to 04:00pm in the next one friday during those same hours, there's going to be 2 other clinic days, october 12th and the 13th in order to get a booster shot, you have to be over the age of 65 or have an underlying health condition or work in a job that puts you at an increased risk of exposure. happening today in the east bay. the deadline for contra. costa county employees is in effect. the county's vaccine mandate requires all county employees to be fully vaccinated by today. the county's granting
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religious as well as medical exemptions and the county says employees that don't follow the mandate could face disciplinary actions, including termination. well, doctor anthony fauci says clinical trials of a new covid pill being developed by the merck drug company. our promise see. but he adds the key to stopping the pandemic is more people being vaccinated. you have now a small molecule drug. >> that can be given orally and the results of the trial that would just announced yesterday and the day before really quite impressive is that potentially something that would that would make vaccine not necessary. >> oh, absolutely not. that such a false narrative that someone says, well, now you have a drug. remember the easiest way to stay out of the hospital and not die is don't get infected. >> doctor fauci says 70 million eligible americans still have yet to be vaccinated, making them far more likely to get the virus and die from it. hundreds of
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people rallied as temperatures go not only to speak out against recent restrictions on women's reproductive rights like the new texas antiabortion law but also to remember rosie jimenez. she died in 1997 after she was denied money to be able to get a legal and safe abortion and instead she went and got in on license. non-regulated black market abortion and died as a result of that. and it's been similar scenes all weekend law across the united states. people rallied at their state capitols and city halls all with the same message demanding to be able to make their own health care decisions. happening today, santa clara county launching an initiative to help homeless families in pregnant women find places to live. that event is going to be at the county government building in san jose. we're going to bring you live report and updated coverage over on our streaming app on kron, on. for your
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money this morning. if you dread getting gas, you're not alone these days, whether it's regular mid grade a premium gas prices are about a dollar higher than they were one year ago. felicia bolton has more on what's fueling the soaring prices. >> prices at the pump are leaving some drivers stop people trying to travel and costing us more >> makes average cost of gas is on the rise yet again. >> and it's hitting most americans, right where it hurts that i 1520 like $3040. and you're saying just tear gas. the reason for that is simple. >> crude oil prices. the price tag on crude is close to $80. a barrel fueling the rise in gas prices to nearly a dollar over a year ago. >> and it comes at a time when consumers usually see a fall dip in gas prices after summertime travel. but not
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this year. andrew grows with triple a says depending on where you live, you might not see a drastic increase at all because if you're closer to the source, the cheaper the he says some of the it's behind the current price increase are the pandemic. refugees fleeing afghanistan and the blame placed on the current president in office. >> administration is are really not to blame for rising gasoline prices. gasoline prices it. it's it's a global market. the main source for the uptick in prices. natural disasters. >> but a lot of that has to do with the after effects from hurricane ida and nicholas. >> because though they rolled through. all right around labor day and i didn't particularly took for a time about 70% of the gulf oil production and now that's down to about 16% off line. all right. that was bolton reporting for us and it doesn't in there.
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>> natural gas prices also surged more than a 180% over the last year. expect some sticker shot when it's time to heat your home this winter as well. well, coming up next to the kron morning news oakland police are investigating with a 150 homicide of this year. well, a local pastor is saying about the recent spike in crime that we've been seen. and
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here at 04:44am on october 4th. >> he's got to be some magic
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in all of that somewhere. there. reyna harvey, thanks for joining us. yesterday was certainly a hot one, very warm weather. john today. it's supposed to be the exact same situation. so hopefully maybe by wednesday thursday we can start to see a break when it comes as open. >> yet. will good think it because it's even going to be before that rain at today is the very last one of 90's inland tomorrow. we'll start to see that cool down and yeah, by wednesday thursday, just as you wish for. we're really in the midst of a noticeable cooldown highs only in the 70's that are very warmest full-fledged fall weather is just around the corner. and this time it's actually sticking around for a nice little stretch. you look outside this morning does show you clear skies in your calendar weather center forecast. you can see that looking down from suture tower at san francisco got a nice view of san francisco city hall right there. some of the surrounding buildings all without any fog overhead this morning. we do have a couple of pockets of very limited fog right along the coastline.
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most of our coastal areas actually quite clear, though, just as the case is true for bayside inland areas too. cold front to our north will be trudging its way on. and we don't really even have that strong of a high pressure ridge in place anymore. we're just looking at just enough of an offshore flow to keep us toasty for one more day after today we're going to trade in that hot, dry and windy there for some cooler air. now. speaking of our inland areas, it is going to be a bit of a hazy. one further inland. we do have conquered and san jose this morning with moderate air quality. very poor air quality for the central valley. and a lot of that has to do with the complex burning around sequoia national park. let's put a lot of smoke down into the central valley and some of that has managed to week its way on into portions of the bay area. most of us in sf today will be in the 70's some 60's and 70's right along the coast where you can expect mostly sunny skies inland temperatures along the bayshore back to a familiar range of 80's where we spent the weekend saying
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carlos at 88 palo alto 84 san jose 88 degrees today. a few low 90's and campbell morgan hill. most gatos 90's continue for inland valleys with pleasanton and livermore each at 92 walnut creek and danville at 94 oakland. you'll 80 for your daytime high today was fully how 85 90's from benicia antioch vacaville sonoma and add center fell in novato to that list, too, with some low 90's right on one. oh, one now. tomorrow's highs will cool down by around 10 degrees for inland. the side and coastal areas. this takes us down the 80's and our warmest tomorrow after that, it's only 70's at are very warmest for really the rest of the forecast on top of the cooler fall. feel will also have a chance of showers friday night into saturday. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this monday morning. heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 11 minutes there, the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make
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that drive in a little under 13 minutes and over along the golden gate bridge clear skies about 20 minutes heading into the city. and let's leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell commute is traffic picks up still a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. in custer conduct in contra, costa county. 4 people died in 3 different car accidents sunday morning. the first one happened around 1130, or one 30. the chp says it happened on a southbound in hercules and police say 3 cars were involved there. one driver died. 3 others were injured and near martinez on highway 4 police say a car with 3 people went down an embankment and crashed into a tree. police say 2 passengers died on the scene in that accident. the driver is in the hospital recovering from minor injuries. and lastly in el sobrante. one person died and 3 others were injured in a crash on san pablo dam road north of bear creek road. police say that crash happened at around 1130. they say the
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driver was driving on the shoulder to pass traffic lost control of the car and then crossed into oncoming traffic before a toyota in that accident. also over in the east bay. the oakland police department is investigating another homicide. a man was shot and killed around 1130 on friday night. police believe it was part of a home invasion force. amanda hari spoke to a longtime leader in the oakland community about what it's like seen this level of crime happening. >> stop killing people and put those guns down. >> that's the message from oakland acts, full gospel church pastor bob jackson to people committing crimes. it's a scene that's becoming all too familiar. police tape and flashing lights in neighborhoods. this is video from the police investigation of oakland's 105th homicide of the year. oakland police say they were called to the scene near the 2600 block of monticello avenue around 1130
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friday night. this year is just is just. >> as they would say off the charts and and it doesn't seem like anyone has the answer for the problem. that's continued to escalate now, opd says they found 2 victims at the scene. a woman was transported to the hospital and treated for gunshot wounds. >> and we see that the scene for gunshot wounds but was pronounced dead becoming the 105th homicide of 2021 right now. police are investigating, but both opd and pastor jackson say they don't have enough officers to serve the community. a minimum of 850. we only have 693 and the police officers are leaving the police force and open. >> 1011 every month because they don't want to serve an open anymore. pastor jackson says people need to do all they can to try and stop the time plant. >> he goes out with members of his church to sign reach the community we go out every month. >> door to door in the
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communities that i have and the worst problems with gunfire and gunshots. >> 24 hours a day almost now and we knock on the doors pray with the community. pastor jackson will be 76 in december. he's been a pastor oakland for nearly 40 years. >> he says this is the worst he's seen the city. i've never seen. >> the condition of our city, the 6 a deep 7 is just full of trash and debris and abandoned cars and oh, my god is just it's like a 3rd world country out their pastor jackson tells me he's in the process of writing a letter to the mayor. he believes she needs to declare a state of emergency in the city of oakland. >> and they need the alameda county sheriff's office is help. police say amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, switching gears altogether. let's talk forty-niners football. forty-niners quarterback jimmy g sidelined once again. this time with a calf injury and looking quarterback. trey lance stroll into the game against the seahawks to replace the injured. jimmy g. let's show you what happened
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at levi stadium in all of this went down. the niners started off hot with jimmy g throwing a touchdown to tight in last well, e well, jimmy g play through a right calf injury that's got to hurt in the 1st half and did not play in the 2nd half. we're going to know more about the injury today after he gets an mri. so try live starts the game in the 2nd half and he finds a wide open deebo samuel in the 3rd quarter to close that gap against the seahawks. that's the 76 yard touchdown. but the seahawks would respond with another touchdown in the 4th quarter. then with less than 2 minutes in the game. trey lance to deebo samuel again for yet another touchdown and the niners within try for one side of the on-side kick but did not recover the ball from seahawks win with a final score 28 to 21 his postgame reaction from coach shanahan and i think there's you know, good and bad throughout the
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miss once missed some easy miss and check just definitely % few plays that i want but like i said, you go back and watch tonight. i learn a lot from that. they ran the ball. had some passes obviously passes. >> was in a tough situation. there were down 2 scores did a good job move the chains couple times. this lakes. but what typical first game, the new coming across the forty-niners will go on the road next sunday for another tough divisional matchup next sunday be facing the undefeated. >> arizona cardinals. we'll be right back after the break. sti
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to come in the next hour. hundreds of healthcare workers in the east. bay are on strike. why they say they're working under unfair labor practices. plus, fleet week returns to san francisco, the event you're going to see in the city throughout the week. and house democrats are trying to meet another deadline to spending bills. what could stop those bills from moving to the senate will have that and more coming up next.
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nurses at sutter health instead of walking in to their work. they're on the picket lines. coming up, i'll tell you how long this is going to last and whether or not it will affect your customer service. >> plus, a new vaccine mandate in place in contra, costa county and some county employees could end up losing their jobs if they don't get the shot. >> the san francisco giants make history holding off the dodgers to win the nl west. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> we have in store for you. thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher and congratulations to the san francisco giants champions of the nl west. yeah. about that. i i did not. don and giant stuff so that i did my part. that's why they won. and i see you're supporting them today wearing the orange in


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